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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - October 6, 1853, Cincinnati, OhioA PAfER fOR "IRE ffiÍlEI0I"-IN3El?ESWI IK ALL IRINGS KBÜTRALIK K0THÍK6. VOLUME XI.-NO 13.CINCINNATI, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER G, 1853. ONE DOLLAR PER TEAR. Original Calc. I M loa't 9c« whit tkc old ekatth kn ti <91 till he wti ir(;eii ie¿ etiiiUd dil be ettenpt ¡•ilhUI’    ifariM. Ai hit lecterotted thcthreehold ior ; ‘rh«r«'i «here >ou ere ibort-iijrhted.— ; the Iwi time, Le ¡(rsased aioid in kii tftoejr, : Doa'tftiu He huw they ail rferrcea'that old ; 1^ he reetlled to miid the time, nkea iorty --------- lahfin Tou mait kill oi>; alt larh atioeia I Teen before, le lirit ealertd that aaaetiaty. Wn tan iorUie [>«'U Titace. tiooi at cloiter around thoie ralli that are ! Hit worthy eompaaioa »ai then by kte tide, : liiiac'ed to them. HaTetb .'io donu, I lay, | ready to Hiut tiim in erery labor ul lore.— iaod. handioiro ídififí rrrcteJ upon the «HBBil'wo eery promiiieg *00» aad a leeciy daaytk- -- The    prople are rith enoneh to atfrro j'er were aito there, hot where were tho me»- »T MU. w tar K. ii.\LL.    ' 1',    aad    it    *1.1    ho money    io jtnr    I’ocket    ia the    I ben of hie t.<.BMb-ild aowf Side by    lide tiej -end, 'ine ot't cbrittiane V,ill refer bt\e iba'. I had a loan time tUpt beaeath you drooping Barraa I.    ' MOie regard for    a Be «    hou:.r    that    they    fitar    [ willow, thoee tall marbln mark tap    tba place wkere they rci'.l Tke ckildlcii old    nan had en tbrm borne (tom tkat houie to    rctura to TUS WAT THEY K&lfAflK. IPreai the Ueliann oaKRia- uiiuiuii or i.NTatirt.iit.sct; • I ai.. umn i. am tori. tt il «peed ihf mm nii, ne'nreJ t-.oU 111 Itii.u tm'. Uuxhl.i.u Otrr tlcie. At^ar-trunn eti-*)- humonenal XT.» liiali «»u h iir lore. On. ImWlit lb iIm: pmuaetl biinl, wUtre tut-leil »,jr ua i.J Ir nril, itnit m.Jat ti.e ii>el’»i i.a.,n.r «.«re. '»ht«i»ri<>i,eti ion»» br.aicl f nnie maluut OaaVi. i,r, hij iKnwta Illsji«lisa amilei'ikprnti it wieith. Aannuinal oniet ptido wj. the buutilDl    .’“'■’i    P“P'«’ eillig. n( Meolev, that boa.Ud lU lour huu-1    ^    K» K'-‘    >“ drediiihabittnM.ill'well todoin the world.’I    ra"-l>*>>9nt fenara- PoTcrty, ini itriettfafce of tbe wo»’«i, wai    •    i not known th>re; wnile want end wretched-    ,    ‘li«now.    »oai-i. .ted another    ttimc I n.1.1 wen alike Rrangera ie iha place.    = I"” ^frdleT w„ aleo noted for ill moralitf, iU !    latil    aud    I    haye people is piely.a.,dall their nnmberleMacc..iBpaBying    I    |"y    ae Wrtmi; and aa .oe Sabaath reUrued. the    (1    have    it.    1 harejnjt    Hard    of    the Urge old.faihioned church w,th lU tall ipire end new., wa. wall filled with eftea-    *>«6    thought to maka tu to- VAU iBlIHUUCU h-uutvn T.IVU ah- l»ia-pil< and eqnare new», Ttae wall filled withettea-.    i    i    . t ,re l,.eice.., ...good old panoa Gny.Jrom , • h*>r ftlAni* I * him no moee, while the ehill clodi of the ral. ley pretMd hrarily cpon their itilfeoed forni. Pari'jo (irey lelt more forcialy than ercr be- lure, tbe lad troth, thit "faijtmf away lodelibly inieribed upon all tnagi here be time wiidom ; ttotllhoweie aM'lc>oUI>i «iih f.euBilwi« nbO tk.ui I In r. Mbm IkTt iTdllullbl l(.ve kbd IrUtO. Anu breitt IV Co ,Ld HiOi Weal foiih ii> Mr • tetti more.ot honit, lilvn a (aii> I I hit ilifated pulpit, tpoka to them oi lue '    -------------------- I thibgi which pertained to their eternal peace, i .“““tr’‘    , I The ircrious gallery that citended around, U*> the girl, taongh btau.ifnl Ai.d a llKu'xa beaatuulaaii lair, lha. I.U1 i.a.iila.11 wrtl aajar; Tillhiilprrticl trrto. l, htaroct aiUt rcttoii aetim rpntm. three tide.of the hniie, wet oeeupitd by the    ‘>e    «“•““I*    “? jouiiiend biauty of Medley, the frout tett i‘    circím.’anret to re- being tppropriated to the choir; while thote 1 «'re her. for 1 cannot nioac a teif.nt ol her. of the coigrcgition mare adfancid in yeart, j    ,    ■.    -n    n    i. I were duly icatod ia the large, iq.iare pewt.    *>nt    let    mite: it will all be mo- ' There tin med to exiit great veBeraiiun among | “'‘IP.’.'    " low, aud he ferrently eyienlated, ‘' (lod’t will be done eaueeruiuji ul, ’ at the doting of the doort for ti e Itit time vibrated upon hit heart-it.'iugi, eaniing him iBTolnntarily toihuddcr, at iflitttniug to the death-knelt of Icpe.— bring ! The tad groop now turned thair ttcpt home-wardi, freling that the glory, from their earthly temple, had wdl-nigh departed, aad like lirael ul old, refuted to he coailorted. CHArraa t. A tew monthi bad ptiHd away, whea Kt-  _____ quire Tield entered bit parlor one morning ilut be ctntioni—don't with an open letter in hii hand. At ha ba- Tell lew ha nun « amlleliile Í tifi'; .1 ... .1 ^11 tUt'«Ni. wtath kJi. ABtf Uieu D< r.ray bi414I). Aua tint ftr    ill (rtiA^nn's hovttj The I <aa- cleai. t'% ipefll lUe fcourlj TtiebCC f \ t( foun i •nme }«i r ncue* turntelr> i»ik4 «'uteatu luait, Tüi hall    uaiUve. ÜC to.UtrU U3 a uruJiltarU'i «isva. I I Dtfrcntmea 10 «m ereti ?«Dertiiun tmooK |    '    -—• —    ----- Itha f.annJa IrF that »ama n\A ehn'vh and ¡U    the    peopI«    ihtt    >ou YC ccme fcfcfe ctwe iettwJ, h« illd iudihlf; ' wmtr»    lnde“d    oar^n^ey    wV    a    ¡    the    pernote    ol    ¿ekinir    them all drunk- ! Ha! a letter from SharpI hope be it imtn «tl?.-alcdattdto in.pira revcrenee ; an ¡ «rd«-of iliipping Inem of tntir wealth and ' well-ihonld not like to loee thit im meik, 10 humble, deTutei and Chritt like, ¡    ‘‘ *“    >•"“    co{f»ri,-yon    --.a t.™ hit light tvrr reflected ita rad,naca npoa »U | lr,gh!:u them a 1 away if you do, and n who eame into hit preaeoee. Torty yeara    no;»!"*?** had p.*.cd awny aince he commeneed hit la-IP>oe to itiike. b7.'’to'tt,! [hV’ag-e'd' ¿“.TVon'eVoin'io | ‘0-do the work ef.ectuaily alwaya watrh ai.d .knd when you the grarr, the y onng had grown old, and their j    *s‘»u* t® otrrj onjour    oelj child,eu LOW ipuried where they had once been wunt to revel. ..»«v    Pi    iolluwing    my    aivica    you Vhe chang* had bcM ! 1*3 IU your icheinei, 1 will promiie ncTcrto tv mmiO'U'i ti« cjuld ncetr uut.l, Cn'ii h<a mail bear, bnibc Uc iiortti.1 I oue «nd hibpt da> Ol etlidiil i),‘attJc Cjiluiah pici rtat in many reipectt, and yet there wia no    »•!“    I    »<ÍT»lica.    ^ erccptihle change lU it regarded the inhabi- That t fair aud #«n. .rtco, lautt of the plaee. True, the little village ’    But    1    mast    i    and    wh wei «.WMUtSU RVimi lie V Jll'liVU Rt.a-yw, .%nd hit bfiuQc Vile wiUi love la Urryv— Il0(b*v c^ildieu. «ifel Al rrt tre j i; i Otilia khrick'd audw rti aeJ Lit Uu. O. God. L:i I j-4ta. U «eL I’lrrii Leiiirttl frov to J-k*f, ilit mauiAC Mi.e m«i barrtU aud banneJ -Ha «14 >t mbr::etrr—tidfiiiu g. re Leik*don h t ml fight Ltui. i :ieii I'.uimt fir it r! diifkuewt Cnraa UitucM m iCjf iliit Lr«uCe*J nuiaO, i itautt of the plaee. True, the little village ' ‘let- But 1 mast i and when I-leit ate I had inercaied more than one-half during the ¡ iPPPP «>11 h»’» Ka>ue>l » toot-forty I «art,-Hi population being coirpoied '>»>'*• «ouldit not he fuii to tee aome ,,f chiefly'of fa-mcrt aud meehaniei. who after baviug gained e competency ky their diifcr-rntocciiiiationi, had retired to enjoy thefruitt of thei.* labor. Uutc'.uteutioni had never keen luffered to . . UDU 1 -- •i.d let! n« V. . _____  ..    „ Tbe dirr m.adeeHi bia land, bud I'.nm, cri ep in, to rend the people aiinuder. They were content to worih'p teietber in the aime llOiite- to receive their ipiiitual food from the tame >hrpi.erd, and to mingla their prtyera end teirs together for the lame great ubjcet Two ; place 0 nkjsiciani claimed Medley aa their of tviidencc, but the ixtreme hceltt while you Hood rattling Tutir caih iu . piu'kett V •The mousy ia my lookonl—tbe ditch may be tknrt ’ ■Yvi, that’itheway f look upon Ihetnljeit doing money I u coffsra,—yon will loaned him” ■ never I By thiatime he had placed himielf in i comfortable poiition for reading, and proceeded asiullowiug: MapiET Aug. 30. Kgquina Fiili.—Dear Sir; —Kearing you may think me numiadfnl ot my obligationi to yon, 1 will drup n lew tinea to loferm yon how matteri are progrtasing here. Yon will rijoice to learn that oar matt lacguine ex peetalioni are more thaa rcalixedi 1 would neser have bcHerel that lo great a change could have been wrought in n community in •a abort a ipace of time Oar new church it nearly completed, and preparationi are being made for iti conaecration. It ia a fine '.dificr, cud the people are very proud of it Old partun Grey hat finivhed his earthly pilgrim-ge, and bai been borne to hit long home. He If peopl. have a luhiS to be inch foola as tule! | cauid not snrvive t*e wreck of that old chureh. Ul rub them of their money with their eyea Wide open, 1 don t knu'W ai it’s any ol our buimtsi if they do get into the gutter. Good day aud good luck to you, fiieu.l Sbxrp ' •Good day, ’Squire.’ Gounof huve'y,(l.Bipnod o!,l. Where le.trn'in,.!, iifit is Irtt.)* tied, Aad ohtUInn, suivFruiK w;iti tLc Cjid. Cf> ad *1m> .411 for Lreéii. tiote!! of Boman'f » tccJ litiit. L'libe^ inir'cd faUtduati ¡uest if the village wonld haTeitaraei! theai I out, hid nut their i rart'ce extended a number of miici arouud, while the few lawycri ouArrsa iii. A few nionthi alter the above conversatiun, Mr. Hatfield, one tf tic nitrchanti of M. dley. tN lute, ibai still Wbtii iadjr. A&d Lketh rkCii*jQdii( hti who .me«iun.lly made effort, to locHe there, , ; , tiid ojervnf as luwor lu Ue»I Go le'i 11 weary, wiai.d j esn. Ill bimd tUiisnoD rvgc. mkrvksa vsws, rtyi ut .at Irus. And mcniiture ij aae til baagsrd wsot cad squsn wr«hb; tgtremb.ingl.njlwaiid ruiucU br-th, Ol shaUeres nmd led biiaUicd auu-, louJ s«<rit. KBl'daMtDyiim wu tAMt.N'T or THE WIPOWEO IMJBUlATt:. TU Anbura A >rut ruUubrsb IcIGr from b frired m Buatou. Irsm which we borrow the) Üowid^: j ati .n, buTiug looked in vain for some quarrel , which it would be ueeetsary for them to eettle ! legally. ! Bren the three tnerchiuU there lived in t prrfect harmony. The only eompetition for which they tremed to itrive waa m courtcay, aud their endeavors to please aud aecommO' date riislumera. Aa Medley waa wkat it gtneraliy termed an 0, t uf-t'ie-way place, it was neve; deem d neciasa-j to hive a iaveru there; and Itrangd at it mai appvsr, iio lijnwr dealer had ever sett! i within ita iimi'a. But at length if was aaueenccd to the asiouiihed citiztdt that a eontsmplated roid. connecting! vo very iin- •‘1 viarted frotfaaor Loethl ow, at bii rooma id »i¡ Hart ara. Ilia | waa ,u tin, has It »oil sb'. rs a« tfavaiDasosiaatansaaruti-.Icd 'tba Liiumiiví tic w:d uwad laabrista,'br Üiighiitia, « btcb 1 euriuKisr ibe rntifieatisa el the leadrra si >sur mpar. Tbey lha irua ap nl U p.* rr. ai-U s i-u-as in trii bwLtr, pttb it aud liibDniliub of hnrl-bmkru a'lithlea I eiertaw. G.aafe! >»'tars ' to iroraoiCaiiee any port, Alail see rju.thowl; thus: 'M’tll, l.'ziy, the qwtioa is aettled I’cucr to hit aibei! The new cindidate it n datbing yoang man. with more eloquence than piety—jaat the oneto my mind under all ex-irting eircnm»»aae«i. We shall donhtleii let-tlc on hiie. Peopla in Medley are getting user lome of their old fathiuned nutiona, and are stirring thcmielrri opto ae ivity. There ia muie LOire and hastie in tbe village in one day vow. than there f-irmerly was in a year. They appear like peraoni awaking from aitu-Piddreaintoa bright realitv. My house is thronged from morning till ten o’cltck at night, utd tnftl), lir, a host of their loote at lait—the old cha,cb is 10 eome down, and I d¡n¡ei fiad tiicir way inta ir drawer! Miry a cuutraet it uo* being made iur the erertiou , Welter, m; ueiee is'itill wit. ni, and attracti ol a new aue. Mr. Shaip is really a beaevo- , , craw.* of admiren, hot tha best of the mat-lent, whcle-iouled man : h* gives three buo-j tjj Ptank Bullou, who ii worth a fortune, drtd dollars towarda the new cniircH. That , offered her hit haod in marriagel He it doing pretty well for a atranger; besides, he | wu leppoied to btva been eagaged to Jalia is not a church member, yon know. He is a Uirt'ticld, hot for lome causa the match was very entcrpritiog man, and is doing lit best to build np onr p.lace : a new chnrch will be a great ndJition to it. I think nil unr irru-ples aboo* .'!r. S.bari.’sl.catinghere and com-meiiciug IIS present biisiee.-v. were nncalleS for, boTiidi ton to do more goad Ihnn harm.’ “ 1 have no ofcjeetioni to a new ehnreh, my porUnlpacea. would P* *on the eoutrary, 1 think we need OvC tor their village, eonieqneully I S ret rement    eonveaieac- Njr do 1 think it wonld soou be disturbed by the jar aud bnitle ,    p.    mr-lith the old one. as tkat is the of bnsiaesa. boon after it b^ame eartain    ¿ ' P<in. A13«l Mhv : the foHoik.nir ltu( b«v« well l'iiiÜ»ii.kiB*onl:iYJiuiiJ/‘ Mary,— ILy hr ght ml irutl i.e finikin the morv’Dic ot nur youth mil k>\e« Kre eortow cauie, or f uiia; WbhO iL'nearuive re t« ined «roaod tr<y i.cCI Aud tnispcmlooked ibiQthx*' ARdiLeftMriil Mhm'ihrU f<i: DioeLMi* fTt* OMUiCK CtUM in MasQi; t tier a. tlatthii wouM bethe cue, quite a itir was , j, , ,t-.tigeíy sad about it. That which ‘1*^    0    Í “*!<>“    W    brmg m. joy,only cn.he. tarn,w. i chased a piree cf land <a the heart of the vil- i    What    are    Mr.    tiharp’i    mo/i>ri    for •‘¡'-V U', lb* purpo?» of erecting a hotel, »«d    t^j,    rhan-raT    Ho you thiok him a ..rwDl dt I “* «I®*    ‘    *"*•*    Christiin.    my deatT’ o! tbe druut.rd . the Spot. .Mr Sharp and lami.y aoon took I •• lihj mv owu l.-tsy—alwaya locking Ipoiirs.ioB (f the.r new rtiijence, when a ,^ „„lien. Us not kuow whether he is a . i,. ,,»k„ :,aarp li maue oi me rigm ¡ ghHtvicg itgn in front of the houie gave no-p-e,ajie he is though, ca I ..¡nj of stolf- hc'lT win, and no mituke that they »-re prepared to enterUiu man heard him hint nbcut joining onr churcq.” ! He re goes a síaia of brandy to hit health ani Isrcken off Some have even hinted that change in Prauk i habita wax the grand reaian for the rupture. Be this a* it may I have no reason to rvgrel it. for be is ia a fine fellow, aad one of my but cnatomeri. It waaM aot .urprise me in ihe least should hii fortune change hands In the conree of a few years—no harm .tone—«11 in the family you kuow, at 1 donbt not but that Mavy will accept him. Yes, the mutt do it, that it a settled point with I tice I and bcait. i’oliteueii now deiuinded tint the people ol Jlediey ihouldcill npin their new neighbor nnJ oongratulate him noon hii wiidom in 1 KC full m.iuv A1W1I9, Mmr. (to |ff>uiiC‘tp4 beani I'g L/.n'.t; And Bimy atiey«ot I Ion ll llith'fttf m niy i «ut; Bat imi f it nr< for ny pnor Andihiicyeti itmaceto raf, Aiid l io«.^”MCiiUin kVrfoy »otii ihcB itlUicmtry lurtf tuthte. A deep drawn algn wai heard, when Mr. Hutfield tnrntd and addressed an aged iuiii-vidua': I — v- —,    .    X    “Oh.    Kalherl    yon    kwe    no    rtuos    to    aigh. I making inch a prufiuble inve-tment; for at |^    j    ,,u    • , the t.wo poinu heforenamed were too urdu-,    cuthioua    and    eirpeii    ul    onr    nc» '    •”    r----, ■    .    .a    L    A    me uwe muih I'UVUiWus BIIU «aipcts va uiir UC" ;tant from each c her to be reached by one |    j,    ,j„    be    a    luxury    to    a'.tead day I travel. Medley vrui to hwome a half ;    .^^'t    ilí " .way plaee; eonsreneutly Snarp 1 hotel bid. . u ¡,alwaya aluxnry when the hrsrt ii right, [ .ir tu receive 1 largo shisre of pstroqige. Mri. Sharp rceviyed her visitón with that í.    ,i¡at 1 ni th nh ama tbe niabt, Ttars,— Tbe aigbt ot gpri aa.l ilismc — Vbrn «iih drnasra ratiaKS on ni| l,m. To rkttt I boniewetd Cauie Ul Uicuai kvainUoBtetrae-* e;., Aaathy bnsnm wildlj he.v«l, Ts> • twiie 1.1 «as oa t'.v c leeh, Tl.ouab tkv burt «al I .rcll aiitvcJ^ uaie and grace which won every heart; bnt , as we have more to do with Mr. Sharp’s re the your asswtr wonld be, fa- -Mauy thanks foryonr wise eonniel, latime-Iv given; it bids fair to be the making of me. 1 mnit cloie—customcii are wailing, thirsty enongh you may be lore; bnimeii prei-et, and 1 must bid you a hasty a liee. U. SHAir. “.Vll right! Sharp ia made of the right t..J _t .w — af. I.m'll sia* -nvl Hn aaitat^|^|» and prespeiity. UHAFTKS VI. fonr yeart had now puied away, during wbiah tu entire change had been wroegbt in the peaccfnl and p.-oaperous village of Medley. Lawyers' aervire# were in conitant demand; quarrels occurred frtquently, buai-nesi was bcgleeted, phvaieiani lound plen . of practice, rnde ana idle boys thronged the eeptionof gnciti, we shall coniine unrielvra ' more particnlaily to him. Among the firit j Vd"' j who called npin ‘mioe hoit’ waa paraon Grey. hut the iniile soon lottlhv tins, Uiry, Acd ttlinepvegrrar iliiu snd ssil; Forlbftciuiaerlurttt ra> sic sir.a,, U.ce, And tbe «vaa-iup drove me lasd. From Ibiraaerks Ine nwf« g«« eiy fud. And thv riue.aa ivuel. SMSg.iue, tiS ihv heert si ill 1,10,11» e uut Ui miur. And itiU fcc[C. truWiaa on. After a short time apent in introductory eon veraation, .Mr. Sharp ohierved, ■Hetlly glad to have yon call, Mr. Grey; 'always • sx in favor of yoer deuomination; idonothelong to any church myaelf, butil Bat.    J' l’.a,    what    uikti    yon    took    •»!    ,treeti,hootiog at the poor inebriate as he ladt lour    graiidlather anu mother    have not'    tottered aloog; marki of the destroyr were filled yrovrhead with ant.qiiiiiunolioBs, have |,i„|,le upon the facet of many of li" yontb; I    poverty took na pami to bide her gaunt fea- lurea and filthy raga, while crime bli bed not “ What then, my eliildT What of the ) arty last nightT Strange I have not h<ard you al-Indetoit. How does theyunnglsdv appcArf ’ (0 ihow her dtfo'med ab,i hideons head I Aathe Saboath retained, many a vacant seat eonld be pointed out in the Uouie of God, O' niv words were baiah to thee, Msrj, For the wiae env wade meviidi Aad I raid Uw «bao tkmr e»rt «era Bad, God kaoa ■ I loved tboe evcu til auttbef.nwtaiBintbriia, Aad tberarsoot dnuh waa la luv hnri. Ta maba uy ova a bsuc. ways attend when convenient; hope yon ■ i. that all yon have io uy about the have a good iilary, i.r.    partjl You growing very loarijg ot jour i 'My people have alwaya been prempt in IT,ethitki!'' * »    ’ meeting my. wants and have admiuutorad to ;    ^,,0 erjojed the party mnch Iset- ¡ my necessities with an nnsparing hand I u» hid there been lels wiue drank. 1 fear 1.1. I ti' ''g Lrabl*» bU Lil    Sharp's    influeuee    over    our    youug    men the laborer is worthy of hu hire, yon knew. ^,¡||    b,iieiit.’’ “Miss Weller is a besutiful girl; I am much | ,i,,t new and sUtely edifica which was the pleased.with her.’_ _    ...    idiairatiou    of    every    beholder. And 11 its Tarson Grey nodded, while .Mr. Snirpcou ! tinned, as be took frem a closet 1 decaottr 'Twaa a plretaat boaic at onn, btsrv. 11 too f pnaa barn ai our lila 4 bcR I biobrd uloB tby stinay lace. Bad proudly called tbec «Iie-Aad 'iwas pirasaat wbcn i.ur rliiidrcB aUicd HHoN tbe ooi lags duir-Bu' Iliarb.Urea a.oap w lb tbra, 'dsry,— I iballBntrtirtbea laurt! gild glrss—Here, my dear sir, ia lomething to rheer yon and make yonr heart glad, wif! yon yon try it T' "I'rank did not drink fraslr, I preinme!' “I regret to say that hedid.’’ rich aud deep-toucd hell called forth the boar for prayer, how few, alasl were Ihe nnmbarof those who ra-ponded to its thrilling chimes; and less were tha hearts thst Isid upon tha attar of haavea the para iurenieof devotion. All was changed—on Aov changed! The pastor, thoagh aot deeply imbned with Ihe spirit of piety, eould not hot/cW hii da-lieicney. and diKOuraged by tha alarming ap- ’’N'eviir mind, yon ciu break him cf that, j hRj «pieii ¿ad taken pxatessioi u! his people, doubtless.’’    |    he hreame aeireleai shepherd, aud fiUed lo 'ThVnk .011 I nevar nse wine rscant for' "He mull break himself from tha habit, or | »dnimiiter laeh reproof and admonitiou as Thank yon, I nevar me wine except for j oever be his.’;............|    they aometimes needed. Is it itraege that ThAD'rt rnt'Cf in thaftiarrli*TArJ nu«. r id Bt tli|i ^ Atil ttt id at hcufl, Bat Ihf »r«*oA kidHTi» drutskinl * i ikdit l^y b»l. A»d (i« Mil ti>t niinu of Gfij B«rr. Will Itl' VkUi <’tiith*nii vrigbl Ot U« «re^di «bsf broRgUt tby ica<i« Lte Ta if »!(• tttuMcir Uul Bot bakiavi a 4 o( ih« hrokea baan 1 baar viikia oiy Itroiat. Or'bahravy io*d f.l r.i« raaofij Tbii ViU ikit M in< mt. ||f luMWi tu oi tbt •tfop'rH ttiabti, Vh«td tlrr«<aii>a el tby tove. I »««« to Wrr ttubn ■ncol'tyca look auloljr trota oboit, fill tbt l.u,a «I UreBln liiirta ’ 1 at arhaiaa nr bia rang ful a e»ir aad aarrvwiai i^a. 1 K>a,u ug; rnaa Ibral.llrraaeapaw ms 1 Pal I !ai.e,cU LrraiVad hp Uirr: TPoa aH plan.bsrlag la the paaorlal inva. AaU ihv s.'tpia arnm.rsi M.», “Don’t be rash.child ! Frink has in addi- j seek a ipiritnal gnida Ike flock ahonld lion to all hia a’.tai iiiianti. a inrluue 11 forty i become icatteiad and euily ltd eatrayT thousand, not a gi,t in fisr village who has ¡ Meiuwhila Mr, Sharp had iaeressed in mat wi;h inch an offer,’’    worldly    goods;    alrcsdy    could    be    boast    ol “Siill, t wonld not wed a drunkard, nor a hoi„rt pgd lands—no scheme had he felt nn-man who had the prsyspert of breomiui oue.’* 11,|( s wiyerehy to draw tha aainiprcliag into ta no dai -......  -    ... No: but there tt no danger lu this case ¡ a 11,,| ^.iitaring, allarÍDg net, and itranga as it little wine will hurt noooel “H it canses a T,sc t« art foolishly, it hurts him at least, iu my u.’’ • Young men will sometimes set fool.ibly withoat tlie sid of itimnlus.'’ “True; they have fulllasenongh without tha addition ot any acquired by dram.drinking.’’ “Ym: but It will not doto ha too .Astidion, alwBj . Withunt waiting for a reply. Mr. Ilitlicld gadVlowg in lay n¡» ad,»» br.-«sl Witb Uaaald aad wltwi drag. Fruai tbslfiscaatrjar, TNCLC Rlh'g RIU. Bl aiXJ aisUBii Ueclo Usa wis s unssr aid asa, a axcir ulawsa «umi Hsnaaad s ram-abaii ug r« Ia list k biB tobaU sssnlbiai ' sacramcntbl pnrpoaei.’ ! 'Trna, bnt here it a little very choice ! braody whirh 1 kMp for very vtriicuiar ' friends; shall I hi!“ yon to t glut T' ! ‘Not any, Mr. (sh.’rp. i have nevar nied intoiitttiug drinks of any kind, and 1 am too old to begin now.’ •Ilsbit 1 will not urge .von, replied tbe vile tempter with a bland smite. The good old ptstor laon left, with in arrow raokling in hia heart; and on hit way homeward, while standiog upon an eminence which commauded a full view ol hit beloved parish, he wipt bitterly, tielaiming, ‘Oh, unhappy place I 1 fear that thy days ol proi-parity aad praca are nnmhercd I The tempter II ia the midst of thee—tk ie altori ihill be broken down and thy most aaercd loace pro-1.    ,l, ,B,rtmciit fanedi Wo wo is mo, that 1 have lived to;    ii„|irld leriucd    lo uodrrstinJ the,    ........................... a» a    meatia» h.lJ    r,.r    ••«'‘‘'F* “*'"'■•U'dlsGr’* Lart. loribe,    I    Bbii, merehiaU aad    clerks maailesled h> b* b ¡rib' diJ    tola    Bions    laihir Lib ihtddiug loch teara as noae Lot a mother earn    ,    iimrstruBgl; sctntod breath, thas their leerei la hii    Ú.    ii    Vk    il    l'l'»'*. ‘yoiPA'kUiug witbadsrliaa. a« ,e„ruer wPA olleutimei Irrqnenlid fur theif only child, iu tier Iirit greatslllietion. Tbis    j    ««g nersonal baoatit.    dneh wu lhaiUtool was a aad group, "oil deep snrrow had fur the    Medley alter the lapsa    ol lour years, and Ikai first tima creased the (bitSAoid al Hist spa , bo niaj stilt iaitkcr probe and fallow nut the eioui    maasiuB. Alas! that    it shuuiil have    ;>aitand futura Manea traaiaeUd tbera. let ui ariseu    lium such a causal    cuter thisiina msusiun, whart wa left ycure ego asad group monrning war thair iiiit hitrlfslt sorrow, la Ua daikcBHl purtor wt find Iwa ltditi, ona ia tha dicliai of tila.tka otkar not over ------- *    -    .■    •    ".J    r    r..................... iweaty-two. Hath are vary pale, aad have laloag    withthria    .Meiley    folks    T I    am    told    j». i,    fore wss t ie Ssbbitii, auJ    bs I’.rsoa    evidebllv haau •■•piag, while their bbhla ‘that they    ait    a    vary    rcligioni aet.    Yonlllo.B^^    mth •t’-raming ryr<    and    trembling    r has iidieatod tb« prubableeauMof theirsor- uot find many customers amuag them. I fear, ^ addrsutu nit tiuck upon that occasion, row, But list I It lacms tkat death has not may seem, kt ineceeded but toe well. In order that bu honia might not be tbe plsce of resort far the drnnkird it his buiiteroni mirth, he had a spaeioni bnildiug littod np i" attrMtiva itjia, which he dignified by the tamo of itlonn, and thitbar repa red the wor-shippcri ol Hicchni to sacrifica daily to their god I Uroeeri, too, wart supplied with the deith-eup which tbay hUikad not to olfir to Niaiiy a willini cBitomtr. Bven tha dry gouJs' itoret bad thcirieeret curucis wheia tha fael watera ul death were daatt out known ills fears cwnearning his fioek, and warned thcra to flea from temptation, and w ken they tssnted him again tad tgaia of thair strcugtli to resist the tempter's power, tha heart ol the good old pastor was eoas-iortoL cnAirrin iv . .-----.    ,    ,    .    It    was    a    sad    dt)    to    iniiiy    of    the    lohibilanli ’Well, Iriaod Sharp. I am glad to find yo|lg| Mtdiey, when hands «e<« Isid nion tke old oeonilortably iituitsd; hut how do you get sigrchfor the purposs of utmoliihmg it. I bc hat kit"mii!‘eg'‘p«'i«aili'wisi,„.uud I "“li,*’'"•'••li*    .....    hrukau    sobi    miogiad with'the worJihaal. been their hiHereit fue—his hand hu not ia ilhiai buMsaiskseuaiasrs.    'Well,    tkt    troth    is,'Bquiia I itU, I w’ have tarad. Tha last Gac'tUcw had • 111 old swutr a 1st old wils»saibS( Who assil to Isrd aad ksilbii •">!. Ibil caair ugan rraoiB' ■ la Iba la«Bt ' iiod 01 ' i a bardartask to halt tktui thin 1 anlieipatcd., lha list prstrr oflertJ Ihe last hymu read I Thair old utiaiator kii a vast deal al nflntaee and is tha ekolr and roiamvncrd sing uiou hill been prctckid, llictrd thair aavarast wound, as eouvtrsatloo ■ will show, Julia,’’ said Mrs. Ilitliald, if what w> III a tblaadil'vd vadirslarsc|«srimi Tbis Isl old a its is'rr assd ■ i' -la Bulk, watild as rr sil da«ai oear them, t wish ha ñu wtll aDdrrgroned.'' Ing In pitinlii e sfaias. v.uea vuicu bs- : hear ha Itua, ohat it to Wcoiua < I nsT'' '('tii't yon manage to get him eat ol thi eains iilsnl. tad amid cboking subi the lut ''Tht l.urd will uavtrleavt us my dear moth- Aad ib'iaaaiid isai.irdk.rai.M way.’    („ti,d died away aud tbn hjum «at lill nn-    er, tad snrtly,.alter ail tbe tilali Uiiough lUw T—i" what way T'    snug. Tb* «lod putor aruu, hu la. e wu    which wt have ptised, uoaa can follow that Whr, I don't uitti dif/him, to hs sure;, klaashsd, his tip qulvsnd as h« raised kai pal-,    will aot appear light." .uTsTsrar^Ihi uíd*biñ'’si“.í"«^'”’'    l***Fl*diiialitliad    With    him.-'    lifd    hiad    aad    proaoancsd the I (it hanalictioa j “Hat to'ha hom-leis, my child,” ' You are yet young, and do aot kaow bow to, which woald wvvrhv it aeboed hy tlioss sacred........ but Ik rtriisanla fat mtisd BHin as Miiadls ilnd N.ariU lb' st.lrir aasr Md Ika's «lia snuia a Ilk . .             .    ,    .    -    Kveu    Hal    II lot to I* aompwreJ with mitago such allairt ta «til aa I do. Sap. walls, Ikaa siakiag hark lu bis scat hr h-'wed «hat ae have siillartd. Mutkar, Hatea I Chd rii“s«its'ia nieer» m«>d    post yoa that I ahonld kavo boM worih my! his liivvrad head aad wipt I Tha »uo!s coa.    I    Wulht.rtolt iiltod botng, poaieutd ol a» «■imibiaa kar-xeur aibsruiai'i. - kuadr^ {•**'*•<> now, i| | had aot Worked a    grctati'i'' seemed desaly moved ; evsu Mr.    |    cry virtua andalUbal was reaaiiileto maka i 1 aoMsiMis vsirsaiiiy a ,i«a sicvsudia Ik* great deal ol head work, ul kael tima with ' Shi'p •ppl'd kil bta.itaai icp.tlrdly to hi. aoioo with him dttiraklt T Did kt lot wii my toddy itirk T 1 bwgtu silt u poor as tyu, aud sighed to as to ba diitiactlv k>ard. ' my first lova, tad theu my lolrmi piumiu IbsisaieadllBU'lirlsiiiiiwd.    yoarsall    Tha    yoaagrr    im    tiou    ol    tkn    tuduuew nwb , to hr his I Ilut a rival tame, aud duktd •NotqtiiUii b>a for I ikoiU ba BitkoBt Idt tb« bowi**. «UJ U cMtulf iiteb «aplMUu; «««j tbara^frum Biy lltiira 1 bad •rarctir ButfbiiMo Atsiiiii (L <* araa a Biau «but; if Qi| 4«bU afra Biid.' |r«Ua|i, bat U« a/t4 liafftriü Iimk u itEr |iiI»4 lawi «alan ! IKi uot tbiak 1 Rttau Biurltir, ttentu a»a (urotis ik.« ut *i)JvifrtKi'Bfoaii I »Tbitwa«juif tba raia miik igo |«tatr* i fct aiathvr loob al ahai ibaf *94a«rl| lov#<} (Hi li>v>If Miry, aa. «a« aut mj rival low I tcielka«H>sry«ruib    livuyeafs ago. but lurhily 1 baft growaricV    l aaiurw thmiaul, ditr rcsdar, nor call ihcui    tl>a I o.ild have yialdsd him ip arilbeiit tin Ab, rvrt aimh «M irr,    wkilt uU bb,<ut uie kivt buout puwr. tlib    wiak and iiirruw minded,f'lrsnck iiisuilnta.    |taglthueust me, fur ska wti wuithv el Ha looa lb* giiad suHM inia 111, "t'r ^ |oad Ihi'ig to kirp the whul ol inrtuia aver liout of regard for tkel oid eremhliaguJificcf nsn him, lu tha days ol his purllj. Nu. sd ibe .14 iwat*Uss’    (,fa,gg. ym kaow,    Thwlr    laibaii    had erteted that kea*r—lbrir mr ilvtl was a deuion, aatccnried l¿iug, tk* Ik., i.k. .k....    hulF®“ I '•»« •uiiojatrt to ha whole Ilia nu as*ucril»d ailh Ihou dv'tilug vilt tompter plued ll to mv lovid oaa'a haad lLi»iagXi ir7illpifl.    gia with, perhap*    walls—thair urlicst Irssoas ul picl) h«d bc.u —held It ipaikliog to kit lipi—prtusd it *kti.MtBi 4 Ur IS».'I'aiBplalsa,    '.Nixt t whit. Aid now fat ma tall yui gtvsa from Iktl moaldmiagdtst—lhsir mar. loadly tokla hatrt—till maddsutd, ha hag S.W¡‘■•'I* »“•■••• whiratoioinutncfuptralioat. (Istotkarek riaga v*wt Ud bvci hrulbsd it g"l it elossl.v, uo ware to thrmt lllium lhaaet ,    *    '    r»«alirly-t*'i*b «real dtal ul iuterast la all trad aiUr, aud there hat <bej gsnd lor the — ml avsn lor My lakt I Two htiagi, to '•"'i.*'**''»'"'’'*'”'*    ihatpcrlsiaitoraiigioniaialtor»—hoiaratad last timt npoa Us rtmiiai of Ihs tovod oass, hustfle to sach othor, ruald lol nuosc laona 4asV»Tab’pa*.^Lfl'7imd tsao.* «Uto*    '» ■lo«DI“u ••< ‘H that    sort    whw ksd    one alter tuulher pssii iiniy to ih*    kstrlaad 1 wu luictu taluvs. Ob my God! «UUIX.U4 k'¡r.*v''?'f«,iati4st. sadak-B.s.i. fu ollknrg. iksii    akia yoa had that son    bass    tplritlaud; aad was it ilrangsllial U*j shoaU    ihon tlouu hnowrsl Ut paag It oosl ma.hul ■ Iiw Htuaa.iaa.tsi ubMtisg libsilsra    ’ g,ig.d so .i.llnsaca Ovar lha psoplt, hrgli to wttp nkaa al snah at hour, lailhlul mcmorj tha llraggla hu passed, tkaaht ha tilhy taa- ••sLs‘*"*'**««iV»«r«iUs».    hiBl ahrwl    ueeJiug a new cktreh and a    atw    ' ralansd    to iHosa Udaa with reeollMtioui ol    UtoiiggraM I Nor haya I aspl Ivmy *wu nsrarSVu (¡¡¿'¡it**' ,    pa»»'"    •»    ttraigily to Ikair    uis    Ua pul.    Na>i It wu *«11 that Uaj shoald    , Irtoti alona, hut wkaa Frank led lha aharm. ♦»a H«íih^o,ur“uiiIs* au abaal bTlHit. hnl ll ya« •"•ly. tk»r will soan haw Usir htaL and wasp Hu atriekva pa. ' iai Mary to lha alUr, ikW kilUr turi U lha l,^,^U„kMton.'    |tMsawmtdtoi>avagre.atoktaNal,Miaatl|a[swhiakawatMh«. Ovawawt aadad Iwa mabit al lot n aothar*. Wa can lo4 hack, and bet a few :    owA«m    n:i. •fcnrt J«raago what tome wu as happy as| LetuenUroucc moratha ratidance a(Mi. mrsT Was not my htU't!I tha*. hcsrt could ' Sharp. Every room it threwa wpaa, erowdsd wish T bnt motbar, he tow Itlls a draokard'i! with persons npoa whou lacu tb« looat ex. v.ravel Tha eruil woiltke gave us hareed I trema saguish ua be trac d. Fiom yondxw nto our very hearts, séiie he qaenchod the darkesed ap.rtacat proeatd dismal groans, light cl his houickold severed cvcrx tweet aud such heart-rending Criu ot drepiir, as to domestic tic frem hu isal as ha madly Lu- j cause eve-y lisUner to trcmb!a. Mr. starp n vawod on to raia. Moaicr,yof trem*<'c I g applxsg with the tyrant deatk, acall not this to diitrcisjcu, bnt to coTtvioce maric a:.'] dcpa'irhaouthim witklhair ghast ron that BO trials can exceed those thr>ugh ly riitrea OeoiTas from the !ud of daxk-vhich we hare passed, luttham strip us A ec>i hover nur kit bed; ha ruoiiiu he facia iur wealth—tarn us frem cur mncu-icvcd | tucir porDÍng breath aad hint them htgooc ! aomi—let as baeome bemtrs in Ua sG-t*Is— while ihtj, mocking at the agony he cndurti, .nmatuof an asvlnm fir the poor—rnkad ! (an hu «rilhtag fora with their sable wings, with pain, or sulUriog irom lUrrsti.u 'ir: nrir'd r>u to swifter action ay ewh inereuiog let su drag out a miserable stiste -c! in • ptug tncj give. mg hard for a scanty kupfrt; any, all tf tLct' '’She carsei me,” shrieked the dviiig mtn, tl9ai. still in the ume direc ion, util be led I abon! oia eompositor't hard day's wark, at a I Boukor to tha borders of tha Dtnnhe. Here. I flop! The printer hod now got ahoat anoark ; kavtoc stretched out hit axk over Ua wa- fnaol Uia kitd, and tharefore, wished to eat . tcrs, he lay dowa to real; aad cvenmg draw., short tke koetoeu with Ue Yanku verdnt. mg Bur, Uc merchant, ateking the shelter of    “linee you batinut with any one heref'    | a lica, wu j(iad to ilaep away hia Istigues    “Hrr IT"    ! la tbe mnniiig he awoke. H it trasnr ateed    “I'u.”    j ■ u still hy iiit gida, bat Kekir—anfaithtal    "No, I gaeu I baintl Yeon tu 1 wu put-    ! Kehir 1 had duappearcd.    ,    teria'    artonad to ue what wu goin’ o>. and j Bjimor monrn.i tbe loss of hu guide and I thought I'd drop in here. I don’t want to ! eomforter bitterly. He iikmined carefully ¡be ‘Ull carteas, er kquititive, or nothm' the btnkiof tbe rfver, hot cenlf fiad ue ti«-,ie > bet wber’t tha clap that makti the nooapu-of ieoUtcps. EviduUj K.ebirhAd h'euwa pcrT” tbe tarrcat: aud had hew puniahed hy death    ‘‘Von mua the pabiiahcrt aad editortf’ for hit ingratitnde. The stream was broad, '    "A—y-a.a.a-s! sp«et them's'em!” so that the opposite hank coaid seaictly he The printer, wishing to get nd of tha born, descried ” “ —”—.    ...    ... evili will be blessiugi ^cn compared wiib ' md from that moraemt 1 wasaccnrted-^lotti bote wt hast eodnrtd. t>inrag(, then, dear-j lost! forever lost ta.1 ill ier paltry gold. atmetherl Oar worstIriili are pis!. andjDaaocd ipuitt, wnom 1 have ler.tto hell God will sustain ci under all which arc to are near me. 1 hear their csiriU. 1 hear come. I do not curse Ir. Shirp lor all the tlieirjclU—ohGod, snffcr them to devour evil he hes done here, sod yet i im inre tic' mc~ toac-nihilau me, 1 sk no more.” curse ot Qod rests npan him. lieaditinh'A The death ri.tic choked his further utter-rtilleu eye. his trcmbliPK band, his quiver acec; kisconval-cdltatnrrs btesme still and ing lip 1 I read it in lbs f see of his two - ,ns 'cold—the sunken eye gltjed—aaeh had lud lu Ills daughter’s wtnt-'n smile! 'Vcn- ceased to vibri’.e, and ali were aware Ustthe geiEcessmine and I will refar,’ u!th tke tpirit had dinartcd, to d»ell no more la lu rd of Hosts, and lurjy't ibulf be douc” h„aieofe.ay’ Scareciy had tke stricken gl.l ceased, whm .tad th'iy bore him to his lait resting place; I quick rap at the hail dcoreansed both moth- but no bend iif moarocrs futlussed in hii train cf and dnnghUr to l!irt. Julia arose to ad —no tears m ngUd with tha death drops th:t mit the visitor, and perceivicg who it was . gitbccd up-.n his ma.'ble brow—no'trem-iclaimed, “ Why, Svrah! is it yon? cv. blingl.Tin bent 'i •he eiclaimed, “Why, Svrah! is it yon? cv. blingl.Tm bent 'ow to catch the lut glim,ise cry noise startles ci now; come in and tell us of tha lov 'd one. as they laid him down to you bear your iflijciion.’’    rest, re sobs broke in lo distaih tke awful “Oh Julia! my heart is alir.ost hrokcn—oh | itillue:* ot tuat hour, barely he he had been what a wretchsd lome U ours I My poor i accursed, eiu «hy «re tha mcmhtrs of his mother, what can I do to safe my poor moth- : koastkald luissing now t Alu I his two sons erf I gomctimei think if father hnd been ksd bicomc oii.ipited at an early age, aod io alive, mother would nil have been ted estrey, i a qcarrcl t e eider bad given his brother t bat we have no fs'.her, aui are worse thfu i blow which resulted ia his deetb. Justice notkerUss. I havebnt ons kopy of her re-I drmsnded the Dfe of the other, which be formttion left, and thit hope briogt u.e here yielded up npoa tbe scslfold, to-day. I haveafavortoisk.wili yongract ' The wreicbtd lather raxed ana enried his It?”    God, bnt another    blow awaited    him. Uis “Anything, detr .*<    my power.”    only daughter bionght disgrace upon him and “I hen go with me. Jnlit. and help meto f:ed with her seducer, no one knew whither, plead with Mr. Shan. II lie can be luduced : i hit was too mnch for a mother's heart to to eeuc supplying my muther wilh spirits. I; hear-reason took her everluting flight, anil can win her haeK to sobiiaty.” ^    it the time ol her kutbind’s death she wu “I will go with you, and Snrih, plead with an inmiU of a mad-honse; where she remain-that hardened «retch u never womau plead cd till death released her liOu. her luflericts. with him before 1”    ^    j And what wu thelate of MsryT msy beuk- ••(sod grant you lucceH,” sail Mrs. Htt-jed, and in reply we will briefly say. that field, as they aro.e to dcjiBTt.    Frick soon spent his property, becamccissi A few minutes waik brought them to the ! patcJ aud viciucs, and soon west down to a residence oi Mr. Shsrg, where they found drunkard i grave. Mery made application ihit gentleman luted uu the piarza cnrared to her coule to uiisthcr m providing f r her ia reading. They we e glad to find biin five tatberlcss children, who were Uftentire-aloDC, and «ithbut waittng for n;i invitation | jj d,;,mate, whichrcqytit wu most jiadg-tu enter the honse they t ok |iaiiesiiun oi an i lugly complied witb. aa„ccnpi«d seal near hia »:id    begged permis-    I Alter the lieain    of Mr. Sharp,    Marv came lion to speak to him opai an    impurtaut luli-    , into posietbion ot    what remained    of her un How eonld a eoK cafeeb.ed hy la. and duunucM thmking tke editor would be ' IS a cvreit which no war-ha.-se , able to hold hu own wiU, the Yankee,“puaed    nuA at?    him” to the editorial sinetum whera 1 ankte tigoa, erou eould brtut 1 It seemed tow imposiihie to continue the pokea in hit hud and drawls out— pursuit with any chance‘f lueccas. Td how ' ' liaow d’ye den?” was it p-otiihla to abandon all hopa of tcain ; “Very well, sG!” Come ia, taka ascatl’ How Twax «at hUooiaxi lit Nouwat.—A new book of Travels in the North oi Europe *“'nt tha tnncxed panage : joined Me ttraam which wu Hocking to the ohurek, aad formed part of a large coogragatfosx oi oU toitt of ptoplo draticd in all Mrtt of eostnmei. “Eeipcetrble inhahi- ..eiug the truant Ga... T Whtui it sumrd ! Now,'toe, iay-.ditor.7rcñ;t"cTva'¿;'po.    jre^.di«    dif^y^círV.' certain that the wgnld be found, Boukor kso | ¡He. hut Plato AristoUe Smith was one at tke I    hiJh    wh^ cheated himself into the belief that he wu in > civiiutaud most ct-nHeoBs men not nf Gil _ j >**'f    ew»““W*od high whUa-wiuged a most ieroeibus state of i suit wu uaderuken for | Hut BOW thnt uc cine obligad toeonfcu that i were ftigoed, and thxt i Umpire* 18^4*^id herhui'^’what miokt ionr r..™, K. .irV    ’»?*.ll »*«-*»« and hobttil kept in order by on» disc bedleiee. Sc be ut withtrcmblxii “ on the drury hai-kt of the Danube. A fithe'man app.cacbed, and leeitg tbit | tain’t tho'l Squire, my name's iimc man of sorrow, asked whenoe he came and j :her'a!” mbd"gltl nU'.Sud“tiit^& bA»” kindly ; mbUi g lips bto^ied    .......    c„,    I    The    enureh    is    i    la.'ge    plain    buildiag,    with    a seeltg this I tain’t tho'! ^Sunik my ntme^s'um. 'u U- * what ailed him. Bonkor xltdly related hu story. Tne fisharmt''. having lUtexieJat-sentiveiy, acviied him to contmui his pu'sa:t. ‘Gut how traverse that mighty r.ver, tod who beiicelortb will guide me t '1 have a boat. l<et nsrross, and 1 will be your compsutou.' They oroiieh together snd iseutfated to. ' And hit name was ?-” “Uh! yeoo know oa.eht” s\ys the stranger. ‘•I helieve not,” laid the editor. "h? Wall, mv cime'i roinded iorm. Tae greater part of the bo’iy Ot thar.nureh G open without seats, peat are Her arranged along Me wails, and a gallery mat round two ends «ud oue lung tide, and ta filled with pe«s, which ars complete little rooma with tub windows aad cnrMini—no “Oh 1 ytOB don’t, same u 'utber'il Ha U Jethro Jumptr. ! 7“?:    ^ITrv'óraTre^ruii^tornVJIÜ” f    Í    lion ngainst the eo’ld in arch a bmldiSg ia a Norwegian winter, bat which would have fil Ooaaecticut. To w hat am I indehUd for this visit, sir? gether into the country beyond The land i P*l'»*fl insinuatu the editor. led n member of the Eceleiiologicnl Society with mdignation and disgust At an old went on admiring, nnt;! he cdibb to the hor- Jethro Jumper, terewmg np the ink until it    toltrablv '■    '^<»»‘ort*Ue.    ettend    rathe jeet “lime is very prvcioss—d m't know as I can wait to hear yoa, bit he hticf, wbat is it so important? ’ Sornh More replied, “Yon are aware, sir, of Hie wretched conditon ol onr fami'iv— you know what my mother wu when you first came here—jeo know whatihe re now. Th.- rie's (orttti-e. which saabledher to bring cp he- children camfertahly. -Medley, though f.Uea, bids lair to ri«c again, as the ‘’Maine Law ' has stretched oot III strong arm lor her redrmpti-n, and she is alrtody rejuicng ia being treed from the curse of rum. “Hot says It. reader, “this ix only a sto- derio! a rircr'.bas watered a paradise of moon tain: pliins, aud woods. ‘What is thenameuf this river?’ u d he. ‘The Dimhowrtz»,’ rep'ied the fishjrman. The meicbeot wu picased wah the upect of the p:ace, and prt,,;itd ths*. the; tbuoid rut As he sp Ac he perceived a little hot amongst the trees; and the two proceeded together lower is it A tr«mp'mg aad brushing ot the boughs attracted their al-teut'on, and suddrnlj Z'rih. aecoicp’xaied bv Kebir, came bounding tow fds the It waaeertain now that Seveiia and Gvza eonld no', be far otf bmkor made hi- guide proceed tawarui the hut, whilst be seonred the plain in the direction from which the mare and "s colt had come. lUdil so in vain; and, after several hours, fuuud himieit ouce more alonu, lost in the wiideni'.i — warm and hodilv J..,.    -    •    •    :    o»miwr».oie, •>;»« rather better in chnrch fu I    .    1- J .1. 1 than when their minds are nnxiouily bent on I ÍÍ7 4 “T"    frozen stale of their nues and toet. tUrtled and urbana editor. “Str. yen have ¡ ^he interior of tke eJmreh ii painted while. f    1-    SV •    .»    k 1*!»^ •®“* F'»^**lt here and there. ImmC- •fet^nt.nuw!” replies the tirpertnrbn.    ¡, e tsnkFn ■ •< hecw yeou go on nbont no- - r .    .    .    r    i"    >    .    . blc Yankee; thia'I” “I wish yon a good morning, sir!” “Ehl what?" uy I Yankee. "Goto thunder !” “Get eon:! yeou bedarned I Cal'Ute yeon tram behiad by astoircue. out of iha ehnreh, in a sort ot vestry room, ia ths alMr, round which a double railing runs; oue ciosa to it, at hi onr ckurehcs. the otier reaeUing out t long way into Me eharch, ecelcsiug a considerable spsce. W ithin ibis space tbe pnb. oe a might) big pankia, 1 eal Itó ; gre|a-a-t | Jjj    admitted,    but    the    whole    biida xqna.hes I yon am t nothin . no heow !    ■    ...    j    l,    .u_ ,qnu.hes I you am t noMin . no teow i    .    ^y    ut    there    ronnd    hy    the outer raaing. Just then, catching the glioip.e of a quario ¡    j^e    eeremoe.y    two    immeuu caudlVs Wtbitercoming at hit hwd. Me bora vacated    ¿ •he sauctum.and went down stairs rTP'oR. ' covered with a white Ueen cloth, whi.h wa. mtil he ctnie to the press-room door, through hich he bolted and brought up standing fay This lime he gave himstlf up to despair, an. the double-rsyolvine press o! the National first gitu of liqnyr iha ever drank was pre- rj. pniated up in bnlliaut colon by « heated seated by yonr hand. 1 well rceolKet the imigioali m. ' Not su. allow me to say. It timn, and thongh bat a child of e!tvej years, wou'.dhe impossible for me lo poitray one yet I shuddered as she tasted the I’paikiieg ^ buudredth part ol the wretchedness audmis-fievcrage and heard herextol its llivor. f rom cry caused by thst one rumieller. Eternity tjnt hour sir, she fa-s brvn nnduc tbe infla- :sloae will, or eia unfold it. Norcsn imagi-"Dcc cf the accnrsed drink; till oar home u-' nation idd one I’tmlosuch itarlimg fac.i.-koMmca hell, aori the btst cf mothi rs a de- 1 biy need nocomnng, noeitggeratian. Iney mon I .My silt.TI and brothers vainly iork ’ rp-ak fo; ihenistim ia thaoder ton-l whieli lo me for protection (r.m he’ fury «hen u,!) be h.ard by every iiitening esr, for they RitdJened by slroug drick, while fear of her are not conliacd to .Medley, out every city, self destruction ever hsunts us.”    , town or village cursed with the traffic of ar- ‘ Better be dud thin otherwise, I rsclt. jdrtH t,.inti, re-echoes the wailiog of the lo t OB.”    Aad who, I ark, would die the tempter's “Crnel, unfeeling min ! Is it not enongh I dc"'h T Verily, the ijeep of the druokard that you have mined US, wiifaont adding in- shvll bs sweet, compirtd with thai of him snit to the crime ? Yoa. sir, n'ged her to «h.. placed the cup lo his lips and urged him drink the first gitis; job tempted her repeat- Jocu to the dsrk regions ol despair, tdly by seudiug her a buttle of wfat you Kii'EI’i-k, lows, lb5;i. termed very choice iiqaor, krpt for special    - friends, and when you saw your work ot death ! progressing, yon still supplied her writh th' Uaverage she ersved. Our little pfoparty lelt t Mrewing himself upon the gronnd, wept.— As he!ty he hesrd^footsUpsspproeching. and pre» tbis ditlugnc feti ou his ura:— ' Come under Iho lows, Icve, the man ad-' mill that his compinion is from the south.— I li it should be he, we are lost.’ I ‘Nay, 1 hope Hbe not, aud ytt U it were—' ‘He wonld slay us both.’ I 'I’erhapi be has already pardoned as ’ ‘The aged are hasty, and strike before they I think.' •Bnt sometimes they kiss bcforethcy strike.’ h**d Cisrion of L'aivcrial Liberty, which being under full head ot steam, throwing off “the iar-geat eireulition of any other paper in tbe «orldi" nttraeted Jethro's atte- tioc, nmt-zin’l ^ “What in intkcsTeon doin’ on here?” “Take eare!—look out!” bawitd the gieasy and black preiimin, as Je'kro thrust his head and big hat nnder the “fly.” , “Murdetl Luok a-here!” bawls the Van-1 kee u the "fly" knocks him a rap over the Let Kmm lUcktui' Household W ords. TEE LEGEIfD OF BUCHASI8T. Ul by our father, the Iruiti of hit untiriag laduitrv, helps to make up yoar giiHetiug storo. You would not miss it from your abundance, bnt it was snltírirnt for all our wants. .Now we are destitute, not von are Once npc n a lime there lived, iu one of the Seaport tawDi oi Huluuia. an Armenian mer-chaut, crlehratid lor h:s .'icbei in lands, bouses, briiliaut siuffi. auJ preeiout itonei in it .11 if voB will ceasrto snno V    «**''**»'"»    “'‘1»«' »e posiession ol welcome to *» »H. if jou *ill cease to sopo y ^    d»„,(hier,    whose name was Gnxla, my mother with itrong drink, e ' “ . ^ known among lie youths and maidens ts the forpi r support ilsbe ein but be ai^    ^ f' .-i.’’“i ««fly age, spread throughout the whole euun- Guz;», shall we retara to Ihe hut ? ‘.N'sy I if he shonid aot pardon/Arc / ‘ ni fly, Sevcrin.’ The old man started to h.i feet. The first movement of tha lovers was to press together, at if for mutual protection, and then they rnsbed into the eld msa's emlrace, and mingled their tears of repeutanee with his tears of pardon. It ii iwect to be forgiven, bnt it is tweeter still to forgive. The o'd man, •peut the plearealeit honr ef his life, as be •triHed, with Guilt on one side and Severiu on the other—each sappartiag his footiteps— back throngh the woods and gUdea, towards the hot, wberethe good luherman awaited their return. Tbe happy family spent tome lime together on that spot, but at length tha fabcrmaa withtJ to go back to his host. 'Nav ’ said Uxukor, let ut not separate 1 will found a fit/ in this beantifnl place, and smad my wealth in adorning it.’ !sa ha bronght all his fortune thither, sum eollaeted workmen from tha tnrruundiug eonatriea, and they bnilt a eity, and etllrd it Honker Aske—the City ol Bonkor—tnd it it known ivca unto this day by the eorrnpted name of Honkarest, and hei becoma the capital of VVallaehia. Taka cart I—uka eare!” yetli the prett man. ‘ Take it off—uke it offl” “Pall OBt yonr head, yon fool, and itind oask.” ‘-Jumpin Moses!^ Stop the machine, till a feller gets lootci Now, git eoatmy hat, gol darn yon!” erics the Yankee. ‘ There—there it it—flat as a psn.cakr; take it, and slide I” Poor Jumper seized hia weli-smaab-ed hat, and drawing it over hia woollv head, he bolted down stairs in double-quick time, ytUtog— “Let me coot; want tn kill a feller stun dead with yeou gol darned eUrnai, oew-fau-gltd caardin mii( newspaper liiin'a!’’ «*1-    usf.    ou— I    Yher, Hoiikor, oltcu talked of marrying her to Jaita rep.ied, ,Ir. harp, I    uobie    person    of    whom    haetnld apprave, t or. the bar of a just God and    you    , j    j    „ loducncehM been led to commit. 1    : «-risí. viia.» *JvMntMiFNin« nfim*-L k •• r* eharg. you with siw.'tor crime, so dark aud ,    V*.    .““•u;’. k " From lha Sew York l>ulch'jian. A YANKEE IN A FEINTING CiElCEi ual iBto the    .11, However, Guzia at length determined to God to wilaess; tad now for ^aurowu laka, | "•H‘"will maulasTTad hardenedaia- | ,",:7^’^Vm ‘    mcytá    I'll lo.'. with thc bitUrncM I of Bgai grief, aud turniug uu himiclf, heapsd . rrproackci ou hii own btid for hii selfishaasi. Ji'jo Jnmper'i Imuhed Hat! BT J.UI Brwniniki. their prescBCi. .    , ,,,    .i-    j of agai gtVef, aud turning on himitlf, heapsd g. .‘¿""‘fthmv God ears, h^r*    rrprñtch..    o¿    hi.    own    b.;j    for    h,s    selfUhnL. drradfnl words I' "A'sver, nerxrl there, let me go, he is ac-enrted, 1 fed it ia tbe depths of my burning hurt—ht I hi ■" pssiirg in the m;ud of his gentle spirited daughttr? Mhy had ba not understood the reason that bad paled her cheek aod made her eyes downcist t M hy had ha not guaataa Tnli.w...hock.d.« looking into Irl . Uc, .he hccamc asare that rea.nn wss;    ,    (,al    he    determined to7o what 5ruVhH"i‘ma'nU hSm?, and f'.it tb.*t it i» ;    t‘‘ora*.uke' !h.'‘ylTgTc*íívÍ"a*n“i well that tbe iinconicioui inlferer eonld not i " c . ,o her nnt The difficnltT rul .. the “‘7 'i*<    ‘'V;    '    know ÍÍ what d.ruMon shí'had f “d,^ Z o\V;’lte.cred    t“rnt"'Ll¡i.Í:,V‘“‘“Gu^‘,;‘’h;¡ %';X...ha.tilyc^ motler,    "A*’*”** J 'J*"' i wonU been amr Iur her and bar lover came    two parents from two whose late wc hava never yd learned.    cmUran.    Tbe    dvse.trd    intint shall aid tha veugcanee of tba drsrrtcd lather.* Thc van. CoxiraninoKg.—Thu yonnster was of a hig^U sanguine temperament, was act vity it-•cu, and uimhle as aa eel—all life and hnoy-scry. Uf coarte, to talk philoa.phicilly to tuck a mind wu almost uscless. Still, he wonld bur you. “1 tell yon w hat it is, yuuag mtn,” uid mine host, “there are oniy two banka that I know of which don't break—the honk of mind, and the Itonk of urth. Ihoie two seem tube verv little *'uded by the people of our toy, tnd, indeed, aimcst nnkoown. F.very-thing it artifieitl, or rather .uperfieia! with us—ut, drink, and be merry, lor to morrow we die,’ seems tu he the common adage, and sedalcnily acted npto.” “Hinka of mind and earth I” aaid the ysnng man. Itnghing, “1 never heard of them. J ■nppoae they are located in the moon! ’’ • * Ks'rat nnit* kn far t\ft ** ««¡<1 Ifiinit ¡lAflf • ** f HArriE 7IÍ. ' gtaure ? Yea, old lloukui was makicg tarri It vows in hii owu mind, aod revelled in A few we linu I    I    ,    ' aalieiiretrd •laughter, w jvare mora have paaicd awi,, whca    ,|„k. eommitlad lo ii    ^    him    tb.    u    .nagcavulot    hi. .tl.tre, l.llcJ h.a own •ijk-''» »»rl®fi •'“»» lofly mlica distaijt    njuucy.aad    mounted    i    good    horta, i"?.    i®«    .nf.r«-r    to    tli    atole.    Zsrah.    Thu    done. t*''*»”! clsrgymiB, whose holy ual and    ordari    lo    drive    thc    colt    oat    of    the    ata- labors ol love arc Ihemct upon whirh many F,* IB Uat pirtod'«ilh I ■ u. delight tu dwell SiBCe wa Uat p the Dobit girl, vhakaa haewa what it was m hn drivca Irum her home, aod with h«ri>kr(a> iiad mother tnd hclplcia grandlath>r, rt- a,ad mother and «Mpl.^    ra-    „„’,gd    „„    u,..»    h«k,    away    ha    went moved to a I” / J*''; "8    I    toSaidi    thc    IWukar    -a.    al.„    him    m M'Fat ht aiprcted cama lo prat. Eibir, otter Iritkitg thsula iiitlv,began toaaall the air tod paw tha grtuud. aad ihcn, with fitih cumpellcd to labor lor thrir auppnrt It wtaaKsiUiDeJ altar her Istlier's deaifi I oi'jiiiiiil, aad Ib 'ogkttliratltfllarbtkiad, ouigaiutd gruoiid, tnd rama up wlih the that «renga a miu.i,r. ot auirp h. had    cg„tinn.d    lU    p    .rinit btcu ludnrvd to gauiblo, and lu Instilan one ««is way tbry trsvaled live long data, dnitng which limo they hailed cecitionaUy, a*h his haadsoma estala waa uojailly claim    w„,c» f** ‘A “I'V"»*>. .h»-»'- ®i»*«*. ®* i»* »*••• keep hi. vm’iu. in . .».!. of rarelr..alup.dity I    qhVVoTl    uTk    ‘ma.: ‘AV,    "it    u'/".'I? 'A-ageiucut ol heaa h«lu. tnd ll iU l.rad maaUr wtll did heiacrstd In leai than a moiilh Mrt lUtlitU was anmhvrad tmoag tha dead Thea cauK-quay darkaoiat daya. ilill Julia bora np with anrprialai liratntaa and torti tada. AtlanglbabrightoriBarniag dawned. Mr. Alica ralaiBadti kis native vill-ga for Ikt pun-oM al visitlna the irenei ol h.a fhildhood    ,t    „„ ,,,    g,,    _ ' The m/r.hanl moora.dnva, It, aad pwking oist grata, andcavorcd to maka , butil wauld aot. Tkaaht apart to fiWh wttor Iruin a ageiucut^. _ prulougcd Ikcwi ovtiniucb, iiiuiadad him el UM duty by an ti-iioua acigb. At length Ibi pour little luiiutTi itrcugth began to Ull.— Uiliaa of galliping or irettiag, 11 crept ttu«l; along, pausiag cviry now nod tkoa tu lock w isH'tlly from lha horitun to tha fact oi tbt tgr<! H'liiknr. Ua Ikt aillh d«y it could lorrf»nrniiiglsa<itkBown;biitr.riaiiiitialhal    i kia inqn.ry w.a .1 Jal„ tlsiii.ld-- .‘'“"‘"Vlbao; lUiag toforiKdol lha ahadusrt wh.rnbas .-ast,    '    |j    n    .wawr iruin a repaired to .V., ‘"Ú h . b    Ub Á U.    ’    him emoHoB. A    group ol wild hounn (onnd lha pinjmato of hit eh    Idho-ui, lor, rg.,tnug throagh    lire wilderona. aad • hum ha had wtf fhariahed a    toadaf gad    . **..* —n Taaii.*«.d holv alleelion; Who, daring hit jMraolaiiiJy    i    g;    jn    a    mart    Obteivtd Ikt lalat- uAu r.; wS eLA.'Ai'i- íTi : »• < »i"»i« ••«i    .««'•''‘'i    '»••«». lha apoa bright liar which atauird to thed lla light •' < '* * j gratalallv a aeathvd hy tkastorm whie. kad bnist in all ntd whea ka waa tgaiost tka BOS aeathvd ay taa storm waiea nan nnrei    .    i    ,g,    at    if to kbi har or fonlid# iU lory ovsr kir kca J a.d in I. si that are .‘    “q*™’    “    “¿“gj uionlkt alter, V **'>*/,V;‘*1* **¡!**re.7 ’ hut than tha itringar kaal lha aartk wHb kai .F. !íü!í F*    ‘^‘bT'b.t...    I»».    •••“»    «•    Md.amnpaniona. to Ikair Intnra plawo of rcaidcnro. Yki blip i'ta aid HSU kad, ara Ihia, niarad lalo rest, and waa far b«yoad lb* roaak oi Ws rldly joy • nr tarre* wktvN were rarcrriig impatiently to and Ire to tka disUaea. Tbay inoa ditappaarad, Hai rvlratkad, Aebtr waai fbiai'ftlly Tha door ilowly opened, and in came part of the head, hair, hat. and shonldtri. of a good-uatnreil loohiag, flax hairad, rurally railed apecimen of mtnktud, in the raw. “<'4>me in, sir,” repeated the alcressid of-licial. • En?” wu the cauuotii response of the •traogir. ‘ i say, Btcp in. The door being open, ItU tke wind in. and—’ ‘•LcU in the wind?” "Yes, blows the paper about, don't yon o5 s”r.i"uS ;i‘re"3    “•*'    “"-i"».-*!!*»- Lihcrty. Come in? " “Wanltokoow! What’inphcri, any hot ?" ‘ VV hat'a opl” cehnet the i liicial. “A’yn—a—At! Whit’s a goin'on? ' cub. tinned the stranger, with a itrongly accented Connecticut pvtoG. “OhI thia It a printi g ollies.” “Yeou don't atj mt “Yes, iw; never in one afore?” “Neverjin one afore?” “Aye.” “Wall, I rackonnot. Never wu in a pria-tin’ abop, 'iarkly: been in a taw mill, and a rardin' iaetory. Jett look at thatl" Ah,” aayi the official ol the priutiug of-got hurt tomeT” ibiy rob you of; and the latter—tbe bank ot rartn—from which yon draw yonriuitcoaoBe, if properly enlttvated, will pay yon very high intercit for yonr toil—will never deceive yon —never fail. Both tfacte binkt art xxs pnrt-nert^ip. or rather, ahonld ho. The pluw it the trtivc partner, bet knowledge ia the rbiel director. Whet la one withoat the othcrT dnat what 1 ahip to the midst ot the ocean would be withoat a rudder or eompau.’’ The young zunn'i coonteuncea here tiaum-cd a ihooghifDl mood, u mnch tt to tay, ‘‘I aevrr heard nf tnch tkicgi before. 1 begin to nudcntaad you, I thiai.” “There la uothiag more true, or correct,*’ •aid the pastor, who had ius! come io; “the very thing rec.immcnded by Chriit himself; Seek ye not ol tkinta which peruk, bot lay np treainrea in heaven, where mo« aad rust rerrnpt not;—taek yt lirat tkc kiudom of God tad nit rtghteonin'u, tod all thoac things «ill ht added onto yoo;—tbe kmgdom of ueevcn it within yon.’ In p'.ain leogutga, ‘seek sterling ntelul koowlcogc oclyre which shall direct yoa ta yoar daty *o yoar CrMtor, yonr duty tu yonrMlf, and yonr duty to yonr Dvighhort aroand you, tnd, ta a matter ol rourte, everjtbiag cite which yoa caa dreira to make you bappy shall ks adacd unto yen.' This It plain reatuniog. and tore.” “I heve nltcn heard this,’’ said lha yoaag lica, _ “Got hurt, tome? Wall, cal'lala I did; i - j ,    ^    ■„ got them tew lingert smashed ai tew darn d lliuderj. and that art, yeoa kin set, woe cot    ,g.d    mina    host,    “it    hu not become *fi.S _    I    auitc    Uthiunable    yet    to    ipcsk    plain    c»mmoc hnvcre opcrtlion, I gneat.    ,( geatlcman ol the iiuiv cloth at b.vere owrtliun, J^auu gnctt? Csl lata It ,g,. ,„rt|,y pattorhtre would be l I'tllc wsora "“¿v -^riS’ -ill?’’ stranger. ba duBC; ignorance would gradnalTy dcrreatc sod knowledge lake its place Trb t mt, tkat toy mutt coma, ud if our elerfymaa won't attia! ia the matlar, oinert will tnaa re thair ittad aud push them aside tt nteleii eoia-btrert of Inc gronnd."—Sortt, Ntcer, I believb. "Keer in a taw.miff t” "Uh, yes; been In taw-milli," laiJ the printer. “Hcfb it i ei'.ton mill, I reckon I” "Nseer waa." "Nteerwas? Jer-rcn-ialem I llaiitbren oraoand 'tall, mister. Uoght to too a r-iloe mill—obcal “ "I'vaao danhtthey era aomt pnmphiai," •aid lha p letcr, “Soma pumpkiui 7 darn'd al May bran' •‘Tbac'. typc-typ. I. etaa.''    i    *    -i*' A Ditcovkiv.—A ccrtaia dtoeon to oba tf our Muaachusetta towna, who waa a very (..ituitdvorttt lor tba etnaa ol temp rancn, tomb years tinea, oat hot inmmcr'i day, ei V rih n n I 1 11 b* ^ ployed a carpenter to laabt some allerationi g. 1 buT'what'i all this I•'• F*''®'’’ '* "M*tt»lt » *’»*’“« 0* th» n. 1 Hut what I all this |    j,    f„. ,g *.I si 1 hi .it »‘b «iiklDDswDH, loLa'mare's nett” was kreaghi to light, bird ea«. ehuck Inlloi riails Í    !    »’»“"*’*■'■*    •*"    ■"fhmai. m«wl jrerval- hlrd-eagei. chuck Ittllol naits.    brace    ol    dtcabUra, inndry jaga, lieoalainiag “suaictking tu tako”.- ••I»h, boi apartmcoti to pat Ue types in." iíAljU “Want to kaovl W l.aCt all this abeontf    ,,,,    ,o«ilv    re»»!,,. “^Uhl lakacarel 'Th»» • tjpc. **» «P ,\f;.tA\rglu,rtoí^ y t.p.o,ho,k.T   ehhaaksa.ii*;i;í;‘í';^:í;“ •‘Mischtil, yoa say? Waul to know, now,' £•?* II frft tkosa tklnii tkere .ibew ht af them darn tkingsUllall dsuwi, in that sort ■i' way ? Htow ot airik do yon get 'cea aet up, vi*T' “I'll allow yoo, iti! Thvrt, yen ii A, II, C, dk«. ■ “Aad to forth?” "Vit! lint ha carefat I Tkire you go, agaial Yoa set, F®®'»* »®®» •»«« daaatge, by t*tehiB( that nutter” "Whatntilrer Holidi.ralll I letehad, bo mAtler Hit bo-u old OB' Now I'etdone acrni'edthi-brtoiitee.fdirljiyMre iiwco " •'t nkaps bo did,” raturi ed Iho diecoecrtr; bat, dreeoi, thbt lea in tha pitchar mail hava been wall aoagulid to hava rembwod solid so loop btimal” Ion lay, Mr. .Snrliglct. that Mr. Jacocha was your tnlur, Do> a the Court uad. retold from ibbt, that yot rMeietd jowr tduralioi from him? ' No, air, Hy lilor 1 mrea ha learet rr t to Itahtrel llaldobtothMadaraiypaa, ihtj're play oa the Frenth hora. Ito tobghi na to til'tow .viritatre'awreahl "    '    l«wt-hbOft,    I    call    him my tator." •are euough. hy grehblag at a ialliag type "dhl »h* »>••« aadsrala^ yob diHeiwal y wb iloadtoi «bll»íi »k» Vtbkao «ori^ooí |    •*»!    Tho    b«»»    *‘l*»»» brought oeer that part of the inner raili op-poiiM to the altar, down the atcpi, and about ball way ont into the open space inelnded by the OQtcr rails; on this eloM. where it bnig over tire rails, garlinds of fresh flowers were fu’.encd, and on that part of it which was on the floor o' the church, little booqoets, taste-fnll; arranged in patUrna, were plentifully strewn. It «ss oa thu spot that thc bride tnd bridegroom had to stan 1 daring the great erpsrt of theFciemaay. M ben tke time waa come, the minister piectded tha party from ihc vMtrj into tbe space before the alur ¡ ht was dretted lu the old white starched raff which ont sect in portraits of d.emes of Qnecu EliiabFth’s time, auu wore a long black gown , withoat siccres, meetiug in front, tnd cnerU oping the whole fignre. Alur all the bridal partv had takco theii scett, tbe ceremony began ñy the singing of a hvmn by the eaoir. The organ was playimi and the eboir singing as at an ordinsry terviee; the priest then knelt flown for a shert time before the altar, with hit hand resting upon it, and bis back turned to the conartgation, as in Roman Catholic chorthet. When he roae, the bride tnd bride-groom also rote, and, coming forward, stood upon the flower-itrewn wbito linen eluth, while the minister developed a loag extern, pore exhortatian to them. He was remarkably tiueat, and most impressive in manner; bnt it mast be i most twful part of the ceremosy Ie w'    ■ for the poor young coupie who have to stand there—all the rest ol the party eitting roand in a circle—for a mo;ttl nail hoar, the ob- sirard of all observers -<Fd« the rioae at kis tihortatioB, thc old .atiBg to addrcn tke yonng people, tnrai, .ilcmnly round to where tha elders of tbe pt y were sittiag, and add retted them in aotk «{Fcrting terms u drew teert not oaly frem the bride and youug aud '•to ladiet present, hat also from atendcr-tioartcd little Otr-man tradetmtc of tha plaee, who stood next to os and wept copiously. We kad bought a few things of him in the morning, and tceug US iu the ehnreh he had come np to aa, and very obligingly aplaioed everyUing we with, cd. 1 heard afterwards «at the mtrrugaex-horta ion is always eontidered to demand a careful display of oratory en the pfi of the pastors, who, uulesi they e iB drew tears, eon. aider it I failure. Alter tba exkortation, tha minister taking a look, aaked qaeatioai al tke bride and groom, to which they bowed Me hud in answer; the btidt then pnlliag otf her right-hand glove, tnd taking «c htad ul the bridegroom i« hers, they knelt down, tnd the old pastor, laying his hand on tkeira tfcos, prononneed them mwa and wile, and then placiug hit hands altenaately on etch of tbelr heads, prayed for them and proaoaneid btesiingion «cm; this tnd the precading port the old man did to a simple, imprtasivt manner. It was, I thoagbt. much more etriktog than anythieg to tha Englith larvicc. Tha ronple then retarncd to Meir leati, and, afar the ioteniagol some prayert ky tka prieat, aud the singing of aiether hymn hy thechoir, Ihe whole threg coneiudcd by the old man giving thi It sweeping boas to thc congrcgt-tioa OB the three sides of the ehnreh, and marching oet We met him afterwards re the street tretlieg slung in fall cinonietlt, IB the middit oi a Bumber of the bridal com-rauy, laughing and joking, evidently «e lEo and sonl ol Me party. Tax Sooixrt or Lapiu —The followiig pcrtineot remarks occur at the riota of aa article on tbe dangers ol ‘ College Lilt,’’ from tha pan ol a New York cltrgymaa, «hick appeared la the Nen York Tim«si - Tha society ol ltdiat has doaa mack for me til my life long; and it was the telnury, soltaning iadaaeca ol inch aesociatioat that, with God's bicsiiog, reatrainod mtlrom maiy so tieess into which 1 might otherwieo haea heen ltd wkila rtviiving my edncttioa ft it a had sign when a yoing mta hu no ralisk fur snch company. Whetcvrr bo a maa’a staion in Ilia, whether higbar or lower, pnh. iia or private, ke wtll becoma a hetlar man, and escapa many a disait r, if ht will ImUb, ia dne leaaeo, to Iht eoiee ol tka iatolligait ■ad reliatd amoag «a olhar t.i. Not oaly do «oy gentraJljr ticti ni ia tksir nice per. rcptioB of tha proprietias of life, and in taeir taader lenM of duly to bo« God aad moa, bat thay art (qoally kefort at to thoir to. atiactiee timlily of lorcaccai tvil kolore it IS upon us. tnd of wiaely disctrareg tki character aad motieai of mta. It was not all a dronm which moda tka wile of J alius Ceatar so tniions that kt shoutd not go to tha Cbaiaktr oo tka fa-tal Idas ol March; aud, hod ka eomplted • i« bar entrwaties, he might knee ascepod tha daggar ol Hrnlus Ditaeter loliowae Ju- astor to tha career of Nepulnoa. from tke time Ihit he ncascd to taei tkc kaluae.wheel of Joaophiaa'i inllaeaea oo ku iaipttaoii spirit. Car ona Wathiogtoi, when importaal qioa-lions wire tohmitted to kirn, oltea kas sold I bat ht vImimJ likt to atrry tka sahjaet to bis bed.chamkar biiora be had lormad bis dtrit-ivu; aed «me aho kaww the clear jedgeweal •ad alcvalad pnrpusM of Mrs. Waskiacteo. «ought til tke kctter of him for wieklag In latke her « eonltdenliai eonneillof. Iadw»d. the gtfit mejorilF of m™ who hiet Nqnirad Ijr «cmHlvri e gs»d ond great name, were ..ot oaly    ■*!'x’.i*.‘married. ho h"psired»“'»matoh4d.'' WorX cera yoar eaa park, and lao k«w iweat itnill hel Work, tad see kaw well f„awill ke. Wark, aad oeo kow ekeerlal yea will ka. Wo.k, tad art kow tadapao. you will b«. Work, aad tee kwn rail-giooe yoa nill be; tor, before yea ktow where yea me, tostMd of repret i' ll I’rweideaoo. yea wiU fiad yeartall ollerto' »p iboake lor tU tha pnmoraw hlaaitoft yaa «bjifs I

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