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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 28, 1964, Dover, Ohio Cleveland Browns In Action At Hiram Training Camp....Page 13 The Reporter . • . First To Respond .. . First To Serve Your Community The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION ti * Iii I VOL bl. NO. 41. 54 PAGLS. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Priddy, August 28, l%4 •'iTT'' Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2lb? 7 CLNTSDemocratic Team Begins Shaping All-Out Campaign Humphrey's Speech Jabs At Coldwater Bx JACK RU.I. ITLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Accepting their nominations v ith the roaring tributes of the Democratic National Convention, President Johnson and Sen.    Hubert    II Humphrey quickly turned today to the practical business of shaping a campaign aimed at defeating their Republican opponents. Refore they were to leave for a weekend at the LBJ ranch near Johnson City, Tex., the iTesident and Humphrey, his vice presidential running mate, arranged to brief the party’s national committee on their fast-forming political plans. First Humphrey and then Johnson stood Thursday night in the blazing lights on the podium to tell thousands of Democrats at the closing session of their convention that they had enlisted their energies in a crusade to build “the great society” in a tumultuous world I be President, interrupted Line and again by applause, said, in accepting nomination for a first four-year elective term, that the election is “not between liberals and conservate es. party and party, platform and platform.” “It is between courage and timidity,” he shouted. “It is between those who see what can be. and those who want only to maintain the status quo. It is between those who welcome the future and those who turn away from its promise.” He pledged “a constant, patient effort to move the world toward peace.” “I will use the full resources of the federal government,” to See ALL-OUT, Page FLORIDA ASSAULT IS DEATH FREE Cleo Cut To 'Breeze CAPE KENNEDY,    Fla. (AP)    new energy    from    the    warm    Gulf    death and destruction was l>e- — Hurricane ('leo. no    longer the    Stream.    hind the hurricane. Her known blustering monster that roared Only a 43-mile breeze, punc- death toll stood at 138. through Miami, slapped weakly tuated by an occasional gust up ,\t J] a m.. KST. the eve was today at the rockets of (ape to 60, marked the passage of the centered a short distance north-Kennedy and the city of Day- once vicious storm to the west west ()f \ugustine. North-tona Beach.    of Daytona    Beach.    Damage    was    ward. the coast begins to bend But the Miami Weather Bu-    superficial.    j0 jhe northeast. On her due- Ireau reported a tendency to urricane warnings remained nor,h ,rack* (’Ie0 would slarl redevelop in the offshore portion Hurricane warnings remain*a    in|.»nH rn Pnmsuwk of the eve, and warned that the up north to Brunswick. Ga., and 'V)lkin- mland Enmhwick. present' northward track will a hurricane watch was in effect l'a-carry the storm again over the t0 Charleston, S.C. The univ hurricane winds oc- One af rhe main streets of Miami Beach leaves no doubt that Hurricane Cleo smashed this way on her destructive journey up the Florida Gold Coast. * ★ Cleo s Twists Swirl Left And Twirls 16 the plane cleared several obstacles that could have been avoided only by traveling up. “She jurt snapped her ropes and took off,” said maintenance man Brian MacDonald. “All that wind rushing under the wings creates lift, and that’s all you need to fly.” In West Palm Beach, a young suburbanite dropped his motor City Officials Air Annexing Of Spence Land Plans for annexation of land owned by Mr and Mrs. Gene Spence and proposed extension of Evergreen Dr. were discussed at last night’s Dover Planning Board meeting. Sen ice Director H. S. Ream Jr. said County Commissioners must approve the annexation of Spence’s land near Winkler Dr. before City Council can take any action. Ile said the Spences last night agreed to dedicate a 50-foot frontage of the property they own to the city for the new road- New York, cloudy . way, in exchange for the in- Pittsburgh, cloudy stallation of city water and St. Louis, cloudy .. sewer facilities to their land. San Fran., clear .. Ream said contact also will Washington, cloudy MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — An air*    boat into his backyard swim- plane flew without a pilot, a    ming pool to protect it from man sunk his boat in a swim-    Cleo’s 100-mile winds, a trick ming pool to protect it and a    fishermen learned centuries ago group of children had an ice    when they sunk their craft into cream party because of Hum-    lagoons and rivers at the ap- cane Cleo.    preach of bad weather. Then, as secretary of the NFO. In Miami, a twin-engined IM 3 now. it works.    In    asking for the petition the apparently took off from Opa-    A West Palm Beach housewife    auction    firm    claims    that    in    a Locka Airport as Cleo swirled    inadvertently stocked up on a    mass    demonstration on    Aug.    34 by. Nobody saw the flight, but freezer full of ice cream the aft- at the Sugarcreek Auction Barn emoon before Cleo struck. Her the defendants, by their threat-power went out and the ice emng manner, obstructed en-cream threatened to drip all trance of the vehicle to the barn over the kitchen.    of the loading and unloading of Instead, she hauled it out and vehicle, gave the neighborhood children The petition also cites: an ice cream party.    Threats    of personal violence and In Delray Beach, a veteran of injury' to personal property; World War I said Cleo was threatening manner in their “worse than Argonne.” The communication with customers man. C. J. Bidet, 72. is custodi- and employes, intimidating the an at the drive-in theatre and same, and threats of personal lives at the bottom of the huge, violence and injury and proper-extra wide screen in a four- tv damage intimidating the auc-room apartment.    tion employes and employes of Cleo ripped the screen apart customers and shippers in at- See SWIRL. Page 16    See    AUCTION.    Page    2 Atlantic where Cleo could draw A curving, 2.500-mile path of curring at the time were Sugarcreek Auction Asks Injunction Sugarcreek Livestock Auctioning Inc. filed a petition this morning in the (Jerk of Courts office asking for an immediate restraining order against the National Farmers Organization and 12 members of the organization. Named are: John Signst of RD I, Dundee; J. Irvin McAllister of RD 3. Newcomerstown; Paul Ladrach and John Young of RD I. Sugarcreek; Virgil Moore of RD 6. Caldwell; William (Bill) Warden of RD I. Salesville; Francis Buxton of RD I, Scio; Richard Roe of Tuscarawas County and John Doe (to include all other persons possibly involved); Stanley Flatfoot, of Anna, ().; president of the Ohio chapter of NFO; Edward Sassy of Mantua, ()., vice president of the NFO, and Mrs. William Davis of Mount Ster- m guests, but warnings were left unchanged, pending a penetration of the hurricane by aircraft. Winds were gusting at 45 miles an hour at Jacksonville Beach and six foot swells pounded the coast. Moderate to heavy rains spread northward into Georgia. Cleo, which left Miami and 200 miles of Florida’s ‘‘Gold Coast” looking like a battle zone after striking with winds up to 115 miles an hour, hit Cape Kennedy with winds that peaked at 65 m.p.h. That was IO miles below hurricane strength, not enough to cause serious damage to the sprawling facility, which was prepared to weather winds more than twice that velocity. Six giant space rockets rod# Ste CLEO (IT* Page 2 Nuisance Action Hits Stucki Tavern __ Franz Stucki (above) looks more than a little chagrined after Sheriff Deputy Gene Lyons (below) u -Weathervane YESTERDAY High 85    Low    65 Elsewhere Iii l.S. High Low Albuquerque, clear . Chicago, cloudy — Cleveland, clear ... Los Angeles, cloudy Miami, cloudy ..... 86 82 81 77 M 84 82 86 64 83 60 73 68 64 M 60 65 61 56 66 Pr. .02 Leaders Indicate Sufficient Signers For School Vote M .08 have to be made with Norman Winkler and Arthur Weinsz for acquisition of portions of land they own before any action on the new roadway could be initiated. Ream said City Solicitor Mario torsi will be asked for an opinion concerning the planned changes and proposed annexation. 68 M-Missing TODAY 7 a. in............ RAINFALL Last 24 hours .... None TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5; 49 Sunset ............ 7:03 High 85    Low    70 Forecast: Cloudy, warm, mid, possible showers. BURNS LOSES HIS 'STRAIGHT MAN' Residents of the Goshen Lo- that they would wait until all of cal, Tuscarawas-Warwick, Sa- the petitions were returned be-lem-Washington and Gnadenhut- fore stating the exact number. ten-Clay school districts, who A meeting was set for Satur-are circulating a petition in ef- day night at 6 (slow time) at forts to get a referendum vote the fire station for the purpose •• on the proposed new Southern of tallying the remaining peti-•• Local School District, would not tions so an accurate total can release an exact number of be made, signers last night.    The    minimum number of sig- Leaders. however, indicated natures needed is 742 or 35 per that the number of signatures cent of the registered voters in obtained so far has surpassed the districts, the minimum needed, which would be in excess of 742.    The    petitions turned in last Approximately 3(1 persons at- night were mainly from the Go-tended the meeting in the Mid-1shen and Tuscarawas-Warwick hu- vale Fire Station and turned in districts and Harry Goddard of petitions, but spokesmen said See SCHOOL VOTE. Page 9 posted the injunction Stucki's Tavern. $2,041 Spent To Try Crago Court costs for the second-degree murder trial of James Crago of RI) 2, Dover, totaled $2,041, according to the court entries filed in the case. This amount included a payment of $1,000 to Attys. James Barnhouse and Clair Hoffman, the court-appointed counsel for Crago. The lawyers paid $389 in expenses from the sum awarded them. Fourteen jurors (12 regular members and 2 alternates) received a total payment of $490 for the 7-day trial, each receiving $5 per day. Witnesses, a total of 34. were paid $294 at a rate of $3 per day plus 5 cents per mile for traveling expenses. Other major expense items were $94 for Clerk of Court costs, $80 for stenographer fees and $64 for sheriff’s fees.. Crago was found guilty of first-degree manslaughter iii the bludgeon killing of Milton Swonger on March 28. Last Monday he was sentenced by Judge J. I!. Lamneck to the Ohio Penitentiary for I to 20 years. Sheriff A. J. Young took Crago to the Ohio Penitentiary this morning on the front door of Heart Attack Claims Grade Allen. 58 Grade Allen By ROR THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (\P) - Oracle Allen, whose scatterbrained comedy helped make Burns and Allen a top act in show business for 34 years, died Thursday night after a heart attack. She was 58. Spokesmen for the family said Miss Allen died at 11:15 p.m. and that her husband, comedy actor George Burns, was at her side at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Contacted at the Burns home in Beverly Hills, William Burns, George’s brother, said the popular comedienne had been in seemingly good health before being stricken. Ile said she had experienced Newcomerstown CiC Buys Land It was reported today that the Newcomerstown Community Improvement Corp. has purchased 35 acres of land from James 3.5 acres of land from James Dover Has New Police Deskman Alden G. Warner, 21, of 9(18 .V Tuscarawas \ve„ has been hired as a police dispatcher. Police Chief Garrison ti. Groh announced todav. Groh said Warner, who replaced Gail Herman, recently named patrolman, was hired yesterday afternoon and began work last night. Warner served 3 veals in the Bv Pete Groh Daily Reporter Staff Writer Stucki’s Tavern at 206 N. Tuscarawas Ave., Dover, was expected to re-open today following a mixup in interpretation of a t e rn p o r a r y injunction granted yesterday afternoon by Common Pleas Judge J. IL Lamneck. The tavern closed at 4:15 yesterday afternoon when Sheriff Deputy Gene Lyons posted the order. Upon questioning by Franz Stucki, operator of the establishment, Lyons told him that the order meant “no sales could be made in the tavern until the outcome of a hearing on the action.” Actual!}, the order, requested in a petition by County Prosecutor Harlan Spies, refrained the defendants from permitting the continuance of the “common nuisance,” referring to the “unlawful sales and possession of intoxicating liquors.” Others named as defendants in the petition were: John Stucki of Wilmot, Franz’s brother, who is the liquor permit holder, and Gust Lambros of 206*2 N. Tuscarawas Ave., the property owner. Spies’ petition states that the “nuisance” created by Stucki’s operation “will continue unless rest rained and abated by the cr urt.” The temporary injunction also enjoins the defendants and “all other persons occupying the premises described in the petition from removing or in any way interfering with the fixtures used in connection with the operation of the said nuisance." stucki this morning retained Dover Atty. John Woodard as counsel, apparently telling him of the “closing” of his place. Woodard could not be contacted at noon today for comment on the mixup, but about an hour earlier he told the Daily Reporter he would contact Judge Lamneck this afternoon to set a bond for Stucki’s re-opening. Rush Levy Filed Residents of the Rush Local District will vote on a 4.4 mill renewal (44 cents per $100) for 5 years at the Nov. 3 election. The Rush Local School Board of Education filed a resolution yesterday with the County Board of Elections asking for the levy to be placed on the ballot for monies needed tor current operating expenses. Presumably, when Stucki went to the attorney this morning, he did not show him a copy of the order but told him only that he “had been closed.” The bond, as explained by As-j sistant Prosecutor James Thomas at noon, would be required for Stucki’s reopening if a permanent injunction were granted by Lamneck at a Sept. 9 hearing. Thomas said the amount of the bond could range from SI OOO to $5,000. A hearing for a permanent injunction has been set for 9 a.m. Sept. 9 before Judge Lamneck. See STUCKI. Page 2 Plans Readied For New Area Shopping Mart Announcement is expected Saturday from 2 Mansfiled men, giving detailed plans for the proposed shopping center on a 13-acre tract along Route 250 south of Schoenbrunn. C. M. Dingledine of Luna, who picked up the options on the property last week, said today construction will begin within a few weeks by his firm. The number of buildings to be erected and names of businesses to occupy them will bo released by Soul Doppelt of Mansfield, part-owner of the new center. Runt Hamlet, also of Mansfield, reportedly is the other partner. The buildings probably will De occupied by several well-known chain stores. Dingledine said, definitely including a supermarket. Renovate Gas Station The contract for re-covering with enamel and general repairs to the \merican Sendee Station at 269 W. High Ave . New Philadelphia. has been awarded to the Taylor Construction Co. of Canton. according to a building permit filed this morning in the Sendee Director’s Office. Boys Break Bulbs A New Philadelphia resident notified police last night at 9:55 that 2 teenage boys had broken several fluorescent bulbs on the street in front of Ladrach s Paint Store on W. High \\e. Police did not locate anyone. Schmid, Stauffer Achieve State Fair Cheese Honors mild heart attacks in the past. They didn’t, however, seem to slow her down much. Ten days ago she and her husband were among the guests at the gala wedding reception for Edie Adams and her new husband. Marty Mills. She appeared effervescent and cheerful, as she has been DAY BRIGHTENER A summer camp is a place where little boys go for mother’s vacation. since her retirement in 1958. I Tit ii then. the strain ot sustaining her nitwit role sometimes made her tense and withdrawn. At the time of her retirement, Burns explained why she quit: “She’s never missed acting for a minute. She never was a ham, anyway. Most actors are aware of playing to an audience. Not Grade. The side of the stage toward the audience was a wall to her. She concentrated only on what she had to say and never gave a thought to cameras or lights or makeup or anything. “She deserved a rest. She had been working all her life, and I Set* GRACE ALLEN, Page 16 ON THE INSIDE and Betty Bates of Port Wash- armed forces anil attended inton. The property is the site Dover High. lie is not married for a new Bates Metal Products Co. plant which will be erected in the near future. The land, form*/ ohio Canal property leased by Bates from the State of Ohio, was transferred to the CIC in order to qualify for the $50,000 Small Business Assn. loan. Tennis Courts Reopen Dover Service Director IL S. Ream Jr. said this morning that tennis courts at city park on N. Wooster Ave. have been reopened following a 2-day sealing project. He said they also have been striped. \round rhe World Dear \bby Dr. Alvarez — Dr. Crane ........ Churches .......... Goree On Bridge Hospital News Obituaries Sports .......... Teles ision Women s Pages . Your nasoscope 9 21 19 19 14 19 •> 11-12-1J 7 H it 9 21 Ernest Schmid of Sharp Run Dairy Millersburg, and Sam Stauffer of Eel F. Sterner Inc. of Baltic took down top wheel and block honors, respectively, yesterday during Swiss cheese judging at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. It was thi* fourth contest in 6 events which go toward establishing an Ohio champion. Judging during the Tuscarawas County and the annual Swiss Festival will complete the contest. Both wheels and blocks could be entered in the state fair event, but the cheesemaker had to designate, before the judging ny Robert Harden of Monroe, Wise . which cheese he wantd the points on. A J. Ladrach of Sugarcreel Dairy placed second in th wheel division for 5 points while Erwin Fieni of Kidroi Cheese Factory gamed thi same amount iii the block cata gory. Both Schmid and Stauffe gained 6 points, the latter cor turning at the top of the tota point list with 28. Fieni ani Ladrach are runnersup with I each. Other finishers and point gained were Wheel — Mo.se A. Trover * I mon Cheese Co., Earl Rinse See ( HEESE, Page 2 ;

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