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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 11, 1964, Dover, Ohio Ohio School Board Weighs Expansive Vocational Education t I COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—The State Board of Education is considering a plan for a vast expansion of vocational education in Ohio schools which would include new types of training programs plus radical revamping of present ones. federal, state and local funds! One of the fundamentals of area vocational school facili-j Federal funds would total $7.2 ed to appropriate the added vo- within two years    !    The    board is expected to of- during the next three years, i the plan is to provide whatever ties, financed by 80 per cent (million for 1965 and $9 million rational funds shortly.    The    state    board    Monday    post-    finally    approve    the    plan    at    it« Byrl A. Shoemaker, director of vocational education, submitted the plan to the state board Monday for the State Department of Education. of the anticipated $5.2 million in 1966. Matching state or local Both secondary schools and poned approving its plan to re- September meeting, completing Ohio adults could use the new coca- quire centralized state purchas-fQr.fmn nn tho nmnncoi uhuh The state board is expected ____  ,    ..    „rr........... The plan, if approved, would to consider it officially at its give first priority to construct-involve an added $43 million in Sept. 14 meeting.    ling,    remodeling    and    equiping kind of training is needed to make a person employable rath* in federal funds for the first1 funds would be required er than to go to school in order to obtain knowledge in certain courses, Shoemaker said. The plan, if approved, will sized, Shoemaker said. recently approved a1 program. Congress is expect- students almost double procedure. VOCATIONAL, 24 Hours A Day Someone From The Reporter Is Working For You The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION rn VOL. 61. NO. 26.    50    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, August I I, 1964 'N’•77'' Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSPhila Council Rejects Angle Parking Poverty BHI Okayed $947.5 Million Measure Goes To President Dovers Staff Is Completed By Pete Groh Daily Reporter Staff Writer The second - degree murder Two more teachers were lur- on the needs and requirements ed. the resignation of one long- of local industry. time teacher accepted and sev- Purpose of the move would be WASHINGTON (AP) — The eral important matters were dis- to tailor, at least in part, the Senate sent to President John- cussed informally at last night’s vocational training program son today the $947.5-million an- 2-hour Dover    Board of Educa-    around the skills    needed    by    rn-    trial °f James M. Crago, 29, tipovertv* bill designed to give tion meeting.    dustry.    of PP 2, Dover, charged with work to idle youth and to help During the    informal part of    Hired were:    the March 28 bludgeoning slay- low-ineome families get off re- the meeting.    Supt. Emmet Ri-    Mrs. Patricia    Billups of Hunt-    ,nP of bis neighbor and friend, lief.    lev and board members concur- ington. W. Va., who will fill one Milton Swonger. may reach the Completing congressional ac- red on a move to initiate an of the 2 vacancies in the ele- iurY iate tb*s afternoon, tion. the Senate accepted House exchange of information be- mentarv staff. She is a 1962    ***]?* arguments by Prosecu- amendments to the original Sen- tween the school and local in- graduate of Marshall University I™- Harlan Spies and defense ate version even though some dustry in regards to vocational and has 6 years’ of teaching attorneys, Clair Hoffman and were disliked bv sponsors of the training.    experience.    ♦W61I    expfct‘ bill. The Senate action was bv The bord stated its intentions Charles Gower of RD I, Jeff- d to con1in“*    ” voice vote.    • would Im- lo approach .he New erson. Pa., who will teach    chara    i£ Enactment of the bill was a 1 hiladdphia Board and then at- Amenean history and also take rv Yesterday afternoon defense major victory for Johnson who tempt lo set up a cooperative    ■ • ‘    •    «««*• had given the legislation high- venture with industry to advise See DOVER STAFF. Page 9 unM-1 uunmieu severa* est priority in the closing days by Sen. Barn- Gold* ate?!* Re- * Rush Local Board Assured publican presidential nominee. ^    n IU •    ■ 'c^ Cooperation By Uhrichsville must vote appropriations in a charge requests for the court’s approval. When the trial resumed this morning Assistant Prosecu tor James Thomas outlined how Crago, described as an “unconcerned man,” killed Swonger in, his pickup truck. “This isn’t a man that was Vandals used 2 cement blocks to wreak havoc last night in the Matthew Ellis home. One block was hurled through the picture window at the right. ....    UHRICHSVILLE    —    Repre-    that Uhrichsville would ac- j    pp    men a    I if the program    sentatives of the Rush L o c a I    cept a merger with    West Rush o    get    started this fall    Board of Education last night    School and would favor keeping    afraid.”    Thomas    said,    “this is .    river, who is ex-    received the assurance from the    the Rush school    operating    a    man    with    no    emotions.” pated to    be    named to adm,ms-    Lhnthsville Board of Education    through 6 grades Vandals Hurt Cement Blocks Into Phila Home ______    -    Vandals    struck    again    in    New to the Uhrichsville    district, but    was in error. He represented    Philadelphia last night causing want to keep the    school open    ber *n a 1956 separation case,    !an undetermined amount of through 6 Grades.    according to a trial statement    damage at the home of Matthew However, if 7th and 8th Grade made by A,,y- Bamhouse. E|lls (>f J12 4th St. NW where students from Rush were to at-    ?. cem*n bl,)tks «ere !hrtmn l ie    rh    tend Uhrichsville    School, theev” Thomas added referring    wl" vs damag- County Commissioner    Chair-    PllcK    inomas a, , ’ .erring    mg an organ and piano. Mrs. man J. Richard    Demuth    todav    . .. ,9n    . . fh    cnnkpfmpn*    -° Cra8°.s de!Mal that he knew    Ellis seus both at her residence. The House measure included announced the sale of county- I0? 120’ *hlch the sPokesmen a provision that all individuals i    . .    ... felt was too low. The school « uhuh Uitll ail individuals owned property and buildings ao„AMm/v|a»a onnmvimo*0 receiving government payments on w H,„h Ave New Phiiade|. fan accommodate approximate-must sign non-Communist affi- «i Kl*! 4 f\    i    ’    »»«rxl    Af    A * ter the program, has estimated it should reach 600.000 persons ...    —§ directly in the first year and up yUA^lIAF Cfpfflfl to 7 million families through VvvClfvl 111111 community action projects. Before passing the bill Saturday. the House put into it what some senators called a disturbing loyalty oath and governors’ veto provisions over some projects. But Senate sponsors decided against making any fight over these points. Buys County Site At Phila “The only thing that brought Vern Charlton, president of any reaction from him was menthe Rush Board, and members Don Edwards and Robert Clark attended the session, seeking Yesterday’s story on the answers to the 2 questions. Crago trial said Prosecutor Har-The Rush representatives said *an Spies represented Mrs. they are in favor of transferring Urago in a divorce action. This phia to Weaver Chevrolet Co. davits. Such a provision in the Weaver’s bid of $37 650, the Members of the Uhrichsville Mrs. Ellis told police one of National Defense Education Act ()nlv one submitted was accept- board a8reed that elementary him.” caused some colleges to reject * wv nermith    Delmar    students now attending Uhrichs- Thomas continued that Crago,    F    .,    , after the alleged killing, even! J*    tbr°wn    hn’uSh drove Swonger’s wife “around ,be b™f “om window landing the countryside looking for “ i dow. She said that glass flew rejeet ed by Demuth and Delmar siuaents now attending I miens-    i'ra„n    'throtighout the rooms. The government aid and it eventual-Baer The third commissioner. Vllle *b°ols' but bv>"S <***    '    bk*k* reportedly came from Ijwfs repealed.    Jacob Dummenmuh. is    ,n    enough to Rush. could    attend    Ptanned to.wmpletolyd^vthe backyard of'the    Ellis    resi- The House also inserted a    pro-    washington attending the    na-    ,hat sch<>o1 t0 ra,se tbe    enro1'-    ,le longer s truck, destroying    dencc • vision, rejected bv    the Senate    tinnai rnnventinn nf ,-nnntv    nffi    ment sufficiently.    as much evidence as possible. giving governors a veto in them I comen,,on of tottn,y off"    “I    think you (the jury) will I^Uce said this morning 2 gestates on aid to community as T,'    _    .    .    ,,    Uhrichsville    board    members    find the evidence will show that en complaints received early well as privately financed, an- , J    y    ,s.    ad)a('em 10 said they do not have the space Milton Swonger was killed while 'h‘" ™°™"g ™uld P*!^lbly bt,' tipoverty protects. The giver-    a,g™cys J*™1™* to absorb the elementary stu- he was SUH in the truck. He lnked ^‘b lbe vandalism at bors also couid block establish- n»n    a    w    •    dents from Rush, although <CraS°> even went and had a the Eil‘Lh“'"e' uuu I Demuth said Weaver’s price they favor the transfer andcon-icup of coffee ... He was un- At 2 50 am- a night patrol-See POVERTY,    Page 2    included purchase of the gaso-    seauentiv WOuld want to keen    concerned about his friend or    man r^P°ried he    saw    2    boys -  line storage tanks and 2 pumps ^ school ooen    su. wi.... u- w-j —u    i  ndine hievelps on sth st mw located in what has been the K    p    ' Mrs. Matthew Ellis examines damage to a new organ. Consideration Of Two Levies Is Scheduled The proposal for downtown angle parking in New Philadelphia was rejected by City Council last night. Council was advised to be prepared to discuss 2 possible levies for the Nov. 3 ballot at its next meeting on July 24. Not one mention was made of the controversy over Clarence Farbizo’s request to rezone 6 lots on Kaderly St. NW from “residential to commercial.” Councilman John Stratton, by a 5-2 vote, first won his fight to get back to the floor his recommendation. tabled at the July 27 meeting, that 45-degree angle parking be restored to one side of North and South Broadway, and East and West High, off the public square. But his second motion to have the recommendation adopted bv Council was voted down, 4-3, with Comer Watkins and Ted Ricker backing him. Voting on both moves took place without a discussion. The Council had met in a private session on the matter immediately after its last meeting, but last night there was no indication as to what had transpired. City Solicitor Donald Zimmerman informed Council he would have ready for the Aug. 24 session, a resolution which would have to be passed in order to place the renewal of a 2-null levy for current city operation on the Nov. 3 ballot. The lev) does not actually expire until next year, Zimmerman explained, but possible rejection of it this November would give the administration time to work for its passage on a luture vote. On Zimmerman’s further recommendation. William Hinig, council president, asked the Finance Committee to offer some recommendation regarding a possible levy to finance a year-round recreational program for the city. Mayor Joe Pritz, on July 13, strongly recommended such a levy, with the suggestion that the Recreation Department and the Park Committee be merg- See ANGLE, Page 2 Crash Ruling Pending the blow he had struck. He knew riding bicycles on 5th St. NW he had struck a mortal blow. and "hen he approached them county garage area. However,! CharltJn said. the Coun,y He was concerned about him- one JumPed off and fled, leaving County Coroner Dr. Philip there is some question as to Board of Education was trying lf nd worried ”    I    the    bicycle. Then at 3:01 Doro- Boughten said this morning that whether the county owns the to discourage the move and he ' Thomas described Swonger as % McCartney of 4:13 VI. High wanted to know the opinion of a hard-working man, who had no ruling has been made on the death of James E. Starch-er. 43, of Canton, who died in an auto crash Saturday on Route 21, south of Stone Creek. pumps The auto agency’s offer, made Uhrichsville board. by Paul V. Weaver, vice pres- “That is probably news you could give F See WEAVER. Page 6 helped the defendant on occa-t sion, and who became loud and ,S M<)UrK°U d £1VJ    ; sometimes argued when he was Chinese Jet Fighters Flown Into North Viet Nam Bases dents,” Clark said when the r'j'nj*'"'' Hilo hnorrl mamkAt*o aw    ri* Uhrichsville board members expressed their favor of the move “He was not a fighter,” the .    ..    ..    .    ..    assistant    prosecutor    quickly    as-1 her action by the Uhr- serted> “There were no victims Judge Grants Injunction For Weathervane    inn See VANDALS, Pane 6 SAYS REPORTER WAS IN ERROR Philo Council Head Defends 'Closed Talk' On Rezoning See RUSH, Page 6 of any beatings.” Man Posts Bond YESTERDAY High 86    Low    62 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. 68 .. Backing up his claim that Swonger died in the cab of his Albuquerque, cloudy'96 I pickup truck, Thomas said that    uhicag0 rain t    8fl    71 evidence showed that there was    cleveland, cloudy    -.74    67 blood inside the truck only and    Los AngeleSj cloU(iy    85    M Richard Eichel, 27, address ^one on the ground outside the    Miami, cloudy ..... 86 WASHINGTON (AP) - The the Hanoi area.” Pentagon said today a number Sylvester was asked if Chi- of Chinese Communist jet fight- nese Communists were flying In Trivprn Frnrnc ers have ben sent into North the planes.    "    ■ >UvU> Vietnamese bases.    He    replied    that    the    pilots    .......... Arthur Sylvester,    defense    could be    North Vietnamese,    not given, posted    a” $31 20 * ap-    Swonger residence. He contin-    New York Tloudv    76    67 press chief, recalled    that    last    trained in    China, or “they could    pearanee bond in    Dover May-    ued that» considering the force1    Pittsburgh cloudy    80    63 week Secretary of Defense    Rob-    very well    be Chinese.”    0r’s Court yesterday after say-    of the blow> that blood would    St. Louis, cloudy ...    98    75 Sylvester said he did not    ing he had heard    there was a    have been on the ground if he    San Fran., cloudy ..    60    57 Washington, rain ...    78    68 ert S. McNamara had said he Sylvester said he expected the    Red Chinese    to in-    jinow whether these Red Chi-    warrant for his arrest. Charges troduce planes into    North    Viet    nese pjanes are intended for air    °/ disturbing the peace had been defense or other action.    fded against him by Ann Me in reply to another question, Clam, owrner of the Holiday Bar Sylvester said there was no evi- a* W. 3rd St., following an J    .    .    . .    dence that these planes have    incident there Saturday night, and MIG17s    ha\e    been    intio-    peen fjown over south Vietna-    Kenneth Roberts, 62, of Ham- duced into North Viet Nam. See CRAGO, Page 2 Nam. “We now have indications,” Sylvester said, “that a number of Chinese Communist MIG 15s DAY BRIGHTENER “Thl* h« hppn exacted for mese terri,ory-    '    jlton. was fined $16.20 by Mayor, Middle age is that penod jn .oJetimf^ose of known He was asked if US- Navy C.LeMoyneLuthy for in toxica-mte when women some time becau. e    f    wn pjanes had been “scrambled’ preparations such as lengthen-j ing of runways of airfields in, See CHINESE, Page 9 ♦    AU    AU ,    ^    .    AAI V WA.U.I nOM.W. WOtt’t UdmU Im)” Kthe, ne fspended °" their age and men won't act condition he leave town immed-i iately.    ineirs‘_ M miagt —Mii 67 issing; T—Trace TODAY 7 a.m.    ..... RAINFALL Last 24 hours . none TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5:32 Sunset ............ 7:29 High 75    Low 65 Forecast: Cloudy, windy and cooler. New Philadelphia City Colin- dared, “and when found in er-i ii President William Hinig, at ror. make a retraction.” last night’s Council meeting, i with regard to the public and asked for a Daily Reporter re-    ___ Carroll Lounty t ommon Pleas traction of certain paris of an p    , Court Judge Frank S. Cope yt*s-    editorial printed    Aug I    meetings of the Council, or of terdav granted an injunction    Ul • .    i,s committees, Hinig said re- banning picketing bv members    JS ' ,    porters have never been pres- of laical S3 of the \-b.Mns >d, K'11 k n' "k,>    ent. nor. as far as he knew. had Workers I mon a. .he $2-n.Ulio„ 7a,nh;™in^lu; 'Jm'em™, com ^ ";;'";'^d *“ Present at Atwood Inn propel       ,    such meetings. I he request for the injunction 09    was    filed last week    by Mel-    ^ocke\ had    written    Last bourne Brothers Construction    ad{11    2$),    New’ ’"    Co.    after the Asbestos    Workers    Philadelphia s I    ity ( ouncil    call- picketed the |ob over a work ed a    a,1(1    into a • • diSpUte    secret huddle to discuss a re- Local 84 of Akron, which has zwnin8 proWem. Reporters, q n been on strike against area con- aIonS uwith the ^eneral PubUc* ;tractors since .luly I. claimed vu‘n* b‘u'rt'(l lr°m the discussion. That s in violation of law.” Around The World M T In reply. Joe Woerdeman of See DEFENDS, Page 6 THE INSIDE (that workers for Youngstown „ . a_ ,    , I Heating & Plumbing were per- Dung said < ouncil did not re- Dear Abby ......... forming tasks that should have n'ss ,() hold the private session, Doctor Crane ..... been done bv asbestos workers bad adjourned its legulai Doctor "rites according to Bob Neal of Akron, nieeting. He contended Council Goren On Bridge business agent    bad    been    used    unDiirly    “as    an    Home Buiding New- Local 84 set up picket lines    in    Die editorial. I decision last Thursday after a check ^ Die newspapers cer- Sjnnts    ........ tainlv have a responsibility to Women’s Pages ____ . 17 ,. 17 . lo . 15 .. 13 7 ll 12 . K-9 See INN, Page 2 report accurately,” llini^ de-, Your lioru>co^ ............. J7 ;

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