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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 13, 1964, Dover, Ohio Complete Newcomerstown Sesqui Celebration Schedule Is On Page 19 Don't Miss The Around The World News CapsulesThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION * rn rn ' • t»_ VOL 61. NO. 28.    24    PAGES.Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, August 13, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familia* PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTSCounty Airline Service Weighed Cyprus Daily Reporter Series To Explore Vandalism ^Held j With Midwest Line President Border Uneasy NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP)— Chances for peace on Cyprus were so precariously balanced today that I' N. officials feared an insult shouted across nomads land could shatter the truce. And in Nicosia, emboldened Turkish Cypriots have been screaming insults across the sandbagged “green line” that divides them from the Greek Cypriot sector. The Turkish Cypriot minority appears convinced the threat of renewed Turkish air strikes re* strains Greek Cypriots from any ground attack. Turkey called off its reconnaissance flights over the island Wednesday in response to a UN. appeal, but warned it would not hesitate to strike if the ceasefire collapses. In the northwest comer of the island. Turk Cypriots manned the tiny pocket of Kokkina. into which they were driven by (.reek Cypriots before the weekend (‘ease fire. Despite the aerial threat, the Nicosia government is maintaining a ring of steel around Kokkina and I N. observers fear renewed clashes. (ireek Cypriots vented their rage and frustration Wednesday by turning angrily on the United siates and Britain, whom they accuse of siding with Turkey in the dispute. Parliament President Glafcos Clendes drew shouts of approval when he cried that the time for talk was past. Only outright self-determination. under United Nations shelter, would satisfy the island’s 400.000 Greek Cypriots, he said. Blasting the Turkish air at* See CY PRIS. Page ll By Joe Woerdeman Daily Reporter Staff Writer Race rioting, with its window smashing*, lootings, bomb throwings and general mayhem, has the nation in such an aroused state that President Johnson yesterday warned that “no persons, whatever his grievance, can be allowed to attack the right of every American, to be secure in his home, his shop and in his streets.” The President s warning also might be directed at the vandals who have been running rampant in Tuscarawas County, causing many thousands of dollars damage to homes, automobiles and other property. There is no evidence to indicate racial tieups with the destructiveness and for that reason it is attributed to irresponsible youths who have no regard for the property of others. What prompts the throwing of cement blocks through windows of homes, or the smashing of windows in numerous autos, or the upsetting of cemetery monuments, or the throwing of objects at passing cars? There are no immediate answers. Seldom have authorities been able to make any arrests. Once they do, some of the answers may be forthcoming. Hoping it may produce some clues, Hie Daily Reporter yesterday offered a $250 reward for the arrest and conviction of vandals. Mayor Joe Pritz announced that $100, or possibly more, has been offered by New Philadelphians for the same reason. Primarily responsible for the offers was Monday night's block throwing at the Matthew Ellis home in New Philadelphia and the previous weeks smashing of windows in 14 autos in that city. But that s only 2 of the scores of vandalism incidents, including many in Dover. Tile same night of the Ellis damage a window was broken in a car at Dover City Park. On June 24 five Dover homes were damaged, a lawn chair being thrown through a picture window of one and a 20-pound piece of cement against the front door of another one. See VANDALISM, Page 6. Trigger Happy Controversy Is Crackling CITY CLEARS HER FIRE-RAVAGED PROPERTY Zsa Zsa's On The Warpath! $1 MILLION SLICE IN WORKS Phila Sewer ’-A By Charlo) Dickens C. Ontrary. a close observer of community activities, points out that “the 4 voting against angle parking on Broadway and LOS ANGELES (AP) - “Pm a Hungarian freedom fighter,” shouted Zsa Zsa Gabor, “and I’m going to fight.” I^ookmg beautifully ferocious, Zsa Zsa stormed the City Hall Wednesday. Why, she demanded, had the ■city torn down her three chimneys and filled her Olympic-size dimming pool with sand? “They didn’t tell me about it.” said Zsa Zsa. "I was in Europe “ The chimneys and pool were all that remained of her $1 -million hilltop mansion in the plush Bel Air section of Los Angeles after a disastrous brush fire swept the area in 1961. The City Department of Building and Safety said it had given Zsa Z^a three orders since last February to have her property cleared. The pool and chimneys “endangered life and property,” said the city. “I have hired architect Paul Williams to design a new house for me.” Zsa Zsa told the Building and Safety Commission. “We were going to use the chimneys and pool.” But the city, after granting the extensions, let a $2,780 contract to have the property cleared last Tuesday. “They did it in two hours,” See ZSA ZSA. Page 6. Phila Girl, 3, Hurt In Crash Estimate Will Be Cut Made An exploratory meeting to discuss the feasibility of re-establishing scheduled air freight and passenger sendee to the county was held yesterday in Hotel Reeves between officials of Midwest Airways and County Chamber of Commerce’s Aria-Hon Committee. A spokesman for tfie Cincinnati-based airlines termed the discussions “very encouraging” and added that “there should •be enough traffic to justify the sendee between the New Philadelphia Municipal Airport and 'Columbus and Cleveland. Edmund Lunken, president of I Midwest Airways, stated he was | pleased with the interest and J willingness to cooperate ex-j pressed by local businessmen, at I the session. Lunken said he would provide j proposed schedules and other j particulars to the committee as soon as possible. He added he would submit a report to “his people” for a final determination on providing the service. New Philadelphia residents1 South section — are expected to vote on a bond Southeast section If Midwest Airways should decide favorable, it would mean the first scheduled flights rn $312,040. and and out of the airport since - $148,700. Lake Central Airlines discon- Goldwater's Statement Draws Fire By HARRY KELLY WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Barry Coldwater says President Johnson has shot down one campaign issue — the charge Coldwater is trigger happy. The Republican presidential issue t0 finance a $2-million-plus Mayor Joseph Fritz this morn- tinued sendee in July, 1961. nominee said the orders to the stornl sewer project in Novem- ing reaffirmed Peters’ state- Midwest Airways presently 7th Fleet in last week’s North ber* 19fi5’ following yesterday’s ment on the construction costs, has 2 daily flights each wav Vietnamese crisis could have announcement that the Federal adding that “the plans include from Cincinnati to Columbus been interpreted to mean the Community Facilities Adminis- consideration of the various pos- to Cleveland and one direct President was authorizing the tration had approved a $4,000 sible areas for annexation to the night on Sunday from Cinemese of nuclear arms    interest-free loan for the prelim-1 city.”    natl to Cleveland. The administration fired back mary Planning.    ;    He    also    stated    that    Burgess    The    company also has a Frt- with a statement from Seere- First major step to be taken tarv of State Dean Rusk and .will be the revamping of plans! Secretary of Defense Robert S. t0 trim nearly $l-million from McNamara that “Sen. Goldwa- the estimated cost of the proj-ter’s interpretation is both ect as presented in a prelim-unjustified and irresponsible.” inarv report by Burgess & Ni- The controversy began Ple- Columbus engineering firm. Reason for the paring is the limitations fixed by law on the j Story on Republican summit city’s bonding power in relation See SEWER, Page 2. Cafe Closing Order Upheld meeting at Hershey, Pa., is on ship with its valuation and the'.J^* Jh« fn^Ta'tamZl or dTa‘ >'*«• »“«'““* t>000 ii    . .Appeals nas mea a journal or- Sion were Mavor Joseph Pritz Iage U-    t0LaI ,out*lda’ °r vote<1'    der    in    the    Clerk of Courts of- and Service Director William day and a Sunday flight to 3 cities in Michigan out of Cincinnati. Midwest Airways flies the well-known 10-passenger twin-engine Lockheed Aircraft, which is electronically equipped for all-weather operation. Its boasts of “downtown to downtown” service. Local men attending the ses- Wednesday at Goldwater’s had gathered for a unity sum nut conference. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 69    Low    50 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low.Pr High Sts. in New Philadelphia    ported that Brenda Lenarz, 3.    Albuquerque, cloudv    87    6:» own or have interests in busi-    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale    Chicago, cloudy ....    65    57 nesses outside the downtown    j enarz of 4iq w. 7th St., Dover,    Los Angeles, cloudy    84 New Philadelphia police re- Johnson Signs Highway Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - Pres- Richard Peters who handled fice ordering the Department of Stevenson of New Philadelphia: the project tor tne company. Liquor Control to execute the Robert Eager of Joy Mfg. and press conference at Hershey, I *aid (!?‘s ”l0nJmg that the 100-day suspension order against John Marsh of Marsh Indus-Pa. where Republican leaders *,h38z,9at) estimate was tor con- gvron Bartolas, operator of Bar- tries; Otto Buehler of Fairfield strection of storm sewers within ney»s Tavern on Ashwood Lane. Brick Co., Chamber president; the New Philadelphia corpora- ^ew philadelphia.    Matthew’ Gibson, New’ Philadel- c.olriwater ako sairi ho was tH)n’ provision to handle    order, rn the form of a phia postmaster: Richard Rea, far from satisfied with the Pre* -    J*    ^Tanf whichTas"'a    iour"al en,r>- " «* Ap-    President, and Atty. James Ste- ident’s actions in Southeast Asia    8    tne city ana vvnicn nas    a    peuate Court’s .lune 26 decision    phenson, counsel, of the I oni- I and added “if the President will    natural drainage int0 the Clty’    that judgment of Common Pleas    triunity Improvement Corp.; continue to listen to me, take , h, rpnftr,    hroko    ,Iud"e    Lamneck and the* Harry (lever, airport manager; mv advice we’ll have less trou- L report, I eters broke Q|p0 Liquor control Commis- c harles Marr, New I hiladel* ui* *7    ’    down    the    project    into    5    divisions,    sion were supported by “reb- Phia architect: Walter Bogland setting estimated costs as fol- able probative and substantial ^be Muskingum Watershed '..... evidence and are in accordance    Conservancy District; James vev showed 49 downtown mer- was treated bv a doctor for cuts Miami, clear New York, clear chants favoring angle parking to her chin and nose following pittsh h’ t.,oudv‘“ 6K = and 23 against it, with more an auto accident yesterday at    v\eT..\    74    5 66 86 79 89 60 51 than 250 hours of study going ».m.    San Fran., cloudy70 55 into the proposal which was re- Police said that Brenda was washington clear 91 60 jected by council after less than a passenger in an auto driven    TODAY 15 minutes of public discussion, by her mother, Vera, 37, which Wonder what the vote will be was struck by one driven by when the request to remove j Kathryn M. Bober. 18, of 458 downtown parking meters Front St. SE, New Philadelphia, comes up?”    who was making a right turn -onto Doney Dr. SE. No citations Observers are wondering were issued, about the several “mixed”-- In a New York speech to the    jows; American Bar Association    Xorth section    — $242.98(1; Cen- Wednesday, Johnson said the    tral and River    section _ $m. en    idem    Johnson signed    a »2.4-bil-    1 f' course in Southeast Asia    280; West section - $2,320,950; •,U Hon highway Mil today and said '?* “    , *• ;♦ ..in u„i a *•    «    attacks    at home. He said it has ••    km    •    P do jus .ee    «« a jteP-:never been the policy of an ..    du d    in    society, the    American    Amerjcan presille>, syste. OI moons.    maticallv place in hazard the .01 Construction of the multibil- ]jfe ()f tpjS nation bv threatening .. lion-dollar 41,000-mile interstate nuclear war.” .. highway system is already covered bv the Federal Highway The Arizona senator, who had Act of *1961. That act authorizes stirred a controversy over meetings of some political lead- r , u___s„ ers at a vacation cabin, exclu- trash Hearing aet sive of certain elected officials. UHRICHSVILLE — A hearing Is it a case of Democrats for for Olimpia Aceituna of 124 S. Coldwater or Republicans for uhrP'h St., here, has been sched-LBJ, or—?    uled for Sept. 2 at 3 p.m. in —- Southern District County Court. 2 Minor Dover Police filed charges asainsl 7 a.rn...........53 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... trace TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5:34 Sunset ............ 7:26 High 72    . Low 48 Forecast: Fair and mild. with the law ”    Lonergan of The Daily Reporter On Nov. 18 Judge Lamneck    and James Burgess,* Chamber upheld an Aug. 27. 1963, ruling    secretary-manager. of the commission which had , ^ave Gory Newest, suspended Bartolas’ license aft- 0 was present, cr he allegedly had sold beer    -*•    ■* to a 16-year-old girl. Bartolas Friendly Reminder claimed the hearing had been unfair in that the girl’s testi    *    * mony was accepted against him    Mayor c. LeMoyne Luthy without further evidence.    sent a letter today to E. A. __Howard of Akron, district tram- 12.8 billion for the program in    suggestions that    NATO com-    ment 0f intoxication fines, were    I Oft* Vin Inf inn f    master tor the Baltimore and the 1966 fiscal year and $2.9 bil-    marriers should    have    niore    to be transferred from Dover to    LIOI ion.    ohio Railroad, reminding him lion in the 1967 fiscal year. leeway” in use of weapons, county Jail today to served the Lee Stilgenbauer, 25, of 934 that the bas not received The bill signed by the Presi-    was asked at his    news    confer-    remainder of their terms.    Race St., Dover, was fined    the $50 fine Luthy levied dent today authorizes funds for    e,1ce about charges he is    nigger Edwin Frame, 57, of Charles-    $56.20 on a speeding charge by    against the railroad at the July primary and secondary projects    happy with tactical    nucleal    ton, W. Va., who was first jailed    Mayor C. LeMoyne Lathy yes-    H) hearing on the blocking of for fiscal 1966 and 1967.    power.    Monday    night    for    intoxication    terdav,    the fourth traffic fine he the N. Tuscarawas Ave. cross- Said Coldwater; “I think the and 2jven a suspended $16.20 has paid this year and raising mg. 3 Men Jailed For Intoxication Three men, jailed for non-pay* Under tho primary andI sec- p,.esident has somewhat r<j* fine bv Mavor C. LeMoyne Lu- bis total appearances in traffic Mishaps Checked No citations were issued in 2 Federal Aid Hike Seen In County Move Yesterday’s 10-cent per day cent on areas. extensions The date for appealing tho dc-lapsed, Luthy said he has received no the company. The Ted the morning of July 8. See CRACKLING. Page 2. Miss Aceituna last week after she was involved in a freak auto accident, crashing into the home of Louis Maurer of 317 E. High increase* by County Commis-minor accidents investigated by gj causing a fire which re- sinners for boarding home and Dover police yesterday. Arthur suj(ed jn $6 500 damage to the foster care of children under Johnson, 27, of 425 Liberty Ave. ^ome ^he was operating a mo- control of the Welfare Depart-was riding a bicycle which lor yghicle without a license, ment will allow the county to st reek the front, fender of a pickup truck driven by Lawrence Peterman, 39, of RD I, ^ rue Dover, at E. Iron and Boat Ave. j A car driven by Atlee Peter-j man, 26, of 212 Bank Lane, Do- pear Abby — ver, struck the rear of a trailer Your Horoscope receive additional federal funds, according to Welfare Director INSIDE Lorin Gad(i- He said the federal aid available will amount to $15,000 per 23 year. 21 The 10-cent hike will increase 6 the rate for children under 2 school age (age 6) from $1.50 being towed by Pete Alesiano,    Around The World ........ 53, of RD I, Beach City at N.    Obituaries ................. Wooster and 13th St. The im-    Television .................... o    to $1.60,    the    present    rate    for pact pushed the trailer into the Sports ....................13-14 children over 6. rear of the Alesiano car, bending Women’s Pages ............IO ll Gadd said the $ I BO figure is the trailer hitch and denting the    Dr. Crane ................... 23    standard    throughout    most    of    the car bumper.    Dr- Alvarez ...................21    state. DIVORCEE LOSES MILLION TO COLLEGE Quite A Wedding Gift! ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) Williams College of Williamstown, Mass., is more than $ I-million richer today because a divorced woman remarried. The woman, former wife of Halford R. Clark, an alumnus of Williams, received 8.000 shares of Eastman-kodak stock in the 1957 divorce settlement. Clark, son of a former director of the camera company, stipulated in the settlement that if she remarried, the value of the stock be turned over to Williams. Clark died in 1959. His former wife remarried last year. The value of the stock as of the day she remarried— $1,048,175—was awarded the college Wednesday by a State Supreme Court justice here. Serving 5-day sentences will be John Forney, 43 of Newcomerstown, who was fined $16.20, with $5 suspended, yesterday and who elected to serve the time in jail and John Smart, 42, of RD I, Dover, who was BUT $744,000 IS PASSABLE Hot' Money Not So Hot HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — ness in Unionville, Conn., the picked up by police last night Thp Secret service has $744,000 Secret Service said on Dover Square and was un able to pay the $16.20 fine lev ied by Mayor Luthy this morn ing. in crisp new bills fed. all counter- movetl 10 California with his wife and two children earlier this year after his shop went The bundled bills were found into bankruptcy and its equip-Wednesday in a Hartford ware- ment was sold at auction. house where the Secret Sen ice At least $12,000 in counterfeit said Stanley Frederick Withe bills were found when Withe Jr. had been storing them in was arrested, agents said, and two foot lockers.    another $500 had been passed in Withe, arrested on counter- the last two weeks in the San International politics begins to Jibing t*lar8es. Tuesday at his Francisco area, look like a square dance. Just 'nu, ,n .^eI.    -K’■    .    *    Pr,nt*    Special    \gent Robert R. Hast* when all is going smoothly,    alniost $1 million in bogus ings said the counterfeiting job everybody changes partners.    ai    ® *as* ^ear while was “not too hot,” but the bills *    operating a job printing busi- were passable. DAY BRIGHTENER f ;

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