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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 17, 1964, Dover, Ohio 900 Battle Fires Covering 170,000 Acres In Nevada rn ELKO, Nev. (AP) — Fire fighters appeared today to be winning a battle with four large northeastern Nevada range fires which scorched an estimated 170,000 acres of grassland sagebrush. A Bureau of Land Manage ment official said three of the blazes were largely controlled overnight But at last report, a 51,000-acre fire still burned out of control in the rugged, hard-to-reach Boulder Creek area northwest of Elko. About 900 men were on the fire lines today and 150 more were waiting in Elko to be dispatched. A half dozen other major blazes burned an additional 13,-000 acres in northern and central Nevada Saturday and Sunday. Most were set when a se ries of lightning-charged thunderstorms crossed the state Saturday. A Boise, Idaho, pilot was killed Sunday when his plane crashed 20 miles north of Elko. He was returning to Boise after flying a group of firefighters to Elko, seat of a vast cattle and sheep ranching area. Two Elko County ranchers were hospitalized with serious burns suffered as they tried to build a fire line with a bulldozer. Clair Whitlock, Bureau of Land Management district dir ector. said he hoped all four big fires could be controlled today. “We feel we may be getting on top of the situation. We feel we have adequate men and equipment now to handle anything (hat might happen unless we get high winds or some un foreseen situations,” Whitlock said. Four hundred Indian firefighters from New Mexico were flown by Air Force transport planes to Elko Sunday night to join 500 men already on the fire See NEVADA, Page 6 All Papers Print News. Some, Like The Reporter, discover It! VOL 61. NO. 31. The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION 18 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover - New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, August I 7, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS UNION HOSPITAL TO AID IN GERM BATTLE Greek Cypriots phho Firm's isolator ll    A    .    |    Bv James Cnllison llrnP Ar mC | J PA I Reporter Staff Writer \# I    I    HU    |/VUl    I Within a month the staff at *0    (Union    Hospital will be taking Wa I    •    I part in an experiment that _ A    IJ    ■    I    I    could revolutionize hospital pro- I J iJ    I    I    V    V    I    11V    cedures toward the prevention I (ll I llUJJIUI ll#    of infection and spread of con tagious diseases. By HAL MCCLURE    For    more than a year Dr. NICOSIA. Cyprus (AP) — Buoyed by a pledge of Soviet sup- Philip C. Trexler, formerly with port. Greek Cypriots are urging President Makarios to go too Mos- the Albert Einstein College of Test Slated cow and negotiate an arms deal with the Russians. ----  Greek    Cypriots of every political shade jubilantly greeted the Rhodes' Visit To Nc'town Is Postponed Day Medicine in New* York, has been directing research at Snyder Laboratories, a division of Sny- Soviet Union’s offer to help if der Mfg. in New Philadelphia, Cyprus is invaded, and Soviet in the development of germ-free Premier Khrushchev’s warning isolators for applications in hos-to Turkey that an attack on Cy-1 pitals. prus might boomerang.    “In    the    past    those    with    con- The right-wing weekly Ethniki tagious diseases were placed in hailed the weekend develop- an isolation ward in the hos-ments as “a great turning pital, but isolation wards are point” for the Greek Cypriot not completely effective,” Dr. cause. It even suggested that Trexler said. NEWCOMERSTOWN — With Makarios, a Greek Orthdox “When the device we are the Sesquicentennial celebration archbishop, bring Communists working on is ready for use. successfully launched Saturday. In,° •“? cabl"* ,0    h!S    an-v bed can be made int0 an the village is enjoying a brief ?r?1tl'ude ? ' h e r ,edl'onal,s lsoJation ward " respite from the ’week's act,vt-    *°    ““....... ties today, due to an unexpected      transparent    plastic,    sack-like    ap- Once the patient is placed inside the isolator, he does not ne into direct contact w See ISOLATOR, Page 6 y The isolator consists of a thin, mediately to Moscow’. change in Gov. James Rhode’s    n^'reJirt    paratUS ,“!?* su7°undsu V1* pa' schedule    sponse to the Soviet. One report nent and his bed, much Uke an Governor's Dav which was sa,d Foreign Mlnister SP-vros oxygen tent but on a larger Governors Da> wtucn was Kyprianou would leave for Mos.    ^ to be observed today, will be ^ Frjdav t0 ^ talks on    sca;e; heid, ^eSday‘ ,"1th Rh0deS notary aid. scheduled to make an appear-    Qreek government hailed corne ;nt0 direct contact with ance at the festivities around Khrushchev’s warning to Tur- C°me mt0 ^ L°nUCt "** noon. Tuesday’s program will describing it as “an im-1 include tours of industry and in- p^ant contribution to peace.” dustrial exhibits at the Masonic yke jj.N. peace effort .suffered Temple in observance of Com- an unexpected setback when merce and Industry Day.    Finnish mediator Sakari S. Tu- Other events today include a omioja suffered a mild stroke in “strolling flower show” all day, Geneva Sunday a few hours be-opening of the carnival and rides fore his departure for another on Canal St and music and round of talks in Athens, Anka-dancing tonight on Main St. ra and Nicosia. Following lunch Tuesday at A Unjted Nations eommu-Stoffer’s Restaurant. Gov nique on the 52-vear-old Finnish Rhodes will be at Sesqui head- diplomat said: quarters on Main St. to meet “The condition of Mr. Tuom- Robert W. Rutledge. 82. of the public starting at 12:45.    ioja    had deteriorated in the 1403 W. High St., New Philadel- Albuquerque, cloudy 92 72 Night-time activities will be course of the night. A surgical    phia, who rose from a lamp-    Chicago, dear ..... 82    62 the crowding of “Miss Newoom- operation has been performed    lighter along the old trolley line    Cleveland, cloudy ..    75    54 erst own” as Sesquicentennial thls morning by Prof. Aloys    from New Philadelphia to' Mid-    Los Angeles, cloudy    80    62 queen at 8 p.m. at the athletic Werner. The doctors are very    vale to become one of the    Miami, clear ...... 88    82 field, followed by the first per- reluctant to make a prognosis.”    area’s wealthiest men. died of    New York. cloudy .    80    62 formance of the “Saga of an In- There was speculation that a heart attack late Saturday in Pittsburgh, clear ... 76 52 than Village” at 8:30    r y secretary-General U Thant Union Hospital.    ’    st- Louis, cloudy .. 85 63 would appoini a new mediator He had been admitted an 5an Fran., clear ... 67 54 Auto Industry's Offering Increases Irate Father, Going To Jail, Clouts Turner Morvin Denison (left) and Mrs. Hester Sawvel of Nev/ Philadelphia and Bob Atkinson of Winfield are working on the final modifications to the tent-like isolator. Illness Claims Noted Countian R. W. Rutledge Weathervane SATURDAY High 78    Low    45 YESTERDAY High 80    Low    47 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Hospital Road Vacating Move Under Attack DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor Co. today offered its 165,000 production workers a broad new contract calling for overall average hourly wage increases of 19 cents over the next three years along with improvements in pension and health insurance plans. In addition to the 19-cent in- j crease, which would bring Ford’s average hourly wage to $3.34 an hour. Ford also of-! fered to transfer an additional 9 cents of its present cost-of-living allowance to basic wage scales. The 23-page proposal was handed to the United Automobile Workers Union as the eighth week of bargaining be-1 ! gan on a replacement for a con- George John of RD 2, tract which runs out Aug. 31. Newcomerstown, had his last There was no immediate com- “swing” this morning before en-ment from UAW leaders, pend- tering County Jail to serve a 3-ing a study of the Ford propos- month jail term for the Sept. ll, als.    1963, attack on    Stone Creek-Jef- Earlier, General Motors of- j ferson School    bus driver Ivan fered its 350.000 employes    coy- j Hawk. ered by the current CAW con- Victor Tumer, a member of tract annual wage increases the school board, said John hit ranging from 6 to 13 cents an; him in the face about 8:30 a.m. hour, increased vacation and while he was returning from the holiday pay and a tuition-free New philadelphia post office educational opportunity.    with mail for the Board of Elec- -----i Chrysler Corp. presented a tion office, where he is clerk. proposed contract substantially Turner, who received a num-....... paralleling offers made by GM her of stitches at Union Hospi- I N o I D c and Lord.    tai to close a cut under his right ■j Union negotiators asked for a eye Sjdd the incident occurred  ......15    15-to-20-mmute recess to study »after he said helIo t0 John and Your Horoscope    ‘    17    t^rhpT\Tnrnnnsals also ,.all his ^her. who were walking on Around    The    World    6    proposal, a1.    - N. Broadway.    John apparently .uuuuu    mr    nmm ........... o    for increased retirement    bene-! ON THE Dear Abby «    »5»-!Z.,,eaded    for    ,he    jaiI    at    ,hf Hospital News ................ 6 Obituaries ment incentive—widows* bene- Turner, who later talked with Television V.V.V.V.'.V.V.'".'"V 7 «“ and c°"WPaid lmProved Prose,•t.tor Harlan Spies, said he County Commissioners at noon Sports .................. n    &    12 group insurance UAW President Walter P. wanted to talk with John and • • today continued to hear test!- Women’s Pages .......... «    4 9 Reulher predicted in advance of lhal ^ Probably would not file •• mony for and against the Dro--Dr. Crane .................... 17    _    ____—th-t tho charges. John entered the jail mony for and against the pro- Dr. Crane posed .vacation of a section of Ur. Alvarez -• Township Road 239, at the rear - Of Union Hospital, and creation Cruiser Recovered •• of a new roadway near there. ,    ... The road changes were re- _ Chief Sheriff Deputy . the GM announcement that the la automotive Big three’s proposals “will not be realistic.” John The quested by the Hospital Assn. Barlock s unmarked cruiser    \Pf Board for a building addition    bandoned    Saturday    ll    WI    IHIItJ pageant, which features or take over Tuomioja’s work hour earlier. Although ill the Washington, cloudy 80 64 .07 and additional parking area at 1:30 p nL on Route 62’ near h'.n HW Irvr-ol rovi/lont*:    —I# Th.    U    ...    °    „      F    .    .    ®    Murillo    Tho    oi.trv more than 300 local residents, himself. The Finnish diplomat last several months. Rutledge will be continued each night at had hoped to win acceptance of had remained active in pursuit the same time, concluding Sat- a compromise proposed by of his varied interests until just tirday night. Written and direct- former U.S. Secretary of State recently, ed by Chris Goodyear, it will tell Dean Acheson, President John- Rutledge founded the Midvale the story of the village, artisti- son’s special Cyprus envoy. , Mine in the earlv 1940’s and was tally supplemented with some Acheson has been meeting active in its operation before unique musical and dance num- separately with Greek and selling it in the 1950’s. The mine hers.    Turkish representatives in Ge- was reopened earlv this year Narrators for the perform- neva. His plan calls for Cyprus’ after a 6.month shutdown bv his ances will be Mrs .John Atkin- union with Greece and special son Robert A son, Mrs. Kenneth McCants and >afeguards for the Turkish Cyp- TODAY 56 none / a.rn............ RAINFALL Last 48 hours .., TOMORROW Sunrise............5:38 Sunset .............7:20 High 84    Low    54 Forecast: Fair and mild. The hearing had been contin- c* ' J?’ * 0 auU) was taken Cam f    A    It    Ar ued from Aug. 3 to allow’ County 0a-v . J corning while rAt I f^QQ AIfPr Engineer Charles Young to    ^ Retrial Denied make a survey of the proposed changes. the Sheriffs office. Mel Shank-lin of Richsville notified offi- charges. John entered the jail at 9:10 to begin the sentence. John had been convicted by a jury last April 30 in Southern District County Court and wpas ordered to jail on Friday following a hearing before Judge Richard Musgrave to dismiss an appeal motion. He also had been fined $200 and assessed court costs $318, none of which has been paid. Judge Musgrave indicated Friday that if the amount is not paid John would have to sit it out in jail at $3 per day. John claimed the attack on the , . - .    -    ,.    _    -s    Bom    in    Midvale,    a    son    of    the    ^    , her    daughter,    Nancy,    Dilford    riot    minority,    including a Turk-    jate John M and EHen Swear. Post Office Moved n^sSr    MarShaU    and    lsh    miUtar>-    base    on    lhe lsland-    ingen Rutledge, he had main-1 STRASBURG—The post office    f tamed an interest in the web'moved to its new’location across    in    that    the    required    number    of    y^e    combined color guards of fare of Midvale and Barnhill the street from the old site on    persor,s    had    not    signed    it.    They    the    Dov Attys. Robert Pietro of Dover ( ials thf10, ^J1101 sP()ttin^ the^ and Robert Mowbray of New- aut0 parked along a road’ jcomerstown argued for George    James    Moses    Crago,    29.    of Wills and Pearl Robb this morn- 600 Visit Post Office RU Uover, convicted last Luis driver was provoked by , ing in opposing the change.    An    psfjm.ltw)    tn    ^    week    ot    Rrst-degree    manslaugh-    the    school    board’s refusal to An estimated oOO to him per- tep -n the March os hammer- send a bus in front of his home The to stop While the pageant is probably the most ambitious single endeavor. daytime activities and. indeed, the entire populace, will be concentrated on observing See RHODES VISIT, Page 9 Jimmy Hoifa Gets 20 Years Judge J. IL Lamneck. In a journal entry filed today. residents. For the last several Wooster Ave.^Today. An op en ar8ued tha* 12 free holders of VFW^ond^    Judge    Lamneck    overruled    a    mo-    Reporter Employe Nears he provided coal, food and house is being planned for Sept. county, who reside in the ^„,,-w    tion    tot    a    new    trial    on    the    de-    -    - See RUTLEDGE, Page 2    12. reside in the ceremonies, and refreshments See HOSPITAL. Page 2 were served the visitors. CHICAGO (AP) - Teamsters President James R. Hoffa was sentenced today to 20 years in prison for fraud in obtaining huge loans from his union’s mul-timillion-dollar pension fund. He also was fined $10,000. By Kay Williams Daily Reporter Staff W riter Anyone who thinks that American know-how and Yankee in-1 genuity are languishing today need only look at the handsome The 20-year sentence was bro- new embellishment to dowm-ken down into five vears on towTi Dover to discover other- Boy, I, Injured In Bridge Fall DENNISON — One person was admitted and 7 others received treatment in Twin City hospital’s emergency room last week- each of the four counts on ulse* end.    which he was convicted.    The    Dover    Music    Store, David Ross, 7, of Jewett is Before Judge Richard B. Aus- w^eh opened its new’ doors at listed as “fair” today after he tjn sentenced Hoffa he asked*: 113 w- 3rd st\ Iast Thursday, fell off a bridge yesterday near “Has the defendant anything to *s a true “do-it-yourself profile Hanna Coal Co. and frat*- say*>**    ject and the fulfillment of a lured both arms.    ' Hoffa, standing next to his at- dream for its owner, Lew Pet- Ada Allensworth, 68, of 205 torney, Maurice Walsh, replied: riu*°la. ______ McCook Ave., injured her fin- “^ct af your honor. The ger in a car door; Carlina record speaks for itself.” (’handler, 19, of RD 2, was kick-    ------- ed in the knee by a pony and fense attorneys’ claims of “er- Injured In Crash mrs” in the proceedings in the AI Green 19 „ of Mr and 7-day jury trial.    \jrs    Rajph Green of Beach Atty. James Bamhouse jCitv and a Daily Reporter em-New Philadelphia, co-counsel for pk)Ve is reC0Vering from se-,    (    IlOOn    todciv S3i(i ho yprp cpqin lyppriitinn^ in Pnnm I came to this location 13    ing. But when I tried to do    Lew wasn't referring to doubted that; an appeal would    tt07 at Riverside Memorial    HoT years ago.” Lew said, -and    that, the place literally fell    a contracted demolition project be filed. Ile said however, he    Dilai ,n columbus when I was able to buy the    apart. I just had to tear it down    -he meant he tore it down’wanted to confer with Crago    Green was injured early    Sun Lew Tunes In Do-It-Yourself Musical property a few years ago I first and start over,”    himself, with a sledge hammer first. Atty. Clair Hoffman, who dav’mornine after'he'anoarent': tried to remodel the old build- When he lore it down, and a crow-bar as his basic also represented the man, is on iv dozed while at the wheel of : > -    ?' y* uiLd M *    k imSt ^ t Christine Applegarih, 3, of RD I,: DCI/ WflfinPr was stung on the face by a bee. I    „ All are from here.    Meet    For    Talks Others treated were Billy Merrick, ll, of 1023 Maple Ave., injured his knee when he fell Dover Officials Will Confer On Sewer Extension j Four Dover City officials have NEW YORK (AP)—Atty. Gen. I an appointment in Columbus Robert F. Kennedy met with Tuesday with Ward Conrad, as-wiiile playing football; William Mayor Robert F. Wagner today; sistant chief engineer of the Quimby of 1128 Gorley St. re- in a conference which bore the Ohio Department of Health, received hand lacerations from a earmarks of a prelude to for- J garding proposed sanitary sew-saw and Elva J. Bingham, 2, mal announcement that Kenne- ers to the north end of Dover, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James dy will run for the Senate. Making the trip will be May-Bingham of 227 Packer St. re- Kennedy brought along his or C. LeMoyne Luthy, Engineer ceived a laceration near her eye wife, Ethel, and a brother-in- Don Dummermuth, Treatment when she fell. All are from Uhr- law, Stephen Smith, a likely Plant Supt. Leo Fondriest and ichsville.    choice to manage a Kennedy j Service Director H. S. Ream. Ina Cummins, 77, of Freeport j campaign. (Earlier story on; Treatment plant requirements Injured her shoulder in a fall. Page 13).    and capacities will be discussed. tools. Ile worked for about 5 weeks on Wednesdays and Sundays before the site was ready for the construction of the bright, attractive 48 X 55 structure, which he designed. During the demolition and construction period, the Dover Music Store was temporarily vacation.    his    convertible.    The ear veered “The court finds that no cvi- off a road and struck a guard Sec CRAGO, Page rail. flipping it over, 3 mile* outside Zanesville. DAY BRIGHTENER \W/> Hubcaps Are Stolen DENNISON - Mrs. Albert Green of 734 N. 2nd St., reported to police this morning that 4 Manv women buy clothes on hubcaPS had been stolen from her Law Petiicola places a saxophone on display in his new store on W. 3rd St. moved to N. Tuscarawas Ave. the installment plan and then uri auto while it was parked wear only the first installment. at ,he residence sometime after See LEW TI NKS. Page 9    2 a m- ALL ARE OF RARE VINTAGE $250,000 Theft Won't Aid Coin Shortage WARREN, Ohm (AP)—Bur-1 estimate    The    burglars    tore    through    the glars smashed holes through* Police said burglars broke wooden floor under the safe, po-two basement walls and tore out into a vacant store which was lice said Berk discovered the part of a floor to take an esti- part of a connecting building loss Sunday afternoon when he mated $250,000 worth of rare housing a show store and the went to the store to pick up coins and bills over the week- Exterminating Go. Then they some coins. end.    smashed a 3 by 3 foot hole in Berk said the most valuable The coins were in a walk-in the basement wall, getting into coins taken were a 1794 silver safe at the Berk Exterminating the shoe company basement dollar valued at $5,500 and a Co. in downtown Warren. Own- and smashed another hole in the 1856 flying eagle cent valued at er Harold Berk, rare coin col- wall connecting the shoe store $2,500. He said the loot included lector for 35 years, made the‘and exterminating company. ,$15,000 worth of silver dollars. ;

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