Disaster Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Sat, Sep 6, 1958.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 6, 1958

?vv *OXNARD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1958VOLUME 51 NUMBER 57—PRICE TEN CENTSPupils FightInleoration9ArkansasMiss CA IJl’OKXI.X, Sandra Lee Jennings of Riverside, has won the bathing suit competition in the Miss America pageant at Atlantic City, NJ. Shown with her is Anita Marie Hurschof Goshen, inri., whose dimensions come closest to those of the composite Miss America. They will compete with 50 other girls for the Miss America title in this evening's judging.—UPI TelephotoSelection of Miss AmericaTo Be Seen on TV TonighJL.VAN RIIREN, Ark. (UPP School officials and police today prepared for a week of tension at Van Huron's 650-pupil high school where dozens of belligerent white students stagedanti-integration protests.Gov. Orval E. Faubus said he had no plan to go to Van Buren or to sign any anti-integrationbills the Legislature passed last week “for the next few days.’’“I don’t think anything is going to develop,” Gov. Faubus commented. “Reports I have had from observers on the grounds indicate there is very little trouble.’’Student StrikeA group of 50 white students continued its strike against integration Friday and succeeded in keeping Negroes out of Van Buren High School and Junior High School.ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UPDThirteen Negro students stay-girls from 46 states, three cities, ed away from the high schoolThis is jackpot day in the Miss Alaska, Canada and Hawaii, America contest. have worked like troupers. FromOne of 52 girls is going to be the time they arrived Monday proclaimed queen tonight, be- every hour has been filled, fore|la ■ nationwide audience.She will be the new America. With the titletelevision mainly with rehearsals for' nightly pageants in Convention Miss Hall .In preliminary judging Wed-$10,000 in scholarships, $15,000 in nesday, Thursday and Friday,prizes, including an automobile, fur* aii(j TV’ set, and a yearlong personal appearance tour that could net her $50,000 to S75.000. K 5six girls won scholarships of $1,-000 each, three for talent and three for bathing beauty.They were: bathing suit —rather than provoke the group of white students who say they will not attend classes again until the high school, integrated last year, is segregated.A parent of a student attending the junior high school said the five Negroes who integrated hi.s son s school for the first time this year failed to show up.The man, who refused to be identified, said white boys i chased the five Negro youngsters out of school about noon.Sandra Lee Jennings, 18, River-Before the judges’favorite girl side, Calif.; Sanita Marie llursh, But other sources said three of chosen, the contestants wilM9, Goshen, Ind.; and Betty Lane the junior high Negroes left— I Evans, 18, Greenville, N.C.|£§;*Talent — Mary Ann Mobley,ENGIXE RACES toward column of smoke rising from crackling grass in Rolling Oaks Estate south of Thousand Oaks. Possibility ofarson in yesterday’s blaze is now under investigation.Press-Courier Photoisselect their favorite entrantMiss Congeniality.With the Miss Congenialityj21, Brandon, Miss.; Billie June title goes a $1,000 scholarship. Turner, New Canaan, Conn.. and The outcome of the beauty Lee Thornberry, 21, Birming-derbv ends a week in which ham, Ala.^ -J - • ’-- -1 . v -g? •World Concerned for Negro Sentenced to Die in RobberyAH IS'TGUMERY, Ala. (UPD“more than 1,000 letters a day1Secretary of State John Poster at his office here. He said Gov. Dulles has entered the case ot'j Folsom “apprised Mr. Dulles ofvoluntarily while the other two stayed until the end of the day.A school official confirmed that only white students attended school Friday.Shortly after school let out for the weekend, four Negro parents entered the building totalk to School SuperintendentEverett Kelley.Gov. Faubus received his second urgent telegraph message Friday from Van Buren segregationists.Parents Appeal“On behalf of Van Buren’sArsonSuspectedinicreBrush Fire in Thousand OaksTHOUSAND OAKSFire- Simi, Moorpark and Los Angelesfriday.Mr. Dulles sent Gov. E. Folsom a telegramthree branches of government James he wouldn’t have jurisdiction saying until the state Supreme Courtthere was world-wide concern upheld the sentence.”for farm hand Jimmy Wilson, 55, who was sentenced to die for the night-time theft.Gov. Folsom has said he would commute the death sentence to iife imprisonment if the Su-Ralph Hammond, Gov. Fol- preme Court upholds the death som’s executive secretary, re- penalty.ported Mr. Dulles said that U.S. embassies had received “numer-Wilson was sentenced underAlabama law which makes night ous letters’’ about the case. lit time robbery of an inhabited id Mr. Dulles mentioned the dwelling a capital offense. Heimmediately. Please give us an answer — Parents of junior and senior high.”The boys on strike nailed a sign to a tree on the school grounds. The sign read: “Chicken whites go to school withJiggs.”Parents of the strikers brought them refreshments during the regular school lunch hour.London Embassy receiving “about lt;00 letters a day ' and the embassy in Ireland “receiving about 400 letters a day., ,, Disturbances also were re-is the lout th person sentenced ported in Kentucky, where to die for the crime m the state.Wilson was convicted of robbing Mrs. Estelle Barker, 82, ofMr. Hammond said Mr. Dulles j Marion in rural Perry Countyon the night of July 27, 1957. Wilson was reported to have stolen three 50 - cent pieces, a quarter and 20 pennies.Mrs. Barker testified during the trial that W ilson, who had worked in her yard on occasion, tried to rape her after he scooped up the money from her bed where she had tossed it.Wilson received an indefinite stay of execution Thursday when the state Supreme Court failed to rule on a motion for a re-hearing in his case.Tropical Storm Ends Threat inwas “very emphatic that he was not trying to interfere with the Judicial or court system ol Alabama but just wanted to inform the governor of what wasoccurring throughout the world.”The governor’s aide said Gov.Folsom informed Mr. Dulles thechief executive was receivingBlast RocksOxnard AreaAn explosion rocked the Oxnard area at about 4:45 p.m. yesterday. It was probably a sonic boom.Local military bases would not claim responsibility for thewhite boys, ranging in ages from 10-12, scuffled Friday with four Negro youths on their way to previously all-white Pride Avenue Elementary School at Madison ville.Woman Injured Auto Crashmen today are investigating the possibility that a 30-acre grass fire here yesterday noon was set by arsonists.The blaze started in two spots some 3,000 yards apart on the south side of Highway 101.Firemen said a woman who was stalled nearby saw two young men in a black Plymouth throw something from their car at one of the spots.The fire was reported at 12:10 p.m. The blaze to the west spread into the grass of Rolling Oaks Estates. Fire engines from Thousand Oaks, Lake Sherwood.County rushed to the blaze.The fire to the east was block-Firemen said the fire might have been caused by sparks from a truck, but arson is sus-ed by the roadway into Rollingjcause.Oaks. Flames were contained in a small area.A bulldozer, rushed from Simi, cut a break around the major fire. It was brought under control at 2:15 p.m.Two trucks rushed from Los Angeles County were reportedly on the scene nearly at the same time Ventura County units arrived.Temperatures during the blazepeaked at 90 degrees, but wind was light. Despite the dry grass the fire spread slowly.Simi Valley firemen had two small fires early today. One on the Hummingbird Ranch north of Corriganville was controlledin half an hour. It was reported at 2 a.m.Just after midnight firemen put out a fire wAit of Santa Susana where flames had spread along 200 feet of railroad right-of-w'ay. The fire was brought under control in less than half an hour. The blaze was probably caused by sparks from a passing train, firemen said.Gulf Coast Area- v(UPDOJA I — Louise Kruyff, 40, of 312 North Blanch street was rushed to St. John’s Hospital yesterday afternoon after her car went off Thacher road and crashed into a pile of rocks.She is in improved conditiontoday, but the hospital still considers her case serious. Officials said the accident caused shock which aggravated a heart con-PremierClaimtoFormosaTAPEI, FORMOSA-(UPI—Red China today rejected the latest United States warning against starting a new war over Formosa. But she held out hopes of an eventual peaceful settlement by suggesting a renewal of the U.S.-Red Chinese ambassadorial level talks in Geneva.The latest Communist stand wras disclosed in a speech by Red China’s Premier Chou En-lai over Radio Peiping.Premier Chou scorned the U.S. warning about Formosa and said it was Peiping’s own business what it did about “liberating” this Nationalist-held bastion.But he said Communist Chi-; na was preparing for a resump- United States had not lnterfer-tion of ambassadorial talks with ed. The F. S. defense agreement the United States in Geneva, at;with the Nationalist government which Peiping had attempted to:was completely illegal, he said, settle the Formosa problem “as and so was the occupation of an internal affair-’ of China Formosa through the use of through jfnegotiations andlfwith-out the use of force.He said the United States hadarmed forces.”Mr. Chou referred to the increased Communist artilWvrejected this approach in the bombardment of the Quemoypast, and added that the United States was using these talksgroup in recent weeks, and said Communist China had “t h eas “camouflage” for aggressive right” to take military action action. for its own security.The talks collapsed at Genevalast December.“Better than ShooiingftIn Washington, a top administration foreign policy supporter said he does not think theislands of Quemoy and Matsu. The statement by Sen. H.The I nited States on July 29 Chinese Communists intend anproposed resumption of the all-out attack on the offshore talks, thisltime atMr. Chou’s answer today, aU. S. official said, seems to clear ., , _ . , the way for a newr round ofi Alexander Smith (R.-N.T.) cametalks at Warsaw, but also makes Ias President Eisenhower inter-clear that Communist China has:rupted his vacation at Newport, not changed the stand on which t° ^ ahington forthe negotiations foundered in finferences on the Far East.the past Still, a U S. official Sen- Smithlt; top-ranking Resaid, “talking is better than!puh,ican on the Senate’s Far shooting.” I Eastern Subcommittee, came outPremier Chou said he would !of a conference with Secretary not allow the United States to of State John Foster tulles Fri-use the Formosa crisis to “hide lt;lav and sa*d * nited States the fact that Taiwan (Formosa) ‘‘definitely” has decided to help was Chinese territory ” and de- defend Quemoy and Matsu clared that if peace were dis- aSainst any Communist inva-rupted when the Communists tried to retake Formosa then thesionAlthough he . insisted he was responsibility must rest with thelnot voic ing Mr. Dulles’ • belief, United States. He added that.Sen. Smith said. “I do not be-Communist China had the right lieve the Communists are going to liberate” Formosa at any time to attack.” and with any “suitable” means. ~~ ........ “Premier Chou repeated the Cl OH 000 V«ce«l Communist claim that Formosa V/V/flAA/ V cjjciand the offshore islands belonged to Peiping and not the Nationalists led by GeneralissimoChiang Kai-shek.Premier Chou spoke as U. S.Marines boarded ships off south-Towed into Port, Its Decks AwashPORT HUENEME —A dredge west Formosa in preparation for: tender, valued at. $100,000, nearjoint U. S. - Nationalist Chinese ly *ank off, here yesterday.j The vessel, enroute from LongNationalist B?ach to Sacramento, was tow-stated into P°rt Hueneme harboryesterday morning with hermaneuvers.Meanwhile, thenewspaper Chifla Post that the Reds were massing an invasion fleet off the Quemoy Islands. Chinese Nationalist Adm. Liu Hoh-tu said the Post’sdecks awash.Quick work with pumps kept the barge-like ship afloat untilcurate.Premier Chou said that the Peiping regime would have “liberated j^orinosa long ago if theSchoois Open Next Weekfigures “are not necessarily ac-l temporary patches to the sever-- al holes in her bottom could bemade.Charles R. McCoy, vice president and general manager of Pacific Dredging Co. in Paramount, owners of the dredge tender, said the holes were apparently never plugged after they were cut in the hull to drain water while the ship was in drydock at Long Beach.Mr. MoCoy explained that the vessel is used during dredging operations to handle the huge suction pipes of the dredges. The tender is insured for $60,-000, he said.Summer ends for county pupils and students next week as schools again open the doors to a sun-tanned crowd bigger and louder than ever.Oxnard High School starts Monday with a record 2,600 enrolled. Starting times will be staggered to take care of crowded conditions. The first group will start at 8:10 a.m., the secondgroup at 9:05 and the final group at 10 a.m.Oxnard elementary schools begin at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday for some 5,070 students. The starting time is 15 minutes earlier than past years.Camarillo elementary schools will start Monday.The WeatherThe Weather: Some cloudiness but mostly sunny today and Sunday. Afternoon and evening thundershowers over nearby mountains. Continued warm.Tomorrow: Sunrise, 6:34- Sunset, 7:16. High Tides: 3.4 at 6:57 a.m.; 4.8 at 5:06 p.m. Low Tides; 1.1 at 12:03 a.m.; 3.0 at 11:02 a.m.U.S. Moon Rocket Attempt1 o Be Delayed until OctoberWASHINGTON (UPD — Diffi-imade in September.” culties in readying a second There was no official explana-aunt mg vehicle were blamed,tion for the postponement. But today for a postponement until authorities said the Air ForceNEW TEACHERS, civic dignitaries and school I morning for annual Teacher Hospitality break-II I* «i * 1-. 1October in this country’s next attempt to fire a rocket to thep __ la new attempt.I he Defense Department an- _______had not been able to get a second launching \*ehicle ready for