Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 22, 1968

SaintsOnBraniganRun DoesThe TrickBv ! \m: BR0( kmannOne thing for sure, the Santa riara Saints arc going to have a rough road ahead of them this sea .son after suffering a 12-7 setback Saturday afternnon against St. Bernard’s Vikings at Houser Field.A 9;i-yard punt retiu’n by halfback Mike Branigan early in the fourth quarter ended a short, brief lead for the Saints and eventual victory.Stati.stics — wise, the Saints outplayed St. Bernard on the ground (144) and through the airway (IKl) but .still came up on the .short end on the score-Ivoard.liimble ItecovervSt. Rei-nard’s first touchdown was set up by a fumble recovery on the Saints .IR-yard stripe •Seven plays later, quarterbackMike Flores rifled a seven-yard pass to fullhaek I’.nan Ciehlev for the TI).Quarterback Abe] .luarez for the .Saints completed 1(1 of 20 aerials for ll.'l yards but alsoconnected with three Viking receivers for interceptions that ended a Saint drive each time.Early in the fourth nuartcr, .luarez engineered .Santa Clara into the end zone with 11;40 remaining in the game. The kick by Juarez was good, for a 7-6 lead.,\xe FallsFollowing the kickoff. Saint tackle Jeffrey Hollis recovered a loose ball on the 30-yard line of .St. Bernard, giving the locals another .shot for a touch down.Fallto St.BernardYard Return/12SA.NTA CLARA ON THE MARCHPat Machado of Santa Clara High School include George Laubacher (50), Alark Lin-rips off gain in opening football contest of net (82) and Phillip Alarcotte (70). St. Berthe season with St. Bernard’s. Other Saints nard won the game, however, 12-7.Braves' AlouHriniak TooMuch for SFBoston's Culp Hurls2-0 Blank at YanksNEW YORK (AP) (’ulp allowtKl oneRayD.hitBOSTON.......... NEW.YORK...xy . Ob r h bi ob r h biAlvorodo iS ^ 0 0 0 Clorke 2bSAX FBA.NClSf'O (AP) - Fe-Btn after two incomplete pas- seventh»’nniak s field.-r'.Ti... ‘‘.'vI., I.?..*' ' hilt;c tap m a two-run eighth4 0 10 Gibbs c 4 110 Mootle bforeefl to punt Then the blow . i. .u . j .uH orn the axe landed. ''•.luarez b,„»te,l from his lt;,wnWhite s two-out single in ^seventh inning—in hurling the!lt;Horeisn rf ^oi i wh*te if. , OJones lb 4 0 10 Peoltone rfRed Sox pasn the Neu pov ihankfM's 2-0 SiiturtUu for Thomo^I -1 ^ * ’ Gibson Lhis sixth cons^fs utive vietor\. ^II to Flr;tnig;m on the 7. With few side step- lt;ind hip moo\'or Son I'Yoncisco SaturdavEfHirgf' Thomas’ sixth inning homer gave (’ulp. r-5. the only.... I . Bostonrun h(’ needed. ( ulp struck out York10 0 0 Tresh s 112 1 WRobnsn rfI 0 0 Cot 1h1000 Rohnson p HnwAor nh4 0 0 C4 C 0 C2 0 0 C3 0 1 C 3 0 0 C 3 0 0 C 3 0: c1 0 0 f2 0ft' 10 0^78 031 7 7 7 Tofol ......... ftOO OfO 0 10I.V..J ...» u A .. Mill rixrtrtnu. ' uij» ^iinvri «Mn Tom ..... 000 000 000—J, . f/ . .u (ra\Iord I oir\. who pitc hed a .. . .. lU/v dp—n^w i i OB-Rostoo *linns. hf‘ off to thf' races no-hi*ter against St I^ims in his . .h.imm ' Newvork ?.inri the deciding se(»re previous .start, took a l-o lead straight shutoutThe Saints made a final bid mio the eighth, when the FiravesIfor a come-from-behind win but filled the bases on singles \i\ . ^ ieould only gel to the pmyh hitler Ralph fJarr, Alou YOUnO L/OuO18 as the gun sounded. ^nd Felix Miilari. ^The Summary:Score by Quarter GaiT SCOrod on a foi’CO at SCCSanta cirra I!0 0 0 t^fond and Alou tallkxi when FFn-St. B—Gehley 7 pass from Fiores niak topped a high bouncei' in^'sC-?u'lfr« 2 run fJuare. kirk)St B—Brantfan 93 punt return Hlck DietZ WaS UlKlble tO lOakC (kick fa.ledjIB —lt; Hflrr^ljprThomoA (U,Culp (W.15-51 7 10 0Bnbns^n fL.10-11) .7 7 2 2T_2 01 A—32.721HRFan NarrowlyMalonev HurlsEscapReds' ShufoufATANTAStetlstlct St. Benard Santa Clara6 First Downs 11120 Yards F^ushtng 144 ob r h bl2\ ^ Yards Passing IIJ paI(xj rf 4 120 Bonds rf'■ Passes Att.-Comp 20-10 vtl(an 2b 4 0 2 0 Hunt ?b« Pas^e^ Intercepted 3 HAoron lb 40 11 Cline IfSAN FRANCISCO1.S4Total Nyet Yards2^7 for reob r h b3 0 114 0 2 C 4 0 3 00 0 0 McCovev Ih 0 0 CLOS A.NGELES (AP) - Anational television audience watched a young baseball fan narrowly escaped sencus injury Saturday during the fu'st inning of a game bi'lween St.f Anic rtfirl t)ilt;» I fw AnrrpU'kHOU.STON (AP) - Alex .lohn son’s bases-loaded double drovi in three runs in the eighth in ning and Jim Maloney’s four-hr pitching carried the CincinnatReds to a .5-0 victorv over tlu Houston A.stros Saturdav