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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - April 2, 1964, Dover, Ohio Reporter Columnist Marlow Is A Pulitzer Prize WinnerThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 60. NO. 224. ll PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, April 2, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTS Goulart Vows Fight After Brazil Ouster Champion Margie Sligar (left) and runnerup Patty Edgar smile happily after receiving trophies. They're checking the correct spelling of "inaugurate," the word which won the title for Margie. Goshen Title In 8th Grader Wins County Spelldown Bv Corinne Eckert I “perennial,” which Patty spell-i failed to spell “beauteous” cor-I)aily Reporter Staff Writer led correctly. According to the redly. “I’m very happy and I thank rules, Patty then was required The other 13 qualifying for my parents for pushing me, was the comment made by 14-year-old Margie Sligar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitman of Midvale, an 8th Grader at Goshen Local, after to correctly spell the next word on the announcer’s list “reciprocal,” which she was unable to do. Sic 2 girls then resumed the contest and Patty then missile was named champion in spelled “precarious” which creek, 14, 8th Grader at Gar-last night’s Tuscarawas County Margie corrected and went on away; Ann Melzer, daughter of The Daily Reporter’s county- wide bee April 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Dover High auditorium, in order of their positions, were: David Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Miller of Sugar- school system spelling bee in to spell “inaugurate” to win Tuscarawas' High.    the title. Runnerup was 12-year-old Pat- Third • place winner, Bruce ty Edgar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Edgar of Sugarcreek, a 7th Grader at Garaway. After completing 12 rounds of competition. Margie misspelled Simmons, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Simmons of RD Mr. and Mrs. George H. Melzer of RD I, Gnadenhutten, 13, 8th Grader at Rush; Susan Yackey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Yackey of 2, Dover, and a 7th Grader RD I, Strasburg, 14, 8th Grader in Strasburg-Franklin, was elim-1 at Strasburg-Frankhn; Cheryl mated in the 10th round when he [ See SPELLER, Page 5 MacArthur! Systems Show 'Deterioration' WASHINGTON (AP) - Gen. Douglas MacArthur has suffered a “further waning” of his heart and kidney function, Walter Reed Army Hospital announced today. A bulletin at 10:16 a.m. said continuing deterioration of the five-star general’s kidney function has necessitated institution of a semi-artifical means of stimulating kidney function. The technique involves making two incisions in MacArthur^ abdomen and inserting two tubes. The purpose is to attempt to wash out from the general’s blood poisonous materials which cannot be efficiently filtered out by his own faltering kidney system. The procedure is technically known as “peritoneal dialysis.” It involves continuous running of liquid chemicals, somewhat similar to those used by the See CONDITION, Page 15 Patrol Plans Periodic Checkup For ’Current' Driver's Licenses COLUMBUS—Get your driver’s license ready. Members of the Ohio Highway Patrol may be asking to see it soon. And be sure it is current and not an old outdated license not worth the paper it is printed on. To coincide with Gov. James A. Rhodes* proclamation setting aside the month of April as “Highway Safety Month”, Warren C. Nelson, director of the Department of Highway Safety, has ordered the regular periodic spot check of Ohio drivers’ licenses to be made by members of the Ohio Highway Patrol on highways throughout the State. “Many persons allow their driver’s licenses to elapse after the 3-year period and continue driving illegally,” Nelson said. “Most of these violations are unintentional but, nevertheless, the drivers are subject to penalties provided by Ohio Laws.” In carrying out Nelson s license-check order, Patrol Supt. Anson B. Cook indicated the Patrol would lend its effort to promote safe and sane driving by intensifying the campaign against one-armed driving, driving with only one headlight, use of parking lights instead of driving lights, and, perhaps the most dangerous driver on the roads, the motorist insisting on driving slowly on the State s multi-laned super-highway system. How long the intensive driver’s license check will last, presently is indefinite, but orders to the Patrol call for roadblock inspection stations throughout the State and on a 24-hour basis, according to Col. Cook. 'Machinery' For Glenn Abandoned COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Lt Col. John H. Glenn’s campaign machinery was being dismantled reluctantly today bv supporters who .still clung to the hope he will be nominated for U. S. Senate in Ohio’s Democratic primary on May 5. But at the same time, the ailing former astronaut was vowing from his hospital bed in Texas that even if he should win the nomination “they’d have to get a replacement.” The decision to abandon a statewide campaign for Glenn was reached at a meeting of his campaign workers here Tuesday — just two days after Glenn’s withdrawal from the race with Sen. Stephen M. I Young, 74-year-old incumbent. Glenn supporters said that while there will be no statewide campaign on his behalf, Ohio-jans will be asked to nominate Glenn “in the first true draft See GLENN, Page 15 2-Day Rebellion Ends; Mazzilli Given Reins Bv FRANK BRUTTO RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP)—Congress today declared President Joao Goulart was ousted from office by a two-day military rebellion, and installed his successor. But from a haven in southern Brazil, Goulart declared he still is president and will “fight to the death.” Installed in an early morning ceremony in the inland capital BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — A broadcast heard here today quoted the Mayor of Porto Alegre, Brazil, as saying Joao Goulart, deposed president of Brazil has decided not to resist the new government. Dover School Signup Slated Parents of children who will enter kindergarten classes in the Dover schools next fall are to attend a “registration roundup” April 15 in the respective elementary buildings. Letters have been mailed to parents of children whose names appear in the school census !    ^    “VU    'TU„ " ~"T.IV files. Parents of eligible children use v am®s • k * among the articles listed as being taken from the Swonger and Crago residences. It also has been learned that Crago — released only 3 months ago from the Ohio Penitentiary Search Warrant Returned To Court A search warrant, used in the for breaking and entering—gave investigation of the Saturday Ia full statement to Chief Sher murder of Milton Swonger of Deputy John Barlock con cerning the case. N. Wooster Ave. Ext., Dover, has been returned to Northern District County Court by Dover police. A blacksmith’s hammer, reportedly the murder weapon who did not receive the infor mation may call Donald Peters, elementary supervisor, (7-2149). Children must be 5 before Sept. I, 1964, to attend kindergarten this fall. The letters included enrollment and health information forms and it is requested these forms be completed prior to the roundup. Parents, whose last names begin with A through L, are asked to attend at Iris p.m. and those with names beginning with M through Z at 2:30. Afternoon kindergarten classes will not meet that day. Parents of children, who will be 6 before Sept. I, 1964, and who did not attend kindergarten this year are to register their pupils with respective building principals prior to April 15. Teacher Pay Aired Crago is being held in County Jail and is slated to appear before the Grand Jury April 14. He has been charged with second-degree murder. Yesterday morning Crago reportedly received a telephone call at the jail from a relative who asked if he wanted an attorney. He is said to have replied: “He (an attorney) wouldn’t do me no good no how.” Also listed on the search warrant as being taken from the premises were: A record player, plastic camera bag containing a Japanese camera, another camera and attachments, 6 pieces of cardboard interior trim for a truck cab, a leather wallet containing $130, a set of ignition keys and ignition rotar, 2 shovels, a CCI mattox, 3 tool boxes with miscellaneous tools and a bag of Dover Spellers To Vie Friday The Dover school spelling bee will be Friday at 2:30 p.m. in Dover High Auditorium. Each elementary school will enter 2 contestants, St. Joseph’s will send 4 and 12 contestants will represent Dover Junior High. All contestants are to report backstage by 2:15 p.m. The bee will be conducted as an assembly for junior high students. At 3:16, there will be a short intermission at which time students who ride the bus and other students will be permitted to leave. Other interested students may enter during this intermission. Paul Redinger will serve as pronouncer and judges will be Mrs. H. F. (Dorothy) Ream, Sister M. Ursula and Mrs. Kenneth Eckert. Dover Teacher, Parent Sessions Slated April 8 Dick Cornell, owner of Groovfold Fabricators Inc., displays samples of his products, including a record cabinet. 3 Dover, Phila Railroaders Hurt In Crash Two Doverites and a New Philadelphian, employes of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and 2 other workmen were injured, none seriously, at 9:30 a.m. to-i-. •# day when a B. & o. work train bill 11 I O v,Qnron County Chamber Sets hit the caboose of a stopped In a telephone conversation Salute To Industry I I-, „ mm • M <■« rn rn I > 4 L WI allan awa I."" I .... i    • personal items. Clay Pact Talks Parents, instead of students, will attend the Dover elementary schools next Wednesday to participate in the second session of parent-teacher conferences this school year. Parents have been notified of the scheduled time for their conferences and are asked to contact the school if it is impossible to keep the appointment. Grade cards will be distributed during the 15-minute conferences. Parents also have re-a statement of the schools* reporting policy, explaining the grading system which requests parents to share information with the teacher and ask questions concerning the student’s progress. douse Trial Continues Before Packed Courtroom With the Common Pleas court- said her mother and other rela-room packed, mostly by women fives lied in their testimony    -.1 spectators, the James Clouse about her alleged visit to Dr. lf f OC# tiCT/O/7 divorce suit hearing before Alfonso Aceituno last July 5. Judge J. H. Lamneck continued She also denied having improp* this morning with his wife, er relations with a Jake Lukens. Faye, still on the witness stand for direct and cross-examina- j Atty. That! Bowers, counsel tion.    Tor Clouse, made a point of She testified this morning Mrs. Clouse’s constant inability that she lied in behalf of her to remember details of incidents husband after he attacked a about which he cross-examined James Heakin in the Elks Club at Uhrichsville. She stated her her. Nc'town Firm Has Unique NEWCOM ERSTON - One of the newest and most unu.su-1 I a1 industries in Newcomers- of Brasilia as the new president was Paschoal Ranieri Mazzilli, president of the Chamber of Deputies. Goulart fled from Rio de Janeiro as rebel army units and civilian militiamen marched oil the city Wednesday, vowing to force him from office and lift “the Red yoke” from Brazil. He flew to Brasilia and then to Porto Alegre, 670 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro. There, in his home state of Rio Grande do Sui, he claimed support of the strong 3rd Army. A statement read in his name over Porto Alegre radio declared: “The hour of mobilization, the hour of vigilance is here.” The broadcast declared Goulart still is president and would put down the rebellion with powerful military support. It insisted that Goulart still is in Brazil, but did not say he was in Porto Alegre. His statement called on the people to organize to defend democracy, and urged them to come to Porto Alegre or to go to their city halls and demonstrate. Radio Liberty, in the industrial city of Sao Paulo, an anti-Goulart stronghold, said Ihera were unconfirmed reports Goulart had fled to Asuncion, Paraguay, and asked for political asylum. In Brasilia, Auro Andrade, See VOWS FIGHT, Page 15 town, located at 213 W. Canal St., is Groovfold Fabricators Inc., started by an enterprising young man, Richard Cornell, in Weathervane YESTERDAY High 41    Low    26 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 73 37 Chicago, cloudy .... 49 41 Mrs. Ray (Joyce) Prall of im- The company was incor-husband forced her to say that j ID N. Main St., Uhrichsville, poi ated in November. Heakin had spilled her and had made advance. Mrs. Clouse denied , _    ,    i'*™1;™    a.    !,ru“s? "I K™.v"K Pittsburgh, cloudy . 36 26 Sealed Confinement : «■»•,"f:::S % 'groove to form various prod .02 Aids U. S. Research SEATTLE (AP)—Thirty days J shaped chamber. of confinement in a sealed! The air they breathed was have led conslantly restored by a chem ical. Water they ucts. With this process, instead of using 2 separate boards to form an edge for a corner, one See NC’TOWN FIRM, Page 9 Pennsylvania freight train on a j this morning with William Klas- curve at Canal Fulton.    erner, business agent of Dis-    The Tuscarawas C ounty chamber for five men Treated at Massillon City Dos-    (riel Council 9 of the United    Chamber of Commerce will sa    to a “major breakthrough” in    cashed with was Hie Dover Board of Educa-    pitu| antl then    dismissed were:    Brick and Clay Workers Union,    lut<‘ lts    industry at the annual    research into    whether Ameri-    from    body wastes tion met with the Dover Teach-    Pete Contini,    41, of 1524 Oak    he reported there were no new    banquet    meeting slated May 21|can astronauts    can live indefi-    ings    and condensations.    Food ers Assn. salary committee in a    St- and Frank    Harbour, 54, of    developments from yesterday’s    111 *^ew    Philadelphia Elks audi-    nitely in the    hostile environ-    was    freeze-fried and    restored Washington, dear .. 44 31 TODAY 7 a.in............  31 RAINFALL Last 24 hours .03 inch TOMORROW Board Opens Bids drank and reclaimed sink drain- On Truck Radios 3-hour session last night. The rear    2nd    St.,    Dover; , j j i n i Joe Wagner, 48, of 315 5th St. committee, headed by Dale|NW New phjladelphja; Beatty and comprised of Gene james Nichols, 57, of Free-Dummermuth, Richard Mailer nee, Tom Kane Jr. and Mrs. Frances Phillips, presented several recommendations, including a salary index system. The Dover Board of Control Sunrise Sunset . High 60 Forecast: ending.  6:06 ...... 6:52 Low 46 Cloudy, showers contract talks.    jtorium.    Ole    Wessel,    ^hsm-    meni    of space,    by    adding    water    ,    «    ,    , Negotiations are continuing bm* president, today announced! “We are on the threshold of* Ll. Cmdr. Donald E. Robin-;. >(‘sterdu:v and “lilied bids today between chairmen of the "Industrial Appreciation” as the union and management on a theme. Specific details will fol- dom, Pa., and Bert Bnnker of new contract. The old one ex- low- being able to sustain men in son, 33, the crew’s medical of- ^ut 2*w®y 'adios for Service De outer space for as long as we fleer from Pensacola, Flu., said partment vehicles, H. S, Ream, j -ON THE INSIDE Parkersburg, W. Va Nichols and Bnnker are employes of Pennsylvania. Nichols, a conductor, was in the caboose. The board deferred action on Authorities said no immediate any changes in the present reason for the crash was ad-schedule pending study of the vanced. The line on which it proposals and an examination of available finances. pi red yesterday. The strike deadline reportedly is Saturday midnight and would affect between 2,500 and 3,000 coworkers. If meetings today show any signs of progress, another meet-ted. The line un which it ing is slated for Friday at 10„.^"‘UUdiHn'' occurred is used jointly by the a m. rn the Holiday Inn ut Can-    “"*'1.1?    .,“1 2 companies.    ’ton. DAY BRIGHTENER Whoever it was who first eall- t know much about justice. need,” said Dr. Eugene B. Ko-necci, director of biotechnology and human research for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s office of ad dle first thing he wanted was service director, said today. Dear Abby .................... 19 “a steak three inches thick with Apparent low bidder for the 1 Your Horoscope a green salad.”    7 units, including installation Around The World Roger Barmcki. 28, of Ed-    charges, was Business Machines    Goren On Bridge . wards Air Force Base, headed    Inc. of Uhrichsville with $1,246.    Hospital News ____ vanced research and technolo-; the crew. Others, besides Rob- Other bidders were: Ladrach’s Obituaries ......... gy, after the men emerged. inson, were three Boeing men, ITV of Dover, $1,293; Southeast-1 Television ......... Since March 2 they had lived, Ralvan Welker, 36, of Woodin- em Electronic Specialists of Sports ............. slept    and    eaten under space    Ville, Wash., and Warren Swen-    Dover, $1,377, and Business Ma-    Women’s Pages conditions,    except for weight-J    son, 26, and Paul Trush, 26,    chines Inc., with another bid on    Dr. Crane  ..... lessness, in a windowless, L- both of Seattle.    1    a different make, $1,432.    Dr. Alvarez ....!  21  15  19  9  2 ..... 16 ll Ie 12 & 9 . 19 . 19 8 ;

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