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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 6, 1964, Dover, Ohio 24 Hours A Day Someone From The Reporter Is Working For You The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION .JBp ••TV'' VOL 61. NO. 22.    22    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, August 6, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Developments In Next 24 Hours Considered Decisive 30 Bombers Reach Saigon Investigators In Crago Case Called To Stand By Joe Woerdeman i called Howard Seith, agent of Daily Reporter Staff Writer I the State Bureau of Investiga-Introduction of the alleged tio,n Jelidin8 at Carrollton and murder weapon, blood-stained asked bim t0    to Dover clothing and other articles, high- where Crago was being held unlighted testimony as the second- . ®r susPJclon- Daffom said he degree murder trial of J a rn e s interrogated Crago for about Moses Crago continued into its half ™ hour> b? "oth relate fmirth Hav    what the man had told him. I    When Seith arrived, Daffom Two Dover police officer, a sajd^ they made a blood test of : special deputy sheriff and a crag0»s clothing and found posi-cnminal investigation expert five stains detailed events and identified evidence from the time Milton! witk that evid Daffom Swonger, 27, whom Crago claims he killed in self-defense, Chief John H. Meissner (left) is shown with his wife, Mary, his mother-in-law, Mrs. Lee Roth of Dover, and 2 sons as Cmdr. Henry S. laurinat, executive officer of the unit, prepares to present him with a plaque from his fellow chief petty officers upon his retirement. Meissner's son, David, holds a flag presented to the chief by the officers and men of the unit as younger son, Douglas, "smiles for the camera." Former Retires Phila From Man Navy said he, Seith and other Dover was renorted missing about 630 P°lice Proceeded t0 the Crag° nm laKrS    bam. During the search, Sworn I p' '    1    .    ger’s body was discovered by Defense attorneys, Clair Hoff- Daffom and a special sheriff man and James Bamhouse, deputy. lodged continued objections to Acting Coroner Dr. James the introduction of evidence Houglan was summoned to the; which Prosecutor Harlan Spies scene and ordered the bodyi had state witnesses describing taken to Union Hospital for fur-! j identifying since early fber examination. Wednesday afternoon.    ,    Daffom    said    he    was    present . mm m . . . when Crago made a statement Their protest finally exploded on March 30 in the Engineer’s “V aK T0U;-°frUun hearing in office at Doyer Qt Hall Seith which Judge J H Lamneck ft- and chief D t /ohn Barlock| nally ruled out a photograph of aIso were ^ Doyer Police Swonger s body as it was taken Chi f Garrlson Groh wa§ there| LI ^ “ ** Part of the time, Daffom added. I Spies did not ask Daffom to MIG Reports Discounted By U.S. Embassy By MALCOLM W. BROWNE SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)—About 30 U.S. Air Force B-57 jet bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons when fitted for combat, today joined American and South Vietnamese forces standing watch to meet any attack from the Communist North. The fleet of high-flying, twin-engine Canberras sped to Saigon unheralded while a steady shuttle of transport planes completed overnight a buildup of troops and material in the area adjoining the North Vietnamese frontier. Minh, president of North Viet Nam, had been replaced by a The Dover investigator also See INVESTIGATORS, Page 2. Crago bam A Utter of the bloodstained , Crapft,s «.tatpmpnt garments of both Crago and: Swonger and the splattered in- | tenor Uning of Swonger’s truck, 'plus packages containing parti- ! des of Swonger’s hair found at the scene of the alleged crime has filled the court room, so A naval career that began but returned the following Au- that jury’ members had to step more than 21 years ago was cli- gust and, with 3 others, formed over and around some of it in maxed at retirement ceremo- what is now the U.S. Naval Re- order to get to their places. nies this week for a former New serve Training Center at Can- Lamneck, rn barring the photograph today, said that he was Deputies Probe 2 Area Thefts Paul Frank begins packing for Sunday’s start of a year's adventure as a teacher in Japan. Port Man Will Teach At Air Base In Japan But U.S. officials reported tonight there were casualties as the jet armada moved into the pro-Peking subordinate in the country under cover of dark-1 North Vietnamese Communist ness, they said four bombers! party. crashed at or in the vicinity of I The other was that two squad-Bien Hoa Airport, 15 miles rons of Soviet-made MIG fight-north of Saigon, and that two ere had been flown into North pilots probably wTere killed. i Viet Nam. Air traffic came to a virtual The spokesman said he “had-halt today. The general feeling nothing to back up” the rumor in Saigon was that, if nothing about Ho Chi Minh. important happened in the next He said he had no informa-24 hours, the Gulf of Tonkin Hon about MIGS. crisis probably would be past. The spokesman said a United The alert status in South Viet States note protesting North Vietnamese torpedo boat attacks Sunday and Tuesday against Albert A. Amos, 20, son of Mr. U.S. 7th Fleet ships has not yet J and Mrs. Walter E. Amos of been delivered. 1411 Chestnut St., Dover, is “We are in touch with several aboard the USS Constellation, channels on this matter,” he one of 3 attack carriers of the said. 7th Fleet involved in Viet Nam The United States does not I crisis. Amos is a barber aboard maintain diplomatic relations j the ship.    witb North Viet Nam. One chan nel for delivery of the protest could be the three-nation Inter-Nam’s capital was nowhere national Control Commission near what it would be if an at- overseeing the Geneva agree- PORT WASHINGTON — A lo- nese children whose fathers ^ac^ were considered imminent. ments that divided Viet Nam IO cal man will take a 6-000-mile work there.    There    was    no    public    an-    years ag0. hair trio to pet to work this fall *n addition to teaching social n°uncement of the arrival of the The spokesman said Ameri- I V T> I T, ,    07 i studies and physical education B57s but they were seen by a can and South Vietnamese mili- | He is Paul Frank, 27, son of he stated that as far ag h0 correspondent on a runway tary forces are prepared to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frank of knows now he also will coach apron 0CCUP,ed Wednesday by,meet any Red retaliation for | RD I, here, who will leave Sun- basketball and football.    s*x supersonic F102 Delta Dag- the U.S. aerial counterattack Sheriff’s deputies are invest!- day to teach youngsters of Frank is one of 15 teachers    rom.^    _na,v'a'    ^be    Wednesday    against    North Viet Tai Air Reserve training unit in In IMS he joined the Naval    Sating'the Srf"»«'from'the American a^en'tojlpan." " from'ohio, indiana,'Wes? vTr- ™2s wregore, ^aPs to; Nam’s torpedi boats and shore Lakehurst. NJ.    MSK    f^J's    "ti    on    understand    home of William Lehman of 225 Frank will leave Sunday from Kentucky and Pennsylvan-!installs. thief foeman John H. Meiss-    nromoteri    to    chief    in8    tba*    the    prosecution    would    16th st- NE, New Philadelphia Akron - Canton airport with hisi Tier. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. * a P ™    ‘    use    it    as    proof    of    Crago’s    mali-    early this morning.    final destination being Misawa Meissner of RD 4. New Phila- PL* • rharfyp nf th** admin cious intent in killing Swonger.' Mrs* Lehman told deputies Air Force Base near Aomori,! delphia, is retiring from active J™™"‘ cn‘^e o "eaamin* ‘*They might as well show *bat sometime after midnight Japan. He will fly from Canton service and will be a full time Aration department in 1954.    b    ...... See PORT MAN, Page 6. at Da Nang, a base on the South China Sea 280 miles northeast of Saigon. The United States is considering bringing in more air power salesman with an automobile dealer in Lakewood, N.J. His wife is the former Mary Uhpn thaIc ta LVtAkron pictures of the man in a eof- someone entered her house by to San Francisco where he will HLnmn^L.nnL L iQ'I hP fin,” Bamhouse stormed, and g°ing through the garage and have 5 days of free time. From med to the I akehurst arTTued tbat there could be no took the money from the kitch- San Francisco he will travel to was assigr possible reason to introduce en- Honolulu for a 2-day stopover Louise Roth, daughter of Mr. LL^pp^ thLLmi    va photographs of Swonger’s body Sheriff’s deputies also were in- before heading for Tokyo, and Mrs. I^e Roth of 230 E.    except to inflame the jury by vestigating a theft at the Dut- The youthful looking bac 21st St., Dover. The Meissners have 2 sons, David, 5, and Douglas, 3. answered:    ‘‘It department.    except During his service the 38-year- g™esome pictures, old retiree earned the following    pies medals and ribbons good con fulsome vejr gruesome,” re Chief Meissner enlisted in the duct with 4 awards, naval re- f,emPK    picture    mtro- Navv in June, 1943, and was a serve, .American campaign, Eu- uced* member of the Navy Rand until ropean-African-Middle Eastern being assigned to the USS Nitro, campaign with one star, Asi-. ^ prosecutor said We an ammunition ship. later that atic-Pacific campaign. World ,ave a dozea s^‘h Plctures f™m year.    War II victory. national defense the ^rave1t0 ?he hosPlta1;, but He participated in the D-Dav service medal, the armed *e. are yH ?u\ng f?n6‘ ♦ ♦ invasion    of Normandy in    1944    forces reserve and the Philip-    ... trgUt,    J .    .s a e and the invasion of southern pine liberation.    should be able to use such evi- France,    for which the    com-    He attended the Navy Legal    e t0 S    intent- mander of the Eighth awarded the ship a citation Veteran Actor Is Dead At 71 A U.S. Embasy spokesman if it is needed, he said, but discounted twro Saigon rumors, there are no plans to increase which also lacked confirmation the ground forces beyond the elsewhere.    5,000 recently announced. U.S. One was a story that Ho Chi See 30 BOMBERS, Page#. jury by vesiigaung a men at me uut-| The youthful looking bachelor ton Farm Equipment Sales on will not only instruct children NEW YORK (AP)—Sir Cedric> was RD 8, south of Dennison at press of Air Force men stationed at Hardwick, the English - born the base but also some Japa- , time. RUTHLESS COMMUNIST actor who spent a lifetime on the stage and screen, died early today at the age of 71. Resolution Sent To Both Houses nine members approved it. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Ho Chi Minh com- He attended the Navy Legal    I    I    I    o    # Fleet School at Newport.    RI.    Chief . C,apt- K?nna,h    "nm-    K|A...    I .    I_ * _ £ ti for Petty Officer Leadership School ,nal inVeSt,ft0r ,or, ,he    Davar    IM ONA/    IS    lh Pl in =.( Pensacola Flu    uL    nieh. P°Uce- went on Wltness    stand    ■ X W VV    I    VI I I W I Foe For U. S. outstanding performance in at Pensacola, Fla., and night    LLa    aLILn sen'ing combat ships in both in- courses at Akron University    ^L    befor® court adjourned J yesterday and was still there at vasions.    while    in    the    Navy.    ..    .    . Switching to the Pacific area After retirement ceremonies utlltifioH tLt ha hon taiwan of operations, the .ship delivered he was host at a party at the over mves ,ration of the al eS ammunition to the invasion Lakehurst Golf Club with 160 of    i®a ‘ "    „™,, forces at Okinawa, Iwo Jima his friends from the area at-"Lh r, and the Philippines.    tending.    a m March 29 after reviewing j Later, the USS Nitro, leaking He is scheduled to attend SLfSSJES By ERNEST VACCARO Cause of death was listed as WASHINGTON (AP) — House    Defense Robert S emphysema, a    lung    ailment,    and Senate committees quickly    wX^ra    and Cen Earle    C Mardwicke had    been    hospital-    approved    today a resolution    McNamwa    anti Gen^ Earle    U ized about three weeks before backing President Johnson’s ^V he^’ Jhairman his death in University Hospi- military actions in Southeast l,hiefs.of Staff;. app fa^ clLff tal    J    H    ^sia    the    joint    meeting    of    the    Senate I ‘    committees. From there they As well-known to American: Leaders scheduled!! for Sen-,crossed (he (.,tol , testify audiences as to British,    Sir Ceti-    ate action    later in the day and    . .    ..    .. A, ,.„mmittee rte spent much    of his    profes-    for House    action Friday.    ,7urg.ng    the resoSn, Rusk sional career shuttling between There was one vote against    d that6c ress ,eave com- engagements in London, New the resolution in a joint meet-    jsf al,gressfcors ..ln n0 doubt rood.    ling of the Senate Foreign Rela-    lho    „ni,„    ,„H    Ho. By JOHN RODERICK TOKYO (AP) - A shadowy oil from damage bv depth ‘ Dealers’ Sons School" in De- “"cerning his «n(«ngs »n |>ut fnmous Marxist ruler of a charges, embarked for the Unit- troit next January as part of his ed States and was 60 miles from training for his new job. Seattle, when the war was de-    --- dared over. Chief Meissner was released from active duty in April, 1946, Old Fire Siren Recalled To Duty Net Aly Car! the Crago barn. Daffom said he immediately Weathervane YESTERDAY High 85    Low    51 Dover’s new fire siren, installed last October at a cost of „    ___ $800, has proved inadequate be- -v THE ASSOCIATED PRESS cause it can’t be heard in sev-    •    Low    Pr. ar'ii “dead snots” in tha ritv al- Albuquerque, clear 94 71    .. New Philadelphia police er- ‘    .    is    audibie at „rPater!Chicago, cloudy .... 83 roneously reported yesterday    Jgl]    ' dUd ble at 8rea e j cleveland, dear ... 75 that an auto owned by Sig Ny- ;    the    old siren was he-    Los Angeles,    cloudy 86 hind of RD I, Stone Creek, had . Toda-y , J: (,d !!    . t    Miami clear    ....... 89 been found with a broken win-1irlg. ,a ^ a!op ^e,?lg m^'jNew York clear dow. A car was found with a i mcipal Light Plant building. The    wew YorK’ broken window, but Nylund said 2 sirens wl11 be synchronized today it wasn’t his. DAY BRIGHTENER Ail/ W. Main St., Early to bed and early to rise Is a sure sign you’re fed up with television. Fine Unpaid, Jailed Darrell G. Stoffer, 49, of 211 Newcomerstown, was placed in the county jail yesterday afternoon after failing to pay a fine of $126 assessed in Newcomerstown mayor’s court for driving while intoxicated. 81 80 95 78 81 little known corner of Southeast Asia suddenly has become the direct adversary of the United States, his torpedo boat nests the targets of American bombs. Straggly-bearded Ho Chi Minh, one time cabin boy, cook and Soviet follower, is regarded by many in his democratic Republic of (North) Viet Nam — and by quite a fewr in South Viet Nam — as his country’s greatest patriot, the undisputed leader of Indochina’s war for independence from France. Behind his benign exterior 74 1.12 hides one of the most single- 65 55 69 61 53 64 57 66 Pittsburgh, clear .. St. Louis, clear .... San Fran., clear ... Washington, clear .. TODAY 7 a.m................56 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours None TOMORROW Sunrise............5:27 Sunset.............7:35 High 90    Low 63 Forecast Cloudy and warmer. minded, skillful and ruthless Communists. From his headquarters in North Viet Nam, he leads a force in the south that York and Hollywood During a 53-year career sirens and Armed Services Corn-Cedric’s roles ran into the hun-1 mittees. Sen. Wayne Morse, D-dreds.    Ore.,    cast    it. His last show on Broadway ! *be House Foreign Affairs was kist season’s "Too True ^Committee, two Republicans re-be Good.” Sir Cedric 1934. whatever” of the unity and determination of the American people to defend Southeast Asia against Red aggression. Rusk, supported by Secretary was knighted in Meeting Reset portedly voted “present,” but of Defense Robert S. McNama-no one voted against. Twenty- See RESOLUTION, Page 2 U.S. Keeps Close Eye On Red China county schools was rescheduled for Friday night at 7:30 in the! B>' HARRY KELLY helping hand” to prevent North high school band room after on-{ WASHINGTON (AP) — The Nam from being “subject Iv 8 residents showed up last United States pressed its nuli- to a&gression.” niuht Members of the board of t bujk, in Southeast Asia    °'1Sta,,e    Dean,Rusk education will be on hand to an- today as of[k.ja|s watched fnr <n cd the situation exp os.ve ■swer questions and explain their:any due Ked chlna migh, ,    he faf1'.?rma,.h (,f the vel7 recommendation that Tuscara- n(ire president Johnson’s warn- ™    American    a'r was-Warwick join the merger. ing an(, slar, its s march. str k^ aga.nM t omniunist N,,rth -    r    Viet    Nam s patrol boat armada. I'    :    s.    Manv    offlcials doubted*? :'ompl<:,el!: ON THE INSIDE Ho Chi Minh calls itself    revolutionary fight-    forces 0f    American advisers to    [)tar *JbbY ers of the    National Liberation    the    Repubhc of (South)    j^our H«wfne Front, (better known as the Viet Viet N im which is fighting to r,oren 0n Rridge Cong Vietnamese Commun- break the’ Communist strangle-1    News    • Ts/‘ . . .    .    _    _ hold threatening its existence, Its dnvmg force is    said to    be    Radio-Television about 25,000    men trained    as    The    two Vietnamese republics    Sports guerrillas    by Ho’s northern    that    face    each other across the    Women's Pages Communist    regime. These are    17th    Parallel are the troubled    Dr. Crane the enemies    of the    expanded! See    HO CHI MINH, Page 6.    Dr Alvarez ____ „;rc 5-?s fps  19 puganda attack, which is a1- a^e °f ,r°Uble ln Sou,hcast  21 ready under way.    j" a’  19 The Communist Chinese As a precaution, the United  b charged the United States with States rushed more planes and  2 aggression against North Viet ships — including the giant car-  Nam and declared “U.S. im- rier Ranger and 12 destroyers ii & 12 perialism” has gone over the from the West Coast — toward 8 & 9 brink of war. I hey said the the crisis zone.  *>! “Chinese people will absolutely In South Viet Nam, transport*  19 not sit idly by without lending iii See RED CHINA, Page I ;

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