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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - July 14, 1853, Cincinnati, OhioA PAPEH POa "THE ffiILEION"-IIDEPElfBEIT IH All THIN6S HEÜTRALÍÍí IOTHINS. VOLUME X.-NO. 52.CINCINNATI, THURSDAY MORNING. JULY 14, ISoJ. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Cale. THE CHMXin IHOP AT THE COMll ,    „     .    -    .----------,    ---------- ■    ti    nBcodnnble.    Tike    neto    Aú    b«d«id*    *t, deeidcd^r, ii •voni'li, Mr. Admiii’ «]>« »i«ai«rakt< rkMiut'» 'eontr '«■», wker« i wdll Ittiiuk    Hmt» it he ke out    Xoc muU |o kawe. On no coniid«r«t:on •b»]M' in l.iTerpool, (nd *bo ii not nwarnnl    «T iob. *ad do ill in    ponrrto urTohim,    will 1 Mrnik in interfiew betnecn you and the idTintize to inch eiUbliikmenU of beinp |    *’bMW he mtp be.’    our luftering ttilon-crut nn nbori lUin, be pieced it iwkwird tircingi, prolific in neei- i    ,‘Oo condition,* iiiu    the chcmiit, lenonil;,.    he ;onr ion or not. Nc one bnt e Ckriitiin aeteoiihmni It ue e ker>k cordi imm her hitherto good-nitsrcd end indulgent kvibird, end oolp replied nitb in iliuudint iboner of teari; bet initintly reeollietieg tbit bii will. }nu tke la«ieu Ceum. | TEE CODITET I 8AEI1 cou»T or mi LAIT Minrrnu or thi eorow* CLcr. eio tbiik orixio» OK TH* rrm or rat rxiox. «T WIiUm 0. 1AT0». Url; u Hr. Grimii wei i mil <i vi-likc poner, end Old Beciwii bed neeicd it tbe nab. “Will poo MT the eobitrp’i utc t” '•No—neier!' '‘Then—" end nithoit mother notd. Hr. Cnmei elM,>ed thi obitioetc Bmí»k in hti  _brewny    inni    md ctrriid kim.itrngglingmd Ofconrie.illthenorUhubetrdoítbedii. '*?^”'?5-®'’‘"‘í‘‘“^’*T“-    ,    l    j ..... i«cau    Tim    olbtr    mcmb«r* m®f«d Bot. bet looked For Ibt Tibm. iMrUOYlSKD LIVKH, TO KATTIK C. B— iT ETA U. H. ( MW tbet blit • RAuimt—TwM »li#bt end ptMing ticw, 'nem'ry iivu. viuch iime CAwnot And oiieo ai ihr ieHturn cdm imid cay r» on» ri»*. 1 brcHtiie « Mfnrer lur tbe«, d«r 0B«, tdi Ucn wbo ruirt Uc»k M. IpiOurv Uiee all t<utt ift »onl uni ionoomt in tbonthtr^ WiUi a bfitfht, «iHMUie apint staoe Uif ittthX l.fe it aruuir >i. Cheerful yet chaneiof like Ih^ bnee thit paint the bow uQ h>eh Wtien .t «toa» wiih anfurl'd leiendor alone the tapfh'.re far eirajiBely inanniae it iU leal npon the brow oí youth • ojid thai oe tBtffbt ever arcar to thee • golden gieaui, Fure «I the light of £ub« chaste upon mom iiopid streaa. 0 alvay in thii «oríd of change. preMrve thy apirit grace, And let the mnthiae ol Ihy tiaait bwsi Í^rtb u(N#ntfay Then ibalt thou raiM the drooping head, the etekvog n««rt raic», And prove mat earth doth Kill contain the beant:faland true. ¡<Aw. fare tbe well! thy geotle Uoe 1 nc r tgam may Bui may h«ft 1 Ii ever keep a tt«i«r’a pbice fur thtci And w ii tiiuu •umctioict ifiiaE ol her wuo doth thi» lüke» tend — Of her ariiii'ti he for aye to thee thy troe and loving fhend? TKk^aren. yu>. M«y. IMt. 80 N Ü. lUC ri:iix AiEaNaav GCNTUya.v. Mow all gocKl fellow» liiten. uad a itoryll 'well tel I Of a migaty Clever gentle an who livei eitreniely well. Ill tbe acatern püitol Arkaniiar, cUwe tu tbe ladiAn Where he grdi dn nk onee • week on whiikry. and im madiateip i>bcnifaimaelt eouplciety on the very be»t u< wmt; A fine trkanfiai geritleriian. r'aieto the Chocuw ... . . . ju.BUM <iilloi(<yc<»ndcóoeDdtowait; And four or tie dozen negror» that wonld rather work than not. And aucb ««uantitira ot horae». and eati Ir. and ptn. and •iher puuiiry that he never pretende to know how (Dauy be g<a-. Th a itne Arkaniae genUeman. do«e to t he Choctaw line. 11Í. Tbi» nnt A riinias grn* laman bai bniJl a fplendid house. Un the e^geef a big pram» ettreiuely we l populated with deer, and hares, and grouac; And «ben he aant* to fraK h:i frirnds. he has nothing roorr to d«), .hao to leivethe poHid olf. and tbe drrrntly-behaved ifitda Mr a'.raighl into tbe pot konviog be'li ahool --------------------r--.....   .    ..    .      Wti    wfcolly    igoonntof theriuMofhii irriu-»«tioa*A ia thii' l.ii    ...i    l"    i,    i.    ' denli, where ihe red Ump cm ihiiedown two ,    P™®*»*‘o    HI    einotiou.tTeii    in    thetrne lenieof the word, ihtli coaencer | tio i, Mr. Biogly edded: ’f orgireBie, i ren-■**«* •> ‘“«I >t *• citreae diffidence thet •treeli tt once T)    not one, perkapi, wu M    T®"f "or»‘ •«»”    •>« rcnliied.’    him nntilthe inrgton hie reported by nine to-    cci, nod biTc forbeermce enough to    Mk me    pnbluhed. with tke de-    ,    n, “    * ,.l '    u well known u Mr.    Tiiick'i, U the -omer of j    „ 0 Hetren I ii my    boy    dead f iaqmred    Mr. ■ morrow. Go, nr, and learn    to forgire eren    do more qontioni to-night I hire    rciMai    ■ “«“• «ui «kongh it may be, preauaptiooi ai    "L «V siWnni Mouel .Street. Between tbe honri of throe ;    Bmilp. in agoijr.    the wont olfencn, and pray    that your for-    for the entreaty, which ikall hecioiaiocJ af-    ‘V '«rUmly ii to add a little mite to their!    !on. and four on a fine    afternoon, many 1 gaily    ‘-No, no, my dear    ilr.    The ronog    man—    gireneit come not too laU.’    terwarii.'    wide-ipread fame.    .    ¿J?*    ^ drMMTd'inerch^i'nt'i wíe”w"dangTt«*m?ghtonly'yonrown feari wiich hasetold Mr. Ringty tomed hanihtily round to re he lern laautering down from her pretty fit- I you he ii yonr ton—ii under the influence of ply him, nnntual addreii, when a la to meet her hmbmd or father at thatap- ^acompoiing-draught. I hare proiniicd tbe laintly-htard groan luoti hu car. neihnd-pointed ipot, on hii way home from biumeti, mrge'n that the profoandcit itiliueii iball . deied, preued tbe chemiit’i hand, aid guittod and oeraiiouall)—though ot eoune hi mere i any eicitement. or eren the the home. ehinee—yonng ladiei hare been known to i**U aUrÜing noiie, might prove fatal to him ‘Poor .Mr. Bingly,’ laid Mn. Tiiick, a. meet their lovera there. In fact, there wai ‘ ‘0*> “ot fear me.’ laid Mr. Bingly; ‘what the chcoiiit re-cutered the parlor; ‘1 lec he not a moro noted place in Liverpool foracci- I "of eudnre if the life of my dear Harry . doean’t know the wont of it.’ dcntiind sppointmenti tha i tW ehcmiit’i :<iepeBd apon it!’    ‘The went of it’’ echoed Mr. Titiek. ’Pear «hop at tke corner. The moit lueceiiful ! ’Well, then, relying on yonr iilcnce, and me- bleu me' 1 ihonld lay hedoeiu’tnnow dayiofthe moit incceiifal "diggeri” never ‘you will inppren every eielara-tion or the belt of it.’ dawned more auipieionily, or cloied more commniiication until we leave the'.;om, I wiir ‘ lei, dear: but when be ccmti to know it, it '’prolitably, than did «very day to little TUick Uke yon to him. Can yon depend upon your-1 will • e a trial for him; and hii poor wife—it the chemiit. He wai making money, and he ' ”'f P    will be the death of her : nerve! will have a deierved to make it, being a goo I litüe man    , '• think I cm,’ laid Mr. Bingly with a fal- , had ihoek.’ with a good litUe wife and a large family .who    , tering voice-for there    wu wmcthing in the '    •    ■<—    - occupied theeommodioni and well furniihed    ehemiit i manner that    leemed to eoafirm fail apirtmeoti over the ihop.    appreheeiioni. Then, my deir, hit wife ihonld not have loa few leamcnu that aula art man, Mr. eber—and patriot.) returned, icki.who wu riibtraner. perhipi fearing that Mr. ■Of conne 1 ihall not ileep a wink for won- L miy not be gtnirally known that they | ?„r    mivu“t^Uh1 denng whet they art,’ .lid hii wife, a iitile ,    ">’>    onlv    lurvivieg member, of the old    ‘®®*d»tely,    moved    that    the CHAT WITH THI COHDUCTOB. I “it'i not oftea a mu ioatu anything by' kindneu. I know a liUlt u.atter of that lort I uvad my life, and perkapi tha livei of miay othare at the laaae time. How wu thatT” uktd we of onr friend BawiiBga, the model conductor. “Why, we hadan iriahuan on thii road ^ watching a tonnel. It wu warm weather, to ‘ he aecd to go luUi tbe tniiBcl to keep eool. 1 rather tbmk he atcd to take a littic IhjOar whea he wu lonaaome; aay way, he laid down ■ OB tbe track oae day ti luteo for the ran | He fell ulecp, and very imprudently got hii | head cnt off by the eipreu train. Well, there > wu the lut of that Iriihnao. There wu the ' devil’a own row in hii ihioty whea we took I No;l iwerei k1 ¿ire you my hoaor I hErriiot.’ au- *o<Í preii .ent. id iff. BiDjfly, eqoivocallT; who, in COD ' ^'iJK»nally, the Club tbe trith teeoMd lo fl^h it, Vm sort of it! Yoa’fe Uctra o! oordar. ,    j«rcvcr-^ii    ji    lu    memhe.-i    he*' r^rwpA ¡mV» kHndU ling Harr, t-jon've had nleiter from him?-    J    Old    Gray.    iU    fonn-    So    after    pledgins    the    Union,    Old    Gray,    Mr. liiivinin*. Pink    Grimei,    ;the    hatcher.)    and    themMivei    gencr- lideralion of th.Aaternal a .iiely ihe now ¡,^,5    i^ol'p,t,/s\    <    f^'.-’r    "eJSrtel    in    pu«‘^’’ 'in    ‘.Ai    •“    '"‘""I'    N.    B    -Old    Br«w«    ii    .uppa. nevii I own row in ni. ihinty when we took I -a „»b’, wealth." uy. lomebodv, "de-the poor fellow np, and we get away u loon ! ptndi more on hii wife thaa on himeiif.’’— »gre«b!e to bf urrojBded With a dutracted 1 aitrriife lerrice, efeu ií “lore, koaor, tad family when yoow neither e doctor eor i obey." were left ont, eipeciaily Ue Uttar, enru, nor n oreaeker. Samekow 1 wai ai- rhe„’i Mn. A. tor eiam^a. ia a mar-way . urrv when I puied that pUce, of conru cUn. la good boainui. active u a lUal-trap f felt ta if—not exactly tbe itmc thing—but jnit u bad might happen to me lome day, and then therc'd ú: another row in a itn.ily. 1 { began to eviaei, wai reiolved to apare hi.    .    . wife u much pain u poisible.    being    appropriated    to    etch    lubjeet ..... .¡fit'    Originally,    alio,    there    wu    a    lib iheieut the family i ipendi mooay faitcr than ten hnibudi ‘M ell, then, I don’t mind obeying yon liberal ducui- auch ihoching bed nervei. She’il inrvive it, inonld die if there', bad newi fromhim. ii nothing eonceming Harry; hnt i’ni lure 1 .^onol punch toward! the cloee of tieh meet- u ill nervoui people invariibly inrvive every "There’i aomething ‘the matter yonder,’’ I’erhapi yonr lon’i Ufe dependí upon it!’ thing thit ii to be the daatb of them.' laid Mr. Bingly, looking np Lion il itreet, inUrpoitd Mr. Tiiiek, with a iternneii ol ‘Now, John Tiiick,’ uid hii homely little - ■ • •    *    •    •    .    (wimnnmti    nnuanml    HidU    L    i    m dkM>mfrkPm dkai mmai wifm    nnaidi irmi if nnfmmlinf* Ut km* ----  vaw.3    n.| c,a«U UlCCV* I mg, bnt latterly the memben have yielded , to 'tbe force of eircnmitancei,’’ if any body through which he wu connueting hii wife • ®*huer nnniaa! with him, therefore the moie wife, “tbat’i poiitively onfeeling. What home, late in the evening, from apopniar lee-1 «opbHic. ,    .    „    ,    ...    ,    .    would    you    lay    if    our    Johnny    were    to    do    the tirr    .    ‘I    am    srre    I    can,    added    Mr. Bingly, with , lame thing?' “I) do let ni go round enother way, Uarrv, itrcated Mri Binglv; “1 hateaerewd.’ “Bat mr dear, 1 ihonld like to know whi Ifirmneii.    ‘Why, oiy deir, I’d uy with the old loog, '    ‘1 rely npon you,’laid the coDiiderate little ;‘He’d do the lame    thing were bcintheume whit    I nbcmiit, aud he led the way np a itaireaie    place.’ ’ the eeeiden* ii:    We    might be    of    lervice.’’    ' carpeted thickly, every inch, to render mend-    -0 John,’ uid    Mn. Ti.ick, reproachfnlly. “Why    whateonid we do,    Harry T    beiidei,    ilito the ligheat or tbe heavieat footfall. Thii    “how cm iny one loppoic or imagine your there ire glenty of people there to uliit’. ,'itiirru., end tbe chimber to which it led, heart to be brimfnl ot kindneu and hnman-Von know I’ve a horror of accidenta, or    “«<1 o“U the moat dangeronicaiei— iiy. when you will go on making theiejokei ? whatever it may bo—lo do come the other ;    Mr.    Tiiick    tierciicd    hii    benevolence    aodtomeof them, 1 mmt uy —Mri. Tiiick WIT."    I and Chriitian charity, in retaining the patient    wu careful    ia modifying her condemnation • CerUinly my dear if you wUh it though under hii own roof. It w ii a portion of tbe of her huibaud'i wit—very poor joku. Vei, I eannot help thinking, if help be needed, we home leparated from the family apertmeuti, John, very poor joke, indeed !’ lavoiir a li ile of the Prieit and the Lerite, •■“I    entered    except    on    a    million    Ihii wu levcre, bnt Mri. liiick i feeliugi vrhopitied on theother lidi of theway," ’ ol mercy. Mr. Tiiick opened thedoor.which, were u much outraged by the non-apprecie-However, Mr. Biugly complied, quickening ; hiiog iucaied in baixe, without hup or bolt, ; tiou of her picture of ’Johnny,’ u an artiit hii pice until, arriving at hii owu door, he | J**>ded noiieleiily to tbe ilighteit touch. would beat thiHmging Committee plaemg depoiiud hi. wifeiuiifety. Ue wu about i Mr. Bingly pan.ed for »« lu.Uut on the hi. out of light. to retrace bii itepi. when Mri Bingly, in ‘ threihold. and convuliively gruped the hand i “Well, well, my dear,’ obierved the chem-ber own peculiar q'uernloui tone, recailedlof the ehemiit, who inffercd the door again ; iit, ‘.von know a midieol nian'i jokti mnit jiioj .    I    tocloieat thii lyiopton of agitation: bnt, ai ; lometimei ue out at joint, to be prufeuional; “liarrv I how very nnfeeling you are I >l    °l l>‘'.Mr. Bingly, ' but did you obicrve, my love, what Mr. Bing- Von would run after a itranger in a crowd.bnt | thongh evideatfy with an effort, recovered ly uid abunt our angel uf a daugater.’ ’ have no anxiety about yonr own family. (;,n't' hi* •Hf-poMes.ion and motii.ued to n oceed. ‘Vei yci, .aid Mri. Tuick, imiling; ‘1 von wait an iniUnt, until 1 inquire whether ! The gu-hide. "ere .*o contrived u to couldntheip giving yon a look at the time, the children are all lafe in theif bed. ?’’ I throw a inbdned .oft light over the ipert- I it wu jmt u well he i.w her when he did, “Certainlv my love Miry’’—to the girl ment; theenrUini of the low bed were drawn aud I dun t wonder at hii calling her au au-who opened the ¿oor-‘‘ara the children K.nndl>»cl‘,»?'““'k“‘»‘>l ‘X''ÍT®»‘fto    with her beautiful goldeu hair ihtdmg aale«p r*    iDvxlid.or^wbat wait morethniliiHCthoafrbt | ber aweetttaturei. Did she koov it was Ait *'() yea air,    long    ago.”    !—facility perhaps to aome lortaringoperatioD    ■ taiberlf’ **'rk*rm mv    rlmmp    feaii IhU^ piotieOioe- I'h iriee Arkamai uentlemaii main leviral hundred betiS, t'a es». froM dmighl or »orm, or gettmf » bad sUad. orftuineotberdauiacd contiogrocjr. hitcrc,» ?• iborc. or IsiU; And «bco it'i p.ekeJ aad gi&ned, and taied. be puta tt OB H buat^ Abu geUaOoanl wimielf« iie. and cbaher» the U r. tad b«iidcviiu( a lores, wbil» down to NewUrleaas henid hueottoa lloAt;    .    ^ JluA bne Arkanui centlooisn, rioae lo tlieChot U« ilne. \. Aud wbcB be ii«U lo >ew Urietus. be steka a floUimc atore, A d puts up M the City HoM. tbe Louie, tbe 8t. CUr es. ib« Ycrtndaa. and ail tbe other bot«i« m tbe cil| il be lucree a n t adiug more Then be diaws opuD bis avzraaat. &ad iuea about and tPMlU Kfery manlrdtt Keotuckjr and Arkanau and AlabAina •BdVjrai dauiueu h j.aud the cniKtAW.SatiOji.and every otner asHhond he raeAa. UstaTiae Arluuial geatiKuaB.floaetotbet^oC* ta<r Unr. ThVre mideai^uidMr Bingly to bii I which bad been, or wu itill to be performed, i ‘No, my dear—no. 1 dou’t luppoie the even *. . .    *    B    ^    .    «    'TL.    nrvnn    *kaa    kmil    .    a    iw    ktM    Un»    eirvim    I    wilt    ewe\    m.ivl    nommmi)    /tn wife, “all'i right, yon hear. Now go in; 1 ihan't be long." And, much agaioit hii wife'i wiih, Mr. Bingly let out to aieertaio *‘‘KSMe*LV»ouTer‘whya.Uidfamily-man    the    month    anJ    no.trili,    itrongly like Mr. Bingly, habitnated to the crowd, dtiined, pale and graceful in tlieir clear out- The patient lay like a corpie noon the bed. law him. Bnt now, 1 w ilt go aud prtyail on the upper part of the face entirely eonreated her to cume and have a bit of .upper with by a green ihade. placed over the forehead ai there were injorici apprehended to the an 1 caiualtieiof Liverpool,ihonld ihni need leiily tike np hii time, aud offend hii wife; but the fict il. that, yean before, hit aeglect line ai itatoary marble, were too eloie a re icml iance for the father to behold unmoved— fail agoBiud grup of the chemiit'i ihoulder hii going to lettle ebroad. The chaiu wu ¡«Í 1“»“'*AAf ".‘¿'A    cheek.    íó'r Kii: s a Kí:;r:n'h.'a¿í;í: ”«»>■ -i, ?T.vx;?xir,,i;’ »cif for the neglect; and hii fidgety nniiety totheipot—watcbingtheawakipg.thethght- ¡¡*1e“ierilh“pitc^^^^^    “of"pr««tim«t M    paíenTVovThi/h^    '    ger.    ‘1    pray    HeaVen    ii    may    cuDlinue    till    the quickneu of thought, prevented the lather m. That ring at the door mn.t be the nur e the tiirgeon prumiied to leud, lo ibe may leave the patient with perfect latiifactian aud lafety.’ The little chemiit wu ibieutjmt loog'eaaugh to allow Mri. Tiiick mentally to apoitrophiie hii rare qualificatiuni, wheuihe wai interrnpted by hit reappearance with their «'*tl!^l<W/lf %'iñl inppuied ton. She learcely looked more tbau icveuteen yean of age-1 geutle, intereitiog creature, whom every one would with to lid, to du lumething fur, in aniwer to the claim her leemiug belpleiineai and exceediugly feminine beauty made on the faeartiof all whe beheld her. Mri. Tiiick received ber with all tbe tccderueii inch a ueriou wai likely to inipire. ‘Well, my dear, ihe inquired, 'how did yen Icive our ptior patieut ?' I j a iwcct kleep,’ replied the youiig itrau- \I. Die laiH'me he TU dowa aifn,w''m he tlniB4.h'ol ihoui hfteco di>i or lem, hediieovered Uat by Wailiag >nd by lycaiiiiig ud bciaa a imy m general Ui gwubleri hart mea loaien br.,liera, hoe-aieri tai 0:1, lervaut', aad many ether ludividoall wane aud biacl.    ,    , , He'd ilitinb-ltd hii aaiela tad got ridol al' hia leeaat. And had noHuug le(t to abow for iheo, bamu two or thre- lurincililcllura . and an eatreme.y ae'ier.1 >od pro lacuoci .oiuaialtncc m the ilorieaid hew iWtMuii Tbi» ftiie Arkiniu gentlfm»o,rlcie to the Choc* uv line. \II. how. bow th:i goatlem«n got tiomt ti n«tbcr bere nor therCp But 1 ve been crwliblr informtd h» ivoru worse then Ivf y-te'Ci Dtmuw, snii lierre.y CNOiboii bji hsir; And slter be gut sh elj buire. they »4y ht took tn oelb Tbst be d oever iwt s csni sgsia »! say gTu?«iolc«rdi. end iaoren«»r, fwr wsut o( ocreal sdtitcrs. be (urswure wbi«ky »ud women b'llhi    .    . fhi* f.Bfl urkiiasjii gtntlemsn, elote to tlie Caueuw but. MIL Tkii f>ne ArUntu geuiicnuB went strong fur Piefoe And IU cimé oa t<< W«»' mgion to g-1 a me» iet ofifca or wimefM.hcymi»iityen'iilu't^«lfiirg;    , f‘ut like bin fre-n '«ruitiem tHal weoi l« Jerfbo. letiJ 4ia-iigiheth ev'^i giia. and e >uld not wtu t bet wbe.her i«c topcrrd oruo*. »'• lu» e»»h «a» buuud lo g«, íh » hoe \rk AMS geaileman. dues to the Cuoctnir 1 n«. He when hi» laoney» all were g -De, he t.>ok nnb) hi» hti. And IWiclor Keymrn phyfidd him. aud the ehamber-laaid who b 4d A great Aflsc ioa fur biui. with ber arm beitl uph>« bead.    .    . And ill b • Ir.eods raae weeptag round and bidding him And two Of three doeeu prtACben whom he didn't know at ill, nBd (lidtt'l cais a curM it be didn't, came priyiug furhimuv), 1h’« lite Arkansu gentlemiu. eloH to the Cboctavhue. X. And mtrKy l^e^nsol^Uiemeelveithey npraed the b.ggeet k nd of a g«a« ol f«m nght there in his owi Bat «han he heard the cierk», be flung the h ^Vhi. parted in anger four yean to return home. Voung Hairy Bingly wu gay, high-ipirited bnt facile; and the uiual aaaoeiatu end temp-titioDiof town-life, partienlerly a auipeeted low attachment, lo exuperated hii father that —Dotwithitanding that he dearly loved the boy, who, moreovr t, wu the pet and the darling of hii mother—la a mom*ntof exeitement he laid . “Leave my honu. lir; you are a dU-grare to my name tod roof: leave me, left 1 atrike yon to my feet!” The hanghty boy fImbed, then turned deadly mie, gave one glance it hit father, who afretdv hilf repented hii ruhneia. end, without a word, quitted the home, and in ipite of every exertion end enquiry, had never been heard of lioco* By tbe lime Mr. Bingly retched Lionel Itreet. the crowd hid diiperied. All intereit or lympothy in the mitter, whatever it might hive becup teemed to btee lobtided. * CtD yoo toll mo,” bo ioqairod of the oqI; loiterer, “what the accident wu that hippened a lew minntei ago ?■’ ‘Aw’e lure aw don’t knaw,' replied the irom giving the tniwering preainrc; but itill the longing hand wu itretehed ont. and ind-denlv a yonng fair rreature, more like an an-gal than a humau being, who had been watching, half-eoncetled, amid tne foldi ol the cnrt in crept geutly forward, and placed her imill white baud lu''t. The fingen of th e invtlid eloied roaud ue little pritoner, u if to retain the treuure, and hit trauqoil ilnm-bereontinued. Thii incident, though liicnt, leemcd lo break the ipeil which the minute before bad made all motionleii; and the care-lol little ebemi tdrew .Mr. Bingly-hii eyei to the lait fixed upon tue bed—fiirly cut of the root». They deicended to the inug perlcr, where the little chcmiil’i little wife wu now leated, bmily employed with needle-werk. Mr. Binglf threw himicif into a chair, and rover-ing fall face with hii kandi, gave way to a puiiouxte acd irresi.tible bnrit uf grief. Mn. Tiiiek thought, ii all women do, how overwhelmi g muil be the lerrow which camu a man to weep; end, approuhiog Mr. nibni broa'k dawn. Thii bee'it wnit corner i’ I.iverpool lor inaibieg. T’ehep « keep, that drng-ihop geti a loin liviB out o daad itilki that I carried ic there." Mr Biugly looked at Ihe ihop. Itwaipael the hour uf rtoiiiig. The ibutten were np but there wii Itill a glimmer of gai thaongb the lin-light overthe door. Hepauied. ir-rciolnte whether to inquire farther, when tke light diiippeired. ....    .    . ■Oh " iiid he, reconciling tbe matter U himielf “it hu been a triLin, riluk Tilia» ail about ud fail hand in lympatby. ‘Come, coma, my dear iir, uid the ohem-iit, 'do not diitreii younell, pe hapinacd-leiily: it il Itill a problem whether ht be your MD or not. Vuur own imtgiuition torlurei you—the future, were not inlliciently revealed to confirm your feari ’ ■1 would give up ell 1 poueii tn lee tbet facet It lorely il imponible Icen be mii-takeu,’ laid Mr. Biugly. chemiit; he won't wakeu till nine o'clock.’ ‘And do yon really think, lir, hii life ii not in any danger ?’ auxiomly inquired the girl. ‘Setyunr heart at reit, my dear; he Ulive to plague hii little wife for many a yur yet.’ The pour girl wu evidently díitreiied by the kiud-intcntioned bnt not very refined wit of the chemiit. ‘Never mind John'ijvkci,’ laiú Mil. Tiiick, ’he jmt imagicei every hmband to be u grut a plagneai himiclf. Uo remember, John, what a very young bride onr gneat ii.’ The poor girl wu now more cmbarraiied then ever, and with bluih inccuding blmh atevery word ihe uttered, uid, with extreme confmiou : ‘I im quite unhappy at keiog placed in lo lingular a pmitiou. Harry—I mean Mr. Hervey—ii cutitled lo every ur-vice 1 can render—my life, if it were necu-lary; bat I have no claim to the title you confer upon me. Thu italemcnt eruted moch inrpriie, aud in ipite of all their charity, the feiiilut poi-iible abide of iiiipiciua in the mindi ol .Mr. and Mn. Tiiick. ‘Well, my deer yonng lady,’ uid the former, 'you mmt pardon me; and yon cannot but admit that my miitake wu a very natural one. Ybur being iu the coach with him, hii calliug upon you I hit ‘beloved Emily,’ and yonr extreme devolioo, all combiucd to aid tbe delu-liou uudcr which my wifeind I labored.’ 'If yon will permit me, i will, lofarul can, ciplain,’ uid the young itranger timidly. ‘Ou tbe arrival ol bii ihip thii evening, Mr. Hervcy’i intention wu tu place me at once ppoied to have drowned himicif of! South B^itoa Bri«gc,ind little b lyi may be leen fiihmg for him at any hour uf the dav, a diimal warning to etl who dare diipute that the Country'! Sife : OLD HICKOKT. It 11 itated in lome of the Boiton paper, that “Mr. will nit be dirtoroed u Collector of Salem.” W e piuume thii'■Mr. .Millxs," tbe Collector of Salem, ii theiol-dier that replied, “1 11 try lir," when kii commanding officer inquired whether i itrong battery near tbe falli could be carried, iu the Mr. Biogly uw the policy of f.illowing tha '    •**e lorce of eircnmitancei,’’ if any b^dy chemiit’i adrice; and though hUthoughllul    ,"*‘•1    that mean.—aud    coffee bu and diitraeted manner kept hit wile on tbe lubititutcd. However, they itill cling rack ol curioiity, ihe contrived to maiutoiu . to thiir pipei, the imaking of which bu al-her promiM, and Mr. Biugly, notwithilaud- «evi prefaiedand clued theceremoniei. ing bii miierable itate of iiiind, conculed hit . "olitiei being the inbyect at the lut mect-anxicty.    "*K* * warm debate on the Hate of the Union Early next moruing, the family of the be-    , w»» the conuqnence, and all the memkeri nevolcnt little chemiit wu auembled in the    . took part in it, viz ■— brcakfait-parlor; the report of tbe iiniie wu ' Ulu Gray, Old Buiwai, OU Buffer, Old    u...    vi,itu,    i»    iu« moat favorable, and Ur. Galen, the lurgeou, ^tepinlechit. Old l>ooxeubury. Old Square- wer ot ISl'i. He fought ell through the war. wai momentari!/ expected ‘lu truth, Uul-| toe», Mr. Grime;, (the butcher,) and Mr. and wa-alwayi fonud where tha hardnt blowi !y,'laid little Tuick tu hu wife, it wgi a , ^l’®““*®Bcki.    ,    were goiug. There wu uo mor gallant or clever Itrokc of mine to put the father off till ‘ two lait-named geatlemcn have not vet | meriturioui man in the army, and the value niue o’clock, when the lurgcon comci    at    ¡■eeti»ed the honorary prefix of “Old ” uat'    of fail lervieu wu repeatedly ackuoaledged, eight.’    having yet been memben for tin yean. They    l    both by bu commanden and by diffcreut le ■ ‘Jn Iced, John, 1 don’t agree with yon:'til ' p mtiug fur the honor, however, and will ['iilativs bodiei. Hu chivalroui courage and cruel to prolung the poor laan'i juipente.'    ■»*tycar    if they live.    ,    coolneii, in eircnmitancei of great peril, were 'My dear, you know nothing about It—I    al-    '‘L; a country likeoun," continoed Old    i    proverbial throughout the whole northweitern waji act prolciiioualiy; and when 1 admin-    Beeaivai. nobody having fallen ulecp yet, ' it,    Iroutier. On the rcduc.ion of the army at liter a doie, 1 alwayi give it the lull itatutu-    ; “ o' the otmott importance that tbingiihoniJ    ;    the elote    of the war, he retired to piira'e life, ry Mriod for iti uperation.’    i    go mi about right. ’    i    and looo    alter Pre»ident Mo.vaut gave him Dr. Otien’i report wu moat favorable; the “That i trac, indeed !’’ uid |01d Stepan- | the Collectorihip of Salem—not on account nature of the iijuriei ucertained, and from I I'J'hB. Stcpanfechit hai a rare and happy la-■ of any partizan o,- political lervicci, but be-the evidently admirable couititntiou uf the|nilitoof agreeing with i very body.    cenieof hit high periuual character, and the iatient, a rapid recovery might be anticinated. ^    prcceeded    Beeswu,    i    diitiugniincd >ervicei he hod rendered hit imily had obierved withqnict lUadj'coia-;    lofajng    Jiggeri at Step., for iatcr-j    couulry.    In thou dayi, merit wai ncceeury poiure the examination by the accomplGhed    | topUng him, “I mun—’’    i    ih order    to procure reip uiible federal off cu ■    '    ■    *          "    ■    •    -'-■I'T't..     .f—.    ....__—.0    ....L icme little thingi. Tbi widow of the dead Iriihman wu a Uatbolie, and, at I wu then on a very iut traia, 1 wonfd lonielimu take up tbe old woman on Snnday aud carry ber tochnrchit Mirtieibnrg. 1 Miniebew thnnght It wu 1 Mtiifeetion to her to go tochorch.fur ibe halt bnt littla ehauce in the world, any Imw. I ecrUinly did net eipcct to get any , Jiree dolían a yard. Hu’her eiaUr, or her thing for It in thii world, and 1 eipeeted they i couu, or her hatband i liater, nr any of hu iurgeon, and with eqnal iteaJineis liitéued lo ,    “ Y ju mean right, of count,” growled Old hii lucid report, bnt tbe word» ipetoy reeo- Squaretoei, whoie chiricteriitic it ii to like very’ were too much for her, the rcvuUiou too ; to ice people cometo the point, witbont mak-great. She fainted, and wai earned fium the ing iny “bunei’ 'about it. room, thereby divoliing, if need there were “ 1 don’t care abont being interrupted, bro-the feeliugi which ihe nor towird» the iiif- ' ther Squaretoei," uid Beuwix, dignifiedlv. ferer.    t anybody clie. lo loug u you mike Mr. Bingly, who had left home early that 'hoft work of it." retorted Old Squaretoei, morning, obitinitcly lilenteveu to tbe frca- ; “otbcr brothen wanttoipeak” lied treatiei of hii now altrmcú wife. wu :    “1 will merely iij.then,’’ rejoined Beei- ' wax, deUrmiued, like many of onr lung-windtd iLaleimeu, hi take hit time end have nil iny, “tint 1 ihall potipone any farther coniideritiou of the itate of the country till the next political evening," and he ut down, having ipoken an hour and nid nothing. I tnli T-    bíVínmrP.'íi    not    ippV’íií'Sii'a^Hi    ? pnuetaal to tha iniUnt. ‘D lly, my dear,’uid tbe cbciiiUt, ’that'a Bingly I ring; 1 can tell the agony of lui-penie in every vibration uf iti lubdiicd chime. Liave tbe room, and let me deal with him alone. M'cil, my dear air, have you in< ughl pared to meet your —......  ..     . a Chriitianfather ihonld?'    thing,    now got up, very diftideut and very ‘1 am,' lolemnly exclaimed -Mr. Bingly. red, aud luggeited that “he Ihonght it wauld ’Ifrny eoa bu briught wTetchcdncii upon | he much more lutereiting, initead of looking himicif by bii rubncii, it ti not for a father | into the itate f_ the coimlry, to eoniidcr the toiocrcueitatiueha time. Oh, let me ivc i »toto of the ci/y.” him, that 1 may tell him 10 befo'e he die»    1’    Ihe    ambitioui brother, hiving delivered ‘Then im 1 commiiaioned to relieve your i himself of tbii, i'~aiediitely lat down end miod : the lufferer’i name ii Hcnrj llcivey.’ twirled bii thnmbi. trembling «II over it hii How ineuDiii'.ent ii poor hnmsu nature ! owu audacity, lud looking ironnd to lee what Oue would luppoie that thii relict fr m hU the conicq encei were likely to be. worit feiri would hive been a joy to Mr.    hai" Itnghed Old Bnffer, hii well- Biugly, ind vet it came on him like a diiap. • knowa, independeni, jolly red fice tnming ... —    „    .    , pomtment. Ilii very lool hid loyearned to ; urp'-» **th mirth; “ha, ha I thit'i an orig- i the cue to hti couiideraiion. The rtqueit the lufferer, that to find he had ue < laim lu lual idea. Did you mean that, Spoody, or did ' wu complied with, ai a matter of rourte Coi. him, leimed like a violent deprivition. ’.Vie you ouljr iiy it I"    Bx.itok immediauly waited npoa Geu. Jus you lure there il do miitake?'    .Mr.    Spundoolicka thought he bid made a j eo.v.    end the interview ii uid tu hive been one 'Oh, none whatever,’ iiid tbe chemist, hit, aud deelired, with much firmncii, that of high intereit. .A gcntlcmin who was luti ‘Here il a letter which had accidentally drop, he «fi./mean it, and xairf it.too.    male at the While House 'Oitd to diicnbc il ped onthefioor. ?on ice Iheaddreuii lieu- ’'Aud he', perfectly right,’’ exclaimed the [ lomewhalin thii ityle;— The executive was acrnstomed to seek out good men. whoie claims reited on • more mb-itantial luundation than a succeiifnl party intrigue, and when appor ted tbev were con-tiuncd, nnltii ■ hinge wai demanded by some public CO'".,ueritiou. Then the Iheor wu that the advanltgci rciuiting irom ixecutivr favur belonged tu the people, and uut to i tt-I set portion of them, bnt the nutiuu ii obMletc DOW. aud a man woutd be regarded u the old-eat kind of an old logy w bo thoul 1 uudertakt to maintain inch a doct'ine. On tbe icce-iion'oi Gen Jacxson. tbeimiil clique of iutrieueri who elnstered around the “Bustou Statismau,'’ usuming to be tbe deiu-oeritiepartv oi Masiichuieui, had ippartion- f¿eJASi^«‘"ÍÍJiíi‘S.'*.utírto.^‘íífu*S.?aS igoed the Collectorihip of Salen, the had to muck leored aaiinst me in the other, that it wouldn't amount to aiis thing there. “That wu dnrmg the lummer. One night the next winter it wu very cold, and the monntaini were covered with mow; we were rnnoing to make time, when, on tumiug a carve, the engineer iiw a waiviig light on the truk, and we loun bctrd nome one ahead shonting. 1 tvu then out on the pUtfurm. The engineer ilaeked np and Hopped the engine. aud wc got ont and went akead in the dark to lee what wu the matter. There it wu. A large iand-iiide had lallen acrosi the t.-ack, near the ibanty of that old Iriih woman. She had bnin up a large fire and watched lorthe traiu, firtheeurvei were lo harp that we might have been upon the ilide before weconid lee it. So, when wc run np there wii the old lady, with her calico cap, swinging the chnnk of fire like a revolving light-kouae. and there were the little Iiiib carrying bruh, like lo many little buvert. She hid watched all that night in the cold. But for her, in another minute we should uavc ruu into a pile of dirt and none at big at Baruum't Hutel. 1 ihoold have gut a “pit ticket ' eertam, for 1 wu on the platform What would have become of tbe pasieugen and train, you can gnus u well u 1 ciu.’ M e cxpreued a hope that the old widow had been properly rewarded. ' The puM&gert made up abont eighty dol-liri, the company aiterwardi gave hcri iban-ly rent tree, the brikemen and engineers bi nght her a cow,and the made out very well Bnt when 1 kindrd the money to her that ight. the itid : 'OiDticmen aud ladict, I’lr worn Millm wu proKribed without hciiti-tion or cumpunetiou. Tke leleetioni made by the iUaietman clique were lecrptod by Old Hickory, without ciimiuation or inquiry, and Gen. Millxs w successor wu nauiiua'tcd to the Senate. VVheu the □uminiliou came to be acted upon. Col. Bi.vtu.v iuterpuied and uked tbit It might lie uver. He «a» suretbe President wuuld not iuteutiunally reinure the in-cnmbent—there must be same niitlalic about it, and he deiired time to bring the facts ot ry Hervey, and here it a memorandum appended, apparently in his own hiod-writiug.' A film came over tbe father's eyes; or " ~ celcbrated Mr. Grimes, (the batcher.) starting , “General Jacxson, do yon know, sir, who it up. in all the vigor of hu beefy nature; “city Collector at the port of Salem, Muiichnsettt ________________ ^    fust, and cunntry afterwardi. To bi inre, I    lir?" ilhuIrTmMTnghxadi that prercs’*d iiii read    ;    goc-to for the country, elie wher’d yon git    “I can’t think    of hit nime.Culonel ilthoagh tug the aeroil? But, Iciiar by lettei, the .ydurbeef, vjurpork.yourcheetc,your winter I’ve juit lent it np to the Senate. Bathe it hand-writingof his mn imote npon the fath- : pruvision, your gardeu-iauee, year anything ? a good man, I hdow, ta.agood democrat, too, er’e viiion. ‘li my un alive, -Mr. 'Tiiick?'    I    I like lo knuw about the state of the cauhlry    I    for Gxsikx end    HskshaW both told me so.’’ ‘Dur me—bleai me' can he be yonr son    myself. But givo me the city ftat; 1 do my    '    “But, sir,” rrjoincd Col. B . "i be. to in- after all!’ uked thechemist, with great give, I buiineii in the city, ;"d—’’    | quire, sir, whettter yon know who tbe present •Your un 1 he lives, aad the surgeon aiiuret ‘ >o do I," chin.ed in Oi<‘ Stepinferhit. do-1 lucnmbcut is, sir—the officer whom yon in, he will do well. B-meuiber vonr pro- lighted to get a chance to coincide    '    " with somebody “Well, what ol it," growled Old Sqnare- tJCI ■•Thit's real eloqnenee,” declared Old Bnf- me so.’’ tended to remove, sir.? " “No.fl cant remember his name—bnt I know he is a New England, Hirlford Conven- tion federalist, for and HxusaAW told misel’ The chemist looked at Mr. Bingly and saw, from the upreisiun ol bis cuautciiaiice, where the urapliic smile ot gratitude aud de. votion were blended, that this was in nnuce-usiry qiiettioD. ‘Now come and sec your son.’ The father epptcacheJ—nuisclcsily ep-proacbed—kueit by the bedside, touk his son i band, and pressing it to hii ips, miirmnred ’H.rryl’ 'Con yoo forgive me, lather'.' •All, all—even the worst, as 1 hoi«! to be    .    ...... forgiven I’    Buffer, ii Mr. Grunci ut down and wiped    the same man, sir. 'Andshe?’ faintly added his    mn.    ,    the perspiration from his lace with a red ;    “The he is' Where's I)oxxuo.n?'' A spasm shook Ihe ilroug and haoght»    man;    '    handkerchief; “for I tan a Erenchman, yes- j    A sharp pall at the hell, f.-llowcd by thi bnthii belter nituro previilcd    ’Yrs.Hirry;    lerday, and be told me to tell my countrymen,    prompt aipearanre of a lervant. if yuun ihe ii mine.    f'-’" to*? Europe wu afraid ef ni, and    “Tell Culoael Ito.MLao>' I want him qnick. Emily I’ faintly bnt jovlully ciaculated would nt touch n«’’    «-     a .    *_____ *    •*    ‘«n    thst hUjip. fer. “winking i!yly to Uid Gray. ‘■Kusby. Truihy, Ontry, Trance, end meb-by Great Brifoow, may be down oa ni ifore tbe yetr'i up, and I therefore ciUerlete that the itite of theeonntry ii in i eriekeUl eon-ditiou.’ “ Tbit’ijuit what I lay,” uid Stepanfechit. "1 don't believe a word of it," replied Old Sir, the present Colleetur of the port ol SaLm it General Mili.xx, sir, who (onght with so much diiticetion on the northern frontier, ia the war with Greit Britain, iir," “Nat the brave Colooel .Milllu, wfauuiii '1 '11 fy!’ when uked if he conid take that- Britiih entrenchmeotat Bridguwiler!' "Yei, lir," uid Coloicl lix-VTon—“he ii il’ii unita poiiible, my dear iir; in fart,, onder tbe prolection of hia itlher, and 1 wu *•.    “    .    _*    :a    L-    «««-    •    •    _     L.—    au.w    ......VAca.    sw    kais    ik* triTiL affair I inn 4t il improbable that it ihould be yonr ion.'i «compinying him lor Ihit purpoic, when the ‘0 filher, yon eon Id not luspeetthet? f«b'l«iiii..h;mori i ‘But nil clothei—where ere they !'eagerly acctdeut heppeued which hu thrown us upon *Tia Emily Tricbncr, in orphan, wlu-m 1 veo- ‘Hit I anoui It IB me morn- ______ u,..a1.    -Th.»    mmt ■nma    '    .—A-    earned    I í:í:!u I h::    mv:    .»,-dr*' AÍ?*.r V«» «viTr 'tnsAs OoH'tUrai b^Moa! 1 (o Ueatr m tke KiM ltd r-inar ua iha Ar«'“    • ,'•} ,'itaMU lantlcraiB, f!'«f to the IT I» NOT ALWAVA MAS Tha ten it hnibt Ike air ii citar. 111! liitiaf •»>ils«« aoir and auia. And ironi ifia .talai» tliaa I hetr rhtU le tiird Pioiheiiini Oiuiut. Wha - wa-ljog lij. Vat wiat Tha lia'iblad rkuiOa at anchor lia. AlUhiOf I arr aaw. tha hudt. tu laarrt. Th»t e Id tbe ti« • eoddtei criit. Aid »vte Ut BMl h»ti»»ib ibf »Hvfe| Tbtiv ere ae bird» m lt«E yur'» ewt AihbtAff» r»i-Moe le yuutb led lor». ÍH» lulA»M •.( Ueir lirtt deltibt' And learn ir»at (It» hr»t ben* o»itf, periotded him tket ha wqald be lorry if be aid not ioqeire forihar iito tha metter; therefore, thoogh hclt ithtmed of hii own wcaknctt, he once more reGued bis ‘top*. going up lo the priviu door, rang tha bell. "It Mr. Tisick at home ? " “Yet, sir, bnt he’i engaged jnst now. Ter-hipi von eonld weita little. Will yon step into the ptrlo. ?" “Oh, It's ol no eonaiqnence. said Mr. retnrumg . ,    . Tkey were all of foreign make, lud no name whatever to bo funud npon them •By the by,’ tema-ked the chemist, ‘there were papers in his pockets which iney giyi some inlormatieu;' and be rang the bell. 'Marv'—lo the urvint who entered—‘where ere t&uee pepert 1 gave yon to bold whcu wc dear young were nudreating tha patient ?’    •    ------- I'll get them directly, sir.' said thcgiil, leaving the room. ‘I put them under hit pil- yourcompeatiou. ‘Strange i’ remarked the ehemisl. ‘Tardón me, have you never hurd him speak of i Mr. Binglv at bis lather?’..... ‘Treqnenlly «I bit felher—hit Hervey is Harry's name,’ 'Ueir me—hlcit me! my love, uid the chemiit to kit wife, it is u I suipecled, and Mr. Hmgly is mistaken alter all.’ 'Ami hive yoo eomt off a long voyage, my .oar young iidy f’ uked Mri. Tiiick, with kiud inlcrcit and womanly curioeity blended. theyouigman.    "IE I*"*    '“*•    entirely," ex- ‘Emily!’ echoed the father; ’inrelv her rliimed Mr. Spondoolscki, very ialelligenlly. Dime was Sarah.'    “Certiiuly it dou, chimed in Old Stepan- It is two moulhi since the shipwreck,when Bieglv. “i ¿irHy •..ilei to inq.ire wko wu ' l..;mg U.    pu. tncm uuucr ni. p- Mr.Jkrvc,    tkaVdrrdlu*}' hurt hy the ucident toil happene in    thechtmiit,    ipringiug    up.    anJ    »torm.’    j    u    t i. •tiaet a iherttimeago.    s-1 k,i;„i eli.tching ker arm to prevent ber uctuding ‘Toor child 1’ inid Mra. Tiiick, comuiiion- th;‘;*mf;oinptmír£:^í;\n^e'r¡»^^    T.....ur^uly. hie over since.     ..w.A    ’    •Merciful    Heaven    I    is there lo be no lermi- 1 hive reason to believe that i dear friend abont u broad as it is long, as my tnred’— '    learned    brother Squaretoei has already told The father started lo his feet in iptechltii, )ou.’' uid Old Bullcr. amiyement. ‘Emily Tricbncr' ‘.ne orphan ‘ But. gcnlleinin, uid Old Beeiwu, who child uf my baal and dearest friend, who was had long beei itching lo uy something, "yao consigned to my care alter her lather a death, havn't given any upmion on tha lUte ol tha and reported to heve been lost at aca ?‘    f    t    uion,    hut-' ■Coma, come,’ interposed little Tiiick with ' WhalsUlcf inquired tbe innlf-dcmint- a filtering voice, and after rubbing fan eyea eJ Uooienbury...... with his handkerchief; ’• his may bo too much '-Vrrr/ »ac ’ replied Biciwu, ihtrply, lor my patient. Mr. Bingly, when you ve , ectlled at the interreption, “but unly upon doie embraciag Emily, i'll trouble voii tu our lorei.n relations." eomt down lUira, whan 1 abtll again toll you "Me don't want to have any foreign rela Mr. Domuok entered. “Do.MLaoN, I want the name ot the frilow Qomiuatod for collei tor et Salem wilhdrawn loatently. By the Eternal, theae politiciin» are tbe mait remaracleaa aronnJrcIa alive.— IVrite 1 letter to General .Millki. aud toll him he ihall hold tbe office u long la Akdriv JacxaoM livea. Stay, i’ll write it myself— the aunrinee wilt be more gratifying from a brother soldier.’’ The wirm hcartcdold man kepthiiproiuiic (0 the litter. Ki'LUsox Homx EDiCAtiog.—The following rule, wo cnmmend to all patron, and Iricuda, for their tivcllcnrc, brivily, and practical utility. They arc wort >y of being trí¿SIa’úrnVy"u“hVv7 bun' ‘ebíe‘to'ettaTn"to anUcblt.'       :    of    thwe delicicnciea which are poiulcd out in tke bigk and holy attribute of uuqualilitd ‘In* agree with >'cry Wv, don't you?” th ■ rule, lo which we hav,' rtforrcd. Let lorgiveneaa.’    uid    Uuorenbury,    witha    •nullyinur. ' Grrtaiuly. iir, ctrlamly; I am always hap- every parent and guarJiio read, ponder, aud inwardly digcat, 1. Irom yonr children's larlicit lufancj Kvaryhody in the itieet itatili, ail itill, lor your it cliverly, ixd kapt fait I,... ..    ta    ka a uilor, wken to llua, tnrulog tka cornar ahtrply, lau gi nal tha eouh. «put it, end I think iha h f. -I a'l:ii-.i m    ei haan done in the abort tima which huelapaad ippellitiou aonnded moat UAkínd—that we amca I uw tha crowd ?'    would Uke edvantegc of cireumilaocM to ‘it ta upwards ol in honr aince hi wu (oreiyoar eonlidence, all we deaire lato beol ■onght in here.’ uid Ikeehcmiit, 'A aiir-, lerviec, and to-morrow, I truat, will mable waa inataotly ill attandaucc ■ It mint ua to lea more clearly into tha lulare. ■iiva heco hia departure you witncucd—the    Terauidiog their youg gueat, matead of re crowd never diiperaing uotil It know, the late turniegto watch by the Waideil thi patient, Iba aaflerer.'^    to Uke aome repoae m the ehamber eppuioltd I tiig ont of tke I ruover Ihe reina I abantad lo him, "Sit at..., —    .    . Ililel" bnt hailid itclaverly, axdkapHeal    .............. .............. hold, lor hi lumed ta be 1 uilor, when an    j„’idjngaufa • it umal uVto lia more elearly into tke futare. Huaaanwa akd M ivM.--Mra Uanniaon id    Hceawsi    la    right," remarked Old , iuculcate Ihe eccisaity ol lu.Unl ob dieui oneofhircipiUladitoriaU furtheHoalun Ol- ^ «ho, with hia friend, the Old Bufler. ’d. > nite lirmueaa with gcutlrueaa. Let ive Branch, prcicnta tha lolluwiug sinking    enjoying    t    e diacuuion kugely; yonr children ilweva uadfrsiai.d that jou coatrutWtwaen two home, aud two hu.bauda:    Bceswta    very    eorrutly    obaervu    tiat    «wcaw    wbat    yonsov. "I «I h I '•"IJ •«» P    '•f*    we    have    as    vet    had    no    opinitn    upon    tbe pro- d. .N«»»r promier them unleu yoo eomehoma. ^red. Yea^ that a elweya the    of onr beloved oonalry, her ia-! are qniU aure jou ran give thrm what    ) on lopluie—clerki to oyerhaul—aceoiinttpcutl.    ,«tions.    her proanecU, her—“    I H you tall a litlia child to do icmcl pluae—clarki to overhaul—account to cait I.    ,;<tioDs    her    proanecU    her—"    I    H    vou    tell    a    litlie    child to do icmcthing, up^ lluahl 1 .ball hau that en.ld^ Now, ‘‘V l. "7. ,nTlo^    .how him how ,s doit, and ace that it., walk the floor and apoil him I*'». *>nnl iip ,    •    aw    r my ilippera Mery, draw up my rorkiog    Her iip. and dnwna," added Old Bnller.    .'i Alwaya pnnlsb your cMldiaa I r wiHully chair. 01»" ®»n have tbue Ihiuga rtady    •■|na .7d onta." analllcd Old Dooieabury.    diaoheying you, but never pauish them iii lor lham. Thcra'.S.undera, h. take. cum.    Nancy.,'    .aid    Mr.    Gnmu.    anger lort. Hia wife la u hanJaoma aa aha wa.    ..y^„rtl, an.l Suuth." uid the aublima Stop.    tt. Never let tktaa perrcivc that they ran tbe diy ahe mtrned. II Ihcrs a anytbiag I i ,l,,    vex you, or make yoo loto yoer acll cuui L... 1./. .       l    i.hs in. Ian... *".'.^„,'|„„rtting, 0' rouru. k.r Eut end , maní. Weal," said the daciaivcSqaireloci.    7,    It they give way to i.etuUars an . tom- “Well, tkeu, Old Beeswax,’’ growled per, wait till they aic calm, and tbeu gmtly eiinss murtilnd to think that kii anecch reason with them oa Ihe inipropn.ty ol Ihiir IFnoi me CuMIe Lwlgar. A Word so Wlvm. cnen. in goon baaioua. active u a staal-trip, sod sharp u a uortheuter, yet ha never will be rich, even if be lives to be as old u Me-thnulah. And why? Becaoae he bu a wile conid make it. li tha opera in towu? Mrs. A. moat go every night. Is Jeney LindsLig-iug It seven dollars a ticket? Mrs. A. mait nave a front seat, and aport a boqaet iota tke uirgiin. Hu her ucigbbor't baby got a naw cluak of cuhmere? Mrs. A. must have axe fur her “little ruponiibilitj," embroidered at ceuiaa, a new set of China? Mri. A. moat forthwith have a handsomer ut, with the fit-den twice u deep, or the paintings twiea u heantifnl. Dou she ue new fumitaN aver toe way going ia where i newly married eoa-pie are about to live? Mri. A. givu harksw-oand no peace till he boyi her now fnmitart also; ahe ia alwaya talkiag of that “tova at e sofa" il he dues aot, ; ud groauing ovar tha shabby carpet, which, as she uyt, “tha it ashamed to have sun.’’ In ihort sha woiriu out either the poor man’t life or hia patience, •he don't seem to care whieh. Mra. A. must elwiys have new bonncti lor huruif and daughtara before any „ody ciu, aud will pay three prieei to btvg tha pick ol the Tiria tuhiooa tne day prior to the “opee-ing. " She used to beeoutouted with Kossian unle lor her lura, but lailerly she itebee alter ermine, aud we auppoie will get it nut winter. tthe wauta to leave the quiet, respectahli street where she hu lived so long, aud move into tbe “iut End, emuag what she calls tha very tip-top tuhion." She bu always made her nusbaud "comedown hauueom'ly in the aumtner, with a trip tu Saratoga or Nitgaua, ur a month at Cape May; but u busmeaa hu ueeu unosnally tieanshiug tku year she cot-leuiplates lomethmg on a atill grinder aeaie lur the comiug scuun—a cottage al Newport, ir pcrhtpi eveu a cunntry bunae. Sha mad* M'. A. set np a carriage, when he made that uit in rul estala two jcara ago; aud t,.e party •be gave tbu past winter, wnen Count s*m-Jlekolty wu be.-e, is said te have cost a “eool jtuLund." Viith all these advantages, it would be a miracie iudeed it she wu uut still Chaakfnl, and may ye niver know tbe want oi 1 ulaomiug at forty. But what ahe ahuica on whit ye give me But what I did wu moaii,, un iccauntai Am, there. He wu kmd and ihoughtfnl to the poor and the tfflictod, an* iaÍ.‘c'oil;Vo‘'h‘{l¿?rf'co"rfria‘'!.7ífj‘íl'”^'’ “D—n the thing, it made me choke nght np." “Puicn jars fer the Rein-a iy.’’ ‘'Don't forget yonr umbrella, sir, there might he an eiploaion, and you'd want it to keep off the ciuderi.” ‘ Latmepitiyoar bindbcx, miaa." ‘ Take cars ol yonr little boy, madamc, no in surnuce on him.” "All right 1 go ibetd I” A si'u Scx.vK.—A correepondent of th« pringfield Bepnbliein, nt Coney Iiltid gives the loilowiug killing iociJent of the surf; During my passage down tbe bay, I had caught several glaace. of a familiar fue. I knex I hid leeu it before, but where! The lidy as evidcetly htd been snhject to a jog ol meiaory. Tbe exchange of t few glauces •atiificd us both, tad we only wanted a prwi opiiortanity, or 1 diipoaitton to apeak. 'Th< long yeart'before «chad parted in a huff, and coatidering myisii at tha fme tae iggreiv u party, I wu notpartkalarlv anxiona to renew the uqnaiaUaee—the jilt' As toon u the uoit touched the pier, 1 » aa on it and of I for a bath. TLc lady, fur tha time, wai lorgotten and iiiuiag trot's the bath hooar in mv rough Uathing dreti I plunged into the brcake't. I hid Icen frolicking some time, layiog my hand on tha ‘oceau’t mane,’ and the ueni Itying hit hand on mina. when I saw two or three other bathers edging np towards mr between the twellt. There wu a iidy evidently in advance. Her company appareutly forgut her, and at lut the atili approched me. i went further one. She followed, end 1 tonnJ she wu determined to apeak to me. 1 knew who the wat, of course. .A hngc wave cimt np and knocked the wumno down, bnt atieking her head out ol the water, she gave one scream tad that bronght me. 1 wu on the apot u souD u 1 eonld get there, end grasping her arm raised her to her feet. ■Oh!’ uid the ledy, -whe—wha—what a meet—meet-meeting, after such a parting! ’ Well, yet,’Slid i ‘-Inutly. ■etuis sluw poison to her huoand. It any be inn tu her, thi Irugs said in the fable when ,ae buys were pdtiug them, bnt it it uuth to ¡aim. Ue It aiieady u ihm u the ghost u the play M HaBltl, lad if he kaepi on, or ratkar I bis wife dou, he wili be a second Calvin Edton. Then there’t Mr. B., the meehinic. He cenuot make a tenth ol the money Mr. A. ooes, hnt if be had oniy a proper wile, he «•aid be rich lu spite et thit. Mrs. B., bow. ever, it cilravagaut alto. Sha hu none a{ Mra. A.'a “tip-iop'’ notiont, it it trot, but uioaey alwayt maket ber lingera itch till it it «me J oat In the ume way. There'a no end M) wail tbe tpeodt in giving tea parties “that aever cost auylking, you kuuw," u the uyt. only a law eaket and taeh like, nobud) will mitt Uccoct of them. " It the wtuU e carpet made, the invitea all kcr female acquamt-•ucca, and when the fitting aud ilitchiug art over, the gucata lit down tu coifceaad to goa-•ip. If anybody she kuuwa gels a uaw dosea ol ipooni, aha mast have a ucw duxen aiao, or It leut have her old onu melted down aad made uver in tbe lut pattor* Her ippatito (ur iilk driuea ia euormuus. She tpurlt a •bawl ou Snudayt whuu pnei we woiid be .ihimed to tell. Her ekiidren m thair beat .-luthea, luok like the modela in tka fashion plate.. 11 the hu maple chain adt wanta ma-uogany onca, and ii mauugaiy the lonp after ■ «ainni. Clue acata ere valgar in her eyu, uir-cioth u only toleiahla, bat damuk ia divme." Shehu a grut aetiun oftha “beat sueiety," which iht thiukt eouaiatt m mart antique drestu and parUee with Urrapio aaJ Champagne, forgettiug that “the beat toelety” It tha where sunnd and good S'Oh prevail, and that her excellent basoaud tact mota really gaud aociety in a fortnight Uic “npper-lenduBi" duetiu a year. Mra. C. ia wulclni in another minaer.— She osvertqnandei's moxey.bnt the dou Ume, and that in the moii txtravigint and Iboagnt-leai way. She hu seven chiidraa tt home, ont It never there, for the it alwayt walkmg Chestnut atreet, or thoppiag among the cheep storet, or buneg end reuearaing gottip from honse to huuteof ber acqoimtaace. mra. D. hu qniu tt nnmaroot a progeny, bnt some She now undertook th.i gratelnl tod inie, . ....    .,    -    --• - - ----- utiog, when a huge wive .truck her u ahe ‘ttiua it Ira. eenturabti for luving !liim. looked np to me with ptrted lipt ead cram I a“e la une of the womeu who ’hive giHa.’— med her dear munth with salt watei-. She    “'r    peculiar    gilt It to do good to    ina world dropped again, an J again I palled her ont, and she was either very weak, or tha thuught I was ecrtamly very strong.    i ^    ,    -    - •Mary,’ tai.' 1. ‘have yoibrcn happy since udet variona Ureas societiet, tuuptocieUM, we parted?'    |    and    the grut‘Morld oat-of-juiut    Sucicty.’ Sue anawered me wilhi tigband then look- |    She    « Pretident ol the 'Niaeieenth Centory ing up to ma. pat the ttue quettiou.    Society fur Minding-fcv#rykudy'.-Bns>neu. Saya I, 'hohnm—ho bnm—Mary don t Ulk •na Seerelery of that invalnibls moral laaU- lagenetal, atthvexpcuia, wa fear, of harfa-mily id particular. Sha hai a philanthiopie uiceliug to ittoidtvary day in the week, he- abont it.’ I hiva learned aome thioga tinea Ihen,' uyt the ‘Yet,’ taya 1, 1 believe yon have, yun married a lairncd man, I think.’ ‘Ma married.’ ‘VS'hat did you jilt a very good luoking man lor. ten yean ago. but tu marry a certain Ictrntd men?' uked 1 fieir.'ly. lution. the ‘Atsociitiun tur Keforming Meo Mbolwilc by fulluwing them everywhere/ She it nol a cruet or acgligcut mother, how. ever. She never whips her children, lor ri-amplc, end it mvaritoly kind to them—tkot it, whan tha it tt homt. She liirent, with the petient eir of a mar-tyr, when her hutbtnd vcalnreeu uk harto luy ia, as ke does tumelimte wkan tka haky btic ii't a laded woiiio. Light the lamps and give me mV atwtpaprr. II 1 ct ut read herein petcc, I'll go over to Sanudert's.'' Marv, dear, kow tirad yon look, («ve me ‘i bJg you will not allude t. the luuliabnca ; hu Ue meulu, or tha three girU are dowo of a achool girl.' replied tha lady and then ; with the learltj lever. Her aludaren uy rhauged the aubject, she wanted to know buw | she leto everyUmg goto wreck it Ut honar, the would have felt if. in ttviug bar from a that Muter lumuiv alwaya hu holu lo hu watery gravv. I htd drowned mjacU. I lolu truuser'a knees, and Uen U a a |0*d Uing herit wunld probably hare mtje lest differ Mr. 1). it aucb au exeallcnt aorM. or Uo wci with ny wile am! .hildrt i winld all have bMn dud long ago. • hiia. She give me hut one look, end roar t. I Uut wa uut juin ii Ueu UHrtioii. 1u oo-bar feet aud pnt.    ;'? Uieg we blame Mrs. D. for. u that aha did ■•I S.W ksr but a uiAiieuI    “»"■?    H"    '■    "«» Hut mtUinkt Ism her !.>«,'    Uur kuU her present hnihaiid tad hit fricada aad ah.«i oil with her b.lhi.g dr... I    « «    11» A'ltto t M b»a. «uui ««tj hit un^»r. lliPTt TO Vui.- u L*Pixa-.Y. a publir She like. Ue ’high pruaara .T^m’of man. itrottieUr iud A» tbi eoDituti ol our piper irc ,    bttikti d* i ibiikt a ItnU icoUiai. mora or laea read by ibt greater part uf lhu«; ,    ••U her mewt a grut dial, '*<>« tw into wkutekaodt it fall., wa eaunul h.rbrar' «w aid put. oa a wiar laca u part el yiviig pablicliy te Ue lollowiig hint.. '- , 'h's •)•»•«. “    .« ehapge. Ut Thrri IS many a solid truth rui.tain.d in them, ked •loUea, or givu tha gielt troaaeiaga ('»«n rf«tfl^»». Ituu Ut»r HT».fc n|    I Mm rl^>allWüA•Uul•• ■the vary ptrtara ofyaa I’ "Mereiltl licavaal al tkenldil ho Harry I h”nomtant*alarm Mra. Biagly íy any allu. dryly ehwrved Ue ehrmiat. Ualgonp to iiilTNiisiiir, I l td :■ 11 wail Ikal toeadiwr; I aaa liil a ul I" 'd aiW kel la tut Wawersiir •-1 wiUii aarH lAhar a liisisi, iSafusMsr", t.A luuadllKl iMi'e uatmt. Inat ihi I'll f «I ffi we wife as mu d U mtftiPf si. .11 baibbiuara>l««a war* hwl Wr rnmntk9 tn>«M, wecjaM ■ lUt iron» !• r i.'i f.Lir A»»» riirdaa. "taa marr-l waliw mv ______. "aad I msinail |*t hw saui twaulv.ala tad mail liad « hars iDitau Mttad, M m »«f I -dw,, u ,d  ..... anaa wksra!«'. isH as taie tt wiuaiai a prua. V* pihi's* Iht hiUtwiue heat . I up el a fi.ud «I e«™ I cUbM? of /Mr AMO Ike glrlheeaoMqaitoiltrmodaCMr. Bing, y a aieiud tUto, and raqiaatlig kim to atop lato Ui Mler, pnsmlt*d to laquint ktrmaa-trr w'U kIt wl.kM. Mr. Hiogly now fait ponvlatol il mul ho Harry. Vhat wu It Utl urged kim lato porenltg ike loqniry to far, but Uat laeiiag Uat 'lema. Ultg bayoudatl hamao kaa, okith eoajnret op In tka heart a larukadowiag p| evtaU— i that myttorlqnt lympaUy wkiah IrratUlibly anruUaod l.okt u to placu tad ptrtoot ? Thogl'Tt tUtomaalol Uo yoong tailor'i roMiubkiice to '«imull, threw Mr. Biagly . iito Ua pa“.lully tieitad tUU lo wkiek Mr. TUiak oew loial blm: who, it reply to hit tgilatod tad almatl froaalod liqoirlat, aa. twrarod ivttlveir, tad wlU I daorto o( am-lkss«hnta I barriMmaol qtilt at aarlitoa wilh ike itnel t logeonou cod lemitiar tlyla lor wkmk kt wetoostd. 'Door mo—klita me T ptid ko; *11 w|U be vory citroordlpary il Ikol yooo| gcotleman Isr tkeeleoring ip *1 Ui< romtuM.' Grimrt. mortified lolhiok Ibet kit tpeech reason with them oa Ihe inipropr cneduct. W, Ksmrmker that a lillla p f*r..l punish- ...  -------- _    -    -    Y    nut intend to any aniUer word JD I mriil, when the a;!*»! !» raii'ti more ,, ehiir. yonraell, and jn.t be fonifur able— ,h, ,„bjecl,'' anarled Ureawix. “alter 1 wu I effectna! then tbe ihria eniei; ..I arrc.lrr pun-1 I Aia't I liredT Why, yea 1 am—a illle, but    (    „„ b, brother S-Jnaretou, whan iahmsnt, ihonld the lault b. tinrAed ■ Utn I biva leuled oa Irvih air and luethiise ,    .g,,    ,|,out fiiiihiag mv ipaech. Bat ‘    'J-    Nevar    gn«    yuur    ekildrcB    austhieg ka- to-day, which yoo hava not. Beaidct, 1 don t    my opiaioo, 1 will givail, tad 1. oauie they cry fur it- kavaittcki lump ol parpelual motion aa thi.    .„u,u,en. however • a*, in yoor t*. ' Id. < »n no aceount allow them to do at MC ■ —ihia was utd with a daliaal' lima wkal yon kiva lurkiddeo, under likerir- that grtal itrayping boy. No wonder yonr (,,j gojb,.„ f,n,i,.|,red inllicienl lorlht eve. ■ trm.ache Oh, oevee mind me I am al.aye    ..«bat    have o. got to aay aboet it ? ’ n. K.aibome.yoiknaw. lahttherockiiig-     ■’    -    ■ ¿¡•"■fi'iisrs;:!: W. s*.7.    ............... ''-all.,.., .1.. A -    h-iiri-ii ^•oimJai.hl mv dear air,’Mid Mr. Biagly ..i.paaa. huanaa I wouldo t aui.l a drunk» alt^ostt SMkl ata " 'kii 0 H«n»*n‘' «» ailluria a crowd, or eome anaii Uiod, witk ui.k oiuna moeiinga" !««■ "k"» ' k»< "kwh you ekoou tu lluTly.Mr Uiok 01 uoi moaiini as    BieilT.'toor vulgar carluaily tkoni inek '“íilT^’r?.íeYhar»Vnúrpo4e4iaudatnUaaght maltara ia puaiUveJy tatolerakio.’ Bnt ka- .to7ki.i Vim :    “•'."'•‘i    “    k.rk..k..a’.,o.t.n«.d had yon ctoM ?* to minaga.    «rmr wiidoqi."—lhil wo. uid with a daliaal' lima wkal yon kava lurkiddeo “ Blata my aonl--how d Votlivi Ucae hot “g„,_. b, igclioad to Uiak, Uat Ua i euintUurtt at anolktr. daya? Ntaar miod tha room averytkiig l*»ki | g,g„ ggggr i* a «pru eooditioo liice:    11. Teach Uam that tha otiy aoro »d fwy well .io*gk-yon iaeludvd-eice|.l that yoo |„g|,r,noa ol ladependcpcc. We trago-1 way (a epprar good is to ko geod. arc iMkiagx trifle ketlar Ibao wril. ILiw <la    rnii    tut    ’    I    Td,    Accustom    Urm    lomikeUa    little    rvcilxli you meeage to kvvp » yenuganil pretty, Ihio- ••¡i,,-    ....... "V.M'’'might Ue emilieg ao.wer be. “/A frnkat" amd fallaeil ai m. Aud.'*-' a Ij",, ifaltr " ikonlrd tbet patriotic indi-Mr. OriBiM, (the boteker.) It Tike berk wl wilk perfict trnU 111. Nevcrallow ulf-k«riig 14. Taack Uam that tth .iettul, aut tetf. >»y_______ - W t wunl t etil tka ondividtd tttculioa of tki JO'iUg ltdici to it' If tuy yonng woman wutea in trivial a-muatmeat tka prime teown for improvemeat. which It kclwetn tha aget of Iti and tiL thay egret bitterly the luce «hen they cuuie tolerl tbemaelvee inferior iu kuowleJge to almuet every uae they converta with, aud thova all il Uey tkoild aver be mothcra, whea tkey fral .‘tonce, ud tU tingultr exprvttma ol kiii ------ ,,    I    *.le laee, ahe r*anmod; ’Now. doe’l fright- ’A bitter ctue—It    '5,d    toe.Htrry-yoa’reill-lauyonaro-yonve  - _ I traaiue. tad il't aa inailt to Ua Stagtewe t»dai¡/nae, ii Ut appuiated and Ue aura oto I Ink, ol wkien"—aad Mr. Grimet awtlladI Uud uf sacuriig kappinttt. kimaall-' 1 hav* thu *v*nier th* h«**r te ko H*    U.ra    agu»'»    »kt    lodolgwr*    ol rkt JtpontN kavt a moat eenlu.ed n'-a ol (b* viadiealar." carta carriagaa aad other vehicniar arrauit- “It it Irnariclaimtd Old Ha*iwu,lrem. mwú. A Iritnd ol ourt tk« other 4ty. Gal MmgniU rx«t and e>*(<M<d/ jcalooty; “it ■aa kit «ktalkarraw, lo carry boma kit lug- it irnt' and \ daly yox aad tka Clab too "’ -------  ‘    Owdacional"    do    you hear Utl. gNtlt. men?" aaidHrimea, ritingaDdadvMcioglii., . - -    , .    ,    .    , rioutly towtrda U<i kel Itt-Mwax; "toy that    «irolMkottgmeiUd.    It le liinti- Ib-poiintry’a ule, or ont yon go! "    UkUtoauhow tiUntivo tt pertntol nogUcl ’•Tail thorn I part Uam " wu tko vtry »od to witpeu ‘.ko hod »4 drwdlnl eowta-..-drat rtrlomotioo from ill Ue memben; 'toeo^ io the rata of thoeaendi,—ifuevllle Ui aokody did toy mere thu uy to, porllra. ktoodord Medid it in Uclolluoiag nituarr kt rukadkis Ireik to tb* kiedlet, the kenJIrs to the wkul. and then abnwldtrad tkcwkula tnpai.lfnetiirf. The lut we aaw el him. be wts aoieg np Water strasl wenderinii wbal .....    ,_______ the dtarp peopla rnolil had about bim ta prudrel rtrlamatioi from all Ut mtmhen; lingb at, li*»r lelka, thne* Oriatlal tagry tad rauatlnl apirit. I II tkeu rniM were radiicad to practica— ' datly proe/iec-by parents aud guardians I kow maek mitery wunid ke prevented-kow I mtay la dtagar ol run aonU k« saved—and largely woald Ut kippiaaii ol a taawsood Mn. r. dou'lot rida quita auk a 'kigk kotaa,' hot tka ku alargetamily, ud baug ol un vtxcd. maktt nn aflort to tmuil It wkw her kntktud eu not huma. Ht mnattakt kac u ka lli''t bar,’ tka taya thiawishly, ud kt boa gantrally, pour fellow, to take bar ii lulks. Itia tcummna Uiag, ra-inraa at aigkt. tu k»r tk.-M yeuitian try* in«y loueiw ever »* muiuers, w... •««»    tog at ucc ' Billy ktcaui hit aieter itzuk Ueir iubiiity to direct or u.iatthe puranil. him. the autor koeuae .he r» 1.1 Ueir ekildrea, they find igioreace a atvars -s. •» Ua mother a bJ'"' ”, murtllicatiuo.udo ml cvJ. Ut Iki. us-. keooo.e -ke no im M mato Ueir indirtry, ud let a mudMl opiniau eud har. II alUar Mra^i. »r Mr*, r. w« ol ctpulitoi k* u .aconrairmul to'told ibsy    ‘ thino in U*iV»d.a*ora altor ka#wl.dg., A : lo murrueliu, ye« Umi kuUr tuojy modaraUudtrtUndlog. w,|k ud    ""üd    V.r.lV'-i ia?.' wtlLdlraetod applleaiioo.will go mnehlnrth- , u»er to he    ,1 hL^.u inL ar Uu a gutoa, li att.Yi.d with im ¡ hralU da" d.|»d m*r. » kia patiuM Pod iutuotsu. wbiek I» oll.u ac- •* kim.eil, ud Uat in mof. way. UU aoa. eompuy quiak parto. It la am »"L    a    Tia.-Tke    WII.,..toil R«. alH IkctaMiMCralf. of DcUwtr* wad a Pin sum* two or Um mootka naa.; or for it. tuk uf guv.rnmg ud m.irnrt agí.    TkMtotou‘LÍu l.g 0 lamilTi It    ¡ ioid kir^*,íSÍ it -ulured it woild eiiiriaing Ue laluto whlck Uey really    h*w*v*v ud IromLmil.l.,    ‘ .r".'tod {>r“ w:,,.Vrd?:i .SIÍ, udX’ tolleclutl tmpra**m»t. #? •J'"'    igiigi,.*,    tk* «lirk ludtrod k*r o glau of l*M tha tmeerut pIsNiuraa wkw    »faUa to U* oet *f drtikiog she Mraii- mom wkoo almwt avtry •'"'•J'''    ,*» da ¡ gUd ud ttre*    op Ua pla. Il wu Mratgkt -ol wkiek V'Í‘:'L.ír:Vai.r!íL.. U.ploc.d    it II kor'm.ou, b«H S’dUut iJiry p...lhl» '• tTírlidod    “    *“ lllo.-Jfr..rAopmic.    l.oohoorradU, capocity Uatio many wjioro ar* t*eb lri|. ' hag. Iiiieldeompooioai. a* .ll.qulllied lor    , U* frwadakip a*d eoovorMlio* ul * Moaihl. '"I • • Vitri.1T.. a

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