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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - December 31, 1964, Dover, Ohio There's a Network of Reporter Newsmen and Correspondents Serving You.The Daily Reporter VOL. 62. NO. 145.    22    PAGES.Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, December 31, 1964 HOME EDITION ★ NOW READ BY 12,000 FAMILIES PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTS Coasts 11964 Was 'Good' To Tuscarawas County Misery Revived SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —I Thousands of victims of the billion-dollar flood that struck five Western states had little to celebrate this New Year’s Eve, except that they were alive. Adding to their misery, snow, rain and hail pummeled Washington, Oregon, northern California, Idaho and Nevada, and the Weather Bureau predicted the storm would last through Friday. A steady downpour hampered rescue and reconstruction efforts of 125,000 workers in the five states. The most critical spot was in northern California’s Klamath National Forest where 500 persons were cut off from the outside by washed-out roads and four days of snow that has left three to four feet of pack on the1 ground. Snow continued to fall in Yre-1 ka where helicopter rescue op-1 orations have been halted since’ Wednesday by the storm. The year 1964 could be termed a good yea! for Tuscarawas County. There were the inevitable tragedies and personal losses, but 1964 was marked by a series of successes and changes with countrywide implications. Biggest news story of the year was the series of school consolidations, which reduced the number of systems in the county from 16, including the 2 parochial schools, to just 9. Voters approved 3 of the consolidations and school board action accomplished 2 more. Voted were: The Twin City District from Uhrichsville, Dennison and Union Local; Southern Local from Gnadenhutten-Clay, Tuscara-W’as-Warwick, Salem-Washington and Goshen Local, and Stone Creek-Jefferson’s annexation to New Philadelphia, accepted by the latter board. Board action resulted in the merger of Baltic and Garaway Districts and the shifting of the bulk of Rush Local to the Twin City District and the remainder to Southern Local. All actions stemmed from State Department of Education high school survey reports released early in the year which called for consolidations and improvements in the county’s education system. In other education news, W. E. Laws stepped down as county school superintendent, a post he held for more than 25 years. He was succeeded by Dr. Linton Honaker. A steering committee was formed to draft plans for a countrywide vocational school, but it became sidetracked in the wake of the school mergers. Kent State University’s Academic Center at New Philadelphia continued a steady enrollment increase and it was suggested that plans be readied for a permanent center. The advent of Interstate Route 77 and the business and industrial growth in the county also made a tremendous impact in 1964. The first 8 miles of the super 4-lane highway opened to traffic in mid-October and Gov. James Rhodes, attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony, announced that the other 19 miles of Interstate 77 in the county would be either completed or under construction by 1967. Work also was started on the Route 250 and 8 New Philadelphia bypass to the proposed Twin City bypass of Route 36. Topping the list of several industrial accomplishments was the location of a Bobbie Brooks Inc. women’s apparel plant in a building financed by countywide donations. More than $120,000 was pledged and the firm now has more than IOO employes, mostly women. The push came from the County Community Improvement Corp. Empire-Reeves Steel Corp. officials announced a $3.5-million expansion at its Reeves Steel & Mfg. plant in Dover. Shenango-Penn acquired a Columbus firm and at the same time strengthened its competitive position. Other county industries continued capital improvement projects and many added new facilities. The fabulous $2-miIlion Atwood Inn project was started and by year’s end was far enough along to assure a June I opening. Harry Humphries opened a $625,000 truck service center as the first major investment in the anticipated development along Interstate 77. Two new service stations opened for business at the Green Gables Interchange and a major motel chain reportedly is set to erect a $l-million unit there at year’s end. See 1964 WAS, Page 6 vr iBBKS mrnm msscmmm: rn nm a Johnson Urges Peace Progress Bv KARL R. BAUMAN . er world for all peoples.” JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (AP) The White House said the let-„ .    President    Johnson has told ters sent Wednesday to the So- If the weather keeps up we’ll ^ussian leaders that “the most Viet leaders did not represent an have a serious problem,” said urKent business for all of us re- exchange of greetings, because Civil Defense chief Bill Sowle. mains strengthening the founda- the customary New Year’s mes- tion of world peace.”    sage has not been received from Along with New Year’s greet-, the Soviet chiefs, ings and best wishes to the So- Johnson had no official visi- “The people in there have another week’s supplies. Ifs still an emergency situation.” viet people and their leaders, Premier Alexei N. Kosygin and President Anastas I. Mikoyan, Johnson said: . .    .    .    .    .    .    ‘We    can    and should move to We only by four-wtieel-drive ve-Umit ,he sprMd of nuc]ear filcles-    weapons;    to achieve a verified I ood, gasoline, and repair worldwide comprehensive A one-lane-road was opened 70 miles through the forest to the mountain community of Happy Camp, he said, but it is accessi- tors on his schedule today and planned work on his State of the Union message. Press Secretary George E. Reedy reported that work on the budget for the fiscal year start- ban; to make a cutoff of fissionable material production for I weapons coupled with measures to safeguard the peaceful uses of nuclear power; and to agree on a verified freeze in existing offensive and defensive strategic nuclear delivery systems. “By progress in this critical area, governments can help to make this a happier and sat ing July I now is 90 per cent tesi completed. “The whole thing will See PEACE, Page 2 See COAST, Page 18 Dover Woman Denies Counts Alice F. Hannabass, 47, of 14U£ W. 7th St., Dover, appeared in Northern District! ...    _.    . Court Wednesday and pleaded J0D/6SS C/0/f77S not guilty to charges of resist- j ^ ing arrest and ignoring a stop Continue Under sign, filed by a state patrolman! last Saturday.    '63 Weekly Mark Represented by Atty. M. Paul!    , Redinger, she posted'$50 bonds Unemployment in Tuscara- Binh Chia. on each charge. The case was was    County    took a decided    dip    a    U.S.    Marine    captain continued until a hearing date this    month    as compared with    wounded in    the ambush. Veteran Mailman Makes Last Call By Dan Miles Daily Reporter Staff Writer When a mail carrier retires, It is just one of those things that can’t be kept a secret— especially when he is so wellknown. employed his route was cut to about 12 miles a day. Since that time, he was worn out over 15 mail bags and 85 rebels butchered 28 of their pairs of shoes.    prisoners between Nov. 24 and 28. Congo Horror Related By ROBIN MANNOCK LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo (AP) — Rebel warriors performed a savage war dance of death on the stomach of American missionary William Mc* Chesney until he died, refugees said today. McChesney, the sixth American missionary to be killed by Communist- backed rebels in the northeastern Congo in the past two months, was trampled to death at Wamba during almost a week of bloodletting last November. After McChesney had died of internal bleeding, the rebels continued to vent their fury on his corpse, the refugees said and then flung his mutilated body into the Wamba River. McChesney, 28, was from Phoenix, Ariz. This tale of horror was pieced together from white hostages of the rebels rescued at Wamba two days ago. They told how the In point of service, he is the Herman Alpeter Makes Last 'Punch' Viet Cong Ambush Uh'ville Police Charge Driver Claims IOO Lives By PETER ARNETT presumably containing the SAIGON, South Viet Nam bodies of the helicopter’s four (AP)—The Viet Cong ambushed American crewmen. IOO Vietnamese marines today1 The marines reportedly were as they were opening graves be- digging up the graves when a lieved to contain the bodies of powerful Viet Cong unit am-four U.S. servicemen shot down bushed them. as fighting continued around UHRICHSVILLE - Police cited one driver for unsafe operation following investigation of 2 accidents yesterday. Ralph A. Clouse, 39, of Buckeye Hotel was charged after his auto went left of center at Tren- Such was the case of Herman second oldest mail carrier in Alpeter of RD 2, Dover, who the Dover office. Vincent Web-retired Tuesday afternoon from er Dover has worked about the Dover Post Office after 42 6 more months. He also is the years of service. He began only original mail carrier, working there at the age of 19. Alpeter’s former bosses were When he made his usual ; Jim Barr, the late Walter Scheu rounds Tuesday, the residents an{t p* W. Gerber. Cliff Hag-somehow knew Alpeter was re- i°c^ is the present postmaster, tiring. As a result, his custom-! His official retirement party ers showed their appreciation in will be Jan. 16 in the Zoar Ho-a vtry monumental way. They tel when his fellow workers will showered a multitude of gifts honor him. and money — almost making him reluctant to retire. Even at 60, Alpeter plans The toll of white hostages massacred by the rebels rose to nearly 200 with the latest refugee reports. When 110 Greek, Cypriot, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese refugees were flown to safety, survivors of Wamba’s days of carnage told confused and often conflicting stories. Today, with the first shock of freedom behind them, they spoke more calmly. The survivors told how Mc- Alpeter had known these peo- acres of land. pie for the past 35 years. Dur-i jjjs successor on    route wd] ing the war he gave words of rj<om Hamilton of Dover. encouragement to mothers    _ whose sons had been called. He was a link in the chain of com I munication. Even the dogs evidently liked; him — he never was bitten by; one. He, however, had his pants tore several times. For the first 15 years he walked nearly 18 miles a day. When more mail carriers were; some extensive traveling to Can-;See CONGO HORROR, Page 18 ada. He also will work on his 2!    - Roswell Man County Given Okay To Hike Poor Payments I Vietnamese losses were be-    ton and Walnut s, a( 6:23 beveil lo be extremely heavy.    striking one drjven by Doris M The marine unit withdrew,    Roberts, 32, of RD I, who had Is set by JudRC Charles Eckert. ^    ^    Ohio    Unemptoy- Jal^1"“ re™ where* a USi“d *°!e in *e afternoon were 'Astate Highway^'track‘driv- „    ,    ,    ...    'from the £g£w~si    S    Back    In    Jail Wednesday night as    It was coy battallon.    ^ by ^ WUson ^ Qf Wms.    t0 tacrease its    generaI ^    re. government freons i Government troops regained    ton-Salem, N. C., collided at 5th    R' ‘    f' , Jtrino nf    lief payments,    Lorin D. Gadd, period ending    Dec.    211.    therein* helicopter burst    into flames IBinh    **?» of 6d»® Bo'    and I)awson st- yesterday at    “Son    arrests In    Dover    and    “lin,y weB#re    direc,or’ said    l°- were 51)8    compared    with    872    ‘nd exploded when    it hit the man Cathollc refu«ees 40 miIes    10 a m- I™™ said both had    traltall0n    arrests >"    »°ver    and According to the patrolman, he saw the Hannabass woman going through a stop sign at the intersection of Routes 8 and 16. He gave pursuit and her auto was finally stopped in Dover. It blocked an intersection, how- ment Bureau in New Philadelphia announced today. Biggest decrease was the 364 ering marines in continued claims. During the bodies of weekly average of December, treetops. A marine ever, and she was asked to pull !«63„,For tho across the street and halt on I?..,here were 4,4 con"nued the other side. Instead she left Ua,ms- the scene.    New    claims    totaled    214    last ^ ^t ^ weekly average Til 8th and Walnut St!    J*"    w(Te>38    chtims    bled for the week ending Dec. 19. According to the affidavit the ___ woman refused to leave her au- _ tomobile and go to the Dover    v\U/ police station, leading to the    DAY    •vnT'vS double citation.    | BRIGHTENER Times have changed — once it was the fashion to take a bath weekly and religion daily.! search company reached the crash site this afternoon and found four fresh graves next to the wreckage, See AMBUSH, Page 2 Strasburg Woman Injured In Crash Doughten Takes Oath STRASBURG — Nina Gray, Dr. Philip T. Doughten, re- 37, of 117 3rd St. SW, here, is elected to another term as listed as “satisfactory” today in County Coroner, took his oath Union Hospital with a head con-of office privately Wednesday I cussion received yesterday at afternoon before Common 12:30 p.m. when she was in-Pleas Judge J. IL Lamneck.Ivolved in an auto accident.^ Doughten, because of sched-1 Police Chief Robert Mosley Droceede^into1 thi^interaction* downtown this New Year’s1 Eve. The county's payments will proceeded into the intersection, u^j ^ spending it and the ^ raised from 40 per cent Dennison police recovered an npYt 17 in pmintv Tail of the present state standard to auto last night at 8 p.m., which *    .    y    coomy    .mu.    the    fulJ    pregent    standard for Aid had been reported stolen yes- Beniedum was arrested by 110 Dependent Children, which is terday at 3 p.m. by Arthur Ko- Dover police Wednesday after-,70 per cent 0f t}ie fjgUres se{ wars of 319 E. 3rd St. Dover Cyclist Hospitalized noon on a warrant out of May-|as standards in ;or C. LeMoyne Luthy s office, filed by Gus Lambros, charg-,_ j ing him with disorderly conduct ()aiia|ssioners. Restaurant Ownership Change Set On New    Year’s Day, the Dutch Oven    Restaurant in New I Philadelphia will change ownership, it was announced by present owners, Mrs. Anna Hershberger and Mrs. Katherine Wayt. .    ,    ,    J New owners will be Sylvanus Approval    has    been    received Hostetler of    RD i Sugarcreek, nm    .a-    Ohio    Department    of and Dennjs    Dean of Fair Ave. NW,    New Philadelphia. Dean will operate the restaurant. According to Dean, no changes will be made in the restaurant. Hostetler, well-known In the area as a building contractor, will continue with his present business. Dean, who moved to New Philadelphia 6 months ago day. 1959. Approved also by the County ^rom ^a^em* has been in the this increase restaurant business a year. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 62    Low    31 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 42    30    .. Chicago, clear ..... 43    24    T Cleveland, clear ... 58    32    .08 Los Angeles, clear . 56    43    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 75    71    .. New York, cloudy . 48    43    .. Pittsburgh, cloudy 80    36    .. St. Louis, cloudy .. 55    37    .. San Fran., cloudy . 54    45 Washington, clear ... 57    38 (M-Missing) (T-Trace) TODAY 7 a.m.    .      31 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... none TOMORROW Sunrise    .......... 7:51 Sunset ............ 5:08 High 50    Low    30 Forecast:    Cloudy, iud rain. neck other county officials. 'cited. in front of the Crispy Chicken wiU ** effective Friday- I    ^berger and Mrs Restaurant, operated by Lam- Action in the recent session of had 1110 the restaurant IO bros.    K    the    Ohio    Legislature    expanded    years* The>\ completed a ma- the Aid to Dependent Children i°r remodeling and expansion of unemployed parents by elimi- project 2 years ago with the nating some of the restrictions oddition of the Schoenbrunn on eligibility requirements. This expansion in effect ! Ai r aaI p.m. at ed in City Jail for a short time Appearing before Luthy shortly thereafter, Benedum was A 17-year-old Dover youth was uled surgery    in Union Hospital,    I said she failed to yield the    admitted to Union    Hospital    with    found guilty and    fined $50    plus had missed    the swearing - in    right-of-way and pulled onto    a broken leg and    cuts to    both    $6 20 court costs. ceremony conducted by Lam-;driven by David Divida, 23, of!arms following a    traffic    mis-    Unable to pay,    he    was    lodg-    im*    cxpansmn    in effect re-    Florida earlier    in the day for 8    here. Mosley said she will be    hap Wednesday at    1:53 n m. at    ed in Citv Jail for a    short    time    move(1    •to    tases    from the gen- Room. Their future plans include a 65 Welcomes To New Year To Take Varied Forms See COUNTY, Page 8 E. Iron and Reeves Ave.    prior to being    transferred    to; David A. Blair of 920 N. Woos-    County Jail, where he’ll    be    sit- - ter Ave. failed to stop his mo-    ting the fine out    at the    rate    of    ni    •/    Cn,,*ACiV/i» torcycle in time when a car    $3 per day.    mi IU    OUUinolQe driven by John N. (Nick) Bueh No Paper Friaay By BERNIE GOULD Associated Press Writer Fall out of an airplane, climb Pike’s Peak, dance your feet off, throw junk out of windows or just stand around Times Square with a million other revelers — that’s how some of the world will welcome in the New Year tonight. On Long Island, at Eastport, N.Y., Frederick Wild, 33, and warmer Frank Guzzman, 36, plan to fall out of an airplane at the stroke of midnight and pass    a bottle    of    the top of Pike’s    Peak    and    shoot champagne between    them    as    off fireworks. they drop from 12,000    feet to    2,-    .    , In various    nightspots    around g jron Ave. ran into the path ler, 20, of 301 E. 12th St. braked to avoid hitting a dog. Blair’s cycle struck the right rear fender and bumper of the Buehler auto, then went across the intersection, hitting a telephone pole. Photo Fraud Alert Given The Daily Reporter will not publish an edition Friday in order to penult employes to spend the New Year’s Day holiday with families and friends. News items for    Saturday’s Louis    Clark said    today    that    PaP°r    ^outd be called or tak- Sihool    Patrolman    Ralph    Boyd    e“ 'a Editorial    opal talent will be stationed at the South-    by IO    a.m. side Elementary School begin-    * School Crossing Change Is Slated New Philadelphia police chief OOO feet. Then, hopefully, they ll tbe world, music makers will open their parachutes.    play until the wee hours for The two sky divers have a those people who want to dance combined total of more than 600 out *he °^d year and dance in the new. of nis auto and was killed. No citations were issued. Larry McKee, 24, of RD 3, Dover, reported to the police He said the post was changed because of the Route 250-8 bypass that is being constructed. Dear ON THE INSIDE NEWCOMERSTOWN — May-or James Tufford and Police Buehler braked when a dog chief John Lawver issued a owned by Paul Melich^of 325 warning today to local citizens nin^ Monday *u *u,agajnst fradulent photographers attempting to solicit to take children’s pictures in homes. Village officials said a group (^ar^ ur8ed parents to instinct \our ,      „      r____from Zanesville came here Wed- their children not to cross S. \roui jumps to their credit.    station last night at 6:45 that; nesday and were told they could Broadway until they reach the Goren On Bridge ............19 In Colorado Springs, Colo.,    Angeles    club, the 'puesday night while his automo- not solicit. A check with Zanes- school.    Obituaries ...................2 mpmhprs of thp Adarrnn Huh y .    „ ises . bile was parked at Boulevard Ville authorities resulted in the Boyd had been stationed at Television ...................14 ,    ..    .    ‘    P|,()vide “all the Watusi and canes an unidentified car struck information that the solicitors S. Broadway at Commercial Sports ..................ll    &    1.2 have figured out a way to get rug you can stand.    die    fender    and    bumper,    are of questionable character Ave. Clark said Boyd’s hours Women's Pages ..........8    &    ■> Abby ..................19 Horoscope .............21 Around The W’orld ..........IS high and still stay sober. They will make their annual climb to The Sands in Milwaukee Is Driver of the other vehicle fail- and no such studio as they claim are: 8:15 to 9 a.m., II a m. to Dr. See NEW YEAR, Page 18    ed to report the accident. to represent exists.    ,12:45    p.m., and 3 to 3:45 p.mJDr. Crane ...................19 Alvarez .................19 ;

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