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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 4, 1964, Dover, Ohio Gasoline Bombs, Fires Mark New R ioting In Jersey City .. Story Below I Reporter Columnist I Dr. Alvarez Is I Nationally Recognized J [he Daily Reportei Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County HOME EDITION { # Serving Over 11,000 Fa mi lie# VOL 61. NO. 20.    20    PAGES.    Dover-New    Philadelphia.    Ohio,    Tuesday,    August    4.    1964    PHONE    4-2167    7    CENTSCounty Schools To Consolidate PET, BUT NO PETTING. Tommy Miller, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller of 1400 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, finds that a stick, preferably a long one, is the best way to pet a snapping turtle. Tommy found the snapper ambling down N. Wooster Ave., over the weekend and captured it with the assistance of a few adults. What to do with it is the problem at present. Turtle soup is a possibility. Windows Smashed In 14 Autos In New Phila Smashing of windows of 14 the left front door window of his others with broken windows, parked autos in New Philadel- car had been smashed and 2 Owners of cars were: ph;a last night and eary today w ndou> on his son s auto also Richard Murphy of 444 5th St. is being investigated by police, had been broken.    NVS.    rear window; Jean Knapp Total damage was estimated Seven minutes later George of 818 Hardesty Ave. rear win-a! $1,400 Most of the broke" Dallarheisa of 8.11 Orchard Ave. dow; Otis Henderson of 503 Un-e ndows were on the left s.de, reported the left door window ion Ave., left front window; Ce- car had been knocked See WINDOWS, Page 2. Gnaden, Tusky, Port, Midvale Request Move By James Davis Daily Reporter City Editor Southern Local, the tempora-ray name for a new Class AA high school in . Tuscarawas County, was created last night in a spectacular County Board of Education meeting. The new district came into being on identical requests from 4 local boards of education. Goshen Local, Tuscarawas-War-wick, Gnadenhutten-Clay and Salem-Washington. No mention was made of a site for the new high school building. Unless there is a petition of referendum filed by 35 per cent of the qualified electors voting in the last general election in the 4 districts, the new consolidation will go into effect Sept. 2 (30 days after the adoption of the resolution.) As requested, the 4 schools would operate until June 30. 1904. as separate units. The county board would appoint a 5-member board to take over the new district around Jan. I, 1965. to plan the 1965-66 school budget, etc. Members of the Common Pleas Court jury hearing the second-degree murder trial of James Cra- go yesterday afternoon viewed the barn where Milton Swonger's body was found last March. ★ Crago Testimony Is Started U.S. Warships Weigh Anchor For Viet Nam indicating the vandals did the on hi damage while nd-ng past in a out Car.    After receiving those reports John Gintz of 835 Baker Ave police began checking cars KW, reported at 2 20 a rn that throughout the city and found 12 Phila Bypass Leg Under Estimate The next major phase in Tuv Green Gables Interchange of In-earawas County’s highway pro- terstate 77 to Wills Dip. south gram got under way thi> morn- of Schoenbrunn. Council Okays Alley Closing, Utility Intent Residents in the 4 districts would elect its board in November, 1965. 2 members for 2-year terms and 3 members    for 4- year terms. Two other school districts in _ the county system also were    ' > PENCER DAV KS given the go-ahead to proceed WASHINGTON (AP) — In the along different courses    of ac-    "ake °f President    Johnson’s option:    der beefing up U.S. naval forces The board annexation of  __________ erson Local School District to    Constellation and    three    other the New’ Philadelohia    system    ‘^rnerRan warships set    sail from Dong Kong today. Jersey City Rare Rioting Renewed I Witnesses Tell Of Pair's Drinking Spree The prosecution called 7 witnesses to the stand this morn- r/ rT    *    IV , 1    The    rire l)ep voted to place the °" Communist North \ let Nam. ported six sepa f Stone Creek Jeff- «iant u s aircraft carrier un abandoned Dover City Council suspended rules to approve 2 ordinances sol,thwestern portion of Rash Philadelphia on the Nov. 3 ballot. It also accepted a Deti* on, also to go on the Nov. 3 ballot!    j" sa b)ur sbiPs l<*ft ac- pending a study of the validity cordin* to schedule. He declined of signatures, to transfer the to    their destination or to say if the move was connected ing with the sale of the Lrst leg of the Route 250 and 8 bypass by the State Highway Department. A. J Babes Inc. of Norwalk Was expected to get the contract on his low bid of $3,584,080 Commissioners Weigh Levy To Meet Deficit See CONSOLIDATION, Page 6 v Weathervane Boites’ bid was low among 6 and passed one resolution dur-bidders and was considerably :n^ a 90-minute session last under the state’s official esti- nikht. mate of $4,001,500.    The    ordinances    were    neces- Completion date of the super- sary in vacating an unnamed highway through the Southside alley running in an east-west di-of New Philadelphia and Go- rectum between Bellevue Ave. for the 4 6-mile, limited acccss, vhen Township is Oct. 31. 1*66. on the west. a vacated alley on    YESTERDAY 4 lane divided highway from The section includes 6 bridges, the east, Emerson Ave. on the High 83    Low 64 The bypass, when completed, north and Anoia Ave. on the THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE will carry Route 250 traffic off south.    Albuquerque,    clear 92 71    .. of IS    77. beginning at Stras-    A    petition asking for the ac-(Chicago, clear......98 burg, and Route 8    traffic,    which    tion and signed by property own-    Los Angeles, cloudy    80 at present will be    picked    up    at    in the immediate area was    Miami, cloudy ..... 89 the Interchange of Route    16    on    presented to council March 16.    New York, cloudy    ..    76 the Southside.    A public hearing ws held June    Pittsburgh, cloudy The    first leg will terminate    IS.    St. Louis, clear    ... approximately 2 2 miles east of    A    deed conveying the land, San Fran., cloudy    , New Philadelphia. The second from Boulevard Lanes Inc. to Washington, cloudy leg. to be sold in fiscal 1966. the City of Dover was dated will link IS 77 with the proposed Jub’ 31, 1964. Wljj Route    36 bypass for Uhnchs-    The fir*t ordinance passed last 79 104 65 79 76 66 79 57 58 77 55 63 1.25 County Commissioners huddle with other county office- Vibe and Dennison, holders this week to determine what support they can expect. if any, before making a final decision on placing a half-mill operating levy on the Nov. 3 ballot. Commissioner chairman J. Philo Mailboxes Are Vandalized Ned McEachen of Lakeview Dr., New’ Philadelphia reported Richard Demuth said this morn- lo New Philadelphia police yes night re-established the specified portion of the alley for public use. The second ordinance then authorized vacating it. A resolution expressing intent to extend sewer and water ser-See COUNCIL, Page 2. T-Trace TODAY 7 a.rn............. RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... .59 inch TOMORROW Sunrise ............5:25 Sunset.............7:37 High 85    Low’ 63 Forecast: Fair and mild. JERSEY CITY. N J. (AP) —j A total of 20 persons have Two gasoline bombs were    been arrested and 44 injured — thrown — one of them at a jk)-    including two Negroes who were lice car — today in this racially    shot — in the rioting, troubled city. It was the first Monday night, windows were daytime violence after two    smashed in 23 stores and a num- mghts of noting, but police con-    ber of them were looted, sidered it an isolated incident.;    More    than IOO policemen,    who The Fire Department also re-    during    the    night    had    been    the iny in second clay of the arate fires set in    target of the gasoline bottles,    second - degree murder    trial of building in the    bricks and rocks hurled by hit-    James Moses Crago in Common area of Negro rioting the last    and-run bands of Negro youths.    piea* Court two nights. The department said    patrolled a wide area in the    Most of the    testimony    center- it also was being plagued by    predominantly Negro section to-    ed on the last    few h()urs Cra.,0 A U.S. spokesman in Hong false alarms from the area. day.    ,    spent Wlth Mllton gwonger in Also during the    morning, five    taverns    before    he    allegedly kill- Negroes arrested    while    driving    ed him    Wlth a    hammer blow m through the area Monday night the early morning of March 28 were cleared of disorderly per- , L sons charges.    1    alf    Kri;lU“r    P™P"t‘or    * ..    ,    v.    restaurant-bar    at    118 N. Woos- Police arrested    seven    Negroes    ler on disorderly persons charges, bringing to 20 the number of ar- Central District County Court rests since the fighting broke In    advance    of    the    departure    of    judoe Clarence W. Ferrell yes-    nut Sunday    night. the    four    vessels,    shore    leave    terday filed as a candidate* for    f.    .    rnn ! VV 3S CHTlUpIpd for* nffir*pr< 4inrl    v    .    «    ....    fc^dl    1^    tO(Id\    tllC flit-cinQ-l UFI was canceled    tor    otticers    and    re-election to that office. crew, and    the    ships    apparently    Ferrell    is completing the    short    bands    retreated from    the I were placed    on    alert.    2 year term in offkce. to which    streets,    but more than    IOO po- Besides    the    (onstellation.    he    was elected in November,    beemen    still    patrolled    a wide they included the guided missile i%‘>    r    a    .    i    v j    s.    area of the predominantly Ne* Board of Elections Clerk \ ic- «ro section in the southern part night, tor Turner repeated today that ()f j( were watching to    see if    the    Sun-    r    ro ’ dn|Nda-N’ ls lKa(^in<.    Window s in    a score of stores proprietors j **__»_    ,    , ,    for    filing for the county district judgeship. I ut net    ai^o announced    that    break    testified    the    pair    appeared    there At a    midnight press    confer-    after    midnight    on    March    28    and ence more than three hours aft- slayed for about 20 minutes. with Johnson's announcement that followed Sunday’s attack on the U.S. destroyer Maddox by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats. Judge Ferrell To Run Again T frigate Gridley, and the destroy-•• ers Preston and Fechteler. ’•I Meanwhile, U.S. officials here ..ere watcl •I® day attack was an isolated incident or part of a hazardous new Communist strategy told of cashing Swonger's pay check for about $150 and serving beer to both men in the early everting of Good Friday, March 27. Albert Klein Jr., bartender at Groh’s Tavern in Parral, testified Swonger and Crago drank from 8 to IO high test beers apiece in his tavern between approximately 8 to ll 30 that same Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Ziegler, Windows in a score of stores proprietors of the Brooklyn were smashed and some busi* drill, opposite the Fairgrounds nesses looted in the latest out- on S. Tuscarawas Ave., Dover, They said it was difficult to the election board, at its meet-determine whether the sudden m" lust night, set 4 p.m., Aug. attack Sunday, which left one of 20- for opening bids on the print-the three Red boats burning, of November ballots. was an accident, a misjudgment Letters concerning the printer a deliberate provocation. dig will be sent to interested lf similar Red assaults are firms in the near future. Tur-launched, bolstered American nor said The board determined naval units in the Gulf of Tonkin that at least 51,200 ballots would er the riot began. Mayor Thomas J Whelan said he believed    There was some confusion in the violence    had    “passed    its    the couple s testimony. Mrs. peak.    Ziegler said    she and    her hus- But he reiterated    lu> warning:    band served    drinks to    Swonger “We will use    all the force    and    and Crago.    Ziegler,    however, j .    .    ,    .    ,    .    .    ,    ,    ,,    K.    power at our disposal to see that denied serving them, were prepared to carry out have to be printed or the Nov.    ,    ,    .    .    , 11    J     1    j    law and order is maintained He said he was prepared to sit See VIET NAM, Page 2 3 election. ing commissioners favored placing the levy on the ballot, bul terday at 2:22 p m. that vandals had knocked down his mailbox Uhrden In Production At Sugarcreek would want opinions from other sometime Sunday night. Police officials.    said that several other mail box- Tentative agreement on the es in the area also were dam-levv to cover the $59,267 deficit aged. which now exists in the pro- Robert Sciarini of 239 Fair posed 1965 county budget was Ave. NW. reported to police this reached yesterday in an hour’s morning at 6:59 the theft of a session with 2 of the 3-member sun tachometer, a gear shift County Budget Commission. knob and that the carpet in his The levy was agreed upon in auto was torn when the wires lieu of reducing amounts re- were pulled off by vandals last down with civil rights leaders “anytime, anywhere” but the first problem was maintaining order. Whelan said the situation in Jersey City. across tin River from New York City, was See RIOTING, Page 2 BULLETIN See LEVY. Page 2 2 Young Canton Men Held To Jury Victor Miller, 20, and Gerald SACRAMENTO. Calif Gov. Edmund G. Brown named Pierre Salinger today to fill the unexpired term of the late Sen. Clair Engle. Mrs. Ziegler said Swonger had 2 doubles aud one single shots of whisky and Crago had a small beer. She said Swonger paid for the drinks with a $20 bill. Mrs. Ziegler admitted she cut off Hudson Swunger’s drinking because: “I thought it was late and he should get home. He had enough to drink.” Mendel (Fooze) Welz of 423 N Tuscarawas Ave., New Philadelphia. w ho sat next to Swonger in the grill said: “He was having a bail of a time,” with his first pay check in several \p)__ months. A hot exchange between Pro- ON THE INSIDE...... so Dear Abby      17    Shulman,    i9, both    of Canton, Horoscope .    .1    .    17    were bound over to the grand Around The World .......... 6    jury and    placed in    County Jail Goren On Bridge ..........  19    in Iieu of    $1,00° bond    after Plead* Home Building News .... 8 & 9    ing not    guilty yesterday in Hospital News ....... Obituaries ......... Television ......... Sports ............... Women’s Page ...... Doctor Writes ....... Doctor Crane ...... The front view of the new Uhrden plant will offer an attractive sight with completion of land scaping and flower planters and addition of drapes to the windows. See CRAGO. Page Reader, Go Home! CHAM PAGNOI.E, France ( MD — The first of nine miners trapped since July 27 in a lime- By Jim Cullison    j by a need for more space to area and 5,000 square feet in because there are no load-bear- stone mine was brought safely Daily    Reporter    Staff    Writer    gain efficiency and    develop new'    the engineering department and    mg walls.    Any wall    can    be    to the surface today It all began a dozen years products.    offices. In all, it is more than knocked out without destroying     ! 6 Northern District Court to ago in a 2-car garage in Den- As Kenneth L. Cook of Uhr- 3 times as much space as the the superstructure.    WASHINGTON    (AP)    —    The  2    charges of breaking and enter-1 nison.    ichsville, president    and founder    company    had at its former lo-    This is    actually the third    Senate Judiciary Committee  12    ing.    1    Today    the    Tubal*    Products    Di-    of the company, puts it: “We    cation at    508 Grant St. in Den-    move to new quarters    for    the    gave speedy 10-2 approval to- 13 & 14 The 2 are charged by sheriff vision of Uhrden Inc. is in the run out of room.”    nison.    company since its modest be- day to a bill under which states cruiser arrived the department \ Just in case you have a desire to sit quietly in your ear and read a book, don’t pick a place on N. Wooster Ave. That’s what a man was doing yesterday when a police The 2 are charged by sheriff vision of Uhrden Inc. is in the ran out of room.”    nison. IO & ll deputies with breaking into Carl- process of being transferred to The new building has approx!- In addition, the building sits ginning.    could stave off for tw o years or having receiv ed a call ’concern  19 ing’s Market July 9 at Mineral sparkling new quarters in Sug- mutely 17,000 square feet of on a 5-acre tract and offers From a garage in Dennison more court-ordered legislative mg the parker. Ile was advised  19 City.    arereek in a move prompted | floor space in the manufacturing prospects for future expansion] See PRODUCTION, Rage IS m?^portuuui>epL    °    U»”do    hi*    reading    elsewhere. !    wN ;

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