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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - April 4, 1964, Dover, Ohio ’He Swung At Me/ Crago Relates By Pete Groli Daily Reporter Staff Writer “He came around the truck, swung at me and I ducked. I straightened up and hit him with that hammer. I don’t know if I hit him twice or not. ’ This statement was made by 29-year-old James Moses Crago in the office of Sheriff A. J. Young during an interview by this writer. Crago, facing second-degree murder charges in last Saturday’s bludgeoning of Milton Swinger, calmly and unhesitatingly talked of circumstances leading up to the death and told how he buried the body in a grave at an unused barn at the rear of his rented home. The slightly-built man was smoking a cigaret as he volunteered information. Crago — not a newcomer to police blotters — al-o revealed he gave a full confession on Monday to Chief Sheriff Deputy John Barlock in Dover police station. “We (Crago and Swonger) left about 6 (Friday night) to go to his place to pull a motor on a truck,’’ Crago began. “After that, we went down to the Red Head gas station and then to Grove’s Tavern at Parral. We sat there for some time and drank a few beers.” Crago — stating he did not remember exactly how long they were there — continued that * we then went to the Brooklyn Grill.” Mrs. Swonger works there. “He (Swonger) had a few shots of whisky there,’* Crago added, but he could not remember how many. Crago drank nothing but beer throughout the night. See CRAGO, Page IOThe Daily Reporter VOL. 60. NO. 226.    40    PAGES.Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, April 4, 1964 7 CENTS 8 QUALIFY FOR APRIL 14 FINALS Brenda Festi Tops Dover Spelldown Champion Brenda Festi (left) and runnerup Betsy Hastedt review some of the words they successfully hurdled during the word battle Friday afternoon.__ Brenda Festi, 13, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Festi of 1241 Dover Ave., became Dover City spelling champion yesterday in Dover High auditorium as 3 competitors were eliminated in the 14th round. Brenda, a St. Joseph s 8th Grader, correctly spelled “serrated” which had been missed by runnerup Betsy Hastedt, and then spelled “candelabrum'’ to take the title. Betsy, 13, an 8th Grader in Dover Junior High and daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hastedt of 401 Iron Ave., was third-place winner in last year’s Daily Reporter county wide bee. “Bacillus” was the downfall for Susan Harriff, ll, a 6th Grader from East School, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harriff of 128 E. 3rd St., who finished third. The other 5 qualifying for The Daily Reporter’s countywide bee April 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Dover High auditorium, in order of their positions, were: Sally Beu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erie Beu of 339 Reeves Ave., 13, 7th Grader at Dover Junior High; Thomas Capozella, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Capozella of 403 See BRENDA, Page 28 Pickets Stop At Area Mine Three carloads of roving pickets, reportedly from Harrison and Belmont counties, interrupted operations briefly yesterday at Midvale Mine. Robert Rutledge, president of Midvale Coal Co. Inc. which reopened the mine last month, said there were no incidents when coal miners, protesting a new 2-year contract, set up picket lines in the morning. They departed around noon. Nearly 13,000 soft coal miners in 6 states are off their jobs in a dispute with the United Mine Workers leadership. The striking miners are protesting vacation pay, seniority, sick pay and paid holiday clauses in new7 contract proposals. 30 ANXIOUS SECONDS Rumble Hits Anchorage Again Crago Counsel Is Appointed Two veteran New Philadelphia trial lawyers, Arthur L. Limbach and Russell Bowers, have accepted as a public service the appointment as counsel for James Crago, who is charged with second degree murder in the death of Milton Swonger last Saturday. The announcement was made by Atty. Danny Johnson of New Philadelphia, president of the Tuscarawas Bar Assn. and chairman of the Criminal Law Committee of the Ohio State Bar Assn. Johnson, who has talked with Mrs. Eva Crago, mother of the accused, said the appointment was made because Common Pleas courts have no statuatory provisions to appoint counsel before an indictment. Talking at her rented home on N. Wooster Ave., the gray-haired lady said Atty. Johnson has requested that neither she, nor See COUNSEL, Page 14 By WARD SIMS ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP)— Another major tremor, the second in a week, lent a wary air to activities in the quake-stricken Anchorage area today. The temblor, one of some half a hundred aftershocks since the major earthquake of March 27. set buildings asway Friday and sent office workers and shop pers scurrying into the streets of downtown Anchorage. Police reported no casualties and had no reports of major damage to buildings or homes in this area. Last week’s tremor left 129 known dead or missing and presumed dead. The University of Washington seismograph office said that the quake had registered 7.5 on the Richter earthquake intensity scale, substantially under the force of the massive tremor of Good Friday, which registered 8.7. The new shock was felt in Fairbanks, Juneau, Yakutat, Kodiak, Seward, Valdez and Cordova. The last four communities, as well as Anchorage, See ‘RUMBLE’, Page 28 FREQUENT FORERUNNER OF DEATH MacArthur 'Retreats Into Coma Fire Victim Dies XENIA. Ohio (AP) — Mary Fullen, 47, of Xenia, burned in a fire at her home, died in Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Friday night. By JOHN BARBOUR WASHINGTON (AP) — Gen Douglas MacArthur is in a coma which is “gradually deepening,” and other vital functions are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain, Army doctors announced today. The report came from LL Gen. Leonard D. Heaton, who said he was giving “an ominous report,” but added that “miracles can always happen.” Heaton is surgeon general of tho Army and the chief surgeon in MacArthur^ case. His comment about miracles came when he was asked if there was any possibility of recovery for MacArthur. It seemed obvious from his manner and speech, however, that he expected no such miracle in the present case. Heaton said the fact that he himself had come to make the See COMA, Page 14 Hydrant Flushing To Begin Tuesday The annual flushing of fire hydrants in Dover will begin next Tuesday and continue for a period of 3 weeks, Waterworks Supt. Walter Hisrich announced today. The work will be started adjacent to the W. 17th St. pump station and then fan out to cover the city. Water may be roiled or discolored in some homes during the period, he added. mmmmmmmwmmmmmmmm ON THE INSIDE (    &..... .    rn    ...    I Around The World ........... 13 Goren On Bridge .........  22 Hospital News ............... 14 Obituaries .........   27 Television .............. 17    to    20 Sports  .............. 30    to    35 Womens Pages  .....8    &    9 ;

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