Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, July 21, 1890

FATAI. MONOS' WRECK.Engineer Strope Scalded to Death In Ills Third Disaster—Other Wrecks.Wendel M. Strope, engineer, scalded to i death.j Vanns McDonald, fireman, severely Injured.An ugly wreck occurred on the Monon vestibule tram seven miles north of Delphi Saturday evening, wherein Wendel M. Strope, of this city, one of the oldest engineers on the road, met a horrible death, and Vanus Mc-j Donald, also of this oity, was severely hurt. The train was in charge of Conductor Cather-wood, and is the lastest on the line. At the point named, while making fast time, the train struck a* cow that attempted to cross the track. As the engine turned, Btrope attempted to jump oil’, but was caught in the machinery, and while thus pinoned was scalded to death. Fireman McDonald was thrown through the cab window into a field gome distance and received painful injuries. The engine turned over and three cars j left the track, but none of the passengers were ; hurt beyond a few slight bruises and a gener-i al shaking up. The wreck was cleared up in a few hours. The dead engineer was brought to this city and placed in charge ot Kreaeio, who took the body to the home of Engineer George Plant, oi the Monon, on Christian j avenue.Btrope is one of the oldest engineers in the country, and almost miraculously escaped death in the Carmel and Frankfort wrecks to meet it at Delphi. It was not his regular run, Saturday having been called as an extra. He lived on Pine street, but last Friday moved to Bellefontaine street. His new house was not yet in order, and the bodv was there.ore taken to Mr. Plant’d, Plant is also laid up, the result of lading through the trestle at New Albany. Btrope leaves a wile and two children. His body was taken to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, for burial.Two Monon freights met on a single track near Greencastle Saturday night. Both engines were wrecked, several cars consumed, and James Dilliard, engineer; Morris McAvoy, brakemau. were both hurt. Another Monon freight on the heavy grade near New Albany, broke in sections and collided. A braxeman named Swarrenger was fatally hurt.A Pan-Handle freight train had a bit of a wreck on the Dublin hill last night, delaying travel for two or three hours.