Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 24, 1954

) aindialice(heithiff-ay|per 150 ofntsithto ind ife. irdsin-se-proce-oremelit-ad-lt;ed01(1reltmeal-700theat-It’s I to It’sNeighborsRescue AllFurnitureNEIGHBORS CARRY OUT FI RNITI RE, while a county fireman plays hose on the Mil burning home of Leo Glenn in Nyland Acres. —Press-oourier staff PhotoS^nta PaulaHas $8,000 Fire) flitsastm-ili-onThe board of supervisors officially pledget! support for aunited drive for a small boat harbor anywhere in the county yesterday and left the door openH. P. “Pete” Needham of the! Smoldering sparks from a wel-publio, works staff, who repre-iders f°r(’h aparcntly blossomed sentcd Faunce in discussions into a fire in the gravel gradingwith Navy officials in San Diego Plant of the Santa Paula Rock• A fl » -mr- m. / ^ a \ f t * a I « • A Bk 2 . a « f -A A _ - ?and Army Engineers in Los An- ( o- parly this morning, causingBy AI CarrWhile flames engulfed th#north side of a Nyland Acres home today, neighbors lugged all the furniture to safety through every available exit.The garage and one side of the home of Glenn, Press-Courier accountant, were destroyed by a fire which was reported at' 10:11 a.m. today. None of the Glenn family was at home.A 65-year-old Neighbor, Mrs. Agnes Ward, whose husbanddied recently, spearheaded the rescue of furniture, which included an upright piano. Mrs. Ward also turned in the alarm.Starts in GarageAccording to neigbhors firston the scene, the blaze started in the south we t corner of the garage, close to the house. It. soon engulfed the garage andcypress trees, which form a windbreak, and then attacked the house from the trees and through the adjoining garagewall.County Battalion Eire Chief | Bob Serey said he could not immediately ascertain the cause of the fire, but said the dry spell made the frame house atinderbox.Glenn could not estimate the extent of monetary damage but said that $700 worth of tools were destroyed In the garage.Three Rooms DestroyedThree rooms were almost' mi V uno muiiiin^, \ i • 11 ^ i 111 • I - - ,for continued planning for thejgeles. He was a member of a!an estimated $^,(KK) damage to !!* ' •' j^boved along with1 'the 100-foot high structure. i hc 1,01 H! su,e lt;* thp ong livingproposed site at Hollywood by committee composed of A. J. iti-jthe Sea. Dingcman, Richard Bard and'11 At the same time siiperviiorsOmar J. Li I leva ng. engineer who ga\ e their approval for the|presented a plan for utilizingm-m-Navy to install a recording instrument on Silver Strand Beach to measure the size*of the ocean waves, a necessary step preparing for destruction '”e of the pond which once had been E'r i considered a likely harbor[he led■toisteriesowaltonofvn,in-Public Works Director Noil B. Faunce told supervisors the pond, created by dredging sand for down-coast protection will be ojxmed to the sea Thursday when the dredge begins cutting the barrier which stands between it and the ocean.The wave measuring device, Faunce said, will he used tothe Hollywood by the Sea sitelast week.No Delay On DredgingNeedham retired as a captain in the Navy after com-'manding the Construction Battalion Center at Port Hueneme.Needham reported that Capt. C. W. Porter, Navy civil engineer, told the committee that the Navy could not ask the Army Engineers to delay present dredging operations as recommended in Lillevang’s report.But Porter indicated the Navy would not object if fut ure dredging at Hollywood by the SeaSanta Paula firemen the blaze going strong when they res|xnded to the call at 3:55 a.m.with three trucks and 20 men.found The sou,h *i(,p of theliving room was scorched and miokc-blac kened. The roof hadgaping holes and the garage wasFiremen battled the fire in the M'f*ueed lt;o blackened studs and1 £ a • • ■ — I . W A _ _ _heavy-beamed building for onojste-J skelet°ns of power tools.hour and 45 minutes before ex-)./1 1 uas a* wonk when thetinguishing it blaze started. His wife DorothyFiremen said a welding crew as ol,t’ ;m(* daughter Mary had been at work on the upper u,,s at Oxnard ! nion Highsuner ti iictmi* nf thlt;» ninnt u!l ( hool. A son, Ronald, is in thecheck the height of waves to! approved b£the Ensineersand the dredging contractor, | names aisuperstructure of the plant as part of a rebuilding program.Sugar Plant FireIn Oxnard, firemen w’ent on a similar call at the American Crystal Sugar Co. factory. Fire Chief F. O. Witt said hot slag from a welding torch used on the roof during the day dropped on-*to a freshly-tarred portion of the buiklin and burst intoprotect the dredge as it moves, ‘,,lu. .| into the open sea in a hazard-: ’? n sai- W* I ... mb• i cFor that reason, hc said, u-in more sand to pump toward !” 1' , .2* .. V.rt Hueneme and Point Mu_I mit all details for the Holly-v^oofl hv the* Sea site and bo pre-Firemcn played streams of water on the blaze and extinguished it before any damagewa.s doneous dredging operation to oh-. . , , .tain more sand to pump toward!l*rvisora should continue work-P(ini-1gu^ut up(.p nrRpf1 ,,ar.v| to offer the drcflmng'op-||J|cer fxCUSGSto complete their plans for a harbor at Hollywood by the Seanear Oxnard as a “just in case, ... . , . . ----“ —.....■- ntatlvesofJayialit ism-noe?ratton free sand when needed in the future.He indicated that Bard is nowucru v/Aiicu u n r) ci j \ i ^ t i i I * tmeasure which would offer Ar- wiihmy Engineers a free source of! the ^McGrath e to swingAttorney Callediaylsand when dredging is needed 1,1 e^c*iant’r ,)f 'jn,i ,lt 1,10 ,)IO~ 1 posed site so that the acreage'est|again in a few years.The suggestion was made byding GroundsBard offered to donate would Ik* located in the place selected for the harlor.♦ tssue inSaleAccused SimiHad Been Partnerfended Henry “PinkvW' -of bookmaking charges in a recent trial, won’t appear before the grand jury today to repeat statements he made during the i trial that he knew of bookie | operations in Ventura County.District Attorney Rov A. Gus-tafson, who subpcnaed Margid land L. II Loughman of Ventura, the other defense attorney,Extorter Testifiesiterithe area, along Ditch road, for [Jay the present owner to retain ain water well. 1 jj0S ANGELES % — Liquonscd Directors dociderl to turn the|dealer ,)omiHit. j Ras|IOnu, u,|after the statements were made.El matter over tlt; tlreir attorney. one ()f throe mon standing trial! ald t(Kjyy he luis lpcei\ed an Perry Churchill. Churchill, Chief {)11 , |1;irRI “J—!‘ ‘ - *-------*n te|Engineer .luliau HuuL, and ^cutives of a Simi oil firm in aneffort to obtain stock In the company, says !*» was promised a share in the profits.hnvenda n HJohn Lawton, Fillmore real estate man recently hired to negotiate for the purchase of tin* landt I I n i i i ■: t ri/diIItiI I UlOlthreatened ex-. affi(Javit and a doctor’s statement that Margid is sufferingw ith an ulcer and cannot appear.Gustafson aid he will accept the but is subpenaingMjirrriil lit uimpar i ho \1arMiAir Force.Mrs. Ward was hanging clothes when she -.jxHted the fire.She said she rushed to the Phone and told the operator tonotify the fire department and Glenn.While the trucks were making the long five-mile run from Sat-coy. the neighbors went towork.Rescue WorkMrs. Ward rescued a wringor-tvpe washing machine and a 17-inch console television set. Theray-haired woman was unable to tell how’ Mip managed, but neighbors \erified her story. One of the men took the TV set from her at the back door.Cletus Johnson turned off I meters to fivp houses—to in-right one—soget the gasDonohooI *tove out.Aaron D. Smith, who lives behind Glenn, said neighbors first started fighting the blaze with garden hoses, but when they saw' it was useless, they went for the furniture. He said about15 men. including Jessie D.Storey, C D. Vowell. Milkman Raymond Kenny, Johnson, and vouthful Howard Setina hauled furniture out of the front and back (loots and some windows.They cleaned the house out, except for the bedroom next tothe garage. Glenn said this room contained little, since it belonged to his serviceman son.By Grand JuryHarry Margid, Los Angelessure Kot thlt;attorney who unsuccessfully lt;le- neighbors could