Disaster Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Oct 16, 1904.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, October 16, 1904

rs s.” rs^yssrs « —Fort Punk* yesterday. O——_—___°SEROEANT GEOROE J. NBVINS, killed at the Fort Ran explosion yesterday.CORPORAL ARTHUR BANNISTER Injur**! In tho accident at Fort BenI eland. The at at follows:de-Orent at Qovernor’a epateh In aubstanre a(By Colonel Mills)•’At about to a. m. today, during theregular target practice at this fort, and while loading the mortar for the eecond trial ehot. a pretneture explosion of »phero-hexagona| powder took plaoe.It occurred In the powder shelter of the mortar aa tho breech block wee being doeed. The Ignited powder blew out at the breech and blew off the breech block.yesterday.BOST ON SUNDAY POST. OCTOBER 10. 1004FHREE KILLED BY EXPLOSION OF MORTAR AT WINTHROF