Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, July 29, 1906

•vttXvtvWmmw11v.v.v..: \rMost beautiful and at times most unhappy of all Boston girls, for the eighth time in her young life, Elsie Richmond Love ring Stinson, over whose charms men have raved and women gone distracted with envy, stands in the limelight of publicity.Blessed with a type of loveliness which the great French actor, Cociueliri. declared to be the highest he had discovered in America, Elsie Richmond began life as the only daughter of the Rev. William C. Richmond, well known at one time as the .pastor of the Warren Avenue Church in Boston.It was the separation of her father and mother which first called attention to the pretty dark-eyed girl and brought the name of Elsie Richmond, daughter, before the public.Then came Elsie Richmond, the chorus girl, who in a bevy of pretty chorus girls might even then have passed unnoticed if Coquelin, attracted partly by the homeliness of her chum on the stage, had not noticed, through very force of contrast, the beautiful lines of the young girl’s svelte figure, the large, dreamy brown eyes and the raven hair, and the ivory skin just tinged with rose.At once newspapers caught up the phrase.Elsie Richmond in a day became a famous beauty.Fame brought her many offers. There were photographers who took her in a thousand poses, artists who painted her in a hundred attitudes, and, lastly, men who wished to marry her.And Joseph Levering was her choice. For him she left behind fame and fortune, and the once professional beauty was content to be the wife of an electrical engineer.But it was not destined that Elsie Lovering should remain long in obscurity.Married at 18, by the time another year had sped, she and her husband were parted, just as her mother and father had separated, too, and the sensational divorce case of Loveringit 11wardsmanageferenceMr. I missed duringof fouiCitizen.vs. Lovering, in which both sought to secure the victory, once moie thrust the beauty before the public.Elsie Lovering won.Her wedded happiness and unhappiness both being of the past, people were yet a little surprised to learn, a few months later, in February, 1905, that she had again determined to try matrimony.Quietly and secretly, Elsie Richmond Lovering and William Stinson, a well-known professional bicycle rider, met at Providence and married, returning to take up their abode in a South End apartment house.But that her second marriage was to prove no happier than her first was shown when she left Mr. Stinson.“Interference from other people,” was the terse explanation given by the husband and wife, and there the matter rested till La Belle Elsie became the most noted contestant from Boston for the prize in the great beauty contest in New York.So close was the contest that lit looked for some time as if on Elsie Stinson’s dark hair would surely rest the laurel crown, hut, despite the lamentations of her beauty-loving admirers, it was awarded to another woman, and again Elsie Stinson’s cup was running over.And now once more is Elsie Richmond Lovering Stinson to the fore, for Joseph Lovering, who first won her heart and hand, is to be sued by his second wife for divorce, as he was by his first.Marrying in New Hampshire before the two years' limit which the laws of Massachusetts impose uoon the person from whom the divorce is procured, and residing in Winchester with his wife, who was Miss Ida Sanborn of that place, the latter, who lias lately left him, at first considered asking for an annulment of their marriage, but now, through her lawyers, seeks divorce, with alimony.| ms ana ner parents liveopposite ends of four golden links.Beauty Bears a Bitter Burden