1952 0911 Press Courier Doom Haydock School. Pupils Move Next Week.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 11, 1952

rHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1952OXNARD PHONE 6-2357PRICE 5 CENTSrayrfitddi-i,d10y10?-dygnPitniOdc-0dodanePupils MoveNext Week;h d eiFAMILIAR LANDMARK—HAYDOCK SCHOOL, will be abandoned this week as a hazard in event of an earthquake. Lorena McClendon, 12, and Jimmy Papa, 10, arrive for classes thismorning and pause briefly in salute. —Press-courier staff PhotoTemperaturesDrop to 41r-nreeadBrisk westerly winds yesterday were followed by falling temperatures in Oxnard last night as the mercury dropped to a minimum of 41.I-ni-aydt-l-Coldest spot in the county as usual was Rancho Arnaz, located between Ventura and Ojai, with a near-freezing 33.It was relatively warm at Ventura with a minimum of 5fJ and at J ’o. * Huent) le wheiL tne light station reported 4 low of 54 at 4 a.m. It was 45 at Santa Paula.The Navy weather station at Point Mugu recorded an hourly wind velocity of 25 miles per hour between 2:30 and 4:30 yesterday afternoon with gusts up to 35 miles per hour.The Port Hueneme light station reported winds of about 35 miles per hour at 8 last night.VOTERS MAY STILL 'REGISTER TONIGHTWitnesses'Bonds AskedThe deadline—the absolute deadline--to register for theNov. 4 general election is today.If you’re over 21, and will have lived in California a year and in Ventura County for 90 days by Nov. 4, you had belter register right now if youwant to have your say in government.For the convenience of late rc«isU'|Ms, City Clerk lUhe! Dale ’ T keep her office at the eu,; hall, Third and A streets, open from 7 p.m. on.For those living on the south end, Mrs. Kenneth Heaton will do the same thing at her home at 246 Fast Cedar street.Fined S50 inDove Shootingae; o esCouncil DecidesBolich Indictedyye'Harmony' BetterThan Cash Refund■Ifm*I-yi-City fathers decided last night to let bygones be bygones and to write off $370 which they have been trying to collect from county supervisors for the past several months.Councilmen were seeking the sum as the amount they overpaid for boarding of city prisoners in county jail. Supervisors apparently were willing enough to pay the money, but decided against it upon advice of District Attorney Roy Gustafson.In Tax EvasionNEW YORK (U.R) — Former Assistant U.S. Internal Revenue Commissioner Daniell A. Bolich was indicted today on five counts of income tax evasion by a Brooklyn federal grand jury investigating tax scandals.Bolich, an executive in the Brooklyn tax office prior to his term in Wushingtin, was charged with evading $7,444 in income tax payments during the five years from 1946 to 1950.In Washington, Attorney General James P. McGranery said the special Brooklyn jury “is continuing i t s investigation,” despite an announcement pre-It was hard to tell the defendants from the witnesses in Ojai Justice Court yesterday.Three men, Brian Gordon ofVrentura, Rollo E. Spurgeon of Ventura, and Albert Minor, no address listed, were arrested inthe Cuyama Valley on Sept. 1 with 38 doves in their possesion, and charged with exceed-ng the limit of 10 doves per person.They brought three men as witnesses: Robert V. Lewis, Santa Paula; Kenneth Roberson, Santa Paula; and Robert Newton,Ventura.The defendants said the 38 doves found in their possession were actually shot by the three witnesses and then given to them. The witnesses denied this.But Deputy District Attorney James Dixon apparently believed the defendants, and moved for dismissal of the charges against them. He then brought the charges against the witnesses, -who were found guilty by Justice Boyd Gabbert. He fined bond issue and a $950,000 stateHaydock School will be abandoned as an unsafe building, Oxnard Elementary School trustees decided this morning.The 400 fourth, fifth and sixth grade Haydock pupils will be moved to adjacent Driffill School on Monday, or at least during the week. The move will require 16 of Driffill’s 20 classrooms to operate double sessions, Supt. Richard Cldwes said. Driffill now teaches kindergarten through the fourth grade, and three of its classes wrere already on double sessions. Thirteen classes will be moved there.Meeting in an extraordinary session at 11:30 this morning, trustees also decided to call for a $500,000 bond issue Oct. 28 to provide for a continuous rather than “spasmodic building program over the next few years to cope with the ever-expanding increase in enrollments at Oxnard’s seven elementary schools.Engineer’s ReportThe decision to abandon Haydock was based on a report from the structural engineering firm of Hillman and Nowell, which said:“This building, (Haydock School) although appearing to be in good state of repair, would be hazardous to occupants in the event of a mild to moderate earthquake. It is possible that extensive damage and extreme hazard to occupants would occur if the building was subjected to an earthquake of the intensity experienced recently in the Bakersfield area.Even after extensive repairs, the engineers reported, “the risk of occupancy during an earthquake (would be) relativelyParents Hear StoryAll these facts wrere told last night to a group of businessmen, civic leaders and parents at Haydock School.They were told that the $500,-000 bond issue would serve as a reserve fund, to be used as needed within the next few years, eliminating the necessity of going to the voters every year or two with a new bond issue proposal.Only $253,546 of the bond Is-use could be used this year by the district, according to the law governing a district’s bonded indebtedness. Balance of the money could be used on a graduating scale over the next several years.State Loan FundHowever, the district has now available $309,988 left over from the combination of a $150,000Lewis, Roberson, and Newton I loan granted in October of 1950. $50 each on the charge. In addi-1 This balance, together with the tion, Lewis and Roberson paid proposed $500,000 bond issue, and$20 fines for having loaded guns In their car.P. S.None of the six willanother $500,000 that would be available from the state, would provide for the construction ofever taste the doves. They were I four new schools, completion of ordered turned over to county I Kamala School, and replacement jail to feed prisoners. of all temporary units within'Plane Crash' Prove*two years, Clowes said.