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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - February 27, 1964, Dover, Ohio Reporter Columnist Dr. Alvarez Is Nationally Recognized The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION ev—— Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Serving Over 10,700 Families VOL. 60. NO. 194. 24 PAGES._Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio.    Thursday,    February    27,    1964_ PHONE    4-2167    7    CLMSTax Cut Effective On March Sue Gerber of 1228 Tremont, ed sporadically to begin train- Budget Slash OI $30 Million Shaped By LBJ By HARRY KELLY WASHINGTON (AP) - The historic tax bill is signed and sealed, and its big cargo of reductions will begin being delivered to taxpayers right after March 5. President Johnson signed it into law Wednesday night and told the nation in a radio and television address it is “the single most important step we have taken to strengthen our economy since World War II.” Noting that John F. Kennedy had “inspired and proposed” the Si 1.5-billion cut—the biggest in history—Johnson hurried off the home of the president’s widow to present her and her two children, John Jr. and Caroline, with three of the pens he had used to sign it. The tax bill, which the Senate completed final congressional action on Wednesday by a 74 to 19 vote, will reduce taxes for 80 million individuals by almost one-fifth, on the average, by about 9 per cent for 550,000 businesses. The cuts are retroactive to Jan. I. Johnson in his 15-minute address said the measure “will strengthen our economy and bring a better way of life to our citizens.” The theory is, as Johnson explained: “As you spend this money at the grocers or department store, the grocer and department store owner in turn will spend it for their own needs—and in this fashion, the money will circulate through the economy raising the demand for goods several times the amount of the tax cut.” All told about $800 million more a month will be fired into See TAX CUT, Page 7 Klyne Retiring As Electric Chief Arthur B. Klyne, chief electrician of Dover’s municipal electrical system since May I, 1923, yesterday tendered his retirement notice to Service Director H. S. Ream, effective May 31. His decision came as a complete surprise when it was announced to employes of tile electrical department. Ream said Klyne, who was 63 last Dec. 23, will be succe°ded A. B. KLYNE On Job 41 Years St., Dover, a distribution bundler at Bobbie Brooks Inc. plant in Dover, models the first dress produced locally. The dress was completed yesterday, less than 2 weeks after the start of operations in the temporary quarters, the Robb Building, behind Union Hospital. The company now has 25 employes — 15 sew operators, 2 pressers and turners, 3 supervisors, a maintenance man. a mechanic, office manager and a parttime janitor. New employes are being call ing as the present ones complete the preliminaries. According to Plant Manager Ski Gross, the work force will be increased to 54 within the next 3 months. Plans call for 150 employes the first year in the pilot plant, which will be constructed within the next IOO days on the Community Improvement Corp.’s site near the Children’s Home. The CIC is conducting a $200,-000 fund drive to pay for the pilot plant and 'provide working capital for future industrial growth. Thief Gets $25 At Zone Grocery Zane’s Grocery of 103 Johnson Ave., Dover, was broken into last night and robbed of $25, Dover police said today. Owner Zane Spangler discovered the breakin this morning at 8:05. Police said the thief broke a basement window in the rear of the building to gain entry. The money was taken from the store’s cash register. Police are continuing their investigation. 19 Are Killed, 22 Injured In Japan Crash TOKYO (.AP) - A Japanese airliner crashed today at Oita, southern Japan, and Oita police headquarters said 19 persons were killed and 22 hospitalized. The airline said no foreigners were among the 36 passengers and five crew members. Police said the twin-engine, propeller-driven Convair was landing at Oita Airport when its brakes apparently failed. It plowed into a river dike next to the runway, broke into three parts and burst into flames. The plane was operated by Fuji Airlines. Oita is 650 miles southwest of Tokyo, on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu. The plane was en route from Kagoshima, at the southern tip of Kyushu to Tokyo. AUTOMATIC HEARING NOT FAR OFF What's Rush For Sheppard Parole? By Richard Zimmerman Reporter Columbus Bureau (First of 2 articles) COLUMBUS - Why are Dr. Samuel R. Gerber and the Cleveland Press asking that Dr. Sam Sheppard be paroled at once when it is only a matter of months until the convicted wife-slayer is due for an automatic parole hearing? What brought forth this sudden concern on the part of the Cuyahoga County coronor who has made a small fortune showing post-mortem pictures of the murder victim and the newspaper which takes much credit for putting Sheppard behind bars? For the present only Gerber and Louis Seltzer, Press editor, really know. But almost to a man high prison officials and state’s at-tornys agree on one theory: that Sheppard’s chances of getting a new trial have never been better. Even top officials in the office cl Attorney General William B. Saxbe, who is charged with fighting Sheppard's writ for a Around The World ............7 Dear Abby ..................211 Doctor Crane ...............23, Doctor Writes ................23; Goren On Bridge ........... 23; Horoscope ..................21, hospital News ................7 Obituaries  ..............2; Sports ..........  13-14 Television . ■  ......  21    j Women’s Pages ..........10-111 new trial, admit they are cerned,” con li Sheppard #ere paroled at once he might well drop the matter, even though he could legally still ask for a new trial in the hopes of getting an acquittal. But there is time enough be* tween now and the time Sheppard is automatically up for a parole hearing next fall for a federal judge to order a new trial. While officials conclude that Sheppard’s improved chances prompted Gerber’s appeal, no one has any concrete reasons to offer as to why Gerber and the Press would be concerned other than the obvious fact that both parties would look rather bad if Sheppard won his re-trial and even worse if he were acquitted Why, after IO years of unsuccessful appeals all the way to the United States Supreme Court are Sheppard’s chances for a reversal so much better? Assistant attorneys general point to 2 reasons: that three very recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings have severely defined a person’s right to legal counsel at all times and secondly, that the latest action is the first filing DAY BRIGHTENER Many a woman worships the ground her husband walks on— untii he tracks it in the house. of a civil, and not of a crim-minal, nature made in a federal court. Taking the last reason first, attorneys for the state recall that the U.S. Supreme Court is the only federal court ever to hear the case, as criminal decisions from a state supreme court may be appealed directly there. In turning down this appeal, the U.S. high court went to pains to point out that it refused to even hear the case only because 4 justices felt the certain legal requirements for review had not been met and that this “no way implies that his court approves Hie decision of the Ohio Supreme Court.” Tomorrow: Sheppard’s new defense and the dangers of a new trial. UCF Appoints Office Aide, New Philo Vice President by Arthur Hanenkrat, who has been his assistant. “We have some plans come June,” Klyne said this morning, referring to he and his wife, the former Rachel Ritchey, whom he married in 1918. “First on our agenda is a vacation. We haven’t had much chance for one in recent years.” A registered professional engineer who was born in New Buffalo, south of Youngstown, “A.B.” has been in the utility field a half century, becoming interested in electricity while in high school. He came to Dover as chief electrician from Minerva where he was associated with the municipal light and water system. He added to his training by taking extension courses from the University of California and Ohio State University. Prior to his Minerva position he was in the electrical department of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. and then was in the city power department at Canfield. When “A.B.” arrived in Dover almost 41 years ago, electricity was just coming into general use. At that time most homes has just one light in each room and electrical appliances were almost non-existent. The city had only one traffic light, a pillar-type signal at Wooster and 3rd St. which was called a “dead man” because motorists were constantly running into it. During his long tenure, “A.B.” has supervised installation of 2 j street lighting systems, the first j phafce of the second one having been completed in downtown Do- I ver late in 1963. He also has seen { the city light plant expand into ; an operation with a value of over $6 million and the depart- See KLYNE, Pace 2 Ruby Trial May Start This Week Nancy Tyler Secretary Is ‘Mum’ ★ By KELMAN MORIN DALLAS, Tex. <AP' - With eight jurors sworn in for Jack Ruby’s murder trial, and four yet to be found, attorneys on both sides say that testimony may start this week. “You may find yourselves on trial here Saturday.’’ predicted Melvin Belli, chief counsel for Ruby, answering reporters questions. By this ho meant that a jury probably would be completed and the court in a position to receive testimony. I)ist. Atty. Henry M. Wade said he believes the jury will be complete before the end of tho week. “But I'm not sure that we'll go right into the testimony,’ he said. Three jurors—a record single day in the trial -qualified Wednesday. They were J.G. Holton mail carrier; Gwen L. English, 45, a married bookkeeper, and R. J. Fletchtner Jr., 29, a sales- for a were 31. a BAKER INDIRECTLY INVOLVED Senate Shifts Probe Unit Operations Philo Tavern Is Doomed By Highway Suit Existence of Breehl’s Nite Club and Restaurant at 622 S. Broadway, New Philadelphia, has been doomed. The Ohio State Highway Department today filed an appropriation suit against the property on which the night spot stands. Value of the land and property, occupying 4-tenths of an acre on the west side of Broadway, was set at $13,381 (land $5,150 and structure, $8,231), Removal of the property has been necessitated by the planned construction and improvement of the Route 250-8 bypass around New Philadelphia. Named in the’suit are Mrs. Clementine Breehl, as administratrix of the estate of the late Lawrence J. Breehl, also as owner and parent guardian, and her 4 children, Beverly, Marilyn, Lawrence and William. By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (AP) - After two drama-packed hearings, the Senate’s Bobby Baker investigators shifted their sights today to vending machine operations and to gambling concessions in the Caribbean. Witnesses called by the Senate Rules Committee were Edward Torres, identified as vice president of the Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., and John Gates, a vice president of Pan 'American Airways and president of Intercontinental Hotels. Torres has figured ii testimony about the financing of the Serv-U Corp., a vending machine company in which Baker is a major but unlisted stockholder. Questions also have been raised about whether he had gambling interests. The name of Gates has not been brought up in the public hearings, but there has been a reference to the Intercontinental Hotels and gambling concessions in the Caribbean. The committee is investigating how Baker built up a fortune he has put at over $2 million while he was serving as secretary to the Senate’s Democratic majority. Baker, who resigned his $19,600-a-year post last Oct. 7, refused at a hearing two days ago to answer questions or surrender subpoenaed documents about his financial and business dealings. He said he might incriminate himself by doing so. And at a televised hearing,. Wednesday. Nancy Carole Tyler, 24, Baker’s secretary and a j merit. man for a paper company. Four men and a woman wen accepted earlier in the heading. Ruby faces a possible sentence of death in the electric chair it convicted of murder with malice for having shot Lee Harvey Oswald last Nov. 24. Oswaid had been charged with assassinating President John F Kennedy in Dallas on Nov, 22 The eight jurors are all married. Mrs. English is the only one without children. The other-woman juror. Mildred McCollum. is the mother of six. All eight say they are churchgoers. Six of the eight said they saw Oswald killed on television One said he was out of town on the fateful weekend when Kennedy and then Oswald were slain. The other said he was fishing. *    I News Briefs • FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. j (AP (—Mickey Mantle signed hts 1964 baseball contract with j the New York Yankees today ! for a reported $100,000, the same salary he received last season. SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP) — | Maj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh was marked for assassination today i in a plot backed by French officials, the premier and strongman has told associates. ! A spokesman for tile French j Embassy denied the charge. I The premier, 36. returned I from the Mekong River Delta 1 where he escaped death or in-i jury earlier in the day when an armored personnel carrier I hit a Communist land mine and blew up IOO yards away from him. I GENEVA (AP)—The United I States warned today it must continue building up its own defenses as long as there is no agreement on genuine disarma- Surgery Date Changed Blood donors for Mrs. John Kughler of Stone Creek were informed today that she will undergo open heart surgery March 26 in Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital, 3395 Scranton Road, Lowman 4-B, room 436. The operation originally was scheduled for March 5. For further details, contact Mrs. George Arbogast at 2-1268. former Tennessee beauty queen also refused to answer questions. She too invoked the Fifth Amendment protection against possible self-incrimination. But she denied she was guilty of “any legal or moral wrortg-do-ing” and appealed to the nation to keep an open mind about her. V Weathervane YESTERDAY U.S. negotiator William C. Foster delivered the American warning before leaving the deadlocked 17-nation disarmament talks to return to Wash* ington. PRINCESS ANNE, Md. 'AP) —Gov. J. Millard Ti wes was prepared today ti sen ! the National Guard, if necessary, into Princess Anne, scenv of racial demonstrations in wnich 27 Negro students w’ere arrested and 59 received medical treatment. Christmas Seals Fund Tops Record Contributions to the Christmas Seal campaign total $15,228, a new high, according to Mrs. Alice Scott, executive secretary of the Tuscarawas County TB & Health Assn. The total is $64 over the 1957-58 record. “This will enable the TB & Health Assn. to increase its aid for the upcoming tuberculin skin testing program for the 17,000 school children in the county,” Mrs. Scott states. Banks To Close The National Bank of Dover's main office and drive-in branch and the Oxford branch in New-j comerstown will close at noon I Friday for the funeral of Rich-1 ard K. McDonnell, 31. an assist-| ant cashier in the main office I who died Tuesday of pneumonia I in the University of Virginia Hospital where he was to have un-; dergone heart surgery. High 32 Low 6 Elsewhere In LLS. High Low Albuquerque, clear 41 16 Chicago, clear ..... 31 18 Cleveland, clear 38 12 Los Angeles, clear 66 46 Miami, clear 70 68 New York, clear .. 47 28 Pittsburgh, clear . 36 9 St. Louis, clear OO cc OO San Fran., clear ... 63 49 Washington, clear 61 30 TODAY 7 a.m. 6 SNOW Last 24 hours I inch TOMORROW Sunrise ......... ... 7:02 Sunset ......... 6:15 High 40 Low 15 Forecast: Mostly fair New Greer Steel Equipment To Hike Flat Wire Output Joseph Dragovich, president of the Dover-New Philadelphia United Community Fund, today Warren Fuerman of Dover, manager of Daniels Dress Shop in New Philadelphia, accepted a announced appointment of an , UF vice presidency in New Phil- office secretary and a New Phil adelphia vice president and i dates for the 1964 fund campaign. Eva Homrighouse of 2029 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, a retired employe of the State Highway Department, was named by the board of directors as UF office secretary, succeeding Mrs. Kay Steffan, who had served in that capacity 2 years. adelphia. Otto Buehler is Dover vice president. Dates for the campaign are Oct. 19-29. Audited figures for the 1963 fund drive shows a total of $110,416 raised, which is only $684 short of the $111,100 goal. The figure represents the highest amount ever raised for the 12 participating agencies, 'n W ARREN FUERMAN To Head Phila Drive Mine Workers To Meet; Midvale Pact Is Near Members of Midvale Mine Local 1496. United Mine Workers of America, will meet Friday at 2 p.m. in Midvale Fire Station for a check of union cards and to authorize UMW representation for a contract with the Midvale Coal Co. Inc. Union officials and Robert Rutledge. head of the coal company, reportedly will sign the labor contract Saturday. Cleanup operation for reopening the mine, closed since last July, are expected to begin next week. Plans and specifications have been completed by Greer Steel Co. with Waterbury Farrel, a Textron Company of Cheshire, Conn , for the purchase and installation of a new modern 3-stand Wire Mill. The new- installation will involve an expenditure in excess of $250,000. Delivery of the equipment is scheduled for July with an anticipated starting date of Sept. I. With the completion of the new unit Greer expects to double its flat wire capacity which product is used primarily in the business machine, computer, automotive, scientific instru ment and general warehouse industries While the new mill will not re quire additional skilled personnel, the increased production will necessitate an increase in employment in other areas of the plant. The unit will include all of the latest and proven techniques in flat wire production. The mill is equipped with tungsten-earbide rolls, turks head, continuous thickness gauge and special edging equipment The electrical equipment will be provided iii See GREER. Page 2 Search Lake For Jet Debris NEW ORLEANS. La. <AP>-A Navy plane carrying magnetic airborne detection gear goes up today to search Lake Pont-chartrain for the main wreckage of a jet airliner lost in the big lake. Two days ut searching turned up only bits of bodies and small, floating pieces of the Eastern Air Lines four-engine jet which crashed Tuesday shortly after takeoff from New Orleans International Airport, All 58 aboard perished. A Civil Aeronautics Board spokesman said the Navy plane would concentrate its search along an area 8 to 12 miles out from the New Orleans lake-front. The search centered earlier about 20 miles north of the New Orleans shore. Doverite Admits Paternity Charge John W Amo-. 21 of 1411 Chestnut St., Dover entered a guilty plea today in Juvenile Court to a paternity charge tiled by Miss Marlene J Barker oi 144 9th St SW. New Philadelphia Judge Ralph Finley set June ll as date for hearing, subsequent to the birth ut the child, expected sometime in May. Amos. who is facing possible draft into military service, was ‘ released under $1,000 bond. ;

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