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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - July 21, 1853, Cincinnati, OhioA PAPEH rOfi "THE ]fiULIO!f"-«INDEPEHBEIT II All THINPil NEGIfiAI^il lOTHlNS, VOLUME XI.-NO. 2.CINCINNATI, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 21, 1853. ONE DOLLAR I>ER YEAR. TllK I.VVKN. THZ Wim MCUT. ¡ M itkiu t»a kuun ol tli« birth oi I'tul \ «r-dot, bii luoUicr liiuli >ad u her btttbaail bad , dejiarlej thit hfrauiue tii muulhi imvioaily, ^ little I'aul ww I,-ft as oraban aloioit ai luoii ! aa be aell cuald bei and oat (or hii grandamc rinquat, luaunfacturar and veedor ul rade/r I in tbr aarieiit town u( Ainiaui, la the department uttbe Somme, b'ranee, tbe little fellow niuit bave been conveyed to the bavbet of the f-n/’Mi-trowfi, and ronii)cned to tbe piou rare ut the i;uod mint attached ta tbat nuU- ,    ' Maltbuiitu eaiabliibment. Kind Dame Trn> baving wrapped her tiny grandaon care-1.1 BO «11»«ht.iln* Kin»ei.ii»r, lue»eUiU«t ailt'if luUjf up in her lap, carried biniaafely home,'"ií’”a..lhe.lthMai*..ljln>«iPirn.'atUic »“>* .‘•y •*•“* «1 ‘'•«‘‘‘I Burfing, uuitiated •tiiire.    aaraiug, and >triuci not a few, runtnved to Oi"h»^ina)f;fieJP«iJ»iu, iia»abtbcuirr»ni bring him creditably up to yonog niau’i ei-Mu.H,.íi4'“í,,ir.tü.iü»th,i»ch.rJlm«.caoeki,»«r. it*!', with only one inuhap of any eouae-Thiinc.iuc li^rae.iniel.e iuu.l.^incn'Uurvchuetlcser. i|ucure. Tbil oerurred one day when i aul Let Aem .U-ubt ii ntier ninre.    ,.41,001 three yeara old. Madame Truquet Ai I Ml    m Ir lely 111 my trb.iol-nwir,. kept a ttall in tbe uiaiket place on Saturday iiiiiik.^.n . n.>    ,    .    ,    , .    ..    fur the more ready ditpueel of her warea, and 011!,, iBiakt, .riou. o,rter iout 1 d hu ibr ,ii«ht    i,kr|y.|«,ting    enitomera    coming liitur. u u( I aca'.trr, . I. u.ulUi »' ur uue betliiia up ai the was dandling I’anl affectionately in I. ,1.    It»''    »rma,    abe    too kaatily popped him down 11 atnrtid U'tb. J    aaio/a jnit de- i.« u my ackaid- - poiitkd U(mu a narrow itall, which, unable to iui>port the auddeu and itraggling weight, I alid over, earryin.g the child with it, who fell “Tint I I.'ior Bi.ninr no» 1 », iiJiril aht a rmae to heavily upon tbe j^vimcnt and broke hie right for ikVi'.'sI’uVin" 1 nve ber hote-nl gear tbr day ('»tt- V*"* . ““íort““»t» tumble reaulted in . .    p^i-ü^Áiieiú    limciie«ia tbe wouodeu limb wbei iisTtk i*crci»il.ihtiu«b lUraU'i ae hkethe # ureJ btinja abont two inchea iborter ihtn t ift..JoreJ-ia«r.nJ.B,„l,.n4perrbiu«.a*t»,t.i“» frllu»-» calamity not without iU com- SaJtlrit'> I iMUcr. And 1..) tht>kiirhli t«qn»u diKjr. Ai 1 ‘.Piti.ed i.Jf .at». Mull».,.» ibia. tin, nutma, »<ue ‘V    the    andden    and    .draggling    weight. to apeak ol the baaiiiwat and atoek in trade,) and, iiMreorrr, knaw the world, LuetUe Dupre. rfmrf, ifahe enlertained any theoght, aa hi* deeeaaed relativc'a worda acemed to indícate, of hooking him for a aecond hnihand, waa miaerahly naiaukca . npou that poiut, ahe might depewd, he waa roek-^amaut. Krror, Monaienr Paul terdot' Á yonng and pretty wiaow.—and rapecially a h relien widow,—aware of how,and where, and when, the unre drilled a holt in yonr aiitecplihle Itwiii The kmeneia Union. ASCHII CAKIOU; Or, Tha Id«ili»iathe lenl. ■Y Mias aaav «.iaxvnin. She went ont, and praaently Paul Verdot heard the amaek of a vvhip and the aoand of dcurtieg wkcela fcoRyoattidc the bacfc-yard eatranre. iliaattoi a cooaiderabie time ini aaort of conrnted, doty dream, but the fire ' getting low, be raated bimacif, raked (be cm-1 era together, threw ow two or Ibrwe frtah i lout, and reieated bimiclt, hil wile’t prj-|    .    niarra*    1. mise, ai be dearribtd it, gradually wtrmiug 1 "ife, un t It woat tiuin they werth.’re 7 bia heart: *1 tball know all to-morrow,’ he ' “'«I f»nner Tracy to a midJle.aged. comely.  ____________ _____________anJibly eiaeulated, and aa tha worda paiaed : l^hiug matron, wheatood iw the open door of heait, will, il It be worth her while, reopen ' hit lipa, hit eye fell upon the aiconldering I tu» fym-houae, thading her eyei with her the old wound in a way thut all the deientivc i fragmenta of a letter, render»' "',iblc in tlm 1 hand from tna light ol the aettiug ton it the triuoar in the world can avail nothing againat. ' far corner of thrchimucy-plaei. by the renewed , d»¡‘ru “?,**>* “'Kb*ay. It to fell out. Paul Verdot wu itandiug at' fire-ligbt. To atari up, teiie it, and devonr | .    *•'“»'.*■*    letter    laid hit thop dourone after iaon,ainukingtertntly, tta contenta ti far at they ruald be diaeemod i t.-»i ^bimld be here aurely, in Anguat, and tpite of the hurly-burly ul fierce política ra- i —Cor the fire had obliterated all but a few de- ) “ere it u the laat day of the month. They gingiu all direetiona, ul which he kept him- tacheJ tenUntea—waa tbe work ol 1, moment. | certainly will come to-night. Yonr brother aeiritudiauiiy aloof, whan, all in 1 moment, ' It waa signed ‘Angnate;’ aud ‘cAere Lncitle' | mnat be very mnchchanged tineeyoa uw him a pair ol eyea.ihat had not their rqualt in alP waa implored not to lose a moment in coming    '    !i, *"•* I    *9"*^*''    "***! !**'* Krtncn, ilntbed upon him, nud a voice which j with‘our child’to Selia, a hamlet about a    girl of hu    will look    like T    Poor little    thing he had nevar ceaied to hear in hit drMma, cl-1 league frum -Am eat, on the northern road, claimed, in ita softest, awcctcat tunra, 'Hon and to bring ‘aa mneb silver money’ and jour, citoycu Verdot. Ah I 1 ace yon do not , ‘clothes' with hyr ea pottibic, inatant flight rcmembnr old acqnaiuUacrt ao well at I do. I being iroperatirc : I’m in want of a nice light pair of Mbota, aud I The acturaad worda tecmad to twim ia fire    -    . thoDght 1 might u well give you the prefer- 1 before the Ireniicd gaze of the uufortnm te    burnt ID»?i    of forty,    1 tnppote. «ho wonld eneei’    !    man, and fora moment he was p»ralyaed by “»»'thought, when he leltthii Tillage to aeek ‘l.ucillc !’ ezrlaiined Paul, letting tall hit ! the tcnible diacovery : for a moment only. I fortune, it he said, that we thoiild never pipe, and staggering bvk into hit thop, at if Infernal traitreaa I’he vociferated : *1 know 1 “»« ‘««n him again all these long years 7 anrar, who clasped her with almost msteraal fove. Poor liiue llortcusn I an orphan-bereft of a mother a tare thus early I Well is it that kind hrarts —without a mother 1 What would my Jane do, if 1 were taken away 7” aud a la'd look passed over the pleassntiace of Mrs. Tracy. “Wallace mnit be much altered, I shall not recognUe the boy of eighteen in tbe inn- strnck by a blow. 'A thoniand pardons I— tbit is,l mean, Madame Luciile Dupre, tenre,’ he added, mrchanica'ly repeating a. lenteuce that had se.'dum been out of h>s head liure .Madame Trnqnet's death, tome five months prcviunsly. ‘líelas r yes, moniieur,’ waa the rsply; ‘ lor nearly a twelvrmunth, now ! A light, var-n.ti. d pair,’ Lueille added,—a brigut luilc chaaiug aw4v tbe demore cipreation ints whmh abe had momeutsrily conitrained her leafwiea, aa ' all io-mykt, aud may reach yon yet.’ He then bounded np tbe itaira, found that aeveral bags ol eeut, which he knew were there in the CBaiTU II. l,et at now go back a little—to the morning of the day which ia now drawing to a eUse. The ateamboat great cit’ea, New York iind Hoiton, haajuat drawn near the wharf of the latter city. All iteoiifnijan and buttle among tbepiHcugert on the crowded deck, a baty trampiiog of feet, inijuirict fur baggage and ovcrbaiting of trunks and boieaj the dia and roar of thiau-gry steam puffing its huge column from the throats of tha black pipes, aud on the pier, loud ibottta aud almost frantic vaeiferationi from the throng of haeknien and portera gathering about the ditembarking pasteagert. Hot am id all the tumult, a little group stood ed, earefallv ahiiting her positioa witheeery \    *°he    an- raogh jolt    id the Tthiele. Poor little child-    '«¿«J    «Ardily    and Mdly,    ‘1    won t buy her worn    with    laligua, she slept lollBdly    aad    • ««‘*h»»* <»« na sweetly upon the bosom of l\t kind-hoartod “ “>«    •‘"“ i' .    . •    ■    ‘Pooh, pooh, Archie,’said the Biller, langh- ingi ‘Don’t act yonr mark to high. Yon'll ,uu.  .......... ’’8***    "P>” it. Hnw the ’ix)nira’d elup thei now, and    kind    'Vrt‘“.í'»''Í?"    i*'k.’,, a tbeh when the day’s jour- , ' i»"»'’* be would, or anybody else either ! 1 koow wwikn doo t Uoeh when i .        .nasuY    little    Missy    berry    tell ber what I’m going to do when I'm a tired. Sleep aound all dii night. 1 tink,’ said ' ”*“• Sh' uyi tbe hopea, and the i almoit the nurse, h% honest face taming from her    shall be tome day at rich and amart u precioni charge towardi her matter.    1    gucM    rAekuowt.’ •Yet, good Luzenne.lbUjonmey will aeon -Vfhie a fMeflathed and he withdrew hii ■seat an end. Hortense it indeed very tired, Mnd, Imlf-ollended, from hit companion, but we mnat not waken hertill we get there;' I «« to the one who ehaked the brave little and again be relapted into the reverie whence I '»*'*» • bopM.hit faith in hu mother » words. nation—jvhat tbongh the eity’a polish be not Ibeirt—wbat tkoagh homely pbruM and brotsed fneea be (beirn; The itmi ia all tbat is noble, gtneraaiaad maaly. I'here ia a record tbet yet liveth in our me-moriet, of breve men who, wjiea the opprea-lor earns over the waters to rivet clever their uluius, left tbcK'il and ploagb, aad it waa at CeucerJ, l^iiugtan, «".J Hunker Hill, tbet ! hearts will receive the yeomanry of onr laud first uttered the ney iaover.    ,    ,,    ,    .    . shout which in after years deepeoeil into tbe ' ‘Almost dar, masuY little Misyy_ berry “®'' *“« * watchword which thrilled every American heart—the cry of rreedom I Ik» I •*»"> D« reiapteu into toe reverie wueoce —- —r— y-- —— - . .‘.’^the slave’s voice bad aronied him , his heart I    bright    dreams waa busy with the past, rweuty-icvcu year» bad pa<aed lince William Tracy bad gone forth from his boybood’a home—since the routh of eighteen, with but a few dollars in his pocket, bad gone out into the world to 'make his fo.'tnne. He bad never, since then, revisited those Kcnet. During thoie long years be had boon much by sts aud land; m later timet be had amused a princely fortnue, and reared himself a princely home, and won a fair young llower of ‘tuuuy Pranre;’ and in The stout, stalwart farmer wiped his fore-; aorejgu looking geutlemtu, richjy b»bited j jfL k;,    nlaic?    ’ Guadtlonpe, that green island^ which rests upon tbe boiom of theoc ’ ’    " nroruiiig, t-ad been"token awky, au'd'that miitt ¡bead, and leated hiiiitelf upon the thrcihold, jand evidently very wealthy, hot wiiha lilent, |8®S.’,b'* ‘*9.»',bad paased. morning, rau oeen laavo awi>y, ana mat moat i    «i«,u    luc luiranum, of hit wife’iclothet were gone. There need-j "••"bing the gamboli of bit children who ! ed no further confirmation of the letter; aud j pl»ying'» *n orchsrd afew roda distant 'and I in tive minutes Paul Verdot was on the road!*™'" the house, while hit wife remained to Seiit—armed.    I    stoading in the doorvriy, gazing towird the It wat abont balf.|iast eleven, according to Houtempa, when Paul Verdot returned to the »i-.e-shop. He was as white at a corpie, and road. it was tbe last day of inmmer. The day had been very sultry, bat at tunirt drew , ,    .    t.    '    -         —    *be    seated    herself,    aud    citended    I there was a large twelliug ou his forehead, at ucar, a toft, cool west wind rote, and went ,    I    P«“‘»D"lt benefit, luaamucn aa It rendered |#r,e of the preUietl feet in Amicna for ad-1 ilhe had received a violent blow, or had fal-i'ighing through theair, bringing on ita wiagt in 1«1 J»>| .1 IMI.» (uma 1 It enJnreJ fuU man» a I Paul forever iueli(tible at a caudidate for mil- meaturemeut. ‘Not of that waggoner’s tize, len dcwn aud itrnck hiintolf heavily, which ■ the scent of new-mown hay and the fragrant uttj ritttfriti At» ’ ’ •ifii \ ’, AfkJ Kip tl.Mi prpti »i> •»» 'lit rU-rii - \.ideriTi't.i».»ri.ii)rc    '    "‘ber    worda,    d.-prived him of , ,    ,    ,    '    .    tbe honor uf coDtribnting a unit to tbo eon- ünj meisi ‘    ‘b'    i «riptiou liata. .Nothing utberwiae r.peeially in lirrtn'kai.>BKti\i<etlu(ir.: notewurtby it recorded of PtuPa boybuod. )-aia u> t.rceic tier, «a ate I ||e very early mattered the «rt and niyttery ■* the znao/manufacturipg, aud at fait «thcnrt 4UJ r4si:-!it >ti« Oiii. lUisktl.vb KtiKAO <^4ue8t ««u a|»|>reutic«fu U a cofitonntrr^ to cib.i    I ihit kc tbertaiter be abU to coubiue l:.n,ann.eJ.rknul*mzD.l,<m-, Ti. nkinz iliua. iiij li,.jit t*al «uictw. tar 1 a «the ¡ making. I’anl finished bit time at twenty, ' r a muhi _ aiitrvi lihle age, lie would at once bave ae; «ut ‘I'lCitls slight heart, like other young men of ' miaenattoAB («am • twenztv íkr4«k Vs‘«rA IratIV (kvaslilfk Tbouabt I. \j\i7i, tur!t .Irte ni» me Ms <«M<«tr:r.vi7irii kpr;-**'sMs'‘i!oni ^ r*7i* 1 Ktttujíh» Ibri! Ik ^ hrr ■ «lltirr>.»be MUit lieoff ad ft burr). kfisl 1    -a    1 {»•'-' L«r.ts>(hvDiKU »í^»útag dixtti ^UiD.jrtbrn 1 fro»ikr4 uiK>n lirr, hdJ 1 Utid her to I<e tbelif: With ittT ftr Uc lit-- bvery . . U’ultcd_________] fteeoicd utfifr l*»y, iir‘"*«s)mAU tiUiDK on tbe iltNkf— Woiiun •' ULu lull iiud i«nbn&K aid « itli empbatift i thuOid bftvetotaAe tier m lujr »rmf aad latri) lua brr fUt Ilf d^’Ttyr. rb:| ftbf totd 2k« o'ef and «• er. *er»iiuj very quukljr n thoiink 1 ver» murh dri4«r ' »•» d»»*. for a two or three ycwa' tour through 11» lur III i«ii yuuouiu ilvui    1 rsucc to acauire ezperience in hit craft,    and andtouirtliiiiai4uft.    ,»c¡i    general knowledge of the waya ol    the world u would qiialifv him to arttle duwii i^nietly aud eomfurtauly at .Amieut, wiih • I'ruiiuct aud \ erdol, boot, shoe, and laiot I wiiu.adr.iebcruuriii.B    boBsri'¡k.snthcaaujt uroB I    maunlacturert,’’ over the thop-door. Thit ,,,,,,,    ,    .    I    iirat    stumble, salt may be called, opon    the eo-nni„edl-, WJed.d...n ab. sat .»«,    j    ,he„Md ol lile, waa causad by the    be. Ji»eUieret:.cs awild uprnnr!    , wilderiug black eyea of l.ucille Bórlate, a büi).l O . «lee, a.r, f.mched bit nnrk ,ud hoaugahiK-bindreM employed by hU master, 'igl.rd to sea. a r,    at wbote dwelling poor Paul Eted f .-TijDently ......  .•.—    »•    (u j,ii foe the work which had been given ant n the mitchierot a damtel, and be wai only 00 happy when oceaaionally aiked to ait down aud wait awhile till it wu fiuiabed. .At tbuae limn, aa Paul anbaeifueutly confetacd 10 hia indignant grzndmotber, he felt l.ucille'a I    :br-    ! d., ,jar-i.i-n«. n B.J tk.    -lenee    ahoot    tbroagb    and    tiroagb    b¡t •cbtftyi rt«ni tborOfr,    hoArt abd bick Aiciia, joit Mbcr brif^bt DAfdU AiiU    ftt.ikft t‘*ufd luíJifini    Mrííetqniri lD    it»i*>re.    j    uierccJ lu aud oul of tbe ieM leader bindioff m'.« m\".n " Va'bitlV »U «"» ***    on. 'I hit ^relation, made on »ho* pr-    !t ie dliy bii aapreotictibip eipired. woald »ta the r J dI'jftttle. i( I auci noUiiDg 1    ptrbapi    tbca bive babbled ofcr fail ThiiiLi 1 lAt'W.tuybartymftidini.ifom §t*n»e nnkaown d rty -Alim.    .    .. , 1 Utry » »i*^y *tr«U2cui>-ooeibftt I ««bfrtncu boo re; Aati n i ra aul biu£Q üs.ftubea. yua « all Uve your rdfc thtbrn. Ana ‘ ILj 1 d. 1 «.Ibontni »ort.    | üp» but lorthe great additional fervency im- parted to bit pattiou by tbe unmeroni wine-eupt be bad been drainiug on taking final leave oi hii tomraáei de iontuue. .«c.......    ‘liueil’.    Bórlate r exclaimed. Aladame Tru- ubcBBsr ró'.rliacan fruBi that btire apiB tbe Ijaet.    with eiplol ire wrath; ‘why, PanI, yon ' mnat    h«ve lost your tcatct I 'Vlui Uorlaut have    been children of the devil time ont of i mind. The men, tota, idlers, ipeudthrifU; ' the women, two-faced diitembling hussies, that wonld deceive Satan himself, much mure a pour gaby like you.’ ■tome, come, broke in PieI, with great heat, ‘oot inch a gaby u you lappoae, A.bmc aaerc. Heaidea, a girl isn’t always a Uint for having been brought up in a convent; u for Lurilfe, porA/cir ‘ she is simplicity and candor iliell. One ran see it in her looki.-0-hl’ The loBg-drawu sigh with which Paul con-clit-lcd eontpU-elt nv«iet the old hdv’i pt. tieoee,—never too steadily balaaecii,—and she replied to it in a way not uucoiOiDOn with her when very an-ry, by shying a tuioi she varnishing at tbe dclinuueot a had, accum- fl'Wf—    ,    .    , > "..111 y ,ur uft..«-AC Miuta.-lA tbert upvn ray Kh-xil room ikkOr, And you’U sit tlAerraeieniMAre. lUrre ■ ft nsi Mi Hortb p*«ie«tis«a. sad lit thii.thftt trur rtl >n |j ibe itcUrr ¡uit ol kfttor, «htu Uirrt s (Uii«rr buv<r' ><n I'ffiiibi’a PBiloI BtUr, nnJ rraolieJ todbck tint áMimiiler.    ,    . fNil 1 iliilaud iiti(hin< I bolter, fts uKkithcfloor. -»r 1 piiurcd ;»» -atentft round hw i4 • ddoge ua the ,\ad. viy emic.tdktt' bow the iworr! ffr ft monmt ali ««¿bul. sir. kxtkftJ ;»ie »• Utc dtloCe Dftftlctl tsftfa Aad a'l.l.uik saU duin'i anunnvut teemed tncl.ain lici U, ik'll 'i Its-, .««atbsn, aer hea, iVOB.iCr £ so. :H laesatt..- tlOO, Mbra . . n.ii» «pUnatVüii tm.keabefortbeoinidaai, "Nevrf    «noe    hebiod    lier.    laieHyUardsbeoulu' J, ,r. And 1 ass her aevcnuarc' And aheliiljMua Irnui the oulpit vend thor fs'aebiaxla I'tn' -t.reU7rre mey le Uioa». l.jrauuOi, a.r, abo at ' umi «ill dunbl lUetruth, tir, a U.:a ») .1» ol : t yi'ulli t-r, iietei » ven Uilaine !<- I oHiipi.l i.rte tutruiupiil aaiindiii» Inasc II tber» are. I as» uui-. li.t I knew yiltsdiensi rr I <c iiarr.ud And ibc beru oi Uic t’niy laic I’.as t'lnuak. nil at frank S.S Uiou»ii utn.e at Ú «se i >fe. Utc t.arU who001. »s bs- Jahit »íiíeo( Biartisl »: .ry.csgcrfnr yi.erlondmmre, Wall eontiBocd t!i»l be a Uetervia» inatainovt eaewe Which lie aui bt m;««r«i<,r«. Tliou»- ti e 1.. ■'•■u* veitab. the indnctiaB ol a yiaitb(ul isibd x“ I 'a fir I rbsiamaelli rt, aersnot d«-laad liir s« they aaturaliy eiprMt the vnte id waeliaett aa 1 ilcs<a>n,r.a wbich. t-.m»: «e dnrmnour bit. wa are all latcd to (tel. Tlir MI-AMllKOPK. at k.a a ■-. Ilirknsas and tuulw lay auul sataiL A V ■ V ,ita..a Uii.'i»nt aiy .tk d miad treada. I baia IHI bspa. an Incailt uu bauie, Tiir I'la.'i Ml la a lir>»ai «ad taany laud, All k. > .ml rbasfirtt brre I r Iwiiut» O. ."laap t"^.» i".iD« BaBd. The hr»- ” ol i>«r u» taiwia i '<-r m bpiw, Mur ’• > to is I Ibt lcv<r ibrrr ÍI.C . l.s' i iiic .risatoaootbrvif BOB, Ai I ds.tb lofiaa I'.rai alisa» LL- air. my—dear Panl,’—to far had l.ncille Dupre, reuee, got already,—‘not that waggoiier’a tisc ! Surely my foot ia not such a very moiiatroua one 7’ It’a luv firm belief that citoytn Verdot did no , at ttat precise momest, know whether he atuod npun fait head or hit heelt,or whither tbe foot to w hich he had applied themeaaarc meut.stick waa six ur sixty ioehea lung. I’re clover. Afar of, behind the weatern billi, tbe lun waa alowly tinking, tinging earth aud iky he said wu the cate He told Houtempa    that hit wife would nut return till the next morn-log, and at there waa nobody at home, not the tervaut even, be felt to lonely tbat he wished to sleep at bit, Houtempa', bonte. This was aereded to, and be went to bed at once. \ ery early in the morning a mestage came    . trum Madame Verdot, that breakfast    was    over the fair earth when    the    sun    went    down— ______________________,      „    I    ready, and her hnabaud anxionily waited    lor. |    the    blush    that    deepened    into    crimson as    tbe aenlly, however, be became more romiiosed, : Houtempi delivered the message himaelf to j •«» kissed her at parting, tbe laboU were fitted, and the result uf the Paul, who stored whilst he tpuke like a man i I )>on the green aw ird before (be fanii-entiiig waa, that hall an hour bad barely in a dream, buttaiJ uothiug, got up, dreued ' houae, lay lung dark thadowa—ihilting.ehiug- pcrhapt; haughty demeanor; aod hit bronzed teaturea partially shaded by the broad-brimmed Spaniih sombrero of tinsly woven, deli- Tidingi bad reached him that fail father aud mulLer bad been laid to reat in the village cbutehyard—hit elder brother had married with a toft, rosy light; and from (he western horiznn, alowly floated np to the zenith fleecy clouda, aoiring away into the blue ether. How beautifnl waa that rosy bli.ah atealiog eate vivln e .    iLn    hit’ dark    d"-»    "P®" 'te hcmcstead f.rm, h«D w hirrthr Mi ruhtou .    si ifhl™ fait tittors hid ill gono ont from under h^d til wlfiiuiid SI ■..en fainiu i**■« *badow of the paternal roof; and now the s/iii.n.Tü.'t'te I ajKr*" Ity bit hand lUia gcutlemau held a little girl uf four or five yeara of age. Tbe child wit not Oeautifal. Trae, her little figure was very aligbtaud aymmetrical.and with wonder. fnl vivacity and grace ol movement; but when you turned to bee face, and looked fur beauty there, you were diaappointed. Her eyea were large aud black aa night, iieeriiig out frum locks ul long wildly-floating locks uf hair, the tame >ii hoe u those strange, aid eyes, whote very look made yon feel uu- puaed facture Paul had once mure oUered bit hand to the Lncille wbu, in daya g ae by, had aoaeurufiilly rtjtcled it. This occurred ia the aitting-room at iherearof the shop, where the young widow had allowed Paul to indoct her to take a ;;lui of wine aud lume cake, ‘It'a very kind and generous of you,’ replied l.ncille—a real emotion filling her eyes with teara u the tpuke: bnt sou were always kind nud generont; aud 1 oopcadveraity haa aomcwhat improved me. My past wedded life was not a happy one, Paul; ‘bnt with yon,’ ihe added, in a gayer tune, 'I think I inav veatare to hope for —    ’ tVewillakip, with the reader a leave, the next two or three miautea, at nou-eaacutial to the story,- -resuming the cuuveraation when hneille it rrsdjuating her cap, which bad been ia tome nay slightly disordered, and puttinir OB her glove» preparatory to Paul eavortiu her home. •Yon Will be charmed, Paul,’ the voung widow is tayiug, as sly gives a final liiiger-twist to one of her dark cnrls. and turns amil-ingly away from the glasa—‘Yen will be charmed with my beautiful aud gentle 1/UC-ille.’ himtcif, and went iiume. Paul Verdot, bnt for the strong thuddnr which pasted over him aa he ciieouutered the tnrpritcd yet cheerful look uf hit wife, looked more like a atune image muving by automatic power than a living man. ‘bit down, dear Paul,'aaid Ducille, toothingly; ‘I bave good news for thee. ^Vh I 1 tee how it it,’ the added; ‘thou hair teen this piece of a letter which I found on the table. 1 dropped it last night, I 'Eppoic; ai d it haa put wicked tbo’ta in that jealous pati of thine. Never mind, 1 am u w going to explain everything, aud aa-liafaeto. ly too, aa thou’ltfind.’ ‘Hrands I' gasped the hatband, faintly; ‘brandy! It r aa given; and hia wife, ing ever into mvriad forms, at tbe leaty arma of tbe two tolf poplari above fliekered to and fro in the fading annliglit; while betweeu the inuiet and thi gazers in tbe open door, intervened a dark, rich veil of green trMery—through wh-we rcutfolda were caught glimptca of the brightnrii beyond thuie grovrt uf oak aud elm aad fir. Duwn in the valley (hen-waa a little river, narrow, but deep aud rapid, where all day long the murmurinjg bum of Hie mill-whtel and the plashiug ofthe water, iniute with a monotOBuci aound upon the ear. Hut now at auuiet, the wheel was itill. the mill locked, aud the grey-haired old miller itood on the litttle bridge which ipanncd the river, in hia aud tbe toaos er hit Hut why waa he back to the old nett thus—with hit only child, and without the partner of hit boiom 7 .Ah,zAe wa- sleeping IU distant Guadaloupe ! no fairer fluwer ever bloiiomcd in thetlarribbee lalanda, than Hor-tenae de Marchmain wuen he won ber; no fairer, frailer flower ever perithed than when the died. Beautiful and fleeting—a richiiotie. which bnrat forth in beanty and then withered —Biich hia wife had been, and now the itrong comfortable, aud brought to your mind itoriei ,    «»«    K"'ng hwk to the borne of hit child- of goblint and nnearthly beingi which bad ; I»""*! t" «ave a home for hit only earthly friglileiied your ebildbood. Her features too, i D«**“'’9- True he might have kept her with were almoit elfin looking—the prominent —!"•    ‘"t    h"i>*"H craved the Iwn, but hia itrongcr love lor hit rbild said, ‘Nay, , thit it no place (or thy little one. What can i a fond, indulgent lather—what will a throng u though apparently mnch aatooiihed, pro-| ahirt-ileevei, with bia hat in hia hand, am 11 reeded : 'Altera:!, me fut, tbeezplauation iz i •uU^<-l wind lift eg bis tlUu lucki and g a Very SIP pU line. I'fac etidd wa: the dua„b. i ».l^'.tiiu iu litote srieatlilog uatía osei gUcrol the (!omte aud C imteaie Auguite do' forehead. ' Vervay I'hej are proirnU, u yon know;' Jiiat at tbe miller threw hi-, kumeapnn limn aud the child waa cunfidrd to me under a to- coat over hin arm, replaerd hit old straw hat lemu promise never to divulge its name to a on bit bead, iltwly aanntrred aeroii the living soul, for fear of tboie I’arit blood- bridge homeward, a little boy—perhaps ol honuda. The eonntrtthai been long confined ¡ eight tnmmeri. with a bright eye and curly brow above those black cysa, Ihe thin cheekt, aud tallow neck over which thoac lung curia fell in thick black maasea.    i Her apparel alto waa in a itrauge ityle, |0f Havei, who know no law but the will ef juat the opposite in texture and make to what Ij'»"’ young mistress—what would eve^ in-a child a tbouia hsve been, a litUe frock of Hueuee about her avail, but to make hei a rich cashmere, an embroidered mauUe of blue '    1    <'*7y her b» y"'>r e»rly New- velvet, aud ou each liUle arm a bracelet of ; hngland home, and there, under the careful gold and gems.    training and motherly eve of yonr brothers Altogether, she waa an on/re looking little kmd-hearted wi.e, let her be educated. A being—athin, pale child, with nothing yuiing    Knglanu home and New l.ngland hearU or frtah in her eppearance at children have; await her, and thither will I ear|7 her. And And ill    ttie groupi uituy a ptiAtiiger incompliADce ivitb tbe iovitAtioa wbicb be bad turned to look again, aathc stood vainly had received from fail brother, olferiuga home and a mother’s care to bit motherleai girl, he revealed by the broad imile rcatiug alwayiou her featnrea. That the wai a ilave, waa evident by the watchful glaucet the cast towardi her little‘Mitiy,’ the tinge buket the bore on her arm, whence she drew forth I lath.a went grand iimgreatii B. abm es«p lyiug't a I paoicd by a volley of cxpletivei not neenia- ry to repeat. 7'reijaent prattice enabled her grandaon to easily avoid tbe dtngerous mii-iilr, aod her words went eaually aitrav of tbeir mark after a few luomenti, as Haol has. tened along towards tbe ilandered damsel i residence, end, arrived there, poured forth, with all the energy and distinetueas swift ipead aud ardent affection pcrmittud, the hopes, iribnlationi, wiihei, auxiet'es, excited in bis boeom by tbe too charmiog Lucille. ‘You do not xnow, then,’ replied tbat mnch amnsed baggage, ‘you da not know, then, my poor iottnu, that ’ 'Uoitmi!' echoed Paul, springing indignantly from I is knees to the full height of h'a best leg—‘that ia trae; itiil, if one is a little lame * ‘One may be six fent, np one tide,’ inter-rnpted little Lucille, with tkeeome delightful mockery of tounas before. ‘No doubt; but f would uy, if permitted, tbat yon do not know, it leemi, that I am betrothed to Jaeuuea Da-pre, the maeon, who can earn ten frauei to your five, my friend, and that we intend mer-rylug next wenk.’ Panl heard no more, or, at leut, he would not if he could have helped it; bnt the busiv'e merry laugh by wbieb he wu punned teemed eounding in hii can even whilst recoanting bisdiscomfitnre to Midamo Truquet. ‘(Ion-sole yourself, PeuI,’ eaid that dama, u she handed her afflicted grandsoa a talced night-ctp, and tacked him up comfortable in bed— Cuneóle yonrielf, eaonpwrron—there are prettier ^ei in Amieai than ever beamed under the cip of LiieilU Hurlue. Heiidei, u I told yon, they are dieaemblen to their very nailt; yua iball u euily find oat theiraeeret meaa-I Bg u w hat u kiddaa uadartouujaror’ipalm. (iuod nighi VMM droer; yon have had a loeky eicape, and it ii I, who hxvt known tha Bor-laaa family theee fifty yean, who toll you to.’ Paul waa vnry mnch better tha next morn-ing: tha firna of lovt and liquor had cooled veuiikly during tbe uigbt, and by noon ka wu aturdily inarrhiag along, with ail kit etrap-|wd to nit beck, on tbe road to Parii, detor-miaeil tv bravely face tbe world ipito of all tba l.iieillti in creatioa. 1‘auldlJ not, bow. to her bed with illnett, eo that they could not i head—came down the bank toward the river, till lately leave the eunecalmeut they bad , Tbe little fellow wu barefooted, and a rongh, , found to attempt eteaping frum the country. ' chip hat wu act jauutingly upon bit brown 'lonrown daughter,' exclaimed Paul,grtaf | I'lm peril ii now, however, inrmountod, aud ' euriy Ixki; but hit looae troeien and blonte ly inrpriied.    ' they are, 1 trnit. beyond the ruch of their ' uf homeepun were clean and neat, and the Lucille teemed to Leiitate, ai.d her face ¡ periceutora. The letter wu,ol euurte, from ; little ihinlag morocco belt abont fail ilceder fluihed vividly—aa Paul afterwardi well re- tbe count; tbe elutbei werereqnired lur the , waiat gave quite an airof dandyiira tohii ap-membered; but ahe replied : ‘Yea—1 thought i diagiiiae uf the counseaa, and the silver money ‘ pearance. Over bia shoulder wu a small yon might have been aware of that.’    , was alto ei*c.''tial; aud lee, mauvaiae tete, here ^ fiihing rod, and he carried in one hand a lit- ‘Notl,’ replied Paul. ‘But what then ! | ia the change 1 have made,’adi cd Lucille, who , tie tin box fiUed with looie dirt and earth-I ihall love all that kelangi to yon, dear f.a- ! bad a keen eye to tbe mam chance, diiplaying, ¡ worms for bait. cille, and we shall be ha ipy, Ul three, 1 make with great glee, aeveral jeweli, evidently uf. ‘Hallo, .Archie! (loin’ to catch the il in-nn doubt, u people in a fairy tale.’    j great value.    ,    era, eh 7’aaid the old miller in a cheery tone, Preciaely one week from that day, Paul aud Tbn mental pallor uf Panl Verdot’e conn-1 u he drew Bear the buy Locille Mere married; aud a viry happy, proa-I teniace bad not oeen in the iligktoat degree perous wiirnapT that at Numero 13, line do* : dimlDtsh'-d by tiia wifa't revelatiuu, (Capuchina, proved for a coniiderable time :: ha only laintly relied by laying, adveraity Ani/greatly improved Madame Vcr-1 uo. «hat more 7'    :    hit father could’nt apare dot, than whom a mure kind, prud ut. nota- ‘YVhat more I Ptrbleu I that iurely    i*'    fellow caught the old man a hand, ble, iudnatriuui    ’’—    ‘    ‘ wu very loon and guidt. the huiband eonid laid Panl bad uuiamou » leaei ui a uatwiai.    ""'■r*    ln». r — o .    -    -    ,i , li ‘ He thought 10 bimiclf: the brightoit aud moil ■ known to you, when appreheniive he waa    be-1    little compauian mUehievonily.    j    woodi,    where    we    are    going—where    tbe    tail precioul imbeworU.^bttt iorouellAW tbere-1 Act, will. Hear, fuid it difficult tu f(et off,, ‘Why uncle Jem, yon knew u how I’d trcei ifrow. lud the birds iingAi iweel m the lu, which, la hit eyei, lirudnAlly oTerKrew , ai tbe couut    informed me puriueri bed ob>'    rather co    a    fiihiug    with    yYJir    thAn any    of    the    you    left    behind, end tbe flowen bloAioni. Aud dimmed it! fAdiAuce. Lncille wu, he ‘ tained a hiut    of hii biding plAce.    1 tfaoogbt;    boyt^for    yua    alwayi    know    jut    wbeie    the lou like    the    fio«^ri.Horteiiie T felt, A diuembler in one iioportADt particular I it poiiible he raight bifdAoogbt ikelter here | minuiu are 1 Come along—wont you? aud I    o%%! M* ek^repeiii*    .    ibe At least: tbe child whom she kept in inch I last night, and tbat wu one reuou I leot ct- j Archie tugged atoutly ut the old miller s said in a quick toue, wb“« her    ^7*^* ricoroaiicclnsiun,—alwaysappeariugrestleift j erybody AAay.and uked you to stop at home,    i    baud, and turmed him lairly round.    I    sptrkiej,    aud    thcu lookinjj    from    her    statiou and Agitated if eren be addressed a few words ; who, 1 knew,    would tefcr betray a    poor bunt-1    ‘W’ell, to ber. Wbat huoeat cause eoold there be for I ed fugitire.    Kut, Heavens, Pan!,    what la the    such tngging to release her»elf from the gruUe .    ^    ^ man’s iéftudn or »b>ly /uiog rouud Ah a i "*^d dh»patcbed them a lt:tter anuouociog hi< ^u»i-l'>gbUue»l louk upon ib^ erowded 5eck, acceiitaure, aud a lew wcclcs saw him with his andtbeiituiCgiugawayoncca-.»A .forfrfedum. <^bild aud one attendant, uu their journey. Cl.)te beside the child, boldiug over her head Add uow, how the old times caiue throng-a large umbrella, stood a stout, middle-aged . back—how tbe meiuunei of bis boyhood negreas, in a giyly-flowered dress and shawl, i came rushing over him as be neared tbe pa-anil a showy Madras kerchief wound into a '.ernal roof—and how hit heart grew young Urban lunuouuting her wooly bead; with a ; «í*'". “ I»" locked abroad on tho fertile ficlili pleasant face, and two rowi of dazzlmg ivory !    pletiaut val leva    of New Lnglaud But it wai only wkcn he paiiied throogh lomc fluuriihing town, whose ñame alone told that it could be the little, thinly-aettled hamlet of iwenty-tiveu yean ago—or taw lome populoui village lUndiug where, of old, the oranges and iweetineala toappeue tha little | ““I>roken foreat had towernd aloft—or gaied girl    upon huge mauulactunug establisfaments, a'i the iteauier lay itill beside the wharf, ' ’’«•ring their maaiive walls uimju the kauki of thechild’a wonder broke forth in an almnit blue rivers—the cUtter and diu of maehmcry breaking the lolitude aud lileuce, where in other daya tbe timid Jeer came down from bit leafy covert to drink the wateri;—it waa only irdot’i conn-|aa he drew aearthe buy.    penpleil bat ;htoat degree ' ‘Oh, I’m real glad I met yon, uncle Jem, | eette grand un lou, to wbwh I for yen’ll go fiihing with nu, won’t you T I ' thir’a fare wit g, ‘Goou, go wantod Ciurley Lnnt to euuic vri'h me, but I tinned ihnking ¡ hil father could’nt apare him,’ and the little I c/irre Jfenrt— Miner. aas nuDQsi riuse cooia vaerc DC iur I vu iu)(ibi*<..    4#ub,    AAv«*Bua,    «    •m,    ••    usb bu« «uvu that 7 Hia grandmothcr’i warning of the matter I Helpl help I My God, be ia dy-: home deeept'Tr, impenetrablecharaetor of the Hor-¡ing! ’    .    iforyi eudieii chatter. It waa a carious mixtnre of I’renehand Kugiiih in which the spoke. ,    ‘\b,    papii, vuila! voila I lea miiaoni—lea,    .    ,    , penpleal    fcatcettel’onclc Tracie’i miiiou—    *b«“ li« •«» theae evidences of change, that , I eette grand    un V aud the looked into her fa-    i    Traey laid tohimielf- ith animated gesturea, and ton- -Ydu t*batif f hntviiit tbe old home to find ' her head—‘nomli/e birds—no    j    Ht»* change hat fallen upon it, too 7    What if Hortense d#»a nut like this    “T >>roH>er. Cespite hia offer, ihall    greet me countiie, papa,’    i    coldly    ,    and    receive me with a atringvr a wel- 1 man aud thought huure hac greeting once more Itood in tbe old'hoipesteid, hii child in the arma of a kind, comely-featnred woman, who kiaaed her over and over again, aud claiped ‘her to her heart at her mothar would have done—fail own hand in the graap of hia itol-wart, farmer brother, and the hot teara itind -iiig in bia own eyea. It had beeu a loug.long time since ke had wept. Thrice bleiied the toarv which came then I .1 -wloitaliUkbr.i. liaBca IB wy rloii.l.. 1 auii,; d 0,f ir It r il. rwi'-s.i! IMheo ir L*ii Ik Í 'd I' lawn, t*B!». d .nS i'lM 1 e'lr al.'! ke* H.iwwaa«i'«tsti'VB.ii. mu ity M, .n|ifela[i.,ua diOt ny, I l.‘. d II» k»[« ul lutuR liui y»l I 1.1.» lur itoaa a rvmc; “tOR «n> rha»»e tpivi í.fc» lb a a .,.. I |«U a IM WKiiUry oaMi. V»bft.«r» M ta. May IsM. • ♦ hsliD.' Bmil-. a itU »l»<ri'.-t maiy bcvn. ntidM tlir u. tkrur.,1 tad an»* »b '» i.i-ti u Bl.tM I luia. .Jiet maay ' -"'’.'i"i’‘    ..Ik, ii-.i-i    ¡ever, get further ea bia road to Taria than mil' ll^’ )wi»> ntiur luicii u»'d«il. an/ nuiH«‘ ' Abbevilla, where he found immrdiatt a d Ityou “ ' TOO' «u.rd, I M » .a y.iB abnrt iiad be,»!, s avi.ii b -tel eii-ficiic». »(. ■ I II    1 iiy hcti B.ib »».»:. I, 1' liii. rf, atlb.l .irrndoll, t au.»;»: . »»tI •■» Mi It. IB. I. ,'bi 1 l»o bw( I« rttry Bwrwi l|»|.,., .ly I.r »bi.,r a Ai-r. I».,'... '■ . I. |..m.i lealbrr titB-l»i. . ili.biia arwadlu ta>. Ab SB». . ihZBBO.uad IB »a --■|ki> aUi.i ...y b»Brta«ay. I a.. ''..BtflHlll 1.1» el" ull, vy.lli '■    -»i.l B,Mf’.|ul,a. lllB    bU Ok w I P'lH »B. iitt a>".< BM IB Ibelu.U. TiJ.",«ini.irvi<i.i|y.l'..:..« .-.I-I.i .r, AUd)«i .,B«. u»ti:»«i. iBie family, eoaitontly reenrred tpito of bimielf. Then the petred to be abont lix yeara in tbe llighteat degree reteinble ciiuki Ul uti .»«——»•—r—  -------—..... —     ;    -j    ------. . reputo'N»arenti. They had both olive com- hear bow your accnried aeeret ha. destroyed : we’ll bave a good hour yet belore il i dark; little girl. ’ ii^ad dark hair and evea. whilit the ' me. 1 found tbat fragment of a letter, pur-! but not thia way—tbe mill-wheel acarea all;    Yea, daughter,    said her father, auulmg ... 1 _____ ... A'_«l.  ____a. I'tl..    a    Lá.    4 km wawm* . . ftiraiit    d \V    kn 4nl»l wnii    T ■nlrmak* liv*n in Am ft. The people here are .Ameri America.’ -, are they yunieet ? Here it Yaukeei live, iin't it 7' laiJ the plcxioni,liad dark hair'and eyea, whilit the me. I lound that Iragment ai a letter, p .    . young Lacille wu a beantifni blonde, with sued you tu Setia, aud could nowhere iiud the fiih away from thia part of the river; again. rician featarci. ‘Like.’ yea there. I retiirucd, eraied ia miad, ut-1 we’ll go down in the Hollow ; they’re plenty rica 7 *    .    i_      1    _l      J—    _A__iul.___________ l..__..._:..éL_«a.. LLI..* CBAFTIK III. Squire Heuion and hit wife lat at (he window uf tbeir manaion. It wu a large, white buitie, with I huge brui kuockeron toe front _ ____ .    ..    door, I long piazza or pureh rnuuiu'z the W ho told you Yaokeei lived in Arne- wi-ole weatern aide, witha ilopirg green lawn (icelf-ebiaelcd ratrician featarci  ‘Like,’ yea there. I retiirucd, eraied in miad, ut-1 we’ll go down in the Hollow ; tbey're plenty rica I'    before it, aud tall lilw trtca, rote bniLei, and Baal wonld •cmetimeapasiioaitolTmarmnr.    terly crued; for 1 iwallowedbriady    at ev-1    thereugrau-hoppera in the itabble.’    ,    Mamma—my own rArre BMwiwa told me    , meringoa in the yard. •like the    haughty imprtii of himtelf    with    ,    e y cabaret upon the road.    I bnrat into thia    i    So the miller and hit young companion I    ouec; and tbe called you, papa, ii« frenUe    The 'Smuire wu a hale lookmg old gentle- which a    prond arialoerat might lUmp    with    '    room, and reeliuiug upon    the eanape    there,!    went ou,hand in bend—the oU man ihoulder-¡    J«»*ie Aobiwí,’ replied the little Horteaae,    man with rud) face and iilrer    hair.    Nu man tbame an honeit family.’ Wone than all, it law the figure of a man uletp. In mj phren-1 tag bit fiihing-Uckle, and tha boy ikipping qniekly.    ■    atiod ao hiitb u he m the good graeea of all came to Paal’a knowledge that hit wife had ‘ ty, I rushed at, grappled with him, and wu lightly at hia aide.    The    imile    laded    quickly    away    from    the    duk    the Koekville people- no man commanded the ........ I.:.-.—    1,1....----  hou,-oI    iarmerTracT wua low '    Í*®*!    •"<5    »    I""*' "• P»“ •*"*    reapeetandeitoamof theinrroundiBgconnlry Ihelarm-houseol urmer iracy wua loss,    featnrea. Hia eíild’t woria. 'me    , „ did thegood ’Sqnire. momma’ had opened the wound tlreth    Hia lady, younger by tome    veari    than her over ahich two tall    raokled    in    hit    heart—for he wai wife- ! huibaud, wu alio beloved by all. She had a received aeveral lettorithronghaprivatechan-' grappled in return. A fierce, torrifia conflict uel, with reipiel to which ahe would only,    eniued. Sereral tiiaei 1 dufaed    him ou th vtheu quetlioued, aay tl.ey came from a rela-    floor, and at lut I reeeivad thia    blow upoi tire ol her daughtor’a, and did not in the    the forehead, which rendered me    iuienaible.    »».,    w,tJ, ,    p»bU    roof,  .......,,    ,    _    .    ,,    , alightoat degree euacc.*a aay oueeiae, eertain-    How long t renttmed lo f Yirow    iMt h«    ! |ioplari    close    before    the door, threw tbeir uel, with reipict to whieh ihe would only, eniúéd. Sereral tiiaei 1 dufaed him ou the | atory-ind-a-haTf building, lUadmg on alit- "T*'' **'• ^«•‘?9®*-.    .!''.»8®'“' Sqnire. -.,-,1-.    U|H,„j11oI    liudalewrodtiafromthehigh. lud that little one wu Dutberlaai.    lair,    frank,    ootu countenanc»—a pliaiaot c,',tUge,’^ it wu'euy enongh lAfli to talk over Í,7oVbernuab.ud'"ÁHYhriTad7i7rirel- eol^ air fevived me 1 got npou my I«t. j'pTiirt'iriYprotee^TuglY.' raTip^t The trüiü; ^aww-eimpa I’aud a little thia band aoftJy .mile    "P""    V''"'    ‘“'V* feet opon Paul Yerdoft hitiu. He began to procured a light, znd raw that I bad killed , beuev-autkle had been trained carefully tuuehed hit own. The lUru man looked her meek bUf e)M, alil. toft, and bright, aad    bnt    here    he    wii    on    the    piazza    of    Uia «______.    .    .1    I    a.    .    1     —    ....    aaMXknio*    aWi    kn    Mzma    a*MtiM »]«...!    IA ' ‘    .«    a    •    at ‘i.t •    ---*    ““    “    _    ..    a ■Well, wall, Archie, we wont quarrel iboBt it. .Maybe you’ll live in the’Sqnire'i houte yonraell, yet, oue of Ihete daya—»ho knowt 7 Come, go home with me and eat lomeof Aunt lluth’i pauctkea; 1 ran luell ’em now;’ and tbe old man muffed the uvory odor which came from tbe opeii duer of a little brown honie by tbe roadiide. .Aunt Knth, the miller’s wife, stood in the doorway with her great red arma folded terati her cImo cheeked aproo, and a pleaaant imile ia bar face; and beyood her, in the little parlor, waa caught a giimpie of a inowy cloth upon theinpper tabfe. 'Come in,’ laYd Aunt finth, kiniily, to tbe boy. ‘No ma’am, thank von; but mother’ll be waitin’ for me,’ and be haiteoed bomewerd, leaving the miller at bia door-itrp. ‘.Archie 1 Archie Carroll I’ Thelad looked np at the window of the great white home he wu pasiing, and involuntarily touched hit hat with native gr- ee. ‘Come np here on the porch, my lad, and reat yourarlf. I want to apeak with yon a moment. Been fiahing 7’ ‘Ye*, air,’ aaid Arehie.u he threw down hit string, of fiaU up»u the greeniward, Xliu monuied tbe broad atone itepi, timidly draw-inguea the great man. •That’i right; good boy! Do all yoa can to help mother, eb 7‘ aaid the ‘Squire, in a kind, familiar voice, patting the hoy’e head, through the wiudow, aud drawing him uneluee to him. ‘1 do all 1 can, eir,’ he at length found ton ne to aay, for, trembling aud bluihing, thongh greatly pleaied and flaitered at the uutiee of 10 iniporUnt a nerionage ae the ’.Sqnire aeemed in hia eyea, .Archie itood awkwardly twirling his itraw hat between hia thumb and finger, hardly daring to lift hia eyee. •That’i a good little fellow. Do wh't yon can. and you’ll do well cnowgli,’ said ’S»inire Henion, in a pleued tone. ‘Archie, how u yonr mother, now V uked a kind voice, from the front window. .‘Pretty well, thank you, ma’tm. She’e got well again.’ ‘I'm glad to hear it. Did the eat any o' theJelljr 1 lent her 7’ ‘Oh, yes, ma’am; aud the took thewine too. She said il did her a great deal of good,’ replied he, eagerly. Did it 7 then I’ll tend her lome more tomorrow,’ aaid tbe good woman, who never lorgot that injuuetian ahe had to often read in the large Bible npon the itand in the corner ofthe aitting-room; that injuuetion whmh waa writien alio in her heart, ‘ft it more bleued to give than to receive.’ She never forgot thet the good Father hed given them a Itraer share of wealth than otnert, not to withhold a:id hoard away, bnt to diatribnte to Ihe poor and needy. ‘Well, my little man,’ continued the 'Sqnire, still atroking the boy’s curia, ‘1 wu think-lag, aa yon came along, what the ichool-mii-Ireti told me abont you, YYill it do to com. pliment yon 7’ Ajcbie did not know what the word ‘com-pliinent’ meant, lo he hong hit head iheepiih-ty and said nothing. .At length he broke out with— ‘Well, 1 did’ut mean anything bad, il 1 did lick Bill Kowley, for he puihed little Klfie Green down ou a pile of elonea, and cat her head, and 1 don’t sec as the mUtreia need to tell on’t, for I’m inreihe fernled Bill herself aud kept him an hoar after tchool bcridrs.' ‘Yon miitake me, my lad,’ aaid hit liitener, with a imtle. ‘Mist Low did uet tell me that, although 1 did hear about the threibiug pK,r Bill got from the gallant little defender of Eliie Green-and not au unmd^ited one either, I think; bnt I didn’t mean exactly that; 1 meant to uk von who got the moat ‘Re-Baidt of Merit, lut term; wu it not the tame little boy who itaudi hera before me, now 7' Archie hung hia bead and bluihed. Priiae made him buVnl, as before he had vindicated hii noudnct from what he thought merited teeniure from the 'Squire, lohewu lilent. ‘How ihould yon like to go to icitool the ear rouad—go ap to the academy in the vil-jage, and when yon kuow anoagh, tu go to eullege, like Dr. Cbadboarne’i son; tod then when yon getto beaniaa, leari to bea lawyer —like me, perhapt7 Should you like it, Archie 7’ '() yea, air, indeed. How grand that would be I 1 with 1 could; hut my mother ia a poor woman, and 1 eiu't go,’ aad the boy’a lipa quivwed and toara gumd into hit eyes. Poor A rchie! W here now the bright dreami of tha future—the vsuntini worda he bad nt-tortdtohit friend the millerf Poor Archie I tbay had all vaniihed—the dreama were brokeu. Ab, it had teemed euy enongh, ttere iu the green woodi, beiid- tlie little river, with nu liitener but old uncle Jem, or yet when hi lat by hit widow’d mother’i aide in the old Maxbiaoe.—Dr. Forbu Wintlow, apeak-ing of marriage, tayi: “Nothing delighu me more than to cute, the aeat little teaeancnt of tbe young eoaple, who, within two or three itirt, without any reaonrru bat their own nowledge of iuduitry, bavt joined heart and hand, and engaged to thare together tbe re-•Moiibilitiea, datiea, iatoruto aid aleuirea of life. The indnatrioaa wife it ehwrfully employincher owa hands ia domettie dutira, putting her hauie ia order, or mending her hoibaad’t elothea, or preparing the diaaer, while, perhjp«,-tha little darling aita prattling on the door, or lie* sleeping ia the cradle, and eveiything acema preparing to welcome the happiest of huibandt, and the beat of fathari, when he thall come home from his toil to enjoy th>. tweet* of faj IHtle ptradite. This it the true domettie plounre. Health, contentment, love, abnndaace and bright prospects, are all here. “But it hu become a preralent leatimdnt, that a man mutt acqnire hit fortune baiora ke marriet, that the wile moat have at lympathy nor ahtre with him ia thn pnrsuit of it, in which moat pleunre truly coaiiiti; and the young married people matt set ont with u large and eapeasive an eaUbliibment u is bc-caaiing those who have been wedded for twenty years. Thia it very onfaappy; it filia tie community with bachelorn, who are waiting to make their fortunei,endangering virtne and prompting vice; it deitroyi the acooomy and deiign of the domestic inatitutiun, and pro-dueet ineffieieaey among femalei, who are eipectiag to be taken np by a fortune, and puiively lutUined,without any care and concern on their j,art, and tbnt many a wife bc-comet, u a gentleman once remarked, not a “belp-mato, but a “” PiACiAT Home.—It is juitu poaiibleto keep acalla home u aeleau home—a chter-fulhonte, an orderly borne, aa a furniibcd bonae, if tbe heads set themselves to do to. Where ia the dilficalty of couiultingerchother’s weakaasi, u well u each other’i wanti; each other’s tempers, as well u each other's character 7 Oh! it is by leaving tbe peace at home to chance, iuitead of pnrsaing it byiyi-tcm, that to many homei are unhappy. It deserves notice, alio tbat almost any one eaa be conrteom, forbearing and patient in a aeighbor’a home. If aaything goes wrong, or il out of time, or diaagreeabie there, it i« made the beat of, not tbe wont; eveq tfforta are made to excnae it, and to allow it ia not f) it; ur. if felt, it is tttrjl<'4rd to areideiiAv-not to design; and thia it -nt only euy bnt natural, in the hoiiaeuf a friend. 1 will nut therelora, believe that what is to natural iu the house of another ia impouible at home, but maintain without fear, that all theeoarte-iira of aoeial life may be upheld la domettie lucirtiea. A bmbaud u willing to be pleaued at borne and ta anxioni to nleue tain kit nrigfabor’i hoase, and a wile u intent on making thiiga comfortable cvary day to her lauiily uon set days to her gneata, could not fail to make tbeir own hoate happy. 1-et n* not evade the point of these rtmarki by re-ciirriog to tha maxim about allowtaret for temper, it ia folly to refer to our temper.aa-¡( •I we could prove we had ever gained tay-thiag goed by givlu,- .- ay to it. I'iti of ill humor puniib aa qaitou much, if not more, thin thole tb y are vented upon; and it aetn-ally reqnirei more effort and iaflieU moro pain to give them up than would be requinto to avoid them. remonatriuee uVwi hit growing habita of ia- ’ heard, the mocking laughtor of deuuaa—hu- j i»g lío the' highway, were two flower-l>«di, lul only of the t^ri which stood in her itraogo towsperaaee, ha railed bli pals, almost haggard I man denla they wrra not, or 1 should hava pnm precisa, aod foraMl *|lh b inleri uf jaJ eyu, utUr^ tb« words, ‘UluMaga upon fcccriromtbebiudaiawWh ithadbtenl -------*      -a    i    —    i—• I P    ---------------------- ried, aad looking at her with aomctbiag aad storuneai. ttld: ‘Lncille, wheu been bu-’ purioed. Ab I all it known, and 1 au luet.’I box and blooming with mirigolda, ebamu- '“ri'Y¡>ou motherleai one.'    , thing of ■I'heeBlraae.oIaairgeaBtoitbceommnnaliniie, and iwoet WiUiama’, majoram and Wallue Iraey lubdueil hii leelmg; lUoped we mar- guard wu limaltoucoua with tbit lut exeli-; mmaier aavtry.    *'"*    her tenderly, and miJ— ..At   C l>_. 1 L'    •    '    Nl    iiatnaltmM    IlmptW    \ne*Z'fmikj|]F    #dbr- —* »W»B ••••W.vwi «OTn*c a    4Z*ivca«Vp    »»    HVM    .     *----- I«UU1H1VI    M*    VIJ ■ eoBiidcrable, tod hti been since, u yen iirgeant; .Never mind me, Htrty. Your father ctr-,    .    .    u    .    .    ,    w.uly    il    «preu/J'cnííc-aac», and 1 thall bave 70« irougnt up a Yankee girl. . Aant Trae, my heart, my cuulid.nee, wy c-Vry thoagbt e.loeee VVdot, that wai a droll fraak ia.t & »~vir.’ro“    ....... wu and ia.pea and plain to yoa, ^üaean. night, rber. muat bav. been an unn.ually |“orV not aay tbe aame. Lncille, anJ yoa mu.t kuow large number ol ,rl,irer„, tu that b.^ o 1    ,„d    aíightíy roekmg to It la the weight of the lecaraed larret you 10 yoart to have put lueb a fauey Ibcrn. ¡>8all 11    ,    -    ‘    ¡jj    with gaatlr undula.    I jealouily guard, tbat ia aiiikiug me into the tell 7’eoutinned the merry faaeliouary, wink-    “ÍL.    .f. * .    tliirtriv.!» abyis of low vice which I abhor u much la iug. indjerkiag bii bead towardi Lucille, a blneaa iu her girlhood, mirrored the goodneii uf ber heart. Thia eoaple, tbongb wealthy, were cbitd-leu. No cbildisb voices—no merry ringing Itnghter, or little patUriug fuotstop» were beard in that great bo'die, except whenaiccei and grand .niecei, nephewa and grand-uepb-ews, were lUying with them, aoinetlinci in tbe lanimer time. .Now they were alone. ‘\Aife,’laid tha ’Sqnire, poiutiuz up tbe road, 'ia’ut tbat little Arebie Carroll?’ white houie. face to face with the rich man; through the open window be iiw tbe loft ear-prt, with great red aud green fluweri, upon the floor; he law a long lofton one aide of the room, and a matiive iide-board on the other; bo uw a pair of silver candleilicki upon the wide mantle; tod beyond, through the doora wAicb opened inte tbe wide hill, he eaaabt a -.11____'    I    aL.    lilaMwer -I.’'».’ '‘ 'Hi « WhKli «tr’M'It Ujt I ^ p fttbtr nu I . t^•mi IfiY •« 'ill fiy fw.k. -.1# Ji.tlf, tkHti ud th«r •*    'I.ft! -«rfftr.ift. M Ú «t’i.    ”    ftd.itr»!'    ft    Lfflr' )n (JKh A-bHc ftL "I» l»ui|| iftftung. if tr a «roí    Irf.i*. sa.r -I —té' D'ri ffri'u g <a Htr ini iii‘jfi«ilr • r iDiLdlrftr. (Cftlftndtr i ÍÍ 0»l |>> 11..I daaBtn. K, Jure.) »n».i a. ,d lli»l RalB, ol > imx M 11 Writ I II.. .iRury inaiB * nueeemu (••«ft. iitttfdr! i«(rf4i»4p flift imim.j’* (ftkMrv.«r7fiftlft«H-fattei i-i «bfi I    Iff    Imxift ■ ■.rtftft >-    •«    Lfrlftns    t ln‘«H «•1ft b.ft Mtrfft gtrlftlada rn. «u (H I 1ftrftnM»a iMt ronitoat work, tad iiirh agreeable tiioeiatoi, Ihat be rcmaiaed there eoateoUdly eometkiag I over aix yeara. daring wbieb time aeeoatnved ’ to lavr abont eight band red Irtnea—the beat I po*iihle proof that eoald be given ol hli general ataadieeea ted lobriety. Dariag tbet 1 .ong period be bed only paid two or three hri.l ri.iu to Medem Trnqnet, tad ill be bad beard of l.aeille wu. that ihc had married Dnprt It the time Indiretod. and luoi. aftar-ward. lift Amiaa. with him lor Harii. I’anl Verdot torn bad been ruiding at Abbeville lupr^bmg to *evR.    «b».    a    letter rtarbrd him to the effeef that hii grandmother bad been anted with sudden and it wu lured mortal illneu, end wu very duiroas of Mring I him befo.e ibc died. He let off at onei lor I Amieul, and irrirad tbire barely in timr to I cloaa Ike aye* of hia kind tad aged rrlative I ltd le bear her faintly mnrmur, iu the lut I worda that llutterad ou bar Iq i, u iajuirtiun I to ’avoid the revolutioaiiU, and beware ul I Loeille Itapre, e.w»d.* ' The rtvululiouitto I Yu | Faal eoiapre■ ! hand'd lad nereded to thet without ellrirl. It wu the bfg.ating of the yur I7!rj, md»r wklek date ii iairriked the bloaduit ptgi of ' Ihat frightful hiitory. Amleai, like otber towns, had lU Met feiltr aad guillotina in vigoroni eir. atiua tad draukcu lailrlici uf I Ibo I 'erM, j/mit* aid ' <ire penetriUd |u the 1 lick ruoBi, and laiaglad with tbo dcelh loba irf the «ipiriag wmnan. Nut l.aelllc llupra ; mfor ' He wuald lilt oiireal from kimulf Ihat tha lut word bad eirlte^ evia at tbn I lulriiiii moment wbaa it wu nttared, noiie arort of 'nvertak pnlu. beata bat want of ' tbat! He would, upoa refleetiM, bereol aa lee, okdurata u granite, ia uy tdveeee Irem tketqeartor. Udlle aad aitde ifH el kirn ! wee, long ago. when kewu poerud itrip*. ricered, bnt now I kit ke wu riei -«ompera. Ilvily M, at Inst, (two ikuuiaad crown bad I buB irtnmnlitad by Mtdtmt Traauet,—net be olle.-ed I’eul bia inulf.lioi. ‘Yu—to be anre,’ itammertd I’aul, alUrly toeurgeai t, better ride, lut ebanct; every broke lo a man who itood buide polite bow aud iaiiawting tone. ----- .    . ----- ,    .    ,,    .    .....traveler    itarted,    and looked aronod. i btamiug kindly. ‘He ia bia motker’ionly tloui, u tha aeun. when the ana gnil atoopa ^11 hit fellow-paucugeri had diaappeartd-¡ comfort aod hope to dip bar wing and rip|)!«» B* •uriaeo, or. ^ ,„|ii»ry purler remainadon tbe wharf,rrady aona iligbl oar-atroka break the ealm ilre|i- j,j    geutUmin’i    luggage uboie wheu ing apw tu warea. Aad broad, „||,4 ' lay dowa tbe aide ol I'lo villry. whrr# the .(.«ju»/ _____,  ...... ............ ■owl; eel bay wu r^id UP ia loug winrowi,! miisy’i' iiir HringV’' Tbe’ Beértu íadv, cama quickly lri|i|i:iig down tba road or Itood ready itaeked ler the barn.    obevcd. tvlcz the broad rihbon under little , leading to hia inolhir’a cottage, with a string glimpuof the’Sqnirn’i library, with book-caiu about tbe liau of tbe apariment, and a , ,    ,    table 1‘rewn with hooka and papera ipreid il •Yea : the little fellow ^ been lisiiiDg,    jjBtre,    and then he looked again at the utbe reply,’wMri. Benion looke-l out .peatman leforn him, in kia fiun clothu, and tbrougk tbcgitbcriagihadci of evening. iaiifaa bright gold chain and muaive leali ’* ...jirt llttlo boy-and a good one, 1m, i    0^,,    hia    black latin veat, anii Archie ia’—aaid the ¡squire, mnaingly. 'Ha'    .    ........... loVyoirVa* Wov»^    know,    that    upon    l.udjag    d^t’.atly    l.'id    .nt    |    ."-lortabla, 'SSi’s.: •i’br.bildre;^ l>:.l°VtarW hi. ®onlo«ad.d. ’VVhatdoyoumaw?’ It. aad aJdrusiug hi. ,il. .,tk |Ls.uaata d implaría» rotea and gcatnro. Ttllm' » * IB wbat way itiicouaeetad with >ou-wh<.    i“!    JL,    IXb the myitorioui eorresiwadcnt ef jourt    ia; let    ['    *i’„ÍV.tot';----■' me know tb« wont, iíwor«t tber* be.    I    '•HI biArA&jthioK ‘ —eveo khame caadid with your liuiband, 4WL    II    •    a    IIODU    WW«7,    F«»r**r» .■ íqh oJ IB* .Sbtiual rriiutad the wile, ttllyiug with Meudon. and u dead. I’ll warrant, ia Liuii Uka the iliug of the word. How dare you ,d. , g.iiga fc, ,,„gpi,    | drui lu'h a word to me? I will tall    you    p»iriulie    maikrU ol    two    ol    our    armed citi-i New zeai, who hed itarted    the    ,/riz/o,    ,,i/from Uia    *>«•*•'^7 ‘Tbea I am a loit I’ rirlaiusrd I’tul, lair; wfairk hállala, kewcvtr, did not prrvaol tb** ^7 tbat of bi« dwclliug.houe,    with bis luuat graceful bow, biudrd the iMil tad ariiing fall hat, be ruihi-d out of thn him from erawliag lato and itriving to eon. ^ II barna. roru-honseiiaj x.tuariea are ape-1 lag ucgrrii luta the bouM, aad la tfrw lainatra wuKtted m Ihr real bimtelf la your prcmim, etinern VarJol ' ®‘oua. wall kept ead wtlllillfl—Ihuogli per-, ‘All rlnbl. What wiut.skep, Ha was itill there when rviaiiig u if he knew them well,' added the lergunt! ^ i>*P* Vf" ^ouie where he reara kiaeklldn n nud iir 7’ u be elued tbr fe'! very eurly—ior the uiuuth wi* Jaauury, wtthacertaia air of manaee, not, bitiplly, i •here Am lalbera wi-ie kora belore hi in. ba tlnr traveler leanei and the weetbar uiiiiaally dark and cold,— diHuroll to mollify, ’Jfereiri/eweanr year ■■u*f*'**!W"*!‘’f*'"f lueuii.i-nient—yet you ! there wia a lew iiiiuiitea’ parley—aud the Archie ia’-iaid the Squire, muaiogly. ’He ;    ,y|    ii„¡    i,op*,    of    tbe boy died within hit - ia afortune in kimirlf, to tbe widow t’tnoll. | breeat, and whi'ebU lip quivered and bia eye e Dou’lyouthlnkn'. Jlartha?’    , filled, be ee«Id ouly muriuiir, 'My mother la 1. j ‘That 1 do replied bii w ife, her bine eyea ,    , ' btamiu^g kiadlv. ’11. u motb^ a o“¿    my    lad,    if    /    mytalf woald uad yoa comfort aod bow The poor wumaa baa gjbool. buy your hooka and elothea. aud lemcthiug left itill, in inch a proiuiilagiou. [ ^    f V . l,«..rwilh met’ Archie'(’.rroll,_ nnmiuaful, and not even    ^    o.l,    wJu^^ onre dreaming "f.paVkliJ, and hii little bare left danced ’ aaid be, briefly. ‘Laicane, tie ' so freely on him by’.Squire llenion **••*>“'!i'irM^the'*niuzV 'l bit ltrÍQ[{l.' Tb*    ImJir    cemniea    iiuirkiv    tnuiiiiitf    JoftTii    ifaft rofttl    ft    »P obeted. tylcz the bmad rihbon under iparkle oa the W ell, Archie, 1 will do U; bat .von moat . J body    _    . ‘Dead body,piiri/eu.'that uf (be prozeri/ dove Aad what rare bad hi-to vri him-wbat Why, youruiotber euuld do wlikuut you. I gneM, I'uiilda’t iha, my lad' If I take rare «•rriag.    ...bea or hope, fur tbe fnlura, to di.tnrl. him    ,V,'    7,'; tbotel? 1 reraont lUiiat, |bm 7 At that aioiu iit Arrhie wu lunreme-    |i-i,uu will bavonr mothar ’ ir door .i|«m the trio, u banp)-ha lia l nothonght beyend iL (M'o- ''    '‘'>“7“ "" id from the window, aiul ,iou. itriug ol fiah he had with old mirle _ Again Atchio looked through tlw window, liuiitei’ pirlej in fall Ml', rid ________              „    ««    ..    IU     -    -___ -    -    1“    Ii**    miau viihel to ipwk with him wiiboet delev    wuther Ta bitterly róid’tliü'móráiVg."^»?^*    '    «*(1011 lito thou atore-houaei u a riefinieu,    ■    Ufur the Df|iot. 'aul ruse aullealy aud lulluwed the mceteagtr    luidtiue, u I waa ityiug what dou your    7ou may eat down the plain, ealculating    ‘Sum' nrh gpeouh Dua, III lomi, Tha caUklUknient he foudd wu    amiable biibiid do, wl.ilii weareg nete pru-    Vaakti farmer, who ’go*» eltJ in hii riia    wu bit rjarulilion ukigaaad ape lijwmmsi él«A mra.eik MbbiU Jim«aia.m.l ftn.llllft    if    a. L...»a    .    .    ftfttU,' AAJ bPATI OA lii MfBJf falBlI BtJlBH*    .»m«.    .imr    «1Í    iftldi fcl ■ HU inr wvftknvr UftUftftftll^ UftTB ftllH    - ailllCUlft lu lUUIIIIJ. mrrci    «OBT    inauwH**    I..» b ^vu ; bu«ic «*■•■ irw iiiiutitrm    »"*    «    ______ itiJ bAti b**ti driflkiBKfrvrly all <ta;. wKiu a bcAltb^dAm 1 but tbii bmadr li «XAflUBt '    Uriurr    «bu    flvvi    lu    lb*    ukui    juinncd    upo*    btiMtL    vtforomlj    *p-    uu«    ririjiB*    bomr    (u b«i    r«)t ijtriiAB* AitiVMl froM Midttm* Nffdot. «bo AAOtb«r *I*M T W*IL yit* u yutt MV tb* > ^bil oid (Arm boiut. aid idai aBil rtAjM A«d plifd tb* (Aib» and ia five mi&uU*Jr*« tip ;    tb*    «itb    b*    bad    riprpwBd    tu    tb*    old msmLaJ    ^    .aL    M-kCi-..sA#    4^1*10    ^.aí.._-^L-aa«._I-___IÍ.-&T ^    "    *««•    —    .A    1    as    4«%    I    1b    s    smA    w4    isr    m    kb    cam    waa    mm    m    ma«s    It    us    mtt    ■    Í    IsaÉ.^    •    ^álsR._.lhasi«»sé ?ñoriu"rs*iñIi .‘‘'lBkaiI i'r^n’ u. ii«r" aiiii but "thia lime al tha kind, mutlierly (ue oj elated, tbe work people diimisud, and hit rnre ineeni ol fttakiag the enepan, bnt enu. wifi diwiaed u il gclag out. Hkf was vary ,g, p„p |t ,nUi a saek, earry it olf, and piteb it pain and toemlagly exeited, bnt her manner into tha Nomnie! Did you aver haar of inek ' -M.l mtial    y    n    a'    »    .    ... wu niiaintll/ kind tnd earming. ‘I'aul, aha and, laying her ktnd un hii eriii u hn fell Into neknir, ‘I am going out—I and Ihe child; a fimert is waitiag far ui at tha bark gate, ........ aad I ikall notprohakly return lur urarnl wkicii is kii'Jiunic a droll dug, eh? iiul. leriuualy, yo Ilf bv-aud hy. lo the Hotel de Ville, atoe-, aad liga the prorn i,riel, or Uerainav he dllliruiiy in ippurtioning the rtwarj, Be It ao, iiiadaiiki,—I ^ura.‘ The hu.h.nJ made no reply end cannot leln.. a lad», though, really, lire# aha went oa. I have nlveu J.anaalU leaya »!«,«, one altar lie other, l*-uo malUr. to go home and I himel^re or, ,.m will not ii„, „ „», gjgfigg, u,puj,lta, aae aad uidl-co uut t^B. Aad, 1‘aul, added the wile ,„ib|,| Aad uow, *y f,taadi, «« r/wir.' ‘klHiag 7 a forehead, ‘I fvtl I kiveheen iiiurh , Ai tha door rlostd, the busbtij tad wife to blluie iu having any «.atealinenU from ihraw Ibrraaelvm wiU kirstiag tohe iatoaack you. aad I proialea yon that to mirrow yuu ^ oihar'a o.iUtreleh.d arms, and l.tcilk te •• her rhukitg uUartaee ptrmltted, lo.iMurroe lahell kuuwill.yonoroiiiiae? »b„p,r».|, brokraly ‘Naetr, aa»r, I’aul, I Jo.eolemaly. Aud uaw good by fur a, ib,r, agalu bt tu lutktred learet b#. twaaa u.* the aquire’a ladC«bu was took ing at him u le.e    .................... i| awuting hil daelilon; then he glanred once millir In the W.aida,    by    tbe river,    and    juil    mure into Uet charmed lihrtry, aad thet be    boned.’    ^,„torg,.tun.    tuned away ; the tamiiUlioa wu over, il poatbtfoldeii Ttrlr J. u —Arrhie bad ttiJ.    u ha drew    wsi all uolkiug ^aiut hii laulker i lo»a, aad a line liUlt vhiiier. and flung it np high ot to he pruedly _______„      .    ..... .... beiih—nuele Jrin, I wink every little 'Tbaak yoa air. bnt I’d rather not, furl daily eipotare, ne oae wboeu rouul gahn'every dey, ! gueul’ ««d with ■'Ihtok yno, i|,i»jng arele u.i every liab wc’refot bate waa ,i„'t inyt my mother. I’leaso air, I mnat CaC _    ^    .^LA.»    Aaa.LA.sá    JSBS.I    ft...    A    -..ama    '    *    a...I a    ^.aUM    1    M    li    M    ÉWAa    sOtU    Amzk    é    Am    W    "    A    4a    . I his |iuiiruger vlipprd Into Ilia baad It be ap a Hue lilliv vainer, ami imagii np Riga »■ bnrnad vlangi tba avUcare ul dally toil aid I Irll tha vahmle ‘llea'l have aueb euttontrv bank—auele Jrin, I wink avtry little witi miar a city merckant , and (or isrry i sir,’ aud a low bow, Jalin wuiatad the boi » anlidiiivcr dulltr, Ur» I guras mota*' aad ^ uuw. it'i laiwtdark,' andtbaa replana» hia Ikaa laferie aad bale of roaCr inerehaiidiir' agtiu, rruked bit whip, aad reatieg hia u. | should'at have to live in the liKl* Md ew|. :    bat upon hia head, lightly aprmgiug bleb fill JAnr warthuuaaa h. toucan show listnrliun at hia uood lurk in a long, low, pro. tagr, but we d hare mnnay ruiinaktokay a (r,,u the piirza, lilting hia alriag of liih hoiii tbe troMuru gitbrrod ioia >ton hours ! Ion. ;d whistle, ae drove olf.    great white bonae like 'Hquire Bcusou’i, tad , ikigraw. and tbouldering hia rad, and with- aad tor every ke vily-ladea, whita-wiagvJ I iM taogeommer day drew nur Its oloae. i .’rbapaahenaaud buggy bei:du.’    !    out Mce losikiag huk tatke bnuee with (ka ihip wWtah ridee th* e»a. Ar /o' ran point to I ,Yt aou* the lunniiy hy reilwev eided. Oar 'Wall, Arehie. you ae* Ihvy ami r'ly*', to braai kuetker oa Ik* (roiit dour, tki Imv •    •    ‘      '    op.    ,    inyeleri    kad    diaed    it    the    kotal    of    a    lane,    ii',^ -s ------...    i    ...    *i    i    .    ...    .    .    .    .    .    .1 kroad, broad term, tad aay ’.bt'. /A-y bmr , ,----- o« (Ayir buemi a mare preemui Inigktige | ■P'nuIiet'iritg.ialtBdranitry towa, aad then that aay floating argoey eeer bur* to hie eon-try's iheree. New - F.aglaid farmer»—fords ul (ke ploogh —lerda ot Uoaoll—yyurt are aoldl* rtanlf ' Wbat baa not tba plan, prutiral bard, work lag 'armor doae far bit eoetlry. whet la ka ••( dull» a«* 7 Aa ■ elui, tbn itvengtk end bnlwtik nl (bn „ aae to with (bay wu —uwi the aid walkaJ oa amid tkadMpenilgabadH el nighi, _____....    ,    _, with n alight amlle. 'Von know tka old    Puniewtrd to bli mothc irotta»r. antared the atage-ruark, wbvrt lor (be lea i aayiag.'II wiibee mtde koreea. keggtri luigbl    -a brite ltd—a noble little lella«    I ail honra they had been herna along tkrwk | ride; Mt’i no ear awiihin.’ whew yon gat to the 'Hqaire, rnkhwg bia ban de together tod tkrirlu» yiÜAgn,andtaaoiMieoiatry. Wai-1 ke amaa, my lad, yaa ran «-irk, and may be gaamg after Arrhit. ’Mila, 1 uy we mail I seat of (k* coarki! k _. saor uatker a alee little boaie, bet not .iBumatkino (urthal b " ret.’ aad then the tb* window lari. Tisey Ml nn lb* Irnei seat of (k* coark;! k,. yoar «asker a ale* little boaie, bet not itamtpetking lur tbet b;' yet.’ opmieilr’iiui, upo* th* bMkMal.itl Ibelallk-. an'erg* u Ike Uqulra'i, Irecki B,’    *1    Horkrllle’eioaed fill aegri IS—bend* aid arm id. her buket Hal aeetaJtm'a old siylagi tad aotiu    1    utú'iwn    la    slltate. and buaalre, aad II ber lap 14 laat ulwp '    ’    ’    “ her liHl* ’miaiy,’ wkae* ilambeM sk* wttok A? »tl tat vmei eaia niav wtte l^soi OCT GiKLr—Here ia an Almtaie, gifla. which il tru* u a Tbermoaaeter. t!iit It out aad get it by heart, and yon may laugh It knowing juat how tomanageyonr “laller:’’ 1 * ‘Í • 7o,"dk fallow greeU yon in a load, free-hearted voice, il he knows precisely where to pnt hia iiat ou bU head, if he sUrea yon right itraight U Uie eyea, with hia mouth wide open, if he tn'Tia hack tu apeak to another, if he tqueczci your htad, if he eat* hi artily iu yonr preaence, ij he faila to be ’‘^'•7,.iool'ih in fifty waya «cry hour, tkea dun t fall in love with him for the world hn only admire* yon, let him do and uy what he will. But if he be merry with every one else, bul quiet wi^ you; if te ia anxions to eec that your tea u iweeteoed. and yonr dur per-loa wrapped np when you go out in the cold; if be Ulkavery low aad never looka yon in the eye; if he bu red cheek', or if he it pale end hit not* nine, it ia enough; if be romps with your aitUr. ligha like a pair ol bellow», look, solemn when von are addreued by another gt ntlemiu, and, ia fact, it the moat itill, awkward, Stupid of feilowi, TOO may go ahead and invoke tbe ihafta of Cupid with perfeet aafety, and make the poor fellow too happy for hia tlin to hold hiia.’’ A MoTiixi’a Lovn.-The love of a mother 1» nevar exhanatcd, it never ehaagrs, it never tiru. A father may tnrn hit back cn hit child; brothers and aiatera may bn-ome invet-erista catmiu, basbinda may detert their wivet, wivn tbeir buibaadi. But a motber’i love endoru through all, in good rapute, iu bad repute; in the fact of the world’s coa dcmnation, a mother atill lovet on. and itill hopu tbat her child may tans from bU evil waya. and rcoent; itill aka rememben tba in* lant imilea that ouee (ilUd her boinu with [*Pt“[9¡‘k* merry liugh, tbe joyful shout ol fall childhood, the opening promiie of hi* yiJttth: and the can never be bronghtto think him all iBworthy. .Mcaiv .'iTonixa.-Uwyeri hare tbeir pan» on mrtr profiti. tad perfumera them on tb* eelebralrd Chínele loep, known u A/re» fee, but I metn to tell yoa abont mean met. That wu I mean Diiichman that Hani Kirg. He bad one beautiful Maduiint. looking daugb-Ur, who no more rteembled him than dou a (loner th* root. “Hzna, how on earth do you keep tbe pot* toei froui freezing?” uked a ucigbbor one muraitg. Vy, I lutkrt narulint ableep on th* koU-t's't. tniwered Hani; “d it keep* deu from frttziar' 1 here nu a mau who eaine into a eoaatry store with aa egg, whieb he wiihed to rirkaage lor a darning aecdla. T* oblige him, U* Itur*. keeper dgrvwd to tha (ride. Tb* bergaia oyer, tb* egv duler uked. “doe’tyou treat when you v* driven 1 trade?" “Not (or .0 imall 1 trade,’’ tniwered tbe merehaat. “A trade'a a trade, whether iti lor an kz or a thooMudl’ Aghast at tba mat‘a maaaaui, tha atore keiper complied, and uked "what will you take?’’    ' “I liktaglauolwint, with an agg Saat np in it' tniwered the meaa man, I’ka Itore-keeper uid nnlkiag, bat took tbr rgu which be had juat received tram tbe mat, tn.l briik* It. It h-ppeutd to be 1 doabi*. yulkad egg. “Therel ’ txelwuied the aieaii aiaa. ".Now yon wait giva wn two atedlii, eaiiu tkat’a 1 duiible egg I gin yon," .\ad that wu a very wean yoatb who defined lev* u “a prodigal deaireoa tbe part ol tyouii» naaa to pay tonta yoan» wointa’t board. ' Aid there was Daaaoa Deerratek; **» a* waa so Hiaaa, ba tUiyi etrnad a bet la kii {ig »,x when be (ravaleil. to p>rk ap (ka aasi IS bun* nutod in tka ■wage'-, and lay bini an egg far bu b.eiklut la tka aiurclag. stumioiit iiihkt, \m.d I'.r I r..»d II.. R s .:S-d S li.uia VVkiM kRII tUMuJ HisRsU »ilh •*, ll t'jre "»«I “iv*' owaci. iLl.ui SMtsd ssd^»R.i'. "UIW r: .\« a*«ed-’'' la relatml *t aa "ta taljf wa<* en‘»ri*ii"-<l Irnvelera. Iwl.u» tev (B»sia aeta-a'iiArI a I»»il,ll wae taf ru»l.iai m a»* a ate* .11», Il mil wlao . l-ifd ntal» i»s knl» Usaat ■ IW ("V Ib» taml Imlu» US ksjH-r. UbAvuumI It- , .11 br« ' Irsi .ia«au»«>wan»r*ar4a,aws*"’’

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