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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 4

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Dixon, Illinois Labor struggle hurdles peace in our generation it is a rare thing these Days to hear of workers striking not for More Money but simply for the right to organize themselves into a Union. The right of collective bargaining was supposed to have been earned Back on the bloody lines of the 1930s. It was supposed to have been ratified by the Law of the land by the Wagner act and later in 1947, in the Taft Hartley act which provides that no employer May legally deny recognition to a Union when after a federally supervised secret ballot a majority of his employees elect to join or to form that Union. Whether they like it or not most industries have come to accept unionism As a fact of 20th-Century life have Learned to live with it and even to have managed to continue running their businesses at a profit. There Are still a few holdouts however. Particularly in the Field of retail merchandising. An example is pol sky san Akron Ohio department store and a member of the Allied store Chain. In the past 22 years in elections conducted by the National labor relations Board Polsky employees voted overwhelmingly not once but twice to join the retail clerks Union. Following All the rules they finally won Federal certification last september. In spite of this and admitting he is breaking the Law store president Howard Kane has vowed there will never be a Union contract in his store. In a letter to his employees he threatened to use strik Breakers to operate the store if the employees struck which they did and which he did. Those who dislike unionism and All its works while benefiting from its contribution to our general Standard of living May regard Union killer Kane As a Champion of free Enterprise in the line of those entrepreneurs who fought the budding Union movement in the steel Mills and Coal Fields of the last Century with might and main and sometimes Federal troops. But Kane is not putting himself on the line for any principle like testing the constitutionality of the Taft Hart Ley Law. He is merely using the built in delays of the machinery of Law to prolong his refusal to Deal with his employees As they have every Legal right to be dealt with in this Day and age. The dispute will go to the 6th circuit court of appeals in Cincinnati which has a Case backlog of one to two years. From there it could be appealed to the supreme court. But by then because of personnel turnover people have to eat Polsky a will be Able to claim that the Union vote no longer truly represents the wishes of the majority of its employees. Back it could go into the Lap of the Norb for More years of red tape and stalling. This is exactly what the 6th circuit ruled in the Case of a Glens Falls n.y., store whose employees have been trying to unionize since 1964. The Taft Hartley Law works both ways which is Why some unionists denounced it for so Many years. No Union May engage in unfair labor practices such As a strike or a Boycott against a company whose employees have voted Down Union affiliation. In such cases judges can move swiftly by issuing injunctions and fining or jailing anyone who defies the injunctions. They find themselves bogged Down in Legal molasses it seems when the shoe is on the other foot. Mideast peace embers not too Many weeks ago merely to look at the Mideast was to despair. Faint Hopes kindled by the american initiated Suez cease fire had All but flickered out smothered by the dispute Over whether Cairo had used the Lull to saturate its Side of the canal with soviet missiles. Egypt and Israel it appeared were again locked in stalemate. Elsewhere in the Arab world it was also business As usual turmoil with Syria making truculent noises at its neighbors jew and Arab alike and battered Jordan the Battleground for the Day to Day struggle Between King Hussein and the palestinian guerrillas. Against this political still life background the developments in recent weeks have been at an almost dizzying Pace. None other than that Hawks Hawk israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan is suddenly making soothing suggestions on resuming negotiations and possibly according to some reports even partial military withdrawal in the Sinai. Premier Golda Meir no longer mentions pullback of egyptian missiles As the sine qua non of peace talks. Syria has gone through another coup As can be expected periodically but this time the new strongman air Force chief Gen. Hafez Al Assad for All his rhetoric about maintaining Syria As an Arab fortress is reported a realist about an eventual political solution with Israel. Egypt Libya and Sudan Are talking Union an event which May or May not come to pass and May or May not be beneficial from the Western viewpoint but which at least makes More geographical and economic sense than previous Arab experiments in merger. King Hussein is not Only holding on in Jordan but according to some reports May already be involved in exchanges with the israelis which could turn their cease fire into something More permanent. Most of this since the departure of Nasser the one commanding figure who might have been Able to nudge the Arab world toward peace but who locked in by his own past inflammatory rhetoric May also have been a major obstacle to peace. There can As yet be no certainty that in this movement a genuine momentum toward peace is developing. But Hope does Spring eternal and there is often More to a stalemate than appears on the surface. Tit for tat on quotas with Congress considering import quota legislation which some economists fear May touch off a crippling Chain of retaliatory protectionist moves throughout world Trade word comes that we Are not alone. According to the Wall Street journal. Japan also has an import problem. Its textile makers Are facing increasing Competition in the Home Market from Low Cost fabrics produced in Hong Kong. South Korea and Taiwan. Call it poetic Justice since it w As the increasing flow of japanese textiles into this country which sparked the de Mand by american manufacturers for Protection. If the United states does adopt import restrictions Japan a problem could be compounded. Not Only will sales of her textiles Here be reduced but asian competitors also Hurt in the american Market could attempt to recoup by Selling More in Japan. Call it also a sobering reminder of How interdependent the economies of the major trading nations Are. We May have a Long Way to go politically but we Are already very far along the Road to being one world economically. Dixon evening Telegraph Dixon evening Telegraph saturday november 21, 1970 Page 4 founded in 1851 Ben t. Shaw publisher and editor by the b. F. Shaw printing co., 113-115 Peoria ave., Dixon 111.61021 1 this newspaper is a member of the associated press and also uses the service of United press International. These news services Are entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches a local state and National All rights of republication of special writings Are hereby reserved member of american newspaper publishers association Bureau of advertising Inland daily press association Illinois daily newspaper markets Illinois press association and audit Bureau of circulation second class postage paid at Dixon Illinois 61021 subscription rates by earner in Dixon 55c per week $28 60 per year payable in Advance a single copy 10c. By mail in Lee Ogle Bureau and Whiteside counties $15 00, per year $8 00, 6 months $4 50, 3 months $2 so per month except in communities where Tele graph earner service is maintained elsewhere in Illinois and the United states $19 00, per year $10 00, 6 months $5 75, 3 months $2.75, per month All mail subscriptions must be paid in Advance ideas for a Freer soviet by Ray Cromley Washington Nea what kind of a Man then is an Drey Dimitrievich Sakharov apparent Leader of the group of conservative first rank physical scientists now questioning publicly some of the major practices of the soviet government and what does he want among some he is known As father of the soviet a bomb. He became a member of the prestigious user Academy of science at the age of 32. He is now 49. In scientific circles he is regarded As one of the great scientists of our Day and in Russia Only a notch below the famed Kapitza. He has been awarded the order of Lenin and the Stalin prize. He is a member of the soviet elite and a successful moderate Man. He considers himself a dedicated socialist. He is a gradualist. From a study of his individual writings and letters he has prepared jointly with others his principal aim can be expressed As follows greater Freedom of information. Of creativity and of discussion within the soviet Union. He wants Public discussion of Public issues first on a limited scale within selected circles and gradually discussion involving the whole population. He fears the Long Range effects of a system of decision making within Russia in which Only a select few have the Power to decide plus the Power to keep their actions from Public View. He believes that incompetent censorship kills the living soul of soviet literature and social thought giving Rise to stagnation Monotony and a Berry a world Complete absence of any fresh ideas. Indeed Sakharov says deep thoughts can appear Only in discussion with the presence of opposition. But he says truthful information about a a our shortcomings and negative Phenomena is kept secret lest it be used by a hostile Exchange of information with foreign countries is restricted out of fear of a penetration by hostile theoretical conceptions and practical proposals which May seem to be too bold to some Are suppressed immediately without any discussion because of fear that they May a undermine the there is obvious distrust of Active persons who think critically and creatively. Sakharov also wants. An end to the jamming of foreign broadcasts. Free Sale of foreign books and periodicals. Unrestricted International correspondence. Independence of the nations courts from the executive. Amnesty for political prisoners. Compulsory publication of Complete stenographic records of political trials. Free elections with several candidates for each office. A multiparty system in which the communist party would vie with competing political groups. Restoration of the rights of All nationalities forcibly resettled under Stalin. Elimination of the nationality designation in soviet identity cards. Expansion of the rights and responsibilities of the soviet unions supreme soviet parliament which is now notice to subscribers Carrier subscribers should know their delivery boy and keep his Telephone number Handy. Call him if he misses you and he will bring one immediately. Mail subscribers who fail to receive a heir paper regularly should notify the Dixon evening Telegraph office. 1970 by Nea. Inc Quot it s Beautiful Quot largely regarded in the West As a rubber stamp body. Greater Independence for soviet schoolteachers. The right of teachers to Experiment in their teaching methods. A wide program of assistance to the poorer areas of the world under the leadership of the United states the user and other developed countries financed by a 20 per cent tax on National income. This 20 per cent tax Sakharov believes would automatically make it necessary for the United states and the soviet Union to Cut Back on arms spending. Agreement Between the two to Stop exporting military and military economic forms of revolution and counter revolution. International co operation in fighting pollution. It is known that Sakharov and his colleagues believe that these ideas Are shared a to greater or lesser extent by a considerable portion of the soviet intelligentsia the advanced part of the working class and numbers of students and working youth. But no Man Here is going to predict that something will come from these appeals. Newspaper Enterprise Assn things Dixon talked about 10 years ago miss Anne mall daughter of or. And mrs. Ken mall has been chosen to head the Illinois area club a division of the newly organized area clubs at Loretto Heights College Denver Colo. The purpose of the groups is to interest alumnae and prospective students in the College. A of Dean hey son of or. And mrs. Dean e. Hey was one of 14 Illinois Wesleyan students appearing on the program of the recent meeting of the Illinois music teachers Assn. Held in Charleston. 25 years ago or. And mrs. John Griffin it. Morris have received word that their son Harold has been promoted to staff sergeant with the air corps in Honolulu. A of George Breeding who served As a sergeant in the quartermaster corps in the Pacific War theater has resumed his prewar occupation As assistant Plant manager of the Beier bakery Plant in Dixon. Barbs by Phil Pastoret the difference Between a boutique and a dress shop is about $25 per garment. The Boss Isnit uptight about Money its the Lack of it that a driving him up the Wall. Food processing has made wonderful strides but there a not much fun in pulling the Wishbone of a Boneless rolled Turkev. User poor 2nd to . Washington Nea a some aspects of the rumblings and dissatisfaction now being reported in the soviet Union have the most profound implications for future . Foreign policy. For the evidence now suggests that whatever gains the russians May make now in the Middle East or latin America time May Well be on the Side of the United states provided we can hold the peace. This is not to infer that Moscow faces a revolution. There is no evidence Here to support such a View. Nor is there any indication of a shake up that would seriously cripple the user what is significant is that some of russians top physical scientists have begun to seriously question the ability of the soviet Union under present conditions to compete economically with the United states Over the Long run. The Appeal of three prominent soviet scientists to their government has been much publicized in recent Days. What Hasni to been widely reported Are some highly significant details in a letter these three men a a. D. Sakharov v. F. Turchin and r. A. Medvedevs wrote in March this year to the top Hierarchy of the soviet Union. Some of their comments on economic conditions and the economic Outlook in Russia Are especially revealing a a comparing our Economy with the Economy of the United states we see that our Economy lags not Only in quantitative but also which is Saddest of ally in qualitative respects. A the newer and More revolutionary an aspect of an Economy is the greater is the Gap Between the United states and ourselves. We surpass America in the mining of Coal but we lag behind in Oil drilling lag very much behind in Gas drilling and in the production of electric Power hopelessly behind in chemistry and infinitely behind in computer technology. Quot the latter is particularly pertinent for the introduction of computers in the National Economy is of crucial importance for fundamentally changing the entire face of the production system and of world culture. This phenomenon has deservedly been called the second Industrial revolution. Incidentally our total inventory of computers is hundreds of times smaller than that of the United states and As regards the use of computers in the Economy Here the Gap is so wide that is is impossible to measure it. Quot we simply live in another epoch. A things Are no better in the Field of scientific and engineering discoveries. No one feels that the importance of our role is growing. On the contrary. At the end of the 1950s our Economy was the first to launch a sputnik and it sent a Man into space. But at the end of the 1960s we lost our Lead and the first men to land on the Moon were american. A this fact is just one of Many that shows the fundamental and growing scientific and technological Gap Between our country and the developed countries of the West. Quot a decisive Factor in the comparison of economic systems is labor productivity and Here the situation is worst of All. Our productivity of labor As before remains Many times lower than in the developed capitalist countries and its growth has drastically slowed. Our situation is seen to be especially serious when compared with leading capitalist countries in particular the United states. Quot bureaucracy a formalistic attitude toward the and Lack of initiative Are growing in the work of scientific and science technological organizations. A it is common knowledge that there is a chronically grave situation in agriculture especially in cattle Breeding. Quot especially alarming for the future of the country is the showdown in the development of education. In fact our general expenditures in education of All types Are less than those of the United states and Are growing at a slower rate in speaking of the United states and other Western capitalist nations the letter writers say a by introducing into the National Economy elements of state regulation and planning these countries have rid themselves of the destructive crises which earlier plagued capitalist economies. The widespread introduction into the Economy of automation and computer technology assures a rapid growth of the productivity of labor which in turn enables certain social difficulties and contradictions to be partially overcome As for example establishing unemployment benefits shortening the working Day a these men Are not advocating an overthrow of communism. They Are Loval socialists who want to perfect the system. But if these highly intelligent Topflight knowledgeable scientists Are right about the current economic and scientific trends in the soviet Union certainly in any free Competition the soviet Union will never a a Bury the United states economically or out influence the free nations in the underdeveloped world. They will Only control those neighbors they can dominate militarily if the soviet Union continues to lag scientifically and economically however dramatic her occasional successes inevitably those failures must eventually become Clear for All to read. When that Day comes the communist prestige and influence will begin to Wane in latin America Asia Africa and the Middle East. Newspaper Enterprise Assn voice of the people to the editor upon the disappearance of the Rockford newspapers from the Newsstands lately and coinciding with the fact that i have ten or fifteen minutes of time per Day in which i am almost forced to read something i have noted several interesting items in your a Dixon evening they Are As follows a. In the past your newspaper has often spoken out As should be against smut pornography and indecency. Alas the edition of nov. 18, 1970, carries an advertisement from the local theatre hailing a movie which promises to even a a. Show the Danes a new twist in erotic films a How sad that the profit motive forces you to become an advocate of the old a do As i say not As i do adage. You May not be Able to prevent the showing of the movie but you could refuse to carry the advertisement. B. On Page 2 of the nov. 17, 1970, edition i found an item entitled a Democrat gift the Gist of this item seems to be that or. Nixon must beware of All democrats who actually All democrats period suggest a move to the left in his policies especially his economic policies which you say Are just about to Bear fruit. But amusingly enough while Reading an article by Evans Novak in the nov. 18, funny business 1970, edition of the Chicago Sun times Page 74,1 find that they have a different View. They carry this message from or. Pierre Rinfret a new York based economic consultant and sometime unofficial adviser to or. Nixon that statistical projections indicate unemployment rates reaching nearly 8 per cent in 1971 and 10 per cent in 1972. Since unemployment is now 5.6 per cent and rising it May be Hoove or. Nixon to make ready his fiscal and monetary weapons for such a possible crisis. You see we be got the weapons to win the Battles providing that someone recognizes the fact that we be got the War. C. On this same Page of your paper is an article on credit. You Herald a new Federal Law which will better protect the Public from credit Sharks. An informational note the one Man More than any other who was responsible for this Law is the former democratic senator from Illinois Paul h. Douglas who fought for years for truth in lending. How ironic that he should be voted out of office As being too old the Story goes even though outliving a fellow senator elected two years later before his dream could come True. No Virginia not All democrats Are bad Guys. Lawrence r. Morrissey Amboy by Roger Bollen x 60t it . Str them Hae All the Coffee by epics the Ltd want. Bot for bid the use of cups

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