Disaster Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Mon, Oct 18, 1976.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 18, 1976

Oxnard High Campus(Continued from Page 1)by roving gangs Following this violence, only about half the 2.170 students came to school during the next two days Police reported no arrests yet from the school assaults, but said arrests ‘are pending Police continued to patrol the streets around the high school today and teachers, administrators and about a dozen parents were on campus to keep control According to Smith, the trouble on Thursday began when two white students jumped the fence and accosted Mexican students. McF.uen said the white students have been identified as being from Frontier High SchoolSMITH SAID that Friday, in between classes, further trouble resulted when some Mexican students were running down the hall, hitting people According to Smith. “27 students are being recommended for expulsion to the superintendent ” However. Supt McKuen said today that he did not think the numberwould be as high as 27.Several parents, at Sunday s town meeting, called by a minority group coalition, why police weren't called on campus. Smith said he felt police weren’t needed because the fighting was over and the situation w as under control.Smith added: I don’t allow police on campus unless I can help it.” He later said: ifpolice are needed on campus, we will invite them on campus ” McKuen also said police would be called if they are needed ”OXNARD Police Chief Rob-erv Owens said, noting he only has 104 men to police the entire city “We can't police the campus We will go on campus if called Some of the parents and students who spoke at the town meeting said the violence started because of racism Ronald Govan. of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and an adviser for the California Youth Authority, said“The problem is racism It comes in more than two colors, white, brown . Manv in the audience applauded Govan blamed parents for giving their children a bad example and said unless people understand everyone is a human being.these problems will continue Rocky Powell, a senior at Oxnard High School, said the racial problem isn’t only the fault of the Mexicans He said two Mexican girls were threatened with a knife by white girls Powell also took issue with some parents who w anted police on campus‘•THAT AIN’T a school.that 's a prison. Powell saidSandra Cervantes also an Oxnard High student, told the, crowd she and others get looks that kill from parents If we get looks like that, what are you teaching your kids ” she asked the parentsRobert Campbell, also an Oxnard High student, blamed the problem on parents who instill racial prejudices in students. “Mexican kids don't like white kids and white kidsdon t like Mexican kids, he saidSchool district Trustee Bedford Pinkard. one of three trustees who attended the 2*2* hour town meeting, also blamed parents for much of the unrest “You've had students longer than the school has It’s a home job you have to do. Pinkard said HOWEVER, parent after parent expressed concern that the school was not safe for his son or daughter and demanded assurance from school officials that something would be doneMrs Shirley Panned, whose daughter was attacked Friday by a group of 20 to 25 Mexican youths, according to police, said school officials refuse to admit they have no control overthe situation How can they stand by inapathy when one student is afraid to go back to school.she said She added that a doctor has said the physical scars and bruises her daughter suffered would heal, but she questioned whether the mental scars would heal Another parent. Charlotte Savage, said her son was attacked by three Latins and had to fight his way free All the kids were carrying weapons. she said “One man had a 38 caliber pistol; there are chains; there are knives It is one race against another VENTURA Supervisor Frank Jewett, after listening to many parents attack the school administration, called this an indictment” of the administration for the way they handled the situation The town meeting was called by a coalition of groups, in eluding IMAGE, the NAACP. the Association of Mexican American Educators, the Minority Education Task Force, and the Mexican American Correctional Officers Association McEuen arrived about an hour after the meeting started and said he was not notified until that afternoon about the meeting, and it was not by the groups who called it The superintendent, when he first said: “If you’ll send vour* Wstudents, we'll assure their safety, was greeted by a reply of “no. no. no McEUEN assured parents the district has enough teach-Bradbury continuously pleaded for the gunman to surrender and free Newman We repeatedly told the gunman no harm would come to him if he would give himself up.” said Anderson But the gunman ignored the night-long pleas ”Finally. Anderson said, officers were able to persuade the gunman to free Newman about 6 18 am However, the gunman refused to give himself up.Shortly after 8am. police set off six canisters of tear gas inside the building and took Kuckuck into custody The guys (officers anders and administrators to handle the problem He did invite parents to come and help out today and about a dozenwparents showed upRegarding weapons. McEuen said; If there’s violence orweapons involved, these people become a police problem. We will file charges.McEuen said only 20 to 100 students of over 2,000 students who attend school “are causing the problem Smith told the parents: You help us identify the culprits We will eliminate the problem.” He added that “hysteria has thrown this completely out of focus.The sponsors of the meeting obtained a list of signatures of persons who were willing to work to help solve the problem and a suggestion was made to set up a student committee to work for a solution of theproblem.According to police, they received reports of three students suffering minor injuries and one teacher being kicked while he attempted to break up a fightMacDonald, Rains Back Prop. 1State Sen Omer Rams. D-Ventura, and Assemblyman Ken MacDonald. D-()jai, have endorsed Prop 1 on the Nov. 2 ballotIf the $500 million-measure is approved, it would authorize the state to sell bonds to finance and construct “badly neededvhousing for the elderly and for low income and moderate-income working families in California, according to a Yes: Prop 1 press releasedIn addition to relieving a housing shortage, the press statement noted that the measure would create 30,000 jobs for unemployed workers in the construction and housing industrywIt was noted that the ballot measure is modeled after the state's (al-Vet Home Loan Program and will not cost taxpayers additional money The housing programs aremembers of the SET team) did a helluva job, said Anderson “We managed to get our man without a single shot being fired and without any injuries ” Anderson said Kuckuck closely resembled the maskedwgunman who robbed two assistant managers of Smith'sFood King. 2401 S Saviers Road, after closing hours the night of Oct. 6 and escaped with about $3,000 Oxnard police said the method of operation in the Smith’s Food King robbery and at Thrifty Drug Store were “very similar.” Kuckuck will be questioned about the Oct trobbery. Anderson saidRprnll Mntirocdesigned to be self-supportingMan Surrenders(Continued from Page 1)