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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 14, 1964, Dover, Ohio LBJ Signs $558 Million Pay Increase For 1.7 Million I WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres-Went Johnson signed the federal pay-raise bill today and said It will enable the government to attract and keep employes of outstanding ability. He said he already has signed 25 pieces of major legislation, and the pay-raise bill ranks near the top of the list in importance. Johnson signed the bill in a ceremony in the White House flower garden attended by members of Congress whose committees handled the legisla tion, government officials, and labor leaders who supported it. The measure gives a pay raise to members of Congress, judges, government officials and about 1.7 million other federal workers. The boost ranges from $100 a year for the lowest-rank ing Civil Service or postal employe up to $10,000 a year for high officials. It is estimated to add $558 million to the yearly federal civilian payroll which now runs about $15.5 billion. Johnson lauded the biparti sanship displayed by Congress in passing the bill, as well as in enacting other legislation, saying the legislators put the country and the people first. Johnson said the continuing goal of the government is to make federal salaries reasona bly comparable to t hose of private industry. For most of those covered the raises will show' up on the next pay check — retroactive to July I. Members of Congress will have to wait until next Jan. I to 35 County Correspondent-Reporters Mean Complete County Coverage The Daily Reporter get their $7,500-a-year increases. The act provides raises ranging from 2.7 per cent to JU per cent, with the bigger boosts going to the highest level offish UU SIGNS. Page J* HOME EDITION • JU P. VOL 61. NO. 29.    18    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio. Friday. August 14, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Crago Retrial Sought Attorneys for James Moses Crago, 29. of HI) 2. Dover, who was convicted last Tuesday of first-degree manslaughter in the March 28 death of Milton Swon-ger. this morning filed a motion for a new trial in the Clerk of Courts office. Co-counsel. James Bamhouse and Clair Hoffman, in their request, cited 8 alleged errors committed during the 7 • day Jury trial before Common Pleas Judge J. II. Lamneck. They announced Wednesday a retrial motion would be filed today, the final day of a 3-day limit for the action. Bamhouse. discussing the motion today, said all of “er- a;t Tors” listed had been overruled by Judge Lamneck when motions were presented by he and Hoffman throughout the trial. ACQUITTED AS BOMBER. A San Francisco jury found Army Copt. Alvin Klein innocent of having mailed a bomb that exploded in International Airport, injuring 2 postal workers. Klein had been accused of mailing the bomb from Saigon to his wife, Myrna, 25, in Chicago, out of jealousy. They ore registering pleasure over the acquittal. The atfomes added that they had discussed the action (retrial request) with Crago in Shopping Confer Plans Underway Dover Realtor Charles Kberle owner of the land. George “Turkes must find the politi- Turkish Famine Feared By GEORGE MCARTHUR NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -Turkish Cypriot leader Dr. Faz-il Kuchuk said today it is “only a matter of days” before his people will be without bread as a result of a Greek Cypriot blockade. He called upon the Turkish government in Ankara to take immediate political steps to bring pressure on President Archbishop Makarios, the Greek Cypriot leader, to raise the blockade. ! He told reporters bakeries I will be forced to shut dow n in two days due to lack of kero-jsene for ovens in the Turkish' i Quarter j “Thirty-five thousand people STUDY OF AMISH INCLUDES HOLMES COUNTY will start to go hungry. We are    ---------- ,«ry to us.” he added We do N©W DWdff ISITT 11*1 Mdll RGVG3IGC1 not have communications everywhere and I am certain there    HARBOR,    Maine (AP) Characterized by an unusual of four. has been found in one are villages even now with ab-    genetic    studies,    conduct-    sparsity and fineness of hair so particular group of .American solutely nothing.    mainly    among    the    Amish    ot    that girl victims cannot braid Amish. Pennsvlvania and Ohio, have un- their hair in the usual mode of This group, living in Holmes WHAT IS IT? It's plain basement area now, but in the near future will be equipped with emergency provisions by Civil Defense authorities and Army Engineers for use as a fallout shelter. It's the basement of the recently-completed Dover Post Office, which will be open for public inspection Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. Other pictures and story will be featured in Saturday's Tuscarama section. County Jail and that he (Crago) said this morning that construe- Kashe Jr. of I RAO E. High Ave. cai means to raise the blockade covm*d a previously-unrecog- Amish women, the disorder so County, Ohio; Lancaster County, •‘so far is following their ad-    Don of a    “small shopping cen-    Ext., New Philadelphia.    -I    am    not asking for    any    at net.”    ter” south    of Schoenbrunn is    ex-    Cost estimates of the    project    tack.” “We'll cross    that bridge when    P60^ t0    b61?10 in the near    fu-    have run as high as $1    million we get to it.”    Bamhouse added    lure _    ,    According to Eberle.    Dingle-    the    situation fully to    the    Turk- when asked it he and Hoffman ,(ien«2l .2)".,.r#2#rr.-,?L2he dme has puked up op,lons on lsh K®vernment and awaited a U-•    ■    • planned an appeal ,f the retrial P a?a wll! J* ‘ ■''»■ I****" the 13-acre property, assuring reply.    related    th* TEST* d0W" by ,Udge mg^veraft^wg See CENTER. Page J    su“    Thursday    to    scientists    taking    a Reapportionment Todays motion cited the following “errors”-(I)—Errors of law occurring at the trial which was prudential toward the defendant: (2)—evidence prejudicial to the defendant that was admitted Battle Is Brewing (about 100.000 Turk Cypriots —I A    t    ■ defendant mat was admitted WASHINGTON (AP) - Con- was sprung on the unsuspecting    of    the    ,sland'S    Ate    l/ISITIISSGCl over objections; (3) — errors of gress Was caught today in a supporters of the court by Rep.    c*ease-fire brought about omission bv the court in failing deepening controversy over the Howard W. Smith. D-Va., the ^ the pnite(j \atjons Security County to charge the jury as request- supreme Court’s ruling that chairman of the House Rules c0Uncil still is being observed Finley h mzed form of    dwarfism in man    far has been found in 80 in-    Pa., and Lagrange County, Ind., and a relatively high frequency    stances among the 45,000 Amish    lists about half of all the He said he had communicated several other previously in this nation.    J    Amish ming rn this country. known genetic disorders.    In    addition.    Dr.    McKusick    said    McKusick    said    the disorders, Dr.    Victor    A. McKusick. a    an unprecedently high inei-    as well as the dwarfism, are ex- -    deuce of a previously-known .placable by the high in-breed- form of dwarfism, one charac- ing characteristics of the Amish had attempted to subdue us 1,,UIlu    loping    a    tenzed also by six - lingered as well as their isolation and with force and failed He is now sP^clal course in medical genet- hands and oftent by hearts hav- limited migration from a given trying other means.”’    k‘s-    -    in* onl-v three chambers instead geographic area. I He said he could not predict what his followers might do if the blockade continued. Kuchuk is spokesman for» about 100.000 Turk Cypriots — about one-fifth of the island’s Patrol Counts V Weathervane had dismissed reckless High Low Pr. YESTERDAY High 07    Low    45 Juvenile Judge Ralph REATHER ELSEWHERE _.    Supreme    Court’s    ruling__'_________ „    - cd; (4) — errors by the court *tate legislatures must be reap-    Committee. He won a 10-4 vote In overruling defense motions portioned on a “one-man, one-    in his committee to send the bill    t(^av for a directed verdict of    not    vote” basis.    to the House floor before his op- guilty at the (lose of the ^tate s    jp jpp Senate, opponents    of    ponents had time to figure out presentation of e\idence. apy delay in carrying out the what was happening.    See    TURKISH,    Page 9 (5)—-error by the court in a court’s ruling threaten drawn- By the time they did, the luck defense motion for a directed out debate on a delaying propos-    bill was in their laps, and after    p »*/ k    MoorlAfJ verdict of not guilt'- at the close aj tpat senate leaders want to    a close look at it, a lot of them    “O'* VVOrKers nieeaea of all evidence in the case;    (€)    attach to the foreign aul bill.    have decided that the Senate    County    Roard    of    Election    offi-    Dover. Both    pleaded    not guilty San Fran., clear .. —the \erdict is not sustained In the House, a tough new bill    proposal looks good.    rials are seeking    the names of    at    a    June    25    hearing.    Washington bv sufficient evidence; (7)— that would strip the federal    Worked out by Senate Demo-    40 precinct poll    workers that    Marsh    was    represented by verdict is contrary to law.    and    courts of any jurisdiction over    cratic leader Mike Mansfield    should    have    been    turned    in    by    Atty. Mario    Corsi    ot Dover. Dover Woman Hurt In Crash ,umu Min IV    oner at ion chances against Chad Albuquerque, cloudy 81 6:*, .18 " 1 uu;il*u ‘ nu a * r Greek and Turkish Cypriots operation cnaiges against I naa ,. J    ~n    is:    burg man cited bv Dover p day. and a LUN. spokesman ^arsjL’ * • ?fr V ^ ic    cleveland    clear'!.. 6>    40    75 following an accident yeste lid no violence had been re- jpd Edward L. Gibbs, 16. of \m„,Ls ciouIiV so HT afternoon on N. Wooster V „       _    .    K- 2nd st- n»ver. _    ;"s.    A    y    Z    J    ”    Shirley Anknev. 28. a pa. They had been charged bv Miami, cloudy state patrolmen as the result New 5 ork. clear of a June 8 auto accident en Pittsburgh, fog .. Township Road JHS, north of >SL Louis, cloudy 81 54 45 61 54 HO 02 4; (8)—other errors apparent on    state reapportionment cases has    and Republican leader Everett Central    Committeemen of both    while    Atty. Wilf the face of the record to the    suddenly been dumped on the    M. Dirksen in conjunction with'parties    before Aug. I. Clerk Vie    New    Philadelphu prejudice of this defendant, and    speaker’s table, where it is tick- bv reason of which he was pre- ing like a time bomb vented from having a fair and The House bill, authored by See BATTLE. Page 2 Impartial trial, as affirmative- Rep. William M. Tuck. D-Va., Rnrnpcc NoiTI&d Iv appears from the record. ~ —~~    ----- . CBS Purchases j Financing Group N.Y. Yankees In a memo attached to the retrial motion, Bamhouse and Hoffman cited “the court’s failure to instruct the jurv to disregard all testimony and prejudicial inferences based on the state exhibits of a record player. camera, carrying case and tool boxes and tools,” They also charged the court had failed to instruct thp jurv Wilford Miller of a was Gibbs’ Turner said over 218 names counsel, have been received to date with Patrolmen claimed both autos 258 needed. He said the names were left of center when they should be submitted as soon as collided, on the narrow, road-possible.    way. TODAY 7 a rn........... RAINFALL Last 24 hours .ll) inch TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5:35 Sunset ............ 7:20 High 78    Low    50 Forecast: Fair and mild. By James Cullison Reporter Staff Writer A foreign student is not es- Swonger’s pickup truck, in that several bolts, missing from the fender and door, had been See CRAGO. Page 2 Custodian Needed James Burgess, seeretarv-manager of the County Chamber of Commerce, was notified yesterday he has been appoint-NEW YORK (AP) — The Co- t0 the 24-member Ohio State lumbia Broadcasting System Council on Industrial Financing, formally announced today pur- Purpose of the group is to chase of the New- York Yankees study industrial financing pro- penally unusual at a college or concerning the'condition"^! Mif. ln '',ha,t <ou,d pave ,he way !"r grams of neighboring states university, but the Kent Stat e ton Suoneer's nickun truck in revnhmon!,ry <'lu"Ees »’ 'he ;ind make recommendations to Academic Center at New Pinta-p -U K. ill promotion 0f baseball.    Gov. James Rhodes. The coun- delphia does have a foreign stu* One possibility of CBS owner- ci|*s first meeting will be held flent enrolled this quarter, and early in September.    thal is somewhat unusual. (Earlier Story On Page ll.) George Wilson, director of    Sonny    Tucker,    a    20-year-old the Ohio Development Depart- student from Sierra Leone on -hip of the Yankees might be nient. commented at a meeting the west coast of    a™v* pay television in New York of Cie and community repre- ed in Ne'v 1 toladeiphia Mon ia> ^DARVILLE — Rill Kinneer, c'itv. potentially the    world’s    sedatives earlier this week    in    an(^    ls    taking    a    reading course executive head of Tuscarawas richest market.    Columbus that:    al    the    academic    center. Valley schools, said today    that    The total assets of the Yan- “If we are to compete    sue-    ,,e    ls    a    *u    -time    student    at applications will he accepted kees were fixed at $14 million cessfully with surrounding ()tte,’bein College at yo^tor* during the day at the high school and CBS paid $11.2 million for states that have passed legisla- ,V1 *ki’_n.eat u .°.lU?u !!.S!’ i*.? . 1S~.a. office for a custodian. The which pays $4,000. is for second shift at the high with hours from 3:30 to 11:30 The effective date of    the    pur-    tional or some other change    in p m.    ichase will be Nov. 2.    our regulations.” Neighborhood Fuss 'Settled' A neighborhood dispute, w'hich 5-day jail sentence both sus- well, began Aug. 2 w'hen Joseph Tin- pended on condition McKittriek In his charges, Tinnirello said nirello of 1112 Chestnut St. was be on his good behavior with his he did not answer his neighbor, spraying the trees in his back- j neighbors.    but that McKittriek subsequent- yard for bagworms, was at Charges of disturbing the ly picked up the Tinnirello trash least temporarily settled yester- peace and disorderly conduct can and threw' it into a flower day in Dover mayor’s court. were filed against him by Tin- bed, placed cement blocks in his Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy nirello, who claimed McKittriek fire barrel, used profane lan-gave John McKittriek of    ll IB    had accused him of spraying! guage and threatened him    with Chestnut St. a $56 20 fine    and1    trees in the McKittriek yard as j bodily harm. KSU Center Is Refresher Stop' For Sierra Leone Student, 20 he job, an 80 per cent controlling inter- Don to assist industry in their en. ^ ‘^1,    ^*U (),'! a    ' for the est with the right to purchase financing problems, there must ,al scholarship mini me r. school, the balance within five years, be either statuatory, eonstitu- ,l,u .    ,.    .    .. . -      ....    .    .    .    •    ...    ..    J    .    llnnii» dunner his in New Home during his stay in New Philadelphia is with Mr. and Mrs. Alpha G. Riddle of 713 3rd St. NW. He will also live with Mr. and Mrs. James Egg an of 422 4th St. NW for a time before he leaves Aug. 29 for Westerville. Tucker has not had much time to become acquainted with this area since his arrival this week, but he did get to see some of the preparations being made A Dover woman was treated in Union Hospital and a Stras- poliee *rday Ave. passenger in an auto driven by Clarence Anknev, 36. both of 2704 Tremont St., was treated and dismissed for possible whiplash injuries after their car was struck by one driven by Wilbur Beit/el. 64. of 121 7th St. SW, Strasburg. Beitzel was citied for failure to stop within assured clear distance. At 3:34 a.rn. today, a car driven by Ray Anthony. 24. of 338 X. Broadway, New Philadelphia, went out of control, over the curb and struck a tree at 122 Iron Ave. Police said Anthony made the curve at Iron arid Wooster Ave. by the Fairgrounds, at excessive speed. He was cited for unsafe operation and driving without an operator’s license. Mrs. Holland Mc.Merrill of 415 Union Ave. reported that a car driven by Esther Whitnall, 62. of 1159 Lakeview Dr., New Philadelphia, had damaged a fence post while backing from Mary's Beauty Shop at 409 Union Ave. Proof Of Rabies Shot Needed To Get Dog License Congo Rebels in Drive By ROBIN M AN NOCK LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo (AP)—Forty U.S. paratroopers sent here with four transport planes being supplied to the rebellion-plagued central Congo government arrived only a short time before a rejiort that Mulele rebels were on the warpath today in the western Congo. Messages reaching Leopoldville said 2.000 warriors of rebel leader Pierre Mulele w’ere concentrated about 20 miles south of Kikwit, capital of Kwi-jlu province 250 miles east of Leopoldville. They had been inactive for several months. 1 Mulele, 33, Peking - trained former Congolese education minister, began the series of rebellions which have been sweeping the Congo. Reports Thursday indicated a nenernl withdrawal of rebels in the eastern sections, blit today a message from Bukavu, capital of the province of Central Klvu. said rebels were only 12 miles from the city and that there was panic. Bukavu was the first target of the eastern rebels. Two armored scout cars were flown to Kivu Thursday. Two American T28 trainer planes converted to carn' rockets and machine guns have been blasting a rebel convoy on the road east of Bukavu. Messages from Kikwit said Mulele’s men were trying to drive missionaries from a region northeast of the Kwilu River. More than inn missionaries and traders were taken out of the area during last January’s ■violence, but many returned later. The U.S. paratroopers arrived Thursday night with the four Cl30 transports. U.S. Embassy officials said they were not sent here for combat, but to guard the transport planes and to ride U.S. helicopters on rescue and support missions Man Sought For Passing Bogus Checks Bad check charges were filed yesterday in Central District County Court against Duane Roger Saffell, no address available, but listed as a former New Philadelphia resident. Assistant Prosecutor James Thomas, who filed the counts, said he knows of at least ll bogus checks that were alleged-1\ passed by the man in the New Philadelphia area. They were written on the Cannonsburg Branch of the Pittsburgh National Bank. Sheriff deputies this morning checked out an apartment on S. Broadway where the man reportedly was staying, but he had left when they arrived Several of the checks, according to Thomas, were cashed at the Citizens’ Branch of Reeves Banking & Trust Co. I See YOUNG STI DENT, Page 9 Sonny Tucker points out an interesting chapter in one of his textbooks to Alpha Riddle. \ County Auditor Donald Kinsey    HAV said today that dog licenses will    DAY not be issued alter Sunday un-    „DiruTCKICP less owners can show proof    DKivjn i cinch their dogs have been vaccinated for rabies.    Variety may be the spice of He said the action stems from t)U' k s nionotony that pro-the recent County Health De- V1(*t>s the groceries, part merit quarantine order bi*-cause of a rabies scare in the county. Kinsey said the legality rxxj    TUP of such action is upheld bv Sec-    N    IHC liNOiuc tion 955.26 of the Ohio Revised Code.    Dear \bbv ................ 15 To date, a total of 9,529 dog    your Horoscope ............. 17 licenses have been issued to in-    \round The World ........... 6 dividuals along with 345 for ken-    Churches      5 nels Last year there were IL-    Goren On Bridge ............ 15 592 licenses issued by the Audi-    Obituaries ................... 2 tor’s Office.    Television ................... 7 According to latest figures Sport.., .......... 11    &    12 from health officials, approxi- Women's l*a^ s .......... 3    &    9 nudely 5.000    dogs have been    Dr. Crane ............   15 t vaccinated.    I*-. u .................. IT    ^ ;

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