Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Mon, Nov 1, 1875.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, November 1, 1875

Fearful Loco mot ire Explosion inNew York.Statement of the Public Debt.An Insurgent Victory Orer theTurks.■te* BtCn Kte.mm w tobml cm.Fatal AfTrnj-MlBlRterUl Omuw Kte.New York, November 1.—Anton Bech-told, proprietor of the beer saloon, 408 West41st street, died yesterday from injuries received Saturday night from a game of young ruffians who clubbed and stabbed him. Alexander ^Kennedy, John A. Green and Frank Burns have been arrested.Rev. Dr. Storrs has retired from the Church of the Pilgrims, Brooklyn, of which he has been for many years the pastor, and accepted a call from the Old Brick Church, this city.The call from the Old Brick Church was presented early last week and accepted Saturday.Rev. Dr J. D. Pulton, pastor of HansonPlace Baptist Church, Brooklyn has resigned. He says he does not care to participate in another such meeting as the one held Friday night, when it was stated the conduct of some of the members toward the pastor was characterized by anything else than Christiancharity.A fire in Cambridge, N. Y., yesterday, caused the loss of $50,000; insurance, $30,-ooo. *TTT (* LOCOMOTIVE EXPL08I0N.This morning about 7 o'clock the boiler of a locomotive attached to a gravel train on the Lehigh Valley railway exploded three miles west of Bound Brook, killing Thomas Coper, engineer, Abraham King, brakeman, and Wm. Thompson, brakeman, besides in* juring about twenty others, many fatally.All the cars were thrown from the track by the force of the explosion.