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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Dixon, Illinois Quot a preview of Christmas Quot to Dixon evening Telegraph dial 284-2222 120th year number 275 Nkum. Fete newsroom notes a changing the position of All women in society is the greatest Challenge facing us today a Leader in the women a rights movement told a group of business executives Here. The present rigid pattern of employment and promotion is a totally designed to Benefit men and to exploit women a said mrs. Mary Jean Robson president of the Chicago area chapter of now National organization for women. Speaking at the final session of Northern Illinois University a executive development seminar mrs. Robson described the rigid pattern which she said excludes women from Industry and which no woman in the world can meet. The pattern she continued includes the rigidly scheduled work Day of eight or More hours a work life which sees a Torker entering the work Force after schooling and staying there until retirement provision for military service without remuneration but with Job Security assisting promising Young male executives up the executive ladder relocating at the whim of the company the importance of the Good wife to a Young executive who wants to get ahead and the matter of children which is of no concern to the company or institution except in health programs and company picnics. A until this pattern is broken we Are taking Small Steps and making Token gestures at equal Opportunity for women a mrs. Robson said she called for a Shorter work Day and a More flexible work schedule to make it possible for women to enter the work Force. Day care centers Are needed and since companies Grant leaves for military service without sacrificing Job Security she suggested women should be Able to take maternity leaves on the same basis. Quot let us not penalize women for having she also called for paternity leaves. A the Absentee father is no longer acceptable. The Young father should be Able to have a paternity leave to share in the business of the Petite speaker she said her next cause would be Short people predicted that the eight hour work Day pattern is going to be broken. She also asked business executives to re exam churchmen offer Cairo proposal Springfield up a program to Avert Quot possible widespread bloodshed in Caio 111., including the removal f an armoured vehicle from the racially tense Southern Illinois Ity has been proposed by a roup of roman Catholic and protestant leaders. A How would you feel with be of those things rumbling round your Community a or. Frederick a. Roblee. Executive director of the Illinois Council if churches said Friday of the armoured vehicle. Roblee was one of 28 clergymen who met in Springfield at the a urgent request of some Church executives to a take appropriate action to try to prevent possible widespread bloodshed in Cairo. The group including roman catholics and protestants from across the state was termed by Roblee As a had Hock and without formal ties to the state Council of churches. On the inside of today s paper the telegraphs weekly to Section can be found on the inside of today a paper. See the yellow Section. The weekly Roundup of business news can be found on Page 3. The Ashton basketball team continued to add to its successes. A Story and pictures Are on Page 13. Other features serving the heart of the Rock River Valley for More than a Century Dixon Illinois saturday. November 21, 1970 24 pages the Petunia City Price ten cents me their stereotypes about women. A How do you relate to women do you see her As a struggling Young worker or As a potential sex partner or As a sex object who takes the notes at the meetings Waters the plants gets the Coffee should your wife be entitled to half your paycheck Are employers getting two for the Price of one a mrs. Robson pointed out that every woman whatever her role outside the Home a is still regarded most essentially As the child bearer child Rearer Domestic servant and sex object for mrs. Robson opened her speech with a quotation which said a the economic position of women in the world heretofore has been that of Domestic servant. So far As women taken the world Over have Laboured it has been mainly in Domestic service. This is the lowest Grade of apr remaining extant. It belongs to an earlier social the quotation she pointed out was written in 1898 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. A the fact that it was not a contemporary document Speaks to the lie a you be come a Long Way earlier business executive John Bauman had outlined for seminar participants some of the problems facing Industry in complying with Laws affecting women employees. Bauman assistant vice president for employment and personnel services Illinois Bell Telephone said a woman Power probably is our country a greatest natural since 1940, he pointed out women entering the labor Force have been responsible for most of the increase 65 per cent in the labor Force. He said he believed that most companies done to give women a Chance to show their potential in management and outlined the Steps his company is taking to Correct this. He also cited an example of How men Are now applying for jobs traditionally held by women. A men Are now asking for Telephone operators jobs. When i explained to our women employees that we could not turn a Man Down because he was a male i was a bit apprehensive about their response. But the women applauded. One told me later a this office has been a Convent too it 1 Flag of the week this week s Honor hag flies proudly daily at Willett Hofmann and associates coun suiting engineers on East second Street. The Dixon american legion honors each firm so honoured with a citation. Telegraph photo Mitchell is acquitted in my Lai trial editorials Page 4 society news Page 10 it. Hood. Tex. A -s.sgt. David Mitchell has been acquitted in the first my Lai Case to reach a court martial verdict. Mitchell 30. A 10-year army Veteran had been charged with assault with intent to murder by shooting at 30 unarmed civilians at the vietnamese Hamlet on March 16, 1968. Nine other gis Are charged in connection with the incident that occurred during a combat swing through my Lai. A i always thought the army was a great outfit. Now know it a said Mitchell son of a Baptist minister who lives in st. Francisville la. A military jury of seven officers including six Vietnam veterans returned the verdict Friday night after six hours and 50 minutes of deliberations. Mitchell was a squad Leader in company a the same outfit in which it. William l. Calley jr., was a platoon Leader. Calley is being court Martiale at it. Benning ga., on charges he murdered 102 civilians. The army is still processing charges against eight other members of the americal division. When the jury returned to announce its verdict. Mitchell stood at attention and saluted. . David Mitchell this court has found you not guilty a said col Francis Giacomozzi president of the court. Mitchells wife Rosa leaped to her feet and shouted a ooh a a sit Down in the courtroom a ordered col. George r. Robinson the military judge who banged his Gavel until the woman was seated. Mitchell returned to his chair and slumped Down into it. His attorney Ossie Brown strode past him patting Mitchell on the shoulders. Mitchell had taken the stand in his own defense. With tears streaming Down his Cheeks he testified thursday a i shot at no eight other defense witnesses testified that Mitchell was not at a ditch in my Lai where the army charged he fired at huddled men women and children. The prosecution presented three witnesses. Two said they saw Mitchell fire his Rifle into the ditch. One said he saw Mitchell raise his Rifle but neither saw nor heard a report from it. None said they saw any bullets strike the people huddled in the ditch. Robinson instructed the jurors that the presumption of innocence is a perhaps the tallest tree in our Forest of Legal Robinson said the jury should carefully consider the credibility of each witness since he said there were inconsistencies in their testimony. Additionally the judge told the officers to consider a a peeping Tom conviction against one of the witnesses Charles Sledge of Sardia miss., in reflecting on sledges testimony. Sledge had testified that he saw Mitchell fire his Rifle into the ditch crowded with men women and children. The judge told the jury to recall denials by defense witnesses that Mitchell was at the ditch. Robinson said the jury should also weigh the effect of character witnesses who appeared for Mitchell. Waves of . Planes bomb North Vietnam Saigon a Waves of . Fighter bombers pounded missile and antiaircraft gun positions in North Vietnam today in the deepest raids since the bombing halt of the North More than to o years ago. . Officials said the raids in retaliation for recent attacks on unarmed reconnaissance planes flying Over the North would be of limited duration. But other sources speculated they May continue for a few Days. The raids were As deep As 135 Miles inside North Vietnam. There was no immediate assessment of results. Eyewitnesses at Danang 100 Miles South of the demilitarized zone in the Northern part of South Vietnam said nearly 50 . Air Force warplanes armed with bombs and rockets had taken off from the american base there throughout the Day. Up to 300 other jets were available from bases in Thailand and from two carriers off the Tonkin Gulf one of which steamed into position Friday night just before the air raids began. In Paris the North vietnamese delegation to the Vietnam peace talks said the . Attacks a gravely affect the Paris conference on a the Nixon administration must Bear entire responsibility for All consequences arising from its hostile acts against the democratic Republic of Vietnam a a statement issued by the delegation said the statement called the bombings a an extremely serious act of War against the democratic Republic of Vietnam a Brazen violation of its sovereignty and North Vietnam said in a radio broadcast that the attacks were a an extremely serious act of in Washington. Defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird said the american planes were hitting North vietnamese missile and antiaircraft gun positions a in response to attacks on our unarmed reconnaissance he said a limited duration protective reaction air strikes were being conducted against antiaircraft Sites and related facilities South of the 19th parallel. This line is Well South of Hanoi and the port City of Haiphong. Hanoi charged however that a the . Imperialists recklessly sent Many flights of aircraft to encroach upon the air space of the democratic Republic of Vietnam in Haiphong Quang Ninh Hatay and Hoa Binh Haiphong is 135 Miles North of the 19th parallel. Hoa Binh is 130 Miles North of the 19th parallel and 85 Miles Inland from Haiphong. North Vietnam made its charges in radio broadcasts monitored in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The broadcasts said at least three american planes were shot Down and that a prisoner of War Camp a was hit by bullets from the planes and a number of american captive pilots were they also said a considerable number of North vietnamese civilians had been killed. The location of the pow Camp was not disclosed. Eye witnesses in Danang 100 Miles South of the demilitarized zone in the Northern part of South Vietnam said about a dozen . Air Force f4 fighter bombers took off from that base shortly before noon today under extraordinary Security conditions. It was not known where the planes were going but there was speculation that they might be on their Way to suppress North vietnamese ground fire while helicopters moved in to lift out . Pilots shot Down inside North Vietnam. The american strike Force apparently was enlarged by planes from the american aircraft Carrier Hancock which steamed into the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of North Vietnam Early today with 75 warplanes aboard and doubled the 7th fleets striking ability in the area. Bombs disrupt miss world Beauty pageant London apr after a pageant disrupted by smoke bombs and women a liberation slogans miss Grenada danced until Dawn today to celebrate her enthronement As miss world 1971 the 22-year-old West Indian. Jennifer Josephine Hosten. Said she did not understand Why demonstrators tried to wreck the contest Friday night. A i do not really know enough about what they were demonstrating against a said miss Hosten the 20th miss world. A fall i know is that it has been a for the miss world miss Hosten is an airline hostess and radio announcer with measurements of 36-24-38. Miss Africa South Pearl Gladys Jansen 20, from Cape town finished second. Irith Lavi 18-year-old miss Israel was third. Miss Sweden 20-year-old maj Christel Johansson the 7-1 betting favorite was fourth. About 50 women and a few men hurled smoke bombs stink bombs Ink bombs and leaflets in a Brief demonstration during the pageant and shouted a we Are liberation lists ban this disgraceful cattle Market a comedian Bob Hope who was to Crown miss world fled the Albert Hall stage As the missiles began to Fly. Returning after Burly Security guards cleared the demonstrators he said a anyone who would try to break up an affair As wonderful As this has got to be on some kind of the 5,000 persons in the Hall booed disapproval of the ruckus. One demonstrator threw a heavy noisemaker used at soccer matches at the judges who included the prime minister of Grenada sir Eric Gairy. The rattle just missed another judge a danish Singer known As Nina and bounced to within a foot of another american Singer Glen Campbell. Miss Jansen a mulatto is classified under South african racial Laws As the White contestant from South Africa. 20-year-old Jillian Jessup finished fifth. Miss Sweden caused a stir before the finals when she told newsmen she Felt a just like a puppet. I done to even want to win. If i were not under contract to the organizers i would walk out at pm ready to resume production Detroit a with formal ratification of a new contract w Ith general motors corp. In hand the United Auto workers Union moved today to tie up the Loose ends needed to get the worlds largest Industrial corporation Back in production. The Union reported Friday that a new three Vear contract which pm says will raise the average Auto workers wage to Between $12,000 and $13,000 a year in 1973, was approved by 85 per cent of the production workers and 80 per cent of the skilled trades men at pm the pact takes effect monday. Although the Union has officially declared the 67-Day-old strike Over. 34 of the 155 gym Law bargaining units in the United states still Lack local supplementary agreements and the Union has authorized units without such agreements to stay on strike. Included among the units without local settlements Are to o plants which pm considers vital to a resumption of full operations a Fisher body stamping Plant in Mansfield Ohio and a Chevrolet fabricating Plant in Warren. Mich. The local Law leadership at the Mansfield Plant was summoned to Detroit to meet with International officials today. Law president Leonard Woodcock said the purpose of the meeting is for the local a to show cause Why it cannot reach a conclusion on Plant level talks. He said one action the International officers might take at the meeting is to put the Mansfield local under the administrator ship of the International taking control of the Plant level negotiations away from local officials. 120 dead in Philippines Manila apr the government said today that 120 persons were dead and More than 300 Are missing from typhoon Patsy which swept through the Philippines two Days ago. The missing include about 175 men reportedly aboard nine fishing boats believed sunk along the Western coast of the islands. President Ferdinand e. Marcos broadcast an Appeal for filipinos to a help Bear each others burdens As Relief teams flew to an Island group 70 Miles East of Manila that were reported devastated. Water food and electric Power were severely Short in Manila and the City was receiving less than 10 per cent of its usual daily water consumption of 250 million Gallons. Marcos ordered City schools closed All next week to conserve utilities. The Polillo islands were directly in the path of Patsy a 125 mile an hour wind and Aerial surveys showed the islands with 15,000 to 20,000 residents suffered severe damage. An american roman Catholic priest in one of the planes said about 80 per cent of the structures in the main town appeared without Walls or roofs. A everything was Brown. No Green showed a he said. A fall leaves and shrubs had been blown crop and property damage figures poured in from outlying areas estimated As High As $80 million. The red Cross listed 114,000 persons homeless in the Manila area but several refugee centers reported Many victims returning to their Home Sites to rebuild. Christal Johansson miss Sweden entrant in the miss world contest denounced the event As a cattle Market and said she would walk out if she could. She said a i done to even want to a wire photo typhoon aftermath a commercial Airliner lies broken on its Back at Manila a Domestic Airport terminal after typhoon Patsy ripped into the Island country in the Philippines leaving at least 31 dead. A wire photo

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