19670223 Oxnard Press Courier Oxnard Man Dies in El Rio Cave-In

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 23, 1967

Oxnard man diesin El Rio cave-inJ. L Meeks, an Oxnard car- arrived. Efforts to revive him penter. was suffocated Tuesday I failed. Three El Rio station in a sand cave-in at the South- firemen applied artificial respi-em Pacific Co.’s gravel works ration while Meeks was being in El Rio extracted from the hole, aboutMeeks. 44. of 355 W St 10 feet deep,Mary’s Dr.. was buried under Meeks was born in Oklahoma about lft tons of sand that col- hob 5. 1923, one of 14 children lapsed into a trench where he He was a member of the Car was working on wooden forms penters Union for 25 years lie for a belt line served as a U.S Army corps-Co-workers. digging franticaMman during World War II and ly with their bare hands and was a member of the Veterans shovels, had uncovered the un- of Foreign Warstonscious Meeks head and( Survivors include his wifeshoulders by the time firemen | [}a three sons, .1 L. Meeks• • lt;lr. in Vietnam. Larry and1,000th Chicaqo Arnold; and a daughter. Jay-. . . p lena. all of Oxnard his motherQOnQIOnd Sloyino AIrs Ollie Meeks, of Etwood,* Okla.; brothers, Arles Meeks, CHICAGO (UPI) — Chicago’s Moorpark. 0. W Meeks, Cama-1.000th gangland slaying victim rillo; W illiam Meeks, Oklahoma ' was found Wednesday shot in City; Buddy and .Jerry Meeks, the back ‘six or seven times,”!Borrego Springs; and sisters.beaten about the face and Mrs Bestal Alley, Oxnard, frozen beside a road west of Mrs. W anda Smith. Camarillo, ) town Mrs Dorothy MePhetridge, Ma-- On the chest of Robert dera Mrs Evvv Gascon, El i Hannah 21 was a dime, a Centro. Mrs Delma Shirlev . symbol in underworld circles Cameron. Okla, and Mrs Wildesignating a stoolpigeon Ima Bartley, Fair Oaks.BOON OF CAVE IN \ llt; TIM BROl GUT 01 T 01 KXCAV \TIO\I’esiiscitation efforts bv hremen. deputies failed to revive Oxnarder