Disaster Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Jul 26, 1940.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 26, 1940

'#an unidentified girl.Seriously injured and believed to be dying was Edward Eastman, 23, believed to be from Ventura.According to Cal i f o r n i aHighway Patrolmen in Santa Barbara, Nicholas last night Ixjr-rowed the auto owned by Miss Lucy Hicks of Oxnard, to whom it was registered. He then took his two companions to Santa Barbara for the evening, and early this morning they started back to Oxnard.At 2:15 a.m. today, the auto was proceeding south on Ortega Hill, the wide-sweeping curving grade just north of Summerland. It was not known who was driving at the time. But apparently .the driver failed to negotiate the curve, and the car shot I through the guard rail, plunging 75 feet into a 20-feet gulley.Sill KM INSTANTLYNicholas was killed instantly.The girl died en route to St. Francis hospital in Santa Bar-1 ki ra.Eastman still was unconscious in the hospital this afternoon, and authorities therefore w*ere unable to question him. They learned from Miss Hicks in Oxnard about her loaning her car I to Nicholas, but she said she did nlt;t know who the other girl | was.A coroner’s inquest undoubtedly will le held in the crash, au-thorities said.Meanwhile, another accident occurred on Santa Susana grade v es terc lay a ft er noon.Patrolmen reported that the i autos of Richard Roberts, 47, of t’hatsworth, and Ralph Delgado, 25, of Los Angeles, collided head-on while rounding a curve in op-jxisite directions.Delgado was cited for driving on the left side of the highwayon a curve. Although the autoscollided head-on, no one was injured in the accident.