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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - April 3, 1964, Dover, Ohio 24 Hours A Day Someone From The Reporter Is Working For You The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 60. NO. 225.    24    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Friday, April 3, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSRussia Challenges Red China ll. S. Prepared To Assist New Brazil Leaders WASHINGTON (AP)—Secretary of State Dean Rusk said today the United States is ready “to work very closely” with the new government of Brazil in tackling Brazil's difficult problems of [economic and social development. Judge Takes Divorce Case Under Study President Johnson message to Common Pleas Judge J. H. Lamneck has taken under advisement the testimony given during the 4-day divorce hearing of James and Pave Clouse of Uhrichsville. With a packed courtroom throughout Thursday’s session, Attys. Thad Bowers and Clair Hoffman rested at 3;30 p.m., a day earlier than expected. Taking the stand yesterday as a defense witness was Dr. Alfonso Aceituno, Uhrichsville surgeon, who testified Mrs. Clouse came to his home on only one occasion and to pick up nerve medicine. He said she stood inside the back door for 20 to 30 minutes until he went upstairs and prepared the medication. He said a friend also was at the home at the time. On cross - examination Atty. Bowers, Clouse’s counsel, asked if the surgeon’s wife had been away from the home for 2 weeks during May or June of 1963, and Dr. Aceituno, replied: “Yes.” He siid he did not know Mrs. Clouse had been in Cleveland about the same time and said he was not familiar with her handwriting. A letter addressed to Mrs. Janet Linden of Gna denhutten, and admitted as evi dence earlier in the hearing, reportedly mentioned about a doctor and his wife going away on vacation. Questioned about a charge for the medicine obtained by Mrs. Clouse at his home, Dr. Aceituno replied he did not know if he sent a bill or not. Also called as defense witnesses during the afternoon session were Mr. and Mrs. William F. Laughlin of 306 Deersville See DIVORCE CASE, Page 2 Columbus Flier Continues Trip CAIRO (AP)—Mrs. Geraldine Mock of Columbus, Ohio, left today for I) h a h r a n, Saudi Arabia, continuing her solo flight around the world in a single-engine plane. America’s other round-the-world woman flier. Joan Merriam Smith of Long Beach, Calif., hoped to leave Natal, Brazil, today for the 1,800-mile flight to Dakar, on the western bulge of Africa. A report Thursday said Mrs. Smith had taken off for Dakar. but she then reported she had postponed her departure because of uncertain weather over the Atlantic. had sent new Brazilian President R a n i e r i Mazzilli Thursday night, congratulating him on Brazil’s having solved its government change within that n a t i o n’s constitutional framework. This established U.S. recognition of the new regime following the ouster of President Joao Goulart. Rusk told a news conference that Goulart had been overthrown by a combination of forces representing fears in the Brazilian Congress, armed forces, and among state governors that constitutional government in the country was in] danger. “They moved to insure the constitutional process,” Rusk said. Goulart’s enemies had ac cused him of leading the country down the road to communism and U.S. officials had become alarmed about Commu nists moving into positions of power in Brazil. Rusk said he wanted to emphasize that the upheaval which has now taken place in Brazil has not solved “all that country’s problems by any means.” He said he included problems of inflation, the size of the external debt, need for capital investment and many others. It was clearly in this context that tit* was in effect holding out the hand of U.S. assistance to whatever extent the new Bra- See NEW BRAZIL, Page 2 FOR U.S., WORLD Meeting Asked For Showdown Split On Differences To Create New Problems Bv STANLEY JOHNSON NEW YORK (AP) — The long before the Soviet Communist party issued its showdown challenge. Now it has become a vital concern. To most diplomats, it long has Brazil — a troubled land. Ousted President Joao Goulart flew yesterday from Brasilia to Porto Alegre in Rio Grande Do Sui, the southernmost state and only state in the south where he had strong support. He now is rumored to have fled to Argentina. STAMINA IS ADMIRED MacArthur In Critical Rallied Mazzilli Reports Say Goulart Skips To Argentina Bv FRANK BRUTTO RIO * DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP)—Victorious army leaders of Brazil’s anti-Communist revolution said deposed President Joao Goulart fled into Argentina today, but Argentine border officials said they had not seen the ousted leftist. An army spokesman said early today Goulart had left his ranch at Sao Borja, on the Argentine border, bound by car for Buenos Aires and “already is in Argentine territory.” Goulart J esophagus, into his stomach is was reported accompanied by jbeing removed this morning Still State By REINHOLD ENSZ MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet I Union finally lashed back at Red China today, calling for a showdown    meeting    of    the j Kremlin virtually read the Chi- world’s Communist    parties to    nese out of the world Commu- thrash out    communism’s    big I nist movement today, forecast- feud.    mg an era which brings new op- seemed inevitable that a defmi- Breaking a six-month silence,    portunities and new dangers    for    five    break with China    would the Kremlin accused the Chi-    the United States and    its    mean the Soviet Union    would nese of trying to run the Red    friends.    have    to work to improve rela- bloc. to stir political unrest in    How to exploit what appears    lions    with the West, the Soviet Union, to sabotage to be an unbridgeable chasm be-j Not only does such a break Premier Khrushchev s policy of tween Moscow' and Peking was mean the return to the relative-peaceful coexistence and lo ob- a major concern of the White ly small “socialist camp” of the weapons at any House and State Department late 2940’s, it also means the Soviet Union must guard the world’s longest border against an openly hostile China. fn addition to the United States, firmly opposing Communist    expansion to the    West, there is now also Communist China, firmly opposing Soviet policy in the East. Premier Khrushchev must be thanking his lucky stars he resisted all pressures lo help China build an atomic bomb. With its limited resources, faltering agriculture, and pledge* See PROBLEMS, Page 2 Early Okay For Masses In English Seen WASHINGTON (AP)—Ameri- WASHINGTON (AP) - General of the Army Douglas MacArthur’* condition remains critical, but the emergency treatment started Thursday to try to meet the problem of diminished kidney action is “functioning quite satisfactorily,” his doctors reported today. A medical bulletin from Walter Reed Army Hospital at 9:30 a.m. also said there has been no bleeding from the general’s esophagus for the past 20 hours. Therefore a tube that has been inserted through his throat and his family and Gen. Assis Brasil, chief of his personal military staff. Authorities in Argentine border provinces said. however, Goulart had not entered the country and that border patrols were alerted for any clandestine crossing. Airport control towers in Paraguay and Uruguay also were watching for him. The military leaders of the swift, almost bloodless revolution, who charged that Goulart’s leftist policies were leading Brazil into communism, sent six See GOULART, Page ll County One-Act Play Test Scheduled Tonight, Saturday “However,” the bulletin add Magnolia Man Killed By Dozer Eliminations for the annual Tuscarawas County Speech League One-Act Play Contest will be conducted tonight and MAGNOLIA — James E. Hamilton, 22, a native of here, w'as killed instantly Wednesday while working on a highway project near Ocala, Fla. Hamilton, a spotter for heavy earth-moving equipment, was struck by a bulldozer while working on Interstate 75, north of Ocala. Formerly of Waynesburg, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton Sr., he graduated from Sandy Valley High in 1959 and was a Marine Corps veter-Following Saturday night’s fi-jan. Hamilton’s father died in nal play presentation, County 1959. Supt. W. E. Laws will award medals to winners in earlier Weathervane YESTERDAY High 55    Low    31 Elsewhere Iii U.S. Albuquerque, snow Chicago, cloudy .. Cleveland, rain ... Honolulu, rain .... Los Angeles, clear Miami, cloudy .... Pittsburgh, cloudy St. Louis, clear ... San Fran., clear .. Washington, cloudy M-Missing; T-Trace TODAY Saturday in the Tuscarawas)county eliminations in speech, County Little Theatre building debate and poetry reading, and at New Philadelphia.    to the best one-act play group and runnerup. A special Speech League trophy, donated by Belden Brick Co. of Sugarcreek, will be See ONE-ACT, Page 2 High Low' Pr. . 57 35 T .. 56 35 .92 .. 52 34 .86 .. XI 68 .ll . 59 46 , , .. 73 72 * , . 55 M , , .. 74 55 .66 .. 56 52 , # 46 M •• Students from 4 county schools will take part in the competition which officially brings to a close the Speech League activities for the current school year. Scheduled tonight are Tuscar- i awas Valley at 7 and Strasburg at 8. Midvale will be “on stage” 1 Saturday night at 7, w'ith Gara-1 way following at 8. According to Dr. Linton Honaker. who has charge of the Reports for March from the event, each performance will be Tuscarawas County Recorder’s limited to 40 minutes. He also offlce show a definite increase stated that the Little Theatre Transactions Up In County He is survived by his mother, 3 sisters, Mrs. Melvin Beans of Waynesburg, Mrs. Patricia Cody of Canton, and Mrs. Francis Toot of here, and 2 brothers, j Hospital New William Jr. of East Canton and Obituaries .. ed, “his condition remains criti cal.” The bulletin reported that the five-star general “passed a fair night,” and that his blood pressure remained at 110-60—presumably at about the same point as late Thursday afternoon—and that his pulse was at 96, still somewhat elevated, and his temperature at 99.2, just slightly above normal. The doctors were fighting to give their patient sorely needed tune to recover vital processes. In admiration, they credited his stamina through ll days of critical condition to “his heart, his constitution and his will to live.” His chances are not considered good, but the decline in kidney and heart function reported Thursday morning stabilized by afternoon. The 84-year-old general has survived three major operations two of them emergencies, in 32 days at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His blood pressure and pulse, previously reported as indicating a loss of heart efficiency, were last reported within nor- See CRITICAL, Page ll tam nuclear cost. The Soviet reply occupied nearly an entire edition of the Communist party newspaper Pravda. In a front-page editorial, Pravda called Mao Tze-tung’s regime “the main danger to the unity of the world Communist movement.” Pravda said the final straw was Tuesday when Peking called Khrushchev “the greatest capitulationist in history” and demanded that Commu-1 can prelates of the Roman Cath-nists in and out of the Soviet olic Church have drawn up de-Union repudiate his policies. tailed recommendations for The party organ called the at- greater use of English in Mass-tack a “terrible insult to our es. Prompt approval from party and the entire Soviet peo- Rome is expected. pie ”    About    200 archbishops    and “It showed conclusively that    bishops    and four of the    five the leaders of the Communist American cardinals met Thurs-party of China have passed all day in a secret session at Cath-limits in their political struggle olio University to approve the against the world Communist texts and the extent of English movement.” the editorial con- in the Mass, sacraments and tinued. “and have chosen the the breviary. Communist party of the    Soviet    Final    approval of the    new Union and the Soviet Union as i translations was requested of the main target for their at- the Ecumenical Council’s com-tacks.”    mission for the liturgy. “When The remainder of the paper this is forthcoming,” said the contained an anti - Chinese Most Rev. John F. Bearden, speech by Mikhail A. Suslov,; archbishop of Detroit, “they See CHALLENGE. Page I! I Ste MASS. Page ll Capacity Crowd Sees Mineral City Minstrel “Show Boat Minstrel of    1964” j    Group    specialties included: entertained the nearly capacity Patilyn Maurer, Dawn, Debbie, audience last night in Mineral Cindy, Randy and Butch MeAf-City Auditorium from the open- fee in a novelty dance; Jean ing chorus numbers, Put on a and Glenn Archinal, Janice and ON THE INSIDE Happy Face, Here Comes the Show Boat and Hello My Baby, to the finale when the entire company presented Dream. Put on a Happy Face and Show Time Is Over. Around The World ............ll    The Cercone property, eon- Dear Abby ....................23    sisting of 0.980 acres, and con- Dr. Alvarez ................... 21    taming a welding shop, is Dr. Crane .....................21    part of the land needed in con* Churches .......................3    struction and improvement Goren On Bridge ..............23    Route 250, the petition claims ..............ll    Value of the structures is set ...............2    at $26,500 and of land at $5,500, Darlene Pullins, “The Slop Quartet”: Nancy Glennan, Mary Ann Sadler, Mary Jean Baker and Mary June Shulty, saxophone quartet; Bob Glennan, Bill Sattler, Sterling Stone, .Jesse Sherer, Gary Leavengood and Adrian Reed, the Zoarville Baby Dolls singing and dancing group; Violet LaFallotte, Mae Nohl, Margaret Mathey, Jeannie Ar-The Ohio Department of High- chinal and Dave Lewis as the ways has filed an appropria-1 Hillbillies; Penny Pingstock, tion suit for property of Donald Barb Walter, Gelda Cottrell, arid Beatrice Cercone of 308 Pat Scott and Alice Crone as Blake Ave. SW, New' Philadel the Ladybugs; Dusty ZeleskiJiu* phia. MINSTREL, Page 2 Highway Land Suit Is Filed 'Bandit' Sent To Lima, Given Term In Prison Uhrichsville’* 20 - year - old masked bandit. David Gara-brandt, has been ruled insane bv Common Pleas Judge Raymond Rice and will he committed to Lima State Hospital for therapy for an indefinite period. Judge Rice, making the decision following a sanity hearing last Friday, also sentenced the youth to the Reformatory at Mansfield for I to 15 years on the first charge of armed robbery on a 4-count information filed by County Prosecutor Harlan Spies. “Execution of the prison sentence,” Rice said in his written entry, “will be suspended until the defendant is discharged from the mental hospital.” Garabrandt was placed on probation for the other counts. It also is to be served after his hospital stay. Board Awards City Contracts See Building Permit i For Warehouse Is Sought By Reeves .........8-9    and the damage to the residue UMI of the property at $500. 52 7 am............. RAINFALL Last 24 hours . 1.8 inch TOMORROW Sunrise............6:05 Sunset.............6:53 High 48    Low    38 Forecast: Rain, cooler. Voting by Tuscarawas County residents who will be absent on May 5, day for the primary election, will begin Monday, Victor Turner, Board of Elections clerk announced today. Disabled persons also may apply for their ballots from that date on. in transactions over the same period in 1963. Mortgages filed during    the month totaled    $2,860,694,    and mortgages cancelled amounted to $1,434,818,    making a    Mif- [ Caj>t    .lack j    Attending Harold of Waynesburg.    Sports ......... Services will be held Sunday j Women’s Pages at I 30 p.m. in MeCreery-Fine- frock Funeral Home with Rev.! A    •    I William High officiating. Burial ACO Ll ISI tlOfl I nCTGCJSGS UTIIQ will be in Sandy Valley Ceme-,    ^ tery. Friends may call at the ! funeral home from 7 to 9 Satur- j day. Marine Corps will hold military services at the grave, j 9 Patrol Auxiliarymen Will Attend Conclave Setup For Wallace & Tiernan The construction will consist Wallace Si Tiernan Inc. is ex-    tical Divisions, stated that with    45,000 square feet of ware-    i_iiMavu    1|113    vrui, panding its drug divisions with    the addition of Pharmacraft, the    bouse space which will serve a    fm**n ' the acquisition of Pharmacraft    annual sales volume of the    2-fold purpose—storage of in-    ,    'n'    ‘ Laboratories from Joseph E.    drug operations, which include    venl<nies and ease the crowding    |jmeston(1 anfj‘ Seagram Si Sons, Inc. for about    Strasenburgh Laboratories, WTS    provide a i Wallace Si    Pharmaceuticals and Strasen-    era*lon . i project i? or The last major expansion pro- 270,000 shares of Nine members of the Tuscara-1 Tiernan common stock, plus an burgh International, would ap- ^    ^ was County State Patrol Post1 assumption of certain liabilities, proximate $25 million.    l!r?u'_ Auxiliary will attend the annual Robert T. Browning, presi- Prior to the acquisition, Wal- ,.    .    . state meeting in Columbus Sat- dent of Wallace Si Tiernan Inc., lace Si Tiernan consumer    ( . °U r I* W Ws.e urday and Sunday, Auxiliary stated that Pharmacraft Labo- brands were Desenex, for atli- jv'V1 ' >mbailv ls him! sa Riley said inAa'r    -m    ».......... ......—j r.„.j------ 1>C,0I along with IL S. Ream, Dover’s service director, announced today all of contracts for city supplies, except coal, have been let by the Board of Control. All contracts will commence May I and run through April 30. 1965. The contracts are as follows: Jackson-Bay ley Electric Co., electric meters; Westinghouse Dover s Reeves Steel and Electric Supply Co., transform-Mfg Co., a subsidiary of Em- ers; Furbay ‘ Electric Supply pire-Reeves Steel Co., filed for Co., electric lamps; Wagner a building permit this morning Lumber Co., cedar poles; J. A. in conjunction with a $500,000 Raeder Inc., remodeling the building expansion program ,,ighl Watcr and Sewel. Uc. which was announced last Dc- partmcnt off,cc; ccm cr.    Spring    Bros.    Co., washed gravel (no sand will he purchased this year); Sinclair Re-Standard oal Co.), limestone, and Edgar Spring Inc., cold mix, T-35 hot mix, Mc 5 bituminous and road oil. Window Breakers Sought At Philo more efficient option date for the lated for June r    t one i nit i. —I”- — today, intones will become a ference of $1,425,876. In March    ^    1 1963 the mortgages filed amounted to $1,288,761 and mortgages cancelled $943,917, with a ference of $344,844. Other transactions for this past month were: instruments filed, 461; financing statements, 279; real estate conveyances, 167 and fees collected, $2,130. Figures for March 1963 for the for on same transactions were:    in struments, 409; financing state- that the Ballots from absentee and dis-indents, 461:    real    estate con- >ng will be held at 6 tonight abled must be filed by 4 p.m., j veyarices, 163 and fees collected instead of 7 as previously an-April 30, Turner stated.    1    $1,871.    nounced. part of lete’s foot, and Caldesene, nu in    h        -»    --- Riley the Pharmaceutical Divisions of diaper rash. Pharmacraft will i. ‘    *a,    Lrl    Philadelphia, reported to polit- will be Sgt. W R. Davis, James Wallace Si Tiernan and that the add 4 popular consumer    yesterday afternoon that boy ^ I Riley, Fred Miller, Paul ding- manufacturing facilities located brands, Fresh Deodorants; Al- er, Carl Belier, Homer Ririe- m Cranbury, N.J., will continue lerest, for allergy; Coldene, for Car Trunk Is Looted hart. Robert Bonnell, and Al- 0perate jn that location. cough; and Ting medicated Administrative, marketing and creams. accounting functions formerly Wallace & Tiernan Inc. reg-M nJ Thompx^    m auto located in New York City will altered record earnings in UM.. found ,hc ,runk of hcr au|„ in,0 <)s, t cw . Drive-In moved to Rochester. N.Y., of $5,912,000 on sales    of l()day at , a m A sparc tire branch'bank on N.    Broadway The company is a'an(j wheel were missing. Mrs. and Fair Ave. NE. bert Shott. Council Meets Tonight a^L^1Rsf,ur®b. Eugene Endres of RD 2, New a _ s have been breaking windows at Endres Floral Co. on 6th Dr. NW. UHRICHSVILLE — Police ad- At 1:17 p.m. yesterday, Dana vised Mrs. Geraldine Hasseman M. Krebs, 43. of RD 2. New be moved to Rochester, N.Y.,,of UHRICHSVILLE — Mayor where Wallace Si Tiernan head-j $69,633,000. Robert Croniser    has    advised    quarters    its pharmaceutical    op-    diversified producer of chemi-    Hasseman said that the    trunk    Theft of gasoline from trucks special    council    meet*    orations.    cals, mechanical equipment    jla(i no( been locked. It    is the    parked at New Philadelphia Robert    J.    Strasenburgh    II,    and pharmaceuticals. Chemical    third time in a week that tires    Provision Co. on Mill Ave. SW vice president    in charge of    the    operations include Harchem Di-    and wheels have been    taken,w as reported at 4 p.m. yester* Wallace & Tiernan Pharmaeeu* vision in Dover.    from unlocked trunks here. day. s ;

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