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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 3, 1964, Dover, Ohio First In Readership First In Photography First In News Coverage The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION € w* VOL 61. NO. 19.    18    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, August 3, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 FcMnllleO PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Crago Trial Is Underway On The Inside.. Mars Is Next Target For U S......... .Page 51 President Johnson Now Strictly On Own. ..Page 18 Greek Beauty Is Crowned Miss Universe .. Page 13 Aerialist Is Detroit Killed In Fall .... repre- Death Scene Viewing Will Be Requested The murder trial of Moses Crago, 29. of RD ver, opened in Common Court today. Common Pleas Judge Lamneck is presiding. In addition to press •elatives, only 6 spectators were in the courtroom when defense attorneys. James Barn-j house and Clair Hoffman, opened the session with 2 motions. Most of the morning was •pent in an attempt to seat a jury, with Prosecutor Harlan Spies and his assistant. James Thomas, plying prospective jurors with detailed questions. Spies informed the court that he intended to ask for a viewing of the alleged murder scene on a farm rented by Crago near Parral. Hoffman opened the trial by demanding that the bill of particulars filed on defense request by the prosecutor’s office be amended to show the specific offense. He argued that the bill of particulars as now written would be a prejudicial if and when it was submitted to the jury with the indictment. Crago was charged in the indictment with the second-degree murder of Milton Swinger last March 28. After Barnhouse and Hoffman had been appointed by court as Crago’s attorneys, they filed a motion asking for a bill of particulars concerning the slaying. Spies filed a bill which stated that Crago had struck Swinger on the back of the head with a cross pean sledgehammer, opening a deep wound that resulted in Swonger’s death. Judge Lamneck this morning overruled the defense motion after Spies had argued that the bill of particulars was sufficient in itself and that Crago was Hot charged under th:* bill of particulars but under the indictment. Hoffman and Barnhouse later indicated they would agree to most of the details re- . Page IO Fourth Newcomerstown Policeman Quits .. Page 181 Tolotty and Meese Win TDG A Crowns ....Page ll Attack Brings Johnson Order Navy Is Bolstered Off Viet Nam Around The World.......... 2 Dear Abby .................. 19 Doctor Crane ................ 17 Doctor Writes ................ 17 Goren On Bridge ............ 17 Hospital News ..........  2 Horoscope .................. 19 Obituaries .................. 2 Sports ................... ll    &    121 Television ................   14 i Women's Pages ........... 9 3 Motorists Charged In Philo Mishaps Police Check County Road Varied Calls Over Weekend A 5-month-old dispute between County Road and Bridge De-New Philadelphia police were partment workers and Engineer Enemy Boats Pact Reached Are Re•,elle<, By Destroyer erator II. $2.12 per hour ($2.15). For the 4 to 20 cents per hour, will show $2.40. up in the workers’ paycheck The remaining classify WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- ac-1 agreed on raises: equipment op-1 dobnson,ba* ordered U.S. cept Young’s latest proposal operator III, $2.20; equipment op- Taw‘ firo.e.s J ed Jn*T wages and working agreements, erator IV, $2.40; mechanics, V"1 u freaj /    .    j11* Increases, ranging from IO *2 25. and mason - carpenter, Vand ha* or?ered Je® de-49 49    1    r    stroy    any force that attacks paid up until now; (:n?’    , immediately on Young’s offer to    for these jobs ranged from $1.90    .    ’    ns(!” sumr”0I?e reporter* make the Wises retroactive to    to *2.30.    to    Im office to tell them of the July 16.    In    the    agreement    signed    by    an    i°    ucrs' .    , A compromise also was    authorized negotiating commit-'    \ ~ai(,    10 orcers ^ere 1SJ reached regarding an argument    tee for the department em-    ' unf a' in e aftermath over seniority for regular em-    ployees, it is declared that:    °    e aJlsa,u, oa ® de* ployes in the department, which    ‘ This statement of employment    °^er * a <)X - ree North Wa umrlrari' union I    IQS    nnnrlilinnv 'jnH u hop    ^    HUmtSe    P    ®    r    O rates kept at a busy pace over the Charles Young ended Saturday cations, Young and the union weekend as they investigated when the workers voted to theft and vandalism reports and a dog bite case. Mrs. Eppie Willis of 847 2nd St. SE, notified police Sunday at 4 p.m. that her purse, containing $65, was missing. However, she later reported she had found it. Mrs. Arlene Gintz of 835 Baker Ave. NW. told police that kids were taking stone blocks from a fireplace disposal at her residence and carrying them off. the workers union, Local tyro, conditions and wage    b(),jts Jerry Green of 1009 Ray Avo. | had .insisted should be included shall become effective July 16, johns(m $#id ,he commandtr, NW, reported someone had tak-    ■,Lalt    ”"*"6 y"7’ “,,u     ,,f    combat    aircraft    and    destroy- Floyd Burdette of Uhrichsville, an employe of Kohl Construction Co., which is erecting] the new horse arena at the Fairgrounds, is shown steadying a power pole which toppled over there in this morning's brief storm. Dover City Light Department crews cleared the "hot" lines which fell across the vehicles shown in the background. Damage Is Minor In County Storm Three drivers were handed citations in 2 accidents investigated by New Philadelphia police Saturday and Sunday. One minor accident was reported at the station. Yesterday at 12:12 p.m. police said a car driven by Floyd    . H. Foster, 19. of RD I, New    en a Pot torch from in front of    P0lIC>r- Philadelphia, struck one driven    his residence sometime Saturday    Last    week. the bv Chad A. Johnson, 18, of 849    niSht and Mrs. Ronald Barmsh    sllbmitted    a Boulevard. Dover, at the 3rd    of 543 MlI1er Ave. NW. reported    *mch and 4th St. NW intersection. Foster was cited for failure to yield right-of-way. Two drivers were cited in a 3-car smashup Saturday at 9:10 p.m. at 3rd and Wabash Ave. MW. Police said an auto driven by | George C. Haskins, 16, of 417 Grant St.. Dennison, stopped for “J* uul in >'ara aaturaa>’ hour ($2.10),* and equipment op-icutor Harlan Spies. a stop sign then proceeded into    a"d    someone sliced holes     --  — .the intersection, striking a ve- in_ eat’ hide driven bv Dale J. Zeigler, vwruce a^’ *3-    245 4th St. 18. of RD 4. New Philadelphia. *** *as tr€ated by a doctor The Zeigler vehicle then struck Saturday afternoon after he was one driven bv William B. Steis blt!?n Lb*v a doS owned by Roy Jr.. 19, of RD I, Mineral City. c,alla8her of ^ Park NW. The Haskins was charged with fail- ow.ner wf told to keep the dog ure to yield right-of-way and 1    -vs ^or observation. Steis for having an expired operator’s license. Don Bigler of 239 4th St. NW reported to the station that his torpedo the statements of working 1964. and continue until modified. changed or altered in any „    .    - workers had manner by agreement of the    e.are^j"    ere,    unday    • pay raise request. County Engineer and County a. a(; occu*’re “~*n mternation-differs only slightly in Road and Bridge Department attV',£irS f8VC °fnL,0C!,    .,a lh, Inn par! af ha. bird bai. ba, »< «* bnally aprib'd an amplayra Sa,.bab... "a bad ( ,n ?nla™abanal .aiWbd msieaa oi reporting something J ,    ,.    .    tU    .    ,    .    ,    _    „    J    the obective of driving off the stolen. Bill Him* of 835 Hard- paved accordlnK 10 lhe Job March of each year.         ,    *    . esty NW, told police he found 2 wool lawn chairs in his backyard Sunday morning. Jim Corder of 428 Ross St. NW, told police he ing out in payed according to the job    ,    ,____ ,    ,    .    , classification assigned    them    by    Young    said    today    that he    . c „ 0 e u 0 estroying Young. The rates    asked    by    the    "was happy that the    long feud    H    .    . union in their last    proposal    are    begun last March    had ended"    ,    1 emp asis in is one, rn parenthesis.    and noted    that    the    statement of    Precent said that thew or- Labor: $2 per hour ($2.05); employment condilions has.    W1    e    carrie    OU. chief, Johnson issued a whole series of instructions to the Navy: 1. To continue the patrols in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of North Viet Nam. 2. To double the force by adding an additional destroyer to the one already on patrol. 3. To provide a combat air patrol over the destroyers. W\K varit^    I    equipment    operator    I. $2.10 per been approved by County Prose- ,    \s the commander - in y aiuraay bour ($2.10), and equipment op-icutor Harlan Spies._j Racing' Congress Faces 2 Big Bills auto had been struck by one owned by Elmer Garabrandt of 644 W. High Ave. in Eagles Lodge parking lot Saturday at 12:3G pm. also caused some to power lines and Fred Zimmer of the Ohio Power Co. said scattered reports kept some employes busy until 3 a m. tqday. Daniel Lippy Dies At Niles House Okays Military Pay By JOHN BECKLER WASHINGTON (AP) -Congress racing to adjourn one passed earlier by the Sen-A ate—thus avoiding the necessity in of having a am. At 7:30 a m. today, lightning Daniel W. Lippy, 66, of Niles. counted in the bill concerning No major damage was report- Lightning Swonger's death.    ed in yesterday’s thunder and    damage The second defense motion, electrical storm, although some that the viewing of the scene disruptions of power and tele-would not take place until af- phone service were recorded, ter opening statements by de- Flooding of some intersections lense and prosecution be com- in Dover and New Philadelphia pleted. was upheld by Judge developed yesterday afternoon Lamneck as being    ordinary    when the black cloud court procedure.    up and dumped 1.15 inches of    Route At noon today, the jury was    rain onto the    area.    at 7 30 a rn. a    power pole was    iel’s Store in    New    Philadelphia' tentatively comprised of 7 men    Another .59    inches    were    re-    struck at Race    St. and Slingluff    in 1937. died    early today in a    all members of the armed    serv- and 5 women. Many of the 37    corded this morning    in    a    brief    Ave., knocking    the transformer    Niles hospital. He    had been ill    ices except draftees and    lowest- persons summoned for jury du-    downpour.    out and causing an outage in    several years    with    a heart con-1    ranking enlisted men. tv admitted haying read or Darrell Cope, district com-    the    area.    dition    and    suffered another at-    -________ heard of the alleged murder, mercial manager of General    The    Suearcreek area was DOW’- lark-    on    .Tnlv    9.1 opened struck Ohio Power lines along prominent retailer who, with his pecTe'd tolignit Quickly 8 just outside Dover and brother, Ben, started the Dan- raise can ' 4 To issue the orders to drivs j(un^ t^nfeience to 0fj an(j d^roy any force which about three weeks faces two big agree on a bill, and then anoth- attacks the UiS. force, hurdles this week, a controverter round of voting.    According to the Navy, tha sial antipoverty measure and    Majority Leader Carl Abert    Maddox was on patrol    in    interfile foreign aid authorization    ()f Oklahoma told the House the    national waters about    30    miles bill.    bill    would    be taken up Wednes- off the North Vietnamese coast The House has set aside three    day and a final vote would prob-    when three unmarked PT    boats WASHINGTON (AP)   The    days to work on a $962-million    ably come on Friday. The lead-    opened fire with torpedoes and House, without discussion and    program aimed at breaking the    ership is looking for a close vie-    37-millimeter cannon. on a voice vote, swiftly passed poverty cycle for millions of tory.    The Maddox promptly coun today a bill that will bring $207 Americans, and the Senate may Senate Republican Leader tered With its own Suns and million in pay raises to most take all week on foreign aid. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois called in four jets from the air-American servicemen and serv- Both houses will find time to predicted ‘‘spirited tussling" in craft (,arnt‘r Ticonderoga. ice women.    act on other bills, too, including c^nate over the foreign aid    Americans went House passage conipleted    pay raise legislation for federal    bl,j He saifj he €Xpects many congressional action on the bill. (    workers and the armed serv-    additlonai amendments to be of- It now’ goes to the White House,    ices, and a bill aimed at pro-    fered beyond those already where President Johnson is ex-    tecting investors against stock    bj€ so the    frauds. The bill begin Sept. provides raises and suffered another , * a    •    1    , 1 .    -    The    Sugarcreek    area    was    pow-    tack    on    July    23. particularly 1 he Daily Reporter    Telephone Co., said this morn-    erless    for a few    hours    late yes-    Lippy who retired    IO    years story of April 4 based on a    C ra-    mg that approximately J50 tele-    terdav    afternoon    when    lightning    ago, was instrumental    in    found- go interview by writer    Pete    phones were reported out of or-    burned    through    two 12,000-volt    ing other stores in Painesville ^rob’    d€r* caused by lightning. All    lines.    and Niles and while    he    never All told Thomas that read- j manpower has been called out to Some fallen trees were re-Hived in New Philadelphia he Ing and hearing such stones restore service.    ported in Dover streets, would not prejudice them Area Church Leader Dies unscathed but the destroyer and planes left one PT boat reported on badly damaged and disabled in the water, the other tw*o crip- Congressional leaders hope to Th« Sen?'*;.    PM and retreating slowly. ~ufL    ....    ,.1____wT,f,-,»•/, foreign aid bill depends largely L irst word of the naval action on Sen. Wayne Morse. D-Ore., reached Washington about S who has vowed an all-out fight a m. Washington time and Presto trim $500 million from the ident Johnson conferred with Senate Foreign Relations Com- top advisers during the day as nuttee’s authorization of $3.5 further news came in. for be able to close up shop before the Democratic National Convention opens Aug 24 in Atlantic City, N.J., and much depends on how things go this week. President Johnson is banking billion. Morse has a block of amend as jurors. One woman was excused after she said it would be impossible for her to accept a court’s ruling that circumstantial evidence in such a case could be grounds for conviction. She said she could not en- Scientists Study New Moon Evidence William G. Searles of Kirtland, elder and district president of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, died of a heart attack Saturday in l\ew Philadelphia became    a popular    merchant there because of his    weekly vi sits. After the sale of Daniel’s to his son-in-law Warren Fuerman of Dover, Lippy still maintained i“ternoon al the Temple Grove a keen interest in business life. reun*on gtounds near Sharon. Last September he made a trip ^*a‘ ^*ad n<)* been ill previ- p a c a ni'v a    ow    wny    ,    to Dover    to attend a    Retail Ad- :°usly    a?d    had celebrated    his I AaAULIMA,    lain.    (Ab ) — face, the tiniest pockmarks on vertising    Workshop    sponsored    41st    birthday    a week    ago    today. Scientists began to sift the evi-Hhe moons crust. The smallest bv The Daily Reporter. His ex-1 Elder Searles had visited this ~iperience in the retail field was j area a number of times and preached the first sermon in the new educational unit of the New when a final vote heavily on passage of the an-tipoverty bill, officially known nients and ^ be fights a t ie as the Economic Opportunity waY onLeadl_onf _thfr«ms mUell-Act, and Republicans are equal- in£ ly determined to defeat it. In hopes of speeding action, ^be House has aitead> passed House leaders plan to shape the House bill as close as possible to come. Secretary of State Dean Rusk said: "The other side got a sting out of this. If they do it again, they’ll get another sting.’* may Furthermore, he said, the United States will continue to "insist dure again the emotional stress under which she was placed in another criminal trial in which denee today of the most impor- '\as circumstantial evidence was ,ant „ m,nutes and 40 seconds made grounds for conviction. ,,    , .    . The trial was delayed 20 min- m the h,slory of man s m(lulr>' utes when, after the opening de- in*° ^ nature of the moon, fense motions, the clerk discov-' But those 13 minutes and 40 ered the defendant had not as seconds may take years to ana-yet been brought by sheriff’s! lyze fully, deputies from the County Jail Nc'town Rural Mail Move Is Abandoned U.S. Rep. Frank T. Bow- only IS inches across about the size of a wash basin, j widely known and respected. Today scientists planned to Survivors include his w-idow, launch a detailed study of the Sylvia, 2 daughters. Mrs. War- more than 4.000 other nhoto- ^en Fuerman and Mrs. Stanley .    . cm ,    . j * * Signer of Dover; a son, Dr. Wil- graphs. They hope to determine j|lam L,ppv „f Warrt,n and a whether any part of the 200,000 brother Ben of Miami. In that    short    space of time    square miles photographed    Services will    be    on    Wedncs- ! Friday morning,    between an 80-    might be a    good landing    site for    day. Arrangements    are incom- Crago appeared, neatly dress- second camera warmup period manned Apollo moonships. plete. ed    in    a    dark    suit    and    watched and the    death    plunge of the I They did    not believe,    on ex-    - proceedings    with    interest.    ranger 7    into the moon, scion-    amination    of the first    photo-    Sugarcreek    Man    22 The slightly - built, bespec-1 lists received 4,316 close-range graphs, that significant modifi-' ?,    ,    ' r tacled defendant showed no photographs of the moon’s crag- cations will be necessary in Held To Grand Jury nervousness or agitation when he was called to stand arid identified himself before the jury.  _____ Jeep Found In Lake Officials of Hidden Valley Golf Club notified sheriff deputies this morning that the club’s jeep w-as found in the lake behind the clubhouse. gy face.    manned    moonships now Man has not been shown so | built by the United States, much about the moon, partial-; They also hope to being Merle C. Smith, 22, of RD I, Sugarcreek, was bound over to learn Grand Jury on $500 bond this larly in so short a time span, I whether further refinements since Galileo first peered at itjw-ill be necessary in the Ranger through his homemade tele-, television systems. After Rang-scope in the early 1600s.    j er 6 cameras failed to function Friday night scientists re-'in the final minutes of its other- awas Ave., Dover on behalf of leased the best IO photographs,wise perfect flight, the camera!Smith’s ex-w’ife, Linda. morning in Central District County Court on charges of assault and battery filed July 18 bv Irene Trotter of N. Tuscar- Philadelphia church last Easter. He is survived by his widow and 3 children. Friends mav call at Davis Fu- an authorization bill and it will have to be reconciled with the Senate’s Then comes the actual appropriation of the money in a separate bill. The house has passed one for $3.2 billion, and this, too. will have to be worked' out with whatever the Senate finally passes. Other stumbling blocks to ad-; See NAVY, Page 2 v (R-Canton) said today the Post Office Department has abandoned plans to consolidate New- , rural route 3 with J°urnment lie ahead, too. IF the Senate adds a health care amendment to the Social Securi- comerstown rural route a Guernsey rural route. Many Newcomerstown residents protested the proposal. Bow said. Bow added that this means that neral Home at 4154 Clark Ave. existing vacancy in rural cal in Willoughby tonight from 7 to 9 (fast time) and Tuesday from 2 to 4. Elders Elwood Smith and William Rimes will officiate at memorial services Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Kirtland chapel. Burial will be in Madison, Wis. rier force at will be filled. Newcomerstown DAY BRIGHTENER they’d spotted. These showed, like pores on pictures systems for Ranger a human'drastically modified. were Smith pleaded not guility in a preliminary hearing July 20. Optimist: through his A guy pockets Johnson Signs Construction Bill WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson signed today a bill authorizing $1,534,994,000 in military construction in this country and abroad A separate appropriation bill to provide the money for the looks actual construction, including some projects previously auth- monev before having his suit cleaned. orized by Congress, is in the Senate. tv measure passed last week bv the House, there will be trouble getting the bill to conference with the House. Then there is the always controversial sugar bill, which Rep. Harold I). Cooley, D-N.C., chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, invariably saves foliate in the session. He has just begun action to bring a bill to the floor. If the major business of the session is not completed by Aug. 2U, the chances are the leaders will call a recess and come back as soon as the Dem ocrats complete the business of picking presidential and vice candidates in At- pending presidential Jlantic Qty. Weathervane SATURDAY High 88    Low'    62 YESTERDAY High 92    67 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Free. Albuquerque, clear 90 Bo Chicago, cloudy ... 97 80 Cleveland, cloudy . 88 73 .01 Los Angeles, cloudy SO 63 Miami, cloudy ..... 87    77    .05 New York, cloudy . 82 64 .03 Pittsburgh, rain ... 85 68 .25 St. Louis, clear ... IOO 79    .. San Fran., cloudy . 64 56    .. Washington, cloudy. 90 72    •• TODAY 7 a m.............. 69 RAINFALL Last 48 hours . 1.15 inch TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 3:24 Sunset ............ 7:39 High 90    Low’    70 Forecast:    Possible    showers, allmu-jqi sui) ;

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