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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - December 4, 1964, Dover, Ohio House Followup' Would Set Up Ohio Bond Issue Vote Next May By PHIL GUNBY COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Un-less unforeseen opposition arises next week in the House, Ohioans will vote May 4 on the third state bond issue proposal in 18 months. Someone From The Reporter Is Working For You 24 Hours A Day VOL 61. NO. 123.    22    PAGES. This one would allow sale of up to $290 million in bonds. The money would be used for education, including a new state university in Cleveland; juvenile and adult correctional institutions; outdoor recreation and conservation; a 240-mile pipeline to bring water to northwestern Ohio; historical purposes and additional airports. After some lively debate, the Senate adopted the resolution during its afternoon session Thursday, 27-4. Eighty - three votes will be needed in the House — constitutional amendment proposals require a three-fifths tally — but Republicans hold 86 seats and doubtless will pick up votes from Democrats whose areas are affected. Eight Democrats sided with Republicans Thursday in the senate. The after-supper session last-j ed 18 minutes, dealt with just one bill, and saw Senate minor-. ity Democrats showing some Legislature created last year to muscle.    issue bonds against state liquor monopoly profits. These would The bill already passed by have been for campus, recrea-the House, abolishes the never-: tional, conservation and other activated Public Facilities Fi- improvements, nance Commission which this j However, it retains language stating that the State Liquor ! Control Department shall set prices to anticipate a gross profit of up to 30 per cent of the retail selling price. And it reacts a section declaring that a See BOND ISSUE, Page ll Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Friday, December 4, 1964 HOME EDITION ★ NOW READ BY 12,000 FAMILIES PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS FBI Arrests 18 In Civil Rights Deaths Sugarcreek Area Man Killed In Stark Crash A car-truck accident at 12:051 pelvic bone and his jaw.    , Born at RD I, Sugarcreek, p.m. Thursday on Route 21,    he was a son of Melvin D. and south of Navarre, claimed the Yoder died in Massillon City Elmina Beachy Yoder, who sur-life of Noah M. Yoder, 29, of Hospital at 1:13 p.m. after be- vive. RD 2, Sugarcreek, father of 5 ing taken there in an Angelo-1 A building contractor, he was youngsters.    Hug ambulance.    owner    of the Sugarcreek Build- Yoder, according to Massil- The accident, according to of- ers’ Co. in Stinesville and was Ion state patrolmen, died of in- fleers, occurred when Yoder’s a member of the Sharon Con-juries sustained when his 1965 truck went off the right hand servative Church, panel truck went left of center side of the road, then back on Other survivors include his and struck headon a car oper- the roadway before veering left widow, the former Emma Bea-ated by Earl E. Kohler, 43, of of center. ’    chy; 2 sons, Gary and Michael, RD 3, New Philadelphia (Wain- Both vehicles were demolish- and 3 daughters, Ruth, Joyce wright).    ed.    See    AREA    MAN, Page 14 Yoder’s death was the 87th in Midvale Girl Sheriff Deputy Rev‘ew ^ * -- "    '    Dec.    16    For Layoffs' Acquitted In Jury Trial A hectic 3 days ended for I Marcia Bigler, 18, of Midvale at 4:25 p.m. Wednesday when a Common Pleas Court jury acquitted her of second-degree Are Picked Up ,, Bv MIKE SMITH    Srhwpmpr    two    whitp    Npw By MIKE SMITH PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) —The FBI arrested 18 Mississippians, i n c I u d i ng Neshoba County’s sheriff and his deputy, today in connection with the midsummer si a y i n g s of Schwerner, two white New Yorkers; and James Chaney, a    _    _    ,    _    .    , Negro from Meridian,    '    be    ^te    ^erson[Je^    Board    of Hoover said 19 were charged    R,e™w    bas    set    a heann? dat* with conspiring to interfere with    "f, Re£;    16 on    the    appeal of 4 federal rights and the other two    p :.a    ,5s with bein! accessories after the    Tfe Noah M. Yoder N ewcomerstown Future Hanging Stark County this year. Kohler and his wife, Cora, 43, both were admitted to Massillon City Hospital and are reported as “fairly good” and “poor,” respectively, this morning. The Kohlers    reportedly    had been returning    from    a    Christ-    NEWCOMERSTOWN    — A    de- mas shopping trip.    cision by the Ridgewood Board Kohler had bruises and abra- 0f Education not to hold a spe-sions to his face, chest and legs, Cjaj eieC{jon for a $j million while Mrs. Kohler suffered a .    , .    , „ oc ...    ... fractured left leg and other in- bond ,ssue and 3 25-ml11 add" juries.    tional levy may have some bear- Stark County Coroner Dr. G. ing on what consolidation course S. Shaheen said today that Yo- school officials will take here, der died of shock with multiple    Ridgewood Board had fractures to both legs, arms, 4    , . .    .    ....    ..  _------.’    contemplated re-submitting the 2 issues after both were defeated at    the Nov. 3    election. The bond    issue would    have    fi- School On Ifs' 'Lost' Budget Airing Is Set By Roswell manslaughter.    I fart oTa“crime     ’who    were “laid oH" by Engl' nndhh„rfednherd,efendant    FederaI    aKents    in    treneh    The    FBI    COmPIaint    Said U if ““k® Y0U"g ^ ^ whet? tire verdict was read. The    ““f    '‘‘acting E™ile ^"nis of RD 2, New 7-woman and 5-man jury had    ^Prife    27    into    cnstSra    S'thfco or    d    Us office ” Philadelphia, president of W deliberated exactly 4 hours.    % Pnce    27    mto    tody at    nde^ the color    of    h, off ce ; hearing extremely well, break ing down only once and that while testifying under cross examination by Prosecutor Harlan Spies. Miss Bigler, represented by ucation issued an ultimatum to consolidations.    Atty. Danny Johnson of New Newcomerstown — “either join    Philadelphia, had been indicted the county school system or Carl Krebs, president of the by the September Grand Jury else.”    Newcomerstown Board, said following the July 19 traffic The Newcomerstown Board that one meeting was then death of Mrs. Kenneth (Regina) took the “or else” course and scheduled in August with the Limpert, 30, an expectant moth-subsequent action by the county Ridgewood Board to broach a er of North Olmstead. The board and voters left Newcom- consolidation move between crash occurred on Routes 250-8, erstown an “island unto itself,” those 2 districts.    south of New Philadelphia, hemmed in from all sides by It was decided at that time, | however, that nothing further The jury resumed delibera-would be done until after the tions at 1:25 p.m. yesterday fol- o N THE I N S I D t election-    lowing a break for lunch and to According to both Krebs and hear Judge Raymond Rice read Ridgewood Supt. Walter Haney,!3 sections of the Ohio Revised A-fore 9 a.m. Rainey and Price, “ 1"“ days." dressed in their khaki uniforms; I nanced a new high school for Dr. Alvarez .................21    no meetings have been sched- Code that they had requested the consolidation of West Laf- Dr. Crane ...................19    uled to resume the merger dis- shortly before noon, after de surrendered quietly and removed their revolvers. Other FBI agents fanned over this east central Misssissippi town picking up other men. Still others were arrested at nearby Meridian. In Washington, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said 21 men altogether have been named in criminal charges in connection with the deaths last June of Andrew Goodman and Michael >..    •    «w<-    •••••    ........... ,    of    the    4    laid    off,    was    notified    of ° Ui. er the conspiracy, it was charged, Price wouid’releasej    ^ them from custody and he and other conspirators would intercept the three “shortly after they departed from Philadel- The session will begin at IO a.m. in Room 4 at the State Office Building in Columbus. All 4 men were classified as phia, Miss., by automobile and1 e i ent 0perators and had a T v , .K8    ’    combined total of 50 years ser- ana kill tnem.    .....    .    vice    with the department. They Conviction under    this federal    had    been    activ£    jn a j.yea* charge cames a maximum pen-    feLld    W]lb    Young    over prevail- alty of IO years rn    prison or a    = WO «ne.    Soul!*, letter stated: In some previous cases, the; „You shouW be presenti t0. Justice Department has with-    ge,ber wpb suc|, witnesses you ,    _    iheld prosecution on federal CW-    deem necessary, to present the It    C ai AA    |4nVP    ii rights charges when local au-    facts jn your case if yOU wish 11    \^V/Ulvl    I    IUt v    thonties have moved to prose-    thio hno^ Been Worse Area residents can be thank- tered hostility and resentment ayette, Fresno and Plainfield. Around The World ..........14    cussion.    liberating    for an hour.    M that yesterday’s .74 inch of on tbe Part some individuals Tax rates for the district, i Churches .................6&7    Krebs pointed out that the    The sections involved': Traffic    nam was not snow or countian, contacted    during the    mvestiga- which includes part of Rucks Goren On Bridge ............21    combined Newcomerstown and    manslaughter reckless opera-    would bave been dlg&m& out    ARRESTS,    Page 14 Township in Tuscarawas Coun- Television ...................15    Ridgewood districts would Pr°-    tion and yielding one-half of the    from under a 7.4-inch snowfall,! ty, have been held up pending Sports .................ll    &    12    vide a substantial $30 million roa(jwav    *    according to E. A. Reiser, New a decision.    Women’s Pages ..........8    &    9    valuation    base    for    2,800    to    3,000    johnson    during    his    final    ar-    Philadelphia weatherman. . .    [    this board to subpoena any wit- cute on local charges—in this nesses> piease furnish us with case murder.    the names and addresses in suf- Hoover s announcement said fjCjent Rme issue same.” FBI agents “frequently encoun- See GIRL, Page 2 In the state inspection report    Your    Horoscope .............21 students,    which    would    be    more Who’s got Roswell's    1965    of the high school here, made    Dear    Abby ..................19 j    See    NC’TOWN,    Page    2 budget?    a year ago, the need for a new He will need a good explana- high school building and a larg- COUNTY UNITS GET $155,000 tion for Wednesday’s Village sr administrative unit were em-Council session at which time phasized. the one-mill tax cut imposed by Newcomerstown school office County Rudget    Commission    ciais joined in the numerous will be discussed    school consolidation talks held The commission's action (ak- last spring and earlv summer'    '•uumy    •.«—«»    ■■■>»* run.,mug «    .mixed    with    snow,    is expected to ) im commissions aumil, ms    es    (he    „thj(.k    been allocated a total of $155,- for the individual libraries with As a result of the 1964 col- _________ ,    e Library Allocations Are Made Seven county libraries have' Following is the breakdown I individual area. However the snow never materialized because of the above freezing temperatures, which ranged from a high of 39 to a low of 36. The thermometer read 37 this morning at 7. It is expected to get a little cooler tonight with a low of 33 predicted. Rain, occasionally en yesterday because Roswell and evidently were in officials had ignored repeated of a pending school merger.” OOO in 1965 classified tax money the 1965 request in parentheses: lection, the $40,000 allocated to continue. Light snow is predicted for omciais nan ignuieu icpeairu ««    ...    t    r»niintv    /\iPW    PhiHrfplnhinV miinirinalities for 1964 actually 5 requests for the 1965 budget However, in late July, the out of $195,000 estimated as the ,nn    n ‘ .-LoChad tnPhe cut hack to 3531.673 Saturday .wltb temperatures (due last July 20), reduces the Port Washington Board of Kd overall collection village’s operating finances by about 20 per cent.    C ^ M J IC"77 The village will lose $257 from iGCOllQ IJ / / the one mill, calculated on a    . valuation of $257,509. plus anoth- i    R A 11VH    I*    I    PO er $250 in the undivided local government fund distribution,    r ,    P    £    | Roswell received $1,000 this    j2T    tOT    *)GIC year from the distribution. $71,500 ($79,000); Dover $35,000 had to be cut back to $31,673, ($42,355); Uhrichsville $15,000 whereas the libraries were giv-L0, The County Budget Commis-j ($20,000); Newcomerstown $13,-! en the shares allocated to them, | sion today made the allocation, OOO ($13,500); Dennison $13,000 plus the residue, giving to the 3 municipalities! ($16,000); Sugarcreek - Shanes-and the county the balance of Ville $4,000 ($4,800), and Gna-$40,000 from the estimated clas- denhutten $3,500 ($4,000). sified tax revenue for the com-: mg year.    In    1964, besides the $374 resi- rIhe commission also distrib- (jue given today, the libraries uted $374 to each of the 7 Ii ’ ranging in the high 20’s and low Unless the commission re- The second phase of a 2-nart hrarieT’as "an^ual” division of were allocated the following verses its decisidh, Roswell will 7.^^ i0P(r section of Interstate    [0t j    $9(517 residue from    the am°unts:    county    $68,000; Dover operate in 1965 on $1,333 from ?? t() B()ljvar wi„ cost an esti:    toU1    lrom    - -    - property taxes and $750 from the local Rovemment fund. That    mated 91.969.000, Division ll means a loss of $500 from this    Deputy Director Earl W. Nel- year’s operation.    son said today. James Amieone, a village    Scheduled for contractors’ - «    . councilman, told The Daily Re-    bids in April, the entire project    J    MBFrhsnlf porter this morning that Coun-    w ill cost an estimated $9,500,000,    J    |VICl    WI    ICI! 11J cil had approved a budget 2    including engineering and right- months ago and that he thought    of-way. it had been submitted.    According    to    Nelson    the    sec- Haroid Fox, another; 5®uncj!J    ond IS 77 section of 3.8 miles will be from 1.75 miles south 1964 classified tax collection. $34,000; Uhrichsville $15,000; The $155,000 allocated is $24,- Newcomerstown $13,000; Denni-6;>5 less than the total request- son $13^00; Sugarcreek $4,000, eel by the 7 libraries for 1965. ;and GnadenhuUen R500. Judge lakes Markos' Plea Under Study Weathervane YESTERDAY High 39    Low    36 Elsewhere In U.S. man, said he would wait and Deny Charges The allocation for the 3 major municipalities and the county was the same as in 1964: Dover $12,000; New Philadelphia neck. the county $10,000. The Budget Commission explained this morning that no Markos had been placed on residue money was granted to probation for 5 years as part of mnt’nnnT municipalities or the county be- sentencing on June 28, 1960, ’ cause distribution is limited ac- following conviction in the bri- see what took place Wednes- f Ft Laurens Park bvDassint! Three Dover merchants yes day before making any com-1    I tenlay and this "amv. Francis Fitzpatrick, vil- *as Kiver iust northeast ®»the through their attorneys, entered |    the    bery case involving the    late lace solicitor said he had not '1 a®e‘    n°t Kuilty picas In Northern tax actually collected within the Mayor Clifford i roelich. .........1    Included will be an inter-1 District Court to charges of ii- been contacted, but that In his opinion the village w'ould sub- change with Route 212 east of legaj ^un(jay saies under Ohio’s O    DLII-*. mil the budget now and hope Bolivar. The 4-lane interstate J    O    TOSS rill Id the commission would lie merci- highway will generally parallel ful and restore the one mill Port Couple's Son Killed In Mishap carawas River channel Contract letting is tentatively set for April 27, 2 weeks after NEWCOMERSTOWN — Mr. the first leS is to be sold-and Mrs. Frank Main of RI) 2, Nelson said that construction Port Washington, have receiv- plans are complete for the 2 the old canal tow path at Bol-! ^rs- Cannie Marlowe, owner ivar and will necessitate chang- °f Marlowe Drug in downtown ing about a half mile of the Tus- Dover, entered her plea yester Police Tests High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 44 33 .. Chicago, snow ..... 34 31 .75 Cleveland, rain..... 35 34 .20 Los Angeles, clear . 65 48 ,. Miami, cloudy ..... 77 74 •. New York, rain .... 44 38 .47 Pittsburgh, rain ... 41 38 .73 St. Louis, cloudy ... 31 30 .23 San Fran, clear .... 59 50 •. Washington, cloudy 47 42 .15 TODAY 7 a.rn........ 37 Carl Holt of Columbus, director of District Council 53 of the Central Ohio Public Employes, See REVIEW, Page 2 Phila Council Member Dies Ray M. Morrison, 55, of 236 6th St. NE, a New Philadelphia councilman, died last night in Akron City Hospital following a 7-week illness. Born in Winterset, a son of Robert Marshall and Angie Tuttle Morrison, he had resided in New Philadelphia 29 years. He had been a barber 43 years and owned and operated Ray’s Barber Shop in his home. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the South Pacific, and the Korean War when he served aboard a ship in the Atlantic. He was a member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, was a inert or a Dowling Dan ana past president of Barber’s Unbag, clothing ahd tools from an |on ancj was a member of auto owned by Frank Polen of RD I, Mineral City, and parked on County Road 85, is under in- Rry Morrison Thieves Ransack, Damage Vehicle gles. Surviving are his widow, the former Arvana Kuemerle; a 23 dows were broken. RAINFALL Last 24 Hours: .74 inch TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 7:35 Sunset ............ 4:58 High 35    Low    33 Mishap Investigated Sheriff deputies investigated an accident at 8:25 last night; in the parking lot of Dover Molded Products where a car driven by Richard H. Rausch II, 16, of “RD 2, Dundee, backed into one owned by Doris M. Dessecker of RD I, Dover; son, Robert of Lancaster; See MEMBER, Page 2 Mayor He had been indicted on 7 counts, was declared not guilty on one count, sentenced to the snow. Ohio Pententiary on 2 counts and put on probation on the MILITARY RESERVE FORCES ON TABLE other 4 counts.    I--------------------------------- Forecast: Cloudy, cold, light Boles, 43, of Tuscarawas. There was no citation. loppinq Days tilWTMAS His appeal was rejected Nov. I, 1961. After spending 14 months in morning were Clair McCord and civil" Service Commission 7oY-1 the.„?enltenutia!7:_ Richard Button, proprietors of lowing examinations day afternoon through Atty. I Three recently appointed New Richard Hanhart.    Philadelphia patrolmen were Also pleading not guilty this certified last night by the City ed word of the death of their phase Interstate project son, Lloyd, 38, of Diamond, O. (that Division ll right-of-way Gray Drug and The Hobby Shop, respectively, in Miracle the commission, said this and Lane Plaza. McCord is repre- morning the trio will serve one He was killed yesterday morn ing in a one-truck accident near Youngstown. Besides his parents, he is survived by his widow and 7 children. agents are presently negotiating for needed right-of-way in the area. The first phase will be a 3.1 mile section, costing $4,600,000, Services will be held Sunday from the present Strasburg inst 2 p.m. in the Wood Funeral terchange, north, generally par- this morning hearing dates Home at Ravenna.    aliening County Road 102.    ‘have not been set. sented by a Cleveland attorney; year on a probationary basis, and Button by Atty. M. Paul beginning today. Redinger.    ! The new officers are: David All 3 were arraigned Wednes- Limbaugh and Virgil Davis, day and each posted $100 who were employed Oct. 26, bonds.    and John Grasselli, who was Judge Charles Eckert said hired Nov. 20. Defense Doctors' Ready Knife WASHINGTON (AP) — Fori Indications point to possible hard to -understand why the cei ved^ an ^absolute Pardon D'om    secon(j time in two years, heavy losses for the Army and Army and Air Force should ta.o-,1- ti    defense    officials    appear    to be Air Force Reserve, perhaps vir- maintain dual organizations — preparing for major surgery on tual elimination of the Reserve the Reserve and the National military reserve forces.    and its merger with the Nation- Guard — serving essentially the Just what form that surgery a1 Guard.    san)e    purpose, will take is not yet clear. Stud- The aim of any new stream- . ittl f H , f H -}h th ies have been under way in both lining would be elimination of Marine    whose 45.000 *    *     A    *U/'    ----- wasteful and cumbersome du- Atty. Dorren Renner, head of Gov'    IIis    Pro J    1    See    MARKOS,    Page    2 DAY BRIGHTENER Any child who gets raised are the Air Force and the Armv. The service recommendations plication and strengthening of Maiane division and supporting 'e awaited by Secretary of De- the readiness of Reserve forces ,„4„„ No one else took the examination, Renner said. strictly by" the book probably fense Robert s\ McNamara, which cost about 52 billion a^offirifis claim it would be j_ _ ti w .jui __;    u.Hn    will    makp    trip    final    non-    vpar    In    cunnnrt find it Sec DEFENSE, ^’age 14 is a first edition. who will make the final deci- year to support, sions.    i    Penton    planners I I ;

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