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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - May 26, 1853, Cincinnati, Ohio VOLUilK X.--N'»- 45. am ■ ■-------j- A PAPER fOR "THE ffiíELiOSt" —IHRBPEIBEIT II AlE IHIIGS, NEUTRAL II NOTHING. ~    ClNClNxNATI,    THURSDAY    MORNlNíJ.    MAY    20,    WA ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. THE GH3AT PACIFIC RAILWAY: The World's Qrand HishlP*7i that shall fill the Cap of our Coaatry’s Prosperity. I »n \ t ..> onil hour lliii proiyjritp couBtrr teem» replete with increifing iinpnrlince ; rjtendinp, ai it now due«, Ironi the vaat .Vt!ialic to the I'acifi eoaat; «e know of no three thingi that have ill tuBterially amel ornled the condition of mankind aa the invention of raiiroada, tolegraphv and llie art of printing—all grand engine! fur tlie duaei.iination of knoo ledge. Uailruada being a .1 ind ainnibilatur of diatance, createa that facilitjr of acceaa that ¡Tenable! uv to make that «jieedjr com eyance in pcraon, of our opin-/lona, iJiat niiDj’farduUntiiationa arc a|>ccdily Iwuml to adopt. J^\,<5reat kaa lieen llie increaac olthe W'eat l.y uieaiii of Railroada,and I »lew placei !.a ve bet n lo greatly benefited thereby as the Queen City. *^ Tlio>e who‘live been three or four years absent would siarce reeogniie it, so great has been the improvement. b«|uares of handsome and co«tly edifices spring op in all diri etioiis, and our iiiercuants and iiiechai.ics all seem t) partake ot the vast advantage! accruing from this being a grand central terminus o numerous Railroads—our city expoits baving increased SO per ct the last sia months iii cuiiscguence. In the vast eslent of domain before us, a great field of labor prtaeiiU itself j aoO Uieoyes ut all nitiODS are turned towards the United States in eii«oiaUon oftlio construcliou of a mighty Unlroad, tint can not fad to be the grand highway of the world-the completion ul whnb lliall bo the brightest page lu the aiiiiaJs of nations, ancient or modarn. Not like the great Kgyptiaii Pyramid», standing f-r years, tokens only of remeiiibranCo of the illiivtriuus desal.Tld of no’ utility to the living; but it sbill be the glorious tnesus whereby tlie populous nations of Asia shall be developed, and gate with admiring wonder on our people, wli .se liberal opimona and governineni have brought about such gloriuut reaulu. China, williher tline hundred iiiillluiis of people, as well as India, will fend hei rich pioducbona through tlus S(>eidy, aa well as advantageous rhaiinel of traiisporuiion to i;uro|m as wll as Amenes. 'IV people ol A«ia, long egotistical and indivpo-od Irtrni the nature of their government, and long adherence to ancient customs, shall, hy the facility of accea toward ut, hive that opportunity to in.ostiaite tiie henefits we enjoy under free and Itlmral lawi, ibU niarki our country aa lire most progressive ol the age, and the grand liarbnigi-r of freedom throughout tlie world As.i slmll >>e waked from lu lethargy ; her inaaeen shiM b,.ulig'ilened,ina the present conlrittcd views ol her people be sepplnnled by a love of liberty cor«emtl to the |M-oep.r,ty end htppineH of nfion. K im; evn rotiimeree «lone, now earned eround tho t ape of Oood llupe, It found hy o«cial returns to employ t,«T ve-»ls, imoinuiig to l,tldl,l; s. Urns, end 6S,b70 men siid the annuil value of luports .lud eiporls at ;>i2i),000,00ü. ..diluewitii every resulting fmm a voyage oRen dangerous ind |wulract»l. ll .w enoriiioo. Üie increaw, if the aotedy ,'m by railwty 1-- adopli-d. P.Ry Ihoueaiul Xwms trarel ..croes the plams yearly, will, ull the hardal.ipa in. eldest to it. An iiurrste ufen foid nil made SlloOOtl persona, aid it will greatly r« tod Ihvl aroount, which, it the low price of JÜÜ a passenger, will pioduto n’:-u iuillii::t ol dollars from psBseget and two million tona ef freight at per ton, forty million dollfi neaie (so.l the .mount will Im fir greater instead of lees) nokiog ike aiinual lee-ipls, at a very low calculation, BRy-five million dollars per tiiooiii. The g.Memmenl owning most of llw Isn'l,''    ‘    "tv'fo'ed by Ibem by veiling homis 10 the tmoo.t of .my «olhon. »f d-IUrs at I lime, and pul a large ftuee id'lthoreit ou the road, compteimg iklly 100 or 20» miles at a liinn. It >*ill ^ ‘bn luaUi.g Inmediilely ..f iii.iiy towns along the line, and he uuhe ......nuwni III case of invasion. both on the ground of humanity and economy. Although many pb ns may bo tuggesled, this will be the only desirable one, and will be fully a'lstaine I by the people. double Iraek would be preferable. It la a step imperatively demanded by the great growing Weat and South, and «ball arid va.t lone |e our trade, and shall exist in '"ir distant years mementoes ofoiir country’s increasing glury, and brilliant commercial and civil progress. Vast lines of steamers shall crowd the Pacific coast for .\»ia and South .America, and wc shall be brought v'iibiti six days’ travel of tho great Pacific, and the vast country that ii.ler«eue> auJ bears the iuiprint of savage looUleps—now bu; wild and uiiculli-vated wilderness, tho retorts of the wild beast—aiiall become, perhaps, classic ground, and beaiitilul rcsidonces for tlic comiort of millions. Multiludi s of cities shall occupy the spot now but the hunter’s grounds or Indian wigwams. Towns shall spring up fir famwi for scieneo and inielligeiiee,t*d atlachiiKnt to our Republic—uno(|ualed by any other in aoeh glorioua achicvciiirnu, and a beacon of light to ihe world. Great statesmen, riie in your might and fulfil tlni ard mt wishes of your constituent» in making immediate appropriaiiona for the road. L''t tlie bonda ol the government be iinmed.alely told—and let the government own the road—and conilrnct it from rfl L' Uia via .‘it. Joseph, .'iaiila Fe, to ban Francisco. Nearly oiie-sixlh cf the people of California are Chinese, who become daily more pleated with Anieii-can cuitoms and lawt, wIIiMi tiy their willingnet lo p.irlicipite in, tho more ready lo a,aprecíate they betouie, and are |uuneers from llieir own land fir an entire new order of lliingi, llial it givee them much pletture to communicate to their own eountry-men, for Ihe general amelioraUon of tlie condition of the masses there, which can not fail lo bo crowned iiltnnttely with . siii i ess at thit day almoit impn.siiite to form a conception of flio Republic of Chill almost mouupobacd llic trade of .America on its wetlern coast; but sieer out sctilemenU on tho P icilic,.'>an 1 ran-cisco has taken almost all the trade Valpiraiso hsd—.ind this ill in so short a time, without even 0 Railroad to coiirset ibis vast country together—thec.msuuctioii of winch would > vistlyuiul-liply our trade with Asiatic (Mirts. J.sst year the liad» ol Cmua was lliur fold thil of Cliili; but gf.l as this luereatii was, it is but a inite to what it shall be, wbcii lliis rtuowneal liigUw.iy of naliuna iliall lie completed. Kurope will be obliged In transpon llrniigh ll, as the rxpedi-lion will render a a must dos rablr cbiunei, ami prove bcueUeial lu the liigheil digree to them, and highly liii ralive I., us. It will be the cruwniag tel to fill llie mcaiuie of oiif couatiy’s glory, aed ofio Iiidis|mnsable e cbireeler, that our t,.pre.ei.t.ilivat iu iheNtlioii’sCoiiiieil.ln n»f've»ing a, or ire,nnt it with any luke-wariiinesa, will nut be luUillmg Üie mission ol ibair cioistilueiili, I he task le easy—as a. eompliabiiieiil, llie grand deaidi rslum ol commercial wants. U la b. be Imped that t i.iig.e.. will give to no Company quanliliss of land earh aide of the roa.I, a ad let them eonttruci, for m could compens.le the people for U.-v had deprived ihrm of. let union of H-artbe 111. waich-oid-.o l .......... >i ’l d.term.u.ti..n lo ar- eompliah th.a nobln e.terpr le. rn. i. a bol to  .....  country beak IU the rl b. < glory, a»J pr""’ •    for    the world. Tsvo hiimlred'Anilllons of doiltts v.ould i ontlruvllba ruid,iud a revenue, when eon»liutl*l, of one-tbii l ui oiiii lourllt of the .mount be derived by Ikelgbt and pa»ia,.u, y* "'ly. I.o'eiuun iil baa ordered Ihe eiarev of llio mule, aiui Ibi moil favuisble and ywedy action on :bt lubjucl is auiu n»iled —/ty J Ji«ni Afirrof ^dftítíj Calt. ] ¡« the bedgc, tnd IbecMi b graiw IkIow, | so iü-o.gly on besi.g I about brm. THE KAJOX. I .ff.,... . . I.....!    ,1. a. I ■    1 ■■■■'■,'■7 o —.aeseeaoJ the Apoitlea " nra»t Idiiaibip, «nd ol sraom be w»aiioi» epaitner, r ia    VV    i. *“" •‘'l>«'ácd on lU being done, tiat I consented, his mtonished vuion. I>a the aiernding : 4 ------- ’ j ^eút ttd piirHn” ehl“b^ And    P*^»™    t»"    «>*iíh    led    to    ine    eburrh.    Jariuc'    Plain-    ‘    4 and aa be sses koneit, ie ea, hee.isuma, end a ml geatlesnan in lllK Pa/AI. tooth. Kverv amell caentryr town end rilltge iu I rndc beed slouet, I niora! ',et ' a tbeui «(Ur !«tel paay own l.vhiou. il «ol prrcifWy « co.-Ji.g |o i j.,*; tb«t e( lUrrey I had *l one time a trausrcnt abo crntKin, «nd in t twinkling the tootb wte ottt. land waa seen wrtb bia family, A poedar-11- their onion. Alice wei e kivelyr girl,awact- upsred, and biebJy lecompliahto,end Heir. . pi riutiy adarast her. They commenced nv why amoegst j-itic gmvca, and ; liaslag paid me tk lee, tha patient deitber- ous negoa drawn by two pairei stnm^ien, ■ Impured, aod bigbJy tecompiulaej^ind Hew- bu driven by the farmer, wbi> appeared lueuel-, WM    lent ham»r. and ia a blar frock, Mcb av h    -.r'urtnHÍ« w a style el esmpte slaps i , I .t • . .    ,    I    J    I    ------- "I— --------r--—---uarose    were about his farm. Hii wtfeand dtoghlers'seiled te .thefr itnading aad cipectatreai, raneyr lor tk stady    ot    pkrcaoi'    xy,    aid    stul    ,    m my mine, caused    me tuddealy to thmst a    weim arraeed in their beet silks and sweetest    and dnrin? leeertl years,csjoyed ibe swceu , lr.i»nifke7nV.t nnfe V<.r«revmu~end iTnhs    /**““•** k»»‘I ol ibipertiag tbc ccrbr^ dc- jigblcd cindle closc to bil cyt*. TbcytcTcr    smiles.    Ilia sou, a yoBDg    city mercbaal,    d coatente.d competence and    reaaonable proe I Ireland has not onJr «clergyman and a phy.    I,eUptmtntjof ,,try 1 mcMt was blnkcd, the papili were filed and di.'tLded    '    ■    .    ^ . s    . r. , . w    ,    r-    v aiciau at its eipccial property, bat it also pos- , therefore with eoma - ■=---.l-    i    -i.l.j    . 1    .«“oeo, Krwit came Ik to any that the aOmr of the Inat bag waa all elearwd np. Hir aJdcat ion bad jnat ictarked inim n abort journey, aad laid I’tmcnt, her pereota rhcerfolly consented Í that, wantiag a bag tn fill with oaU, to feed bis horsee hy the way, h* bed emptied the wbee; lahP the granary, and naad the bag, li.-ÜCd'immiBg tllbe miecbief be waaeceaaiua 5g a* aoeoini Mischief, iadeed, lor though rsjHsw' -    .    -V If wrapped up bia tooth, pot it iato ket, reec, »nd wislflhg new gesvg aight, i "It to depart, wban a lespieivui wkHrharoae were about hit ftnn. Hii wrfeand dtnghlera'sfiled te” .thefr itna'ding aad cipectatreai, Hrs.lHs«iird''fecerred'every attewtwa, sT>« aerei reeeeered from the ahach, aad aftr r lie gtring a fase moaUra, dtad. Bit Mr. Howard got his rxpected letter from Ohio, and, after the death of bia wife, departed for that Bute With bia monrning famijy. V\e beard aiterwarda that he wea ia ■, coed circi.mstaueca aa a dark of a bank, that I .Alice wis married to a worthy young firmer, lend that her brothers were at college. Bnt lAuntSamh often    speahi    of    Mr. Howard    at soon foand employinestu a    elcrk, ata imall jone af the many    victims    to    the iojustice    ot m i«?l.l“ng tté meriU a^d’ defcit. of the ^    ík'uí'.‘VeUrníd't“h^    ^    s..    '    hi"*’»'    hi*-.hiP t? hi* -k-¡ in.    Un- ¡Ífrtahlí: ««» her pareut.    h.^ «‘1““.!“»“ Medical Charities Bill.    liaving    partaken    of    tea,    aceoinpauird    L’    im    -~-~. A pJcasaut infcn, though rather addicted to    innffins    I    wmi    to    Led    and' UiuiugtothjCaflieor.nyotherwar in Which tiling dentist. Led by an idit impuls,.,which ut maypiea.ciit,a.theeur«lei«indi«cDMing I could not then, nor can I now .rcouutfor, borne. He made his way with tueans allow. He was dctemiaed to bare ev-unerring accuracy to the hotel, and the gates . ejytbing done decently and order. Hence, | vri.a upmuM Ul • Ul^niwrUACO, I WU KOI« lO ICC  --------*..    •    "-T    -    -    ,'T    .    t    t    ,t     '----e  i —a    •    him    Ul    h)j    foum    Without    ittnctmc    oUerf»-which I the fMhiooeble error oí modfrw eduiselioe, tyMiiK;    ^    I    tber    rewdily    uiderxtowd,    v^hiCie    WM    duly    I    iBd    while they iptred lo expi’ioM io áccom- koDMt becauM be is poor. I that'helTad’lTlt bVaa early eonreyancc ‘hie freight was immediately Isnded.    I    ’.bit whieb renders woman good and valaable ;_,    jB    Ijevottibire.    in    those    days it was custi,mary to rarry a «earth. The young ladies were taught to looked attcJitirelr at the dentist ■ h' wu nnllatien to church, si hen thev rctnaÍDed en- i sonceai under the veil at politeness, every de ■■    •    .    ■    ..    .    '    lil    the    ailemoon    service.    Tne    farmer,    eiiu    ..    .i.—.    ..    ..A    <, was food of good living came amply prepared in tbii respect. The wagon wra drawn beneath .the spreading branehea of several large oak '(lijh ; ^'^** *°‘* * formed of boards wu spread .       . j which was covered witk a i;uautity cf viaode | bv as of uocooitqueace, or avoided as iegri-tliB sufficicctfor a moderate pic-nic. The young .ding- imeii had procured green boughs with which ilrs. Howard was therefore incapable of replied tbe dentist - “he took the ornamented the rade vcbicle, while the j peffofw>i«e the labors of ber household, and Icct of temper, to please, to dazzle, aad to seek ^dmiratiuni but the virtue and gracea .hat ccinititnte tbe wife and motncr, aod the Jimestic education which rendert a woman «pable of managing her house, were ptsced Pisffllanc0us. be sUnds upright—daucei Jim Crow with all |    disposilicu      —    - the ap/omi ot a cauiue Taglioui—eiecntw the ! any thing uurivil, b-at oue of two thiugi I uaval maiimusre of swimming on dry land, n,onh,„. and that instantlv—your life, or and tbemiliury oueof beatiug tbe drum.—. the best tooth you have iu your head! ho look Bunty'i accomplisbmeuU in short make him ¡.harp and take yonr choice.” the delight and admiration of the whole ju ' ’ Capt. 11. Lilia, —th Regiment, E , UcTonsbire.’ ” veuile portion of our community; while the crcature’a luviug nature renders him equally tbe favorite of the mammas, as they feel as . sured that no amount of provocation, whether addressed to his paticLt ears or much enduring mil, Hill ever cause him to bite or even auarl at their teasing darliogs. Our majar, after the fashion »f most halfpay officers, is ofte i, according to our natiou-alsayiug, “like a Waterford merchant. Very busy', w ilh uotbiug to do." Here, then, was the eiplanation of my poor „T>L,    .    I    .friend's    inouamania.    He    aetnally    died    the ;;The extremity of terror le.torcd “J VKrtim of somnambulism. And such was my I first adventure u executor of a will. voice. “Would it not do, sir, to rertore yon your owe tooth agaiut ' I gasped.    i “\o, nol” replied my vision ihskiug bis i head until tbe gold spectacles slipped dow,. to the ve'y puiut of his long nose; "I think I’m a very good naturcd fellow to give you I the choice; a» which will you part with—your life or your lootht ’ “My toothi” 1 exclaimed, lU agouv, and mstautly the appartion, with as miirh dexter- FABHER FLAIMLAHDS ’. ISIT TO CHURCH. fV C MI.VOT WENDCLL. few, doubtless, have forgotten the exist-ence of a venr singular law which was en- . ------ --- ----- .................. forcc J Some fílty > ciri líuce. Itwastopre- lilt snuff-box, bis newspaper, hii garden I ¡i-„ ¡f (,e had been bred a dentist, which ; vent absence from the regular placea of war -jd Ilia dog, would le.-ve iudilfereutly tofill ..... '     .    o.e,    ,.e    t      t, npthe long hourtof a lummer day, were it not for that valuable source—and let stern aud Ilia dog, would ie.te iudilferptly to fill «rhapt iádeñd th^e raacarivas, iulrodúced bis ¡ ship on the Sabbath. Like many other laws, it lorceps into my mouth, and utally    extracted    was more actively the small coun- a fiao,    touud molar toovh. Look here,”    I'ry towns the city or its anbnrba. The philosophers, whether iu trowrsers, pettieoatt, ¡    h„    „,(„|h,    and    pull-    I    Jus    ices    in    those days had acareely work inl- or bloomers,    say    what they    will,    it    ia    a    vain-|    |j_, *j,h Rig lingera,    “see the    ’    Lcieiit to tnstsin thcir profession, while the able,    aud    by    no    meant    exclusively    fuminiae    Ipg^ity    has lelt.”    people, in some cases attended more closely { tbe time puied mutt pletuuliy. Tbe sermons of that day were entirely loat upon the eougrvgation, who were too kurv (laziag at the prominete pew of Ktrmer Plain-itnd and its iiiignlar inmates to hied anything else. His triumph was complete, while Kit cDcmict were cuinplitely nonplussed auduut-genrrtlled. Alter serTlcet were ended, some of tbe el-dera of the ehcrth lignilied to him that “be might remain at home u rUen at he pleated, and he would never '.gain be subjected to a tine. They added, that as bis KUtiments were of so ueculiwr a nature, perhaps it would on tbe whole, ue better tor him to do as he hitherto done. “Ur, in other wordi,” said the fanner, as he took leave of them, “I can now beaUowtd to woribip my Creator accordiug to the dictates of my own coutcieucc.'' -A TaaiLuao btaji*.—The ship Trade Wind, which took fire on her passage from -Vew iork to Ban FrtnciKo, had among her patsengen eight mitiionanes and tbeir lain-iliea.scut out to Caluorout auzUregun, by the Hums Missionary .'lociety. Oue of iheni writea name the foUowing dcseriptioa of the were retuined, eouKqucntly leeneon board; were more mouths to feed, an^ I Oa tbe morniug of the twenty-first day of the nuusekecping, the.'e was I unr passage, when ia latituile 1 deg. 14 mint., paid weekly.    j    and iongitude 32 dogs. 3s mini., one of tbe resource—cosy, gosaipping ckit-cbat. Uur major is a tborongh but must harmleti gossip. Une might taucv him poiseised of that uure-ptu celebrated 6y Haut L'hriitiau Anderson, which when set boiling, eommnnicatcd to I lUowner valuable and authentic information as to what every one had fur dinnerl Not only san the major tell yon precisely how much the fillet o( Veal whMb the Houorable .\lri lie Vere bad for dinner latt Sunday eoat per pound, but he also knows to a fraction the price of the curate’s Sunday beetiteak, and the doctor’s Monday xutlct. Betides, hr cultivates with succett kfiuwledge still more There wu bdeed the space where a large ' to fneir neighbor’i tfhiri than their own, tooth had been extracted, and I remarked that ! and instead wf altei.dmg to tbe termoni, were often gazing about the home, in order to THE BAO OF WHEAT. mark the vacant seat of some neighbor. After several addresses, the delinqneni wts sure to it was the only oue delicieut iu tbe whole rauge. “Well,” conliuueJ my IrieuJ, the fellow pocketed my tooth aud then said ’— “Now you most promise on vonr honor as    .    ,    . a gentleman, thU jon will gmserve my tooth I the solemnordtml of a eountrv conn. aa long as you live, aud ji.abr pru.Uioa that j Intheto-ncf K , a few inrlv» wtrt after your death it .hall be vtreiully iuterrcd | of Worcetur, dwelt a worthy farmer ind his with you. If you don’t ” Aud with .t ' happy family. He wu postetied of what in meaacing gesture the hateful owner of iww i those days was considered a large fortnee— departed u he came.    |    about ten thonsaud dollar», which wu ctre- Kllis opened tbe little rouud bci, aud ii- ; lullj invested in safe mortgages, heiidet more BT XkB. tTDlA J. riiuaoi. “So it seems wt have gota thief ia onrset tlement,” remarked Mrs. Lreen to a compa- uteful than this culinary lore. He knows, to I ¡¡¡¿¡tej to me carefully tuclnstJ in cotton, the j tnan one hnudred acres of available land, utchiiowu expreuiun,the“int and outa” of ^jjubtable loolh.    |    M* had one grievous fault, for so hiso tbe domestic and financial affairs of every oue residing in onr pleasant sea-side village; even the stranger within our gates is not exempt from his friendly surveillance; and were he so inclined, be could make u much mit-cMef tmoDg ut u if he had served tn apprenticeship to the twenty old ladies in F college, nu two of whom are ou speaking terms. Uutonr insjor, know ledge ispow. cr, is thnrouvhly good natured, and it never I reallv knew not whet tt aav; it wM cer- i neighbors termed it; hit attendance at ehnrch ttinlyverydiHiculltorefraiufromlsughiuK, |WU by no means freqnent. His residence but my pour friend was so much lu tarui-st that 1 merely remarked— “It was a pity the good spectre was not sat    .    ,    ,    ,,    .    , isficd witn runmiDg nis property, lor really, day of rest, both for man and beast; therefore Ihistoolb is so exactly the tamt size and ¡be wonld uot allow hii horses who had per-shspc u your others, that I thiuki! would have I formed their labors all the week, to be dii-exactly filled the cavitv.”    ' tnrbed or used, hence the family were obliged _____   .    ,    "It was «range,” said Ellis, withont no- 1 to walk if they went at all, which was not cf- to well pleuedu when occupied in rendering 1 tieing the remark, "that alter such au agiU- ! leu Ihe cate. tome little service to hii neighbort—lesersingLin,    ¡ fell uleep, aiidilipt' Now the farmer was by no metai a skeptic to himself the privilege ol accemplithing it I «mudlj uutil Ule next morniug. I awoke le- ' npou the poiuU of religion. Un the contrary with a rather greater amonntoi f usa than niu-1    nnrrfrrthed, and returned home hit family was assembled every Sabbath mom- allt occupies the launching of « sevenly-fonr. j,    ,, yottible, very thanklul that the i iug in their sung parlor, wnile he read to It IS, however, in telling atories that the ma-1 did'nol psu w ithiu tight ol a church- ; them portions of the holy acriptnrcs, and af- jor shines. ’True, we the denizens of ’1-Lver since that time my health hat tcrwanlit sermon from the published writ- have beard hit stock in trade repeated until Lion), hut,urely declined; not, perhaps, ont-' ting of some popiiiar elergymii But the He know them perfectly by role, and art quite I    I jnd („1 ¡(,,nnv liiiiir will envy which the prosperoiii are always snreto receive a summons from the sheriff to appur i ny of ladies who w ere assembled tronad a before the augnst Justice, aud pass through quilt, each bntily plying herneedle. “1 should hope not,” said -Mrs. Grey, "I have uerer haacd c{ a thrfl bai'ig uuumit’trd ID this neigbburbo id.aod we aie all eiccu-ively careUte, leaving our doors uuiailened diy and night, and our washing out tor days togetbe. aud never once dreaming that any thing could be stolen. “'fhat is true,” replied Mrs. Green. “Me have never bad a lock or bolt upon our door; but it boeomes ut u> be a little cautious uuw.” “Mhat has happened, Mrs. Green'. ' iu-qnired Mrs. Lacy. I think you should Uil ui what you meau.” M eilthen,” said Mrs. Green, “thongh they talk of keeping quiet as the surest method of detertlug tne thief, 1 see no barm in telliug it, for ubere can be no doubt as to who tbe wretch vas more than five miles distant from thi meeliug-honse, and he had imbibed the singular notion that tbe Sabbath was intended as a “You mutt knowr that -Mr. Frost put np six bags full of wncat, to take to mill, last Saturday moruiug, but something prevented bis guuig, aud wheu he went to the barn yesterday, to lake it away, one bag was missing. So }<u leeitmuit bavebeeu tloleu between baturday and yesterday, which was Moudav.’ ■‘But who it tuipecied ol the thtlti ’ uk-ed one. "Uh, as to that, you know, as -Mr*. Gray an/ait at the catch-word which ie inre to i    (j,, j^ead ot Umt liend’s ven-. experience, raised up cnemiei agaiust him.—| jaji, we have uever had any dishouetl peopl draw forth each particular talc; but as the I    will    embitter    my    Jyin;.    mon.^.    Is.    uu-; Nor was h“ much surprited one morniug t« «mougsl us; so it mutt be the poor laiuily '    et,    you,    mv    old,    tried    Itieh.l,    will    promise    m;    rcceivea    ,¡sit from a ro.iieqnential ihenfl I that moved into Mr. I'rost's old house, .a*t .    1.    .    1    *1*    .L    w.aUa    .    wad    sasiil    I    aa*i«L w aiitsMniAvi a tiA    tn.    snvaki lkt(!{ V }*«•- i M«%a.* k    ftlT    CXliCci    OH    IQ    tA)OU df tOf pnblieitUrgecanaotbetnppMedcqually in-lf(t,        .....    .    •    ,    .    ,    ■    ,------- •tructfd in thes« legcDdt, 1 recount oue which I,PC njg buried in T—— fhur(*h>di»-d, tiid ' with t niinnion» to aupeir mainedidlciy bt- mouth, iwi.i* v*nvu«u a»».» .w.a <..»w umr Uiii to auiwcr to the word‘’executor.*'! yonr own htud ulice tbii miserable tooth 1 fore the Honorable Justice Hylaw, andlhe’morcd m, an J *he «ví the» looked miicrabiv ru appoint-    íq mr coffin.'*    > houorable court then aod there auembled at    i .having little or uo furniture, aud that lit- U hxt «.oM I do    hntn-uuiiieV    1 he cade Í th«* irrocery of K*q. Hylaw.    ‘ile-.utuf    order—Ibit tbe man wt wriiiuKi a El one of decided    iuíj?Óuíeuu    ar»iu«.eut ^ i-anuer I'lainland made no remonitrance,    while hU wife lay on the bed, aud agrowing and ridicule buth uf «hi. a 1 t.ii.d, oulv ser- ' «">1 »«ter pUcing a ."'H-f'H'd .pi™* « •>., g,rl tricked out lu city finery, was uurvmg an red to make poor Ellis ti s;rv, and he was iwckel.nrocecded with the sheriff to the place mlant, aud hearing two .itlle ragged lellow, Ihnrnn.kis rfctcnnircd not 10 ,‘ee a uhvsician i «k*re tne cnnrt had so gravely assembled. read. And -Mary noticed tbit whm the boys mature which 1 urged oU fiim str'ougly. The rcad.r msv quMtion the propriety of h.d done readiug, the yunngeit *^i‘pcr*4.1;^ I rebuild with him f" shw dus, and «‘'“Ii‘h'*“'’4 sheriff in this instance, but f her sister, “Now Alice, I am a g'X>d boy. will hmd the nieainre of It-aTin ' him a* 1 trurtíd ' would reply that everr couitahlc lu Ihoae dtyi. you gire m« a piece of bread?’* Aud the girl rn hitttr^S and^ü^^^^^    either duWd himwlf with the title which whiiper*d. -wiaawhile. Charlti." and .hr and f hoped that his absurd lauiy. as f diem- j*? vou'lJvred honorable, or was so called by lti„td him, Mary said, to hide the tears that ed it, wouJdaooa past away, i was, there-■ hu . uiiciliatory townsinen.    gushed from her evea. Now if they are so fore.'greatly s’-ock'ed «ud,.Í,-prised, whei, lU ^ Ti,^    ‘'"t ’So Brown, you tell me, hat bccu . cd executor to Smith’s will,” said onr major ; the other day, at we were lounging tosetber , ugaiust the low, sea washed will that divides Carlisle Terrace from the beach, “ril ven-' tnre to say the trusts committed to him won't be as strange at mine were the first time 1 was made eiecul r." Some yeara since, I received a letter from mv old friend aud comrade, Pillit of the —tb, leiling me that hit health had been for tome I time deeliniug—tbathc wts about lo make his will, aud isrnestly desired that 1 would conssut to act a» his sole executor-“there being,” ho added, "a trust uf some impor-tauceto be iindertakcu, which 1 with to confide to no one bnt yourself.” Tbe lettereun-eluded with a eoriiial invitation to pay him I a visit at the sung rottace in Hevuashire to which he had retired. Now Ktlis was like ‘ nitself—an old bachelor; and, except biihall- lore greaiiY s-,orieu auu ,u u,..,;,., -ue„, ,u    very poor, yon know, they might be tempted iboiit six wicks allcrwards, 1 received • letter j ‘'“k' »l»ich has not often been priiervcd lor to steal; for It must be vary hard lo Ueai   ,s------------—.......  It    It    oaly    oc-    childreu cry for bread, tod have none to givi them.” from hit old muter had greatly t’-,ock’ed aud .-u-prised t hm.!ÍkVeMl^*el!i!iVme    theyonngergeneration, ft it oaly oc- dmaTomirb^ q"uTs'riu¿'with bis dyiug biutU that I should    ‘    >®’ “"■{«duVyThut'enéa ie. .rvthesum    ‘’’ÍMhipr'csent instance, a number of farm- Vcrylurnfulit was.cerlsmlylo eul.r tbe ‘r*. >>*<1 voUvHed together, with witnesses iuLíT..!..,. . ,r.. I 1 .a ;.ii Iv meta warm ‘ud mischierons boy, who were performing ¡Miy.was. l know, but little burJened with ‘welegme from my frieuJ. A physieiiii i Uki world’» L»n(i»ge »***! Kuoutrtm«nti, »o it, io »tt udance, and prooou fed that dealh had ' ***    tcraiMog    article» lu    Ihiir lafultadtroui ckiieaie of th h<art. ilc, the    ,    «i. l a / lergyman of the parish, aud Eltis’ solicitor,.. ll:t V...:’was icated iijiou the head of a never occurred tome that the trust 1 was i.iidertase could possibly relate to auything mure important tban the bestowal of Irgiciei ou hit old housekeeper aud butler, or bit almost equally autiquaud eat aud dug. I wrote ! immediately to accept the invitation, and liarly the next morniug 1 deposited myself ' aud my portmanteau iu the E—coach which ! afteradsy's travolliug, lelt meaimy destina- Krt couuecivu sisu ms iui«.u„;us i—.u.I..,V-,    k —.i ii—.i. .s. ..lm liou. A pretty. viSe-covcred voltage was nun. previously given tonro    !    “P’'" ‘ my friend a abode, and he was himself stand ' l,„| course, look an opp. laoiiy crt the eof- i    ihl    íoimtiZ bo?« hsi iui at tbe garden wicket, ready to give mea oiu was elo«d, lo place ’ the looib'wubm it,    “P™■ ;3u at mT iÍ; : .■;,'« the o 70-’ i huge mol.s.escask; it be.-eg the most elevs-rng of the wilf. Alter h‘a»iag disposed of his :    pl«'l>e could obtain, while between hi. trilling property iu leele.-., thi doenmeut P*“‘I»'" >*’K»    P»j“    r^ '"'K «“'“i win lil toriqu/rt that whom ha styled hi. “P'*“    ‘"'"I.    “f« belovedfrieou. should base h.m diweutly bu- "ritiug de.k.ind tere on Us ronn/ed form rifd in T. churchyird. »üd follow iü fill iiifit- tbf portuuloui word ^    *    *.•    w tert couueeted with hit inUiUieut tb.iuilriic- j IVl" A'c.T” Yea,” putiu.Mra. Ljcey, and my hut band has often said be wonilered if they btO auything to eat, aud we would wiiliugly bavi given them aomethini:, only ibty seemed lu proud and stuck up like, we were afiaid t' offer them tui thing, lor fnr they would take it as BU iusult,” “Thul’t jnsl the way we litve felt «boot them,” remarked Mrs. Grey; “and if they would have come among ns. aud told tii they were in want, we would not let them suffei. But lo it it. The pride that will unt let a man work, or a<k reliet ol his ueigbter. often drives him to dithoncst and crimioal praeticea.” “M ell,” returned Mrs. Green. “1 hope this aifaic w >11 drive such people from uur ueigh-horbood, for Mr. Frost ioleuds to find out the truth of the business, and then tell them ti i:?dml ..Tcome. Ib.r. wü uotímg ury" Td b.vmrcom’pl.írwithrh;    ,    -l-^h    th.    r«,m.    Thu.    th.    eourt    |    make    Ih.m.elve.    .carce.ur    to.h.d.    the    dec..- deitii-like in the clear, bright glance of hi'» ¡¡j ¿y poor friend. I prtpire,1 the next morn-1    j    ,i,. lye. or the lu the firm grasp ot hi. baud; aud ,„g to Wlow Li. body U the vrave.    I    ,man? wle.l.    Sm I woLdered iiUeru.lly _wh«l the mj.s.v, he yh, interment took place w.thont fbc i^- '^^Zd ,11 of whSSi lere anxious I.! di." ni pair of boiled chitkeni. iheir snowy brmti ¡ the toothache, aud the tsin, rweistmg ail gltamiug amidst trash, green partely audbut i(|j,    ,l    .Jjc itioul ul brandy, riu.ptiur, ter. ajucy ham, and a dish ol tender young    ¿te., length <0 violent peas. Ample luslieasvat done to this fare by    ,„a ,„fucialing. thst starling np in a lort of    ,    iinicElv    accmea u roooea mm luyself. and. despite hit morluarv inteuliOB ,    ,    ¡    ^ed    lor tt- ol tba test Z “««^1. short it    Ur“e by mine bo. Mso. Afur dinu.r I. produeed    lie    town, and-peediiy Lund my-    ,‘7;    HeXrifZ    wnlhed    , ..eipiul bottle of port, over wbicb we diseius. i„b,,,tndy. Wbelh.r it w.sibeefiret    ’^ ^.,*.¡01 b^^^ .dmeuyol our torm.r camp.q,uiug mlv.u- ,e.a,on «Itír the rapid    I    bad    v"t,;T‘rd*    tile ^    .................................. v‘i-i.l,»i.n,finoih.(ii.*n..inftli»wM(licr    l»ken. Or the Well goown ciiritive inlliicLre    »e    have met is jiistiee. Fsmful    ' ,i,ited them, uotwithstsndlng their gentry Not«Uhsl«    U,    .tmo.nhere «1 a deuU.t .    u,,    ,„„rt may be, it heroine, my duty to „r..n,l eifv u>ige.." í'!.lV/lí)í    ••    •"»«C‘C. ’    at Haled balaures. Yotiarr hroughthcre as an    by the whole circla asseutcd to her veidiet. “■*    ',*    ol'vnder, and if fouud guilty must suffer the    ,ud¡( was ecttled that Mr. Frost should he ‘ L.    .*    penalty uf the law, but jest let Bit tell yon, '    persuaded to let Ibis one olfeuec rest for the luu of tbe law There was in the company of quilters, 1 maiden lady of uctr fifty years of age, who during the coloqny, uttered not a word; but uuw she turned her head aside, look oil her spectacles, wipe l first her ej,. and somewhat faded cheeks, aud theu h>T glasses, heaved a deep sigh, and murmerrd, 'T fear that w have liuned aviinit these strangere. 'Ve hav penmtted them to softer in uur midst, and impute eriiae to them lutrely because we suppose them Ui be destitute. Lctnsat least be charitable iu this last case, they may be wo:. thy jieople and there may be tome mistake ^    several    | «bout the bag of wheat, and, even it they have timrs.'aDil cleansiug bis throat said—    been driven to take «bat v unotlbcirs. I (car Mr. Flainland, the in portent occasion ' the sm lies at uur own dour- We should have Decidedly gnilty. This plaiu avowal astonisheJ the worthy juitire. and somewhat diwuurerted him, for he did uot much like the idea of htriug the air to iinickly derided, it robbed him of hii i'iligbleold M myjooVnay. which, toward,    L;ñüélirúbalej.’«/i aL^    auf disaa «Wmsslast# aasmalaa ll Iff ffjsll IPl    ^    a    tAsa^k«A ^ .....^    -fUIcaivna*»»    I»...»-.,    r.....^ thepaii beriming worse, 1 said to my host; |    'Vi,,7i,"„r’,Vti    ¡Monil    tb. theclo«;of tba eveuiog, made itself felt in t„,„,tc,rJ, 1 teit alnont inelined Ihevirjr unpleaiaut form ol toolhiehr; »»« '    ,i|i,o,;tpnUiLg    bis ftcir cldei, daughter, Alice, bad been lor the last three years an inmate of the most fashionable sekoul m the vicinity, but now she «»'. tore*. to come home and endeavor to tnrn uer accouplukmenti to aeconnt in some way, the eldest son was removed from tbe itmiaary and entered si an errand boy iu a store, and 'till Mr. Howard s income did not meet tbe sipensts of Ills family, " bat was to be done? Ull brothcn had iamiJici of tbeir own. and •e'e scattered ove,- the far 'Aest from Hrotie inCbicn to New Urleaua. He could’get no lid from any of them. The Carrolls were all involved iu the tall of tbeir house. What .said he do? I: wu on Saturday evening, the weekly bills were paid, but the baiancc was too small t’> purchase bread aad tea far tbe Sabbath, and the quarter's rent wonld be due in a few days, Mrs. Howard, rrashed in health and sp.nt, .ay sobbing on her hatband’s shoulder, while jer daughte .Alice wu vainly eadeavoriag to lOothe the iufant which wu crying for milk, whichne.tber the mother’i bosom nor tbe father • bibd eonld anpply. "My dear, poor wife, the miserable man said at length, 'there it no nse in our remaiu ibg here, and itrnggling thus against misfortune. 1 kuuw there is a living for ns some-srbere in the world. If yon are williug, poor lOvc, we will sell oar remainiiig furniture, pay pHu' laadUzd, tad go W tat iato suns atw set i.emcat. Tbe p tuple in inch plscu are kind' aearted and free from pride, we can get a cot ttge nod a garden apot lor a trifling rent, can get some employment, you and Alice can do uur hDOic-work, and if the worst come,I koo* bow to work on a farm and can get em pioymeut ua day laborer.” 'Jiie wretched wife groaned, but she an swcred, “we will make the tnal.” .Mrs. Howard wonld not hive been 10 nt-;y deserted in adve.-iity if she had been luiliaoghtyinbcr palmy days. True, she did not intend to uiume á false position, bnt sue actually believed, u she bad been taught, mat the wu better tban thoso who were a rrade below ber lather in point of 'realth, tud those who were degraded by 1 necessity to labor, she looked down upon as from an immeasurable height. hurelj they were not of mr species, «DU could have neithee feelings -or aifectiQoi iu common with her. Adversity bad pothnmbled her, and she still claimed I).; homage that had been jiaid to her wealth, nd not to her. For now mat the golden orb of wealth DO longer threw hii glorious radi-auce npou her, she found herself a very inferior orb amidst the galaxy of the female World, ft was rank and fubiou, tod dress e.tshowy accompluhmeiiti, that had couiti-;'a id her charms', theae had forsaken her and sl'wuanlyau ordinary womau. .Mr. Uocird gUbcrcd the poor remains of his niter w eck together, paid off all demands i,;aiu« him, aud w ilh the trifle which remain-ito him turned bis face westward, hickneis among the children detained him uu the road, aud when be reached onr settle-mvutbewas destitute. Leaving his family at an tun. he walked ont to seek shelter for '.ucm. fill appearance excited wonder, and It must be added, tnipicioD; at length he lur-ccdcd in getting leave to uccupv for the pres-i; an old housebrlongingte -Mr. Frost. .Mr. Jtas'. io/d bouse, which, although it answered hit own lamily very well uutil by Juslry aod ecouomy he had been euabled to build a'bt ttcr. was now deemed by the lamily vlio left It ictrce'y a vcar previoni, hardli .aoiubis. But ihea Mr. Frost did not require any real, if they could live in it, they err w. leome. But what wrro such fashionable people do-e in that old house iu our acttlemcutT— -lue thor.vht that they were uulortuaatei, sad some wbitpeieJ tUal they were probably i.gilives from justice. Tbese luipicious were atrengtheied by the iiiidurt of tne family, who seemed to ihon ^11 laniilisr intixonrie with thcii ncighters; sod u country ptuplc alwaya have pleuty of t.i.ploymeot lor every hour, curiosity cannot bi largely iudulged, and wanders are short lived tmungst them, 10 the Howards aud their Wecuiiar eircumitaucM tooa rsasvd to bt a 'pic of cooversation. or ot W'toilcriag ipecn-iiiou. But now, the eireunastauret of the Inst bti of wheat b.-ought them once more bc-,r the rommnnity. But while the quilteri at Mrs. Grey’s were ih'is haisrding conjectures respectiug (bcui, b"W the real state-jf atfairiat Mr. How. xrd’i? Wa will relate only what Auntbsrah sod her eanipauiun reported after their visit .1 inquiry, 'i hey found the hoase ia the .'i-a'tst disorder, aud tba family ia the keen-I st possible distress. -Mrs. Howard wu moaning and shnrking byiterically; while Alice, «itn a voice choked and broker, by sobs and icart. nu ctsayiug every art to south her.— Mr. Howard wu pacing tbe floor, with heed* end iccth hard clcuehcd, aud fsce white et Jetth; while tbe little onu were huddled to-getheriu e comer crying pileuntly. -Mr. H. turned towards the visitors u they eppeercd et bit open door, but Auul Birth's ni«k aud gentle couuleuauce checked the wrath that scemsd rising to his lips, and he staggered berk end sunk npon a bench like a perion t came raouing to the olli er on tbequar-rek, crying oat, “I'he snip is uu lira'” Mile rat ter deck, crying .    . The fire wu in me cargo somewhere, it wu tuppeted, between the secuud and third decks, hut how extensive eonld not be immediately ascertained. A hole wu eat ihrongh the dock, and a streatu of water from the force pump, nniaJi would turew about live barrets per aiiuute, was titrown in upon the burning mast. Tne magaziue wu hoitUi upon the uppar deck, aud plaK<< wheie 11 could be euily thrown over board; the tUe-teaU got out am’ the pruvis '.'il and water, aud tbe elulhiug wUicb we would need till we could reach the laud, made ready. At mis time another opcu-ing nu made, anda box, on fue, wu brokeu to pieces, and the routenu puscd upon d'.xk Auothcr and aaother were broken up la the vame manner, till a piece wu made larQC enough to admit one of tJie tailori, who boldly went down with the hose in hit hand. He dueoted it agaiust the burning mus till he fall cxhaotted npon tbe floor. He wu dragged eat and «noUicr, as bold u he, came lo nil place. In a moment or two he tell lixe his cuinpanion, aud wu dragged out luiensibie snJ earned npon the deck. Auolhtr aud another took his place, and shared his late. Thui It went on till every one ol me sixty sailors bad laheo hts tura. At one time 1 counted s'ltccii of ipesc generous fellows lying together oa the deck. The ladies come from me cabin, and batbed tbtir beads w iih caiupuor, which would in most cues hriux them to in a short time. As soon u oue was recjferel sufnciently to walk, he wonld go back and ofler hii seivieet again. Several ol the men were brongnt up out uf I his place u msuy u eight limes. Un the must ot them the gu whicn they inhaled teemed to have a 1 effect tomewhit like that of ianghrnggu, par-ticulariv when they were partially reiuacita-ted. ft wu no euy matter to restrain those powcrfol men wheu they endeavortd to throw themselves overboard, or do themtelvu or ut tome pcricual narm. For lour hours we labored in thit way, aud you may imagiue tbe terrors ol our pusiliou. vt e could but fear that the ttrengiU of the men, teif sacrificing u they wert, would not hold ont till the tlames wcK exiiuguitbed. Souse of them could do no mure, aud these the hardiut of them ail. We toiled on however—the passengers, gentlemen and ladies, working the pnmpt—for another honr, wheu me juylal news came that the lire wu ont. •A PicATUxt Stoet.—One of onr cout pickeu (which we will not say,) was hailed ou iter downward trip to New Orleans by an old lady, stand'ug near aconrcnieiit landing, who gave the utaal signal to ronnu to and take or apiuenger. The boat was aecordingly headed to tho tWe, the engme tlopped, the plank was ran out, and the ancient maiden, with many signa of trepidation, tottered aboard. Her lirst query wu— “Yon bain t none on ye seen anything u’ the Cap’n ronnd here, have ye?” Tbe Captain wu pointed ont to her. She hobbled up towards him, gave him a deeply reverential look ovar the rims of her silver-bowed spectaelu, aud the following dulugut cnined: • Be you the Cap’n 0’ thit boatJ” “Yet, madam.” • Be ye gwine down to UrleaniT” “That 11 onr preunt intention, madam.” ‘‘Well, Cap'n,” uid the old lady, producing a small bnndtc from nnder her shawl, "here a eleving eggs, an* 1 wants yon to trade ’em off for me in Urleaot, and git me oue spool o’ thread, one skein e’ tilk, and the rest lu beet-wtx. -And, Cap’n, would ye be kind enough to wait a leeile minnte—for, d’ye ace, the old heu ii on the nut now, and I wants orfully to gel auother egg to make np the duien.” The.CapUiu, a jolly good soul, took a hearty laugh, ( twu after diuuer,) aud kindly ordered the mate to put the old lady aahura. Foote wno dox’t uoe Toaecco.—The following anecdote it a good one. One (¿. S. Fowler, who had haen ealtghieuing the eiti-zCLs of thit place upon their bampt. It a tall specimen ol the humau genius, and ztenuding ID self conceit, to much to that he somatimce iBKUket imperUuent interrogations for wholesome luqiuret. and maku them accord inly. sittiug in the office uf the 1-ane hotel one morning, he observed our friend Ban el quietly tiuuhiag a cigar. “Young man,” aaid ha, ia a tevere ton. “don’t yoa know that a maa whoniu tobacco is aloolT “ "W ell.” said R., “it may be ao; bnt thera it one fast th« perbape you are not awara of, and wAJch I wish to impreu on yonr mind; that mare ara a great mutj fooCi mAv dva't utfit. ' The pbranplogitt drew the inference and dueonttnacd the eonvaraatioa. ache It, yunr U-lh all look *o^-    ,uually    m.ulioaad    my    naviug    coma a lung    n,,    question agin, and remfin he riiwated, .huddaiing. Ah, yon IHUa    „,orn,i.g    and    it.    locl.otholy    j    yontorriminatcyonriell." know-you can tul--    "Ahl"    Mid    thedcnti.t,    th..nghtfully,    Notwith.taudiu*    Ibi.    eloquent    speech,    tlir “Wntli the mattar, Kllit—what do joo    K-——,    l« He*oi,skira.— 'ijhrrad to hit former asiertioa. ,L .    .    1.    1    ,|Ttenaniaolth«liilltteis asaorialcd 10 my .,,jf^i,,ig„'„,||„eourf»forfbe dlMpH»* ‘‘I mean that a tuolh--haa bean my | |„ind r, ilh acurions juudcul wUirh o. cured jnilicc, but to proLuunee scnteaca on him and will eo« me my lilal    p, aia soma thru'o. l.. ;r moiilht tiurc, Now ,( whieh wu oned. Msi end eaiti, whieh Thearwing up from^hia aUif te ^^ed iip lli,pp,u tohavea diu .Uhs^    iminedistely    paid    an-'    departed.    Bnt laiating. Aunt Barah approachad Mrs. How. pcualty    uf    the    law,    but'jeil )et    Bia    ti ll    you,    '    persuaded to let    this one offcuec rest for    the trd. and tenderly luquired the cauM uf    the lOnghte, J CS'USIJ- „„ ,n,p    j,    pbleeged tocnniinili    himulf.    Nor    '    preiaut. and AuutSariband Mrs. Licey were sorrow thst so afllic'ed lha family. But    the '    '    ■'    '     ■■    *    —" -s -I.--:    tp„„j    from    her    aud seemed sympathy. At Isngth oue came lorward, atlra'ted, _____  ,    .    .    .    Aaat    Barab’i    gentle    mian    and shawll, takeout your work, and sit Ilka one uf j voice, and taking her hand in both of his, tbe lamily, working and challiug until even-¡said — lag or bed time,    ptrUking of such (arau    Iba |    “ George Frost told me that his father    wu hoase affords.    ^ guiag to put my papa in jail, baeausa be    said : t '.L u I 7 ..t    —...    1...    I    ---------------    „„ IPIQ II ggirvgru wrnnjiotie iiiiuseii. 4101    nrataui. auu -vuui su suu rs.    sorrow vusv so .i.i 1 Ibiuk 1 most ask    yoy    buiiMkwpar    ^    »rad it u    well to fay    my    i «»c bdoi t    him,    and    „ ,p,u aeconntable for what he may sa.v | j, puled u a kind ol com’uittee to caff    011 the    ,ii(leriug lady tni nuhl for a bit ui flannel aud wma campliur- jfj obtain Hitnr southing ncitruio which „ ip«, unlus ha te t witaisi; and then of' «rangafamily the next day and i.Tonuoitre. not to desiie bar •Ud iniiilt, ^tAik''    '“'I'*'*    “f"'"'”    • llicrc-    J,j„r«c it is a ease ol perjure if he don’t tall    Now a c.itl, iu the coiutry, mctus to    drop iu    of tba little bays 'ou, happy fellow, can t know    "b»t    jora told    him how    1    had    bavn alteclcd,    and    k,, imih and nothing but the trntb. Now I    «littia after c-iou, lay oil your bonnet and ' doubtlau, by Aaa my p«|u wu a tkiaf. ft u this mahu mtn-micry so; but we ware crying becauM wa Were so huugry. Wia now have had nu bread V“i'    oracqmrc    l    sfler    «ranga    «ones:    and    jj,,    ,jpre lha peo|iU’not iced a meaning insd ol j rnrtoitiy beiiiv eteitad, I begged the Jau-    ^(,,^1,    pUveJ    upon    his    features. ' " tislU* havathakindeisstosal sty it.    ‘•|irprnd    npou it." said one. “Farmer Plain- .Sealing himsall opi«seila to me. ha iiuma-    laud will he tv'n with Iheinyet.    Hehugot ulitd, enu brgtu lu tkcir wu dt.    sointldca in hie head. I k'low hy    that smile bt hele Si 0 three and f>ii 1 months    1,1 his He nevtr smiles like that except ha ' Ubor,    plentifni    bi«rd.    coinlortakfe    Mgiug. arouirJ near mi>lnii'.ht hy a Imid    11 mad. and ther took ent for fna    or thunder,    ppg lubaUntitl    reimeut,    oetolee    manylil'Ie d ringing « the door. I wa> jnit ihal’s all I ran'ay.”    |    elegancies uf drtu.and furnitiira. As they Aud who were these poor people concerning whom inch suipietoni weri nflnat? I will give yon a sketch ol their hftinry.— Mr. Howard wu the ion of an indijicndeut > |h<ia twodays.aad now we have lopulatoM,” farmer, who wu tba owner of I siipanorlrart' The iea being tkua brokaa np, Mr. Howard uf laud, an cletant and comfurtalila honsa. a ¡ roufi'mcd what ihe child had ipohan, related Imc stock ol cattle, aud a large leirily ol hii hiiinry u iketchad ateva, aad ended by He hugot; htadeoms aud intelligent ebildrau. Tlieea 1 nyiug Ihit ha had uhrd Mr. Frost to ghra tad dow I. .oa room la a state of the uiost viu lent aglistiuu. Greatly astaelshad, I I rooriB, t! souths him, aod Indacs him vial the causa of Ibis uugulur aicitamaal. “Well,” he Mid at lest, “1 will read sor you Ih. w-ill yottkava so hmdly prom-    bet. liid lo.becoiua executor, '    "    , if had uiidaao aromiaa of the hisd bat iny    ____________________ _______ _______ _ I'be nevl Ásñhith morniag the most of the ! arrived at propar age# they were well aduca ...  ...... 1    p.uple remained n|>uo the steps and la the    ted aad pnividad with siluatione, ia w hie I, It ..............1    Bi.iwe'fil the    I ,'ch of the meetmg-housc. foutrary to lhair    ‘    wurauouabla lo suppon that the) might lu \n rfditly    gentlriiien. wilb a    iiiusl custom. The fact was they were apt-¡    time make themselvri larliiurt. tine «lu.liej Kwitb Pai'.vNTaEAPBio.—Tha (allowiag si'ecimea edvertiicmcnt is copiad from Use lUrtford Conrant; Piiat I’uBisH Pgius.—Wa have been so ahartuuata aa to pbetch in a phew pkrash Ph iga, which .. a warraot phirat rats, and pkaa -CT will sell phrathly, phairty and phioaly, to old and yuuug ptelks, phrce suiters, pkillibus-tart, or the phraa men, pbrieadt. or phuet, thal are prood ov phrrquently pkaaetiaa oa such phoudcr and pniadiag no phtuR. Thry are phirtt rata phruit, and would pi iff tbs aye of a PhrcDckmau or any other phoitignar.— They cau be phound phor Hie phor a phew dsya at Pholler’s IU Asylum straat—phirtt phloor, a law phaat phrom phriead I'hay's phiua pbancy round sign. Uuo't pFail to pbaich a phriead. if yoa have any pbeelins phor a nhiaa phallow, and don’t pkorg« to ph«ch (ha pbuuda, tad there is no phear bal that yon will phaut phuitly and PIIAKE WELK. p.«, friaad l^k ,t lor grawUd I huf do..    ¡¡•jí'XaVi    m;    h    iv.oU S.v and leavingtha room, bw ipaedily rctuiuad ••<>“| ‘ *‘ F '    to    Ihaii "In'emiad* te^'miteTb.V.'*'''    >>mti.,    resume.1    U    '.lolhas and , distelv aoiiiulitd, end higtu in tkcsr wu di. soinaldea in his heed. I know by that smile weraall (ram ckildteod, oreustoaied lo hrillky I him cirdit for a few bushalsof graia, aad\ad ■ r - ■ •----•!......^    1    f..     He    nevar    smiltt    like    that    except    ha    '    Ubor,    plentifni    b.«rd.    coinlortakU    Maiug.    I    been    refused    ;    that    ha had writlca to a friend It Ohio, aad had raaolved that if begot aa nnfivorabla anawar, to end hii miserable ei-iiteucc hy luicide, before this 'ut blow fell upon htm. Auat Barah, with a (aw tausihia, gaalla Wordi, qnialad lha alormy apirils ol the house- FornvH or Msicm.—WAy .Wcc//d.—Do onr readari generally knew the reaaoa arhy the Fourth of March wu ehaaeu u the tey for the intoguralion ol tha J reaidaat ol the I'niled stauel It wu Miectad becauea the l. iirthof Mereh iaeve^yewr, eommeneing Iri'B the fleet taauauraliea. eaaa« come aa a „d.v lor at least three huadrad yaars. re..' r.a> sLins lha (rest rsgard wLick I came a asiuiitar, .aarvrd biisavau) store. About the I , his 1st her been nches    ----- -------- . _ small porliun- when dmaad among I IK.ward was tn a eioleot fever    I Mii. l-a- wfvir, William's share c ,- etjr loll, p . . „u 1. ,    .'jsed, Dr. to inter at yuuiof uaitaar into a Lt’iy, .r, , . ,    ■    .    1    ,i    israh rs- irm. lie now tkungbli laaiusd to lake ceit bt lyc iksaiid. The Joe- fhi /aalb ol bii li 't ". le'' *«14    1 do it to piivtut fretting layielf tu drsth,ua MMtbt ol dear Ten ” |.estii.glhia*igh a gilaraaemblaia eaati” ------ Kgtsssst rapliM,"tkat It’s owing to the tall icaa liharty aud kninblir claiaie iwnr pro haiagua oat ilda tad tha knadMite Iksr:”'Ima.” shady traen laña apeaing on my right, inii ------ Ud IBS lolantMl* It—ika fragrant hawthorn | ly Iran from dneua —    .     aolhoriseJ    to    marry.    M    ha    bad    lung rdMÍMlhaolIciider, tiriuid P'Ilia pcrlrct. ol ihuee days, wheu an ricUisatioa (ram tbe ! beau a sincere luverof Alien C.arrall, daugh-Howavar, ha lasistrjjbyitandeii cansad him to pauaa had leek j||,(o the merehant with whom ha Hrvad hia tor soou arrived, and before eight the hensa wu lull lid uverllowing with all maaaer o| WH lUU MU VTFTIIVWIOK wih« «A»  -----W    '    ■    '    . |owi ttiiu^», Ao(i Uariatf U*    *    ^*7 .(lawyer asked a Dtlchmtn la canrt, what I marks a pig had thal wu il disputa “Vail eta i lt;« haetau aaquialad mil da ■oak, h' had 0» ear marks, «Acapt dat ha have

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