Disaster Clipping from Indianapolis News, Wed, Jul 9, 1890.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, July 9, 1890

yet put in an appearance.liflngerouh Electric Stormt,Plainfield, July 9.—An electric stormof unusual dangerous proportions sweptover this place la.st evening, and it was accompanied by a heavy downfall of rainand some hail. One cloud came froru thewest and another from the northwest, andthey united forces. Lightning struck the carriage and paint shop, a two story framebuilding, owned by Pleasant Almond and occupied by S. A. Osborn and El wood Wasson, burning the structure to the ground. A number of carriages and buggies, some of them ready lor delivery, were destroyed. The blacksmith shop, adjoining, owned by Mr. Wasson, caught tire and was consumed. Loss, altogether. $b(X, with 110 insurance. Nothing but the heavy rainfall saved the surrounding dwellings. No lives were lost, ulthough a number of individuals were shocked by electricity. '1 wo other houses and a gate post were struck by the electrio current, but little damage resulted.