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Douglas Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Douglas Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Douglas, ArizonaDo Toins is the second largest cite on the Southern United states Border and the Gateway to Sonora the treasure House of Mexico fair sunday and Mon Day not much change in temperature. I m. Douglas daily dispatch Complete leased wire report of the associated press Douglas Arizona sunday morning january 17, 1926. No. 173vol. Xxiii is attack iffy chif act by dispatch a. T. Wire Washington Jan. 16. President Coolidge was charged in the Senate today by senator Norris Republican Nebraska with Vio lating the Laws of the land through secret understand ing with his appointees to Independent commission. Speaking in behalf of resolutions for the investigation of the Tariff commission senator Norris declared that the president belonged to the group that believed the commission should be used for partisan Pur poses and that he had used his High office to misconstrue the letter and spirit of the Tariff Law. He charge that Coolidge reap pointed David j. Lewis Democrat of Maryland to the commission for political purposes but in bad Faith. Before the appointment was made the Nebraska senator said the president requested Lewis to give him a Blanket letter of Resigna Tion which the president would be authorized to executive at any time. Although refused to give the letter the senator added the appointment was made. I wonder How Many More resignations president Coolidge is carry ing around to hold Over members of Independent commissions he continued. This is & very forceful method of influencing commissions. A letter from William s. Culbert son former member of the Tariff commission and now minister to Rumania written september 8, 1924, to e. P. Costigan of Colorado a member of the commission was read by senator Norris As an illustration of what he said was the condition of affairs regarding the commission. The letter in part follows you will perhaps have seen today in the press that or. Lewis was re appointed yesterday. I reached Washington sunday evening and had not seen in my office very Long monday Moring before i was sent for by the president. The result of my interview is covered by a memo Randum a copy of which i enclose. When i returned Tio the office i took the president s suggestions up with Lewis and later he reached the decision that he would not write the letter or resignation requested by the president. He however went to see the presi Dent in the after noon and i pre sume he will write you details of what took place. In general this is what happened 1 � shortly after i reached my of fice this morning i received a request to come to the White House i went Over immediately. The president was reasonably cordial. He began by say ing that the subject of the inter View was or. Lewis reappointment. Or Lewis term As a member of the Day. The president stated that he intended to re appoint or. Lewis but that he desired thav or. Lewis prepare and give to hit a letter of resignation As a member of the Tariff commission. At first i did not. Fully comprehend the nature of the request. I spoke of or. Lewis term having expired. Then the president explained that he wanted or. Lewis to submit his Resigna Tion under the new commission to continued on Page three. With Garland at love farm on Massachusetts estate 4, v cd � a veg � � air Cilik � Iii Siri in adopting resolutions to a i ize acceptance of the terms recommended by the american debt coir j a iss Loti the House disposed of the last of the settlements negotiated during the summer that with Italy having been approved yesterday. As sent to the Senate All of the agree merits provide for a fund no of the respective obligations Over a 62 your period. Including the italian debt the United states will received approximately $3,000,000,000 from the six War of the 19 War Loans to foreign nations settlements with great Bill Jain Finland Hungary Lithuania i Poland and Nicaragua Nave been ratified by Congress while the action by the House today brings half a dozen More Loans to the last step in their congressional journey. Of the seven other Loans Austria has been granted a 20-year moratorium while France Greece Liberia and Jugo Slavia has As yet to agree finally on their respective Settle ments. The present russian government has repudiated an american loan of $192,000,000 and Armenia with an obligation of $12,000,000, has ceased to exist As an Independent nation. Interest in the five agreements approved by the House today Cen tired chiefly with that to Belgium which was accepted by a vote of 314 to 24. Speaking in favor of thie agree ment representative Burton Republican of Ohio and Crisp Democrat of Georgia both members of the debt commission described the havoc the world War brought to the Little King dip. While representative an Drew Republican Massachusetts asserted he regretted that the unused states was alone among nations in asking repayment of Money loaned that country while its territory was occupied by German troops. Men hostile Armstrong car hed for u. Earl 11. Rhinestine and Beaumont Burnett who took or. J. J i Arm Strongs Essex Coupe from in front of the Douglas drug company store Here last. Saturday night january 9, were bound Over to the Federal court in Tucson yesterday at a hearing before United states com missioner James Allison in Bisbee for an alleged violation of the Dyer Auto theft act in transporting a stolen car Here from Oklahoma. They were apprehended in Bisbee after they had stopped at a garage. To obtain for the local phys of ans car. The two other men who were in the party and were apprehended later proved to be deserters from fort Sills. ? Industrial courses. Bisbee Jan. 16. Plans to further thie development of Trade and Indus trial courses throughout Arizona have been tentatively adopted by the state advisory committee on Voca tonal education a new born baby died at april farm near Allentown a. Charles Garland left millionaire Radical signed certificates to the effect that he War father and physician to the child. He was arrested on statutory charges. Bottina Hovey Mother of the child was named in the warrant. The charge was later dropped. Two Otlie men and women lived on the farm a strange love Colony authorities believe. Garland has a wife and two children in Massachusetts. One of the co Lonyes houses on the farm is shown above. Garland was photographed near his farm. Douglas Tucson Bisbee . To build permanent Camp on Barfoot Trail Pinery Canyon regal costumes of Russia sold to the movies i. By dispatch a. A wire Leningrad Russia Jan. 16. The regal costumes which clothed the Central figures of the magnificent Imperial court of the last of the roman offs Are being used in the production of motion pictures under the direction of the soviet state. The Imperial Robes of Nicha Las ii and Many other Rich articles of his wardrobe from a part of the properties used in the ninth of january an anti monarchist film which takes its name from the Date \ in 1905 on which the revolution of that year opened. Five thousand elaborate Imperial military and dress uniforms belong ing to the Czar and several thous and Rich gowns wedding dresses Coronation Robes chinese Coats and other articles of apparel worn by the former czarina Alexandra have been bought by the state motion picture monopoly. This sumptuous wardrobe Cost a Fortune but it went to the state movie Trust for less $15,000. Among the articles from the czarina is wardrobe were 200 chinese Robes of the richest silk presented to her Many years ago by the emperor of China. They sold for s2o each. Beautiful wedding dresses embroidered in Gold and lace brought Only $25 each. Hats and helmets adorned with costly plumes and Aigret Tes which belonged to the late Czar went for less than $1 each. Among recent developments in connection with the location of a per manent boys Camp feb the Young menus Christian association 5s the filing of an application with the Forest supervisor for a site of proximately five acres beginning to in a the old charcoal pit in Pinery can us. Dry forces watch Denver res Bootleg cases by dispatch a. P. Wire Denver colo., Jan. 16.Federal prohibition enforcement officers Are watching with interest the develop ments which have grown out of the arrest last wednesday night of j. M. Covington alleged to be Denver res society Bootleg Ger a a but do not in tend to take any Active part in Fol i lowing up the raids of City police on prominent Denver Homes. This they made Clear today Point ing out the policy of the Federal enforcement Branch t o go after the source of liquor Supply leaving most of the lesser enforcement work to state and local City is blocked temporarily in its Campaign against liquor in Homes of the socially prominent Homes be cause of lock of a key by which to decipher the code used by coving ton in a second list found by police which they believe to be another list of customers. The first list which resulted in last thursday raids on a half dozen exclusive Homes was in Long hand and gave officers no difficulty. R. R. Hall prominent automobile i dealer today pleaded guilty to a \ charge of Possession of liquor and j continued on Page three sex co Grisman Langley Snow prisoner 21516 sym a. V wire Atlanta ga., Jan. 16. Prisoner number 21,516, former congressman John w. Langley of Kentucky to j might had served the first Day of a two year sentence in the Atlanta i Federal Penitentiary imposed upon i him for conspiracy to violate tie National prohibition Law. Accompanied by Roy b. Williams chief United states marshal for the Eastern District of Kentucky the for Mer congressman arrived Here Early today. Brief formalities of Check ing in were quickly completed and Langley lost his identity behind a prison number and became pne of the 3000 inmates of the prison. I am going to do my Best to make i a Good record said the prisoner As the Gates were closed on him and i have not Given up Hope of get Ting my situation cleared up before Long. With two other defendants the former congressman was convicted i for conspiring to violate the pro i. Motion act for the alleged removal of 1200 cases of whisky from the Belle of Anderson distillery near Law Ronneburg ky., two years ago. Yon and extending to the foot of tue Barfoot Trail. Six secretaries representing four associations spent part of two Days on this spot last week and As a result Tucson Bisbee and Douglas have decided to construct a Perman ent Camp in this location v Ith tin interstate department helping both to secure funds and to use the place As an older boys conference Retreat. Plans for 1926 include the construction of a building 24 feet a Width and 60 feet Long which will contain a Kitchen store and bedroom combined dining room and auditorium in one another bedroom office and store room. The floor in this main building or Lodge As it will be called is to be cemented so that it May easily be scrubbed and kept in a sanitary condition. The Walls Are to be screened for a portion of she Way and will contain swinging win Dows which May be closed in Case of storm. Friends interested in this project have already promised to give the associations taking part a Windmill and pump in addition to 2000 feet of lumber. The Well will be sunk this year in time for use when the boys arrive for Camp in the Early summer. It is also hoped that a Concrete swimming Pool May be completed before the Camp periods begin. Plans As they will be drawn up by boys committees from the three associations will include a building program extending Over a period of several years so that ultimately the site will contain enough cottages to House every boy who goes to Camp. Plans Are also being made to inter est other organizations in the build ing of a cottage each to be named after the club and to be used by these clubs when not wanted by the boys during the Camp period. Private individuals who Are Figur ing on securing Sites nearby have offered their services in the digging of a Well and in return will be permitted to put in a pipe line connection from the Well to their cot tages. The Camp is situated at an Alti tude of 6000 feet where it is not 100 hot in summer and where there is Snow at different times in Winter. It is surrounded by Pine Trees. But the ground itself on which the Camp will be located is Clear. From this spot Many hikes Are available including a two hour tramp to the famous Pinnacles rustlers Park the Barfoot Trail and other Beauty spots. A new Highway is being constructed through this Region by the for Estry service which will connect with county roads leading to this Canyon and which will be improved by the county. The Camp is 73 Miles from Douglas and can be reached easily in 3 1-2 hours driving time. ? Santa Barbara quake Santa Barbara calif., Jan. 16. A slight earthquake was Felt Here at noon today. No damage was done. 4 inter Scholastic contest in music for Southern Arizona to be held Here april 9-10 Douglas will be the scene of the fourth annual inter Scholastic music contest for Southern Arizona High schools on april 9 and 10 it was decided saturday in Bisbee. Principals of the Southern Arizona High schools met in the mine City was one of the most important subjects broached. The music students in the secondary schools of Tucson Bisbee Douglas Nogales Wilcox Benson st. David and Pearce will a compete in this contest. All the principals Excel t Pearce and Benson were represented. Several important matters concerning the rules of the contest were discussed and modifications made the schools. Work on the selections will begin at once among the competing schols. The matter of basketball officials was taken up at this meeting and it was decided that the visiting team should have the Choice of naming the officials submitted by the Home team from the list of eligible officials in the District. J. E. Carlson president of the Southern Arizona Prin equals association represented this City at the meeting. Wol imprison car ii by dispatch a. A wire Vienna Jan. 1c. Reports have reached Vienna that open agitation in Rumania for the recall of former Crown Prince Carol has led the rumanian Cabinet to proclaim mar tial Law in six districts. Further reports have it that numerous civil and military agitators Are favouring the imprisonment of Carol it is possible for an individual who was not born in the United states or who has not bet a naturalized to be a citizen of this country perhaps you will say no and let it go at that or perhaps you will figure that this Story is just a question Box yarn to fill in. In either Case you Are wrong. It is possible for such an individual As mentioned above to be an american citizen and this article is written because facts revealed Here give it foundation. Anyway a certain. Mining Man Well known in this Section who was in Douglas recently on a visit was halted at the International line by officials for a joke and asked if be was an american citizen new York Jan. 16. Bar Silver 67%. In t no r House approves five debt funding act with rapidity on settlements to total $600,000,000 by dispatch a. P. Wire Washington Jan. 16.the War debt agreements with Belgium Rumania Latvia Esthonia and Czecho Slovakia involving approximately $600,000,000 were approved today by the House in rapid succession. Mussolini asks opposition to debate charges Rome Jan. 16.Premier Mussolini today cast a Chia Dienge at his opponents to openly debate their accusations of his complicity in the Mur Der of the socialist Deputy Matte Otti in the chamber of deputies to Morrow. Matteotti was killed in june 1924, and his death has constituted the strongest weapon of the opponents of fascism and the most serious blot on the fascist Escutcheon. Politicians said today that the affair will be publicly threshed out tomorrow if the opposition deputies i dare to accept the premieres Chal Lenge. This question referred to As a moral question and although not specifically named was brought up dramatically in the chamber this afternoon when deputies of the pop ular and social democratic parties formerly belonging to try Aventine group unexpectedly entered the House during a session devoted to honouring the memory of the late Queen Mother Margherita. Since the opposition deputies in creating the Normal question of the Matteotti affair is months ago pro to the nation that they would not return to parliament until Mussolini fell their return this afternoon was interpreted in some circles As a retraction of their accusations. The Premier hastened to Avail himself Ito this Opportunity to offer proof of his innocence. He announced dramatically that the return to the chamber of for Mer members of the Aventine group created a moral question which must be confronted immediately he demanded a special session of the chamber tomorrow for this purpose overruling the objection of Robert Farinaccio Secretary general of the fascist party that the opposition was too unimportant to warrant Atten Tion. The Premier was extremely Pale Wien he made his announcement in the midst of a tense silence which however gave Way to an ovation As the deputies approved his proposal. The opposition members sensing danger if they remained in Tho chamber where they were vastly outnumbered by the excited fascists dashed for the exits pursued by Many fascists. A Burly sergeant at arms held off most of the attackers until nearly All of the fleeing deputies had escaped but Paola Oppa a member of the popular party from Genoa was seized and thrown out forcibly suffering severe bruises. Deputies Luigi Carbonari and Xum Bertl Merlin also received injuries. After this incident deputies of the popular party held a meeting and adopted a Resolution that after the violence they had suffered it would be impossible to participate in the work of parliament. Man explains How although not born in u. S., and not naturalized he is citizen the conversation was something As follows where you born in the United states no. Are you an american citizen . Have you been naturalized no. And yet you Are an american citizen . Well where were you born in Texas. When in 1844. But Texas was not a state at that time. No it was admitted in 1845 and continued from rage three Denver woman sues for be p a rate maintenance asks Over half million by dispatch a. P. Wire Denver colo., Jan. separate maintenance suit asking More than half a million dollars and an alienation of affections suit seeking $150,000 were filed Here today by mrs. R. G. Morse against her husband the general manager of the Colorado port land Cement company and mrs. Elizabeth Honaker respectively. Mrs. Morse asks the court to order her husband to pay her separate maintenance of $500, 000 Cash and $1,700 a month. In her suit against mrs. Hon Aker she alleges that her Hus band and mrs. Honaker took charges in the separate maintenance suit were suppressed. H. F. Mccormick leaves Ganna on big liner by Elk Ratcli a. It wire new York Jan. 16.two unexpected happenings marked the de parture tonight for Europe of mme. Ganna. Walska polish opera Singer and wife of Harold f. Mccormick. Mme. Walska is returning determined to Triumph Over the critics who received her last Continental appear Ance so coldly. The events which featured her de parture came after she had boarded the steamship Paris. First she was served with a summons in a suit for s7oo brought by of omitry Onofrei san Carlo opera company Tenor. A few minutes later Mccormick the Harvester manufacturer who had booked passage with his wife and taken has baggage aboard suddenly left the ship had his baggage taken off and declined to say Why he had decided not to sail. Mccormick and his wife had posed together for photographers shortly before he left ship. He was with her in her stateroom also when she told reporters she was writing a Hook that would Tell the truth about Ganna Walska. Then he was seen leaving the ship apparently per Turbed. He would say nothing and his wife told reporters it makes no differ ence to me what you write so Many lies have already been told about me. Mme. Walska previously had said she intended to sing the Lead in Madame Butterfly 4n Paris and then to tour Poland in a concert program with a famous Basso whose name she would not divulge. She she bad engaged a famous Jap anese wrestler to teach her the proper methods for simulating Hart Kari the form of suicide required in the operatic role

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