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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 5, 1964, Dover, Ohio The Reporter ... A Clear Independent Voice For The CountyThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 61. NO. 21.    46    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Wednesday, August 5, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Fa miff et PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS U. S. Lets Sea And Land Retaliation To Red Attack Soak In WASHINGTON (AP)—U.S. Navy aircraft made a devastating strike at North Vietnamese PT boats and their shore bases today in retaliation for the two attacks on American craft in the Tonkin Gulf this Week. Then the Washington government apparently sat back to let the lesson soak in—if it will soak in— with this stern word from Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara: “Whether this will be ail that is necessary is up to the North Vietnamese.” The account of the explosive U.S. reaction, and the warning, were given by McNamara at a morning news conference, within hours of a somber announcement by President Johnson of the decision to hit back hard in reply to the attacks.    9 In a premidnight address to the nation, Johnson said: "That reply is being given as I speak to you. "Air action is now in execution against gunboats and certain supporting facilities in North Vet Nam which have been used in these hostile operations. “The determination of all Americans to carry out our full commitment to the government and people of South V let Nam will be redoubled by this outrage.” In summary, McNamara reported four North Vietnamese torpedo boat bases heavily damaged and one oil depot wrecked in 6 sorties by planes from the aircraft carriers Ticonderoga and Constellation, with 25 PT boats destroyed or damaged. Four shore bases were turned into rubble. He gave the U.S. cost as two aircraft downed by ground fire and two damaged. The action, McNamara said, took place between noon and 4 or 5 p.m. local time Tuesday. With Vienamese time 13 hours ahead of Washington, that means the bombs and rockets were falling within an hour after Johnson’s report of his decision. Planes doubtless were going aloft as he spoke. Johnson referred to the U.S. reaction as a “positive reply” to the aggression by North Vietnamese PT boats against American naval vessels in international waters.    See RETALIATION, Page 5 Mrs. Swonger Collapses At Crago's Trial By Joe Woerdeman Daily Reporter Staff Writer Mrs. Milton (Nancy) Swonger, 24, collapsed outside the courtroom this morning, following her testimony in the trial of James Moses Crago for the second-degree murder of her husband on March 28. Union Hospital reported she was treated for shock in the emergency room. Sheriff deputies, who took her to the hospital, said she was "shaking and apparently in shock when she stepped from the witness stand. " Mrs. Swonger had spent an Swonger acted violently against hour on the stand under the her e\en when he was mtoxi-gruelling cross-examination of cated. She admitted both of Crago’s counsel, Atty. Clair them had broken furniture Hoffman. She had been on the around their home during some stand for almost an hour yes- of their arguments, terday afternoon for direct “He never came to the point examination by Assistant Prose- where he hurt me,” she declar ator James Thomas. Today, the widow questions from parried Hoffman con ed. While she denied hearing of certain fights and her husband's cerning arguments and fights threats to harm individuals,1 between herself and her hus- mentioned bv Hoffman. Mrs. band and possible infidelity on Swonger did admit she had lost her part.    her job at the Hi-Way Inn in She strongly denied that See MRS. SWONGER, Page 2 Two CR Workers' Bodies Identified JACKSON. M iss. (AP)—Tw o was continuing. of the three bodies found buried Announcement of the lden-in a recently constructed earthen tification of Goodman and dam near Philadelphia. Miss., Schwerner was made in Wash-were identified early today as ington by FBI Director J. Ed-missing civil rights workers gar Hoover. Andy Goodman and Mickey The Greenwood, Miss., office Schwerner.    of the Student Non-Violent Co- All three bodies were under- ordinating Committee said it going pathological tests early had been told by the Jackson today at the University of Mis- FBI office that the third body sissippi Medical center where had been identified as James they were brought after being Chaney, the Negro companion found near Philadelphia late of Goodman and Schwerner. Tuesday.    There    was    no    immediate    con- Examination of the third body firmation of this from the FBI. A main activity at Camp Piedmont is wator safety instruction. Bonnie Burnette of Uhrichsville makes certain her charges' life preservers are in place prior to boating instruction. 400 4-H’ers Attend Program At Camp Auto Mishap Sets Uh'ville Home Ablaze I UHRICHSVILLE — Firemen battled a blaze at the Louis Maurer residence at 317 E. High St. for three hours last night following a freak auto accident which started the blaze. A damage estimate is {lending. Extra crews of firemen and equipment were rushed to the settle after the fire was discovered at 11:17. There were no injuries. Police are continuing an investigation of the accident. Preliminary reports indicate the fire started when a car driven by Olimpia Aceituna of 124 N. Uhrich St. struck the side of the home while backing a ve-1 hide from a parking space. The j auto was owned by Wilbur Vincent of 323 E. High St. The auto broke a gas main and electric line running into the house. The fire was contained to the east side of the house, but both floors of home were damaged. DANGEROUS WATERS. President Johnson confers with the Notional Security Council at the White House over attacks by Communist North Vietnamese torpedo boats on U. S. destroyers. Seated are (from left) George Ball, Undersecretary of State; Secretary of State Dean Rusk; President Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Red China Is Warned To Keep Hands Off! Bv DOUGLAS B. CORNELL to keep hands off and not en- yesterday.” SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — large the war.    Johnson    spoke at ceremoniei President Johnson declared to- “To any who may be tempted dedicating a journalism building day that peace requires a firm to support — or to widen — the as the first unit of a $15-million response to aggression, and that present aggression.” Johnson communications center at Svra-is the reason for U.S. air strikes said. “I say this. There is no cuse University, a gift to th# at North Vietnamese attackers, threat to any peaceful power The world must never forget, from the United States of Amer-he said. “that aggression un- ica. But there can be no peace challenged is aggression un- by aggression and no immunity leashed.”    from reply. That is what is In effect, he told Red China meant by the actions taken i ★ ★ ★ Jets Sent To Saigon strip was “fairly university from publisher Samuel I. Newhouse. Johnson flew from Washington to Syracuse after ordering the air strikes Tuesday. On the See RED CHINA, Page S By Dan Miles Daily Reporter Staff Writer “On the edge of Piedmont waters On the lake so blue Where stands their 4-H camp grounds Glorious to view Friendship ever is their watchword At Camp Piedmont site Hailing w hat their 4-H stands for Head, heart, hands and health.” presses the spirit of the 4-H’ers attending the camp, located in Belmont County. This week more than 400 junior and teenage 4-H’ers from Tuscarawas County are participating in the program, designed to help boys and girls grow in stature and wisdom and to develop the individual to meet his Schaar Rites Will Be Friday This is the alma mater of Camp Piedmont and it ex- P Home for Thomas A. own growing needs, through Schaar, 40, of RD 2, Dover, knowledge and association with who was found dead of a self-others.    *    inflicted gunshot wound early The program is flexible so yesterday afternoon at the that each youth may participate grave of his wife, the former in the activities of his own Dorothy Temple, at Dover Bur-choosing.    ial Park. Activities at Camp Piedmont Dr. T. W. Hoernemann will See 4-H CAMP, Page 13 By MACOLM W. BROWNE (crisis in the Gulf of Tonkin. Da Nang SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP) — American military personnel heavy." {he The United States rushed six in the I and 2 Corps regions in Some sources said it was pos- supersonic Air Force F102 jet Viet Nam’s North were restrict- sible that planes used to attack fighters to Saigon    today, the    cd to their    bases rn an unoffi-    North Viet Nam    bases today op- Vietnamese airforce    was put on    cial “grey    alert”    status    that    erated from Da    Nang. The air alert, and tanks rumbled    into    also enforced a 9    p.m. curfew,    j base, a major one, can handle the key northern base of    Da    The I Corps    region, with    modern et    aircraft. Nang.    headquarters at Da Nang, is re-1 The five Vietnamese army di« The swift air and    ground mil-    gui ded as a    logical    target    for a    ! visions in the I    and 2 Corps re- itary buildup was    effected to    Communist    attack.    gions were put    on alert. The meet any attacks from Coinmu-    Amerien sources reported    Vietnamese    high command    rn c •    ii    l. t .j « j nist North Viet Nam or    Red    the situation was    tense in the    Saigon was    reported to have    is* ,OAC0S    • - ,    ,    tt a*V China that might come with the area and that air activity on the See JET SENT, Page 5 1:30 p.m. in Toland-Herzig    ^    ^    J at Funeral ON THE INSIDE Around The World ............ 6 Dear Abby .................. 23 Dr. Alvarez ....*............. 23 IS TI Workman Is Electrocuted Weathervane YESTERDAY High 80    Low    63 The three    vanished    June 21 after being freed from jail at Philadelphia    where    they had    ^r- Crane been arrested on a    speeding    Goren On Bridge ............ 23    Green Gables    Interchange    procharge.    Obituaries .................. 2    ject    of Interstate    77.    was    elec- A foreman for The Lake Erie Electric Co., working on the They had been held in jail at ...    ..    . Philadelphia nearly six hours ‘ s .................. 0 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE after Chaney was arrested on a High Low Free. speeding charge. 16 Television .................. 8 Women’s Pages ........ 12    & 92 Albuquerque, clear Chicago, clear ..... Cleveland, clear ... Los Angeles, clear , Miami, cloudy ..... New York, cloudy Pittsburgh, cloudy . St. Louis, cloudy ... San Fran., clear ... Washington, cloudy. TODAY 7 a.rn........... RAINFALL Last 24 hours .. TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5:26 Sunset  .......7:36 High 88    Low 58 Forecast: Fair and warm. 79 87 89 81 77 96 67 78 64 70 64 67 82 62 61 72 58 66 The last person known to have Your Horoscope seen them w as Neshoba County j _ deputy sheriff Cecil Price, who said he followed them a short distance after their release as they drove south toward Meridi an. September Jury Drawing Slated The Meridian Star quoted an See BODIES, Page 6 j officiate and interment will be in Dover Burial Park. Friends may call Thursday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 at the funeral home. A native of Dover, he was a son of the late Don and Minnie Ford Schaar and was a World War II veteran. He was employed by Sparta Manufacturing Co. and formerly was a meat cutter at Stallard’s Market. He was a member of Dover First Methodist Church. Mrs. Schaar, who died in ,1963, was a daughter of Mr. and Howard Hershberger of 1013 MrS- Ray Temple of 547 Shafer 13 Tuscarawas Ave., Canton Ave., Dover. Survivors are 2 •>•» wasPronoancotj dea(I on arrival daughters, Betsy Jane and Sal-23 at Union Hospital at 10:15. Electric Company officials were unavailable for comment on the nature of the accident, believed to be in connection with the installation of power lines for lighting the Interchange. Attack Denied By Reds BULLETIN    1 lated the security of the Demo-1 The Pentagon said two of the TOKYO (AP) — Communist cratic Republic of (North) Viet Red PT boats which attacked North Viet Nam asserted today Nam and are aggravating fur- the U.S. destroyers Maddox and that the U.S. report of another (her the situation in Southeast C. Turner Joy Tusday were attack by North Vietnamese Asia.”    probably sunk and two other! torpedo boats on American The broadcast quoted the damaged. destroyers in international w at-1 North Viet Nam news agency The text of the Radio Hanoi ers Tuesday was “a sheer fabri- and said the news agency had report read: cation.”    been officially authorized to “The U.S. Pentagon has al- A brief statement broadcast make the statement.    leged that last (Tuesday) night by Radio Hanoi said ihe U.S.    j It was the first North Vietnam-    four torpedo    boats of the    DRV announcement was “a sheer fa-    ese comment heard in Tokyo on    (Democratic    Republic of    Viet brication by the U.S. imperial-    the attack. There was no refer*    Nam); attacked two U.S.    war- ists aimed at covering up their    once to losses suffered by North    ships in the    international    wa- lllegal acts which brazenly vio-!Viet Nam. See REDS. ★ Page 5 trocuted late this morning. Iv Rae of the home; 2 sisters, Mrs. Carl Endres of New Philadelphia and Mrs. Martha Campbell of Cambridge, and 2 brothers, Don of Phoenix, Ariz., and Robert of San Bruno, Calif. 65 none DAY BRIGHTENER Childhood is that wonderful time when all you need to do to lose weight is bathe. U.N. Session Delayed Common Pleas Court today ordered the County Jury Commission to draw names of 90; persons for jury service during the September term. The first 30 names drawn will com-1 TOKYO (AP) - More than 20 prise the Grand Jury. The re- jj $ warships that were in the loaming 60 will serve as the :US. Navy base at Yokosuka, 50 petit jurors.    miles south of here, left for un- County Clerk    of Courts, known destinations tonight, the OK Given For Amish Battery Lights Another Dover Policeman Quits Larry R. Schneiter, 27. a Dover policeman 3 years, will be George LaPorte said that the Kyodo News Service said. The the fifth member of the depart- Navy refused to confirm the Ky- nient to quit within the last 3 months with completion of Ins 2-week notice Aug. 16. Schneiter, who is appearing Congress Maps Action Bv CARL P. LEUBSDORF full discussion of U.S. policy on planned to move swiftly on th# WASHINGTON (AP) — Dem- Viet Nam before the resolution resolution. But no time-table for o c r a I i c and Republican is approved.    action was made public, congressional leaders predicted Johnson asked for the resolu- Senate Democratic leader today speedy and overwhelming tion in a statement to the nation Mike Mansfield said there had support for President Johnson’s Tuesday night in which he said been no opposition from Repub-eall for a resolution backing that the United Staes had beans when Johnson brought up U.S. determination “to take all launched air action against gun the proposed resolution at a necessary measures” to defend boats “and certain supporting White House meeting of peace and freedom in Southeast facilities” after a second attack congressional leaders. Asia.    un U.S. destroyers off North But some Republicans said off Viet Nam. the record that they expected a House and Senate leaders “It seemed to me that the roup there was unanimous in See CONGRESS, Page 3 commission will set a date soon for drawing. BG Backs LBJ Move CLEVELAND (AP)—An esti- allowed on previous occasions mated 1,500 Orthodox Amish as long as the power was not farmers in northeastern Ohio extended to the Amish homes, have been granted permission to:    Bishops    in    charge    of    interpre light their cow barns with 12 volt battery systems so they can continue selling milk in the Cleveland market. The farmers’ religion forbids them from using electricity, but such an arrangement has been tation of the Amish religion for various groups believe that television sets cannot be run from light would be required in their barns if they wanted to remain in the Cleveland grade-A milk market. The Cleveland Division of Health set Jan. I for the farmers to comply with its order. ode report. Kyodo, quoting reliable sources, said all shore leave for U.S. Navy servicemen in the naval base had been canceled. 'Destination Unknown4 By ARTHUR EDSON    more than an hour before the    reach Coldwater at sea. Thre# WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen.    public knew what that    stand    times he failed because of what as a witness for the prosecution Barry Coldwater, dramatically was.    Pnldwatpr    ruih.d this week in the Crago second- supporting President Johnson    Here’s the way it happened; J    „ degree murder trial, notified on Vici Nam, flew back to the    The Republican presidential l°usy reception. Police Chief Garrison Groh nation’s capital today.    candidate was on the Sundance.) When Coldwater finally Monday    he    w'ill    take    a    sales-    “We cannot allow the Ameri-    an 83-foot borrowed    yacht,    reached shore, he called th# man’s job    with    Potschner    Ford    can flag to lie shot at anywhere    cruising off California’s    Catali-    president at 7:07 p.m., Califor nia time, listened to what John- in perfect lolling UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — At the request of the Co. *    on earth,” Coldwater    said in na Island Soviet Union the U.N. Security Dean Wassem, a patrolman backing the President.    weather.    nlannoH    tn Council session requested by the    for IO years, resigned in April    It was an unusual    end    to    an But    if the waters were    calm    J?.    a    prompt the 12-volt batteries, thus    avoid-1 Health    officials said    they acted    United States on the Southeast    and 3 deskmen, James Birtcher,    unusual vacation.    there,    they weren’t off    Viet ing the temptation of sin.    merely    to enforce    the U. S.    Asia crisis was postponed until    Greg Hagloch and Robert    For Coldwater    not    only sup-    Nam,    where U.S. destroyers Last January, the Amish    men^Public    Health Service require-    2 p.m. (JOST) today. It had been    Swinderman, have quit since    ported Johnson’s    stand;    he    is-    were being attacked. were told a certain amount of See AMISH* Page 13 set originally for ll a.m.    ALty    saying    so    Thre#    Lune*    JutuuoA    lived    I# ly gave this statement: “I am sure that every American will subscribe to the action# fie# GOLDWATER. Pqj# I ;

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