Disaster Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Jun 30, 1918.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, June 30, 1918

WILL TRYiTO RAISEA Fpquipr een try cinitymooiReranONONDAGAt. ;e iv/11 v 11 mj n vi ix wwr- I “ «t TfiFlen-Crew of Sunken•OP IlfKET«fi Freight Steamer lr„lSpotibArrives in Hub[.i- Salvage operations are expected to b begin tocUy on the Clyde line freight ,i; steamship Onondaga, sunk Friday night after striking a ledge off Watch Hill, R. I., while on her way from ^: Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The ' crew was taken off by the Coast Guard and all but Captain Googins,from Mess from searc Thf the C the c Onan and \ isiblvagetEN!IWwho remained at Watch Hill, arrived 0f m e ! in Ronton yesterday. I Ensij,8 1 ! Stateoonlyyi SANK RAPIDLY 'vonds. ' for. 1| The Onondaga left Boston Thureday my ly ) night, and while off Chatham the vessel what)t j ran into fog that was so thick she was gHfd is forced to anchor from 5 o'clock Friday iast r ; morning until noon. The weather .y,o fts ' cleared a little and the ship got under- a?Sen „ way for New York by way of I.ong j Hous Island Sound. At 8:45 that night half capti( the crew had turned in to their bunks. dutv.Suddenly the warning. breakers Aft! ahead, boomed from the lookout. John gente, l6 Mcl.ean of 11 North square. Poston. All r. bands tumbled on deck and made for the boats. Edward Butler was at the wheel and stuck to his post unttl^or-dered to leave. In the meantime thesteamer’s whistle carried the warning of distress to the coast guards. The £ Onondaga sunk rapidly, going down im how' first and listing to starboard.Captain Googins ana several men were washed overboard when a big f sea swept aft and smashed the boat against the vessel's rail. The captain x was bit by a piece of wreckage and in-o .iured. He was picked up by the crew a J of another small boat. First Mate r Ralph F. Bryant was also rescued. Fire-hand!bestofllce;a golnumegifts.mostticall;its hfgeralbaileeator.'Thp, rf theman Salvatnre Monterro drifted a mile . He's