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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 27, 1964, Dover, Ohio Gates To Tilth Ohio State Fair Swing Open Friday At Columbus...Page 9 Pictures, Story On County 4-H Style Revue    Page    13 New Philadelphians too, look to The Reporter for newspaper leadership VOL. 61. NO. 40. The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION 26 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, August 27, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Johnson Nods To Humphrey By JACK BELL Auociated Pres* Political Writer ATLANTIC CHL N.J. (AP) — The team of Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas and Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota squared off today for the 1964 presidential battle with thundering Democratic con\ention acclaim behind them as the party nominees. MI that remained to kirk off the hostilities with the Republic tial nomination until he was ran Goldwater-Miller ticket was ready to board a plane to Atlan-President Johnson’s formal ae- tic City. Humphrey, who had feptance tonight of the presi- flown to Washington at the riential nomination he won by President’s command, was at acclamation Wednesday night, his side Humphrey also will formally Taking the senator by the accept the vice presidential arni( Johnson walked over to rumination.    newsmen standing behind a bar- Johnson was expected to tell  , „    .....    . delegates, ambled for a ses- ner and *»<!: /Meet the next aion at which the late President vlce president. * John F. Kennedy was to be The world thus learned of the memorialized, that his will be a sptection. about three hours be-campaign aimed at achieving *°re man>’ delegates to this con-tv and jroacc1    \ cantion ikn(*\^ that it had He might also give the party made. No modem president had faithful something to yell about pvpr counsel about a limby jibing at GOP presidential n,nc rotate so l°ng nominee Barry Coldwater and Johnson. Humphrey and Sen. his running mate, Hep William Thomas J Dodd. D-i onn.. w ho Cleo Puts Steam In Florida Punch Chrysler Corp. Miami Marks Is No. I Target!"""11’"*' E Miller. Then almost as soon as the curtain drops on their bedlam by the Boardwalk, the President and Humphrey plan to head for the LBJ Ranch in Tex-fcN to plot their autumn strategy •’There in the shade of the live oaks on the banks of the Pedemales, we will talk over our duty for the next few weeks,” said JJohnson. But before packing up. delegates and party officials will salute the President’s 56th birthday with a fireworks spectacular and a huge party for some 4,(KW guests. also had been summoned to the white house from Atlantic City, Sr* GBTS CALL, Page 13 Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota was talking to a Minneapolis radio station Wednesday morning when another phone rang. On the other end was President Lyndon Johnson, inviting him to come from Atlantic City to the White House to exchange views on the vice presidency. Everything culminiated with his selection as LBJ's running mate last night. ★ ★ SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP) — The ruling military revolutionary council elected Maj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh and two other top generals today to run South Viet Nam for the next two months. Radio Saigon announced. This development in the political crisis came amid bloody new riots in Saigon. A crowd of 2.000 marched on For Auto Stall By GENE SCHROEDER DE I ROI I (AP) — The United Auto Workers Union has singled out Chrysler Corp. as its No. I strike target in efforts to secure new contracts for the nation’s half-million auto plant workers. LAW President Walter Reuther told newsmen Wednesday night that the walkout at Chrysler would begin at IO a.m. Sept. 9 if no settlement is forthcoming by that time. Reuther said Chrysler, Genera , In 38 Years a1 Motors and Ford HUBERT'S SWEETEST VICTORY ....The Man Who Came Back! By ARTHUR EDSON    glory, it seemed    impossible    that ATLANTIC CITY, N J. (AP)    only four    short    years    ago he — For Hubert Horatio Hum-    looked to    be washed    up.    fin- phrey, the man w ho came back,    lshed. this was sweet victory indeed. There he stood Wednesday night, waving, laughing, point- Mrx Jarnueline Kennedy the ,nt; happily t0 fnends he rec°K* tva Jacqueline Kennedy, the J2pd h mining crowd be- President s widow, was to ar- .    ..    .    .    . rive today. She does not intend to attend the convention program but w ill greet delegates at a reception. In a dramatic turn to a convention that had followed form so closely it was on the dull side low, as thousands cheered in this giant convention hall. Everything had gone right for Hubert Humphrey at last Rut let’s go back for a moment. to that rainy night of May IO. 1060, in Charleston. W.Va. This was the windup of a rough, tough campaign. Sen. John F. Kennedy and Sen. Hubert ll Humphrey of Minnesota were the two contestants, and on the 60 members to resist student and Buddhist demands for a governmental shakeup. Vietnamese troops opened fire. They were ordered to shoot over heads of the demonstrators. but three were reported killed and more Than 20 wounded. The rest retreated. Roman Catholic and Buddhist youths battled in capital’s streets. The Saigon radio station and a technical high ‘cretarv in school were focal points. Several other persons were wounded, appar-i had ently knifed, only nice things to say about Called on to share rule with him Wednesday night as he sec- Khanh were Lt. Gen. Tran. Thi-onded the nomination. Hum- en Khiem. former defense min-phrey worked hard in the IWO ister, and Mai. Gen. Duong Van fall campaign, Salinger said. (Big) Minh. the former chief of to Kennedy’s  _    _    the    auto! the council's compound, canine industrv's Rig Three - all had adopted a “narrow, selfish attitude” in negotiations and are denying workers their fair share of recordbreaking profits. The union’s contracts with all three firms expire Monday, but Reuther said the strike deadline was set beyond Labor Day to allow several extra days at the table in efforts to a rain in the bargaining avoid a walkout prey Kennedy’s West Virginia was on the side of the primary fence President Johnson is expected to open his campaign in Detroit’s Cadillac Square on Labor Dav. Observers have pointed out that with a auto strike in progress. the President might have found such an appearance be- 4k By CHARLEY DICKENS reported MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Hurricane Cleo smashed Miami with I sledgehammer blows today, left the streets of the city looking like a battleground, then roared on northward up the heavily-populated southeast Florida coast Broadcasting towers toppled. Store windows exploded by hundreds, littering streets with merchandise and broken glass. Fallen trees blockaded hundreds of streets. No deaths were reported, but a looter shot by police was in I critical condition in a hospital. County Manager Irving G. Mc-Navr said he would ask to have the city declared a disaster area. There was no estimate of damage to public buildings, but McNayr called it “quite serious.” A veteran policeman who was fudging from the reported in Miam< ^nthelW hum-J    cane broke the big Honda Iand wrong ‘‘diagnosis’ and    re-    boom. said    the storm    was    the sultant “dry” drilling for    a    worst since    then, county doctors’ pool, the topic    Numerous    fires broke out    and for the forthcoming meeting    of    c°uten 1 *)e    *imht in    the    115- mile an hour fury of the wind. fore a labor rally to be embar- the Tuscarawas County Medical 0ne warebouse was destroyed Not only had President Johnson ^lt ea(T l,ther all th.it r,n*\u,    o.    hi. they had. No one who took part finally picked him as his vice presidential running mate. Johnson had made it all the in or who watched that West Virginia Democratic presiden- and contributed victory. So here Humphrey was Wednesday night. so gay. so effervescent, so exuberant, lapping up the applause. \nd re-calim years state. Khanh supplanted Minh rassmg. \ug. 16. That was the day the Reujher council elected the 37-vear-old Johnson in strong man to the presidency. Leaflets dropped over the city from a Vietnamese army heli-w hat happened just four copter announced the present ago. it was easy to see caretaker government will con- Johnson broke a suing of ,ove,jer by    an    un.    tial    primary    will    ever    forget    Lf.    * wh\ he loved it. See KHANH, Page 6 precedent The President had held on to his secret that Humphrey was his choice for the vice presider heard of political chore, coming from Washington to Humphrey in person. Watching Humphrey in all his Johnson, 56 Today Is Pronounced Fit' All the odds were expected to nominate fa™r Humphrey. He was a Protestant running against a Roman Catholic in Protestant country. He spoke the plain, homey language hill folks could understand. But the Kennedy resources and the Kennedy knowledge and the combined County NFO Okays Continued Picketing visited President the White House Wednesday, but he denied that the President’s Labor Dav plans had any influence on the decision to set Sept. 9 — two days after the holiday — as the strike date. Pointing out that Chrysler is the nation’s seventh largest corporation. Reuther said the firm was .selected because it had what he termed “a economic Society could Wildcatting — 111 Effects.” well be:    “Oil    at    a Its Dangers and Fires when and moral obligation.” to repay    ^.e    have the IMW for 1961 contract LTrU^h.‘ a Car'°ad home W',h concessions. At that time, Chrysler was in he contended, deep financial energy of the restless Kennedy Hon handed him without contest Lindy chanced what looked like Wednesday night.    certain defeat into spectacular The verdict of four doctors on 'u‘tory. his physical condition was dis- Humphrey offered his con-dosed by the President Wednes-    gradations, and Kennedy, look- day as he led newsmen on a 44-    jng as if be were a    little embar- romerstown, assurance    he    is    physically fit route hike, talking as he circled    passed at so solid    a knockout for “an    active vigorous    life.”    15 laps around the back drive-    blow, said: “It was    very nice of Bv LEE GARRETT WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson, >6 years old today, has his party’s overw helming endorsement for another term in office and his doctors’ For a birthday party, he was assured a rousing reception way of the White House. Loping easily along in the from    the    Democratic    National    high-humidity heat Johnson con-    sulk. Atlantic    Citv.    vinced less-athletic newsmen of    Sen the doctors’ finding that his “exercise tolerance continues to be superb” despite a serious _    heart attack in 1955. 7j| rn    In    the course of the 90-minute i r    ,t    afternoon marathon, Johnson: WGfltnBrVcinG - Foresaw a Democratic vie* you to come over, But Humphrey Hubert.” isn’t one Convention in where he goes tonight to accept formally the full-term nomina- Pierre Salinger, who YESTERDAY High 79    Low    48 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, rain . 85 57 .02 Chicago, cloudy ... 77 Cleveland, clear ... 73 Los Angeles, cloudy 82 85 89 74 81 62 92 61 54 65 M 61 51 65 56 67 M .02 Miami, rain New York, clear . Pittsburgh, dear , St. Louis, cloudy . San Fran., clear . Washington, dear TODAY 7 a.rn..............51 RAINFALL Last 24 hours . none TOMORROW Sunrise............5:48 Sunset.............7:05 High 88    Low    63 Forecast: Partly cloudy, scat-jfurnace tered showers. tory in November, saying various polls show “w'e run, generally speaking, 60-70 per cent” compared with 25 to 30 per cent for Sen. Barry Coldwater, the Republican presidential nominee. — Said he plans campaign trips for one, two or three days Noted Dover Swiss Native Is Dead At 67 SUGARCREEK — With a ca- was only half the total report do lit ira I paclt-v turnout at Miller Imple- ed by auction officials. 1 ment* Store last night, members Another meeting is scheduled trouble and there was a ques-of the National Farmers Orga- Saturday night at 8:30 in the tion of whether the company nization    planned to continue    meeting room of National Bank    was    going to survive, picketing    livestock sales at Sag-    of Dover. It will be open to    Chrysler    is    now    the arcreek, Farmerstown and Co- all interested farmers.    most profitable company in the shocton as part of a 23-state    auto industry, Reuther said, holding action.    Meanwhile,    state NFO lead- earning $114.4 million after ta.x- Ralph Pollock of RD I. New- ers said at Columbus that Ohio es during the first six months of national NFO or- members will ease up on pick- this year. This, he said. was a ganizational director for Tusca- eting and demonstrations. 26 per cent return on its invest-raw as and Coshocton Counties, The decision to cut down the ment. reported an attorney has been demonstrations came at the sug---- hired to    fight a temporary in-    gestion of Oren Lee Staley, the junction    granted at Coshocton    NFO’s national president in as on Tuesday which prohibits Iowa. pickets from blocking deliver- Ohio members will continue ies to Producers Livestock to withhold their cattle and at Assn. there.    the same time keep up their Pollock said that practically observation of livestock every NFO member picketing Paso 2 half-million dollar cost, still were breaking out dawn revealed the raw scars of the hurricane. (’leo, howling and moaning un from the south, slammed hurricane force winds into Miami at 2:20 a m. One hour later, power failure plunged the city into darkness. After crossing Miami, the eve of the hurricane moved on northward across Hallandale, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Roca Raton and West Palm ... fl .    ,    .    .    Beach.    Hurricane warning flags We would have been glad f|ew nn up ,he „,.|s| Kennedy and gale warnings were issued as far north as Daytona Beach. At IO a.m., winds of 105 miles Sw FLORIDA PUNCH, Page 2 C. Ontrary, who must have been in Indiana recently, came charging in with this note: “What’s with coffee prices in Ohio? I saw all brands of the black stuff being sold in the Hoosier state for 49 cents a pound. I had to fill the larder upon arriving home and paid him to pay him 53 cents If you’re a good Democrat you can pick up a 1964 county high school football schedule in second the Courthouse basement office of Recorder Ted Underwood. It includes records and facts on the teams, plus Ohio State and Cleveland Browns lineups. Ted says Republicans also can have them if they promise to cross party lines in November. Petition Rally Reset Tonight to mar ses NFO, Hans F. Grossniklaus, 67, of Se? 56 TODAY, Page 6 Empire-Reeves Tests New Steel Electric Furnace the Coshocton sate last Friday was a member of the PLA and they employed a lawyer to protect their interests. Pollock, in asking a continuant Crater Ave., Dover, former tion of the holding action, said owner of the Alpine Cheese Fac- several terminal markets are tory of near Wilmot, died yes- showing an increase in receipts terday afternoon in Union Dos- with a resultant price drop. He pital.    charged that, in some instances, He was    admitted    to    the    hos-    livestock is    being trucked long    sch0()l district, comprising I    hr- pital Tuesday after    .suffering a    distances to    flood certain mar-    ichsville, Dennison and Union cerebral    hemorrhage    in    his    Kcts. “This    is an attempt to    Local districts will be placed    on home.    scare farmers into selling,” he Nov. 3 ballot, County Board said.    °f Elections was notified today. It also was reported that an In a letter dated Aug. 24. M. actual count of livestock deliv- Byron Morton, assistant supered! to Sugarcreek on Monday irotendent of Public Instruction for Ohio, notified the county Twin City Area School Merger To Be On Ballot The proposal for the new city Dover Boy, 17, County 'Guest' For IO Days A source close to sources figures court - appointed Attys. James Barnhouse and Hoffman earned hour in defendin' No tabulation has been released on the results of petitions be* C I a i r irog circulated in the 4 school about $1 an districts of the proposed South-James Moses em Local District, requesting the preparing defense. A newly-installed “twin” electric furnace was being tested today at the Mansfield plant of Empire-Reeves Steel Corp. The second 100-ton melting for the plant in less ty Rom in Switzerland, a son of the late Rudolf and Rosa Schoe-ni Grossniklaus, he came to the United States in 1924. First residing at Sugarcreek, he was a resident of the Wilmot area 24 years before moving to Dover in 1959. He was a member of the Woo- Juvenile Judge Ralph Finley this morning placed a Dover youth in the County Detention night Home IO days, found a New dling Philadelphia girl not guilty of a traffic charge and suspended the operator’s license of 4 others. Max V. Ritenour Jr., 17. of 111 Pine St., is to be confined in the detention home the next IO days aftei he was found gull- Resurfacing of Wooster Ave. tv of leaving the scene of an bridge in Dover has been tenta-accident and driving without an tivelv scheduled for next Wed- Crago in his recent first-degree the creation of the new district manslaughter trial.    They were    placed on the Nov.    3 ballot, awarded $1,000 by    the court.    The tally will be    reported    at Expenses, including    a trip to    a meeting at 7:30    tonight    in West Virginia where    Crago for-    Midvale Fire Station, according merly lived, were about $400, 1° Halph Romig of Tuscara* leaving them about $300 each. was. “We are not attempting They spent 7 days in the court- 1° hold a closed meeting,” Ro-room, plus countless days and mig said today. “Our discussion in preparing and hail- will 6° °Pon 1° the Press an(^ Dover Bridge Work Slated Bobbie Brooks Employment Up In the “Tusca-Notes,” DAY BRIGHTENER About all you shoestring these can do on a davs is trip. board that the State Board of Education had on July 14 directed its secretary to certify the proposal. By law, Clerk Victor Turner ster Elks Lodge, Massillon Ka-    monthly publication of the    said    today, this certification gles, The Swiss Singing Socie-    County Chamber of Commerce,    must    be submitted in the form and the North American    Sid Gross, plant manager of the    of a    resolution to the Board of than a year, it is part of a cur- Swiss Alliance.    Dover Garment Co. (Bobbie Elections in order to be placed rent $6 million expansion    pro-    Surviving are his widow, the    Brooks) is quoted as saying    on the ballot. Thus far. Turner gram. It will be used for    both    former Emmy Vogler; a son,    that production of women’s ap-    said,    such a resolution has not carbon and stainless steel    pro-    Don of W'ilmot; 2 daughters, Su-    parel is on the increase and    been    received, but only Mor- duction.    zette (Snooks) of Wilmot and    that employes at the firm has    ton’s    letter of notice. Four annealing furnaces also Mrs. Mans (Jeannette) Horns- passed the 75 mark.    Each    school board, whose have been installed a the cold burger of Plain City, ().; 3 An open house, to give the boundaries will be altered by mill in Mansfield to permit fast- brothers, Albert of Navarre and public an opportunity to tour the proposal, shall receive coper handling of finishing opera- Werner and Paul of Switzer- the new plant, is being planned ies of the resolution, Turner tions on steel.    I    See native, Page 2 for early fall.    added. operator’s license filed by Dover police. Ritenour. who was in Juvenile Court in November, 1962. for driving without an operator’s license, was involved in an accident last July 23. Judge Finley also placed Ritenour on probation for a vear and told him not to apply for a license for the year He told the boy: “If vou come in here again vou might as well bring your clothes because the next time vou’ll be* going to the Boys Industrial School ” \ charge of leaving the scene of an accident against Sandra See YOUTH, Page 2 public.” Romig declined to give any figures on the number of signatures on the petitions, although he said they had “encountered no difficulty” in his district, Tusearaw as-Warwick other districts involved are Goshen. Salem-Washington and Gnadenhutten - Clay. County school officials have expressed the opinion that if the issue were placed on the ballot, the proposal probably would be defeated. ON THE INSIDE Around The Dear \bby Dr \lvarei Dr. Crane World nesday, County Engineer Charles Young said today. Officials of Division ll of the State Department of Highways met with Mayor C. LeMovne Luthv this morning to discuss re-routing of Route l>5() and 8 traffic for the 24-hour period. Tentative plans call for using W Front St., the Tuscarawas Ave. bridge and W Broadway. Service Director ll S. Ream reports the bridge will be seal- Goren On Bridge cd with a “slurry coat.” the Hospital News .. same material used this year to!Obituaries ...... seal several city streets.    Sports ........ Costs of the bridge sealing job Television ... are paid from the County Road Women’s Pages and Bridge Fund.    Your iiuoscutw , 1 lo & 12 & 1 6 25 23 23 23 2 2 16 5 13 ;

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