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Dollar Weekly Times (Newspaper) - August 25, 1853, Cincinnati, OhioA ÍAPES fOR “IHE 1IEEI0IÍ"-IHBEPENI)E1ÍT IE All THINGS NEUTRAL IN NOTHING. M VOLUME XI.-NO. 7.    ...    CINCINNATI,    THURSDAY    MORNING, AUGUST 1853. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. 1 I I u W, VorUa rimcaj TH>: 8T0RM. nuiii. HiroQCti tb« ibido «III üarkacM liaabi&g, Owelli tU^mi ui iuriU I’fftit. rttiU'drofa r.udly d«ah;ii« tt»c iqUi*!) Urov ot htthl. £«Mb tnmtbtra rumtii (be tas>uii Of tliC irurm gt»d on (he iky. And fain «ouid thnuk irmu brtvtDg Tne U of toe rye. And nnv Biiibitika tbe HuuqiÍ^oc navel ^itd tTbUbicJ ««oil lh>«t i»crp Around l»ie H.uuhUiB ilave «akruta from (lieir ab^p Tha tptn*a da L that dxeli «lUiut. Such tumuit «lid ouU;iur. Ai if «ach itea ot noe and am Wert keap itg opcu door. Bot «hy abonld mr.rUli ibrinl: aghut Ki eieineoU. ft Mr WniHC iicarta    (hr    aratbtnr blaft lhat    tie    rwih    of    l;!c Ttircartlraa balpv nnr. Dttk^P wbvn tbr riling riouda abovi Ubicurt the actting itiu. N<d II (be aurmv'tadrn hoirt, Lika iri'igbtid ahip at tea, U vUl no* bound, and leai. and a*art, Whan cmaa wavra atnke (be lea dut calnoy look upo.r the iky In naabtng aitaor drraiH The O-k wiu »f\rr lf4r to dir. Whriar Irave are ae*Td at beat. Nnr Kebmond, .Auguat 16th. l^Vi. :'V' } rotn ibe Trinieritt. K U 1 1. V , nr LiAaar mnoa. TmkW, tmk'e dowi; ihe h.H, Came (be inter liMjtad nil, Cai'iug «rith a uueriily pndn JUdtaal pearla on rt(her aide, Kngtng. aa ii r^me ’u a.e, TiLbuitg. unkling. Kmtijr. Wherefore, litlle ar^nire atfMtn. Ki;.geat thou that aveoUat uant Küw icarueJ tl»oi llal (onr ao awect. CuBia^ fn40 (by tiuk iug trrt, OaociDg on ao 1 dincma frta. i^agmg, aiUgiug. kbmly. n»rk* *he tnriir of the nil Teita a 'aie*^>h bturt. be «'ill' Hear the stnrj nww it lrl!i. Rioging from ita a:!rer hrlla; lu thy memory it ah»M tie Lmbad OAtne of Kmity. Yon have not forgot (he day. When (lentatb the oak yon lay. Here mon my violet bmk, Wbilr the rurka roidw .trrt dratik. And the lanii.k'ua atKired tree. Yon lioked on-^and Kuiiiy. l>rrpotng trcrni tboae devr eyra. klner than the »umni«-r ikica Came upon luy bre-#i tnat day. Tttra-'lor «bat I da'c not aay. But the reaaon 'a hno*n to thee— l^eeper itno»tt to K« ily. Tbrre opoa the bank yon lat, Tviamg «realhf a'uuod her bat, A'b.ia aue i-i» -    '    i-.\-    % Thai a U'e ot Itue loie U> J , Ami you raid, «iih vcuce cf g>ee, *Xbaiige ihe Lame tir-Bmuy." Baihfu) then iKe pr.uied auKilei Then, full oriird ahe i»»ct your imue— fonnd bow deep a mran ng vent fwn yiiur rye uioat rkKjumt; r&en the ty«ed her head Co uia Tor her mirfjr. Kmily. Mneka and lambkiai ik pprd a«ay. lluiheu val every «oodUnd lay; And my watn eddied mnnd. Ijluihiog e'en the Umrrfi aonod, While y«n heart to heart m-ide tree, ihd yon g4ia your-’lmti)> TH£ rOKt'^T BUaiAL. It IlDS^T DTII, Efti thee loted onei we hive la>d t’m Bbe e the wild « 'lod uiaketh i!gu«i Teara peiiumc the bed vt made thee, Where the «hhcrtd f it*ge iiee. Diitoai from thy oattve éveilmg. We mur chant thy rrquiem: few the heMTtJ with fduea rveUiug, rev will jum the luntrai hymn. On the morrov «4 muit leave thee. Lonely IB thy voodUnl grave When* tha vioe a tomb ihalt weave thee. Craeping «nere '.he hrtBehea «ave. Ail thy love let Nature (Tea hc it, When (lie verrnl hoora rfturn, Wnte thy Muie «üh (kiveri, and wreithe it Boned thy boiy fuieai uin. THE DAY DRi AU. at fOM MOOtl. They IfOth were huihed. the vcice. therborda; i beard but one (hat «.triuog lay; And le« the Cutra «nd fe« (he vorua My apali'bound ueuory brought away. Tnrca rementiered here ind there, L'ha cchuaii o! auna brokea atraui— Ltaka oi t«tvlneaa kat iu air. That DO.feiug now could )«kB aga.a. E cn there, too ere (be mnrubig flrlt ihe aoM    taoed    -#08#    — Gone. Ilka the (hougtiti th>t owe were onn. U« ^uQiiucr daya ere yootb had ad Thuaghii urgU. «c ktn>w, aa inunirr ikiven, I'bt^uffh %hdt they «era «a now lorgat, la vain with bta a from «(ber itraiaa, 1 vi*oed Una tru«at air t«i oorh'-Aa b.rda are Uught. 00 aarierr piiioa. io luie thrir «noer kiadred b iiae. la vaiar-tbc g<>ag that ««ipho gate. In dung Ui iba moutuKU ara. No 'auter akpt («cue th the «aic, i'han tiiii Viib^n uiy luamury. At Icagili, ona laoMiuf, a I lay ■a tQAi haH-vakuig tiO^iJ «Un dreami I nwittiogly at I m n>vr «ay To thii fuil UuiL ui t/k>light‘l beanui. A fae»->(be very Ivea, trrthougbt. Yron vbicb had b<tatbcd aa irom a aknae Of long and anul. tba n dee 1 aougbt— Came with it, aiuiirg (kiu to m:ur, And aiing the loe*, meatnree 9>r— Each so( and vw(d, viu every tvine, Aad kma 'aal lent lU l>la I# » c— All perfui—ali again my u«o. Ui» miiH v»li «h«.< »i<l Ike 1.1. .1 Ttfi mmt .«iin-t-rf «.Jjwol mhoJ Ikrpaik ■imtt '» nal:» bwl wlIl,^J ui uCMI 01 IU n«t mtt». .u wM, loimJ. Nm.’ui I, Tkm •'r»n„i,    mh    — r,f Bi.rr Im* iu niMih. kiiT» Ü0 «ell M mw 1 k,»« iku ,tn,n. ,bil ,n. «hM lUMoiy'i wnníro». ,m<| U lulud ¿>1» our ir>. i<,,„ 1 .me tb I Ivlt • «me .uil i.n Ibt «teiua nl thrt wiuu u, b.ur fve vairy a- at »vlr »>r chiVit ult the Aid.iw in rl -ad«l Cale. !    aaraeviivlly    ;    1 «ill ttoae is aay way you I laid her latktr with au asicry and nnaalic    I child shall #• ta Uc city, to the *'ity, I    may dicUte.    II joa dosirc it 1 «ill bt yunr ' roiupretiiuH u( the lip., «aicb «u full of    ¡ «hare the wall U'.f jaipar aad Ucciiy ot pare ‘ at once, «uboi.'another «ordo! eiplaoatiou; ; mesbini; to poor Aliea, «ho trtahliagly r«-i|(eldl” Aad «r thi, n:yitcr¡i>ai tiaotw-hut 1 shall erer lee! indebted to your loibesr- i lusiued otieat. '1 don't mind tbaseota o( ihe ' tWa of arariee, iffcrtioii, snd 'clieiM, the - ■ mm    c=K=r- ic-    —    anee and politeuc.s it yon «ill li.t'n to me lor > «orid fur BiTself. Alice, hnt f «onld rather! miser erpirad. tr.ji Cbaaikec'i Jimraal.    lire «uantei.    Uraat my rcqasst : I «ill not i see von daad—nay, be tkecanse of year death    ; Csptaia ftinsley. «ha dariac thi miser's LITTLK GAIPPLkaAIT THK MUKX    oflead yon i and rrcolUet,'to err u h imsn, to . mysrll, than that it sboold be paiated st )oa.    dying ttclagulmu, had hern letnmg na the ___    V    ' lorgire, dirine.’ fire minutes, not a lecond { W hat did the nle «retches meaa, «hen they («raer of the be. «its his ryes fired on Alice, •lour father's late I» retarnft'g aaina m-i    “*    ®"his-1 na«. to faereasethf dutrciof ihein or snd AiiV- I .m    »kif    til    in it    •• if «"treating her to illoa ¡ sid| after me. Kell jonr as^ghter far geld ! I dealy turaeii dúci/' .uls, and «nii«hta«y night, Alire am ^rp ««d    ^! him to mark the time.    leare lour home that she may b* an oflieer's,groan, sank mW ness to the gronnd^ Am ki,    ion    A ihU    “i**    A“«.    wmelhing    I l.dt '/    woundrtc.irei i. me ..ofliel, «hth h. had i^AÓÍi.i. k    of    qneenlike    condescension,    but    still    sttudmg    1 'loo know, Isther,’ sai.f Alies etuirely, eontrired to sttur:; with kis handkerchief, poor eoitnge by tbs «sysido.* ^    ,„á    ,mmorsble. .J„urr7k7„ ’i!Au    klm    ‘A"”    ‘0    «i**    JO"»«iJ ‘I*» i •""«? r>' ’ •l\fre may De.ouetrnthinth.t,'remarked    I    ^*•    *•!.■*    !!“. her brother, ‘but thi-.e are rough people on the roads now. I'hu strike of the pilioeu li an ugly thing, and the ssiioriare soarming like hccs «ilh this contnry «ind keeping their : ships in port.’ I ‘luJeed, dear Kdward, there it no retion I for alarm.' obterrrd .Alice, confidently. 'Unr cottage, though lonely, has nercr been at-I Ucked, an.I «S hare fired iu it no» lor ten ' ) e iri father it often later than this, but he I tl«ays returns in safety. I ' el ao aniiety jon hit accoont. Who «oui, hnrt a poor I lame man like isther T I '1 am leti eoufident than yon at to bit safe, ty. A in.n that hat thu repntatiun cf bciag a mirerii al«i)t an object of ditritpeet auddit ! ‘we hare many enemies, «ho «oald say any- tad «hich the strtap eieitraieBt of the bad raahltd him hiiaerw Hi disregard, hariag miter tadlyj. broken out afresh. litene.s.    |‘hut this is a new torture I O Alice, if I tho t' Alice, «ho «Itli .he staoe-IikecumposDrsoi Alice, in spite of her indignation, war com- ! yon ronld encourage any o«< in my abtsnee, despair bad been lilently herding ortr her pelted to be seated, and »u rery naturally | yon ihonld soon look for my retnm in rain I faiber’t corpse, at this fresh calamity termed betrayed into the common-place cirility of! The scanty tarings I have pinched mrtclf to to find a tpniet «Í relief, nr at least a mitigt-motiuning to her ritriurdtnary gnest to be Accumulate, shall lie nnbettuwed, nneitimed : tested.    I «bo (DOWS «here to find them f If yon fall Tbs faaudioine young officer looked psitie. fr.m the angelic purity ot your thildhood. dlsrly happy. ‘To prurr to you that 1 ran be ■ .Alice, I «ill make my grare in lonia ririae dismtereatcd, my dear uiailam, I mntl caution . of the mountain or ditch by the «ayiide I' ton «ithont rcierre or lots of timo—for yon i .And the p>oi liule luitcr unk into achair, hare limited mo to fire miunle.—on your mis-| corcred hie facp »i1h hit hands, and lor the    _    ^ placed coulidcnee ,a one who. 1 am uirry to i first time in hit life, .Alice saw him shad ing wound. TMDOtion brungbt back a tem-•sy, i. altogether nnaorthj of the affection ¡ tears. Her first impnise wtt to throw her poriry life and «swteícntiiets: he opentd his with «hieh you sppircntly boaor him.’ | irmi ironud bis ueek but .he wished to check, eyes, snd meeting tkoseof .Alice, suii.timilc ‘I real yam St a loss to uuderstend yon sir.' not encourage the painful thoughts that agi- | iflnmioed hit «aa features, ae he litkly ar-*i certainly am taking a great liberty, my | taled him ; and for this parpóse the said, ia tirnlated ".Alice, hire I atonadV and rtlspi. tioa of wo, by haring her attaotiuu dirrcied to 1 aew claimant epon her sympithr—or, did the at the moinent disco*»r and brtrara sr-eret lurking uneonici'inaly in ht. heart, At all eren Is. the rushed to tbs spotaith a wresui and lifted the bead .if the itiffenr, «hile the inrgeon ntterrjited to bind up thr still giih. >Mstt.«,.Be.ack.    ’    ^e which k. d haaa hu mathtr’s Tbol Tbrta ysari had pataed awtr sure Harry m inr-HOnu    '    <b«Mht «as igoiy m him : the timilt ii kis ' bfarrill left b>i hoM ter tbs I'airersity. firt ——    io«l v«» tmitic, but B« dirad aot dicUt# to iiwB4rW niiea iway.-^re4 whoU «od »T ii4ir A. fKAjiSTT.    fnlber.    mC    owcc    dn/tSB    Bad li« fuittd —    V    tk«re    ii    tkc    fa-’ia^e!'    tBftt Boaif. W»(ao hi* ftntion* a tme round ••«Arrut 1.    1    prated    vot «U) iBo ' be would w*it< to hii filber tBal aome    rery ‘I «IÜ rili kcr moUnr^Qcver t Mí Sr    tb«    c«m*i;(.heBta    dcor cUoa iMto Bad iofilod Bia to    Ikt onr »viber, ndoed ' Wbv,    iBo    doc*    tbma^B    (be    grncp;    and    in a Momoot rocotioo viiB Bi». at kit hoaie amt iBot it oot looi aucB older tfeaa you ud thoa. ao    tke^.    Mr. Merrtll a .u    bUltiBcrdid iio*oBi*ft, Bo woold preie' to pfOnd Ob eve*c>oris cl Brr IroÉdv A’or aB» ^^    '¿Vhe    do an jBod'^po iotviUatoodÍBp poOT\ I bOÍAr yt btrsntifnl, I to a not Betp Jnnf boi Bor    BaotBe»*    ' AB 1 'tvofVfttbr    alvoY* looked forward to iBeao penodW witB (■ not like onr ova dear »iK¿er'a, ood    too    Boppy    la    obwtro    vB?    ^ mdeitdctM» asd « Bor i*liiw/iber. ni Bateroii. ifiil.molBer, and    J*;*    «pumioo    would beaoccB Bim to ro»e, ponrojbaB IB* woQid yoQ were Bcre to hear nr *'    t»»t etwe orcr (Be fofe of hi* Harry at tBc pletaorre tBoy wjold eojoy lopetBer, yet he Tb«* b;oko forth • oohitrlfV)kÍQc    M u    mará 'motBc-' aid Ibeo tkt    rtme aotg aad Bitterly would ibe veep at tbtae he itood io the mtdatol Bii brolBtr* aad »IA    Bramed    tro«    bt*    dark,    bora-    ditappoiaUaeoU. Bat be vroU her oUeo aad ten.a little mtitkeritMbaud. «Noble-looklac    V*í'*lf««<»«Wrly, aid alao to Bi* fet-er, bot did we aap ’ W he, Be looked really    ¡«ai--    if®    Beiog * .She ktiacd    the*, av. ail Bui    atrer to Bia moibcr, nor did Be trcr ollndeto like a rery, « hr ittpiu Uew, hit taceks    ITÍ    ‘7    /'    “T    »«'•'» ""T »“»« aunflng, cres tlsihing. and one baud buried    “**' *‘l‘, •*« «Wn<<»d her hand towards    - in the nitrs of midaigat curls that rolled hack    *im    ;    and then he gsre ker    not hit haad, tat    All at oaet ramors reaehed Mr. Merrill s) glnnoosiy from cu «hue forehead    just    heat bis he^ in a bow    to s>'angely eoU    ihat kis ton was not dong well at the I nifir- Marry Merrill tras oalr sixieen hat he was •“    ‘‘I*    »    ‘‘i; that he wu going the downward path to the cldrst of that httls «rats ki.    siprcsaion,    and    i lid. ‘Har.    ruia ; that had aswcittcs wtrt kotdiag tokii arry Merrill sris oalr sixteen hnt he was    ‘‘I*    »    ‘‘i;    that    he    wu    going the down clirst of that littls g'rosp and sinca hu    siprcsaion, and i lid. ‘Har. mm ; that had laaocittct wert k hrr’s death, had keei. brother not merely. 7,    ‘"®    /“““i    «««or*    at    hit ‘ide .ip the wita-e«p, leadiag him to les.iv. friend, Isther, esi/drr lotheiu- ;    “    to    him    «ith    ■    terpriMd,    inqairmg    table;    to    trath,    that he was la r.A!iM*.Aes a LVrk bI TÍhAT» It ■    Cnpplegiit.    —Alice's color rose 1 the lope of diseiling his attention •There ‘ad into iasensihilitA. •Bntth.Arhlrnnthnri.kofoif.nd- has heA a message for yon, fs_ther, ,on are to'    ,    ,    .    . mother ' sat tea. ,.    _______ ______ _____ y« ail Ltd those little sacs found in him And h .w they did )«T* him' They taw not much ot their lather, tor the butinesi of the , law ki pt faiid 'all the long days,' as little Ellen, away in the eily. fa:c and qiirtiiig lip. the gammg. last beeemisg, I not alica ly, an irrcroeable yictim to reck-lesa dissipation. Andtkefsiher feared and ■ rcmhled when ha heard these things bat oald not. «oald oot halicTC them. Still. •Hash    ^l.c.    locked'interested, which these ridicnloui trifles to excite yon so.’ . .Í _* “?**«*“• s'l    A    VL    _    ^11    aXams. ‘Ian really grieved that a young man of beat tbs George inaby six n'eioek to-moro« luorning, to ac-ompaay a gentleman on n short journey.' ‘I know,’ said Cripplcgait—‘to look into some accouKts.’ The miser was clever as an accountant, and mtde a good deal ol money by arrsuging the eotangled affairs ol bink-rni ts or cireUii book-keepers. ‘But 1 do i "'.‘ii    •    >aiA    Alia,    'kni    I f.a. tk.a. «Vc informstlOD, I am now bnnnd m houor to is k to? t no.    kn. a l,« '»'■ >•»■ “*«t the stfectionate end.ermcuU of IS no help lor it now. Sse btve but a few    i    —    i    .    i    .-k    i    i has stuck ever since, now snpcriedrs 1 is own    „,T“" snpcried When the colonei's Indy, ye.terdsy, conjec taring that I «as yoir sister, itked me if I were Alice Wheetly, the name sounded aU uiost strange to my ear.’ not be iware thet the young man in question IS engaged to tvcry amiehlcgirl, «bohks not the lessi anspicion ol his aftections being placed clienhere.' , q„,...    .1...,    ...w    rtiu    i    J I cruelly hesjied on father's pecnlitritiea—but I he has changed greatly since her death. Aon were too young «ben she died, .Alice, to re i member how >>e intiful she wu. Esther worshipped her, end no wonder. W^e used to live in a comfortable house then ¡ but after her death, father’s love of mother seemed to bt trsniferred to love of money; he gave oat that he was reduced to beggary, by the failnre of dilferent specnlations—though no one believed bim—and came to thu miserable eot-! tage, craving and accepting employment iu I any possible shape that could add a mile to keep alive that iiend avarice which seemed I inddenly to btve takes possession of him ’ ‘Well, 1 nan only remember lather as be is,' ! Mid Alice. 'Bat it tee . s to me. Edwa.'d.thsi I since yon left h»me and enlisted fort soldier, now tnrce vetrs ago, yon are changed too: 'mixing witli (he world has made you proud, and yon debpise poor Istncr and me.' '.Aly own darling sister!’ said the young snd 1 mutt entreat of yon,without farther de lay. to leare the house.’ ‘My dear Msdim, permit me to ssy I feel too greet an interest in yon ; my happintsi is too deeply involved to allow me to drop the matter so foelly. If the occnrreiicei ol this evening thonid be talked of at mess to-morrow, eire me the btnctior. to re' use the gossip of that young puppy'i bring so dear to you— allow me to say 1 have MissOripplcgait'san-thurity for contradicting the sssertinn ’ "1 mnit beg enlirelv to decline the interest yon take in me. sir,” said Alice rising, as if impitient for his departure; "and to correcta mistake which «ill probably be a lufficieot explanation of the whole aff-ir, by iufotmiug yon that Wheatly is my name.” “ 'Vheatly I” echoed the yonng ofiicer. “What! is Ned Wheatly your brothert—or haa he the andscity to be your eonsiu ‘•I amtkankfnl.'iir, ‘bat he is mv brother.” “W bat an uflirious foci I imist appear to Certainly not.” said -Alice. "Tho mode of egress, though hirmiess to yon, might not prove to *0 me. There ere many who wonld readily tnra inch an incident against ni; your thongbtleis eondnct in coming here at all, and the mere circumstance ol your being seen quitting the home in my father’s absence, may be safflcieat occasion for the go,sip of on enemies.” ‘Then allow iqe to stay till yonr father's re-tnrn?’ he asked very coolv. ‘Un the contrary. I must iniiii on yonr going iusUntly, to avoid the possibility of meeting him.’ ‘1 have done,' Mid the young officer gravely,'and regret exceedingly, .Mtii Wheatly, that luy a’sard behavior lUonld have given v'W a moment's nneuintu ■ trust 1 shall ...jD have su opportunity cl sppeiring lo more U .A 1. P 0 P A 1 II V, A reg'U.r M 11.' Wti.'g l.kiB lr ,ni Iks AlCbiir llsr iiiSil r»! Orifvs. Aail 1 la.iuebi ii s>S' I wu sirk Mr toelvi Sts siwuli kt' 1 Iks dfliijBt WbB, Wko (wAiklr t>,«iiilu Aaoikir *>sa. ft koM la IumI geca isMieil rssulu. As «ktn a '.SHIV ran la Isrs llsr haad Uto« ku talsa' I kail • tirtags Sitiadet, awer A kod Id skriai t ek.g. Tk’l ill Ik. Sacrón .a tk. i> «a. Was ad tksir i.uktol skill (kinIS ntvrr rurs. !'■ vsfjr lurs, WiUi Sb*du a«t vilk sill, I don't kiow will Iks» rsll'd d Ik tkeir soobaiis larais ut Ail, Nor II is»r ikirbgki 4 UMrtil In lork s Ills. psrl. 1 oalv k'low ‘tass Isrkoiiad ""uMlklag icf niviol Iks bssii'' A I Av rsair-bsr firsswos kroii»t|l A ks alo It inta a*r ssrs; "ka 'ui.h lovkbi il-ssdsaatlkisgliU A ls»sf H..W iwasii' Orsst li.ln - I W.I «II sglo». 'Tiousk I'd ktsii raid lar Irsars I I l. r'* l« krr I •at |ii lUl I I s’.- to lii aauii I I, fiu * I tosr.cii Till I mss lor 'af A k isSv lel «V 'kw' ' ' NRI LI.1AKTI, flow o,ac stdlsvtBISf ail, soS twiUaU f tif I td IS ksrsakei umj nl ikiagi cisd. - laac. rfWomiasSrscifsr kwsi >aS kir.l. [k.« In IkWI trsiir Murl. ibr. o.Usir S.SU, wsfs tieaki .ii bat us *s>t<ai «i«k>u.|«l.| sUs ebtlMI ksr a-oa i.tdaaiaa laag, Na« gi.ta s las Ii eiaaml of coiporal; but if 1 wtr should only break out, how I would tight for promotion or death' I rare little which, bat tor yon, sister, ind my own dear dtne.’ ‘Hark I 1 thought I heard some one lift thr latch,’ said Alice, going conrageunily into tbi passage which divucd the only two rooms iu I the cottage. 'No, there is no onr here.’ I ‘There is no one here certainly, bat ts cer-I Uiuly hei the latch been lifted,’ said the ' brother as he found the door n little ajar. ‘It conid not be the wind, for there's not a breath stirring.’ And he looked out on the clear white frosty road, which wu lying silent tod nnlroddi'D in the moonlight. ‘Tbc whole mystery is,’ said Alice Uogh-{ lUg, 'tbit the door conld not hmva been closed I properly after von entered, and so the Ittch ( slipped when 1 heard it.’ i But Edward Wbentiy wta not so usily M-I tisfied u bis sister; be setrrhed the other I room and went tkiuaahthegsidcutt the bark (lithe hoosc, where, finding nobody, hs was eODipelled to believe that her ciplauatioe ot the msttcr wts the right one. It wu impci sibls DOW for bim to remain another minóte; h.' had left himself but araut time to reach the birricks; so obtaining a promise from his sister that she « unid bolt the door as soon as hr was gone gway, he relnctautly bade her good bight. I Alice, iu spite of all her bouUd conrsge I could not help glancing suspiciously around I when after fsstcniug the door, she went to : ws'da the window coiunisnding a view ol the ! road, bi draw iis boiiiely, bluc.checked cur ' tain. Tnc little lesement opposite, which looked luto tbo gtrdrn, ii it to show its con-lideuec in that part of the domain, deigned only to screen itself with a short blind which reached hall-wai up. Mercy on me I’ tirlaimed Alire as iha ap proachel it, ‘1 thought I M« a man'l fact ' looking in over the rnrtain I How very ri I aienlousl Edward has made me quit* ncr-' vons I And Alice, at if sparning such weak-' nest, began to work, and bummed a tnae to ' krgnilcibe tim* nntilnerfatker's return ; hnt ever and aui-n her eyes glanced lo tb* half icnitained wmduw, where, it any face were DOW peering in, it mn<t have belonged to Ihtt highly privileged gculltmtn, tha man In tbt ■noon, who was certainly cuting very bright sod Ismilirr giaueet at Alicea, the moment That re-assured, she wtt letulved tuprvveto h'TSclf. by going end looking oat of the win-dew, that the hid conqn red her tpprcheu. lions—whea, mostubiiiiilakahly, a face again raised itself abova thaedgeol tb« curtain.— Eoor Alice clntcbcd tha ebair S'ld irarccly breatbid. A itroag arm steme i tssbaka Ibe casement whieb wasalmot*. ioioitdiatclj lilt cd np, and a msn jnmped intuías epaitment Alire, still gia ping tbe ekair, stood Ibe very luipersouatiuu of tome goddeij—Eallas it might L , thoegh armed with but tba wet-poDi of a woman a Hei.'t, innoeeoea and of. leudtil privacy. , Tbt intrndcr did not seem ooeai tbt common stamp It was donbilcii tbe eoaicioui. naaiol this whieb gtva Alice threitraordina i ry e nrtge and scll-poiititian wbirb seemed I to BWt tne mea, and bow bin like a coward ¡ bsfor* the trntbtal dignity of her raiMd head and cuupreeicd lip. His hat hid been ' knocked off. probialy In bis fureibli sn-I trance,and tbe nndisgniied fscectrtsinly was , *H that of a talt’.*n.    '    Xlic* had never bctore leit »» oilat* and , ’I—I—am concerned, midiin—tbit it—    .    i„„    ,,rs stasling d.wn her upon my houoi,’ ilsnia.ered the tntrnder; 1; eh,a,-^nd Alice wss not apt to give way I» ksvs duB, ,0 eoTiloundsdly limlish a thmg, ^ „ai,«„kniii. but Iks ides of any one ¡toatlscircilykuow bowtoipologuvlor It. ,i„BHug kimtill privileged by hir poverty 1 , • «•*« 1*1 I hue jumped la at that win- . aaprotoeted stale touitsr sa in. ult which mnk^M il*' L“*    •*'    ‘® !“• 7“ bt darad not hava venlnrad to u.i« lu a high, r ' toiw»    ‘    ““    position, burl tbs prida ol tbe poor girl, s ud I Msi    f    ,    ,    tor the fir,I lime tbe daoghtir t besrt dared narv sa «.rr.    7.*    *•"    *“    '    to arraign lb« latbsr who cuiild thus, day by •Awiuer M ??    .    o    L    .    day, Irsv j bit child tip(,ud to Iba possibility «M d”X,üd r. k*    ,    ««'"'l« •“ «"‘t »•' dsnes rtlhe?;.»?!!*!    J"!*'    Milh Ihii aew sii l riproachful tcsliag lo- ' "«"artmeata^tor.^^^^^ T‘    ••««»• >'« P»"“‘ ^lir. «u.d har ..cad from : cuald elfscl an    .    tb* leble wbifc It Í,eJ bttn b-jwcd Uowa lu Itwie* ortbrito«*ieh(d*^onh7 J ??? ww»' *“'*( “ H I''•<>»»<« touvielid ua lbs I sata • T»nag fallow    *“’*    «pot, brhtU bar Itlker irindiug gtxiug on I msat imiag your aotM„    “"'..T*!'    •*•*'    »"    V    '*    T'* ¡ This firriirijaufw. 1    ‘‘‘i*"    ?    *    . *'•'    th.ugbu,    andla spite«I all hai eonalab.t imp-tui to »i dJttrmto.íi!.    How    the    cold. 1 wu my mlcnti u u kav* tnu“d mto iajli gray.etoaa.likaappíarauea ol her l*lber---his by th* door, hat brtrlag tba s«2. «I .v’ claUas, aumplsxiou. snd bsll-grur cd hair. Eiva yearsaftsr Ue eireamitaace above iir-ratcd. aisdy with two very children, bastCDC.] joyfnily icroai the lawn in front of a noble mansion in the north of f ogisnd. to meet two gcntlcmtn who were alighting from a carriage at tha lodge gate.    . ‘O papa! papa''^shonlcd the boy, delight-1 ediy rni.ning torward. "And.” asked th* little girl, who was cling-ing to her mtnsk's gown—“is the other gen-tlemanB ncle Edwerd'.'” . .. -    .    r    ■    r,    c .1. ij L ’Vei, darling,’said the li'tc end in an in- Alice, who imsgmed her father wenld siak ,t,„t ,hg    f,, hro’htr. into despondency and die, if he etve wp his .vi ell, Aliee,"» id her husband, ‘1 told sou uiual avocalioni, now, from dnty, urged KdwarJ would a-riv.i to-dsv. The evech his going-gradnally ewakenipR the rnling „„p j    „„«    allow ptisioa. avarice by representing the profit, - preiei.t-aot I. - at. Wheatly, bat Ctp-aad thc’F lack oí mouty f?en for he.'- *icifler «Wfafatly ' honsekcepiog. This overeame his rcalanxie.j .y*, - Edward 'as the G*rette hu it, ty for his daughter, and hit affcetious were    retired ’ quickly transmuted into a love for gold. i . oh, 1 assnre you,’ ta.d UiniUy, • I iind (Jnthe fo.loAing day, Alice at uiual was qojte enough to do, on tncreediug to mv fa-itft to hersilf. by the absence of her father,    „ki and hating completed the work eulruiied to ..j jfcp,, -¡rj,,. ■ „j    up he her by the colonel i ledy. ^.tcncd to taka it' ¡,¡,1 ,1,0 ,pomed to be bii .special fsvorite. home. Onhcrwav.the c ,ouel, who had tl- "    ,1,^    |,n.,    „    in jetlons of hit way* graeioaily    ‘Tm Roing to be a iolditr wiih p»pa’» now pessed w ith nl cither, and yet Alice fell :    grand-pip*    left    plenty of moLcy to cimviuced he saw her. The wrrk wkireceived I Eoy mg, and paid for, and m answer to .Alice’s in-' And in duetin ethe commisiiou was bought; qniry as to whea the ihonld call fo. luilher «nd when the bor. after fighting bravelv for xuitrnclioni, ike wm told ‘it would be nn-1 his country, atUiued high honor and rshk in nccetsaiy, as she would not be rrqnirtd tgain. 1 prtfeiiion, there weic few l.ft to lemem-I’oor Alice I scandal had done lU »ont — !    jj,., jreat man was the grandson of The Colonel, it letms^ was strolling down l\u ; J.ittle Cripplegait. tbe Miser, road just ss tkptam Dinsley csme out of the . cottage the night before, and the eoloatl s :    * man happened to be in the kitchen of tbe    Pro*,    the    Xe« York Da George Inn when the retnnied mceseagtr wm    Uawsks forall kUdewr t hirkews. the dome.tici it the tipeeie of prmr Howav.r poetic tn EnglishmsD mty vet, he Alice, by tn eecount of hit visit to Cripple- never illows himiclf lo soar above comfort, gait's cotUge. and bis cucounter Uert with jj he goes to Nineveh, it is in company wilk adrnnkenolficer. This wu a very pntly , g,n,p„ of bottled ale. Meet him on the Ule for tie colonels maa to take to    Great gjramid, and it will be behind a mug dy's maid, who of course commnnieat B uto    cf blaek t«    así s-iide-dish of sandwiches, her t>.. wtich combiecd witksbsM-    /,j,n aever    a-nirwhis reversucs 01 Hu-sn- onei’srwn perionslobservstion.wupowfrfal    oents to do    Injury to himself. Should he evidence eg«inst the nofortunategirl.    ,,er explore the iulernsi arrsngemenU cf Alice, who bad often infrercd slights and .Etna, it would be with three pockets filled r- I «»bb«« on secciunt of her father, wts not with crackers sod cheese, snd onenithLua- With    s    thouian.t    spologiet. allow    me    to    run    |    likely, ail at once, to attribute hese »jmp-    don porter.    John diflers radically from Jon- tbe risk    of    breaking    my    utck by going    out    as    i    toms if disrespect lo their true cause. She    jthau. Let    the fo.-mer meet a native in the I came in.”    could aot conceive snch wickedness in the ' Grist Desert, ind the first thing be would in- mmdi of the people, as to condemn so hsitily q.ji,, „onld be “ the nearest hotel.” Tne one so utterly blamelcH ti herself; but the fjrsk thing Juolthsn would s.k ior, wonld be conviction was forced upon her when her ;.. ,1,* i,te,t news from York,” and " What is brother, flushed and angry, entced the cot- going on in B iiting ?” A Iritnd of oursonce lage in the evening. ‘Alice, he said, ‘swear    Kngiiakman    and    an    American, on a to me, by the purity of your mother 1 memo-    near the Ealle ot St. Authonv. The rv. tud your hopes of meeting her in h aven, former was imbibing a 'ittle " ‘alf an'd ‘all.” «L..* ^'ass»sisi lli.iaijswr waa wif.f kmwm k« «rsn'W    a -1 .a 1    ..    •>    1 i* 1    .1 rwAiTu II. Mr Merrill had iiderii found oat aha WM ________ ,____ • mi.lheT to kis orpktas. She ras very yoaag «ken be rteul.'etted tbe many large demaidi Hsrry    had    loved nil molbir as bnybeod isi    “ “** “ kerself M tut of tbem—s'most    Hsr*y had of late made apon bia for money, dom loves. To him it had seemed that there    ^    brarti    h‘    tha    tender    iove    and    '.kongb be bad rot befere given a Ihongbt as could be nothing s> good, so beautifui og    *he    devoted inrself to    to how his too coaid be ippropriaiiag lacb eerlhaiwai she. And when sbewisUkta L -    fcved    her.    in    J    called    ,    large laas. yet. bow tbe qoestioa arose in bu from him by death, he pravtd that he too I '<'»«' mother. And bow coold they help mind, and be wondered he hid not Ulorc might die, he Ihongbt, in bii egonv.ihtúheré    interested    berself in all tbf.r liuie thought of sad iuqaired into it, insicad of sl- w«i nothing left 10 lure him ea'rthwaid ht P'*';*.    ««‘r    childish griefs, was ever ways supplying such demands withont 1». Icnked on his dear fstber'igrief.clouded lace ,'“^7’“,‘**7"'. on the weeping, trembling little ones now m teecher. friend, plej mate even, iiirry sp-.- Hii first ibouIm wm to write imniedis.ely it were, lost, bewildered without t go de end    tntliUed    ; forthooghibry    to bis son. tell him tbecriicl rumors, and im- he resolved—'1 will be their mother* 'alH    “**    «bei    before, if possible,    plore bim to assnrt bim of tbcir falsity. But .........he falfil bis task- he [o„o.' Y‘« ««¡'Y «“* "’t «• him    10 often lor ndviee    then, be said, ‘ac, f will tot. for if ht s'— e It eir guide, Uadtr friend in    1    “[.'“o '''    »"dtrsto*d    1 he innoeent, it would break bis heart to itber. Eonise who was nixt    ¡    . 7 their leuons as    well as Harry.’—    that 1 eould ententm a dcnbt ol his laithfuiiy did self, tad bteanie truth, a real mother ittrrr hern a motner-lriend—tllthe onethev ---- 1-----1-    —.-p •«» «vo.» ,1»- us icw i«wi» u» »eie o. ever knew—for it wss when their ? i" ><>“*    «ords    so bedi.ufally petee. And Harry, he wrote in dswned. Ihat their iiintrd mother had soared    .““*•7*“*’*’*    By    degrees    a to her native sky.    |    J-nld    always    imitate her belter ihaa she could ovar tbe tone ot bis latters. ku change came -----------       .'■itst    they    were Harrr, she thought; and then she read \ irgil a little lest sUfeeúoníite theiiih'irt and straage-10 well, gud made their geometry.10 plain to lyearaieM, and at lut qaiteeold and recklet*, «hem.’    containing a little Mve the desire expressed to fsther. She looked real kitoi'ls sidwhrn ski ' u^"®    "D"’«* n.»ams‘ eome,' be supplied wfib money, money, money! no wcotawsv ku«d lu—sllbnt TOB hid van :    **“'* Bcme snd found his latbcr m- word oi lov* for tbe children or Itouise — notwautime tuo akiu I UsAu \uu know T I    ^    Ha Iobr nice ceucd to write to poor But you art such tlall, blkckejed’soore mso    7®    1“'.'“''    «ke.pnied *0 maeh, mv ! sky 'Harry, denr, dear Irolher, don'ttaik so.— I’erhaps she ia not prond: 1 am sure 1 did nut Ibitk ihe looked so, tbt day tbe cime with II.A    ncme    sna    luuuu    his    utkcr    M-    word ol I    **»"•    I*'»    Ho had h ‘    la    «he    pavlor    «here,    LouIm tJsi aíinos7*s''tolTufVher\VórUo« that ftu^    u''i'*® B had ttO(,d,’u> the sitting, itg at an exente thnl|th'* dntiet of hit temo» pose sL thtnghl it won I" -oTe^nst^ I !;“>“• ^    *■“ “‘>7    S^^onag    lip.    year were so namomstkat heeoald find time Kail 1 Mv''-oaiite that'rit'i?H laaiii    onlytownteto papa, tad the matt be eon- •as. i sij . polite, inttt It, and Gonue •1^,., .U., i, ,1,.. v    i... i.CT-.o s.-.»» e«a ¡a laughed merrily. ‘Oh,’ the continued, ‘1 know we shall love her, and she wilt love nt and be kind to ui. , ly, she must own dear mother Ixrtiise, what is that fori’    tented to htve him'tend her a word or two in ‘Becante    psp*    bu sent to Baltimore for a    papa's. And to for t time be    sent    her, i* eew    piano    for mammt, whieb will come this    e*-h letter tn kit father, tome    word    of bro- regard; and tbe tried to be contented. ___________________ Mtisfy    herself that bit eitoM wts tbe ’    , real 00*. But new tbit wae all    over,    no word Dear, dear mother, yon art    ' ever came for her in tbt rnde,    eolc,    careless .    bat me. 'Ikey are Ukiig    missives. »er)ihÍDg from my sight that lells ot von.— ; T hen it wm that tbe cload settled «pan the loui Sheissoeentteandnret ' . P«o« sor mamma, waits «¡11 come tBit ea-h Ig begWKl Her ki!? w«. ?ikrani    ‘‘    in    the    therly Iher A Oh tiv to7)vo7e? Ht? ‘’*1® rv. and you    Snri””' she II be so good to you.    ,    (o,j.oiten by all tow, you'll forget me, yen won't want mv care any longer, when she comet. How wif. ne, please. Yltmms 11 gong to pitv. tai'. it sowght him to coat home, to tell him all, to will be to pretty/ Aid iani-e pat her aims paote ere i> migbt ne forever too late. Aid have forgiven him ail he may von all from me, even yoii darling Eddie and i    V'—qj •“«‘lermagam, aiva uone. aii he may iive sinned ; 1 eould Ellen, whom 1 re heldk m, .rml ever since ! "®.7" „    “7*577:71®'    7'®-*®-?.'!!".'^®"®**'"•®l7 nttercd it; nd <th, wbst a sbnddor tknilod eaeb fraoi*' l-oaiao, with a moBu, MBk sweoaiBc ia her motber't arms. ■Ym, Uther, even this yonr poor hoy las done. They are remitg—I tell you they ere IB pursuit of me Rat oh, only give ms the sum 1 aek. and 't«sU Mve, perhaps, my life.’ ‘N’t I' UittBdered the father. Oetuplrom yoni knees. Ask ac pardiia o< ate I Away with y*>* ’ or stay till thry •••*. if Mf are IB pnrmirwl vww. / iviil aot save you from jtotir gbasp. traty, 1 kjt** ja* bad grown *a asteal it t«M, b«i Wtr natd ( have dreMeilW ’ 'r ebild’—«paintiag I* the por trait— eor.ld rowsmit a crimo so fearfnl as this. Bat yoa aro W aitt; ap from you-knees I f went on my knew to yot, oars, tad y OB «oald not listen to me ’ Ays.onmyvtry knees, you heeded me aot. Aud now. I heed yon eo«.’ Usrry mid aa more, bat seemed tc have yielded to the power of uaatterable fear and toguith. Nnw be wowldwtepaad aob run valtieely, and then, fixing bi* ge’t epon kit mother's portrsit, would keeoae calm, as if ker tptril were eommuning wisn him. and • kis^tring hope iu bit ear from her home above. Aad poor lAiuiie ronsod htrself, tad wiad iBg her arms aboot her fatber’t neqk, wept, nd pleaded oitbalt iheitreaglh of b'r rbild-ish eloquence, for tb*r brothe" the kvrd to well. Bntiuvaio. He put her from bim ttying, ‘it it imp<aMible; soek not to wicve e; he is aot fillo beot us. aad be shall nnt * There was a silence, s Jeep snd awfnl ti lence, mve now and then a smothered moan of despair from the terror..'tT<;ken end re peaUuibov. at bt wildly tamed his burning eyiw towards the windows, cipeeiicg to behold kit pnrtneni. The father b'jried his face in h'l Band, tad Eouite, who bad flown to Harry H ii she would protect bim, when the f.ntdber pleadiugt were of no avail, stood clinging to him, and csl'ilig him by ev-CSV endttring name, fo.niiog a beintifal pic-tore of a sister's nndyiog love and constancy, wbilt be Mid ao word, but encircling her >11 his arms it a tightened grasp, u if be thought be wu Mfe u long at he ronld htve her near bim , and tn he was, if hetvealy innoctnre snd goudnist aoittd protect one to sinful h be Bi.l bark—now is neard a low, sweel voire, at suuLiiof wuich the boy started u if it bad been a wail of muiie t'rom the tpirit-land. wb'i# tell upon bit ear. Seel Tit the, that aesutiinl. gentle one; that step-inothr*'. whom hehid .0 httid, Korned. iutnlted.— ‘«ke It going to plead tor him I She is kneel. iag at her hatband's knee. ‘ littshtnd, dear Taomst, taro me not tws); itfntc not to listen; bat oh, let ssr tpcnk, now. Look at your son, sinfnl,, 1 know; bat still your ton, yonr own rhild. Think bow you htve loved him in days that are gone, when he wu yonng and iiinociat. Taink ot the hopes we have ebe risked for him, of the pnle with whieh wc htve looked on him. 'she' remember yen sent him away friHB us, so distsot, where, tione tmeng strangers, there was not one friendly band, one. eoqatclliug voice to stay bim from the powers of lemptstion. I hinkot all this; and taen, lor a moment think of bee. tbe departed—even bis mother—yonr spirit■ will. Think how she loved him, lor yoa have oft told me that Harry was. of thu little baad, to her the dearest. Ua wu her lirit-disretpcetfni, eruti reply, born, ^r idoiiied. her life, you said. Then, mother order for money, ere yon doom his asme, his youth, bit life per-UifvsU'w-eif atton.gaM,b ts, Atps.ho s prison. 1 ciil, there to .Unguiib tad pine, thing, oh think other. If suRefl d« ^ =ES-1SV'‘‘*’ Irum me to herself.’ And the boy cloted''iis arms shout the intants, and wept at he had not since hit mother's bnrisl. htve written thus to me. Uh, it is too mock too bitter.' piino r    know, that when 1 am in-    He wrote not to bim tgsin, but iff*/—for ciineJ    for music,    1 go down to tbe sitting-    he could stay from him no longer, and be the room,    to    my dear moiber’s hallowed one.’—    victim of tneb terrible doubts and fears. He must tec hisebild, tad tare bim btck, (or be would not think this wu impuuible. Aud that CapUiu Diutley was not here by yonr    the    Utter    wtt    going    it    blind    on    liie connivauoc U*t ülpht.    f**MornÍD|(    Iltrtld.'*    John    c*n    du    notbici ‘Who 1* fco UDjiut lo i»T mY tikea till he e*u, while Joa*lhau    li¡> Alice, m tltrm tt her brother t ireozied , h* he* imbiUd *‘the Uu*t law»/* iUrrv whm d?    V    v    -ii    n    n    ^    *.»« he left the room. mv he.-V if Von tsTs?^“.„L ‘ ■    1    . Dh. if father were here now !’mid Louise, -«u.u-o, ussu.  ----u,,------- ■Yon xiiow wenll iovev?’a    But    you'll    so he went. And be found hit worst fears nf?lt .h? .r?r    k    ‘‘‘“**'71'*'*'    Ull him. msmms. to-night.’    realised.    Aye,    more    thsi    realised ; for he '.“.“TLI!*.'®    •>’®7®r-    ÍTliBff    'bail    I    tell    had not dreamed of half the wretehedneM to e«tw.    ,    . •Everybody 1’ bitterly exclaimed Edward. ; H there »s any thing, says a cotemporsry, ‘1 was tonnteJ to day on parade with tbe ' «bat tn Ameiieaa likes bttttr than polities, it chance of promotion through my lister’s i*    Hs    is    the    most    restles.    person    in 'Fbfi yonr fsther, s-.u 1 ektrgo yon not to. If poor which hu once innocent boy bad fallen, tud ifnrry er*úot love me—if he mns*. despise it well nigh killed the fond, dotting parent.— pretty face'.'    :    txe vvorld, and it never so hippy as when he ‘Yooshon'ld not heed theirevil tongnti; it ' '• “somewhereelse. " 'Ibiinutuy dit- piMitioo runs tbronab all tbe various gradii |u society, and “ sucks ont " si pruuincLtly will bring mischief on ut all.* .UUC.UK    I    it w lU hr icg disgrtce apou US I'l, Butlly *?®“«T,‘.    ...    , tdvanuge beio'ri yo-a.' wnen lowing hiuiseli ; will torce Captain Diniley to give '.he (le to ; m tho milhontir* as    Y\e ontalwrthefiihronofapreienutiquateourt,..... '    '       . nil foot itnmbling, he wss prcciuitati d most naiuiiyv. „ y»> ,• u,»,iiiiv,i miyi;    ------------ — ----------- ’    •    I    ■    un    vour    lair lame? said the fury yoni'g to onr love of «icitrnient ai-d novelty. A . .    «    , .    ..    .    .1    a    .    '    *    . s ®    a.f ......    L..    .1    ..    sh*    «    s.. iheir infsmoni astertiuoi before Ibe whole »H «"n» «» nn« »i“l    «binge—not so regiment. W hat u hulileor mine compared mncn to better our condilion, “ «f_«";“'•«« nueeremonisnsly, and rat'lirr Indicruusly, scroll the threshold. On risirg fiom bis ignoble position, end limping off to intko say for enother visitor to the rottagr, he wu sccoeted by the new-comer with: 'Ur yon ittle Cripplegait, tho miser, sir T The dashing defender ef his eonntrv would, il he eould. have snn ihilstcJ tba » hole rare of Crip-plegsit at that luumeul. 'Utve you a message for my father t' isked Alice of the new visitor, with the composure of tiinple iiinoccuce ‘Yet, .Miss; he’s to be at tbe Georea Inn it ix to mnrrow moruing, to gn 1 short jonruey vith a gintlcmau on particular busiucM, and aack again in the evcuing.' ■Very »ell,' said Alice ; ‘I will take rate to tell him as soon si be cumcihiimr.' The man thin retrierd his itrps 1. the town, picking up by ihe wiy two or Ih-ce ec. qntiateucei, wiin wLom hr look esre to dii- , CUM the eircuuis'anrcsol egentlcmin romiug Alire.ofSiy believing von ,.    .    _______________ tnmbling out of Cripplrgeil s enttsgc, tip»y, 're klnikrd lor my lelhrr, bu 1 will urvtr    ’,^1,    „ ending lo lU intiiusir eherms. he Mid, Ui the ibsenes ol tbe old man,    I    blnsh    lor    my-istrr. Yon iAa//takethisoithl JuRe Hull wonld be allrried ditfrreotly. Hr •Ay.’yCemeikid one, I ve sern fwoor three ' snd with a strong arm ba w*. fumag her oa    piea-^.    the    E    euchui.u,    but    thrn of theui'fogrr chapstfUrthat go./    -------......u.s.,.., ku..i . lass down ot a night about tbe CutUj ‘And no wuudrr.' said suulhrr, *it up herlaltrrs and follows Iks drum, o“e’01*‘\brhsrrsfk blades that I ‘Vihe're, where 11 he Í fraatiesliy asked    Rtilrotdi enable nr lo les inorr of tbs wants to gel her s««v I' said a third, as ( spt. | Alire, rnshing towerdi th* door.’    world, bat it is qoestmnable whrtberthey add Dioiler uaised them’.    'A men’s bringing him down tbs teue,* meeb to tbe solidity ol onr lulotroalion. Ovrrbeariug partly wlisl was isrd, Ike con- said the elder boy 'We were late oa tbe so*- I bugs Hen *t the ret* of lorly niilr- en boar, seiuusurit i g'rl, whose impression i t this thoei soldier, sud he rose ri it inclined to put bu friend of uuri has emigrstid tight timti in threat into rxccntion without fnrlber delay. four years, lie first reme I mm (ounnMienl Von shall not leave me, Edward,'said.Ylice «0 New lorX; from New York he went to clinging to him. ‘uutil you promise to tbsu- '»bio ; after a six mouths r.iideuee lu Ohm. don Iheee rash intentions; 'til madness. Let he pitched hit lekt in low* he lefi Iowa tor them talk; it matters little, eonsciuui at 1 am Wucoatin, and Mucniisiii lur Origon. Hy of my Mwn incoeeuee.'    "«« ipring w* expert to hear 'htt ke hi' •Aud yet the Colonel stvt he wm patting inonnted e dng-oni snd set sail for Chins .1 along tbe road when Captain Dintlcy came ont    wbiU    w* shall not be si all snrprista of this coiuge last nigbt,'    to hear, bv the autumn ol I'w Ihat he has ‘1 am not aware that f ever taw tneb a per- astahlished himself in t entrtl Asia, and open-ion,’ said Alice availing herrelf ol her iguo- ed 1 resUnrant in the principal slrnl in Hag. ranee ot the nsiiicol her vuitor, 10 evade Ed- dad. 7* *®*®^‘* 'i I ,1. .    On    standing    OB    Tsble    Koek, the mind shows •Ihen twtnr solemnly that you MW noon* , teud.ecv to "jump do.nwards," that alter I quitted yon last nigbt    uyt    11 Nitgti. vet locsud in Trance, ■Edwnrd. thra it lolly. 1 rereived a mei- yrenehme* wonlX mtke suicide pif-mee lo itge fir mv Uther some time after yon left ,(,* ciuraet-unksppv losers wonld ukc ex- ..... press trams,and lhtir'''qui*iui mate.” where This evasion will aot lervt. Beware, tteirdirgo wonld be endless, ike Treneh.ol gnilly. 1 have of-    «onto    add tbe nu'.i diamatie ehtrtr- ; 7 Í 17    ®®lV, ter of suck tn ending lo IU intiiu.i **^^«7*«**'*°'***‘ John Bull wonld be slfeeltd dilftrt - ,.    _ D iwoor three ' sod with a stroog arm ha was toreiag her oa    ,(,e    T euehui.u. but then go..d louking ; her liuect, wiien a kn'ickingat thedoorMjd- ji «unid not be lor Ihe rumanc* ol the thing, intuye.' :ea with tb* voices ot children calling, 'Miss |,p, ,¡p^p,,    ,,    «„ulj be issier lh»a r.'il .hepscYs ; Alice, Miit Alice! mads him ptnte    throwing    hiruielf    from    the Duke nl York's Irum, to gel oil ;    'Ch,’ said tbe chiLIreii. entering, ‘Hh, .Mus eBipmp. ' Alice, yonr Istber's hurt.’ ‘Where, where it he I fraatiesliy asked ever since poor mem nit left nt—all tkMe loag yenrs. -And we always skill love yon jiut as ?v?i uk? Ts*fmm ?a7 «?»?'* «““«her will me,' tna.he wiptbitterly, 'beit not to blame! He,Vh,"mñoé«ñt”bo~v who'three years and a iove y^n u's.’    *®    «?’>™“r whet I have half »go had Itft bu arms to pnr* and noble 'Well, Ixruise, then if yoa love me, yon must ell be /*,» children when tbe comes, jnsi iisou are now. Oh, yon mnsi; it would kill me if she should get yon from me. Whs dots fsther want to bring ker htriT AVi don't wan’tan; mother, there >1 onr mo'toer,’ be said, pointing to thr porltit of bis molkei upon Ibe wall; 'and there can be none othei fur other for nt; there sbtll be none other foi i*e. .And, Inruite, W illie, til of yon, prom iie B.e yon won't iovs this woman, thet so* won't mind her. tbs* you won’t call her mother, that yon'l> date ker, erea St i will. Do yon promise f !s,uite Kxiked st kirn wonderinglv snd moarnlully. I'hru the took kit baud ind led hill! to Ihe portrsit. kit mother’s pictured im sgc. said, Harry, would tbe bid nt ds so 1 fio son tapposs the is looking down on yon with delight T wonld she not tell nt it i> onr duty to try to pletse onr dear fsther? wonld the not sty we tbonid be sinful did wi litre qnctlion hia tight or wit lorn in briogin* her here . s>ou¡d the not tell ns it is onr dnty to love aud obry her lor A , Mkc.if fur nothing else t Oh, detr brother, for our spirit-innlher't sake, in remembertnce of her prtyert tbs' se thonid always be good, in memory ol her dying words, 'Always, dear l*mbs, obey love and rhtrish yoar j^ir lalber,’—in me-mi.ry of these try to love her.' Hr was in part siibdoed. ■'isiec I II try to bt reipscKul to her, but I • ifi’t I'lvr her, and I never will, ncvcrraa • til tier mother. And now darlings, we than t hare menv maienppur'uit es w dwcL upon onr blessed mother t mimorw withont intrnti .u, to talk abonther, or ting Ihe songs she used to ting with ns. .So now let ut >i*g found to many here    who do love me.    -And    was    ao*—tb* lacbrttU, the'gambler. Oh ysl,' she Mid, ‘U it    to bitter to keow    that    how    that benrt-broken parent eipostoUted, junare hatelnl to any. Why doc* Harry dc- reasoned, .ad prayed wilk that mitgnided •píseme? Oh, if he would let me love him erriagoaei How k* bceonght bun. la tbe lud be Lit friend, he ihonld find >a me a , memory nf that Minted aolker, to reform I— litead indeed. Bat    prrhips k* mar. tome- 1 Kuw    be wept ua hit knccs-'tje, *• “-ci/ tit ime; 1 will oops to.    Bat nothing aow,    that    T*,e    to hit child. B«* in «*’o. I n* oaec I itn dofor his good shall be let; undone.’ inuooent, bewrtifui. uoble toy. w*f degraded. And to It was that tbit gentle being exenttd sad bu heart wu ternes to ademan t. the coldness and dineipeet of her strtog* Then tha laUcr said, well, let it bj even .Ifp ion. She nerer mnrroared at his nn-|so; do u tfeitii to yon best. But fam ton iludoris ticept 10 wrep when ihe wsi alone ' time forth, you art eo sou uf mine. Appli or w.ih LuniM—never nreaUeJ inght to her to me nut again for aid iu any manntr. Come uutbinii but wss ever trying to win hit re- not to ns tgtin: 1 duown you, now aud tor-gtrd by kiudnni and favors. And though ever,' Hitter wtt her diMppoiitmeDtsI hu rrnel rc- Thot tbe fsther spoke, snd tkongh it broke palies, the would not tnrii tgsinsi him, would hu aged heart, ke meant II thonid be to ; he -ot dcsptir of one day wiiiDiug kii regtrd. meant never to rcetll tkoae words. Here. Aud Ihe sweet child Lonue w,.nld weep . tamed to that home , ke told the aniiunt unei when the sew her mother's lip troubled, or' there that they must never again think ol or MW ker bending nv.r in* inetiumrat to Harry ts one of them. 'Meatiou him not coDcctl her tears when Usrry would tlri- a j think of hila not. for he is no loager a sun ui lUt of the room, u he always was sura to brot«er to us. Ht kM tinned against Gu* • hen the ist down to play; and she nonld sad me. He has biokca mj heart, and he i> lollow ker hrolhrr and say, Harry, why will no longer a child cf mine.' joe persist iu this wickedness ?’    And poor Lonue—with wktt agony did thr But ha wouid not be coaquereJ. He re- hear hese words. Hsr darliag Harrj, hei membcred Louise s wordi. She will mtki bclovca brother, who, ever since tba could re J on love her,’end be still, M then Hid,‘She member, bad becu tneb * friend to her— aeverthtll.'    What canid btec come over him? It ws> There was oar dilfiraltv which penleied wicked eompanioat, eh* k?*«, aid ah* woul--I aim g'cally. AA e kavo iccn that he had rs- always think to. Sht lovsd k<u> now nuirt mlvcd utver to call his fstbcr's wile'molber.' tbtn when be was good and with her. Ann tad to thu he dtUriniuedly •dncred. He pspin/aid*d mean that be thonid never Comi wuuld not call her mother—tbtn what Mold among them anv more. <lb if he would an he call her'/ And when he spukt lu ber, or ly let Arr go to liim, tbe knew be would re was obliged to meatiua her ntini ih runveitt- form—would corns huns with her.' tiea, had not the thcnghtof the liulnlutu of Hut her fslhcr was intiorshlr. ‘.Nu ht the piiuriplr nhich tctuitcd him s'lstc. it lud, though tacy taw that it was kiUmg hiui. sould have be< n tn-nsing 10 ubn rve kit cm periaare. Ho»r«r. in tb*    hrr    b«r»P|c ib* boay o! Ih* *ta a*u in bu iroii. *urr*c* Jot's    W17    jon »** uirh irirtr lU .itriiDp*, *4 will Worn* my cbilJren. S&« thi*i *niiety »*• *b<Mit h*r Ulbtr'i (IfU)tJ I'h* *liiiBK*r wiveJ Kd«*rJ Mid#, wbj bid center, «tidMí    *** return. Sb* rtioWed nut to mi'.tiou thc biAtened Oidt ou th* tint mliiottion ol tb»' minf* r#*id*. A n •hotrnly    nii*k pcrbsjit tor the lut time, that one she used ' barrsiimeet. Mrs Merrill chtined it, and to Hid sod plsysoolte* '    lone day ihe Mid lo him. And he Ht down to Ike piano and com-    .    Y i-'miy rail me by mv niine, lAurt, or    ,    . mrucrd to pItv. aad tksyj.ined with then    Afrs. .Merrill, just which    ¿ay be most ttrsea-    what tiwtslepe art ihn^e rashing. hurrying i little voices, 'Home Sweet Homt.’ Bnt be    blctoyou.’    wildly? V. bo u it that barsu open ih* dooi toon etased. ‘Oh. it was tweet borne, dtr-    ,    And so be called her    Mrs Msr-m,‘ sad    *» «Bf»»*'?. «fd Hus into tha parlor when lints, when tbe. onr mother, vu here.’ i tkongh ku Isther knit hit hrowi.sud tbe lit-    smted tbs family ? Sie—he. tt.e stiaugi —..... I    tie ones Itmked bewildered, jet nnnc oppi.ted '*«mder, ba* ftllen at Mr Merrill t •««— ■ > s.i.i XI. IÍ.S. II    It    He elMpabu arms tbonl the old mau.aiid bu tborUyifte";    “íh'ÜhicV    rtT."    '    - ^®®;'"£• ^¿**1'?. be".*;» Vo‘ long *.7 lueared, 'I shall bring her aome to aigbl—,    . lurta* 111.    Merrill f Ua that be be who to long tg. your new luotber. 80 be rtady to rsoaivs her , ‘Dear, darling Harry, don’t forget ma. do    boihood, bu“ b!ek flatbed tub Iht o'' iOt yonr poor i.OUlie, will yoa ( sob- ,    „(    ssuiktnl sag virlunws wmbilinn rasnaa iv. Hark—wbat tumalt it that la tbe htll '1— visit of tbs you ig ollicer either    to her Isi her    cuiMi.' i. aud suffered no use to Wufh bit    tptsre sloac, it the master of a tboussnd wEi or brother the Utter, thr wwi    suie, nnld '    bordea until he bis dep'isited 11 csrclnlly aad    bs«e Kjm tieJ lbs circnlstiug librwrne ,lry. resent it bv s ime luiprujmt word nr set, snd ' gently on tbs small w bilc-eurtsined bed nf Rtilroadt ui«kc travelers nnnieroni. but sn-the toriaar. Iron hit Iislnrslh ... ¡'.ctonidii 1 .Vlic.. AA hat, the* was the tarprist of th- pe lieitl. •/"P'»    ••iigya    undi poiition. it Wi old be dillifiilt al i    brother and sister to find tbst the rete us r nl    iba whip end spar, tad talk Itaraedly ef I ekt Lr fütire iutoeeuec iu the untie-.    lk< ir lether wae Ceidim Utniley.    iitorge, Imui l«*U gathered oa «.a " ciprMS The uid men bed beta rtturaing from his tram, msj kaow n great dotl, bot then iheii je iney.tud »*t bsttoulng bnine, when at 1 knowledge lacks depth. Tonnd- iiUu.1 th. Inutl* part ol tbe road, be wes eltackud by ' «-orld, eil onr treveling tkwald be dune on aa two rulfient, wbu doubtlees supposed tb* old-latbMatd OX-Mrt. toil, r to bav# great weallb oa bit psrio* — MoeaUlas btve a very dcpraetiag effect on Madly eager to rtUin pottessiou of the    II    ever Ntpoieeo felt‘ tinell pole. ..niingsoltbatdey. end poeilbly of meuj    ^    ^een    itole to: «.the old meu mede a desperate recut- i,„biag oat ol 1 pair ol rtlf-tkii boots si iuce. but wu ultimsuiy ovsrjowei^, stub.    ^^b    to “ keep up iheir brd, and felled to tks gr uDd. wkoa tapt. j,,,,*." tho last they have to do witkkiily Daitlcy, who WM accIJ.-iUlly «1 hit k**ria|,'u*. the better fride. like ««tor,How. rn.bed to kit asiutsn t, tad aftar a tsvtre    „    „u,j, coulliet. la "blrh ^BBXMnt aoaadt wtr*    b„i    u,,(r to small at whea lookiag ?7"“e7n'^    1!*    op tt of lh.«e maaoatsibla elilli ibrl mtka mr poor l.aniie, wi I yoa l sob-,    ^uulkfol    and    vlrtuoai    ambition    '. ping and •tteeiipaate |iri, at ibf (•    w.iry.lramblini,    haggard,    kneelin, I'"'!.?,‘r.'*,'‘"i-    Mppficaat. bebe? Y.l it 1. even so. H 1 *b§Jl not turMCt rov* 1 dlU _ to-. *r._ wLa.m mtsm «Yam Érntiam iglaiaiisstB rm. will be t mothfr tojon *!«*}*, tad I *tJ tbe «erpioa aod Y%ADt yunto be dear rhilJrta. and ttrk tu    ' ^irc her bruibrra fa inike her hippy in your new aome. She bat    , g,t me. lor I shall not    torget yoa.    I    «111 _ ■ ■    „ no motha nor fsihrr, norsi.tera Bnr bro- p,s, tor ,«u every n.ghltud day. and wiu-.    L,,    ‘Í* tb. r* all alone ia this world is tbo. Then ! • •  ........... n- .n'-, ------11    '«    Ua    Mmr    Big*,    waite.    yemeu ir h"« luiirb bar b-ppiaett will dtpcad oa ynii ’ All that day llxrry wtlcbcdwith a bnrstiug hea.-t Ihe preperaliuui goiai . u wiib Ibe houiekecper aud servants to s’<t tbt boast rtady lor Its‘Btw luistreM.’ iurtilnrewat    _ , moved, re-arraoftd.etrtitd fruui not room to    loaged lur this day ivcr    iiu    'e    s'., vtoii;    I    va iDOlbe: tud, IB h'l cjri, all Iblagt uadvr wcBt a cbangi. He kept silent, kuwevsr the bniitckreper proreldsdto uuve kis a er’t por rait Horn ili placa ovtr the nisao 1 i'oor l-oaiso eaiy «apt tk* mere, tad ikad- nisno. l'norUai.. th. more, aad shBd.    bi.    bead,    aad    in    a    voice    ho.,., wbtr't it bad tiwtjs bung, ■uggsftmg tbat ‘It , dtrad at Ibis pmolul bis Btdyiag viadictivt-migbl now just as' wtll bug 'u .AI >.t iwiiiH't bum. 'And yoe’lI always eome homtoa vset-room.* Ha cuiiliestid bir with tbe esoleaet I tioas, waa'tyea?’ sfc< sablod- ul a maniac.' u the altorwtrdt eiprasted it and tbtkiag with fear, screams out— •latbsr, gtva mo two Ibonstnd duUtit, 01 consiga mo to a prisoa stll I Aid qaick I— I'.rbww. sh ' k. kurriwgl. ü.g It. Mulg    •**"    ■>»—«k» oHlCerS I Ihty tlW 0* .7-7    Jl!    ■?    «r*ak    ;    «hay    kaow    I am her*. Ounrk ' th.m batb and loiviBg Ih.m siimmt o« Ik. ^    ^    t-'als'kills.    A gr.iuiid lifted the old maa. tod lonnd Hitt It y^, ,u*jd ' give h.mteli tire" in the pre-wu the father of Alice whom bt had ri wed.    ^ , moualtm, «oald tok* to ikrow- i-b.®    I    J®'*    •’    t    It    ^ ma mi    *om*r*«t* !« i Vu«k*r «*«tinf bottt*. fbenBdi.idcdttenttoUoftll wuiiowiB»- . AvoldhiiB. "He Itekt brtigt, aad smell, of to Ike old man, who HCBsed to ktdyiag, s.ii. > t tbe yonef oft tear, kopleg that help might I coin* too late, ktitoaed to tbr berrseki far A I: i    to    ¿"gone'w;    1    Brthrittto    mim.’    '    I iTrVeid: .'. be’ tolt'k.r loam droppmg'fMt «7. ,    , '•    -• '•* I.—1. i-.i  •    •    ^    'No,    Itlber,'    Mid    AliceiuKluMdly,‘i WM on him ?. ‘Tray forme, All**; I bevtsliaei. 1 ■“•*7;    b*«    sonm    folks    eall    cor.teienre, is taitoaa fur yaur r«tu,u, mil—’    , 1 hsvi ragted yoa tkiouga eovra aid pov. i **f> “^u aolbiag mora tbaa an uaiatislitd ‘How luag kM year brother bee.iguae? sitr Hut it «at all lor job at ImII’ bead- **P*««I*> hebi. Ivar waaUa ttisw. tMdlaa. far* my Itlhcr raturat ■My dear miss Cripplegait’—Mid skaioaag afinar, itaiiihllag unlurtoaately auoa thu up. prekiuai appall-etiua, aad possibly uthsr. Alive's color aad initi eraaaed i sk* fait pusiuvt hatred who coatd so dellberetoty lesilt    ...    .    .. •My deer Mim Crippi.gait'—repetliag the J»». »"««. «alher. he U enmiwllid tu hr odwai atm* by way at beitg (mpresiiee—-f i «Bf*' ■? bIb* o’llack.' Mtraat /aa to (ur|iv« ma; do aot liowa so' 'Bimrlors are maie priviUgsJ, i (saey. ilbll Í* katw ao    Bi'wf la a toar which seemnl: a«J with suddsa energy, ralsiig hlaiMll a Boftro yoa eat yoar tkroal, seek roinli.ri m indiguaiw*    IB-    Í*    ***    ' ^®B    had keliar ipstk    Hu liutk,    fur i the bid , «ben. Hong Edward be feebly    g,a||it. Wbat yoa take tor dispsir, hr red Tor Use aua    *    *!!    B'»ar«ol    evm’ythlag.’    uis-pi.l bis beed: 'My toi, gasrd yoor sister,    mi|^ , morbid stritemeal of Ihe gsttnr jn n lit bar.    •«•?‘'<l    "lib me Ino    fete,    I    lt*r,    to Uk. hu fr.ui ktieo, from «bese erembllog t    g,    i^m o very low.rii « l<>"h • '«t'f, wher* tkteves uty bretk tkroagk and    ,i tbkaa*. tlaust as meek an a l.trH lakeherkotkecfty, I’sfguU.plentyl— VAa rapotl, «ga’t „l f lid ' Aaa.' Mid ka. tiiumpkaatlj, 'my I [«guiar till yet btva dwed. at aa empty ■ sorer yoor k* trtusfiried all that dtep alfsrtioo 10 Iket* | ok, my boy, Usuegk 1 shall But bo with yoa, ,,,,,.7, m!|1 !le l.'sk!? t Ui.dhrrs ted Iistfr' Hs bid witched tad i do aot sit. Vua will h. templed, bat do aot    * 17, ,ij^s 77®' ,! gi, ,I.J.'n> th'fti so-brea Ibeir totobat. | iisld. Year Istbs: will alwajs pr.y God to    Jl    ‘    Í    ,  J, a. ilhei almasl. Ha looked oo Ikam ' kU. you.'    ‘    *®J    * ua .aMsa ohsig. iiUasUd whollji to him. Ha oa* going, bat tber* wHoat vat to ,    ’    ‘ i.„ t,uly fnr other s ktepieg. It eoomid to Wuam bo hid nut Hid lertacU. Harry,', ”    -l7‘klw    f him St if hi< molhsr i spirit prompted him — Hid bis utkor, 'yoar molkar.    i    *•“’    **i    .    * •«'•»». rapeat. I «as lea led - ks Iht ÍI4I 1 ild hOfl»* I deriwi I IS sweriiegw soas ais ibsoot taeaiu ev- siaai prwyai.    ,    r    ;i/~.    I/-.://,sutk 0. lire sBoibar that pitet la k la heart aid | Aag ka was gone    |    ‘«j« ¡^^í.^rd^Jutoalk ko had Uadiy look down upon those they loved wi cn here, think yon. taongh tit Mid grief eaanot reach them there, that it will be with other than sngiiitb tnat she will behold him who «i>. who IS now so dear tu hrr, the inmate of a ftloo's cell, there draggTg hts life in gloom, 10 m.s ry, with usnght bnt the breath ol sin tofan hit brow ? Oh, think! Lo<A oa kim snd relent I Cast him not from nt, bnt oh furgire him. 'Tit my sacred with ; snd if ever you toved me, if ever yon loved der, th -n, if not for my take, oh, for hers, far the ttke of her hoiy memory, take him to onr bnme to yoar arms, once mare. Ood above will—’ .'ske could t«y oo more. Son, thkt timid, (cuUe one, had snmnioned alt her raergirs aad tloqneaee, tad plead with a aowtr to her unknowu. Aad now tha life-color left her face, and she Mok u ii ia a dMth ttnpor, Itom the fear end exeiiement ui the hoar. Trum the first sound ot her vosee opon hia ear, Hsrry had stood tud rrgirded hrr u if in a bewildered dream. AYaixbe pleading fir aim « kins, wk* had nerrr ipuke to ker one siad word, wli.i ba.i been her drteriuined loe, buhad Mid, ‘1 bate her, 1 uiverwiH rwli her mother ?' ll-i went and knelt by her tide. ‘Mother,* kesaid. Yes, heeslird ner mother. ‘Detr, Dlcstcd mother, twtke nn-c more tnd tpess (1 me. Sty yon forgive me.’ -And 'twts II at toond teat reetllcd her. St did yon wish. M'lllis? did yon not just csll me t' the Mid, hell revivid. '.Nu. drarrtt roosk.r, I it wau wko called jou. Slid Harry. Yub, drir H*rry, did you e.ll me mother T Am I your mother V and tears of juj ran ibruugUthr drtn ping lids, and she suiiltd a iirtcge, sweet smile on biu. 'Yes. dear, dear uislher,' and be tonk her nd in hit own, 'it was I who called joa) Mtv I '■all you lUslkcr t AAill jou bs m-mother?' IKrtiuilt cf un'ittertble swcrtncsi a tartd Ul, Slid It wu mid thick, betrj tubs, that uiu mnred. ‘to give lue, mutner, oa, will )on n* JOU fuigivc me ik.-pulT’ forgive Vow. uij sou' Ytt, lunetd. if I Olid icmtui’scr aughi tu turgive. But 't'« 11 lurguiteu. lung sgn. II tVcr thsic w s uvhl, 1 am 'cptid in this bo«: tor ill i may iivs inflrted ‘ T.srtbad been tluwiog dowa the ft'.her's birks during this teen*, and aow he wrote I'ldtook tbekeud ef kii gckli* wue, and M-d, turning tu Hsrry, 'llrnry .Merrill, I bad datermioed aeetr to forgive JOB. atvvrlo aid yuu mors; aiveriuor* IU regtru Junas uj child. Bit "u«, lanugb I thuugbi noaieou,.! movimi lull. I lorgier. joa’ I will tivi you from tly livTig tomb kit is wtilirg lor yot—yiB laall bi igtii mj snii. But, snd mark tk y wsil, 'tis lo kir —Ikit hlMMd oai, IkstyoiNsWtyour lorgivs-r*t. Yes, tu her ilonc. Aid urw listen.— (•«ittga, 1 k'lrd yoa, though yon knew it nit. M you stood !nthia room with these chil-iren, ntUr words that grieved on tolhL bcsrt; ihey wen Hirte ; ‘I asvcr willcsil her uotker; ska our molher, indeed I lO pmad ! 1 H ktte And than 1 heard you stnvi to mtki Ihnc ehil'trcn ksr vtemiet. Ikuikd it-tink -if juurtabstquentlteste.utol kir.tad beu sen It joa duirve that ebs skoald kr sxTior, Do yon ttili tki.xk bcrpronj? tttboliil tk* is kottoo ptoad toplMd lut ;.uu. iks stltvo, oa beaded kaiet. Du ynn ttiii btlt her ? H juu d* bihold lu bar yoar sr. -rn-dclivvrer, sud jou asty Insd it to yvur BHrt tu hate bar lost.’ Hato y»u, dssr laiel molkar t' tad tb* buj took a h tad ot nscb ot hu pariats. 'Try. U-hsr, mutber, to forget 1 >vsr atlertd tbuss ■oKli. Dssr mother- If tbr rHt ot my lift devoted to yonr ksppiuest, sra ttons tor Iks nui. ihta I iksH ba birst. My luotbsr it lltavia,’ aid k* looked tbrongk bit bliodwg tsars upcu lbs porlrsil— mutbar, tboo an gate, but Gud bH given mt aaotkir la tky piteo. And tbougb juar Ufa. yuur ntamvrv, mast tvtrkcfiiat it my taul, tkt skwll be sell, baiovtd ropactod. Shall il *o« b# ta, dear laolhrr T’ ‘Ere* so,’ tbt murwinrid, Ik'Oigb h r tesis, ’tad I ta repaid a lk-iisai.d fold far all > •«*> have knowa ol grill.' -    - a AAiir sri ',«11 tele wnmei liks iisrmai W.trl.-- '. Divuue... riipf ^BacausaUey •re ■ r.|    I "r «-bU "bweeal bs lk.> kss hrri. VI. ■ ip S ' pkfswaa. H pro *    .    ..1    In b>. brad, wank im,,, . Iu b, Is;... ,    I    .,. » ■ Tnurlt iksl iwyS'’*- II. ' .1 ,iig b'rl.lrsks they •-Mum «. I I. , (!ni. In II uiiBfee toikep-.iind, wkdr II , .,,c V I ■ dnllar fhatgtd wiikuutg'i :./ I..'I <■ s.i lit skillings in pait pajasnl. J m 1,/m lonkiigovef iki etltlagse *f ff''-It 'i .i.jI gsnliimi* of the bar. will Bis poa-•! or Sii.-I't tk- staeM Mt «ko wssvl iii--Ui.i| utd.,'— Has bee* si'UH-i sf ,S ■I.s.iiig I.lrsls,' Awmhsrssssug it. ua-w.slnulr «rol* wwde*—b»* k*sn «riad and ti'qllttad.

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