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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - January 9, 1964, Dover, Ohio Massillon's Strang Gets Kent State University Grid Post - - Page ll Reporter Columnist Marlow Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner VOL- 60. NO. 152.    22    PAGES. The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, January 9, 1964 Serving Over 10,700 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Bipartisan Skepticism Follows Pledge By LBJ COMMISSIONERS ACT $50,000Budget Cut Necessary Howard H. Stonebrook H. H. Stonebrook Ends Bank Duty A banking career which spans 46 years ended yesterday when Howard H. Stonebrook, vice chairman of the board of directors of Reeves Banking & Trust Co., announced his retirement from active duties as a bank officer. The occasion was the annual meeting of Reeves board of directors. Stonebrook, 72, however, will continue as board vice chairman and as a director in an advisory capacity. Residing at 224 3rd St. NE with his wife, Ruth, he is a life resident of New Philadelphia. A graduate of New Philadelphia High, Stonebrook’s only oth er formal education was in the banking business. He joined Citizens National Bank in June, 1917, working his way up to bank president in 1945, a post he held until the merger of Citizens with Reeves last fall. Stonebrook also is president Cf the County Auto Club and has been a longtime active member of the First United Church of Christ and New Philadelphia Elks and Rotary Clubs. He has a son, Edward E., a metallurgical engineer with Alcoa Oo.’s Cleveland plant. Stonebrook said this morning he has no definite plans for the future, except a trip south for a couple of months. Commission Okays Salvation Army Aid Tuscarawas County, commissioners have asked their counsel, Assistant Prosecutor James Patrick, to prepare a resolution authorizing funds for the Salvation Army as partial payment of expenses involved in the care of transients. The request for funds came from Brig. William Murtaugh in a Salvation Army Advisory Council meeting Nov. 14. He stated it was based on a critical shortage in money needed for help extended at the Dover Citadel. Brig. Murtaugh said earlier this week he had left the amount of funds granted up to commissioners. In preparation for the Nov. 14 meeting, Lorin Gadd, acting director of the County Welfare Department, had contacted Canton Philo Retail Head Resigns A meeting was to be held this afternoon in the Dutch Oven Restaurant at New Philadelphia to name a successor to Jim Jackson, who has submitted his resignation as president of the New Philadelphia Retail Merchants Council retroactive to Jan. I. Jackson, named last fall to fill the unexpired term of Eddie Maurer, who also resigned, said he would no longer be a member of the group’s executive committee. “It takes up too much time,” Jackson said this morning. “I abo have other interests that have influenced my decision.” Jackson’s term would have expired at the end of February, District headquarters, which supervises Tuscarawas County, for information concerning the legality of providing such funds. Deputy Welfare Director Richard E. Wood in letters dated Nov. 13 and Dec. 20, said that transient care is a permissible expenditure under the Ohio poor relief law and is the responsibility of the welfare department. In a number of Ohio districts, particularly in Stark County, private agencies such as the Salvation Army and the Volunteers of America were provided minimal funds to aid in such care. The amount of money extended to such agencies, Wood wrote, varies from place to place, and See AID, Page 2 Tuscarawas County Commissioners faced a $50,000 budget-cutting task as they began work today on the year’s appropriations for county offices. Their job was cut out for them when Auditor Donald Kinsey submitted certification of anticipated funds for the year. He estimated receipts for the general fund at $968,917. Last August the budget requests made by the 36 offices totaled $1,040,468, or $51,511 mord than anticipated revenue. Kinsey certified $1,023,143 for the road and bridge fund. Certified amounts for the general fund are: Balance Jan. I of $5,742; general property tax, $440,000; classified tax, $10,000; cigaret tax, $3,175; fees, $235,-000; fines, forfeitures and costs $20,000; local government (sales, etc.), $175,000; interest, $20,000; non-revenue sources, $65,000; other revenue, $15,000. The certified road and bridge revenue is as follows: Jan. I balance, $48,143; fines (portion of traffic funds), $5,000; gasoline tax, $240,000; miscellaneous, $40,-000, and auto license fees, $690,-000. Commissioners said it will be several days before they complete the appropriations. Then they must deal with appropriations for the Welfare Department, TB Clinic, Crippled Chil- News Briefs I    I COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-The Ohioans for Coldwater organization said today it plans to offer Republican voters a separate slate of delegates pledged to nominate Arizona Sen. Barry Coldwater for president, in those Ohio congressional districts “where his delegate support appears to be doubtful.” dren’s Fund, Real Estate Assessment Funds and Dog and Kennel Fund. Included in the welfare appropriations will be money derived from the 15-hundreths mill levy for the Starlite School for the mentally retarded, which voters approved last November. The department also handles aid to dependent children, the blind and the disabled in addition to poor relief. Kinsey said he hoped to complete certification of monies for those other funds within the next few days. Hr MLI *    U/~ 4 >v, n IiL< i »« «r * * J , IXL>' AV    ■ r• *‘ mi*-k*; :    ■    p.' ^    ^    A ' I XU ex. 3— '    ■"    a >. ’N J? * . . A joint session of Congress hears President Johnson spell out his legislative proposals in a State of the Union address. A feature of the address covered reductions in federal expenditures and deficits. ★ ★ CRITICAL OF BUDGET PLANS, TOO Coldwater Raps Johnson 'Hate Theme'For Murder Remodel Dover Jail Workmen are renovating the cell block of Dover City Jail today to add a “shakedown” room. The renovation involves repositioning a steel door and erecting a wall. The remodeling is designed to improve traffic efficiency and to provide a safer area to search prisoners. Construction, according to the police, should be completed Friday. By WALTER R. MEARS PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP)-Sen. Barry Coldwater accused President Johnson today of unwittingly enlisting in a leftist attack on American conservatives by charging that an atmosphere of hate was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Coldwater called it “that hate theme” and said it is the “most, overdone, the most untruthful attack in the history of this country.” The Arizona senator, campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, said he “was sorry to see that Mr. Johnson felt he had to resurrect the hate theme in refer- One-Way Traffic Enforcement On W. 6th St. Begins Signs have been erected on W. 6th St., between N. Tuscarawas and Walnut St. and Dover police will begin issuing citations for violations of the one-way east traffic today, Police Chief Garrison G. Groh has announced. Electric “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” pedestrian signs have been erected at Tuscarawas and 5th St. and police requested that parents explain to their children that the signs are safety measures erected for their protection. rn rn wmmrrnmmiriTmmimmmMmm mm * « mmmm Mme. Chennault Coming Here! ring to President Kennedy’s assassination” in the State of the Union message Wednesday. He said that is the theme stressed by Communists and radical columnists. In his State of the Union message, Johnson said: “My fellow Americans:    In these last seven sorrowful weeks we have learned anew that nothing is so enduring as DAY BRIGHTENER The upkeep of woman has alway* been tne downfall of man. The Dover Teachers' Assn. is bringing to Dover Mme. Claire L. Chennault, widow of Gen. Claire L. Chennault of the famous Flying Tigers. A militant foe of communism, Mrs. Chennault's voice is heard weekly in Free China, Red China, and Southeast Asia over the Voice of America. Mrs. Chennault will speak in the Dover High School auditorium Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 8 p.m. Her first-hand knowledge of the Far East lends a particular timeliness to her talk. Her lecture is open to the public. Mrs. Chennault's latest book, “Chennault and the Flying Tigers/' is the first complete story of her renowned husband's life and of the daring American pilots he organized into c formidable fighting group. Anna Chennault's previous best-selling book, ''A Thousand Springs/' is currently being made into a movie that is bound to attract wide attention. Mr s. Chennault serves as president of Chinese Refugee Relief, a private program established with the late President Kennedy's blessing to aid Chinese refugees in Hong Kong. In rare fashion, Anna Chennault understands the challenging problems that America, the free world, and Freo Chi-See CHENNAULT, Pace 9 Tax Payment * Deadline Date To Move Again Deadline for tax payments in Tuscarawas County will be extended, County Treasurer Victor Martinelli, declared today, but a definite date has not been determined. The treasurer explained that the lateness of 1963 tax computation: will necessitate his asking the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals for an extension beyond the Jan. 20 date set by law. Along with those for New Philadelphia and Uhrichsville, statements for perhaps 12 townships are still to be processed, County Auditor Donald Kinsey revealed today. The auditor explained the tardiness of the tax computation as being partly the result of last year’s delay caused by revaluation of county real estate done ; in 1962, and partly a result of the I county wide health levy and other issues passed in last November’s election. “We simply could not begin computation of tax rates for 1963,” Kinsey declared, “because these levies had not been determined before Nov. 5.” County Commissioners already have granted a 30-day extension from the normal tax payment See DATE, Pace 2 faith and nothing is so degrading as hate. “John Kennedy was a victim of hate — but he was also a builder of faith.” Coldwater also accused Johnson of tricky talk on federal spending. “This Congress is truely economy minded,” he said. “His administration is not.” In a three-page critique of Johnson’s message to Congress, he said the administration budget Estimate of $97.9 billion actually means a spending increases of several billion dollars. “The trick is that President Johnson is using the requested estimated figures of the Kennedy budget rather than the figures actually authorized by Congress,” Coldwater said. The Arizona senator said actual spending during the current fiscal year will total about $95 billion dollars. He said Congress has voted obligational authority for about $101 bilion, so Johnson’s request for $103.8 billion also is several billion dollars over the figure for the year ending next June 30. Dealing with the Kennedy as- See GOLDWATER, Pace 9 Mme. Chennault 2 Companies Denied Solicitation Permits Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy act-on 2 complaints of unlawful solicitation in Dover yesterday. The firms of Challenger Products Inc., siding contractors of Pittsburgh, and the Civic Reading Club Inc., of Canton, were both restrained from door-to-door solicitation. Mayor Luthy said he had approved a soliciting permit for Parents Magazine yesterday and that 4 persons were selling subscriptions in Dover. Court Site Plans Under Consideration Tuscaraw'as County Commissioners today received layout plans from Walter Hanner Jr. for a proposed site for the Northern District County Court. The building, near City Hall on the Public Square in Dover, would provide approximately 1,-000 square feet of space, enough for a courtroom, office and a study for Judge Charles Eckert. Commissioner Richard De-muth said that Judge Eckert would be contacted before a final committment is made on any of the IO buildings viewed during a recent tour by commissioners. ON THE INSIDE Around The World ..........9 Dear Abby ..................19 Dr. Alvarez .................21 Dr. Crane ..................21 Goren On Bridge ............21 Hospital News ................2 Obituaries ................... 2 Sports ....................11-12 Television ...................19 Women’s Pages ............8-9 Your Horoscope .............21 Finley Given Jail Sentence, Fined $262 “I just didn’t have any place to go. I was looking for work. I tried.” These statements were made by Thomas K. Finley, 29, this morning after being questioned by Dover Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy why he returned to Tuscarawas County after being given a suspended sentence and fine on conditions he leave for 2 years. Having heard Finley’s reasons, Mayor Luthy assessed the original sentence of $262 and 8 months in jail. He was later taken to county jail to serve the term, which will include laying out the fine at $3 per day if it is not paid. Admitting to Mayor Luthy that he knew the consequences if he returned, Finley said he had been looking for work in Columbus and also went to Virginia where he married Doris Case-beer, with whom he lived when he began having “neighbor trouble” on E. 7th St. When picked up by sheriff deputies Tuesday night, Finley and his wife were staying with his father near Mineral City. The incidents last September ultimately resulted in ll “general nuisance” charges. The young blonde wife, sobbing throughout this morning’s brief hearing, had been given a $56.20 fine and sentenced to 60 days in County Jail at that time for disorderly conduct, also filed by neighbors. Mrs. Finley, following the hearing, questioned Mayor Luthy about having a continuance of the case. She was advised it would be impossible. She stated she had contacted a local attorney earlier today, but he was in Cleveland and would not return until this afternoon. Finley admitted that he had been back ia the county for 2 weeks prior to his arrest. City Solicitor Mario Corsi also was present for the hearing. ’Differences' Seen Between 'Wants-Gets' By JACK BELL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP)-A Congress pressed by President Johnson to cut taxes, enact civil rights legislation and war on poverty is unlimbering slowly. In a 41-minute State of th# Union speech interrupted a rec-Ord 80 times by applause, Johnson told the legislators Wednesday the nation can move forward under a new $97.9 billion budget to provide the greatest federal impetus to social welfare in history. Reaction to the President’s pledge of less spending and fewer federal employes was generally favorable. But it was tinged with bipartisan skepticism that the series of health, education, housing and job training programs he proposed could be carried out under a reduced budget. Several Republicans predicted there would be a wide “performance gap” between what the President asked and Congress produces. Urged by Johnson to move expeditiously, the Senate Finance Committee stepped up slightly the ponderous pace of its consideration of the House-passed $11 billion tax cut the President said is needed now “to keep the country moving.” It approved two provisions: a See SKEPTICAL, Page 9 Dover Police Investigate 2 Breakins Dover police today are invest!. gating 2 breaking and enterings. Harold Hertzig of Valley Farm Supply Inc. at 213 Cherry St. reported that between 5 and IO last night 2 desks had been ransacked and a filing cabinet and safe had been pried open. Nothing was reported missing, however. Police said they were able to get some fingerprints of tho disappointed thieves, who broke out glass in a door to gain en-I try. A small amount of change w*as taken from Eichel’s Meat Market at 202 W. 3rd St. sometime last night, Bob Eichel said this morning. Entry was gained there by breaking a window and kicking open a locked inside door. At Weathervane YESTERDAY High 45    Low 37 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Chicago, cloudy — 38 35 .07 Cleveland, cloudy .. 43 38 .08 Los Angeles, clear .. 68 51 Miami, clear ...... 76 73 Pittsburgh, rain — 45 39 .01 TODAY 7 a.m. ......43 RAINFALL Last 24 hours 05 inch TOMORROW Sunrise ............ 7:50 Sunset ............. 5:17 High 28    Low 22 Forecast: Cloudy, colder, snow flurries. Dover Tot Taken To Union Hospital Jennie Lynn France, 18-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth France of rear 221 Wills Ave., Dover, is being X-rayed in Union Hospital where she was taken this morning in a Toiand-Herzig ambulance. Dover firemen were called at 11:20 a.m. when she had trouble breathing. They administered oxygen. According to hospital authorities, the child fell down steps and bumped her head yesterday but seemed to suffer no injury. Philo Driver, 20, Cited By Police Dover police were parked on WT, 7th St. yesterday during tho noon hour and witnessed an auto J speeding past St. Joseph’s School on N. Tuscarawas Ave. Unable to clock the car, they stopped it about a block away and the driver, Allen D. Arcanal. 20. of 1010 Ray Ave. NW, New Philadelphia admitted ho had been speeding and knew tho speed limit in the zone 'which was crowded with children' was 20 mph. He was cited for reckless operation. ;

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