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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - December 17, 1964, Dover, Ohio There's a Network of Reporter Newsmen and Correspondents Serving You. The Daily Reporter VOL. 61. NO. 134.    40    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, December 17, 1964 HOME EDITION NOW READ BY 12,000 FAMILIES PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTS County Official Pay Hike Costs Exceed $17,000 If elected officials in the Courthouse were putting a little extra enthusiasm in their “Merry Christmas"’ greeting today it’s because the taxpayers are going to put a little extra in their pay envelopes. *** Increases were approved by the Ohio Senate yesterday and the measure now goes to Gov. James Rhodes for his signature. It means a hike totaling $17,- 100 for the county’s elected officials. A $3,000 boost for county engineers in all categories throughout the state. The county salaries take effect with the start of new terms. Yesterday’s bid also increases the pay for members of the House and Senate by $3,000 per year, from $5,000 to $8,000. Salary of the president protein of the Ohio Senate and A bill to increase salaries of j speaker of the House was ln-juuges is pending. * Tuscarawas Included In 18th District creased from $7,500 to $10,000. Those of 2 minority leaders and the speaker pro-tern were raised from $6,250 to $9,250. Other county offices, the present salary and what officials will be getting under the increase, in parenthesis, follow: Commissioners $5,500    ($6,- 700);    Auditor $8,200 ($10,000); Prose    c u t o r $7,000 ($8,800); Clerk    of Courts $8,000 ($9,800); Sheriff and Recorder $6,650 ($8,450); Treasurer $7,750 ($9-John    Saffell,    The    Daily    Re-    350),    and Coroner $3,100 ($4,- porter’s Columbus    Bureau    news-OOO).    The increases are based man, reported late this mom- on population. tog Legal Questions Need Answering In Job Dispute By John Saffell Reporter Columbus Bureau COLUMBUS—Several serious legal questions must be resolved before a Personnel Board of Review panel can hope to return a verdict in a complicated case involving the Tuscarawas County Road & Bridge Department. That was the word of John was his full responsibility to Cook of Kenton, a member of a get work done and to decide panel which yesterday spent 5 that, if layoffs occur, who GRADALL CARAVAN. Ten Warner & Swasey Co. manufactured Gradalls left the New Philadelphia plant this morning for Pennsylvania to be used by the Department of Highways. Total cost of all the equipment is $400,000. The Curtis Keal Transport Co. of Hudson provided the drivers for the trip. Shown with the convoy are I. T. White, works manager of the New Philadelphia plant, and drivers, Harold Jonnson, henry Senter, Ray Danser and Hugh Jones. The Gradalls are equipped with various attachments which can be changed quickly to suit the type of highway work, a plant spokesman added. hours hearing evidence in which 4 members of the department are protesting their layoffs, ordered last Nov. 14 by County Engineer Charles Young. “One of the legal questions,” Cook said, “is a resolution adopted by Tuscarawas County Commissioners involving ‘force account,’ labor.” In his testimony before the panel, Young testified that it PHUA DRUG STORE OPERATOR FOUND GUILTY Sentencing Delayed In Sunday Sale Conviction Selling Christmas cards on Asked this morning when he jments, we were surprised at the with the court after ll a.m. on than 48 hours after submission of the case to him The decision was announced at 2 p.m. yesterday, 3 hours af- should be laid off. In this particular case, he said, he decided that the 4 appellees, Ermile Dennis of RD 2, New Philadelphia, Donald Seward and William Lawver of Somerdale and G. Frank Miller of Gilmore, should be laid off in the best interests of the county- All 4 are truck drivers, classified as Equipment Operators II. The question appeared to be whether the men were laid off as a result of political activity or whether they had been discharged. Dennis, president of Local 195 of County Employes who took the stand first, testified that Young said, prior to his election last fall: “If I win, and I Sunday is illegal, according to would sentence Hassin, he re- decision rendered at 2 p.m. Monday when the case was fi-that Tuscarawas Coiinty    Xii    I    Central District ’ Court Judge plied: “When the prosecutor Wednesday by Judge Ferrell.” nally submitted to him.” would be transferred to the 18th yy ||| W TCIQI6 Clarence Ferrell.    can    come    over.”    Also    brought    at    light    this Congressional District with pas-    **    Judge    Ferrell    yesterday    after-    There    is    no    doubt that an The complaint against Has- morning was Section 2938.11, ter the 48-hour period expired, sage of a redistricting bill    in    I-    Roc I Iffier!    noon ruled Sam    Hassin, opera-    appeal will    be made.    'sin was filed by Michael Pasul-    (F), of the Ohio Revised Code    Judge Ferrell, however,    had    certainly will win,    I’m going    to the Ohio Legislature.    lb    lYwbUIIIwU    ^or of II & A    Drug    Store in Defense    attorneys,    James    ka, operator of a Miracle Lane    which states, in part: “Any ver-    made the decision before ll    get rid of you.” He stated that a House and Attorneys for both sides hud- New Philadelphia, was guilty of Patrick and Daniel Lehigh, said Plaza store. Pasulka, accompa- dict by a judge shall be an- a.m., but refused to announce The statement is supposed to Senate committee named    to    dled    in the chambers of    Pro-    violating the state’s    Sunday    “we expect    to pursue our prop-    nied by another Plaza mer-    nounced and received only in    it until 2.    have been made    when    the    4 work out an agreement on vari-    bate    jU(jge Ralph Finley    try-    Blue Laws.    er appellate remedy    in this    chant, Larry Maglione, also has    open court as soon as it is de- Patrick and Lehigh said    this    men were in Young’s    office ous proposals had agreed to put jnK to work out problems con- The jurist delayed sentencing, matter.”    filed a complaint against Tur- termined. Any finding by a morning they might use that in seeking time card information Tuscarawas County in the 18th cerning the will of the Russian- saying he was acting on the ad- They continued: “Naturally, rin Discount Co., operated by judge or magistrate shall be an- an appeal to show errors of the to send to the State Bureau of District following this morning’s born Adam Skuratovich, who vice of    —    -    t discussion. The 3 proposals being considered have been narrowed down as to what district Guernsey County finally will be placed. of Prosecutor Harlan Spies, in view of our previous argu- died in Newcomerstown on May 22, 1962. Atty. Vernon Lee of Newcomerstown, as administrator! of the Skuratovich estate, had Two plans leave Guernsey in asked the court to determine the 18th and one leaves it out. the rightful heirs of the de-Dispute over reshaping the ceased. At his death, it was 18th, 17th and 13th Districts has discovered that he had bank Probe Launched In Man's Death held up a redistricting bill for more than a week. Saffell said that a public hearing will be held when the committee reconvenes this afternoon. Other counties in the new 18th holdings of more than $36,000, which up to that time had been unknown. Two cousins of New Jersey were first designated as cousins and heirs. However, notification to the Joseph Turrin. A hearing on the case has been set for Jan. 12 at IO a.m.. before Judge Richard Mus-grave, who will assume duties in Central District Court, following the defeat of Judge Ferrell Nov. 3 and the assignment of Judge-Elect Socrates Space to the Southern District Court, nounced in open court no more i court. Pre-Winter Maintains Cold Grip' Industrial Relations. The data was in conjunction with an effort by the union to secure “prevailing wage rates’* for their members from the county, something which could have meant a raiso from $2 to $3 per hour. I Miller testified that he was a employed by the County since Wednesday was —59 atop mountain 24 miles Northeast of 1945, Seward since 1956, Lawver Lewistown, Mont. The temperature was —IO and since 1959 and Dennis since 1958. Young said his department District, presently represented Russian Embassy resulted in by U.S. Rep. Wayne Hays (I)) the appearance of 5 persons of Flushing, would be Belmont, living in Russia, allegedly Columbiana, Harrison, Noble, I closer relatives to Skuratovich. Jefferson and Monroe.    Attys.    Sherlock    IL    Evans    of Carroll County will be shifted j Massillon and Leslie Early of to the 16th District replacing; New philadelphia are repre- DUNDEE — An air of mys- ^existed at noon today.    _    .    .    , terv surrounding tho death ear-! Hoppstetter died this morn- to the Southern District Court, Unprecedented prewinter cold Iv this morning of Floyd Hopp- tag at 3 in Union Hospital from now presided over by MUS- accompanied by lashing winds stetter 25 of RD I, here still injuries suffered yesterday grave.    I    paralyzed    the    Northwest    today, I—I    lwhen a 50-gallon drum of oil An appeal is expected to be dropping temperatures far be-    _ reportedly fell on him    while he    based on whether    or not Judge    low zero and turning parts of    colder through most of the    operated by force account and was working at the Yoder Stone    Ferrell has jurisdiction in New    storm-battered Montana into    northern    Plains and the cold    claimed he had    the right to op- Co on RD I.    j Philadelphia Township and if disaster areas.    weather was accompanied by erate toe department without QhAriff Hpniitipc who    wprp not'    sufficient evidence    was present-    Temperatures plunged to 40    blizzard    conditions across the toeing subject to    Ohio Civil Ser- ’    ed by Prosecutor    Spies or As-    below zero in some areas, and    Dakotas.    The arctic air spilled    vice Iaws Tuscarawas County, joining Stark and Wayne counties. DAY BRIGHTENER Mothers are wonderful senting the Russian Claimants. New Philadelphia Atty. Joseph Streb is legal counsel to the 2 New Jersey cousins. Goshen School Tax Removal Decision Near notified of the incident, said SjStant James Thomas that Has- the U.S. Weather Bureau said over the mountains into the nor- this morning that an investigation would be initiated. Coronor Dr. Philip Doughten sin actually owned the drug the cold would last at least five store.    more days. One reading It is speculated that mention Final action on the possible stated today that he had been will be in an appeal that Judge AI-J called to the hospital this morn- Ferrell said he wanted to con- lyOlrG UUlUG ing by officials when the man tor with Spies before announc- removal of an additional 4-mill .expired. He stated. I really *nS toe decision, levy from the 1964 tax dupli- don’t know what happened. Doughten added the cause of death was due to hemorrhaging fered 2 dislocated legs and internal injuries.    I Hoppstetter was injured at Philo Area Couple cate of the Goshen Local School Present again this morning I    District still had not been tak- to help with the interpretation    en by The County Budget Com- and shock. The man also suf- and translation of Russian doc-    mission at press time this morn, uments was Dr. Michael S.    ing. Pap, professor of Russian his- The Commission was await-can    get    up    in    the    morning be-    torY and hector of the Insti-    ing a resolution passed by the fore    they    smell    the    bacon fry-    tuto For Soviet and East Euro-    School District Board asking k    1    pean Studies at John Carroll for the removal of the levy University in Cleveland.    which was approved in the re-[Firemen.  * cent Nov. 3 election. County! Hoppstetter’s body was taken MI •    *m*me I KlK A    Auditor Donald Kinsey said the to the Clyde Thompson Funeral IVE I Em I ST G F S IU Im I U resolution was required before Home near Zanesville today. ■ ■■ mw m m rn wr  ---—    His    mother    reportedly    resides in South Zanesville. In discussing Ferrell’s alleged conference with Spies, Patrick said: “We had of course, no contact or communications approximately IO a.m. yesterday and was taken to Union Hospital by Dundee Volunteer To Study 'Problem By DAVID M. MASON PARIS (AP) — Ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization failed today to settle their differences on the sharing of nuclear responsibility but agreed to keep on studying this complex problem. The United States and French governments remained divided on this issue. But those same two governments took care to keep in close contact with each other. “the ministers stressed the im-I portance of avoiding dissemina- The NATO ministers issued a'tio" ot "uclcar weap™S,’’ fh, communique at Ihe dose of:    The Americans regard the their winter meeting which 'wt ldea as °ne J?3* '? aclHfe made this referent to the h‘\Tesult. The F rench beheve the fleet will have exactly the the Commission could take action. Kinsey also said that he had contacted Edward Bucey, of the Ohio Department of Taxation, people” for reunification. J concerning the withdrawal of .    ..     .J    the levy from the District’s dup- Ihe reference to the nuclear «c.lte problem was made in general Bucey, Kinsey reported, said terms because the    ministers    that    while there was    no defi- realized they    could    not obtain    nite    law authorizing    such ac- any concrete    commitments for    '!on.    the Department    of Taxa- ,    ,    tion would not object to it since a mixed-manned Polaris-armed, j( ., re(|u(.tio^ of tax rates. surface fleet or any variation of j A, ,he Budge, commission's The ° communique also said:    SS Victor Martinet said he thought the Commission should obtain See GOSHEN, Page 2 re- Philo Police Nob 3 Young Vandals Three juveniles were leased to their parents last night after they had tossed several septic tank lids into the street in front of Click Burial Vault & Septic Tank Co. at 415 Belmont Ave. NW. Officials of the firm were to estimate damage this morning and notify Juvenile Officer Harry Fisher. mixed - manned surface fleet concept: “Ministers examined the ..    .    .    . problems confronting the alii- ™et'"K ‘“'Tel . n ’n l' opposite result. As the winter ministerial County Gets $10,000 'Gift1 But It's Already Expended ance in the field of convention a1 and nuclear weapons. A thorough exchange of views on these problems took place and will be continued.” That left the whole American concept for bringing the Allies into a closer nuclear partnership subject to further talks and more study. The NATO ministers agreed to continue seeking ways to ease East - West tensions and bring to realization “the legitimate aspirations of the German County Commissioners said this morning that the $10,000 Secretary of State Dean Rusk prepared to fly back to Washington to report to President boost to the county general Johnson.    fund announced by the Audi- American sources said Rusk tor Donald Kinsey yesterday, was quite satisfied with his two ,d have no afject an long private talhs with French est!,,,a,ed *56.000 deficit ex- PrACirlAnt I nnrlps ma (.nilMa ant    .    .    ’___ President Charles de Gaulle and hoped that the American See NATO STUDY, Page 2 •P"*' mmmm % pected in the 1965 county budg et. Kinsey said that the additional $10,000 or more in county revenue came from the collections of tax money not anticipated at the beginning of the year. Dear Abby ...................37;    The additional money results Your Horoscope .............37    chiefly from an increase in Around The World...........28    property evaluation, together Goren On Bridge ............39    with miscellaneous money not ON THE IN S I D t wmm iii Obituaries ...................2 Television ...................25 Sports ..................21    &    22 anticipated. The Commissioners said today, most of the $10,000 would Women’s Pages ........18    &    191be paid out this year for unfore Dr. Crane ...................371 seen expenses and for over- Dr. Alvarez .................37    drafts in some of the depart- Will Be Charged For Neglect Of 7 County Juvenile Officer Harry Fisher said he would file charges of neglect this morning against Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Cumblidge of RD 3, New Philadelphia. Fisher said he had picked up yesterday 7 Cumblidge children, ages 2% to 12 years and taken them to the County Receiving Home after investigating the Cumblidge residence and finding it a place of filth and squalor. Investigation began, Fisher said, when several of the children were reported truant from school. Scores Again NEW YORK (AP) - Notre Dame, accustomed to scoring points on the athletic field, made them in State Supreme Court here today. The university won a temporary injunction against the showing of a new motion picture entitled “John Goldfarb, Please Come Home,” and further publication of the novel on which the film was based. Supreme Court Justice Henry Clay Greenberg upheld the university’s contention that the movie and novel “knowingly and illegally” misappropriated for commercial exploitation the name, symbols and prestige of the institution and its football team. Greenberg also termed the movie script “ugly, vulgar and tawdry.” The movie, produced by 20th Century-Fox at a reported cost of $4 million was to have opened on Christmas Day. mally mild Pacific coastal area. The severe weather had strange and sometimes tragic effects. Eleven cattle stranded in deep snow at 10,000 feet above sea level west of Creede, Colo., were given tranquilizer shots, lashed securely to a helicopter and carried to lower levels. In Bloomington, 111., a 71-year-old woman died Wednes-See COLD GRIP, Page 2 He added that the See QUESTIONS, Page 2 rn .......    V    ;    .    J* 'Bicept Builder' BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) — Trying to trim a city budget is tough, but City Comptroller Hyman Pressman also hopes to make his budget trimmers trimmer — through exercise. Pressman announced Wednesday that the coffee break in his department may soon give way to the biceps break, a daily 19-minute period emphasizing the body in the body politic. Pressman says he and his office employes will begin their new program with simple exercises at first — twisting, bending and isometrics. Pushups may come later. ments covered by the General Fund. They expected little or nothing to remain as an increase in the fund’s balance at the end of the year. Kinsey yesterday also confirmed, as had been previously reported, that the County Road and Bridge fund would be $34,000 greater for this year than certified at the beginning. Most of this additional money | comes from a return of the county’s advance deposit on the County Road 108 project which was completed more than a year ago. Federal grants for the project made the rebate possible. However, an approximately $12,000 increase in the county’s share of state gasoline tax money is included in this overall $34,000 additional money, Kinsey noted. Bliss Makes 'Headway' In GOP Spotlight COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Ray Bliss, who prefers backstage shadows to the spotlight, seemed today to have some strong backing as a compromise choice for Republican national chairman. Bliss, typically, wasn’t talking. But other reports indicated that if Dean Burch resigns or is ousted when the 132 GOP national committeemen meet in Chicago Jan. 22-23, Bliss would be an acceptable replacement. “It is his definite policy not to talk about it,” Jack Flanagan, Bliss’ press aide, said when asked about speculation mentioning Bliss, including a news magazine report that he has agreed to serve. He is “not a candidate to knock out Burch,” Flanagan said. “He’s not doing anything to get it.” But Flanagan said all top national Republican leaders except Barry Coldwater, the COP presidential nominee who picked Burch as chairman, have indi-See BLISS, Page 2 APPEAL BOOST. The Salvation Army's winter appeal to provide a merry Christmas for the county's needy got a big boost this morning in the form of a $500 check from the Civic and Charity Fund of Marsh Wall Products' Employes Local 785, United Paperworkers and Papermakers. Making the presentation to Copt. Carol Obee and Brig. William Murtaugh is William Doidge of New Philadelphia, president of rho union. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 48    Low    43 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear . 51    28    .. j Chicago, clear ..... 46    14    .. I Cleveland, cloudy .. 47    42    .. Los Angeles, cloudy 62    51    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 74    M    .. New York, cloudy . 36    35    .. Pittsburgh, cloudy . 46    41    .. St. Louis, cloudy ... 50    18    .. San Fran., cloudy . 54    47    ., Washington, cloudy 40    34    .. TODAY 7 a m.............. 44 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... trace TOMORROW Sunrise............7:45 Sunset.............4:59 High 23    Low    8 Forecast: Partly cloudy and caid. ;

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