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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - December 29, 1964, Dover, Ohio New Phila Employe Pay Increases Ruled 'Out' For 1965 Salary increases for New Philadelphia city employes in 1965 were declared “impossible” at the final 1964 Council session Monday night. “There is one way that the employes could receive an increase,” Mayor Joseph F. Pritz stated in a letter read to Council, “and that would be to lay off enough employes to cover the increases. This I do not recommend.” Pritz said stringent measures would be necessary even to keep the present number of employes at their present salary schedule. He proposed 3 particular actions by Council in making appropriations for the general fund in 1965. (I)—Pay the school-crossing guards’ salaries only to the end of the present school term. (2)—Reduce the street-lighting bill by 50 j> r cent. (3)—Permit a bare minimum of overtime in the police and fire departments. Pritz had previously prepared a $350,589 general Jund budget for 1965 which included pay raises for all city employes, ranging from $40 to $60 monthly. With revenue for the fund esti mated at $312,768, Council was faced with paring approximately $38,000 from the mayor’s proposed appropriations. Last Tuesday, Auditor Charlotte W’hite announced the General Fund deficit for 1964 would be some $8,500 greater than anticipated—which meant anticipated revenue would be reduced to approximately $304,268, or approximately $46,- 000 less than Pritz’s proposed budget figure. His 1965 budget actually represented a $42,547 increase over 1964 appropriations. To meet the $46,000 difference the 1965 proposal had to be lowered below the 1964 figure. And, as Pritz stated in his letter, Council will have to find means of paring the appropriations for the conusee Pin LA COUNCIL, Page 9 Someone From The Reporter Is Working For You 24 Hours A Day The Daily Reporter VOL 62. NO. 143.    18    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, December 29, 1964 HOME EDITION ★ NOW READ BY 12,000 FAMILIES PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS REPLAY' Bandits Overpower Priests, Brink's Guard To Escape Church With 'Large Haul' ( •. church, sitting tied in a chair. Johnston was immediately hit By EDMUND D’MOCH    [while    it was picking up the Sun-    6:30 p.m. It arrived    about 2 CHICAGO (AP) — Three ban- daY collection at St. Anthony’s minutes after 6 p.m. dits overpowered two priests Catholic Church. The bandits Guard Robert Johnsten, 38. of and a Brink’s guard in a rectory made off with the truck contain- suburban Alsip entered the rec-Monday, looted an armored inK $513,000 after binding four tory and noticed the Rev. Wal-truck and got away in what priests and guards who entered ter Morris. 38, pastor of the looked like a virtual replay of the rectory to pick up the mongst week’s half-million-dollar eY- holdup in Paterson, N.J.    Joseph    VV.    Tottingham,    assist-|from behind bY one of the §un- The guard was hospitalized    ant manager of    Brink’s Chicago    men- with a head injury, but neither    office, said he    was unable to1 The    Rev.    Richard Burke, 31, of the priests at the Divine    estimate the    amount stolen    had walked    into the room just Savior Roman Catholic Church    Monday. He    said it was a    before    the    Brink’s guard ar- In suburban Norridge wras in-    “chain store    truck,” which    rived    and    after the three jured.    picks    up funds for deposit from    masked men had tied    Father Officials of Brink’s Inc.    re-    chain    stores, small businesses,!Morris to a chair with    surgical fused to estimate their loss until    filling    stations, and churches,    tape and gagged him. an inventory can be taken, but Here is the account of the Father Burke was knocked toL |B said the gunmen got a “large holdup told by police and church the floor by one gunman and |^0||0|^| Machines Launch Cleanup SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—A mighty force of men and machines ! shouldered the task today of cleaning up after the West’s I Christmas week floods, called by the governor of California “a major American disaster.” A massive airlift hoisted food and emergency repair equipment into stricken northwestern California. Snow and falling temperatures added to the misery of refugees from high water and threatened again to block helicopter delivery ; of food bundles to hundreds marooned in the high California timber country for the ninth straight day. Between 400 and 500 persons Giuseppe Saragat ★ Saragat Gets haul.” officials: were isolated in vestpocket lumbering and mining communities along the Klamath and Salmon rivers in extreme northern California. They have been cut off since Dec. 21. Civil Defense communications lines. and power Many northern California contractors halted work on construction projects and sent their workers said they undoubtedly If" and, ^avy equipment to J    J    the aid of state, county and city crews in the mop-up operations. California’s Gov. Edmund G. were getting desperate for food. In the Paterson robbery, three; The armored truck usually| gunmen wearing Halloween gets to the Divine Savior church masks robbed a bank truck on Monday’s between 5:45 and bound with tape. After the guard was hit, he See ‘REPLAY’, Page IO LBJ, Rusk Reviewing 2 Young Dover World Developments prjvers fly In Accidents On list Ballot Bv JAMES M. LONG By KARL R. BAUMAN    consultation, will    fly to the JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (AP)    ranch Wednesday to review de- — President Johnson meets to-    velopments in West    Germany, day with Secretary of State    Johnson’s statement that he Dean Rusk and Presidential    would    review with Rusk and Assistant McGeorge Bundy to    Bundy    “ambassadors through-    Gerald    R.    Griesen,    18,    of    RD    minister    took    his    oath    of office review world developments. out the world” appeared to be in 3, Dover, was cited by Dover standing stiffly erect before a The three also were to discuss line with reports he plans shifts police for failure to stop within combined session of Parlia-the State Department’s budget in 15 to 20 ambassadorships. the assured clear distance fob ment, which elected him to a for the next fiscal year and go Official sources in Washington lowin8 a 2-car accident at seven-year term Monday on the over personnel matters.    denied that McGhee    or David K    W°oster and    Front    St.    Thursday    21st    ballot.    He    succeeds    Chris- at    11:27    a.m.    He    later    was    tian    Democrat    Antonio    Segni, C. Le- who resigned because of illness. The 13 bitter days of balloting dent’s ranch from Washington    The    shifting Is expected to    Griescn,    traveling    south    on    left    Christian    Democratic Pre- during the morning.    start in January with the nam- ^noster, rammed into the rear mien Aldo Monos center-left Dozens of helicopters were in Yreka, Calif., near    the Oregon    Brown    made a low-level heli- border loaded for    mercy    mis-    copter    tour of part of the    strick- sions but unable to take off be- en area Monday and called the cause of snow and icing condi- devastation “a major American tions.    ! disaster.” “We get a three-hour break in j Frank Dryden, deputy the weather,” said    Yreka    Civil    director of the Office of    Emer- ROME (AP) - Giuseppe Sar- De[ense cWef Bm    Sow,    „and    gency    Planning, and    other agat, 66, first Socialist president!    ,    .    „    ..    Washington officials inspected in Italian history, swore faith to ™.U re. f°mg ° Sf.    ,    flood ravaged areas in both Caltha nation    and the    constitution    eS‘ a'rl‘ft    °Ut °f her8 y°uve,if<>™a a"d Oregon and carried ever seen.    I a report on the situation to today as a    101-gun    salute thun-    „This is    ver>% very rug£,ed    President Johnson. dered o\er    Rome from the Ja-    mountainous country. In some    “Not a minute is being wasted niculum Hill.    areas we’ll have to evacuate in getting reconstruction The portly former foreign and in others we’ll have to drop projects under way,” Dryden supplies. We have a report of 14 said. Mr. and Mrs. Joe O'Connell of Ferndale, Calif., start to clean up their home as flood waters from the Eel River begin to recede. Rusk and Bundy, presidential E. Bruce, ambassador to Lon- assistant for national security don, would be involved in the Rned 29 ^ Mayor affairs, were to fly to the Presi- shifts.    Moyne Luthy. dent’s ranch from    Washington    The    shifting Is expected to    traveling si during the morning.    'start    in January with the nam-    ^00ster> rammed into George McGhee, U.    S.    ambas-    mg of    seven ambassadors and a    a" auto driven by Raymond    government    ridden    by    rivalry sudor to Bonn, who is home for minister to vacant posts.    ^ant’    '°*    °f    2719    Tremont    and in danger of collapse. Sr    I lAY^Pr ll?non tho    loffar    Mni*n’c    f    itvne.iton    r)nmA/>rotip Stunt Pilot, 29, Dies In Crash Near Magnolia ie    .tin    win    st ’ Dover, when the latter    Moro’s Christian Democratic Johnson is    still working on    his    s|opped fnr a    r(1(] traffjc ,ighf    par)v was badIv spli, , State of the    Union message.    He    The entire    front end of    Although Saragat is pro- discussed it    by phone Monday    Griesen’s auto    was damaged.    NATO and anti-Communist, the with Rusk, Secretary of Defense Also cited by police was Bar- Communists’ 253 votes were the Robert S. McNamara and oth- tv T. Fieger, 20, of 1209 Cross decisive factor. They gave him ere.    st., who was charged with un. a total of 646, well beyond the St., who was charged with un- Johnson told newsmen at an safe °Peration* informal session on the front' kegler, driving his car north MAGNOLIA — John W. Senos Jr., 29, of Massillon, was killed yesterday at 3:55 p.m. when his single-engine plane crashed Into a wooded area 3.5 miles east of here. Ile was pronounced dead on arrival at Canton Aultman Hospital. Massillon state patrolmen Raid this morning they are waiting on federal aviation au- .    » ,t 11) i r> u vf ^ on Race st-’ was hehind a new lawn of the LBJ Ranch Monday niodej au^0 when jj stopped for that next Monday’s State of the a traffic sign at Slingluff Ave. Union message will be brief and The youth told police he was will emphasize recommenda- unable to get stopped, went left of center, past the auto and through the intersection where he was struck on the right front fender by an automobile driven by Theodore IL Goedel, 36, of RD 2, Dover. Two other accidents were investigated by police, one taking place at 12:24 this morning County officials elected of when cars driven by Robert J. new terms beginning Jan See WORLD, Page IO Rea Building Is Occupied 482 necessary. The four parties in Moro’s coalition — Christian Democrats, Socialists, Republicans and Saragat’s Democratic Socialists — could have elected Saragat, but about 150 Christian children in one house at Oak Bottom 70 miles west of here on the Klamath. I’m concerned about those people and I’m concerned about the people on whom we have no reports at all.” Roughly the northern third of California, all Oregon and 14 counties in Washington had been declared a disaster area, enabling the region to receive special government assistance. Uncounted thousands of men were at work in the three coast states, and Idaho and Nevada, also hit by floods, beginning the restoration of roads ad highways, railroad service, and “President Johnson has ordered that the entire broad program of federal disaster aid be placed at your disposal, just as See MEN, MACHINES, Page IO U.N. 1 Show Not Anticipated See SARAGAT, Page IO County Officials' Swearing-In Set Weathervane YESTERDAY High 33    Low    25 Elsewhere In U.S. New offices accounting ........”*      -    RirhirH    Rp-4    -md    Accnriatpc    on    McKinstry,    50,    of    Louisville,    O., thonties to arrive to determine    ana    Associales    on    and    Erje'i)    4«    0f    1054    a    general    ceremony    by    Com will be sworn in Wednesday in Albuquerque, clear Chicago, cloudy ... Cleveland, cloudy . Los Angeles, clear Miami, cloudy — to New York, cloudy Pittsburgh, cloudy St. Louis, cloudy .. San Fran., rain the cause of the crash of the 118 4th St. NW, New Philadel- Union Ave ’ New philadelphia mon Pleas Jud8e J- H Lanv Washington, cloudy homemade plane, which Sepos phia, are ready for business, collided at Tuscarawas and W. neck-    T-Trace 57 33 30 58 76 36 31 44 52 49 had purchased 2 weeks ago. 1 Employes, yesterday and to- Front St. Donald Sickafoose, owner day, were moving records and    The other accident manager of the airport equipment from the former of- Time for the ceremony has resulted not been settled, Lamneck said, and manager of the airport    equipment from the former of-    whpn    tnjck    driven    bv    Walter here, said    he believed one wing    fices in the Reeves Bank Bldg    driven    by    Walter may have    folded back some 6    in ,)over and at 152 N Broach    I L‘    Schneider’    59’ of 2326 N* feet from    its normal position,    way, New Philadelphia, causing the plane to crash. Tied child. Driver Fined $210 In Nc'town Crash truck, causing damage to the tire and axle. Wooster    Ave. drove over a ,    ,,,    manhole    cover, raising it with Sedos a Slant    nilot    is mar I The    new    >>udd>"g.    former site    one of    the whecls The ^ ted    and the    father    of    one of    Palmer’s    I)alr>’    Isle'    “    an    cover caught the rear of the 80x30 brick structure. It also will contain the Union College of Commerce in the lower level with the accounting offices ; on the second floor. Ralph Buterbaugh, a partner O. in the firm, said that the busi- Low OO Pr. OO 31 T 27 41 .01 70 26 26 29 , , 46 .16 33 • • . 31 but will be at the convenience of the officials. The judge was invited to ad- i minister the oaths by county 1 Democratic chairman, Howard Bud Mercer, he said. All the officials elected last Nov. 3 are Democrats. TODAY 7 a.rn......... RAINFALL Last 24 Hours:    None TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 7:50 Sunset ............ 5:07 High 58    Low    43 Forecast: Cloudy, windy and warmer. Council At Nc'town Delays Employes' Pay Hike Action Phila Man, 28, Is Given Term In Delinquency Two New Philadelphia youths appeared in Juvenile Court today on separate charges of contributing to the delinquency of teenage girls. Judge Ralph Finley sentenced John Hunker Jr., 20, of 1041 Kelly St. NW to a year in the Toledo Workhouse after he pleaded guilty to a charge involving a 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer McBeth of 421 N. 3rd St., Dennison. Thomas D. Vance, 20, of 137 16th St. NE entered an innocent plea to charges involving a 17-year-old daughter of Mrs. Eugene Wherley of 114 W. 13th St., Dover. Finley set Vance’s bond at $1,000, but deferred setting a date for his trial by jury. The McBeth girl, who was charged as a delinquent, also admitted her guilt by nodding her head to various questions placed by Finley. The judge said he would postpone final disposition of her case until further investigation with regard to her conduct and home conditions. Hunker and the girl were found in a rooming house by New Philadelphia police last Sunday morning. The girl was reported missing by her parents Saturday morning. In Vance’s case, Mrs. Wherley filed charges, claiming he caused her daughter to leave Board of Public Affairs on the resentative of the Brechbuhler home and stay out until early on NEWCOMERSTOWN - J Hickenbottom, 46, of RD I, Kim-    ness school is still in the proc- bolton, was fined $210.20 and    ess of being completed. He said sentenced to 3 days in jail by    open house for the accounting    By Mrs. Sally Duffy    4|. Mayor James Tufford yesterday offices probably will be held in Telephone HY 8-7839 possibility of purchasing the hoe Scales Co. of Canton and that hours on Christmas Day and on charges of driving while in- April, with the business school NEWCOMERSTOWN — Vil- R)r Water Works and the it will cost an estimated $75 to numerous other occasions toxicated and leaving the scene sometime later.    lage Councilmen held a short Gemetery Department.    $80    to    grease    and    balance    the    New Philadelphia Atty. Clair of an accident.    Partners    in the firm are Rich- session last night and announc- The board promised a deci- scales.    Hoffman was in court    to repre According to police, Hieken- ard Rea Frank Moliski Buter- ed that no further discussion on sion by Jan. 4.    The    mayor suggested that the sent Mrs. Wherley. ..... ’    ’      Mayor    James    Tufford    said    for sCaie weights be rais-'-- bottom drove left of center on haugh, Harry Shaw and Chester pay raises for city employes State St. last Thursday night, stocker    will    be held until Clerk Al Bren- colliding with a car driven by! The buddi    constructed    neman    completes    the balancing Thomas E. Wolfe, 56, of Mid-'- -    *    «*■ ed to 50 cents and that the vale. Minor damage was caused to both vehicles. DAY BRIGHTENER An adolescent is one who, when not treated like an adult, acts like an infant. by Unger Construction Co. of (d books *or lbe Year Gnadenhutten and designed by A resolution was passed to Ma it, Knapp and Cravvfis of authorize the mayor to request county machinery and operators to dredge Buckhorn Creek j in the village at a cost not to exceed $7.50 per hour. Concerning the purchase of a New Philadelphia. that he and Police Chief John scaies be lowered to allow for 2 Get Hospital Aid Lawyer had met with a rep- the weighing of 3 axle vehicles.! nrwvTcnv T,.m iiv,r By WILLIAM N. OATIS UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. I (AP) — The way was reported clear today for the U.N. General Assembly to clean up year-end business without a show'dow’n over the Soviet Union’s vote. Assembly President Alex Quaison-Sackey of Ghana was; expected to tell the assembly! this morning that he had worked out an agreement with key delegates. Diplomatic sources said the, agreement would let the assem-; bly elect four new Security Council members and adopt a stopgap budgetary resolution by| the general-consent procedure I that wras used on opening day, Dec. I, to elect the president and admit Malawi, Malta and Zambia to U.N. membership. The agreement reportedly1 included a preliminary informal poll to resolve a race between Jordan and Mali for a council seat. This would give the as- Phila Sitter Asks $20,000 Anna Strimbu of 520 Front Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, has filed a $20,000 suit against Ervin and Anna Hunter of 218 6th St. SW’, New Philadelphia, as the result of injuries she received while babysitting. In her petition, Mrs. Strimbu claims she fell and broke her hip last Feb. 22 while tending the 5 Hunter children, whose parents had taken the night out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Mrs. Strimbu said sne slipped on a piece of celery which had been left lying on the kitchen linoleum. She was hospitalized for 13 days because of the broken hip. As a result of her injury, she suffers a permanent condition of dizziness, mental and physical discomfort. Included in the $20,000 asked is $1,000 for hospital and medical expenses. isembly four unopposed candidates it could elect by acclama-! lion. I That w'ould put off a Soviet-U.S. showdown over Article 19 of the U.N. Charter. The assembly, after finishing the essential business Wednesday w'ould recess until around Jan. ll. Article 19 says any U.N. member two years behind in total assessments shall have no vote in the assembly. The Soviet See U.N. Page IO Gunmen Get 5299,000 Haul BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Twc gunmen robbed the city treasur er’s office of an estimated $299, OOO today, police reported. One of the pair beat the cit} treasurer, Melvin Elliott, on th< head as Elliott sought to stat them in the office. Patrolman Thomas J. W’right assigned to the office, was ir another part of the office at th* time. The $299,000 was reported t( have included about $16,000 01 $17,000 in cash. Deputies Check 2 Theft Reports Howard Law' of 549 Fair Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, told sheriff deputies last night someone had taken fishing equipment, a glass bow and hunting hatchet from his summer home on 4th St. SE Ext. near New Philadelphia. He set the loss at $70. Officials of Noye Drilling Co. of Denver told deputies miscellaneous tools and wrenches were stolen from a drilling rig on County Road 83, northeast of Dover. W. Hubcaps Are Stolen Kenneth Mathias of 601 .., ___.    .    ..    ..    back hoe requested by the High Ave. reported the theft Cemetery Department, Council- of 2 hubcaps from his auto to man Carl Figenscher of the fi- New Philadelphia police yester- nance committee said that a dis- day.    jcussion had been held with the No Paper Friday The Daily Reporter will not publish an edition on Friday, New Year’s Day. Church notices for inclusion in Thursday’s paper should be submitted by 2 p.m. Wednesday. Items desired in Saturday’s edition should be submitted by 2 p.m. Thursday. weighing No action was taken. Several routine transfers DENNISON - Two Uhrichsville residents received emergency treatment yesterday in rn*** MMM ON THE IN S I D t funds were made in order to Twin City Hospital as a result balance the village’s financial of falls, books and bills totaling $6,44> william Hoagland, 36, of In-were paid.    dian Hill RD. slipped and ran The next regular meeting will his hand through a basement be Jan. 4. Dr William Phillips, supenn-See NC’TOWN PAY, Page 2 window lacerating his finger. Jon Nedele, 13, of 1209 N. Water St., injured his collarbone when he fell while playing football at home. Dear Abby ..................15 Your Horoscope .............17 Around The World...........IO Obituaries ...................2 Television ................... 6 Sports .................ll    &    12 Women’s Pages ..........8    &    9 Dr. Crane ...................15 Dr. Alvarez .................15 OSU Gets Grant COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—Ohio State University announced today it has received a $102,000 National Science Foundation grant to make more detailed maps of the radio sky. Dr. John D. Kraus, director of the Ohio State-Ohio Wesleyan University radio observatory, will make studies of the Andromeda nebula, the nearest island the earth’s universe. He published a new map of this nebula last year. ;

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