Accident- Raymond W. Kenny

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 20, 1956

1tScreams from a horrified mother, who saw a dairy truckstrike her 15-month-old daugh-ter, were credited today withsaving the girl from death orserious Injury. J^VNancy Fleming, daughter of Mrs. George Fleming, 5695 Cypress road, wandered into the street yesterday Just as the truck was backing out, of a driveway onto Douglas avenue.\ The driver, Raymond W.g Kenny, 32, 300 North K street, g didn’t see the child standing in | the street behind his truck. When he heard the screams of Mrs. Fleming, who was more than a half block away, he j jdammed on the brakes. The rear wheel had run over her left leg and was resting on herforearm.If it had hacked up any further the truck could have crushed the baby.I/eft with Sisterv Mrs. Fleming, who is expect-1 ing another child in December, 1 was driving back from her doc-lt; itor’s office when she saw her y .daughter in the street. She had ,left her daughter with her sis-y ter, Mrs. Mona Rroyles, 759* | Douglas avenue.“Nancy was inside a fenced kf yard hut apparently got out ^ when my sister’s boy opened the gate and rode his tricycle out,’' she said.When I saw her in the street and the truck backing out, my heart seemed to stop. T was driving toward the house and screamed out the car window.”.lumped out Screamingnest Fleming paid she stoppedlve|the car about a half block awayand jumped out screaming. She-added she “couldn’t think of anything except to get her awaysithinvedificiphthe from behind the truck.” eat She ran to the scene and ar found her daughter’s arm pinned nal beneath the wheel. The driver, of after jumping out and seeing what happened, jumped back into the truck and pulled forward.Mrs. Fleming swept herlayIs-nstlisttorabuserabansthero-1)0nerofla.”?rn[daughter into her arms and ran back to her car. She rushed her to St. John’s Hospital where X-rays were taken of her arm and leg. Doctors said there were no broken bones.Bones Flexible“The doctor said it was fortunate she was so young,” she said. “He told me that her bones were still flexible and just bent instead of breaking under the truck’s weight.”Mrs. Fleming said her daughter can’t walk on her bruised leg but is able to move it around freely. She said the doctors told her the girl would be as good as ever in a few weeks.if i-rt-v’ed