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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Dixon, Illinois Dixon evening Telegraph serving the heart of Rock River Valley for More than a Century dial at 2-1111 110th year number 59 Dixon Illinois saturday. March la 1961 to pages Price seven cents thou Shalt not steal. Apr re. Avs few at a a a vips. American in Cuba i Appeal order of de healthy Cut wearing a a official baseball uni form eyeglasses a Beret and Bulky clothing cuban Premier Fidel Castro takes a healthy Cut during sandlot baseball game Iii Havana. Castro pitched too. When a player stole second Castro ordered him Back to first base since no stealing is allowed in anything As a result of his successful revolution in Cuba. Nea telephoto newsroom notes a the a sold out sign went up today for exhibitors in the 1961 modern living exposition to be held in Dixon armory april 14, 15 and 16. The exposition will be the largest Ever. As of this morning 32 exhibitors had contracted for 48 Booths in the display area. Last year there were 27 exhibitors and 44 Booths. Extra Booths had to be added this year to take care of Ute demand. The exposition always attracts thousands of visitors. The show is a sure sign of Spring since it a features building materials Recti rational equipment and a lot of other warm weather items we velt been thinking about during the dark months of Winter. A some of the people in Southern Illinois Are resentful of the a depressed area tag which has been applied to that Section. They argue that the picture has been painted Blacker than it really is. On Page Al today you la find a guest editorial by Oldham Paisley of the newspaper in Marion. He tells Why he feels things Are better Iii this area than official reports and news broadcasts have said. A Southern Illinois this week provided an example of one of the most energetic Community campaigns to encourage Industry that v eve heard of. Tile chamber of Commerce set out to collect $30,-000 in a door to door Campaign. In two Days the amount pledged was More than $35,000. The Money will be used to buy a 39-acre site for a firm which asked to remain Anonymous. Excess funds will be used for other Industrial promotion. The Illinois state chamber of conferee reports it is hoping for a reorganization of the states division of Industrial planning and development. The chamber says the division should i not Overlook the importance of protecting the Illinois Job climate 2 entourage private agencies working in the Field of Industrial development. 3> develop a program of aids to be used in luring new Industry and 4 Foster greater interest in the problems of business. R. T. Laos civil War rebel strength threat to peace Vientiane Laos up a leftist Patchet lao forces showing a new strength that threatens peace plans sent government troops fleeing in two directions today from a showdown Battle for the Sala Phou Koun Road Junction. The rebel assaults drove government defenders eight Miles North to the High ground of neighbouring Sala Pau Keng. Other Royal troops abandoned the strategic Road completely near Muong Kassy 22 Miles South. The Junction controls the North your Chance to get a bargain All next week March 12 through 18, the Dixon evening Telegraph is offering a special two for one rate on non commercial classified advertising. In other words you Are getting a bargain. Run an and for three Days and get the next three at no extra Cost. This is a Good time to look around the House and sell All your a Don t needs and get extra Cash for them. Please get your ads in Early by dealing at 2-1111, come to the want and counter or mail your and. National want and week March 12 to 18 South Highway in Central Laos and lies less than too Miles North of Vientiane and Only 40 Miles South of the Royal seat of Luang Rabang. The Patchet lao guerrilla action apparently stalls the government s intended invasion drive into the Plaine Des Jarres the rebel stronghold lying eastward along Queen Astrid Highway. Loss of Road loss of a big stretch of the Road from the administrative capital of Vientiane to Luang Rabang is the government s biggest military setback since january. But systematic destruction by government troops made the route useless to the advancing rebels. The government said the Northern sector around Sala Pou Keng was holding firm with Royal artillery in command. The fighting near Muong Kassy was said to be guerrilla style with no heavy losses on either Side. Vientiane remained quiet. There was no Public announcement of the setback. Royal military sources said outcome would be doubtful for a few Days. Rebel offensive the Strong rebel offensive came after leaders from two rival laotian factions met in Cambodia and put Forward a program for stabilizing Laos. Observers said the two a former neutralise Premier Sou Vanna Houma and the government strongman Gen. Thoumi Nosavan a were drawn into their talks by Mutual fear the communists would take Over the country. Souvanna who is recognized by the communist bloc As the Legal Premier of Laos was reported to have been shocked by the magnitude of the arms buildup he saw dining a quickie visit to the rebel held areas from his exile in Cam Bodia. See other Story Page 4 student arsonist new York in a poach Pasternac cuban born student at a Queens rabbinical Seminary has admitted setting a series of fires at the school police said. Working on feed Grain Compromise Washington in a the Kennedy administration is working on a Compromise plan to Settle differences Between the Senate and the House Over the emergency feed Grain program. The chief Point of controversy Between the two houses is a pro vision which would give Secretary of agriculture Orville l. Freeman authority to sell government owned surplus grains at less than support and Market prices. Such sales would depress prices and encourage Farmers to comply with the program which is designed to reduce feed Grain production this year because of huge crop surpluses. Higher supports the program As presented to Congress a would offer higher supports at $1.20 per Bushel for com and payments to Farmers who reduce Grain acreages in line with the program. Those who did not Cut Back would be left to the mercy of prices which the Secretary could depress by dumping surplus Grain on the Market. The Senate passed a version of the program Friday by a 52-26 vote which did not carry this Sale authority. Many senators claimed such authority would give the Secretary too much Power Over markets. The House on the other hand passed a Bill thursday carrying this Sale authority. Sen. Allen j. Ellender d-la., who steered the Senate a Bill said House compromises must drop jobless Aid Bill hits Senate Snag Washington up a the House has completed action on president Kennedy a emergency unemployment benefits program. The Senate has barely begun work on it. A voice vote Friday sent to the Senate the final piece of the two Bill package a measure that would make children of the unemployed eligible for the same benefits now received by children without parents or whose parents Are disabled. The House last week passed the companion measure which would provide up to 13 weeks additional unemployment benefits to jobless who have exhausted their present rights. Stalled in Senate this measure has been stalled in the Senate finance committee which will open closed door meetings tuesday to consider possible amendments. As passed by the House the Nixon nixes 1962 race for state governorship Sacramento Calif. Up a Richard m. Nixon said Friday night he will not run for governor of California next year. He urged California republicans today to launch a Talent search for new faces in the 1962 election Campaign. A i am confident that we can win a sweeping Victory in California a he told the Republican state Central committee. A but i have a word of warning. We cannot win by assuming that the present governor will inevitably fall on his face and be a the former vice president in his first political speech since he lost the presidential election last november. Outlined a program of action designed to restore the once dominant gop to Power in the state. Nixon offered to provide leadership to his Home state party. But he did so Only after ruling out his own possible candidacy for governor. Nixon in prepared excerpts of his speech said a los Angeles Law firm will announce his affiliation on monday. He declined to identify the firm until then. On Republican prospects ahead Nixon said the key to Victory in 1964 lies in the elections of 1932. A i refer not Only to the contests for House and Senate but to the gubernatorial races particularly in the major slates of new York Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan and he said he is confident California republicans can re elect sen. Thomas h. Kuchel elect a governor and other state offices and increase the gof strength in the legislature Ana in Congress. The provision a for there will be no Ellender added a i Hope the House agrees to a conference when it meets monday and that we can get a Compromise later that a March 15 deadline has been set for passage of a Bill of it is to have any effect on this years crops. Trouble anticipating trouble and delay administration farm officials have started drafting a Compromise plan that avoids the controversial Sale authority for the Secretary of agriculture. Midwest voting Washington Ltd it a Here is How these midwestern senators voted Friday As the Senate passed president Kenned s emergency feed Grain Bill Illinois Dirksen r for Douglas d for. Indiana Hartt d for Cape Hart r paired against. Wisconsin a Wiley r for Proxmire d for. Misouri a Long d for Symington d for. Iowa Miller r against Hickenlooper Ltd against. Officials question conviction Havana up a military authorities said today no verdict has been reached in the military trial of american adventurer William a. Morgan and 13 others accused of conspiring against the Castro government. A military tribunal was reported Friday night to have sentenced him to death. But defense attorney Jorge Luis Cairo said this morning he had been advised the tribunal had not yet returned its verdict in the trial which ended Friday. Carro had announced Morgan and his aide maj. Jesus Carreras had been sentenced to be shot and the same information appeared in All government papers this morning. Nevertheless military authorities said no decision had been reached but that one might be announced later today. The earlier accounts said Morgan. A 31-year-old Soldier of for tune had been convicted of treason these accounts continued morgans cuban defense lawyer promptly filed an Appeal he said a Hope is not lost and that he expects a Good but military Appeal courts rarely Over Rule sentences handed Down by revolutionary tribunals the appeals court agreed to hear the arguments of lawyer Luis Carro this morning. The death sentence must be car see american. A a a Security Council president extra jobless benefits would Cost an estimated $990 million to $1 billion. Like the child Aid measure it would expire june 30, 1962. If All 50 states choose to take part in the child Aid program and a number of states already have indicated they will not it would Cost the government an estimated $305 million with its 60-40 Federal state Matching formula. The Senate finance committee completing Public hearings on the 13-week Extension measure Friday heard a plea by Secretary of labor Arthur j. Goldberg for approval of the House Bill without change. Amendments amendments w Ould throw the Bill into a House Senate conference committee causing further delay. Goldberg urged enactment in time to Start extra payments by mid april. After the Bill becomes Law he said there Are administrative Steps required to stall the flow of payments to Long Idie workers. Sen. John j. Williams r-del., said he planned two amendments. One would substitute pay As you go financing for the deferred plan in the House Bill. It would step up collection of the 0.4 per cent increase in employers payroll taxes by making it retroactive to Jan. I. The Bill now defers collection of the tax until january 1963, and january 1964. Retired workers Williams also wants the Bill to prevent retired workers from receiving unemployment compensation. Goldberg asked that he hold this amendment until the president proposes changes in the Basic unemployment compensation Law in a later Bill. Another amendment previously was announced by sen. Joseph s. Clark d-pa., who contend that As written tha Bill would reduce benefits available for unemployed pennsylvanian. Report car Breaks pole Harmon a a one car Accident occurred some time Between Midnight and 5 . Today on the Harmon Road at Harmon school w Hen a car left the Roadway sheared off a Telephone pole and struck a Stop sign. State police said the cards unknown Driver abandoned the vehicle at the crash scene. Damage to the car was estimated at $200. Clerical error fort Worth Tex. To a Jessie Marshall was freed Friday after being held in jail More than six months due to a clerical error. Maj. William Morgan Stevenson at Helm Adlai Stevenson United nations Security Council president for March and presiding Over the in Council for first time held Eye glasses and Pencil As lie listened to discussion at United nations in new York City March to. Puffing Cigar is hag Hain Harskjold in Secretary general. Ai wire photo . Ends week where it began United a i ions . It a the United nations general Assembly wound up the first week of its resumed session today apparently As far As Ever from agreement on whether to lop cold War items off its docket. The smaller nations still looked for the soviet Union and the United states to reach some Accord on weeding out controversial issues but they could derive Little encouragement from East West exchanges so far. Main sticking Point appeared to be soviet insistence on a full airing of the arms question highlighting soviet Premier Khrushchev Scall for total disarmament. The United states reportedly wants discussion of disarmament issues but will defer full debate until next fall and spend the interim in quiet negotiations. Some diplomats were hopeful the says sewers would Cost Morel Bond question fails editors note the following article is one in a series dealing with the Dixon sewer Bond referendum to he held March 21. The author of this article la a representative of the financial consulting firm employed by the City. By Noman Johnson of Paul d. Speer municipal finance consultant an article in this newspaper Friday dealt with the financial details of the proposed $1,350,000 general obligation tax Bond Issue to be voted on March 21. Several questions have risen concerning the consequences if this Bond Issue is not approved. Similar purpose general obligation tax Bond. The difference could be As much As one half of one per cent. The principal and interest of these Revenue Bonds Are paid from a sewer Servile charge computed As a per cent of the water Bill instead of from taxes. The higher risk and greater number of delinquencies involved in collection of sewer service charges As opposed to collection of taxes accounts for the difference in interest rates Between the two types of Bonds Hor similar reasons it is also desirable that the revenues provide a safety Factor margin Over and above the principal and interest requirements and such Factor May run As much As one and one half times. Revenue Bond financing is a thoroughly accepted method to pay for Many municipal Lucerne producing the state sanitary water Board has repeatedly criticized the City for pollution of the Rock River. It has also refused to allow new connections to the sanitary sewerage system because the present sewage treatment Plant is operating beyond its capacity. Additional sewage collections would Only increase the problem. Should the Board order the City to improve its facilities or pay a penalty the City might have to turn to a Revenue Bond Issue to finance these improvements. Due to the nature of a Revenue Bond the total financing would necessarily be in a greater amount and could run As High As $1,500,000 to provide for additional costs such As interest during construction. Investor acceptance of sewage Revenue Bonds is such that the interest rate would be greater than for a improvements. However there is no present Hewer service charge and it is Felt that if such a charge were instituted the Burden principal interest and safety Factor margin would be greater than if these proposed improvements were financed through general obligation Bonds. Based upon the 1959 assessed valuation for the City of Dixon of $57,-073,590, the general obligation tax Bond debt incurring Power of the City is $2,853,000. There Are no general obligation Bonds outstanding at this time. Since there is ample margin to finance other desired municipal projects at a later Date through general obligation tax Bonds the City can utilize the tax Bond method of financing these proposed improvements in order to keep the Burden As Low As possible. Immediate approval of this program and the method of financing will effect additional savings beside interest Cost. By approving this program now the City has the time and Means of being selective in choosing construction contracts and financial terms. If the City is compelled by the state to improve its sanitary facilities the City might not be in a position to seek the most favourable construction and financing terms. Talks just concluded in Siberia Between Khrushchev and to. S. Ambassador Uewel Lyn e. Thompson might have a fruitful bearing on the Congo and other issues facing tile Assembly. These delegates believe Khrushchev a reaction to the message Thompson brought from president Kennedy might decide whether the soviets will press their demands for liquidation of the to. N. Congo command and their slashing attacks on Secretary general dug Hammarskjold. Diplomats speculated that the Thompson Khrushchev talks May also help determine whether the two Powers can agree on dropping cold War items from the Agenda. African delegates a number of african delegates have been pressing for immediate Assembly debate on the Congo crisis but with the Security Council scheduled to continue discussion next tuesday on Iacini violence in see i a. Page i Oil the inside. Neighbourhood news Page builders news Page local news Page society news. Page editorial features. Page sports news Page weather partly Cloudy and colder tonight. Low in mid 20s. Sunday partly Cloudy with Little change in temperature. High sunday 42-16. Dixon Tom Hes official High Friday 45 Low today 33 12 30 ., 42. Unofficial readings at 4-hour intervals ending 8 . Today. Noon .39 Midnight 39 4 pan l l i 31 8 39 8 Anil 34 the unofficial High Friday was 44 the Low was 21. Sunrise sunday 6 13 . Sunset 6 Sunrise monday 6 11 . Sunset. 6 01

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