Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, March 26, 1962

Boy dies trying to save brotherTwo Camarillo brothers were Co. of the National Guard, a Point drowned and swept out to sea by Mugu crash boat, another helicop-the industrial outflow at Man- ter and skindivers. dalay Beach yesterday as their The national guard helicopter horrified parents stood helpless on containing Captains Arnold Car*the sun-basked sands. Irillo and John Roberts, spottedThe body ot Robert C. Honn,, Roberfs body off shore about 4:15,17. was recovered from the ocean but {ben l°s* s,sbt of it. shortly after 5 yesterday after-l After a second spotting at 4:45. noon following a two-hour land.jthe helicopter was landed and sea and air search. The bodv of Capt. Carillo, joined by Oxnard Robert's 15-year-old brother. Wil- Police Capt. Otis Tipton, enteredHam, is still missing. jthc water t0 recover theThe youths, tneir parents. Mr. They were joined by Navy frog-and Mrs. Charles L. Honn, a third men R. D. Nuttall, chief hospital-brother. Richard 11. and a trio man. CWO C. J. Gerard, of unidentified neighborhood The youth’s body was dragged youths, had entered an off-limits to the sandy beach where an at-area near the outflow of the Edi- tempt to revive him with an oxy-son Company steam plant for an gen resuscitator and closed heart afternoon's outing about 2:30 p.m. massage was attempted for 30. minutes.Mr. Honn. 38* North l-oop drtve.! Th(, ^ was taken w ^ hos.Camarillo, is the superintendent of -taj at j.ggthe Pleasant Valley School Dis-; operations for the secondtrict. a post he has held for the brothep werp haked about 8past six yeais. He was a teacher were started again at day-in the Oxnard elementary schoolbreak this morning.Robert, a senior at CamarilloHigh School, had planned to enter Ventura Junior College in the fall. He was rated an excellent swimmer, was vice-president ofming near the 150-foot-wide out-1 Boys’ Federation, and played varsity football last year.William, a sophomore at Cam-larillo High School, was also an excellent swimmer. Both boysdistrict before going to Cam-!ariilo.Oxnard police Lt. Kenneth Mol-den. who assisted in directing search operations, said that the three Honn boys had been swimming near the 150-foot-w flow prior to the tragedy,William, the officer said, had evidently re-entered the water, and was pulled under. His brother Robert was swept out to sea by;''v,e'° ,the 40-mile-per-hour waters in aniVaJ*c-v BaPtlst Church, attempt to recover his brother. I J drowning* were the secondMr. Honn. fully clothed ran intoldou^le t0 strlke CamanlkHigh School.On Feb. 12. Jimmy Clement amembers of the PleasantCamarillo High student perished• i t a + 11 _ /■i___ !_! the gushing waters attempting to j grab Robert body as he was sweptd j in the waters of Calleguas Creek,Oxnard police on the scene at and John Reed, a math teacher i2:45 immediately called for: a at the school, died in the waters helicopter from the 140th Aviation;of the Santa Clara river.