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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - April 30, 1964, Dover, Ohio The Reporter Prints More Want Ads Than Any Other County Paper The Daily Reported V *1 Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County HOME EDITION *- ILLT* mm • Serving Over 11,000 Families VOL. 60. NO. 248    54    PAGES    Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio,    jjS    irsday.    April    30,    1964    PHONE    4-2167__7    CENTS AF Probes Reports Of Strange Objects Over New Mexico Bv FREI) S. HOFFMAN J of such sightings back to 1947 demic of strange sightings in I he latest report on Project WASHINGTON (AP) — The    have failed to turn up any evi-    the skies over New Mexico.    Bluebook,    the    congressionally Air Force has investigated more    dence that UFOs are “alien in-    One of the Air Force’s leading    ordered    Air    Force    study    of    uni- than 8,000 reported unidentified    terplanetary space vehicles un-    civilian consultants on UFO’s flying objects in 16 years “and    der some form of intelligent con-!    has gone to Socorro, N.M., to has yet to discover any evi-jtrol.”    investigate the latest reports, dence that UFO’s represent a This report was furnished to He is Dr. J. Allen Hvnek, direc- threat” to U S. security.    The Associated Press as the Air It also said today that probes Force looked into a new epi- tor of the Dearborn Observatory at Northwestern University. dentified flying objects, extends through 1963. It shows that over that 16-year span, 7.7 per cent of the 8,128 reported cases remain unidentified. The Air Force is not conced- cases occurred during the first ing that there is anything sinis-|flve years of the project,” be-ter about these unexplained jore anajySls techniques were sightings. It just says, in effect, ,    , they can’t be correlated with s alPtne any known objects or phenome-:    Last    year    there    were    .582 I LO na.    reports    and    only    15    are    still list- It was stressed that a “great ed as unidentified, majority of the unidentified These included “two objects described as an ear of corn and a banana (which) performed a series of maneuvers near Vandalia, Ohio” last Sept. 15. Others involved “an unusual observation of four pink wheels” moving west over New Jersey, an object that exploded into a ball of fire near St. Galen, Switzerland, a recurring series of flashes near Warrenville, 111., and the like. Air Force .sleuths decided that one woman who turned in a UFO report actually had seen spots before her eyes. Greeks Break Cease-Fire By Shelling Cypriot Castle TWIST OF FAIT. Robert E. Fait of 824 N. Walnut St. became temporary "den father" last night while his wife, Sandra, regular Denmother, was in Union Hospital where she gave birth to a future Cub Scout. Under Fait's supervision, the boys of Den 6 of Pack 94 continued work on a project of twisting artificial flowers around painted pieces of driftwood they had gathered. Shown are Danny Fait (left), Jim McCartney, Gary Redinger, Fait, Kevin Redinger, John Stance, Robert Everett and Scott Ebert. Bishop Sheen, Gov. Wallace Criticize Court Bus Driver Assault Case Nearing Jury UHRICHSVILLE — Final ar--struck at me,” John said during guments were to be presented ; cross-examination by Patrick, this afternoon in Southern Dis-1 John also admitted that he trict County Court on an assault struck Hawk, knowing that and battery charge against Hawk had his foot on the brake. George G. John of RD 2. New- John also stated that: “I had, man Catholic    Bishop    Fulton    J.    comerstown jn connection with an opinion that if I ran into Sheen and    Gov.    George    (.    Wal-    lhe Sept u attack on Stone that guy (Hawk) I could expect No Cycle •lace of Alabama separately ac-1 £reeg. Jefferson School bus driv- a scrap.” He went on to explain WASHINGTON (AP) — Ro- 'Drive-Thru' U. N. Planning On Permanent Patrol Posts By WEBB MCKINLEY NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP)-Mortar shelling by Greek Cypriots ringing St. Hilarion Castle today broke the cease-fire proclaimed by their government only 13 hours before. The United Nations announced seven mortar shells were fired in 15 minutes at the Turkish Cypriot stronghold in the Ky-rema Mountains, resuming an offensive the Greek Cypriots have waged with the professed aim of clearing Turkish Cypriot gunposts from the Nicosia-Kyrenia highway and vantage points overlooking Greek villages. There was no immediate report of damage to the castle. A spokesman for the Greek Cypriot government expressed surprise at the U.N. announcement. He said that, so far as he knew, the cease-fire still was supposed to be in effect. The United Nations thrust a iicw element into the confused situation. After telling of the ’(•used the Supreme Court today er jvyn |f.lWk of bypassing the country’s elect- ^ J j ? womfn and } lishing of bus pickup spots was cd representatives by banning bhcan testi. contrary to what he had asked official prayer in public schools. ;minv J (h{, t whjch js bc. ' ...    (shelling, the United Nations th cl ♦ hp tjrhnnl hoard’s estab-! Ncw Philadelphia P°^cc yes*. said it is going to set up per- terday talked to 2 motorey- manent observation posts in the clists who drove their vehicles Kyrema range, where it has KLM7124 CALLING. Robert Croy, (right), street foreman, receives orders from Dover Service Director H.S. Ream on the citizen's band 2-way radio installed yesterday. The radio, with a range between 5 to 8 miles, will insure faster communications between city trucks working on locations and Ream's office where instructions usually originate. A third radio in the Sewer Department truck also is operating while 5 more units will be installed in the Water and Cemetery Department trucks in the near future. Sheen, auxiliary bishop . mony on __    ing    prosecuted    by    Assistant New York, told the House 'J11' County Prosecutor, James S.    tt diciary ( ommittee the Supreme    john is represented by move. Court ruling is based on a myth, AUy James Thomas, and “a judicial body has    be-    ]n    ^ morni session, come a legislative body.    J()hn    t()()k {he    stand jn hU own Wallace said. “We arc being defense> admitting he hit Hawk manipulated bv the courts in a ()n (he nose „j s(epped tJ gigantic Socialistic pattern in ^    s^cp    j5US    and which the federal judiciary    sajd;    ‘What’s    wrong with you amends the ( onstitution.    jvan    jbat you    can’t come down Bishop Sheen said that the and pick up my girl?’ ” words “In God We Trust,’ now7 on the seal of the United States. John testified that he had his are “the perfect prayer” for daughter ready for school that morning and she had been wait er. “To the best of my knowledge, I hit him twice DIGGING MAY BECOME PASSE through the Pepsi Cola plant on    been using patrols    to    try    to    stop Wabash Ave. at 6:09 p.m. An    the fighting. Vile bus’didnot cniI)loye sald {h°y wcnt throu8h    “Now that    President    Makari- ’    one door and out the other. A 14-year-old student riding on Hawk’s bus, Connie Weber, family Air Problem William Davis of 1244 5th St os has ordered his government forces to cease fire in the area, j it has been decided to convert J these patrols into permanent testified earlier today that she felt the bus go backwards after    ,    ,    .    ,.    - John h id hit the driver She tcdd    Philadelphia po- announced. ‘It is hoped this on the nose. “I stepped up on    '    ,    .    ,    j    h    lice last night that he would file    I cease - fire    will he fully ob- ♦ ho first don nf th* h,.« anH    sald HawK sluniPJa    over in    nus    charges today against his wife,    served” seat and appeared to be ancon- *    *    ^ the air ()ut of servcd’ SCIOUS.    i “He kept hitting    him,”    the    hls auto tires’_ Explosive Device ‘Instant’ Foxhole See BUS DRIVER, Page 2 U.N. posts in the area,” it was! By CHARLES BLACK is placed in the pilot hole, a pri-The Columbus Enquirer (mer is set, and the soldier gets COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — The ou,) of |hf waY f,,r about sec’ Tun IIN nntrnlc nnm. „ndor U.S. Army has come up with a!°nds "hlI« a cratering explosion Two U.N. patrols came under    . / ,    •    mrH    in    dlKs    the    foxhole. fire in a continuation of the hos- a    , (JfiVK( ck stint Philo Police At Clinic tilllies U.N. Secretary-Gen- «ladden the hcart »f ‘very .n- 'he insia.it foxhole was deveL rniia police MT u.linic    L    fsntryman—an instant foxhole, opt’d at the Engineer Research Leaves Position schools. i eral U Thant is seeking to end Tfcutryma    . Cnnc Trafflc offlCers Jame1S BlaC,k through a new nine-point peace To l)rol>er foxh,)le in the and Development Laboratory, Mrs. Von tpps and Paul Carpenter and patrol- plan presented Wednesday to P.ast* .a so,dl(>r needed a Prck- h b    L man Adrian Larkin of New    ‘    *    shovel,    stamina    and sometimes tile demonstration showed the Philadelphia are at Barberton See GREEKS BREAK. Page 2 a prayer. And there were re- device works best in hard, today attending a regional    - !ports that some GIs and Marines r(K'ky, clay-1• pc soil or frozen in a hurry dug sufficient holes crime clinic sponsored by Atty. Gen. William Saxby. Frank Will From Aged ing for the bus in front of her home when he decided to walk ■ "IT _    OUIa to the junction of County Road I O llwClvl _    19 and Township Road 189 to see    «.    Ill W6fltnGrVOn0 B Bawk observed a stop sign. ^^0(jlCQl Unit ^cn William Saxby.    f'ACt flf I I lf I VIZI    Wltb tbeir bare hands I he attack evidently was    - wWjl v/1 Lf vlllQ    A    team    from the U.S. Combat YESTERDAY    brought about by Hawk’s re- Mrs. EL F. Van Epps of Dover JfQlgp Hose Found    Development    Command’s    mfan- High 65    Low    48    fusal to go to John’s home to was named president-elect of the    A*    I    ll    I    |    try    agency    put the new develop- Elsewhere In U.S.    pick up the 8-year-old daughter, Ohio Medical Assn. Auxiliary at ^ garden hose, hmm'    lr ICAC I M/JfrH I ment on display Wednesday at High Low Pr. bonnie Sue.    the    3-day    state    convention    which    morning by New Philadelphia    k||    | IQI v|| Ft. Benning. Albuquerque, clear SS SS ..    ..„0    cjlher pointed al me or ended Wednesday al Columbus. Pollce •*" Allen Lane St, was    The    result    may    make    ii    pus-1 After servmir the aced of Tus- ■,,,    She    will    assume    her    duties in returned to its owner, Jean WASHING ION (AI > — Living slb|e for a soldier to nick tm a ‘    . •« 1    June.    1965. Mrs. John nickle of Monte of 241 Front Ave. SE. costs inched up one-tenth of I one.pound foxhole digger from carawas    for lhp last » ,1 3.41    TUC I Kl c I n F Lucas County was elected pres- woman said ii had been con( ln March as prices ihP sumdv sergeant and lake a years, Herman Frank Sr., 70. 42 .28 O N THE INSIDE idcn( „f lh(; gr0U|) (his Par. missing since Monday night. rose for virtually all consumor    ™    of .UIS K. .Uh St.. Dover, will .I    Other    members    of    the    Coun    items except food, the govern- for him    •    retire    from hrs pox,I,on as man- ’’ Around The World ............ to    tv    Auxiliary    named to office n.nnrl rx- d:._ Case ment rePl>rt(-d t|,day-    Whal's    more, says the Army. .„ ...    .,    ,    ,    . 47 "I Dear Abby .................. 29    were    Mrs. Raymond Crawley, KeP°r* °°9 B,,« Ct,S® Lower food prices were offMhe hole can be dug. ... the hard-'he Ohm 'bv,s,on of Aid est, rockiest ground.    for„.the, A«’'d    Ma-V    28' The foxhole digger conies in l-,'anl<, wh" ,)pKan »* » eas<'-two parts—the first pari for wnrk'‘r f,,r ,h(' dlvlsl(,n N,,v- IH- ground. 'Chis is because dirt blasted from soft, loam-type soil tends to cave in along the sides and the soldier has to pitch it out with a shovel. Although the device still is in the experimental stage, it is expected to be tested in the field by troops beginning in October. The instant foxhole varies from 20 to 36 inches deep and about twro feet in diameter. Retire Aid Post 84 46 62 61 55 56 45 LOO Miami, clear ..... New York, cloudy . Pittsburgh, cloudy St. Louis, clear ... San Fran., clear .. Washington, rain JUDAY 7 a m. RAINFALL Last 24 Hours:    ll    inch TOMORROW Sunrise .......... 5    24 Sunset ........... 7:22 High 60    Low    48 Forecast: Cloudy, cool, occasional showers. >• n . n , Report Dog Bite Case 29 were Mrs. Raymond Crawley, r    3 Dr. Alvarez .................. 29    director-at-large, and .Mrs.    Phil    Sheriff A. J. Young today re- set by higher costs of housing, Dr. Crane .................... 29    ip Doughten. nominating    com-    ceived a report that a dog own- j medical care, transportation Goren On Bridge ............ 27    mittee member.    cd by Glenn Fienton of RD 3, and other basic items, bringing IO    Other members of the local Newcomerstown, had bitten a    the consumer price    index to    blasting a small hole two inches 115)35, visiting the aged over 65, 2    group attending were Mrs. D. state highway department em-    J07.7,    in diameter and .several inches    was appointed manager Feb. I, Sports .................. 15    &    16    M. Ceremella of New7 Philadel-1ploye, identified as Bill Lyons    This means that it    now costs    deep. This is known as a pilot    HG8, of the New Philadelphia Hospital News Obituaries Television .................. 8    phia,    Mrs.    R.    J.    Foster    of    Do-    of    Lancaster.    The    man    was    $10.77    to    buv    goods    that    cost    $10    hole. office, located at 152 N. Broad- Women’s Pages ........ 12    &    13    ver    and    Mrs.    E.    R,    Hammers!)’    treated    at    a    Cambridge    hos-    m    ^e    1957.59    base    period. Your Horoscope .............. 27    of    Tuscarawas pital. Contest Closes Voting will end today at 5:30 for the Union Hospital Auxiliary’s contest to select a maharajah” for its “High Fever Follies” slated May 6-7 in Dover High auditorium. Stations Attitude Indicates Annexation Issue Will Be Vetoed Tuesday By Pete Groh Daily Reporter Staff Writer debt at $87,000. It comprises iehsvillc. $44,000 in outstanding bills and The Uhrichsvilh DENNISON — The attitude of $43,000 in bond indebtedness, edness, according ..to remain at Kreisher Drugs in taxpayers here- indicates the! Last week Mayor Donald Hus- has accumulated since Dover and Heller Drugs in proposed annexation of Denni- ton of Dennison set the figure when a $53,000 bond issue was performance.” A Labor Department spokesman said costs eould be expected to go up again for April, but he added “there is not the slightest indication of any serious inflation.” The spokesman. Deputy Commissioner Robert J. Myers of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bond indebt- ha|d relatively stable prices dur-Huston, ing a general business upturn 1934 provided “a very reassuring The second part of the device way Ave. ----*    Born    in    1893,    he    i Subdivisions Get $73.2 Millions ' Back From State a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frank of Port Washington After graduating from high school at Port Washington, he taught school for 5 years at the old New Philadelphia. DAY brightener Fairview Country School on the The state returned more than Sugarcreek Road, starting    in $73.2 million to political subdi- 1913. visions in Ohio during April, In    1917 he    moved    lo Dover    he    naturally    wanted    me    to    givt with the largest single distribu- with    his wife,    Helen,    whom    he    bim    a    scoop,”    Frank    recalled turn being auto license money    married in June of the same totaling over $47 million,. more    year, but was then called into than $1.3 million over last year,    the Army for 14 months during    n    1,0    bc*    ‘n    ,be    mayor    s according to State Auditor Rug-    World War I, spending over a office the    next    day    as    I laid    the er WL Tracy.    year in France.    resignation on the mayor’s desk. The state, also distributed Afterwards, he worked for the That reporter never forgot the The    Tuscarawas Chapter    of    sales tax money, paid quarterly    American Sheet Co. of Dover Ohio    Civil    Service Employes    distribution of liquor permit    and from 1926 to 1932 was on Herman Frank Sr. urally 4 a scoop, “So when I decided to quit, I When factories become fully automated, the machines prob-. , . ably will demand two od breaks !')[.._er,,r0mr?,un‘1 v a day. son to    Uhrichsville    will be de-    at approximately $95,000. Hus-    approved for a sewage disposal feated    at the polls    next Tues-    ton’s figures were based on a    plant. Other bonds are for the    # day.    1962 annexation study made by    city’s share of resurfacing state    Meeting Is    Scheduled If kayoed, it will    mark    the    a representative of the Ohio    highways and for    portions    of a third time within IO    years    that    Municipal League, thereby ex-    street    project fin    4th, 5th    and Dennison voters    have    rejected    plaining the $8,000    difference.    Dawson Sts. the annexation.    Huston    maintains    the    annexa-    Assn-    wdl    meet    .Tuesday    at    7:30    money and paid gasoline taxes the Dover police force, resign- Of prime concern    to Dennison    tion would add a tax burden    Baldwin admits Uhrichsville    P    m.    in    the New    Philadelphia to the counties and townships. trig from that position with the residents is a debt    — in    the    for Dennison residents. Denni-    is not    in the best    financial    con-    Youth    Center,    Field    represen-    Two    payments    of    state    subsi- rank of captain, neighborhood of $90,000 —    of    son is — for all practical pur-    dition    and estimates an annual    tatives    of    the    OCSEA,    George    dies    were    made    to    finance    Aid poses — debt free, appaiently    debt increase of $10,000 unless    McMillen    and Robert    Harsh-    for    Dependent    Children,    Aid for    “There was    a fellow. Clyde Uhrichsville    City    Auditor    because of a tax    rate that is    something is done. The natural    mer,    will    be the    guest    speak-    the    Disabled    and    the    blind pro-    Shafer, who worked for The Re James D. Baldwin has set the    $1.70 higher than    that in Uhr-1 See ANNEXATION, Page 2    'ors.    gram.    porter while I    was captain and Sec HERMAN FRANK, Page t story because it was his first scoop.” Frank stated that he has seen 3 generations of aged people on the roll of recipients in his of. flee, adding that only 2 persons remain on the original list when ;

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