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Dixon Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 2

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Dixon Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Dixon, Illinois Pate s saturday april a 1965 Dixon evening Telegraph published he b. F. Shaw printing co. Established 1851, Dixon Illinois you could at least talk to him Quot member of the associated press with foil leased wire service the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for Republican on of All news credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and also the local news therein. All Anghis of republication of special dispatches herein Are also reserved. The revulsion against Gas in a Century unmatched for its invention and employment of hideous weapons of mass destruction our revulsion against chemical warfare appears paradoxical. Although International Law prohibited the use of poisonous substances in War As Early As the Hague convention of 1907, Gas was first used on a Large scale by the germans on the Western front in 1915. This was chlorine. The allies quickly replied in kind and other types of Gas such As Mustard were developed. So were most of the other methods of killing we still use today. Frightening and insidious As it was. However after the first Shock Gas proved to he an extremely limited weapon. It was often As dangerous to the attacker As to the attacked. It surely did not compare to the machine gun. Which rut Down tens upon Lens upon tens of thousands of men during four scars of stalemate along 400 Miles of no Many a land. Vet it was not the machine gun. Nor the equally deadly submarine nor any other weapon that was outlawed after world War i but Gas. The Geneva protocol of 1925 extended this prohibition to All a bacteriological methods of a cynic might conclude that Gas was abolished not because it was inhuman hut because it was ineffective. The protocol was a praiseworthy gesture that inconvenienced no one. Still Public opinion against Gas was and is very genuine. Moreover since 1925 much More powerful gases and Means of disseminating them together with new forms of germ warfare. Have been perfected. It is this that lies behind the criticism especially that of our friends of our use of nausea causing Gas in Viet name the fear that it May open the modern Pandora a Box of unlimited death. But there is no reason Why this should be so. Any More than the use of bombers in Viet Nam should inevitably Lead to their carrying nuclear bombs. As one British columnist Bernard Levin recently pointed out. What we have done is to take the first step toward waging a War that does not kill. Realistically War is a practical business. Its immediate goal is to Force your will upon your opponent. Through the Ages that has been done most efficiently by killing or maiming or starring him. Since we seem unable to abolish War itself. If new Means could be devised to temporarily incapacitate an enemy instead of destroy him. And if they could be made More practical than bullets and bombs and fire would this not be a Boon dear Ann by Ann Landers today in history dear Ann Landers i am 11 years old and i did t think id need you for a few years yet but Here i am. My parents Are the greatest but they have one corny habit that makes me mad. They keep telling me How easy kids have it today and then they get to Harp ing about How Tough things were when they were my age. My dad grew up on a farm. He got up at 4 30 in the morning to milk cows and gather eggs and bring by the associated press today is saturday april 3, the 93rd Day of 1965. There Are 272 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1860, the Pony express began when a rider left st. Joseph. Mo., speeding the mail Westward. The time to the West coast was Cut to 14 Days from the 30 to 40 Days required by Stagecoach. On this Date in Wood. My Mother was a City girl and she said there were in 1783. American author Days when there Wasny to enough food in the House to Washington Irving was born feed All the kids. In 1865. Gen. . Grants we live in an apartment and a ing with a boy i will Call Doug forces occupied Richmond a. In 1936. Bruno Richard Haupt his parents Don t Mann was executed for the kid they would t let us have cows j Las. We Are both 17. Douglas and chickens up Here even if we comes from a prominent Well things Dixon talked about from the files of the Dixon evening Telegraph 25 years ago the mature Parent by Muriel Lawrence dear mrs. Lawrence please help me get along better with my Boss. I think he enjoys needling me. I d quit except that this is a Small City and jobs Are hard to find. He changes his wanted to. The Only Wood we to do family need is for the fireplace and a Man brings it. There is no Point in getting up at 4 30 in the morning because i done to have to be in school until 8 45. Is it True that things were so much harder in those Days my folks Are quite old a like you. How about the truth a crackers dear crackers your folks probably grew up during the depression and you can believe them when they say things were Tough. Some people had nothing to eat at Home so the government and private agencies set up soup kitchens. It s Fine to Tell children about to his parents that you Are a think i am Good enough for him. Nap murder of Charles a. Lind the problem is that Douglas i Bergh or. Curfew is earlier than mine and in British planes Crip his folks get mad at me when he the German battleship Tir Honie late. Naturally t comes want to stay out As late As i can and so Long As i have permission Why should t i am 1 right or wrong a picked on dear picked if you want to help Douglas maintain a peaceful relationship with his parents Pitz. In 1945. Van red to Okinawa. Ten years ago fire in a Ater in Liege. Belgium killed 39 persons most of them Chil . Marines and the East coast of the forget about your curfew and Dren. See to it that he gets you Home in time to Honor his. This will not Only make life easier for Douglas but it will demonstrate those Days because it s a Pari of history but to criticize kids because they have it easy today makes no sense. The products of the depression did t choose to be poor it just happened. Considerate responsible girl a and not a trouble maker. They might even deride you Are Good enough for their Douglas. A a 1945 publishers be Wisp a Gand Lyste five v ears ago a the television equipped satellite tiros ii was successfully sending Back pictures of the surface of the Earth. One year ago a the United states and Panama resumed diplomatic relations and Hazierd to meet to remove causes of friction. I ate in every Way. The Woods Are manager Harry Bates of the so dry at present that a fire Dixon Home Telephone co., and could easily sweep through the mind about what he wants said Ben Shaw both members of the Park and destroy it. I in Lions club scout committee at a of 1 tended the regular weekly meet j0 prevent a plate slipping ing of troop 89 last night the when Vou set it on a cake of ice and he has t paid me. But he dear Ann Landers i picked at my husband and nagged him until he lost his temper and spoke harshly to me in front of a letter and then flames me children. Then i threatened him with a divorce. The next Day i telephoned his Mother his brother and two Sis for taking incorrect dictation i have worked on Hoh Davs for him television program highlights Library Corner troop was presented with a in icebox put a can rubber criticizes me in front of custom prs an j Gavi it them All the ugly Large collection of woodworking such a you use on a Mason Jar tools and equipment which were Ancier it. Ers. New non fiction in Jima. By Richard f. New just before the civil War Here is the Story of a daring and Appeal comb. The full Story of the land-1 Melv Loyal clan of rogues my of the american Marine Force \ , in he Ganges by Man on a tiny Rock Only 700 Miles from j Ohar a Lonkar. Love adventure Tokyo and the epic Fie week a s 0f heroism and violence Campaign that followed. It is told blend with the authentic Back from both the japanese and american Point of View by a Man who interviewed hundreds of iwo veterans. I Tome from the Slone age by Heinsch Harrer. Told in diary form this is the Story of Heinsch ground of the times and the fascinating mixture of old and new ways in India to make this an absorbing novel. The intruder by Anton Myrer. Gardner Law ring successful architect lives with his wife Janet initiated at once. Attorney Robert l Warner of the Lions club committee was the donor of the Fine gift. 1 Louie Bevilacqua left by bus this morning to fulfil his obligations under the contract to pitch for the Deland. Florida baseball team a member of the Florida state league. Dixon fans who have watched Young Bevi Lacquay a career with interest answer done to Tell me you can t quit. You May not have to if you la Stop being so scared of the idea of quitting.,i want Vou to let that idea with a radio party and a up lodging in your head so that you can get used to it and then finally embrace it. Not As an awful Prospect but As a promising one. I won t say one word about How to a get along a with this sadistic Man for whom you work. It s his knowledge that you re miss Fern Fluke is entertaining a few friends this evening Eon. Misses Marcella Brenner and Anna Wood Are spending the weekend at the j. M. Preston Home in Morrison. A of George mix jr., who is pm loin in wishing him the Good played with Beaman a orchestra afraid to quit that enables him Luck he deserves in his first step in Milwaukee spent monday in to abuse you. It s that fear of Oregon and on tuesday. Or. Yours which ropes you to the Harrert a adventurous expedition and their Young son in a Boson into the Interior of new Guinea in 1962. The silent explosion by Philip Appleman. A documented study of the world s population problem a its extent and its effect upon future generations. Suburb. Suddenly violence tears the fabric of their existence As up the ladder. Postmaster and mrs. George Fruin returned last evening from Belleville. Illinois where they and mrs. George mix or. A Mast so that he can keep you bound and immovable while he flogs you. You can t fight. You can t run. There s nothing to do but take it. The Only was to beat him is to take that whip of knowledge proposed new residence which Awa a from he who can 1 it of the Anglo Swiss company will ener am he not on of in a a Quot fencing by Hugo castello and for a something special Quot to Hap attorney Elwyn s. Wadsworth erect on the Beautiful grounds not Al isl Lam j01 3ut los smal will be on the air tomorrow Over East of the factory and Over Vours. An intruder forces his Way into i had attended the annual Conven the Law ring Home. The catwalk by Richard b. Foo a haunting novel Alx it it a simple Man who Waits All his life j companies him Back to Milwaukee. 75 years ago when the Page Brothers return Tion of the Illinois chapter of from new York work will be the National postmasters Asso commenced immediately on the elation. James castello. Systematic instruction in foil fencing by two of the country a Foremost fencing masters. Two lives in one. By Emma s Woytinsky. The moving Story of two remarkable people their life and their work a from their 1916 meeting in Siberia through the turbulent years of revolutionary Russia Europe in the 1920 a hitlers Germany and the Washington of the new Deal. The Glamour Magazine part Book by Eleanor Elliott How to give a successful party the Way we live today whatever the occasion. Done to panic. Mother by Peg Boland. A Mother s eve View of not Only the Home and Hearth but Aho the world around us. Prize stories 1%5 the o. Henry awards. There Are 18 Short stories contained in this 45th volume of a distinguished series the lord guide to outdoor living on flu Els. By Burgess h. Scott and Franklin m. Reck. All the latest developments in camping Ami outdoor recreation a full color photographs of Brand new ideas in camping Glt a and gadgets. Americans favorite fishing. A Complete guide to Angling for pan fish easter Garland by Priscilla Sawyer lord and Daniel j Foley. Easter Garland is a delightful Panorama filled with the history traditions symbolism customs folklore and legends of the resurrection. The Odyssey Book of american wildflowers text by h w Rickett photographs by Farrell grecian. A handsomely designed Book with every one of the 300 Flowers rep relented shown in a Large full color photograph. New fiction rogues kingdom by John Brick. Based on the historic exploits of a notorious family which ravaged the prosperous farms and town of la East in lha years pen to him and when it does it comes with mystery and truth. The Gold of the River sea by Charlton Ozbum. Or. Here is a masterful novel in which the passion for Gold is combined with a Pursuit of an Ideal love. Both Are surrounded with the machinations of intrigue and political revolt. The Burden of god. By Gilles Marcotte. This is a Story of a Young priest s experiences from the Day of his ordination to the time some months later when he a finds understanding of his True role As a vicar of god. Mysteries and westerns the death bringers by Dell Shannon. Mcvey a Alliv by rav Gaul Den. Six guns on Skeleton Ridge by Ben Smith. Station Wajd Chicago at 2.30 looking the City. Here is where o clock on the debater s forum the late colonel Dement hoped hour of the John Marshall Law school of which he is a graduate. 40 years ago to build a Home. A of another Star will soon be added to the american Flag. The details. The phone conversations took the better part of the afternoon. After talking to them i became so ill i had to go to bed when my husband Camp Home he railed the doctor. The diagnosis was Low blood sugar thy. Roid trouble and total exhaustion. I was Given a special diet medication and ordered to bed for five Days. Now 10 Days later i fee like a new person. But in a so ashamed i telephoned my inlays that i can to face them my husband has been an Angel. Not once has he mentioned the phone Calls although i m sure they told him. This letter is not a request for advice. It s a warning to other wives who May be nervous and run Down to keep their troubles i inside the Home Walls and see a doctor. I wish i now dear sorry you made a mistake but even mistakes can be useful if we learn from them. Now that you Are feeling better Call your husband s family and say you Hope they will forget about your previous Call. Pres ram to change without not be w he of a Channel 4. Rock Miaad a Gad Oia Ruih 8. Moline of Jock Chapoci i. Day a port. Wre a Channel 13. Rockford Channel i �411 rd4y 1 30 Enn Speris 12 Oft 1 to Lucy 12 .30 pm a Telee Oura 3 Ltd lbs Golf cd 1 30 Checkman 4 a or. A a t 4 h 30 lbs Golf Elsisie it do Tva a # a a it 3 3ft Racket squad ,4 .0 world Vav to i 4 Oft passport to danger k 10 la be 4 3ft code three 6 30 mgt Favord 5 Oft s for 1 he in a it a .4 3ft m squad n 4 00 Bat Masterson what s my i Jackie Ilea so 30 4 30 7 30 Gilligan 10 16 cd do g 00 ret agent 8 tree. 00 Gunson a 10 of the Saint ill mall 11 00 across to we to 7 4 s to beg Missouri 7 so cartoon fun �1 via 4 v % 00 rapt Kar. 14 a a t Oft he v no 9 00 mormon con suit la c m to 3ft Christoph 10 tj�4red or 11 00 to a in to i., 11 30 be to a ten 12 00 be Dirksen it 14 the Talomo Prog srm in in a ill 45 go 12.00 Decer Channel g Charles Bolton has opened up House of representatives has a Fine department store in Nel passed the Bill admitting Wyo son the store including a res Ming to the Union. The vote Tau rant. Barber shop dry goods was 139 to 127. The logical con Etc. The store opened for business wednesday morning. Delusion from the democrats Vole is that they do not favor the admission of and territory this bully Isnit the problem. Its your own submission to restriction. And that s All part of your submission to his meanness. It s because y of can t even imagine anything bigger and better and happier for yourself than this enslaving Job and in a a promising town that your Boss self so that the Prospect of quit finds it easy to make you feel Ting begins to lose some of its i Ujj forbidding terror for you. Create to quit a Choice for yourself Between dear Ann lenders i am go Small and incompetent i m not telling you i m asking you to let the notion staying and quitting. If you do president k. N. Howell of the As state unless there is an a of a a a Quot in in a that imagination this bully will know it right Dixon Park Board announces Solute guarantee that the Dom that All precautions Are being Oer ats shall not Only control it taken against possibility of for at the time of admission but est fire in Lowell Park and the shall continue to do so Indef Public is asked to be consider nicely. Of yours. Write to your away. And the moment he knows state employ you can run if you want to hell ment Agency about jobs in big Start treating you better a if Ger towns. Ask friends How work that s what you want. Personals in other cities. Inform your by i would want no part of him. About 30,000 people die every year throughout the world As the result of poisonous Snake bites. About 5.000 More Are killed by other fatal bites or stings. The great number of deaths occur in the Indian subcontinent and in Southeastern Asia. Most venom is injurious Only when it is injected deep into the skin or deeper tissues. Almost All venoms Are harmless if taken by Mouth. a Tuia social Security questions and answers q i am getting social Security program should pay benefits to benefits on my husbands social a worker at 65, whether he stops Security record although we Are working or not. Not living together. If i divorce a. Tor one thing it would him do 1 have to report it and greatly increase the Cost of the will that affect my monthly Bene program. All employees and pm �411 pm 41 12 0ft break thru 12 3ft world of Colar g p a.3 45 comm or a i music 4 Oft world of a a Olor it. To Golden Opportunity it 3ft Watt Fri 4 0ft Psi Gray 4 30 Flipper 7 00 Kentucky Jones 7 30 or Magoo 5 to Warpet a 1ft Oft new 10 20 a will stall �1 vp4t of Faith for Tod a 30 sunday worship 0 on this i the life 9 30 furl Emu rid of color conver Moo 11. 30 Junior Achi Emmist 12 00 nov and weather 12 1.4 commercial music 12 30 Frontier of Faith 1 00 Kaleidoscope 1 30 wonderful world �4t1 rd4t 12 <�0 american Bandit and 1 Oft youth Speaks 1 30 to a to us 3 00 social Security in action 2 00 is 3 Oft a 4 00 w on m 30 prof world in no new 10 20 Quot six s a Here ill mall 4 it it daily word 7 of today 9 00 truth it a consequences 30 especially for you to 00 concent ration 10 30 Leopard 11 00 cell my Bluff 11 .30 i la bet 11 is new a 12 00 new 12 1.4 Cim inn t a 12 30 let Mae a Deal 12 45 new 1 no moment of truth 1 30 doctor Channel 8 12 30 Midwest Frim report 1 00 Aba play off 3 00 Amer Irin a Pertann 4 00 Crea or Grenne Horo open 2 15 sen Durksen report 4.00 no a v swimming a fit Check plovers under the program would a yes it of must report the have to pay a higher social secur divorce to the social Security 1 Ltd tax rate estimated at 4 of admin Strati an. The final decree on percent each and a Elf pm of divorce ends your status As a played persons would have to wife and your benefits Stop unto contribute an additional estimated 2 30 pro Bow Ler tour 4 no world of sport 5 30 All Star or a twin 4 3ft King family 7 3ft Lawrence walk 3ft Hollywood pal 4 30 Valentin a Day 10 .00 12 o clock High 11 00 news 11 1.4 nightlife variety 12 45 new w i m�4t 9 25 morning in per Mon 9 .30 be no and Cecil 10 00 Roll Wmk 10 .30 i co Ery 4ft 1 1 00 Dpi Lou 11 30 youth Spek 12 00 direction 44 amp 1% by his inc. ¿0 Long Jerry have a meaningful vacation Quot the month before the month the divorce becomes effective. Q i plan to retire this year. I was 65 on january 15, 1965. When should i file for social Security benefits a. You should file for your benefits now so that there will % of one percent. In addition full payment of benefits at age 65 would defeat the Basic purpose of the program. Social Security is intended to partially replace earnings that Are lost when a worker retires. If a person continues to work full time after 65 for Signi not be any delay in receiving Vicant wages he has not lost any your checks after you retire you earnings and therefore does not will need to submit some proofs met this requirement for social when you file your claim. If you need any help in securing proof of age your local social Security office will help you. Q Why can to every worker get social Security payments even though he continues working after Security. In recent years the Law has been liberalized to allow higher part time earnings under social Security while still allowing receipt of at least some let ene fits. However full time work at substantial earnings will still pre a it 6�? it seems to me that till it elude receipt of Pooai Security. Diving 4 Oft Ltd oiled cd p 4 30 the general mgr Phy 7 30 or it dam �00 1 Vav r Hunt a it 40 new 10 10 nightlife 11 40 new m4>\n 4v 4ft morning Trp a to it a 5 4ft Continental go or Tom 9 14 King Leonardo 9 30 romper room in of True adventure 10 30 a rare 1 right 11 00 Donna Reed 11 30 father know re to 12 Oft Cebu Channel 13 12.15 new 1? Oft amerion bin mind 12 30 men into space 1 00 do in for the i of Talent time future 1 30 science a a tar 1x0 Supe reer 2 Oft Dealu pm thou a 3 00 Mcaa ski 3 00 american sportsman champions hip 4.0ft Tea j 00 Mcaa swimming a 4 3ft Amateur hour diving Gamp Longship 5 Oft twentieth Century 4 1� r11at 4 00 wide world of sports it 30 Lloyd Thaxton 6 10 new w Eather sport 4 3ft tackle Glea of 7 3ft Lawrence Voelk s 3ft loll Wood Palace 9 3ft Oun Moke 10.30 new weal her. Sport 11 00 swamp water 12 30 new Rop Young 12 4� a the beast of Budapest is n l�.4t 7 45 Joe Emer on 8 00 sunny semester 8 30 Oral Robert 9 00 ministerial association 9 3ft mormon conference 10 3ft discovery �?T65 11 Oft Beany and Cecil 11 .30 Casper 12.00 Davey Aad a Oculi. 5 .3ft Muter de 4 of Lassie 4 3ft the general 7 30 broadside 8 00 no time for sergeant s 8 30 Michaie s Navy 9 of candid gamer 9 30 what s my line 10.00 new weather sport 10 30 a War Hunt m4>\Day 6 30 Sunrise semester 7 00 Joe Emerson 7 15 red Roundup 7 30 breakfast. With Roddy Mac 8 00 capt. Kangaroo 9 00 clutch cargo 9 05 romper room 9 30 Tea 1 it 0ft Andy Griffith 10 30 Price is right 11 00 love of life 11 25 news li.30 search for tomorrow 11.00 love of Lex a 2 3ft a a the Lumi 3 i a 4 a i 1 e 4> a v a a a a % a h i i it. The truth v a i Fuyumi is Riporti 10 30 imperil a lady 7 in v in 1 -145 v a by in this i t a nil Ltd pkg a Uit Roo a a a a it k a Quot a a \ru1y Griffith a a e of life. If of Don is a get 3 3� he or of or 4 i in 01 4 Oft new a a a 4 30 i Fyk us a lift 9 a it a if j it lilt a Cox son mint Jeh nov c aria 12 .05 a a a 4 55 ii 1 Day icily word 9 00 truth or 9 3 1 especially for you 1. Quot Vincent ration 10 3ft j get Pard a 11.00 a ill my Bluff 12 30 f a pm report 1 .00 1 30 flame in the wind n # % 2.00 let eral Hospital 2 3ft Young married 4 00 six Enre All stars 5 00 Stanley and i 30 Livingstone 7 30 no time fur a Oft Serc an Wendy and me s ,0 9 00 movie Oscar awards 11 30 new s a it ii 1 �141 morning inspiration 8 45 Vinyl rental 9 15 King Leonardo 9 a romper room 10 Oft 3 Rue adventure 10 ,0 Price 1� right 11 08 Donna Reed 11 15 guiding Light 12 .00 weather 12.0.5 Tete to Tete 12.15 news 12 30 As the w orld turn 1 .00 flame in the wind 1 30 House party 2 00 i Leneral Hospital 2 30 Edge of night 3 00 secret storm 3 30 1 rat master i 30 Woody Woodpecker 5 00 Donna heed 5 30 news 5 45 news weather 6 00 Addams family 4i 3u voyage adventure 7 30 Andy Griffith 8 .00 Lucille Ball 8 3ft Bing Crosby 9 of movie 44.sear award 11 50 movies Tea 6.30 1 1 i d 45 7 00 Joe Emerson 7.15 red Roundup 7 30 breakfast with Roddy Mac 8 00 Captain Kangaroo 9 00 clutch cargo 9 05 romper room 5 30 Tea 10 00 Andy Griffith in a 30 Price is right

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