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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Dixon, Illinois Jar the Man and the myth editor not follow inn is another article in a series by Walter Lasky excerpted from his forthcoming Hook if the Man Ani the myth Macmillan by Victor Lasky copyright i98a, by Victor Casky North american now Spaller Alliance it was amid the debris of Stevenson a electoral disaster that John Kennedy launched his own drive for the presidency. He had Good reason to lift his eyes As he put it a from the up to the for when the Senate convened in january 1957, he returned As one of the nations better known political figures. In 1957 Kennedy made some one Hundred and fifty appearances throughout the country. And he was spending a Good Deal of time in the South where his began drive like True son of the confederacy close invention loss to Estes Kefauver had made him a hero. Before the year was out Kennedy had become known As a a Dixie a favorite a southerners were Damn Nice to me at the convention Quot Kennedy told columnist Bob Considine. A and before that and Ever since. I could t ask to meet finer higher minded people than i met speaking recently in Virginia Georgia and Kennedy had become so popular below the Mason Dixon line that in december 1957 the Christian science monitors Bicknell Eubanks was Able to report a a glowing feeling throughout the Region that the Bay Stater May be the one to head a third party in though Kennedy criticized Eisenhower a role in Little Rock not once did he suggest How he personally would have handled that explosive situation. Only when pressed would he uphold a without applauding Quot As the a put it the supreme court decision on school desegregation. A whether we favor the decision or oppose it Quot he said in november 1957, a it is going to be carried out. It is the Law of the land there is no a final from aside from its noticeable restraint the statement was not entirely accurate. The fact was Law of the land or not the decision in its specific applications was being appealed on the eve of his arrival to address a democratic dinner in Jackson Mississippi the Republican state chairman challenged Kennedy to state How he Felt about Little Rock. The next night Kennedy found fifteen Hundred pairs of eyes staring at him expectantly. Quot i have no hesitancy Quot he said a in telling the Republican state chairman the same thing i have said in my own City of Bostons that i accept the supreme court decision As lie supreme Law of the land. I know we do not All agree on that issues but i think most of us do agree on the necessity to uphold Law and order in every part of the no response from the audience. Then Kennedy attacked a and now i Challenge the Republican chairman to Tell us where he stands on Eisenhower and the remark probably the non sequitur of the year brought Down the House. And his audience let Loose with rebel veils when Kennedy observed that the then Gap National chairman Meade Alcorn bore the same name As one of Mississippi a More unpopular reconstruction governors. For this remarkable display of erudition Kennedy then and there won the presidential blessings of governor James Coleman. In 1958 governor Coleman again endorsed Kennedy for the presidency. A the South likes Kennedy a he declared at the Southern governor s conference. And judging from what others were saying about Kennedy at the conference the associated press reported. A you would think that he was Dixie born a descendant of Robert e. Lee and a Man who eats Hominy grits and Corn Pone three times a just As Kennedy a cuddly rela Lions with Southern segregationists would tarnish his Liberal image in years to come so has the Kennedy profile suffered from his refusal to turn his Back on Joe i earthy. The trouble with wilting a in rank like profiles in courage was that. It opened up the whole subject of Kennedy a own courage. The test was Over Mccarthy ism. And How Kennedy faced this test demonstrated much about his character integrity responsiveness and As Eleanor Roosevelt put it his a convictions Quot and As Westbrook Pinter put it his a moral or As Arthur Schlesinger or. Put it. A Kennedy s misfortune was that by writing the Book he invited particular attention to his own circumspection in the Mccarthy but the test was also one for Arthur Schlesinger or. And his fellow liberals. And most of them failed it As badly As did Jack Kennedy. For among liberals the one thing that had Long separated tile Good Guys from the bad Guys was the Issue posed by the senator from Wisconsin. To the Schluc Sig ers it Al. This was the unbridgeable Gulf. Anyone who refused to make known his unequivocal hatred of mccarthyism or to speak of the a a unspeakable a Mccarthy in any terms other than those of total abuse was automatically declared Persona non grata. There could be no exceptions. Yet an exception was made in the Case of Jack Kennedy even though he refused to utter the ritualistic phrases condemning mccarthyism. And in making the exception the liberals brought into question their own principles. Perhaps the answer can ire found in the historic words uttered by Arthur Schlesinger or. In Harvard Yard in March 1960 a i guess in a nostalgically for Stevenson ideologically for Humphrey and realistically for and quickly added that he would gladly work for a any two legged Liberal mammal who might beat the liberals in other words were quite willing to Swallow John Kennedy mccarthyism and All in the name of beating Nixon at All costs. See Juk. Page 7 a weather quotable mostly Cloudy with scattered showers and a few thundershowers tonight and sunday. Not so cod tonight lows in the 60s. Dixon evening Telegraph serving the heart of Rock River Valley Tor More than a Century at learning a Fountain it is Sweet to drink but it is a nobler privilege to think. A. G. Saxe 113th year dial 282-1111 number 206 Dixon Illinois saturday August 31, 1963 12 pages Price ten cents jury from no. Labor Day is such a familiar fixture on the National Calendar that it la somewhat surprising to realize it la one of our most recent holidays. True the first labor Day was held in new York City As far Back As 1882, and by 1894 Congress had legalized the Observance in the territories and District of Columbia. Yet Only for the past 40 years have All the states officially observed it. Four decades is a Short time in the life of a nation even one so Young As the United states. But labor Day is i rally established As a National habit. Undoubtedly this is because the Holiday has come to Mark the end of summer in our minds with schools starting up immediately afterwards and families split up into their various pursuits. It s the last Holiday until thanksgiving a Long three Day weekend just made for a Short trip or an Outing or perhaps it s an Opportunity to finish those chores around the House that have been put off All summer. This is so much the Case that most of us never think of the original reason for the Day that it was established As a recognition of and tribute to the american Labouring Man. But though we still Call it labor Day it is no longer labor s Day. Very few even those of us who carry Union cards will attend a labor rally monday. Few cities have parades any More. Yet at one time j labor Day was a Magnet drawing folks downtown to the Park to listen to the band and speeches and shoot off the fireworks left Over from the fourth of july. On one hand it is regrettable that the american scene has changed so much that we tend nowadays to Retreat from each other into our immediate families that labor Day has become a private Public Holiday. On the other hand this change in labor Day is part of the penalty of Success for the labor movement and for America. With recognition of labor has come the loss of a certain Militancy a certain separateness from a other Quot americans. No labor Day is no longer labors Day alone. It belongs to All americans for All of us Are labourers in the sense that the work we do contributes to the country a strength. Perhaps the name a labor Day is a Little anachronistic in 1963, almost a Misnomer. The word Quot Labory is not quite Broad enough to encompass the meaning the Holiday has acquired. It should have a name that tells the world just what free americans have accomplished for the working Man what we have achieved in the Way of the Good things in life not just material comforts but the Basic freedoms so much of the world has never known. The name for this Day should Tell the world How we Honor the working doing accomplishing Man by casually taking a Day off from the routine not by massing ranks of uniformed lathe operators or High school cadets and parading them in front of our a maximum still maybe we done to really need a new name for the Holiday. Wre All know what labor Day Means. Vietnamese Parade near . Agency demonstration hails diem in Saigon courageous Miner reports no Bora Hazleton a. Iwo a courageous Volunteer has ended speculation that missing Miner Louis Bova might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were rescued. With this Hope for finding the 54-year-old Bova ended drillers continued work today on several 100-Yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the whereabouts of Bova who has been missing since a mine Cave in at nearby Sheppton aug. 13. Early today All drilling was halted for five minutes while a microphone was lowered into a six Inch Shaft and an attempt was made to communicate with Bova. The Only sound coming Back on a Loudspeaker was that of dripping water. So hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by Volunteer Andy Drebitko 36, of Pottsville that his identity was not disclosed until after he had been hauled Back up a 308-foot Shaft and reported no Trace of Bova. The Shaft went to the chamber from which Bovais companions David Fellin 58. And Henry throne 28, had been rescued last tuesday after two weeks entombment. A Remote controlled television camera lowered into the chamber for testing and exploration had picked up what h. B. Charmbury Pennsylvania Secretary of mines had said appeared to be the image of a Man. Drebitko reported a Whit appealed to be the image of a Man was the remains of a plug that had been used to Lase up the 12-Mch Hole before they widened it to 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the rope was curled around the plug. A my inspection of the area where Fellin and throne had been Quot Dre Hitko said Quot indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel front there to where Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the As soon As Drebitko made his report the drilling rigs which had Bern quiet along with everything else except a Generator supplying Power for electric Light started to chum again. Drebitko about 5-feet-8, was lowered into the Shaft by about a dozen men. Holding onto a thick rope. Two dozen others manned three safety lines. Charmbury said that a 22-Inch Hole already started East of the Fellin throne escape Hatch had gone past the 150-foot Mark and would be driven to the Bottom in the continuing search for Bova. A aka photo unpredictable rooster a Marlene Holland of Oklahoma City okla., holds Chicken which she thought was a rooster hut now she is somewhat confused since the a a rooster has produced one eng per week for the past seven weeks. Marlene holds an pkg to prove it. Hot line a now open for business no paper monday the Dixon evening Telegraph will not publish an edition monday labor Day. Publication will resume tuesday. Washington in the historic a hot line Between Washington and Moscow is open for Business�?Busi-1 Ness that officials Hope will never come. Now a tinkle of a Bell in the White House or Kremlin at either end of the emergency communications system May signal the next world crisis. But it May also keep nervous fingers from pressing the buttons that would launch nuclear War. Completion of the circuits made possible by a .-soviet agreement to create machinery for forestalling War was announced laconically Friday night by the Pentagon. Quot the direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow is now operational Quot said a one sentence announcement. The land line and radio system is under the terms of the agreement signed in Geneva last june 20, a for use in time of it would be used when the two chiefs of state needed to Confer directly and quickly because of an incident accidental or unauthorized which otherwise could bring on nuclear War. In urging adoption of the system president Kennedy cited dangerous delays in communications Between Russia and the United states during the anxious Days of the cuban crisis. Administration officials said the line will not be used for Ordinary communications Between Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev or Between the foreign offices of the two nations. Those communications will continue to use Normal embassy channels. The ringing of the Bell part of an elaborate system of sending and receiving teletype machines is the Alert that a message is coining. The telegraphic tickers will stand ready from now on Day and night. Kewanee Man is killed Madison wis. Ibo Donald Smith 47, of Kewanee 111., was killed Early today when his pickup truck overturned after it went out of control and left Highway 78 on a curve Lxi teen Mazomanie and Black Earth. Authorities said Smith was alone i the vehicle. Where to local area news. Page 4 society news. Page 5 editorial features Page 6 sports. Page 8 comic a a a a a a a Page i Saigon South Viet Nam in a South vietnamese staged a massive pro government demonstration in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters today hailing president Ngo Dinh diem and assailing Security violators. Whether by coincidence or intention the demonstration was held at Saigon main downtown mall an intersection of several boulevards in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters. . Officials reinforced the Marine guard at the Agency building and americans were requested to remain indoors throughout the two hour demonstration. The additional Marine guard was ordered As a precaution against incidents that could further Strain relations Between this War torn Southeast asian nation and its . Ally Over diem a hard crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Two More american advisors were killed Friday in the War against communist guerrillas. Government troops guarded the mall in front of City Hall and were posted at the four boulevards leading into the demonstration area. Soldiers with portable radio units were deployed several blocks from the mall. By Early morning about 30. Khz workers and students had gathered at the mall milling under huge banners hailing diem. The demonstrators a from pro government revolutionary groups to civil servants and women in traditional Silken Slit skirted dresses a marched in military formation carrying Pink yellow Green and Blue banners proclaiming support for the government. Officials claimed a turnout of 200,-000 persons but observers estimated the crowd numbered about 80.000. Most of the spectators appeared to be Laking everything lightly joking and chatting with each other and paying Little attention to the colourful proceedings. The greatest applause to speeches supporting diem the army and National Unity appeared to come from Blue Clad pro government youth groups lining the front rows of the Spectator arca. The nation meanwhile slipped into its Lith Day of martial Law amid j promises from government and null it tary officials the restrictions would be lifted soon. Saigon continued to move toward normalcy. On another front however. Communist gunners shot up 18 . H21 helicopters and killed two americans Friday in what was described As one of the fiercest operations against communist Viet Cong guerrillas. Three other americans were wounded. The deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on Ietna Niese soil since the . Buildup of december 196l the toll from All causes including accidents is 99. Hundreds have been wounded. The two americans whose names were withheld pending notification of Kin perished aboard the banana shaped h21 when it crashed in flames 30 mile Northwest of Saigon. A we nerd pro a wire photo Miner rescued a one of five miners found alive after being trapped Rihm feet underground in a Potash mine at Moab Utah is rushed to a waiting ambulance. Two of Ber miners were rescued the Day before. The miners were among 25 who were trapped when there was an explosion in one of two lateral tunnels. Eighteen died. Traffic toll to Rise beg is death log la a. In. Edt 73 traffic 8 boating i drowning. Total 74. A Days events planned by the associated press multiple fatality accidents marred the beginning of the 78-hour la Ivor Day weekend As millions of motorists took to the nations highways for Summers final Holiday. The death count began slowly but puked up momentum saturday til feat of rain Here by the associated press gathering Clouds and a threat of rain cast a Shadow on the labor Day weekend picture in Illinois today. A Days in Dixon starting thurs morning in the first full Day of the Day will feature a full Range of a weekend. Tivi ties and entertainment from pie i raffle accidents had taken 73 lives eating contests to a Horseshoe Tounia As motorists headed for resort areas ment. And the to nos of relatives. I a Midway will in in Ope at on Dor the National safety count-,11 has the fest Val estimated that Between 420 and 520u f of a. by the a Bureau of the Dixon Cham amen cans May die before to. A Ber of Commerce. It will be located monday the death count began at 6 . Friday. The record for traffic fatalities for on River Street from Peoria to Galena avenues. Friday at 8 p in on Hennepin Avenue bet Wen first and second streets a Watermelon and pie eating contest will be held for boys and girls Between the Ages of five and 12 a labor Day weekend is 501, established last year. Two separate accidents took six lives. In Cadillac mich., a 4-year-old Michigan boy and two visiting Ca it a cars radians were killed in the collision saturday morning from to a in. Of two cars at a Rural intersection until noon aunt Jemima will be in six other persons were injured. The same Block serving free pan i Bree persons were killed and cakes with free Coffee or milk. Three were injured when their ear saturday at 2 . A calf auction. 1,111,1 a Chi pc and shuck a Utility a Jujj a. Hold in the municipal parking Ioie Casi parole in Webster n. Y., a suburb scattered showers were for Northern Illinois saturday night i of Rochester. And sunday. Scattered showers were the safety Council estimated that Legat ded As Likely in the Southern motor vehicle travel during the Long half of the state sunday. Temperatures Sank into the 50s during the night but moved up in the daytime toward the High 70s and Low 80s. Lot East of the chamber of Commerce office. The beef to be aug arc 20 animals which were ,. Aio4i. ,5�vpn 20 Dixon area youths who weekend would total 8.4 by lion Imes a a a i. ,.,.,i to a them As calves and have kept a he no aim in Nice nov in a i Anni. Them during the year. The 20 Black Angus calves were donated by calf the heaviest in history for Day weekend. The lowest traffic toll for a a Bor Day weekend was 246 in 1946. See a Days Page 4 negro couple moves into Home despite White crowd Folcroft a in a negro couple who moved under heavy police escort through a jeering ugly tempered crowd into their Home in a previously All White area tried settling Down today for what they Hope will be a Long stay in the damaged Home. More than too slate troopers augmented by a detail of a dozen horses remained ready to contain any new outbursts or demonstrations such As Friday nights Rock and egg throwing that threatened to become a riot. Slate police maj Singleton Shaeffer said anyone not living on the formerly peaceful Street where the Horace Bakers now reside would be kept out. A thousand or More jammed into the area of modest Brick Row houses in this Philadelphia suburb Friday night. The Bakers once inside kept All lights off. Early today after the crowd had dispersed Baker 26. Came out of the House briefly and told a stale trooper a sorry i caused All this trouble. But i Hope everything will turn out he Shook hands with a priest on the Street and several neighbors again began jeering. One shouted Quot let me shake your hand Baker returned inside where his wife and several companions were sitting in the dark. By this time Only a dozen troopers were patrolling in the immediate Vicinity challenging everyone who appeared however 132 troopers in All were on Call. Baker indicated his determination to stay even before he moved into the House whose Interior had been wrecked by vandals. A fire bomb was hurled through a window Early Friday. He said a this is a Challenge. And if we can to live up to a Challenge we have no place to go a Baker a Laboratory technician for a Camden. N.j., firm said he and his wife Sara 26, a nurse at Philadelphia Hospital a Only want a decent place to live. We will obey and respect the Law and Hope other people they left their 2-year-old daughter for an indefinite stay with mrs. Bakery a relatives in Sellersville a. The Bakers under a 50-trooper escort were unhurt. At least four persons were injured including a trooper and woman As tile demonstration reached its Peak hours after til Bakers had entered the Row House. Eight persons were arrested among them a University of Pennsylvania professor James Van Dyk and thre juveniles. Van Dyk earlier in the Day had appeared in front of the hoax with four White ministers to lend moral support to the negro couple

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