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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Dixon, Illinois Dixon evening Telegraph serving the heart of Rock River Valley for More than a Century dial at 2-1111 110th year number 47 Dixon Illinois saturday february 25, 1961 to pages Price seven cent floods displace thousands South a i twin Huymh. I newsroom notes a the Way now seems Clear for an expansion of the Dixon menus Garden club Petunia project. Mayor George Lindquist has notified the club that the Council feels the proposed placing of wooden tubs along Galena Avenue will not create a too great a Hazard for the Community and is Worth a i the club which last year Drew Praise from Many quarters for its petunias planted along Galena Avenue South of third Street and along East seventh Street wants to extend the work by placing Redwood tubs at 22-foot intervals along Galena from third Street North to the River and in the Block North of the Bridge. The club will handle the entire project. Members plan to canvass the merchants located along the Avreet involved for funds. The Money would be to cover Only the Cost of the tubs and the plants. The club would furnish the labor of planting and placing tile tubs and would remove them at the end of the season. Before the subject was introduced. A club member got opinions from the merchants involved and he said almost All were willing to contribute to the project. The whole idea seems destined to grow even More. We be heard talk that merchants in the West end of the business District want Petunia tube too it sounds As if a spontaneous movement will be starting to get some Flowers onto Peoria Avenue and first Street. Switching from Flowers to garbage a memo from the mayors office sets out problems concerning the City s land fill dump South of the Cine tracks. The first problem is that of private trash and garbage collectors who make their rounds in the country and Small villages and then dump the refuse in the dump operated by the City of Dixon. Amboy apparently has the same problem. The second problems involves papers and other debris which is scattered by the wind. Naturally. People living in the area Are not too Happy about this. So the City officials Are called upon to devote their attention to More effective methods of control Over use of the dump. R. T. Floods continue one pair of boots keeps two people dry in flooded North Montgomery Ala. More than three inches of new rain fell on the Cradle of the confederacy a the eighth straight Day of torrential Rains. Nea telephoto pair kills three in three states Minneapolis up a behind them Are three killings in three Days in three different states. Ahead of them lies the Shadow of the Gallows the possible Fate of Charles n. Born 28, a one time carnival Barker and Charles e. Kelley 20, a curly haired parking lot attendant. The third victim of their guns tornadoes add woes damage by the associated press floodwaters continued to Rise in Central Alabama and Mississippi today As Winter dealt another severe blow to the deep South. Died Friday in a Hospital at Council Bluffs Iowa his body torn by seven bullets. Three other victims still Are hospitalized. A in 19 years of police work i have never heard of anything so cruel and senseless a said det. Capt. Cliff Egeland of the Minneapolis police. A there s no Way to account for chilling statement Brown and Kelley did account for it however in a chilling statement at Council Bluffs in which one explained a i give As my reason the fact that i thought they might identify us in this for that Howard Trowbridge. 52, a Milwaukee Salesman died and satellite s a radio brain is dead Cape canaveral Fla. I a tracking stations scanned the skies today on the slim Chance that a a radio brain satellite is orbiting the Earth despite a malfunction in the upper stages of Hie launching rocket. The 75-Pound satellite designed to investigate the effects of the ionosphere on Long Range radio and television communications was hurled aloft from this spaceport Friday night in the nose of a four stage rocket. The ionosphere reflects radio Waves Back to Earth and thus is vital to communications. The National aeronautics and space administration announced the first stage of the Juno ii performed perfectly but 20 or 30 seconds later radio Contact was lost with the vehicle. Study of telemetry data indicated a malfunction. A the payload did not. Achieve its planned orbit a a statement said a a but there is some possibility that an orbit undetermined at this time was even if the satellite is found it would be useless to scientists because its radio voice is gone. This failure stymies an Effort to learn More about the ionosphere an electrically charged Field which surrounds the Earth. Weather Cloudy and cold with occasional Snow flurries today. High near 30. Partly Cloudy and a Little colder tonight with Low around 15. Partly Cloudy and warmer sunday. Dixon temperatures official High Friday 42 Low today 24 10 30 ., 33. Unofficial readings at 4-hour intervals ending at 8 . Today. Noon 28 Midnight. 24 4 Pun 26 4 24 8 26 8 27 the unofficial High Friday was 38 recorded at i The Low w As 24 at to . Sunrise Munday 6 35 am. Sunset 5 43 . Sunrise monday 6 34 Sunset 5 44 . Joseph Koch a Minneapolis bartender lies in a Hospital with six Bullet w funds. They were shot Down monday in a Minneapolis tavern. A Little More than 24 hours later a 60-year-old Omaha liquor store attendant Harry Goldenberg died without raising a Finger to harm his assailants. A i took this old Man into a rear room and told him to turn said Kelley. A the did no Tao As i asked so i shot shot iowan a Day later Alvin Koehrsen 54, Walnut Iowa and Earl Vencel. 32, Council Bluffs were shot. The fleeing gunmen stole their cars. Koehrsen died Friday in Council Bluffs. Voncel remains in fair condition. In Minneapolis James Peterson 17, a filling station attendant lies in critical condition his brain possibly damaged by bullets that came from the same gun that killed Trowbridge and wounded Koch. Brown a parolee from Indiana had been working with Kelley in a parking lot Here. Paw n shop guns last week they bought two guns from a Pawn shop with Money taken in a Holdup in which they used a screwdriver disguised As a gun. From saturday until wednesday they shot and killed or maimed every Day until police armed with shotguns took them off a bus bound for Kansas City to. Iowa authorities said they would file murder charges Early next week in the Koehrsen death. Brown and Kelley remain in custody at Council Bluffs. Maximum penalty for murder in Iowa is death by hanging. Iowa Bank thefts spread Knoxville Iowa up a examiners were at work today Clearing up details of Iowa a third big Bank embezzlement in two months. The latest came to Light Friday w Hen Eldon l. Job. 59, president of the Community National Bank and Trust co. Of Knoxville hanged himself leaving an estimated half million Dollar shortage that stunned this to wit of 7,817 in South Central Iowa. Job left a a dead Many a confessions saying that he used the Bank a Money through forged notes to cover bad investments and to make donations around town. Sheldon unlike the situation at Sheldon in Northwest Iowa where a $2,-million embezzlement closed the Sheldon National Bank the Knoxville institution w As covered by a a million Fidelity Bond which officials said More than took care of the shortage. Business at Community National w ent on As usual. The Sheldon Bank closed on Jan. 16 with the arrest of the assistant cashier pumice Geiger. She admitted the embezzlement and later was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The third Case occurred at Malvern in Southwest Iowa Jan. 30. John e. Willard 40, vice president and cashier of the Malvern Trust amp savings Bank committed suicide authorities said after a $55,000 shortage was discovered. Funeral private funeral services were to be held today for Job Knoxville a erstwhile leading citizen. He had been in the banking business Here for 40 years. Lumumba its in capture of City Iso confined to cells in Sheridan Sheridan up a about 150 youths at the Sheridan state training school for boys have been confined to their cells As a precautionary measure. A there Hast been any real any acting supt. A m. Monahan said Friday a but we just done to want anything to Monahan was put in charge monday of the schools 331 youths aged 12 to 20. After Clarence Farber was fired As superintendent. Farber has been accused of permitting brutal treatment to inmates of the maximum Security institution. Through interview s school officials Are trying to Weed out troublemakers from 94 youths in a single cell Block who were among those confined Friday Monahan said. Inmates confined must eat meals in their cells and Are denied rec a Saiaonai privilege. A tit i Farber was dismissed by the Illinois youth commission after its chief investigator Paul Terril conducted a six month probe of school conditions. Oliver j. Keller commission chairman said earlier this week Terril reported several youths said they were beaten questioned while naked and confined naked in dark room known As the Dungeon none of those in confinement Are in the Dungeon area now Monahan said. A state Senate subcommittee investigating Terrill a findings is scheduled to open hearings March 2 in Sheridan. High water displaced thousands in four Southern states. Tornadoes and damaging winds brought More woe to at least three others. Early today rain turned to Snow in Northern Mississippi and Alabama As temperatures began to fall. No accumulations were expected however. Montgomery the weather Bureau at Montgomery said rain ceased in Central and South Alabama today and none was expected through sunday. Montgomery wag preparing for possibly its w Orst flood since 1948 w Hen the Alabama River Rose 21 feet above flood stage. The Alabama was at 52.5 feet and still rising. Flood stage is 35 feet. The weather Bureau forecast below freezing temperatures in flood stricken North Central portions of Alabama and Mississippi tonight. The Atlanta ga., area was deluged with 5.67 inches of rain within 24 hours. The body of Mike Smith. 18. W As recovered from a flooded Creek into we hich he drove from a w asked out Road near by Ford 25 Miles Northeast of Atlanta. Red Cross the red Cross in Washington said 2,800 families have been affected by flooding in Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Georgia. National guard and civil de sense evacuations will Send the figure much higher. Six thousand persons have been displaced at Hattiesburg miss., by flood Waters of the Leaf River third of that City is under water some As much As 12 feet. Tornadoes and High winds up rooted Trees and damaged build Ings in Alabama. Georgia and South Carolina. No serious injun ties were reported. Bad pallier the threat of bad weather continued with a weather Bureau report of possible severe thunderstorms. Hail damaging winds and some tornadoes expected in Southwest Alabama Central and Southwest Georgia. A weather Bureau warning of possible s e v Ere thunderstorms Hail Lumumba its take Refuge in . Camp a congolese Mother carrying baby under one Arni and Small chair on the other balances a trunk on her head As she enters the United nations Malayan units Camp in i Leopold Ville Fob. 23. Woman is followed by Little girl who carries an Oil lamp while trooper watches at right. About 200 persons Many of them members of the late Patrice Lumumba a National congolese movement have sought Refuge in the Camp. A wire photo via radio from London hecklers attack negro marchers raise threat of civil War concerns . Leopold Ville the Congo up a pro Lumumba forces took Over the City of Lulua Bourg some 500 Miles rom Leopold Ville a and the congolese Central government today gave the United nations six hours to Clear them out. A Force of around 300 moved into the town after a journey of some 800 Miles from Oriental province. A u. N. Spokesman said the intruders apparently a a merged with the Garrison supposedly Loyal to maj. Gen. Joseph Mobutu commander of the Leopold Ville governments army. The news sent a Jolt of alarm into officials of the Leopold Ville government. Congolese vice Premier Jean Bol Kango delivered an ultimatum to in. Headquarters saying that if the u. N. Forces did not act against the intruders within six hours the congolese forces would take measures of their own. by taking Over Lulu Bourg capital of Kasai province Antoine Given a rebel regime controls half of the Congo s six provincial capitals. Lumumba is elements have Long held two other provincial capitals Stanleyville in Oriental province and Bukavu in Kiva province. Lulu Bourg is in the North part of Kasai province and its people Are overwhelmingly supporters of the late Premier Patrice Lumumba. The 2,000-Strong Garrison in the Rusk Adlai huddle Washington Ltd it a Adlai e. Stevenson . Ambassador to the United nations confers Here today with Secretary of state Dean Rusk on the Congo situation. Stevenson a huddle with Rusk follow s More troubling news from the struggling african state. At the United nations Friday Stevenson expressed a revulsion and Shock Over reports of la More political assassinations in the Congo. The killings this time were reported to be at the hands of the Lumumba is regime of Antoine in Stanleyville in revenge for the earlier assassination of leftist Leader Patrice Lumumba and some of his lieutenants. Kennedy president Kennedy met for two hours Friday w i t h australian prime minister Robert g. Menzies. In a joint communique they said they a deplored current attempts to twist the tragic events in the Congo into an attack upon the United nations the soviet Union has Laid the blame for killing of Lumumba Ai the door of . Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold and called for his resignation. The United states has declared full support for Hammarskjold and the efforts of . Forces to restore peace in the Congo. Stevenson Stevenson said he would Confer with asian african nations on a whether new Steps should be taken now to condemn All political violence As i suggested last a Stevenson Resolution to that effect was killed by a soviet veto ust week in ult Security Council by the associated press for the fourth straight time White hecklers attacked damaging winds and some negroes marching through downtown Nashville tenn., after tornadoes issued late Friday night i. ,. R l a for Southeast Alabama was with stand in demonstrations at four motion picture Heaters. Drawn Early this morning. Police said rocks and eggs were thrown at about 125 demonstrators. Niu Cipal officials and then Friday night but that there were announce to that All a group con no serious injuries. Some of the cent ration of any sort would be throwing was done by White youths Bannet Uii tii further notice. How in a parking lot across from a Ever he said the edict did not theater. Mean prohibiting furrier Antiser one White youth was arrested on legation picketing. A charge of disorderly conduct for Rock Hill has been a focal Point throwing eggs. J of negro student demonstrations negro students in recent weeks. The demonstrators mostly negro College students were marching Back to their meeting place at a suing j Church when the Rock and egg throwing started. White persons turned out in Force Charles Wigginton 1606 ninth suit asks sales tax refunds three Springfield a Springfield companies Are Illinois officials to recover about $425,000 in stale Sale states paid under protest. The suit filed Friday in Sangamon county circuit court contends transactions among tile firms involved services not subject to the state retailers occupational tax. The plaintiffs Are the Allis Chal mers manufacturing co., Central Illinois Public service co., and Central Illinois Light co. Named As defendants Are Theo l or apparently poisoned Here see Lumumba its Page i to harass the demonstrators on the st., reported to police Friday that three previous nights. At Houston tex., police arrested 14 Young negroes during a sit in demonstration at the Union Railroad station and charged them with loitering. Houston arrests it was the first arrest of integration demonstrators in Houston. Negroes and a Hite persons have picketed Houston Heaters the past one of his Hunting dogs apparently had been poisoned in his Kennel some time thursday night. Miss. Wigginton said the dog had appeared to be in Good health thursday night but was found dead Friday. The dead animal was a Coon hound. A Bird dog in an adjacent Kennel was unharmed. Do lie inside. Dote j. Isaacs director of reve nue Joseph Lohman state Tress two weekends user and Michael j. Howlett a City officials of Rock Hill s. C editor of Public accounts. Banned downtown demonstrations neighbourhood news Page 2 Allis Chalmers also submitted a in a move designed to strengthen builders news. Page 3 motion Friday that the court in police efforts to curb violence in local news. Page 4 join the state from removing the the Industrial City near the North Socle in news. Page 5 monies the firms Hope to recover Carolina Border. Editorial features. Page 6 from its fund of protested taxes. Mayor John Hardin met with1 sports news. Page 7 legislators a experimental greyhound proves a Winner London up a seven British legislators have really gone to the dogs in making a study of dog racing in Britain. They bought a greyhound and the Fleet footed Pooch is proving a Champion. The i awl makers. Five conservatives Cand two labovites dropped political differences to recommend unanimously that the government spend More Money fostering greyhound racing. The sport is followed by millions of betting britons but one of the legislators conservative Godfrey Lagden said a we feel that greyhound lacing in taxed too the government takes a percent age Cut of Beta nude of crop amp a Tbs tote machines at the track and also levies an entertainment tax on admission. The legislators paid around $400 for their greyhound and named it a Aback Bencher the term refers to members w to sit in the Back of the House of commons and steadfastly support the party leaders w to sit up front. A Aback benches a won his first six races. A we re not really belting men a said Lagden. A whether he wins or loses he will give us valuable experience in the greyhound w orld that will be useful in discussing the subject in the House of a my colleagues and i Are interested in the problems of the greyhound Industry a particularly in the idea of making it once again a Breeding Industry in Britain. A we Felt tile Best Way and the pleasantest of finding out about racing was to get in it. A Well go and see him race when w e have the time and May be put a Lew shillings on prominent Walnut Man takes Lite Walnut a a Bureau county Coroner s jury returned a verdict of suicide by Carbon monoxide poisoning in tile death of a Rural Walnut Farmer Friday. Rollo Hensel 78. It. I Walnut was found dead in his car at 6 30 Friday on his farm 12 Miles Southeast of Walnut by a tenant Farmer. Maynard Carter. Carter found Hensel in his Auto in a garage on the Hensel farm. Tile garage doors were shut. Bureau county sheriff s authorities said the ignition of the car was found on but the motor had stopped running. The Back window of the car was rolled Down. Hensel had not been seen by friends and neighbors since late wednesday afternoon and no definite time of death was set by authorities. A coroners jury Impan eled by Wally Salsman Tiskilwa Bureau county Deputy Coroner returned a verdict of suicide by Carbon monoxide poisoning from his car Friday night in the Ross funeral Home Walnut. Hensel was born sept. 8. 1882, in Bureau county the son of Madison and Sarah Taylor Hensel. He was a lifelong Bureau county resident and was a retired Farmer. He was Active in Community affairs a member of the Board of directors of the Walnut Grain co. And the first National Bank was president of the Walnut Library Board a member of Walnut rotary club a member8 of die Board of the Walnut methodist Church and a member of the churches brotherhood class he is survived by a Niece. Mrs. Betty Madison Santa Barbara Calif. Funeral services will be held sunday at 2 30 . In the Walnut methodist Church with the Rev. Ernest Cummings pastor officiating. Friends May Call this evening in the Ross funeral Home. Burial will be in Oakland cemetery Princeton

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