1961 1102Press Courier 1000 Oaks Post Office Ceiling Collapses

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, November 2, 1961

id Oaks Post OfficI\(’FILING (OLLAPSES — Po«(maMer Norman Morrison views wha4 is left of a wire lath ceiling which collapsed m to the loading dock at Thousand Oaks Po$ii Office in Conejo Village shoppingrenter, yeaterday. The building was dedicated laat July 22. An investigation was under waytoday. —Press-Courier Photo1Damage estimated at $800 Postal workers uninjuredfTHOUSAND OAKS — A flO by’ “JaHt Randall dvp Randall On# of Hh^ owrivanifs I* abofvn20 foot ceiling over the loading Engineering Co., general contract-1 the main entrance to the post dock at the new Thousand Oaks'ors, told me today a new and office and another is along one post office in the Conejo Village striictiirally stronger ceiling wilCside of the building. Several hun-shopping center collapsed in one be put in by Nov. 13,” Mr. Ellis dred people stood under it July piece yesterday afternoon. said. 22 when the new building wasNo one was injured. The dock! Post Office officials were ex- dedicated by Howard Nilssen. re-was clear of personnel at the pected to visit the post office to-time, 12:30 p.m The ceiling drop- day to make a thorough inspec-ped approximately 20 feet. tion of the building.The damage was estimated at Special attention will be paid $800 by Jim Ellis, public relat- lo other overhangs constnicted of had completed loading mail for I ions officer for the Janss Invest- materials similar to those used in delivery on their route.s. Postmas-mcnt Corporation, which lea.ses the loading dock ceiling, wnre ter Norman Morrison had walkedoff the doc-k to his car to go togional post office .space requirements officer.About an hour before the ceding fell down, rural mail carriersthe building to the Po.st Office, lath and 2 by 4’s, (rfficials said.May resume testsfew mmutescrash.in airKennedyWASHINGTON, (UPI)President Kennedy sn-H« wae recalled by postalclerk, Joe Pisciotta, the only employee inside the building at the time. Mr. Pisciotta nished outside or hearing the noise to di --cover thaf. the entire ceiling had ci^ashed.Mr. Morrison called the Ran-Meant.une, Mr. Kennedy wanted the world to knownounced today the United States is preparing to resume nuclear testing in the atmosphere if an evaluation ,(jaU Engineering Co. of WoodlandI Hi] Is. officials of the companyShould atmophenc tests become necessary, he add- the scene shortly after-ed, they will be undertaken only to the degree that or- karris and helped clear no the derly scientific development” requires. idebris.., , „ « „ , . , fhie fheorv k that not enoughLIT 'T -or. U.M.) by thlt;. sub-ron.j . . , State Department and military . 4, r*ordering preparation for almos- ^ Catw Company, to sap-phene teste. Whedier such test,s Security Council meetin;? which ^are fired, he wen( on, will de- proceeded the annoimcemenf,. pend on further scientific e\''al-! In a statement issued after theuatior of the Sovirt series ^ building today. It had been ao-the scientific and military needs cu.sed the Soviet Union of .showing ^ .p/ -omoletion bv the de-of the country. } “complete disregard for the 'vel- completion by the de-In this comection, the Pre.si-|fat^ of mankind” by its current dent said Russia secretiv orepar-'of atmospheric shots. I crumpled ceiHng buned^ , nussia .ecreiiy piepar , ^ . copies of the mid-week lasue ofed for her current .se-ics of .shots; He said the Soviet 'Campaignc, . ... . .at the same time Soviet nego-iof fear” could not be dismissed oKryit f rtiators were discussing a test bankas mere bluff and bluster, and'^ , * jtreaty. H. said dkl M wam!lha( the II.S.S.R. atmosphericthe United States to be in such ajshots prrrfv^blv have proved of ^^ ____________Don .Wire of the rownty hulkfZ inspector’s staff inspected tiK