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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 1, 1964, Dover, Ohio W & S To Grow? Skills Needed! By James Lonergan Reporter General Manager “The speed with which War* lier & Swasey Co.’s New Philadelphia plant expands is tied directly to the ability of this community to produce semiskilled. skilled and technically trained professional help. We have a crying need in this county for vocational training.” These are words of Irwin T. White, works manager of the local installation and the biggest employer in the county. White has been in his new post just 2 days more than 6 months. His observations could well be testimony to the fact that sometimes a community sees its short-comings and its attributes best through the eyes of a newcomer. The former sales manager of construction equipment who assumed his new position last January. is now in the midst of the most prolonged acceleration of business in the history of the local plant. Ile pointed to the importance of training of people as a fac-See W & S TO GROW, Page 12 The Daily Reporter Ernest Cadi* (left) guides his boss, Irwin T. White, Warner & Swasey Co. works managor, on an inspection of an $80,000 jig mill. Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, August I, 1964 7 CENTS VOL 61. NO. 18.    36    PAGES.Prospective Crago Jurors On Scarce Side Difficulty may be met in the selection of a jury at the opening second - degree murder trial of James Moses Crago at 9 a rn. Monday. Clerk of Courts George Laporte said yesterday he had called the last IO of the 60 persons whose names had been drawn for jury duty during the April term. A number of those designated for duty have been excused as being absent on vacation or for other reasons allowed by the court, he said. Crago, 29, of RD 2. Dover, has been charged with the blud- See CRAGO, Page 12^Weathervane YESTERDAY High 81    Low    52 The Weather Elsewhere High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 91 65 .09 Cleveland, cloudy ...74 58 .. Chicago, cloudy ....80 70 •• Los Angeles, cloudy 79 64 Miami, cloudy ..... 86    81    .03 New Orleans, clear.90 71 .38 Pittsburgh, clear ... 75 M St. Louis, clear  94 77    »« San Fran., cloudy .. 63 58    •« Washington, cloudv 84 65 TODAY 7 a rn................57 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... none TOMORROW Sunrise    5:22 Sunset    ....    7:41 High 91    Low    65 Forecast: Sunny, warm and humid. Moon Okay For Landing Of Spacemen By RALPH DIGHTON Associated Press Science Writer PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Historic pictures taken by Ranger 7 are pretty good evidence men can land on the moon without much change required for spaceships now being designed. That’s the consensus of a board of scientists who Friday night released IO of the 4.316 sensational photographs Ranger 7 snapped in the final 16 minutes and 40 seconds before it crashed on the moon at 8:25 a m. (EST) Friday morning. The first close-up pictures ever taken of the moon — termed 1,000 times better than any made heretofore from spacecraft or with earth telescopes—showed that even its vast, apparently smooth “seas” are pocked with craters, some as small as dishpans. There may be some dust on the moon, in layers up to a foot thick, but not deep enough to bury a landing vehicle, the scientists concluded. And, underneath the dust, evidence indicates, is a hard primary lay- See SPACEMEN, Page 12 ★ AT LAST. H. M. Schurmeier, Ranger Project manager for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., makes a happy A-OK sign (top) as he points to Ranger 7's impact area an the Moon, and (lower) shaws the area of the Moan photographed closeup and successfully by Ranger 7't IV cameras. HAILS SPACE VICTORY LBJ Views Moon Closeup Photos Bv DOUGLAS B. CORNELL WASHINGTON (AP) — President Johnson viewed spectacular pictures of the moon from Ranger 7 today and hailed the flight of this space vehicle as heralding a future landing on the moon and continued world leadership in space for America. The President was told that the televised pictures of the moon's surface showed a large area suitable for the landing of m#h He also was told that the lunar excursion model for a manned landing vehicle looks satisfactory — that we are on the right track there. The President pronounced the Ranger 7 achievement as a victory for peace and the nation and the free world. He used the event, also, to alap hard at those who would call off the venture for sending a man to the moon — a 120 billion project. He said that if we hadn’t taken adjutage of our scientific ability, we still would be using an oxcart and a single engine plane like the one flown at Kitty Hawk. Johnson saw slides of 9 or IO pictures of the moon, projected in the White House Cabinet room. He got comments and explan-ON THE INSIDE -v -4:    -    *1 Around Hie World .....—• 6 Goren On Bridge ....  20 Hospital News    •    9 Obituaries  .......  25 Sports____....    26-27-28 Television .....  IS    to    IS Women’• Pqgea    I    k    9 ations on them from Dr y/\-liam H. Dickering, director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena, Calif , and Dr. Homer E. Newell, assistant administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Despite the vast accomplishment of the Ranger 7 moon shot, it looked for a time as if technical difficulties might prevent the slide show here For a while, the projector wouldn't work. The President caw one slide showing a pock-marked ridge in the Sea of Clouds area where Ranger 7 crashed. He was told that this area must be avoided at all costs in See LBJ. Page 124 Dogs Attack Special Deputy Special Sheriff Deputy JamcN Lewis. 36. of 635 Iron Ave., Dover, received a tetanus shot in Union Hospital emergency room last night after being attacked by 4 wild dogs while picking blackberries, near Seven Mile Dr. Lewis, who said the dogs fled into the bushes after the attack, reportedly had his 2 hunting dogs with him at the time. The skin was broken on his left leg.BRIGHTENER About 15 million Americans have poor hearing and the rest won’t listen. ;

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