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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - September 1, 1853, Cincinnati, Ohio OLUME XI.-NO. K. A ÍAPEB rOH "THE lILlIÜH"-lNDEPEífMNT IN ill THINGS NEHTfiALlii NOTHING. CINCINNATI, THURSDAY MORNING. SEI^TEMHKlt I. Wúi. ONE DOLLAR TER TEAR. Fniai Ike Amt. u Ui c LILLIK BTANHori, Or, Low and Wllfnlaow. S liOMF.^’ .STORK tad drlitBc* io the tiprewioa ul tha oeral I hpe.altkuuKh t »« it then out half n pUialj I u 1 do now, luokiay down through the TUta of karitd 7«tn. ‘flu Bkanan rcra htahlf pilith^. area paiacdaadgntrtd.and 1 loogad W «to ui him eooiiljr, tad I wondered not that Moraace Aud roieaa luae Ibr touae Uiat ihed A IrodaniMi roand ell Ihtji eatd, TUI fut dacUolii( oar t,| one, the eweelnaeeoeor l>ter arr faaa.* wii nietahea. 1 eaw that Kraeet wee (Wnuaa liir lha Ohw Kerwn.l THI WAT or THl WIUO. BT raawcn daia u«a> faweavs m«a |( i a* a «wat    »»    ■h*' aaa... COaniJ» MU I WUUUTrCU UUI. BUM • lUTMCC    ,. .    ,,    J    aj    a-    i    e    k ,{idwiu4 iBT trreaa^uthis seek ftDii tfll him wu to prood o( her brother, aod that tU to > nérrimt» Mid Mrt. braj. aed iKe held >1___________________.-I -a    T    ...    .*    .    ||*r AaAiI Hn«tt tn k*t-B*ati»ao mnJ »po^ tea ab.m Mre.Trcetoa watld hare aim acriewinK, ubl the lacw that a ttdaal*l7 life woold not ■•area with her, aad the pralarred health ton t ea reaueiUhilitr. Tathai otterci }. r ihoal—'* ¿ "Aad thdoac-kffokaratakaa It,*'eaid Mra. li.Tj tarti; ; “thaia waa ao dapendcaea cw aa- I tee ahoat that, too. Mr. Hojd, tea for the IVillar Tie ... trystiso-plact. M ALI. ai aillTT. HI uiKHii uaar. A word uakiuJ or «roBe'] how Inli of repr.»»ch tad lorrow mjr own hrert jcufly lo«dVmrior hVhtd t aoft tone tad a    dowa    tohrrMwiaff and tnW to eeem d«oíaírii/e*there."’ ----- ^--------- DOar    oat all mj word alw.t. etore lor her, whieh, orphan    ?««    «priid    -Ut    „    eee    ihoat Wibccntoiate ■« the wu, the conld hat pile deeply.    l«l    T    I knowjoaate year owe maij ynn fcgo, wai the wealthinifarmfr la'P'He . reitiug plaae. (ih ho. I longed once more -i e,pre.eed my admiration of him to Go. I “•*;    Vauhfíí e.*f.“o«r    *“    •*'*    «**•    í-««i'l«ítir.    and    to hM Ota >oa hare larsad tUt ineortaiii • Lon»raee, drank hia wme, aad thought, like rHr••    ^    Ih, u.iod. of other., that Ha ootlall. aae, 1 loaged oaee mora tu ^ caree npoa that btwuai «kick to gareapoucataore into thoee dear eyee tod    renee in preaenec of Kmeat.theeTeoiogolhie . feel toair brightnau beaming orer me like a    arriral, in the muit glowing language; bat my „ glory. But my fuoliek pnda, my fatal eelf- huabaod aacmed to hare Ukea to unaecoaaU. i will forbade. 1 Tatened to the anguetlioDe of ble dialike to him—which imutod me—who    »jray    a liogere I my own erii natura BBtil 1 wai well fitted to    «.t the brother of my deareat friend; 1 ronid •'“■••d from Ua eye I become the dupe of other.    diacorer nanght ‘Fiorenee de Moatrenil had haen the aeeo la n a i‘ In Ú k.- Usl liT. AlAwMtrd lor thr eMi«nc. UU ibt tun Monrom on b'fti. AiP M I «kited, woftdecrd wbf Ihj IfMitetem drew nU ■* inch: W*I wilckiic twikcfet, Md t iloudlcM. iiuwt tki' Kfifeved to prcH Uee yet ectm unto bj ihitibbiac ^ b«rt. ibM owe* Borw m uf «roit'-oMr norc Ke « • ■ ■ tboUM] port— uinw thy r^diaot lora, end gaie into tfaioc lu ihoi iovo’n pumt vowt. ncd hcwr tky low UÉMwi to toll tb« oU the hopii—the bopen wbfch tbeu were mine— neper to tbee. that thceurt indarkent BidnigUt | oar^polbwey hod been coat oMwtow Aoik ud •rd ttioochoB nchiDC heart and maaT a litter >«iig.k*ai BPkri «bA«L»A.Bt »nd like ihcuiaodi of ulhera hewaa miaUken. cf lA^l^ind ííi I» J fear, my dew mother, ooe wc lore well, t my deareat friend • I conid i," :~r, V™ rr•“* aill he er* aa.y oaya paat, if ha doa aatuke air.." I , ‘Florence de MoatreiiR had heen^e uale, the Ml!.“eVinuñeít. thí h" • , 5^''-^íd'íe^tL'Uere‘wu^a^rtG    *“roogh    “Íbrí iCotUga'to laflataaa lu- either for good or eril. - gl.d niure with the world, miald look wiU a    *"'    •“'*    “*    »«<»“Pl‘»hiBeat    of    hrr    «nt    her    oil to achool about Ue tima 1 left (or A bright, baantiful moroiug waa perfuma Udcn Juut, and Woodbiae LlotUga'«o laiiaaaaa lu- eiiaer tor gow or eru. - gl.d mure with the world, miald look wiU a ;7" J    —r—- -r. «at her oil to achool aboutUe tima 1 left (or looked acre than ettr ai thoagh it ware the | Thare wu aomathias •lagalarly fwinatiag iteadiar aya beneath the imooth, poliihed tor.    ..ii    .    »    i~.w    enlege.    She    remained    there Urac yeart, and magical offapring of toma fairy a wand, ao , about bar. Br hirU, an luliin of no mean tod aee the darkaeea of the tnrbid watera -.ii    <!>=«    retnmed    to    find    her father a drnoken aot, awetüy did lliewrc.lhi.K Tinea and fragrant I rank, .he had fled with her brother and father „ I eoBiinererTitw them. 1 • ■    ‘    I'"""    ..    .. roaca cluater oier it, ao loTingly did It naatle from her ehildhood’a aunuy home on aocuunt learned the hollowneaa of earth down ■atnhle.'- ! L"/V‘ ff!/T.'iiforaVi goae, and her hrotheri g rne to un'd¿r the’iwiymg hnich» of thoie lot SuU trouyea, and had'apnght in Amerie. e.tjrhad'it bMÚlormeil.'with'aihild a ig-' J®®    ‘    h«7    il^n thei^. macnificeot old elmi which dotted tho erne-1 an a»ylorn. The fathrr died, leavioft bat ht> corance, iti lovmg,ooafideat triut in iU pro-<    ^    Ue    order    ot    tier mother died very eoon, and her lather, raldUan.    |    lie property ; and the brother and iiitrr were teetor., had b^n miie aUo,    ¿1    hat lar no cheek, put an end tohii muenble How lowly the water iiiiea bent over the I alone.    'The    whole    fuhionable world wm aitir, for    J®    ^    cniterce,    by    delinciú    irimeDi.    kaie’ifarif •treamwhichaweptirondly or at the bottom , 'When Florence firit entered our achool, ^ tjn wu in proepect. I feared that    roVknowl^«    wa»    tree    from    care,    ibe    wt» A MM.I “4: Iona and auioualy, but aliU thou cam at not w^in Bii hiat tkcn 'roK • draad aad name A Mifi Whait I knew aot wbat—1 could act, dart not ^lok; a the tarlnl knowladga did my aeiht. trro-Lim. aanakl Wp ■ I waited, feanncly. -ilh nuiTciiaa i<a and Ba>My^°T~a BKiuratol cnr-borat go Ihteiea- - wMtmn^knew Irom wheac. it erne, Iroat wbota o'w-aurtbcnrj breiat; MnW u>, a.Jc. 'twia tbea I toed, with Ifabie letr IB.rtaaca 1 la fMafht; warned to mmc aot near-m luu they bade me ■(«); I haaidweaicd tor what they taid, orwhatlbey with aa to tty vi*B ajec that rhamber-noae my hurryint lómatela AaAW^rt won that chaDibee-lloeir. I uw thee, pale Alt<B»diM round thee, bow woe thcte who ttid that wethnuld part: fhlMy vat pictuttd m cuch laea, and tear wu in each haul, fMMfl they kn>w how thou hadit diad-aad. thoagh _ . ■ the deed th'oe owa. UkvMt 'ivu by Ihnr cruel leU thy ipirit Ihia hml llovo' 1 mmt nyoa ihy maetile up. thy cold and poliahed mi.,? cliacd eyee, the Weteea o'er thy gcatic boeom'i aaiiv, Aaita ■ylraoif there I wept, end knelt down by thj AaAanedeloiK l-nor life nor death ikall pan mafioai my bnde! AMt>aT,«. "ConJd aot .Taia.” amd the hold .“'III*    *1^    ll Harriaon (.rey, a. with aUll mor.ei: «77 ‘“fa =’hedPktd ttonV hu tone U not that atrong anchor diepW bed-    *“    ** ded in maniinett and rirtne that will hold roomy and eapaciooi, ¡uatebing well errr taket kim, or the rode ware ot temptation reek him to and fro. Mary moat be warned, and Charlea muat be lared, if potaibla." THE F.RTIAO. IT MU. s. KUJ youaii. "Wa paitad in Aiietme—«ur rhaeki were Wat Wiia tbcieert the were I lat can.rolliBg .'* YYhan the meiaiug tan wu ahiaiag Uear ralley. hillud pbun, ijid the ■trrr -kawteu reapert Wnngbt omid tka aeMen grain— (lu vee Ibera, witb rmca oI giednrii, ikng ng aa the vent and came. Yen ruuamborkw diatianly— kare 1 need auc tall har uame. Vhiw tka ana grew high m Heareu. and the toilcre mint and aatk, (ou remember, dunt you, hetbcr. gouMC wraT|i, loii-woni mprn. TkcB ibe brunght lha dmngb wheat gr plucking hcirica. Yikile the giatciui cup they uualied. .ad Ike aummcr waning feet, hen then came an huur ot aonow. bukiuina ab the plaaeant laat ken the mortung eun wee eoiniag peer meadow, brook ud drll. lile onr beeru were wildl» tkrobbmg. Birr, we Mid that led t'aiTwcil I pda together griaped la aagnieh-Bttrr lean were ca each check, hue our bpa in veiu were euoioa , beae beeR-break ng worda to apeak. rmleaek boeom— kIBa acouad eun neck were tbrawa B we teit that hour ot partjig Bfc) tka aaddeal wa had kn.iwn, ABb thU harveal Bora, aaother Man tit uma hata cuioa ud gune. Air a merry group here gaikarru b tbe field end ehaded lawa. Mliw III elM uf nulleat hate!— ■IMieia bright ike bunuebed goU, vKft 'onr talher i ‘ bnart wiib mngiue, Miu brighter oeyeof out. iMIeee Ucm.Ohl howpiniali, Kttcr letha erca ng mred; AMltaucy lookaot etirrow Ü’« Uic.' hapay faoaa .uM Ihn tn Ibiaking ul Ike ebKut. ’ TIrt • year agu were theie; AaktkWreyea wiin tearaanllUlug kalkey eeatka “tKaBlcbeir." 11 knew I'm not lorgotten, kougt I’re wudered tar iwai; in emnt. deany lorad uaea, J am with you erery day. IMke aariimt honra at uormag, ^<1 tha lalaal bouraof aigkt. AX your pore elfection chrera ma lÁtaa hearanly ban bnaht. Fioai lit ükn Star. THI REST PLEA FOR THE HAlKF LAW. n Hit. I. L. Boarwick. laU oaa areniDg. u I hid mt la the fire ebiae oa tía Ihnr, •u a 1 uick aiy faacy hucd ma. At tt nerer played bnort; For I thoueht me et Cuiumbue. kUadiaa by tb« Heuae «I Sute, Where a boat in aouaUeat aumlieri Saainad lot audwaca U well. Woamm—cbl drta—uJ Bj otnai‘ Nat a Iein<r nor n eon. No* • nutbtnd a> r a brother Womaa—ehiidrea—erery aue,— their radiint wingt the dew.dro], (loweri, and lotred away up wit own gloriona annlight. •How yery beantifnl!’ mnrmnred Mra. Stauhopa, u parting the tmgrnnt eurtnin ahe tUpptd out cpoc the portico. 'Lightean yenrt ago to-day! ft tcareely letmt ai many weekt, and yet bow much of lorrow and and-neii hna Time in kii rapid (ligblt left to n e, amen, iritb n apirit hcoyant nod gladtoma u my own iweet Lillie’i, t plighted tbe marriage Towi to Brneat .Stanhope. God grant that tbe coming ycnri cut no tacb fearfal tba-dowi orar her young heart u hai bean flang orermiue.* There wu t tooehing moumfnlnui u the Toice which utUrcd tbeaa worda, and the long lilken pale cheek . lout wu I to aiuna tor mu wcico, to one oi; ,e, j    wore,    wnicn    wonia nut lit ner lor tne charmofthebualiak. Inringmeontothede-,e„,ti.ea,pirit. wokid, 1 knew, bekeen- 7iV-‘hoT thTn^i77»iA ¿    place .he tipocU to ocenpy. And uityon, atrnction which I had commenced.    ,    i,    f,it.    i «d eon nr.    mother, that-onld ndyil. me to deaert her 'Shewubuatiful.radiantly beantifn . To!    Mary,*    Fiorenee    tomeoB.lí"J”*?^"'V'!-*;fí/r7    ii; k figureof the moat elegant and graceful pro- morniog after my hnthand had left the honte portion., wu unitrd tnch a face u I had of- ' ¡t ,jn necuary for ni to decide npoo onr ten read and dreamed ot, hnt nerer before bad roatuk'C to day, if we at all contémplate gra- ' ■    i,i7    ”    ii,..'.    .    .    i—‘    “i    «larriaon,    a    aomenow    non i i: teao. Theontline wu elauically perfect — ciog Mra fnifford’i ball with onr preaenee.'' |    j    i7-J    Í    .    a'    ?    yourroarryiag    a    kitchen    girl." Theeompluion wu of the elurut hruneUe.    .nrely^.Flo^nc,’    rapUd    1..    rtufh'k.Tw'77? tti“.    tk;‘‘,‘C;V7k*;.d    “Ííh7ra'.    .iSLS Im rery likely to end where it began, ^o^d. "that thi. abaminaa    '    ■ "A maa’i wealth; ’ layt aemwhoily, *'de-MDdi more oa kia wife than on himaell.“ Goldtr. wordi. that ought to be inaermil in the Bnttharlu Freatokwu lorgW Yoo-g Í::'    honor    and Grey ', hand wu upon \Sonir. W.|long‘ayS , *    , obey-'were left out, eapeeielly the Ikttey.- hei.-knot), and it't energcticdiag, ding, ding,    TheoM eeteraii u we a^i • u.inr. k>A n.r    ^here I Mr. A for tiasple. Ue Ú a Ber- forthwith nntwered by tke neat aitchen girl »• he old yeteraa, u we uui kwiora, ku par chant in good butiueia, ncUye u n ateel trap, ho pot all other thing, oat of hi. bend, nnd ‘‘,T.lL‘5i.S7í.l77eí"\lT.Í:,t‘h; '    tf "hVíiyu mold u ;:icTpTt.‘?i-.*w7indr[K;wiif".r    >•    •- tamed hit philoaopby for tu time being. throngh which the rich warm hlood mantled {¡nt cooinit Kraut u to the probnhility of uwu •>«..    .,    .    ..    .u.—.-    and glowfid like the hou of aunaet on the eee- onr attendance.’ nnne TowrtTBrnüt    Stúliope.~"G7d'g”rañt    “‘Oi.'h'**-    .    .    .....    ,    'She replied with the moat proroking eool- that lha coming year,    cut no .Mhfeirfnf aha-    _‘The «Jf'-hwt * cnanu dewnhe them.-I    n«., whil. an eipruaion atrongly like con- Aow. oeer her ybnng    hurt u hu hu3 llnng    Jhey were not black, but of a rtari. lof.,    ucpt jnrled her beauliful lip- brown, and yet when cicited they glowed and    ;    ‘■Certainly; i hid entirely forgotten the t_____J    'rM..aem    wBmmMM«B«kynrw    .    -'    .    _1-.«_    _T    n ___ burned like two conli. There wai lomcthing «ii, .Ymericin eaatom which réndcñ it neeu-    Unt nnd indiipcutnble than all the othart,‘and n ULL.ICU    -u.u.    .UM    .MV    ,    teiTible to me in their fiery gluming, when jo, the hnthand to bo in attendance l *, ..J?    .ii    ®P®“    “O"    o*    '*>*    happineu.huith    com- r lihei droiiid wurUy wer thí I “i« oyermutered her.    I    wbireyer hia wife ia. Pardon me. but yon are |    J*"    Z    .    i¡‘If ‘'‘kH •! 7ihi *“•* Pf»*?*"»!    •    hon.ahold    depend., u if the ffne.yeined lida they I ‘««f mind wu briUiant « the ccaaeU , nieat aonaiderate and aabmittiye. Of courat, i ¡ l,... ghttoyou. M h ,r« i filher diarepntatile. aeemt to me the height of incou- IrTngad atriye to hide .one furfnl viaion. !    ,•    til    I    *'■    K>    ‘ttend,    I    ,<'£‘4    j,.    i... a......a.    u.h„.a    Half    tha    married    woman    ia    the •1 will g™ onL’ ahe mnrmnred. ‘it i. wrong r«»«? “■“*««('    "*'«    I"'*»'?    »«i«>Mce    tnd    remain at * •    .     *    I-    --Ten    reyelled amid ita glowiag acenei. ana when i goQ,. m.lj .lone.' to griuye thni whan all around ia to yery beantifnl.’    . ,    .    .    , Ai the atepped ont upon tbe Uwu ihc beard a rich iweet yoica bruthingforth a wild gnih of melody, luek malcdy ai eao come only from the pure and loying heart. Where the water liliu nnd the roau grew eloaeat dovn by the water', edge wu a tittle arbor, a awcct apot, and thither ahe directed her itepa. .Aa the entered, the golden annlight wu bttbing two yonng browa, aad ahepanied. lut perchance ihe ihould diatnrb tke two.who were guing intently at a ikcteh of the cottage which }l lerry Lulie had taken from hii portfollvi but Llllia in .quick, gUd voice ei-claiBed, 'Mother, dur,’ and the three were auted together; the fiir girl Uaecd Her bud npou her mother', boacm, aad a ligh eaupd her; for in a few mor. honra, and the little araor. •he tpoke to ui of that luunj land of paintep, | -i (¿4 j poiiuied one particle of true inde poet, and leiilptora, wheo the Ulked of ita pendence of cburafter, the taunting wordi | myrtle boweri, ita glorioui lUrlighta, ‘the uriy flower aeenta.’ and of all that makei that land 10 fall of romance and aoug. ler wordi (lowed forth with a ttrange beauty that | off. itartcd me. ‘She hs'l reached that perfection of art which ia to appuwrtimnlc, truthful and loving, and Lillie, there ia a mag.c lu that trio. But what a Ipirit made ita ahriue within that burti Within all wu deeait, and bitter en-yyinga with all iU atUudant train ot cvili, withered and deaolaied what God hail made pure and beautiful.    with    my    pUni She wu By bridriwiwyii, aad afur we had y «.a du.i would nothave awayed my i urpoae ia the     ..    •’    ‘“v Itul; but 1 felt like a perton under the infla-I ..\Vher« i. Will .nA    tvk,    mnik.,- Hbaialwiyi eoce'of ..pell, whicrhe i. too indolent^    «in    ¿'.5'    •"!•»' a    1    ..    .1 T1 -1 S •kWhCUVI, AA«li %UQ UlBrilCfl MUUlVll lU iUI 1!^    ÍÍ    C    **"■    ,tabliahment. and often work more houra, and '•’* nd w'hereTi M. r““    *y    a    iu “*'7 ‘    .    I    la»d, and for far leu wagei, too. than whet went over to aee Uagrie W eitoo.—1 they were kitchen girla on their own hook. U- 11 . J I. , „    ■    ,L    H baialwayi been a wonder to me that wo men will 10 opprcii their own lei. A man Ikn:;‘,7.ri;n7.rkro’wledg7li““/«;^^^^^^    O*™-    »    m.,workVta7;\‘h;‘pl«.t^iú(,e.“hi. a. fhn. far had been faulty, aid |    •«rk    i.    done,    he    |.uU    on    hi.    ari.iocr.tic    coat, eet with that cold urcum wnich •,£ “‘,7Vaíí. tl.» ftentleman. the tnat my conria that 1 mntt meet i shrank from u from the tongne of a lerpent, if 1 thwarted her wuhu. Simple, fooliah child wu 1, in pride and winfnlueat. to talk with von. W here ... ,on lut night ;7rld iVlTrae reiogii^H him7. beiUTe you acre lever out to Ute edncetion. tilent, beauty, tcrwrc, nor ¡Eoodneii 11    ,,    L- cannot wa»h the brand from the brow of tbe ■And «) it vu determined, at'ength that'    “““    himaelf    upon    hi.    girl." I he Ult con«:iu*ns o"t int«grii,'or|*rp5.i. and thi.e ihin*. traly. We i, . .-ut A«r I  L. ----“    "----Dener In the eveaiTht It the fuhlonable and become (airly .eltled in onr winter home, we took rendered it lea, u.'y ‘or me to retrace m; I rÍ;r7inV“theTyu7oaT.\uw7r.7n^rí^’nr^^^^ acnt (or herte na. never for once dream-    „    i,B¡t,h.    like    one in a frail akiff' 7'7ÍÍ* r„d'!“ “0 atVaui^WdlSMbM Í’ “Gaud Charle. I’ri ing that ihia had been the object and end of jpon thet liming watera of-N’iagara, f atrove I    /•    P    S    8    .    .    ¿..rMary    limply    beci there like a gem. ‘LilCe and Harry, my children,’ at length uid tbe mother, ‘it la lonr bridal day, and not one ahadaw would 1 cut over the innlight of yoar happiaei: tiua Cioraing; hot liaten to me. A wide (atare ia atratchiog oat before yoQ; together will yon trud it. fiod keep yoar fouUUpi, for it ii a deyioui way, and need havb too of gentleneu and love, fur the wav ia full ol thorni. •Bnt liaten to me, ted yon iku!< hur what never yet hu puied my lipi—the niatory of my married life.’ CIoiu' nettled Lillie to her uotaei a tide, and umeatiy did ahe gue ap into the deptha of thoac loviog ay .A whicn were looking down lato hen with nntold Uadcrncu. ‘Kigbtua yun ago to-day a eompaay gathered tu witnui our nnptiala. It wu ou inch adayuthii. The bird, ur'led joat ujoy-onily, the old elm treu itretched their armi jait u loviagly oyer the little cottage, the lawn wu uf u luft a green end the akiei over onr budi of u deep a bine u they now are on tbii toy bridal day; and think it not itraage. my children, if tu my glad ipirit Karth with b>r aortiBilof flower' aadorchutri of iwect-liaging htrda never teemed one-balf ao betn-tiful before. ‘Lillie, yoa have often uta the porteit of yoor lether which hen 1 it. my room; bnt irtiit had not the power to throw npoa cbdtu the gloriona bunty ot that lace when the wnl ibone ont, the baraiag light ot thoae radiant eyei, aofteiing whan he gued upon me with 'reatan waa to deacrt our , beuuie 1 chote to ma-ry tbe ‘1 an.peeteJ ai mnch.’’ laid Mra. Grei.    my hein. and Mary wu made to «nf- lieeming to breathe more euiiy; "and it w'u f«r. u we both know .he would, yoar love, to Ulk wiU you upon that inhiect that 1 leut “Y'ove. for the infferer would opeo our eye. uryon, whUe all tke rut were abaent to come ‘S    »“<* .0 me. There wu a time when nothing »tint the b.ienea. of the action. If Kate and , weald hara giren me more plcunre than to ‘'“1'* *    "f-"* '1®*' >n Jio.nt of wealth lit y into my huabaud a ear. 1 told ,t breakfast the day preceding the ball, Her of our eoUoMtp wd wKo » «raoge in-    ^    mter    in    tratb.witb    j BJvekaoirn tbit tou weir Vi*inn.;7ite Bot J poiilion, now. mo'tbcr, wh'icF woald yon I ahudder u Ithrak of the fiend, like m.lig- '■‘V^5r.:«a‘;tTrd‘l7ra‘^gr:ye. full ,    olty\7te7í7if“'‘h‘“.¿';^;    '^'^r.^.r/i’rnfgí'm-eTJp;..--p the favor- D|^u tier, replied    ,    . .    to me Uat abe is inn u pire tnd gijod, ts ite.tnd wed tbe wealth aad poiitiuo ; making HaTiog hrard of bo arrtnjcemonU beio^ .    aid    indailrioue    at the CTcrwM.*' the bride odIt a kind of appeodaie to the ¡uprogre..relitiye totheball.»ndno»hiyinri -I'o b* lore .he is. But then ron know re.t' ’    ^ keen coninlted in the leut relating it, 1 „. .,ibjng „ ,0 changed, her lather »u 10 “I know it aeen.t wrong la theory ; bat yet snppoae Mra. Stanhope d.u not intend to be p{|_ ,^4 , member of Congrtu, nod we it don seem to me yon bed better give up added u BWB nraP BA kirah nia au dku .a..w)/4 bw rvAtar kalB ** my honor be-opioion.— uity of her dark eonuaelt. How the strove to taint my spirit with tbe same drops uf deceit jandpniic which exuded from her owa Heart. ‘She seger poured the oil of peace npon the troubled nature of itrtte, aeyer did she seek tu adjust one iarrin. atriug in the spir.t harp and lutnv a time wLun f drooped lor the old hut u i d« Baither, it la very delicieut to b; palate. "Yon may d-ink it iur all mt " atid the prwid hewoty, with a toM ol her head—eyi. deaily ptwoed M tha young bub atehnety — ‘ 1 hara ww afU^Ay wnkrtkaw wao Bake capital oat ft their weaknMari. A man that hu not rwaulatioB aad character eaougk to uac •«•BT AHB CHDTCHI8 , OX I have beta tow late, for they did*'I atop WIeed- How Ii« lamy g*t Wouaded tt WaUiloo “11 1 got into the duc^ a haada. 1 ou ,    _ then aeat OB to Brnaaela, hot there waa no or lia    ouaoald    veUraa    of    tb*    Fe    fommodationi there for na: every place Wt er ^larl .ocige-^icipaud U all th    '“11.    end the wooa^ were lying lu hat lot ni wRich « elfcgton Wow gt-ry, cad “•    aad    even KV>heatmiB u aome ■aoT of tkeelher portfcipuito. eftker death or the wood tiia^a Oltkia .■ rid    .    ..    •    F“‘f « eritehu lor life. I«t ua deaenhe    *    rcB»i»ed >a the boapital lill ue (000 touga 01 tha world withoat aboaiag    thread of S-ptember, when f wta ae*t tu 7l“.“ “    He    0    u    ippareotli    —    ut    aiity    yea's    of    ace    B“.Un d. and aoaae lime altar claimed ny die- tempt yon to uste ; thie u dclicioaa _____ (nl. (oBt. Mr. Grey, yon inreJy will not re-fuao a lady." I u ippareutlj ut sixty 4 worn wrl], iwd altkoa, I laeliaed to paaaeh, wu aetire' aad jar at 1 “ appareuiiy Ul aixty yea's ol age “«wmiut. anu mam. lime waw 'bat had worn w,ll, »d altkoagh somewt.' «barge aad ewe home here. ' Yob was tbra still a young man,’ taid I , Bill. Aitaoucatairir vcwra mut have well ‘*hy did yon leire the terrice before yon waa . «Ttei'u.'dSl’; S'.r.M.iTru’íiyr:;:    sa'i    '..ra.U’íiS t\^U, wkick he euild »“t evjd« Ac    karriwg    the    drapery,    if    7»ptoe    7    left    the    C!)th.    (or    my    only    h.othar diad whilst aud the Wd wd atroné    ^    ^    old'tesldier i. iai left tbe Oth, for my only hiothtr diad whiiil I wu io the kospiul at Antwerp, and I re-tnraed to take care of mother and tke ftrm,till Yroo U« nuladatiÉu Ladger A WOXDTO WITX8. the twarB ol artificial fiiea that adorned hi. long-napped haver, he wonid certainly rathe, hare ’Men taken by 1 stranger (or a c»m(urtt *liv, Vbf¿    a A a‘    i“    5>;ny    of the hard things eat of hit had, and of the Paini'iiUr campaign I iriuaiiB. aeiag?    ‘     '    a,u».-u.-«> It is not otun that one meta to tine a aae- ° bu eomradu, hu rceoBpente wu seve: e ipcnda moaey iuter than tea hiakanda coaid 7.7o( w7mnh^d »tL7e B¡/^^    ««^«    i/^ake it. I." the opera in town? Mr.. A. “J®?*    • . a "    ' most £0 e»err nifbt- h JenoT Liod liogiafr WhT. yoo see sir,* uii HtrriT    ¿t seTen doll«;i t licketT Mrs. A. most ‘“1!! i «®«rf-»“ít‘M lor the same offeace-Llov. grey, sod hAit buU eyes, tbat >00 Uottcht I *■ ,7d\Trarw^"A7.e\Ta;7t\" rhad* ,r.r:7ri‘.erat7.’rhi&    '"-‘t:    -ri*: i-k—--.n... o.ii Ol. . I.. H ®‘ *• were lergeaati, aao been broxe bj tt. t^io, ^ bantiful. Docs ahe see new turai- tare going in orer the way. when a newly married conpie are ahont to liraT Mra. .A givu her basbaad no peace till he bnyi new Inraitnre fo- her alto, sac iaaiwaya talking of that "love of a tofa" if he dou not, and groaning ovar the the ahabby carpet, which, u she styi, ‘‘she's uhamad to hare teen;’’ in I short, the worries ont either the poor maa'a life or Bit patiace, and she don’t teem to earo ^ 1    WMiinsand I were .worn friends. He wouid l„d /u    JLi J «.MU    hue nil any n.k V> serve me. for w. bad liv-d and yet no    one eoalJ exactly    tell why    together lUe hrothera, and it wu not a litt.e M* 1'71" , 7 V “ 7“    "'il    ‘b»'    “Y    ‘^“8 to he p ould, ed him U the parlor and aeaiad heraelf h|„    ^.,,4,5 ^ ^    ,/ ; ¡.^, J 1 i ^^1    ‘ '    1    akirmiaheri    retrated, f ria to Joe to n e hnchen.^irllongi^o ,n lheeye.of the W    got    it.    aad    help    him    in    if    1 looghby a.^aad taongh they paid her per con- ,„„,4 _ „ ,    again.t    my knee. to. k    ! m„7h wTmh.’ ofl hit bt.a, ,ind opcocn hit coat. ‘I'm hu ¡    ^ hard, J;m.’ sxya he; ’I’ll nerer lee to mo.-. h.racH' «ñd tract two dolían a wwk, thev never dreamed that ahe wu not one »f them, and abe never    „ “7    ®7.    ®'    row.’ Bat I tried to enson ' him on hu feet, aithoagh 1 rage him, and gi t felt myaeil that it 1 ujuiioi ntr. wate «u naeleu, and that he bad not ven loig to hen the Pahodj 1. the j    only    a    lew    drops    ol    blood    had’    InckUd I, Sri’.. ISCta •! tilt' 'I’frt 1 fiiiin tk* littlw. kin* kgal» in kiw Imff kwcma* i.. .4 her place, and being stncl np becante they made a ecmfauiun and equal 01 her. Kate «at one of us.’ except wheo “>« littl. blue hole in his left hreut a: d h7r A iT^i *’ I    "‘‘I    *“*    *F®be    at if he wusnffucating. I had aecn her duty wUB su sir of Qbi-ooKioui&ess ti    .... tbcir prestAce, oqIj oibiUíl2 io put ücr»t.ü io .. f..i( r». .»• tarfr V;k7e:.“Li"prl”mut pra*',be7    bet'i“himriiri7g Mm’drini'firm to offer    *...... • :ir wMDfM MO pnae mum prompt inem .    \    - a , ‘■“‘ 'Gte, when 1 saw three ireneU  ---------- M    •l'®"i”8 «ros. the field to wh re 1 wa, sip- if »rd^..rn.ili d parting Joe, ‘Them three chaps look a' if ly. and «a. pained 1    ^    , , that she cared one itiaw fur tneir attention or nrgl'Ct, bnt she conld aee p Willongnhy wu made nncaay, by tneir want of good breeding, ami ao the most always hare new hoaaeta for hcrteil and danghtcrs befara anybody else, and will pay three nribtt to have the pick ot tae Pant (uhioii Ue day prior to ihe'-oiea-inz.’' Bn. loed to h« coBtent with Bnuian salle for her fnrs, bnt lattuly ahe itcbu for tbe ermine, and *e inppoaewill get it next _ I    to    leave the qniet, retí,*¿7.7. r.í" ‘l*d*li“t ■    ‘    I    ‘P«'-»bii    ureet    where they have lived »> long, fea for any of tke«« u 1 did for J «, to 1 move into the Weat End, aiuong waatahe call, the very "tip top of fuhiun.’’ She hxi elweya Bade kerhatMed come‘‘dawn htafl-tomtly’’ ia tke tnmmer, *itk a trip to Sarv toga or .Niagara, at a moath at Cape Uav, hat at bniinut hu been uuntually flourithiag thia year, the cootemplatu w«iething oa a atill grander seal, tor the eoBiug teuon- ■uu lu.u; • iiui.    -p—    —.    —- p.    iii,    IqIi    of    fi,j old foad- ; .    n.,.,. TídrrTa'ÍX híirí’ g^onrta G5r7c7 “d “‘‘nI "i anow al?th.t, mother Bat when 1 eu cau.e yon can't qnitc brave public npinion.-ud and wurv he.rud 1 - : "•    '»•    I    V    hov    T03    nre other th.b?. buidu Oh. mlther, altei all vour teuhing., to advi.e Spnd.^"wu wul n^h gone, and 1 longed to |    „    |    J“¡í7“¿!‘hí7v7n*Í.£y    X    i°    ‘ weep upon hia hoaom Did .ha aay to me | ¡n,taut that 1 wenldarquieace in what I could I    iíd    “'    nlly-evmeiug    a    o.l •Go aud seek hia leve agaiu--be not to proud ¡ j.,4,1^ percene were bit withet; bnt I caught , 1 ..j .d ?’ Did .he brnth geutlv the .     11......n.i "Give np inv htppincu tnd my ,ute yen can't quite brave public and iclf-wdled V Pul .he brnah geHlY the ¡ ,    ,„d    that    decided my eanh atsina and delilemenU from the    ucatiny. U, how mtiy a look 1 motion, pu- piniooi of the Uku. b:ru, and kinuiv bid it ^    rapiditv    of the lightning'i    (lash, fold its weary wtngi in the u. nl tbal lave ,    ,ud    bnras, ’cveu like it. thu aweeUat whúh yurncd w recaive it I .10, oh no.— ^opea, the fairest, hoiieat joya. She iMde ma mtjniain u 1 bud loogdone my    cosclciiu*    míit    vraar .1 iadependence of sptrht, Ulling uie tbst i    ~    ^ yielding ones would foraver maxe me « vaaaal [    EvtNitto.—One of the and a llave to a husband twill    ,,    1    grouest utglectsoi yoelh, producing inctlcii- ‘She did not tell me what 1 Uve often told    j,    ipending    of yon. Lillie, that womau ihould nut seek to be ^    eveninga. UarkncM ii temntalion (0 mii- the lovereiga wl Uadomcitie circle,-laat at ■    . the altar • foot the rcsigui her lupremacy ; and 1 did not learn bv eaperience what blessed thing, obedience and iubmiuion are, when love wieidt the iceptre. 1 did not lurn un- conduct; anffering the yoeng to be oat «'ben the light ol day docs not leatrain them from miaeoodnet, la trainieg them to it. We have already an abnndant harvest of thia iceding. Biota, mobs, crimes, giving fearfal torebn. dings, are tha rcaait of youth joeoming (it nnearod for in Bi láding ncedlea. Yon taught me'that pride ni< to such a .tcp. Well, it's the *ay ol the .1 ...itk .n4 pi.,, nlly—evincing a wo;Id." that hunut poverty wri reapecia- The door-bell rung tnd the cacveriaiion earueat nseful luduatry ever hunoia- *u interrupted. t)lc, aad 1 have Fotforgottenthosctcsehmgs.’’ Couipauy wu annonnccd, and Harrison "1 do not wiihto take bacx any cf laote ali'ped out upon the atrcel to qniet hu perturb-teachinga, or to have you furget them; but ed ipirit in the moonlight, etdl 1 can’t feel reconmlcd Tu your visiting "Ih, „( the world 1" he muttered u Kite. She deea not move in the ume circle I h, p^aed to and fr; before the elegant man-with na now; our msUmm 11 eatirely changed. ,¡00 that now nis homo. *    ''’H*r You know that Mary ii likely to make aa maxes it a fco«'t that he was once a pior man, lUitnee with Ch»rl« PreBtoj. uc mu«i ui- , aüü hai worked himself bb from poeertT to culed and fa.bionable young man in our city; ' w,»ltU, by his own energy tnd prudeuea. 'Yes. ano 1 feel aura il you peraist la vuitiug Mra. he makes it bis bout, bat after all ' think it's W liloughby a hired girl, that hii aristocratic . more luck or good fortune, or per-ap: we may relotiTBC will uociiAB intercourse with us;    Qtieitinpltd    (rrovth    of    this    great 10 yon tee thu your lUion in this uatter will country ihau any thing else, that hu given np ipaelthewholeol as.    onr position. Little dreimbd be when he ‘•II 1 thongM Charlea Preiton waa mad. of when he bought hia farm here, that twenty such poor ttmjj u to desert the girl of his yeeri woold loereAse its tbIub ono haiidred heart, becan.* Mr brother aurried the girl of |ol4. Then he looked op to farmer Boyd u a etlni aelf-iacrificing, lelf-reipectiug young ' .^“”“‘4’„^7'?’,^7ood hV*ate^nt**aVf"l i'®“*"* **    *    “"““Gy ÍÍ^.7:'»‘L7\7»“V,7''A®A‘?f^'.‘“.‘“7.ho.lda'tI.keyoB    i^he    mldt    a'hs“íá    ra.l'ut?te.7wT,X ago : aod the party ibe gave thia put winter. • ben ('bant bwindlekhoffy wu acre, ia uid it't aave eoat a “ eul thuuand.” With «1I these advautagta, 11 «onld 1 c a mtraela even ai for*y. Bnt what she shiau on seems alow poiaoa to her hnaband. It may be fan U' La,. u ihe frogs laid in tke (able when the hqya Ware pwltiDg them, hat it is death U him. lie II already u thin u Ua ghoat in tíaialct, and I I,-., k. — t 1. I. -    '    He    https    on, or rather if hiawiU dora, ha ' *ilt he » «««ond Calvin Edaon. hen there’! Mr. B., tke metkinic. U» not make t tenth of the laoney Mr. A. but if he only had a proper wiii, Ku haw of . hot uiuoey alwayi maku ntr fiagcra iteh util It gone, jot', the itmt way. Iheic . no tad «hat lae tpeodiiu giving tea-partiea, ‘‘that Sfi *1.’*^;.    ““    [««I 0>»<1Y ÍWYOB.’ -They are coming toiítch d dih' ever for a momeot give aaoetioa to the i„‘. ,„/i    j,_    •    *,. V, idea that jiUying upon the puno «as mure ooj ' And that wu the lut «o'd repuUblettan playing npon tbe cooklLgitove n, ,,¡4 ñaorfellow I felt «a if I !a iT K.7."‘i'l*U“"A“fb ‘f'*    “    en7    ..."d1«lu7omÍÜ 1“‘Íim7 Ktto. JiODg Ulked the iorert. and thr bitts*    h s LbimI and    «nr**-" MBhinr) t»*» J    **«‘g (nl future was hong by bona of promise, gor-    j,    tn-iuv    eloae*"hv tk, k tkl* gecu. and bright Yonng Harrwa had luit    T    “‘.-‘“Y    «‘«“e »» thinkm* they    might retnrntdir.m college aud euterei Hu iítte :    '’’'fr.V'íT®    He    »    lind    of with hi. father. Both .er, to. yonng to ■ ,7^4 marry ; bnt they could lalx matter, over, re- f    I    wíT    hnu    u    aT    i    k n ’ uewiin lovM of childhood and str.LgUen " "-b, “ 7 in mv    ke„    . I t*.^*'' the intereat that waa to bind them tbrosgh ,.74iattk7Bi7¿ebT.í7tkín k    ^*1    ‘ life.and Harri^jn did not leave till ittchln I urraJk    -    fk.? ihilf the loveri were thui engaged, Mr. .uín    .k. t^. nli!    .i-    '    money    always    maku    ntr    lingera    iteh    natiJ from thit fuhionable party While the loVeri were thui engaged, 5 Grey, who hcl rot home from hit Railroad .Weetiag, aud fail lady wu aitting no Uur than ‘Well, yon lec, the lint chap wu «;thiii five ytrdkoi «e. when 1 tovereo him si'r anr «mi and kaagard with atUTaBon. ThiMc-d tka -UM Haut- a aagu Door; Aad I d-wtwd turb denuUt.oa Niver WTiiu Uicn bclor.. Tbe« WW» bUie. m bwintx teadu-Mtiaua. b.whiW la tbaar boon— Nnrwar lunLera. «.a om tiaadav Matrat, beaAiai lowatd U. lamb. iMt ihvr tntered--M«et .aaak b(, a;4 1 a ,.jied.-how o.«Gl ‘Twu lb« Ua ne Law ik.y wan aaakiaa la tba-f bk-etl» and »■* new one tpdu—-' tyb. lateral kearkta ’ Nat IB aagar lum,a«ar. nar liau-i «Vlj "lilt lha tempter Cama. tad lutta lhaia To Ua hauala ol avil aita-rittaad U# win. AI, aad aaaaiad Ucw eiaatiag, wu beyond hit art ‘Earth bald not a hippiM- apirit than mini, u with all the pauionate loailneai of hit na-tare he cliipad me to hit aobla heart and mnr-mared, 'my own Mary—aever moie are wc tbii com-UUItitkdci evinced a wum regard    themtcivM miserable and noxiona to (or me. tad had even brenüud of love under    j, tke loft itarligLt of the iummer heueai. I    .hoold tcok itthe truth, thit plcunret wuicarealy more than a child tbea, and 1 roerealioai are often dearly pnrchti’d lituaed tohu pasiiímate word, with breath- _th. price ol their own impaired eomfort, .........;    _    replied    the    young    man. excitedly, "1 .uperior.and «udelighted when hu hoy play- tneie^reipicli, k„|^4 b, »iUing to try hu mettle, tnd lavc ,4 hide and aeek in the tnmmer mcoalight my aiatar froB inch an naenviable tlliauoe. with .i < Congruimin i danghtcr. And mo-Bette; fcrtik tha wheel to atcma before it it, ,her. too. how mneh iwini ih;took. liah! tad p.iced nnder tbe car, than to lUk .baaarenglk DOW, ^ga» aiiilort-,ne hath fallen upon the aud endanger a acore ot livu. So it «ill be honicbold, and Kate, tke gentle Kale, alroog lelitr to hreak into frtgaeaU thia mnch de- , in the parity of her o«a uelnre, u duiug the ircd family allieaee, then to let it be con- very tbinga that fetber and mother have all eiimmBt^á. EBd tku* mftke ikiDivrrPk uf thi «kuTB ü#b Iao.. d.nuE»    An.)    am. jptred me. ‘Harlag Nrly bean intruited to tbe «are ol tarvaaU, 1 hod herome lelf-willed. proad tad iapatieat of the leut reetraiat The holy leitoB of talf.denial 1 had aever learned I knew not what id waa to yield my own wiibn to aaother'a, tvca though that other were dear u life itaell to me. ‘i loved Kraut with all the ardor of my datare andU warmly wu that love retnrned.— Perhtpi welogej too fondly. It wuan ideal whiek both worahipped; we looked not esimly hehiod the viil. end uw not the lighta tnd reoce. 'An eicUmition of ¿eli^bt bunt from ner lifii «like cnaerlT brok« tb« sttl. 1 risrofi- Rilu #os Homi EDccATioK.^Tbe fol out fritnd ktioUerBdber ibone. H«l Ktu if it hippfoi to b« fubiontbU. Unotsoob' i*rilirs ■ lift of indtpcndenee."    noiioos is bird Itbor, io Ibt noshrccm *ns '' Well. HidTiion. I knoi ill ihti. loifer- ^mitef Use Ue a*eai a^' Fee Ul wmiku •“B tee Ueaevfise «aa wroe*. tae Ua abeetna waa wnwa, nlr,aü>MÍ>m eualaluA.. "Piite .. lor, Uraatoiao aue,-gr'iYTtr iki/a»l tewe.'aliea. SAot wag be realorM aeaia Itea.ckiW with luikae Muiaa, I bca «saryete—<Jb, our haw _ I fMir iiitla oiMt. we keaw, fU ia achool nxHu aaA la efeeidiai, ia.* wi tarv ao ttntkra i. gx' ■Itt w bach our Itlhen. the iiiie WI ereia ibei :n I workahoe twM ead (erem, ex bleu go« bit we,dis.' lea lag hurt waa bteediee, Id mi efta w, aid overflu* Ue httla ehiMrvn pld«diae. I Umr |B«tng aed waa. I wekt -aad ,|Birh ageMrtiee, V WdUda wiU wg kai d ' aacbWra^t» m ..........the in prndtaeiof    lueh    t proceediig •It wu far . ilight eenae, ear llret dUnoU    ruull wu an i.viUliod    from my    huahand (or id had I iietdW    ia aay degree t« Lraaet'a    Him to pus a ftur j«d|Bii«i.    M •bllliii wordi wpold    • pro#W w ■tli'aa, $¡m lu itf/c Tid MTi ll  --    - lamhit ealif aaaie— givvr kdV of Ue laaateiB ai i«ra. wra Udteim dnekahlTueiifeie» u''!utiw7(£l'!L*'t dru* a le fluwste. MnDK'TT. U:r.;¿a; tad    _ Mter jad|Beet, a« •iHliag'wtí'í;'‘irnld I •    i htvt Ueantldted, and Ihelova-lata would th# umd paea kavt diaMiraed ooly alralai of iw.,t he" I l«r# aoUced Boay, But ! wutao proad. or rathtr tao raaet. hot ■ ulluk to inkmit, tad tha (tret Ihriad wu..... krokta •( thd dtlieaU illvtr BK-worh which Love had wnvta traaid oar aptrlta. hi.. Byehlldrea. how ttiily u tht whole lehrié airevelled whee oaa lord ii leapt. A iligkt eoldeui loltowad—It wu hat illghl. Evea a elee* ebitrver wuald hareda- wu ladMirikekly wiaaieg aha warmly ead la prula.e term, of grali to uiH, and dees, day by day, tha uma wnth that leetad ao chanta, hat there wu tka lack at rvad (rtakaaM wkiik hddboa* ain ha-' artad Byitll, |i I lutiagl; md te him. to wtilint, aaheppy ■fi«a, wiy rhild^raa. u yt wn«l4 tka ^‘Hriag hack the rvaaa and Ihei'lil liiigh. — amkitioa aad little )>nwer ' aud hu sword railed, and u hia korvr hall dead one in front of my piece into saloon, he joined a pan, of Young rav.ler. |-;;—;rh;7«;u7iU fl^^^ *“<5 I K, doobU ttodsr u, tod it rolled over thedctd Chjrfea Prastan sat lo'.g «lU the f«cma- | mg beauty ; bu head reeled with wme. (or be 1 Jj    „r ould nol bear mueh, and after fiev leli the , I ho met him the street. . AAA I'-A.IA. (.1-.aA o»v«    baa    got eruiied. or. aa 1 wine-cnp I reiloa talked air and tbonjht, jammed among the honai aomohow htral promia^perhip. he Boant to ^^4 *    jatns f didu t aei m. ann would have don. wr. doaatiau, g,, ,,4 ,,,,4^,.,    ¡,7“, 3 ‘CrLm7a‘cámóí„V7.-ü    .11 Ot.’« ith me -in.-"ih£era.“'’M.7v'':t't7M    'la»* But-Mr. and Mra. Gray ih^g'hl he ?,:p‘Í7i.,‘..^7m/miI.“e7. bnfii hVo et! ^ •."h.'fnnAlri?    'k* “r aitece.:; « (alt a. .1 fixe‘ in a vice. w her 1 i.... L“!l ,ik Í.7T.Í' r*    ‘He Frenchman gtve ma hu iceond aeroai the   the Utlf biiaded riU blood, tod made liberal keep them, ai‘3‘**oa7rL:7a‘crm0i„V777    —    “H Ot.g'« it'h me «arned. But Mr    __me this cut teroia lace. 1 gave auolbei «U too talented drinhard; the ii «anted to wve him. Dh ipeeioai rtuooiag u,,, that hu led ihouaindi of th' Ua'utifal, the powir of "omaaea. hold him long .. * hi ,    ,g„    m>,n .tone. - «ik'e «om^th, iLwr    morTuf    ‘    **1.    lOAdtr    ia    doing then I ve Charle. Frc;t,m márrúd th. beautiful «ni 'iltoLTidl 1'dí".H*tVlkit»ThaI ®“* ®‘    ‘“”' Mary, with the Inll eoasent and ap- g'? I ,,tff,4 mv acre-ru mt aid . ai aaA Í1“*“’'*'*'’*'* *®'®*®®'*‘® the world ia «a-provtl «I her parent.. Two year. 'Jter, Her- 17. '    «    “**    *'    ®‘    '“■'G    “ riion Gray lutrried Ka*.s Boyd, Ue hitch, n u .iik.alg g^^iAVeí^l    7    •    partieolar She hu a philtnlkr pie maatiag girl, withoi't lba.rkpi.roval and with a relnc-    n7.*"*7k'/’    *    I"'*    to attend every day lu th. -uk/baaidu va- uut ooaunt.    >    tll Taiu uil uJd? ha* /Xalll    T' Hon. IK.rc.a aoeielie. .enp ao.„üu. and the Lat 01 ihipiiva yurt    ;    buter lUgrered to mv l«l aj7m lu    u ' G«*‘ 'WorlJ-ont-ol joint Soetaty." She it Marv I’realon u at huBt tola m her lath- „{ oú^the wav S a raaiineVt ot a.7L '    of    ‘H»    ’’    Nmelaaath    Caalnrj    Noeia- athrrwtacT t itnng. Charlu I’mtoa liili tha couviet'a ipoona, the mut have a new doien alio, or at leaat have her old enea melted down and made over in the latut pattern Her appetite for .i« dreaaea u aaoruiou. She aporta 1 shawl ou Snndtji, whoie pnce wc would beuhtB-ed to tall. Her children, in tUcir beat elothaa-look like the modela ia lukioa platea. If the hu maple chain, ahe wanti loahogtby onca aad it mabogaby, abe loagt alter wai-nnt. Cane-acati art vulgar in her eyea—hbir cloth II enly tolerable, hni dainuk ia "divine." She hu a great notion ot “ the beat aociaty," • hieh ane thinki coaiiita in mare antiqae dreiiet, and partiu, with terrapin aad Champagne. furgcttibg that "the heat aoriety" ia ihat where sound and good sense prevail., and that her excellent kashtnd ucea more really good society in a iortnight thaa "uppartaa-liom'' doca la a y wr. •Mra. ia«u’.efalinanolharma?aar. Sha nevar iqaandert mnnry, but ike doea time, aad that in tbe most extravagant and thonghtleu • ay. -Sne hu levea children at hoaa, hat ia never tbara, ior ahe u aiwayi walhing Cbaat-nut atreet, or ahopping among tke cheap atotM, or heariDg and re-hearing goaiip from hoaaa to houaa of her teqntintanct Mra. Ü. hu qniM u BOBeroai a progeny, hat aoma thuk la lata ceuinrabla for lu/iug them. She u one of the women who' have gilta.” Her ¡7k*y7radrra‘*’*i:v«"7i‘il"f they^hl “Ik'^bn'u'JTkrmj titi* ahoa'riae •' tad '    ®*    ‘Hat    in    val nabl. moral li.tira- er th. drnnhard’s chUdr.n ar. rum- g. 4¡b¿ nj Ua woan'd 1. my arm 7hv' hct' ’ 77-1.    !ÍA*ñ.^‘*íii .*!    !    Hh. u uol a erul or aeiligaat Bother, haw- cell, and Irom bit lodge ol sin goat forth day | ¡7íaé<7—mv*«—i.t*.aA k. aaII... ii, hy day to hi, hard to.!, te ..paiat. t>. «“». | ever. She atvar whip, bar cUldika lor aa-ample, aad if invariably hud to them-that litthea girl u hoacred aad loved— 1 fg.'V'íu u77n\7t'¿V.*'ljL7'‘íi7V.ÍTn''ih' i **H« liateaa, with a patient air ol a martyr, But Uf proud. Ul.alwl, tuhionahla. a d : 1 k, ,*    te    '    «han her hatbaad vaaUru to aik bar to atay nek tgvnt of the Railway rompaay. haih tow- ,7’g*i„ii ku | Ai7nlTiki7k oUháí u ?k’    '*®*    “Hea    Ua    haoy    haa n.adalow -^u .a.m. and «ir- f,', ‘ «g’,, iji th. m.ulaa, o'tt a tkra. g.rli arad.wa'wiih ‘Hv •«•rl.t levsr. H.r my ah. hv dar a a( emtieixliag tha pab.ic aoncy aad lor lor q-g,    ,nir„,i„    .rill    lay'groaniñg o,' **q^g, ,j„g,____1    ..    1.____J ..J I__a iwetnag, WkU au left leg aadcr tha horir I 1 But the pi nek agent of .. A.    A    He trad* freak efIorU to free hiaitll, and be- TB* Wat or TUI wuiLP.    ,, ,p„g    ukiagfor mirey orqaarter.    i All arouad u art paiinti itruggiiag lor aa I anppoaod. Hit fata wupiUlal am ogk wulth, aaciificiBg casa, eomfort aid taaiahil- dqw; but I raeulLcted it looki ii vary dillir-iiy, evva aelf-rripcel and the pleuarr of a n,t end (alt Mvagctnd thirity Tor lut blood dood eaaarirure. to glia whrrtwithal to h'>y foe shall ktv'tka kiad of merry joa aa.i for tfarir ehildrrn place ladpowir, aou the sear eomradca «talad toahow ma,’ laid I bicaiiiig they thiu ardcr.tly «ant, tad nulir- ud I pat tha hayooat through hu auk. I Ail ■ *“Y let* evaratkiag ga to wrack la tha hosMa; that Master Tommy vlwaya has kolti in hu iraa-irr'a hna*.; aad that it'a a good thing Mr. f>. It auih aa tieallant airaa, ar th* thilJran «aald hkva all haaa dead laag aga. Hat wa do aot JolB u I haaa uptraumt. Tha aaly thing «aklauia Mra. I’, lor, .a that aha did tha whole world ii tha (in' .71, ;rrn‘r,i.i.r, . ,7h;r7.,v.:;te    .Vv’.mo,;;."a. looTc;    '    ,«.7    a":;ie?:rr.í:l\uí¡íd .iVhuV'7* to them .¿a their children. Like the apple J.d (t Wk.a in the hoaplt.i a/tvrwa-.l. all    711    ^!..“Ík"17 al tka Dead Net lair loukM la tha irup ■nufompaaiad by in Vat we aae ahoat as gliaitoget ridk.tud rfaildrta, aeorca kaowing ruiiur««i ■cBfnr Maawiii^ ■■»w wr wbci* ia*»* nftHQt    wma    amn «riorv i rouDi wuji ' uma la ipoat, laying in lhair yonthfal miada u aaduac, aad God (orgivt mt if i wua't 1    IIvV    k.. BO louaditian of aarlolatva lor tha latarv — julifidd la taking hit lift.    .    .    ÍIj matas a grtol deal • widiaa,' , dou Ua __________ Mra    Gray    ktaw    her    sou    wu    riiht,    hut yet H'Uniamy ii t *h* *h*    quite wilhai or haa    aot mural *.    B.    mjk.ammmm    An mmli moa« Im^tfm LmFmn viruma, wllh iaordlaata caaioatl dtttaoiioaa;’ hat »h, balitfa It aot.— It II lha falta philomphy ol thr cold haort.—        _ Tratt eat to It. lor It briagi along la Iti Inia boto thaa aver lha ateap of iaUltael Mlroryaad aagauk, tor      .k__..e    ----- “txtaf ward! wg'. ihea rata la Ta aprmd lha aruacb thal wnvd abaría, had avaa fmwa* lb* gaauw ear A dark acowl IliiUd ovtr lha face* ol holh the haaa tad tka kdlll. ud wilknAt gmng liBelor reply to Grey aqavttioa the lady rt-plied with iflectad pertavBd— ,%<■! driak "Inv. Mr. Gravt 11" cl" very taraacrvad (reakaaat wkiik kadboaa ain ha fora glina, my childraa. at yo woalg (|n,    ........... bbtha»  .....-    i--.....  #    --    u , a . lorpcBti tooiid, lha lint qatrre'. World, i Yet, aatwukiUadiag hli pallor, ilaatefy m,, of (laitt «ho haa many ulaati. hat vourMi »o hckaowladga berarror; ao. waiv-liagi Bay talk at Ihay will—thay way ny to tea tka'. liuca wa last root, 1 lan kid great- wBitmg lha aa* facalty which woald rendar , *?, J'.*    *H'    "'"‘if,;    .. that'trit loft ia elaetrcloeer wovaa hy oc- ly oahaatad tka haaaly of thu face. Thr iktm pcrlartly vllielaat—I'egtwu. «itlient a    *'*'7*    "j'V    i*l ,    ,__________________.............d........... ..,>    ,,to,to_.,,d,,.d voica, thoagh Bu.icai at it waa it ay girl- g.gpy tad eSarartarlilii reply tha othjr day    * I ^d dayi. Itad BOW a U«a, .( aadnvas moat    rnatleman had nmliad to Ftl’i "Waat a    >"• I davply ihrlllitg Bat the hata tyt baamod ,grrtaga, iir< ' by    “Ho.    I    aa    thit    ■•'J 1    1    iaallaae.4.    Ihira    wat    a    to\ralk,’’wh*a Fat rvi.iaad, "May ear haa- J * itraaga lira gltaaiag thara, thara wa. t pnda *r long ha ahlt, hat taldom willing.’’    ^ "I tall yoa, tpolhcr, ktti had rotpectand ilroigvr th.e pmr water. I and aoaorfar ua and lot karaatl. iouul- "La. mt. 1 dai I htlitn waUi had ayaa forra* lb* faauw nr I doe. ^ woe* ta aaweuaipb smuliag day, ________        .    wa.    ever lirtd her ahuma ; it wenld have beta a a«B* madr to dr .ih.iu ao inaipid." J dtfftadtM.aadlha wimU woald hare ttid , "H may he, Miai Ulaad ta thaaa «ho I*-- thamaoa hatatehai*liaklH>*vihithatd.' daigt daily la ki«k laataaad land Md driak. tad (iMth awar. Tie loo mack tha way of tka world. . .    ...    --------- - poaaihlt. end hat gakarally, poor ... -    ----------- if tot, to gat to tka rear at wall at I cuul.l, but lalht, tt u irummut ihiag, what haratarat I htda't goat far whta ay giddiaati got tht! at algkl. to bvtr thrr, rnaBgatarv eiiiig at a    haittr el Bc I I itoad haldlag aa by tVobvii Hitlr. kaa**** hi* •t»«r airack klB. 'I'gk lavtM —tiod w the tulhor oltralh gi-i'trriya losaa time, aad tha* lelat.d. A i lb. ...tar. trcauaa aha’got wtllopwed far tt.' th. davtl It the lather .1 lira. H lha tclli.g roriA-ral of th. «th wa. ailliag Latida air wkra , tad Ihf H“HY Hrca“« IH* •« ‘ha alhar altttulhehtllfudaairr'h» life, lha Aalhor 1 I «’■• thhhgata i hahad hrrawoaadnl him-'t-'h-a frti:«‘«»“l H.r. llrUharMrt.L ar a( IraU will pr.-laat ihrc frua thadaagtr. ar' «vB. had w*. paatiag to lha rear, whn hare i )Im f. «rr. |i.ld thry wwtad tivthitg, Uty rcwaidlhoalorlhydamt«. II tho tolling e(    «*8“taaJ aa aad itopprd. Haloid Bathrl....J    r.-r la lararractio. ¡    yai thair    hot- tliawtll tacara toy lifr. thr father at Itaa will i    hallUwM aver tad the Fiaaah krataa eat i t:    •' s    Icaptraa.' Ihtir awa    haMlaM are barailothaa of toy tt'oa.artradaaa ih. taca-1 Ihi Hald. Hewaat away, promiiiig to rend «arlad, arrarw ha r*<ttatd. Yarily 1-^ fiir Bvllai hy lotlhd d h Hit to laTr It. I »w.i mat to hale at la, aid car ii r>"d •• »' !wi*'i wmIU *ra depaad won aa hw tka* hy »afiai »• • l‘l“ ‘“ I*»» “• Hawavar, |    ward. olkarwitB my woaadt waalda l h*»»! ‘ia* aw hfmirif, ud thal 1a maca wtyr    tka* htltar too* parith thaa ika ir*th.-V*-rf»*.    ‘‘>1 ••«t day aad that Bight ua*.

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